r - ..... n ft' tse of cannon and &066 prisoners" bave tanalne'd 'in our power. -. r "' . ' - J: . 1 Ve have had 3500 .killed, and thrice tlitit num ber wowr'ed." Our total losj may be" estimated at lo.(00 m.n (that of the enemy 'at from 40 lb : 50 000 ' . Never was there seen such 'a field', of bat tl,'.. Oot of 6 dead bodies, there were 5 Russians fur one Frenchman. Forty Russian generals were tilled, wounded, or taken General BagratftFtl was We -divrtiori or Spanish infantry; iUM .$K " 11 hiyeJicoUnts frtird; sir Rowland Htir of the I4tfi ; he Was then at Truxdlp, and h'ad cejVM thy orders aridwas to be at Ore pe so on the 'ldtfr " I' hare not heard tnaV rrtarshal Sb-.ft ha ve't Uti' Granada j h wua itilflhere on the 8 'n;1 Gchar;a: l3aWstelo from theCJuadaleteT and had beta very successful j he was at Loxa on the 6hV'The enemv had abaii ticns of the samVstate ? iS twt ,.A,r . ; ,l . would ask. . . fe AVe h ive lost the eeneralof division Monthrun 1 doned Ariduiar aftd Jen, 'Killed by a cannon ball ; general Caulmcourt, who .'rbejast accounts f have from Alicarit are of sent to occupy his place, was killed by a ahct the lOtlt tn'st. Joseph Uonai'aner's army and hut cf the same kind fth hour aiterwatds.' " Sjchet'. were still in Valencia.' , v.' The generals of bri);'!' Compere, Plsozonne, I have no late accounts froin Cadiz. Man-n and Huart were killed ; 7 or 8 fjtnerals; "J . . .," ( 'Octo!er 5 ' ! vere wounded the most Lf Wtm ilightiy. I'he By'' an account we have received this morning Prince 6f Krkmuhi hasVeceivft h injiiry. Tbe ; ffun the MedittrfaneaW, it -appears ihAt Joseph French troops coverdiemseHes wiili jylory, and i 8fuapaite,with Soult and, Snchety haf fcffwcted displayed th-ir. reatt . s'ypejiority to the Russian 'junction on t he 2fh Seprcmb-r, at JiikTiiUa.I'and troops. S'ucb. in a fcw'woMs. 1a I skttcri of the ; that the route they, were taking was in an easter'v -Wtle"of "!rtsk3," fivth!'a'fi w1leakties'in' the rer kdircctio;ii '. Hir Sidney Smith' was nt tichr ff Of Mijiusk. aul "25 leagues ft;on Maskow'rnear the n tl nvtr ot-MosKwa.;--vve.hred 60 QUO can Carthaeena, in the Tremendous, to lend every as ststance should it be4 rt rred. Hon shot, whih art already iCpltred by 'the.'arri-l:' TheSp.mish'-j5pterninent hs sent two of the nal of t ight h irtdred artillery tans, which passed ! mortals used by Wie Frich' at the eg of debt. Smolensk previous to the -haule "All the .woods', as a present 0 the prince regent. Thest im U-. and villages (Vo n th J 1 field of battle to tbtplace'j mems of ari e aid to web;h 20 ions, af-rt carry are covertd i'h dead and.ivoundedT ,We have; a shell ot orte buhrtreJI1 Weight to the ambZr'g wis' found here V000 killtd. nr." artipiitated Russians t a num i r of gr ni "hU wdi ibivejs' are risooCTS. The ErnpS for was rntveVjmet4 1 nekheV tfii'fobt nor norne guards were ngtgrrdW lst a jingle tance of three miles 08ph and Sucheave ''nffecud a jancUo i in th? 