North Carolina Newspapers

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v Caption? of th vVctf,;,,
Jl5f j General -.fawbt of .K Carplinat
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fl5 Making the pritcpJF'a'iip'lai-pubhiiaij mbnty jlreaify boviowad) would be liquate
.ItftapVars accoftGht! t4 he .precedine ifcsttf fi'b i j the rrri view of the tase, and she1. more
Uyar ioi3 wiuanwuucio about mciiiy numan ;;pns .wtrrryiey even iwjch mortr important man
of dollars.'?
about tnetii miljiaa ipni.yr rrb even much mortf important thai
: 'i :L-'ciT bw'rfti5v5iij ' itt-'-tNu ' .cluvih- account of j
Kuwf'fOr the cause of cttr astonUhTnept." 'It was iiti wfeanilte cHrer d"afTi e out of bu'uies. and.
- upon! our. miutl, thai the Prtsidct'Jtthtjii to ejer a 'ew oon pofi'ical trade of the
commjjnicatioft at thepperiing of this presewJmiSSr-iWy iwofiaiset and scluevidem fabrications-
Session tf Coortss, did suie, that the revenue
(f sails on bills of exchange or. prAmisory notes ;0 the communication, arid it served to eonfirm
tj,e p'ouiiy's pioiest tv be eVKjettce cf a demand ) 1 0ur impressioni".' Wc vvtll insert mat part of it
li 'to aincr.d thecleytnth seV of acy-wlcij. we alld'i(,. 1 '. "
pa.j in (he year J784yhtiU jian ac jn f "'he receipts inio'tbet'reasiryi during the fet
lyUX the cottitWf pleMand' ijprt tcBsioa ofttiyihe i'Klibi Keei' tfiki
' ,h,. elWieaEi1JLV? tcMnillPfKmi -and; bU:haftWothrewliict,.havje
inJt'WT' ,8ttrw;'IW-ip .defray, -all ;
hV? Kas lhall he buiU. an4 to 'cTeatlhlahil d'i treasui t t& that Hav irictti'diiW
Xhe dcmanCs'im the
; treasury ,:t& that day,' tftclu'dui); a nece-isa, y mm
i burstment or near thiee mi.liorta ot the m-inciie.
ami Vreeki
V '.itrfO. ;.wl:nkl hnlJia I K Fill nffr ' . f i t.' . . " .'if... .Lkf . I i U-'i.. rk'tu , io Ii.-l . wiul
is da jrs,f 'terect3nge 6at i'.) , ; . sum of na S,a500t 'repfived-.oo accodntof
rf. J?ha fiJ-yv for which he was never; he'ess
04 ntiy inoiisana dollars. tiiro. td. Ketiua,
rnrl'.Smith and General Pogfr
... ' - i ' 1 1 rw 1
r iavvVVi '"' "iAii.rT:,i'. ........... '" 1
r. fn HkMfiirfltfQtty Gaierie, Dee. 1 4. ;';'
X)n S.uuritay-st arrived in this f city, -fm h's
way from the Mt tf'Buffalpto hisrnd at
Troy, tswtaVOOpi' tlw:-;i3tbU. S. regiraent,
uu.atieaana: ganUotdcvin oi m
: .17-To pftvent ptjnecessary -cqs ami .-imfKF, ; tue loans au!)oristu by tne sc. , ot tne lasi session
hewafter te'rnode "ot 8UMTorati'ecve onPjananvunts
Suited r(fcetiiijnces. ., 4.r ' 'T;H . , i' tin R 1 f .OrMXOflol the residue of mhutl, btine rcfitrv-
t Principal and fcecuntie may be brougnt mw
Winder, colonel Silt lieu&nant colantl lioeral
ler.and cap&n Gibson deemed the force sutTicittir.
, I ddtertnined W postppne,:jpfOSsinr 'wit- until
trioTO complete preparation would tnahle'rve to,
trnh&rk the whole force at once, the ccijWilS.prs
scribed y rny.ortfei s. . The nest 4ayaVWiita
bucn prtpnriton.ana trcepj were ordered toi
ajrain:at the plf ofeyinbarkation at 8 o'cloik on '
the Dioming off the0" 3Qth Nov. On their an i vl
ll. .- A V .' .Jw , '." . .1
jwae adjacent . woou",there to
remain linlil 1 VTrIr Ull'nvnrn ' ' ,'i
l hey were set
btiild firts, Wd rerrUin until 3 o'clock kVhe-'m-orn ,vi
ing of the 1st ;when it was imen4.i to put r,n;'
two hours W.jS.sVsl-tvrVidVtfie 'fire' -V
ib 'liefKd tjiey occupied be!:i wrt Lpd f
above hbpaway; assanlat pceV and if sue.
cesslu)nrduhrwgrQ (;eoi g-.
l OMhWexpedrrioh the contractor ws call div
to furnllh rations for 250 men for tour iava.