'neighborh ibd of Almanza and Fuente de la man i tye vntofyi wa never, uncertain.' Mad, negucru. joepn nas arovu evtnteen tnousan the eneiiy. hen 4?tt 1 do m-t think ro ti s, not end ravnrei Vo retake tbem.i our loss j they are attong en'bugh .to .attsck'us here, but will uUi nave been grfatef than his i but, 'tie destriy . Jmost likely wait for Soult. , r i ' ; W 'its army ny ttveping it, ij-orn eigat o ciock 'ill. two, under the fires of.,ur batterte. andm obsti. Pit ely. attempting to iegam that which was lost. Thi- was i hr cause of his immense losv v i . Everyone dis,lnqroi-'h'ld liim'eif CONGRESS. tJER V TK ' The kin? of On the Rill' for incttMiiir thr hmi al t he arm ixapie. ami i ne ui,e o c.w.iiiiiggu were p.tunai. i ; the Uird State, ly coiispictjotn. -' Y ' rL p a vnAT ptt .'v.': ,;' tlieattilt rv, and jHrtkuJarly that pf the. giarda ' ' "V"-' ...".: , - , ... ,f W .'-'v.k i'' ' I have said; on a former occasion, and. if I vrcie Surpassed itself.- I he actions which h ive re wer . ; , , - .: . . ,, . u n . i i j ' Philip I would employ a man to say it every-duy, ed his dav tUtistriou shall be made knownindcitI!,1.jlA'r :,' iF ' ' .u'-i ' . . - . : v - that the people ot this country it evt r they loss triijt rt pr s. ? y, --.y-.r their liberties, will do it by sacrifidag wrnvvgrgut iKere f dlvs M address, nnderthe gn,tur nci lc of fre, government to tVmporary cot.ve- of N p. eon, W the JJishopstenrg .thatik, to ienceVmny nW poses, caprice nf pass.onrfr.erc moa oi armies tv,cio, y oi ine r rencn ?are Rreyt principles wide), if they be nv " . v- v- . r ' .-' .' i htld iTiviulate at al! seasons, and under eveiv it 's y rfr -A v . v , '; - held itiviolate at air seasons, and ; tender eveiy-ir- . -, . , -. - v r? i -' -' ' - ' cumBtance; our liberty is one. It .we wive them '"'f v-" 0?f a 1 Mi.YT.niog.it eei, pcu5. . . wjiat j, Xhe character of our sovereign, whether tu civil a'uthOTify andltic'mmf.rjrs prthej body of that wretch ?; Do you claim a, dispcrsing' nower overU tke laws of the states Nto abrogate or suspend them at your pleasure ? to annup the sentence of their highest courts of law by sQperaedeas of a recruit ing sgeant.? .-' ; ? - . i V ... I -will put anoihek case.srIlA goivho Js jhe oily snpporf of a widowed; and hged mother!' in some moment of bilaruyiperharkoi intblskaubn, led astray by the phantom glory i enlists in ;he avmy of the Uidte l Sutesj-I 'speak of one who Is a mi. nor. Although I know that freemen of this coun try cannot be property in the sense in which 4 slave is property, yet I do aver that )he mother has a pro perty in t!ie time of mat child ; that he is under an obligation froria which no I'.uman' law can absolve hhn an , ouligation imposed upon him by the ma ternal tiiroes fiat issued him into iife -by the iilur ishuiiint drawn from, the parent's breast by the xiit-rishing 'hand which fostered 'him through imiie cilily vuid infancy. You have not a riht to take !ti;nf hope tiien, sir, that no question wiil be made of ymr powtt. . ' ;. ., " " I put .a'int ;ier case, said Mr, R. Although an ap prentice and a minor are not property in the sense in which a slave is property, there is a class of men u iluoky m jcrtuin parts ot our country, m Fhuadel for ' instance ! fi .u 17, wneiner the stat :Z '3eives bound bv rt,i r "vuns- tneynay ; but h, a tnajoruv ot Z llZ wiir not-, A And notwithstaiKlin,, Z' r ftirolina hasd k 8em' oflhe conduct of Massachill jtct ffl! uon of 53KS.ic Miu puian ena to Mr. Adw- vn" took our stand, sir, and.bn priS" ar: We have be,en 'attempting thisLv 3! hh I ihu, we inumphed. ... . ; ' w ' : Intelligence, In my last4- published a 4. r!2 V ' Ha.vig partis 8ate cesses ot Crrni- Chaunetyon Lke ()ario account however, ,,,mH not to have b, Z2t iy tract cornet, as appear, from ihe-foUowin: :t of a letter trom an Mtm. .a r. ; that place, dated November 16 - lsn V Our li ttl.- squadron, consisting of the OneM, if ' guris boats, under the commind left this place the 81I1 ins :MBh, 1. :?""e 1 , " 1 v utn ni - j' 1 themselves from their contract by en-.rov; th. titmendi)u annonadmk' , -mitit-K. 7 army ? If he is I am A Hedemp-t tack on the Umisn fleet at Kingston, by ourbir 11 Phitadiiluhia. fur a term of v.aral SOUidrbn.' .- All were anxiou ' t. !..-.l tTU8 Oil 1 tor ' instance 1 me .11 thai class caned Ke . . , n- ... . ;.. -'""hi .li.Mllnn.,.! w.'n crvl.l lint itul.l4'lil in t-i.m IJl Jl KH'J W. UO' H tHe IU h fill lllf 1 .11 .1 tigiiijii'iubi p iriii it Vf ' visit i uuk J ujlv. i unj ui ibw ; . w . 'VliJClOc in ll v. if nF ih ri l tW. m i. r. nrp. ; forenoon, when a-distant firinn- ua. u. . .riicipi.- KfiinitA o,;un ,h?h'.if 1 tncreas-Ml until half 3.s. lt--M.-.ic ,u s i.iilabsOlve listing in the ti-intsr. vld ii ... - -i ' . .-. (- ' r '"!! result ixiugiit in the market as fairly aa any other commo-; At lejigth one of our gun-boat whirh had bee ' Hll. w. ij wvvMwn. wvwgnii ii.i " ..vi- .... - f "O F - - - , .- HI4U uj IVUCTlt ' tl ill I u..r- ii o I.A KvulixAto fn Klo r.,iyr. u-l..oit'.'vA c? i t. tAOllll lllilpKllf Krtnfll' nit .tV Vi r j ' ,iUt ll person if tempted to enlist", will unquestiortably pre- Ontario. ?' She informs the Royal,Gcopee-fa ft., i I.a mitt i.nrl Amnlnmpnt rif" -jt crtltlAi in vnur t- -jnr hrn urtliriit ttiA Kurt.nrluo w n l . '1 f l vi . j v m uwiwivt ... yi. v -. tiyi u wi i v i a. nttu lnl.or noiAiiL mu tnT hie hivomK kitll tirn WitW rptrawl. ti in. inrt Mimmiiirrt a ' rannnlnaHmJ i i. . . ' i1"" prentices, I very mucrt fear, sir, those Who enlist length two of ou' gun boats l)ore downoonn whom their masters "advertise r- it ' r. " . rnrwam an persons irom naroonng tnem. i re- ani;dare not come Out again, . Our' ealiann. ii f ufh.n ' Ivrtl tf hin Daari ua,au Al rt'ii,ct 1 (, A . - - I L II I w - " , TT.;'v'" "7 ovuva v.i j.iin. poareu.i" wuiiu oau '0" grape sevtrai- .nnn,.caiiea- ine rrojrress-ounuus7 nu through the K va tieunre thr,n-:,u gun"oit wcr member, when byH Idieiiesis". Jpf that description for with an intent to board ; she discovering their ' ise sli cents i-ewardaud tentiou cut heca'jles. run in unr the bitteri harboring them." I re- ani ;dare not come but again, .Our' kllant Sridiltions were .55 more rtguiarbro'5si;ie at cr broJdaiJe while tbe , A despatcn, ot hi. h the following Is an ex. be King or Presire'it, heietiltary or elective. We tracti has Ijeen thl ,morn;:;g leccived ;t earl Ua- shall b slaves, It is not an elective govtrnmetit thursfs ofti-' , aidresd 'o hit lird;hip iy gene that can save us unless we cling, as to ouiexis ul Jtal.ttie ourq i s of Veli nij'on. K. " ' tence, t hese greats fu idaineatai prindpies, whici ft VtJade . or,ner Bhwm, Sept. 21,18 ;r -j are essential, to free gverVi'mcnt ; wit!V,ut wi.ich. m ; 1:1 .. m - -,'. .... i . r.. I continued to loll). v ihen-iny wij the t " "Ul " "JI,,C- um. d " "uu"'5inm) d,r mv cWnaixr iir f. ' . . . .... . i- . . t ,S i ' ; Tins Hill of tie na u e ot an x fiott face? it to it Camp Ii ea by 'hree.division ot -infantry, and , ' - - . , .... T. : v ' ,LJt i i V.w-- rn' ' is more it tends to ex dt the military ant onty o- a smnTl body ot ca a ry-of '.neitir nv of (....Uicia , T ., : ;. ir...:. i . M , i, ' -i' 'I ,i . . ,i . Vr IUC WTUll 13 III II 13 iHJVIillll'. II IIH wv isx.eU.ncy ne crp am sieger.! U tam,s hay;ng i(M) onounce an mnom Voi, 0)toSbe coM,mr,! h!d tldii., i acciiing to expediency, , then is there so cud, STrwKvp'wuoi '' -ne - r .u(tu .rt trnmmt t o hill, tn rlilr 1 in reader it i itcllijW 10 t' the lad., del Oa.n.n,,, and; ; arrange. s!)ap., w,,kh H,,aU f'mJ"0 meanest capacity. It g lijn on tnv io i nken. a heigh be'un ,C T -V:-T ''-V " -4 " Vt"V k meatiest capacity. It gw-S to alter the nirtuiy c ' Ot ine iioj oui ,'or -enemy rciireo in and they were driven on the I7lh to the heigh?. manhas conlntcted a debt and his rreuto's..fr. clost to tJurgfis. I'hev rctved iboggn the tdwn Wm', jjc enlists.. He enlists thn-uh the.,.r.tiv in lh- nibS .tearing, behind thVu some clMhing . 0f a p,iSOli, or uitl.in the limits' of '-prison 'Ktir! and other, s.oresv fen.1 large quantiy of wheat The contract be tween t'-us man uud. tlu ere it r is and barley ; and tby have since com i ued their , varied oy the I w, b'. x. ius the rt mcdy of tl;e cvdi retreat to Briviese-, ivhe," ivi'h repotted, they tor is i-lianxed. . Let us not' h:vve a d- scant on t e , b&c beer; jQined by 7(0fJ conscripts. It is like j cm. dry of imprisonment for debt, and of the cXS). wise rep ..red ih?.kOi'err,cel.irEsliig has been : diency of intwxfiiciiig otRer 'provisions oi that Vr.it.11 . yjr wvi nciuiut u , m , i iom. u jeci. 1 HacIS OOl ll!" CJU' SMOn. II IS O'l it law 1' I exempting a pailKular class of men tt m thes pedalties'nd provisions wi.jch attach to allihcr cd&3Sts-of -S0f4ety-''itenuiltjvy, of all rlssts in Sx:iety, tliat class which we aiv about toex. mpt fiom tiie general previsions attaching to oth. r tits si s, is tF.it of which the pcopie of tt'is i ouutty uavv b en le! by all our wiitei's, by all our. .nr.hoitties, to entertain tl tc most watchful and jusdy f -urded j ai ousy It is on principles anaJaguus to tiiese, or r.i therthe same, iViUcK bcttir enforced," tl-at an oppo sition was maintained to a l,iw not dissimilar in us provisions fnm this, in the, winter ot 1799- 800 In the fury and tempt st of ids passion, toy hiend frtm Soutl -Carolina seemed ti overlook, w ai l . f Come d take tht con mai3l,of the atmy. r ' f'he'easde ofjfturg.08 coflrup.aiiU 'lie passages of IheTriyeHaneo ,m.- tb. ,o.- rglttiotlvnodvttir-ibe; i - oa'is 'communicating wijbthtrr, io.compt. tcly that welcontd not. pais the river till the 19-Ii, 'vheo ,wc tntcten mat ,tperaxiyji-m iwotwumus - a. it idivj.-i-th and" bri'it r general .Qrnjjfin i s brigad b ye id.;thej .lsl;dUiH(':and bridal jtr.gtnerl Piek's rigader, and major general AiiiOit's cava!. ryi Wow tht-town. ' B'u'os is sitja ed i i' that division o" Sfij-i?, ii 'W.fcid t nit hi? rmv;ffih nrtrth and. feiWii I tv;, i ' iarelli, .Whafep ben htre ovi.t'ie I7;b; hud placed s1 in 'tUe C'js e a iravriin at the4roo:is of -ihat armv. g ;' tbiisting, ai is r pvied of Uo thouHan.J fivhuh thought he,woukl be one of the. Inst men .to forget, tdrel ineu.i The oomf Jbad. ak n confide rAhlt .Mat we live uutler a limited government, hnscss- pams'tn" fortify, iVearttr.of.Bu-g' ' ai'id- tv.d oc:. ing restricted powers, which we cannot exceed. ... :..i ';-.. u i rkwiiij. u- f . , M;h .. i litis the cor.stitntioiu. with the most i aioils s t iiti- w "" vJiti. w ,ii , q wn ir vr,v is. ,ic ,?" " ' jn.nii, ---- ,-.- . defined; the nnvilcires of a mcuixr of t ii: f E 'a v pi than natural The one ends witn wealtn. honor, an" eligible matrimonial connexion witn tne daughter of bis "master, widi whom he had been admitted in to jaruiers'itp ; the ot;tr is brought up by the gib bet. " ; Their names were Thomas Ldeand VV ilium Gouikhild I believe, sir, lh,t more of tie lules tun of t.ie OvMKlchilUs will etdist under this law , end I sincerely -ope they will ; ibr I very much e r that even vViliiam Goudohiid, atier he is gone tnrough Ve -lis ip:iie ot a camp fur five ye-rs, will be mtu ly unfit fir any otner speciessof einployiViuit. This is nofaii ? Uivro ate tt,cr considcratioiis,' !uch I toroear to toucn, Widch 1 should have sup posed w ju: i have- bi night t'u msvlvts home to the som v'f tvery gentleman in tnis House. Person il iVJisp'JMU-n has prevented my atteraLnce in this li,iusiH and I ltd not ne.tr ot tills bib un'.il last nigtit. It wis t:en rai iitioiied to me by one who is fast in . io o d fait'i, uid n.'S often Oii'Ugvtt the House to a recollection of g oJ old prin-ipics--and I iiut j.uj hat tney W'nilJ tuisd.iy have received moi-e strcnu .is aij iwm tnat quarter, than they have. I hope i :o iiou v; viU rofusc to pass ' he bill, if it were oily i siiev that thj.r is some one act ot the administra i i of 199 1800, which the present possessors of wer t4ive not "copied trom tu'eir itotu.e book.- I' 'lei-i- -remans only ' .his and the eig it per cent ,o.,n and we arJ saved froni the latter only by the . f racti -ns of that . non-importation ta, winch we , njeri )us!y refused at the last sessi.m to repeal: !i is tiieinfractinn of tms law which has poured no- , i-.y int our Coffers and saved u trom the disgrace ?cbut g? 8 6 f an eiff it p. r cent. loan. There is anotucr part , Hi tish fl sen: in" into int naitrri nnri ih r w- - - - ""r 'KC Oi S.ITW,. ton, ball and grape shot - with their Im.g 33 pounq-.rs. 1 ney io.k one British schooner, burm nntaml tlestroyed sbothtr. Slight coming 'm ll, tiring c?;.s?dr and our squadron returned r.tohaii or vvf Tiiursday mghl safe and sound, witi th loss-f Kut one man who wa killed on brtrnti! br'14 hnfids. The loss of the British not kctin, excf t as hefor miiitintied. ; , ;: xT-h. G owler, wmte convoying; the priiMch ntr iy tsorvered the Pt-ince Regent a--rf E4 Moira convoyinij a sioop to Kinson. Swim. mediately priced herself benind a p-Znit until ihi armcl vessels h id p.sed, and then .bemrde.! thej si'.'Hi aim uiuiiiu iicr in .salt, wud ca)t lirotkj .onin, private secretary, exreutf, cf the efiVcs of K.riir 1 Brock -among :he iff cts are tJie'ip'J fe'd'S.-ini orm, sw)rus, papers, an. 1 aboui J3,00J dollars in sneda on boird. ' . j. While u: little sqjailron was out. tm sdioo ni-rs relume Inm this plrtce from Oswa, W- rlciwiui 52. 18 m(l ,i2.pound.rs. 'iVimi hiye since taejr arrival, been pKpiml hi jaiay me fleet. A list of our little sqnadron .on the Ink; s near as t can ascertain : rfee,. brig One$ Mil .pound c..rro lades , Governor Tompkins 8 j f Americans one long 32 a id tivo 9's ; Cutoyni 2 ; iirowiei ? ; rerr o , ueneral tlamii'on 6 mi loig 32. onf do. 18 ai,idjfoiir "32 punrl carronaitt!4, 8 6 s ; Julia 1 I'Mjk 32 ; Qnur.o 1 Msl uu til.. n.n.:.. .d.,.,1 nut.MM. c it Oi.r cent. loan. 1 nere is biioimci unit , ., ,, wwimiwi" v-.u s-i .1 1 M 1 i. :i. : .... k. in.vnA.ion4 . ' Pnnrf Hcfft'nr. Id l".;b. iif fi'niir!p.r. IU il IMS .Mil WlilCil MrilVCS IUC 3 Uttug iiitAwiviu , - - . ' -1 - ... . . . . . . ""..-- '- . ' ' . J out as I do not wish to blend considerations. 01 ex- .e iv-,iin. v with 't'hosa of-trreat and vital principle, I f " ' Extract ' of a kitei.'dued BuJ ih,M1. 18 t, wit .vTTpttTniF-nTr-thTii-lmad. ' ! M AtfTirs are hecrnniirj- to assd'Ae a muttrhHT , Whet!.er, as respects the regular army, enlist- 'important pect in this q larter. The Penmit ments are to b; proi ured more readily by an increase vania troops, so long exp cterl, have just rrM cf p.ty or bou;ity, I leave to tlvosc more skilled in . amjkuntiog.ro nearly 2 00 It is said noiket military aCiirs-tlwii myself to determine. But it 'hts day been sent acris the river that tbc armii; frikva mo. thnt it ih.ithv an increiiSt; of'nav that lire'wiVi hermatderi(l'at an nd to'ttkiWOWefAS you wili obtain any addition to the number ot re cruits. Liioso who en ist in the army do it not wita view to the pay, but to the bounty. Take away that, and I venture t ) say you may treble the pay tnd hardly ct iiien to enlist. ' I a:n confident yj u woul I ti"t if you doubled the p-iy. How far it government like that ol the' United at .9 o'clock. If 5p Something will be'donvon tembied to be done wi hin a few (lavsJ. lt f 'titj oninion of everv well informed mliri. that Smvth will n. it have m Wth .n 4000 i flVcrtve W?' under bis cO nman I : This force must rtor eredtftr.all to'f into an euemv's coiiriit'V w ' tsr q'jart-rs. but the attempt will' undiut)icdl murtc. Hfid lime onlv can deti rndiie th r.p is nrUitii; in a Sut:s, to cherish miiit irv establishments -by -nigh bounties, will properly be a subject of discussion The r -'gu'ar troops continue quite sicWj Vut titw w.hcn tie bill, is vecommiuca to a commiuee 01 uic ;.re l.3S ri cnoHntmonc tht m th tna tewcm" . mi ii- -v am 1 itn.n iil rA -i itn . 11 it . r vir 1 - oiii . tttn.Aia niua m rriicr ir hj 111 1 - 11111 ivv:ivtn:i k.. a... 4 M nTMHnu, ijci. f 1 ' -stt rne Vastie, at-tne oisvauce. o thre uunu'rq luu:- mmun Uku:iv .uitv-"n i.Uj nu nt u.,m uun .w ..... Uv . u. .one was snoi iur u iuh monuoy ' rirs'j V . Zf V: -m-dour principal privilege an-c.xem.-tipii frvm ar .appetired.to mellhot if you wish to perpetuate any , ' . j'!!,' .The had likewisw to! VEw Tour. PfcTJ ' f.'t " a 4.. .', ' . . . . . nf ..vamriliir. frnm .ncl ( jihltntn a 'IVhnl. rl:ilia mulu ll . M rinpt-r:lhlf "mill liiriMllVP a 1 inmililp-. 1 . 1...: . ,'.,.Anln ,l! I'.' ir r vWi . ftli lailhHwh.. ofiHilhl, w.irUl I..I. ih M'rtf -ctliin ' "I vnil iwi; iiwn . w ..w. ...unu.. . . V'l'v..-."' ...... . - nfin nwinir resn I in HJS Jirami" II 4i W a f ' ,.oftbxdr pickets aiKkoutjiosi- . L' V i jts. scon- as th(f ificMt division crossed he A'lan- i of'soc'u ty.-of , creating a privileged .order iNVe. What is t ie re -son that any particular class or pro Ittro indeed a. privileged -ordnv-but wc arepmilcg:'d fession r sxicty b -a held its ground against all op- by tie 'constitution.. I ask tho'ecntleman .from S. pf.ui'tn I It has been the respectability" of the ii P. .n.mnn fViln-il. rtii VtnnftaV d mis Lawrence, and. iin.nimnusly Kf1""! t .1 T it... . i ; . r. c: .:.. T. i.. ...-.,.. I, u ....r..,kil...," iV,. . .. , . .,;.iifr9 on on the.l9thvtle bemy's ott posts, were driv "7 uf. c?"uiuuiui.. i y o -. p " y, . " ""'ved, that an elegant word.se p- -.. . . . .. ;. r . . , 1 1 .f..lnii mho r h ' Hii-l v.- I'p nmi'pp r.t rr.T.fi.ur r.. I.n ir. I lip Iur I MMVPnr OI 11 1 1 volt nillll nt.vr . . . . . 1 11 vr... i fli' 11. MttPl .....,. ,.v r ,..y. ........ . v.. ., ; . ti l vliN JUtNi9i laie oi mc vi."kv- . ... 'i ? ' Iitwaiw4'id; iitlftr'i'h VmlKrof thtirh-inl ' n'.iu ' n )nv 'i i bitgdt, and t he fnerny'a out works oh the hill ot '. ot,!.er, 11 c I lJI:"7 : 7'::r'-- '; L Uervvards enlists ; that an .escape warrant is tuken A6ow as.4irati..' Jheme troops,'-With n,aln,, h:m.,nMVli , .baddjitonoF; fi.this kV.'t IoiUier i regth ' 1 1 i liis operation' bri ,t 1 ,T ' gJe&rgrflc"n;iiPirk: 'lieu:, col. f till .o'f ht; , lit Por f C V tu.seV vimiurc the : i 6',h, I lfJ , mu ViriUialfs;of t(he C-cadbren, major.I)jck r, i of the 42,f icctmiflU'4nd the bon. mnVir Cocks bl ine ,aio.re'mtiii, comm 'Jioing ine iigni mia arv i bittation, distiittiMied thcrosi Ive : thr iattrri i i particijlVi ledtjie MtatKof Oe .enemy's jgojijLlin Vy the in ; ning ';aj)d ''tred the Ivjimyork by JtR j- Jgorge at, night;.. W took hree pieces of c'Ann in, one-c'autaiiH ;;and stxir.-twt 'prisoners hut 1 '.am j,V 1 Wrffito add that -qr own loswas .severe,, a ap' i 4 It" pesVs hy Be eifclJsefrVtorii.'.V'V t IT WHY 1 Til 1 I 1 4 ' the works ot therCsstle of BVgosill we had ob f - trhd uoss s8ton of the. hill ot SL iirhaT. r . - v Sih'ce' theWti'e,fi3eTeen:-e'niproyed in s!- I "taMbihlng -."ourl ts " on the bill of St. Michael, n-l ir nstruc'.iri those orki- yiv ti are beit oalC-ifd to To 'W 'irdJ 'nii'iui' oj)Z?M ris. ' Xfce w&ols of the annj have crossed the Afian- . i , ' . . : ;. .... , t ... - . i man, and that the 'civil authority sui pmls ks ' -Hirer by, calling out the fori 6 at its ' r:isp.,k ..l- Vi ma would be the upshot I -What "Is it to l .id io I need hot. state the consequences. T.ese nni i. pies, sirgre urged thirteen years ago ; t'.ty aie. urged r,ow Wj tt-e same place and on the sam Xc ilcgtd order- aijd , s!dl this ..asut)iptio:. ot - tret rid of the army when be allemp'ted lo tavor ot t.ie mihtajiy, tt aii. icb c tdile, do y.u expect classes : ii my Vpl ioi, sir, thv secti..: ,to i is more lucrative and respectable -when the T It . a. X'n 1 otj-i ('..AS-ki' a flu 1 tiKMnKtfl.) mtt t t n.riil i. . .d a , ,islk ! tfKkil t r la - AmL a4ia1 J fk it. on jf!.U k.r ...I. " aPH j Uam. .U OViUUI i I lavo lia at- itm vn utinati ,tvh.ii it iTMyiit yuuin l tuuu'iu ia t-inijv.nvu i avj . were.pccup ed by oar troop, .-inch werc posted i i : rnr.:.,.::7Prr .. i. i: 'r'rL ' i U 'f'Tr .. i '' :iU08C it Illdll i'dU ct will SCHW U(H III OI, UU - lit 'l- JJ'Sl ftev!ll!lg llu i ilea ncis w.i ui in. iu nigiii , Sy, a paragraph in h nrsw'sp iper announcing the trial of d srrter 'It Wis there stated that this in f nion pr icti'ce riad. become so common as to en d uiuc'r i X san-ty of the nation Will that practice bivdt ainis,ied oy an increase of the pay of the sol- .iiys r . I he . mati who was condemned to oeutn w.isoDe W'tobid repeatedly enlisted for fie purposo-, prubci .!y ,jF obtaining the bounty- , When, ; m the It uii hi R"epu )"r-t and we have been taught by my sion. i cannot .consent, in uei.M'encc to .uiy g; niicr tnend on tie right to retcr to t e avHients--tnc ar man, however great tii .ir ted, to Mdmil ; l 1 1 TiicVe- .my bxatne not. only a part but the whole of the con ly wged t'lcnl nt that time trcin prty views, toAput sti'titios was' the army ever afflicted, in point of dowii one description of persons in oi-ck r to .git: 7jimi5cr 'or' power, by the imme'ise cfonaives, the to tl. warm oh'MiS I cannot consent to suyh an ad-j vjt-incre;tse of pay and bounty given by the ernpe misslon, and tiferefore c'annot give my support loi fors fs From the moment you make the aijmy what, ahy bill which contains 'Such provisions. -I have I I see ge'itKmen desirous ot making it, the great lu- cr uve. 05 rcspectaoieproiession oi inp counuy wneii i it was neither lucrative or s(JO Qf W ir V. asp, and also the freedom :t ever to get nd of itwhen cjlv a; , lc;tillj .ny ;,f ,!le highojuniQ? .th V:!tinn f.niertain nf his fffellant CondtiCt 10 f al? ihat tfw of j h e com inon Council be presen1 to omcB"dctci" , . ' i -t . The bri RQttletnae.-li was oofc el,g, du'y 'o sta'.e that this brig had been up icane between Reedy Islan.t anu . 2 oVlock in the nVorningofTue.'' har bout rh:tM7 n.'1'tnnQ tian netn oruwutv t .j. .i.culiar satisfaction we now correct ttiis v . and record a, ost etraordinary mie-r" nt;ni PrAi tunr. At eariv uy Suid Wisrie arPcposf operates' not only after the righ has accrued to the credit ir to sue out lits writ, but aftr it is in a course of Execution; ' Let mc put another ciese . S app-jise that Goiigressjwere fqpassa law thar every; Trtalc-tactor-uiiderthc' sentence of tleith, who ehl'sted in tli army,' should not have .theseritencG( (Ue law cx;cutcdoi liisy;; Have you'.not- as jood a rijjnt to doihit to paw tn law ? Weuid you you thin t ic ranks of law and of medicine -and in t.iafrespect perhaps spare human life if not human blOodWu have anew order of society, a ' new con stitution. ; : '.- ':". V; : VV' f;-- ; r "Itiajipears to m, sir, if this bill be not recommit ted tinadoes not tfaidf.rgo alteration it will endafiger cotitsions of authority b6twech the state and tcdcral goreramew"9. would aslji 'by' what nght wx' the i j Hwain-wenton board the Brig w V'riol . WhlU SlHWMinK u.i " t in 1(11 "It .1 cover his runk. bow ouLof wattr he heard 'he cne - i the people in the toreie tvho vfe.;er to,me-supp as tlic'shi lay on iV who'sent her boat with PTiP"a5 VhYfl 5 iiSnr-i'h. unfortunate eopie ---fi stantlywent to work acdh Ho tied hir that ! PUt a hole for(t.nie out: They were all, boy, taken ut a ire. rZUr o up to their chin in waei,-, hold back their tuto to keep IM , 'v i' :r:

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