wl ft as found Uut he couR furitt the p- vlj
the 13th ScptmhiastiWwhhe ?as severdi I "ifV1 f6" he diyuarfi? iastwalUd
wounded. -1 mjucm cot oi, I ,
day, gained htme'ectivt.atiiiS of TOttjorTi
, gtnci ol Van Uenaselacr and of the .whole annw IZ
iohftetiiierft xh ttv- .loth of b: Dtember last, will
Carton a jo. scire facias,) . ; iV together, vnthAhe fitrKnt rcttenu. suable u to f-,feUow citizens. We ar5ap"to' obse'rtSihat he
7 V"S - J 6 ' " y-w- i ' . . im Kouurtemin aau na nearly recovered of his
CMPr 9ntr , ' j;V'v -j fwmm ths we wdd uodcrsund that te whole aulMU. 'y Wa,'a voiQnwi'h col. Viiideriu
d atiempt at crs)ing the Nia
Won, ha Jut into our hands,
!.: folio wiriif pantr, contaibrnff
hmvth'a rcucfihii fn .'.1 .r,r.. i
"fi -Tn irrtf tirfr t hf !.i wi relative Ito the "sUbreme ' : jrM
..fff.-,, y,!r- -. .n.v r--r j;-rir, c tj - y - - c - 7 - . . ,.. ivtu ,t.uu4'v on ie 'ianpfia snore, airreea,
.eoirti'-tV : ' ; ;'.i.v, that the rtnpressicns "made upon uabyihe rre-;Ki. W'bia-4at fiiuV.fHi.i- .,2ttr' ..r,,:
' PiviAfiiiw fn hie entered a Well tbunl bx')k "eta 'a AWtuinirutmn. ' w-"r ini.!- unnn' 'others. ' ...i.i..5.. i' ' , ... .
.,.T-'7fi'.v. , ,, ,, ain'ii .., r, -1 ',ui saiitia .wiinuuifcornnieni.
.. t . . ! : .1. . ntU. a'hrf i-AifH-A frt . .. ! 'I .. .1. . lf . Ill -.ur. I V is
HI UC III Hit; stuiui Jf 9 uiuyt. nuu vw"" Wg g-J t JllUUClU. Ill III - tiau H" illllli'ltir.fcl
be held in the state house.) - 4 "0( h. KHtt inst, we' find an aldress from Govern
. Lidoua 10 ye ouiu wiicu"i.i'v "". , iim oarrowtu was jin.wutiw'i"" """ oj.wr nictate unsuccessh
llon.r - . . ". '4' ':.t'';w;J 0? b'atl bet iid he fore the '$0aI Se)l-nii vcr, and ' gftr4 rjvr. Capt.
19 For regulating the fee's ofjofficsrSkji-w 'v, Jthai Sj f50.C00( were to be, fjr' pnbiication, the
rues caarijes, 6cc ) ; , rxvhicii i'h tilt ccrrent rcveirue' wou:a enaoic us krei.cral
i The tmliarkdtf. n Comrntnced but wps irlaveA
f tirmstanbes so as not to be completed uA il
uUr-dav litylit. when it
I O --. - "(Mfc lOIIl t it t.i i 111-
tntry, 668jnen, Hie ar iUery 177 men, Su-'s-o-.
Umtters tRtpnated at 23 si tompanits nf fede.
fal voluntas, unde-r captuins Coliios, Philips,".
Allison. MooW;Maher and. Marshal. aiffotiHilng';
to- 276 men, cmniarKird-fey lieut. coKM CItiir,"
tuo msn ot col. Qiibbinb s nnluia, ar.d a lew men
21 Tjo raise arev!nue for the iwiyrrifcni of the . nru'eton 1 1 the lei-isbture of South Carolina', to
Civil tist'and contingent cnurges of gotrfcrofhtnt fdf xVjMCh he says . 1 ' Gentlemen Your IeUtr of ih 2d Dttember is
th year, 1313. . i u It appears from the statement made m , the before aw ; and I an&werit i7he foilowins; man-
presidents late communication to. iongr!s,5, ojre-.'j.iur , . -
rrints into our national exchequer, that it t to' t Jit !b- 26 Hot OrJober 1 nrArrA that rint.
defray - the current expenses of tae v year iriere-iscows'shouhl bo prepared, for the tiZrisp ruu'ori pfl-pcdient to invade Canada, in open daf-l?jitVvv
trom' -: . ; V ar'i'.'erj' ar,i cav,-.l.y, anil put the carpenters of
We hopenope'son will be co ui'oerai. as to itic aiuy n, ri b6t
' - m. i i r r . . i ,. i . i . - t -
suppose mac we wnun so nr urv uic ic, i uit: awi or ovtnner lnows were com
Ten pence, per Ivand red acres ; two sh.imngs
al)J six pence on ev;.ry poll, an.r AlOU ot ion
pron;rtyi Peiiuri, stud horses, jack, asses, Sec' are
taxed.) '? : '
2' Uquiring notice of their appointment to be
given to overseers of roads and creek.
" To be notified by the sherin' within twenty days
sfur their appointment. , .
23"To-amend the m'nitia laws of this state.
OferyrscouiptiLd to reiain their cpmmUsions
ihree years. . A
1 1 T cmMictpte criato persons UWrtln me
18 To establish a separate election t the
in a b'tat : vwJli xoI, P. Bvt'or er, had e'mbarkea-
the .whole--on board ainomitihg, exclofie oi oftfira f
ceri to . 165 men, or thereabouts r and it afS'.
hours latef fban jA been coiitew plated. . ' "Jf A'uf
'; TherttVre'som croup's of, rrtea not vefeinX f
batked ihlyj were applieto, requested and r.;-yj
vhlch is due the Pusi lent of .the U:iHe I Stases,
as to insinuate tbatJie is capable -f s.-u u-r, what
he did not believe to ba tm':. We sha'i fc. I our
p!c cJ. aii by bringing soitk? bleats from lake Oi
u.ri , abovL- ihj fai.U of Niagara, the" '"dumber wag
m - aseJ to seventy. . ' V.v '?
gelves 'indebted to anyene, who can, and w:il prove : 1 h:ii mi t!ic 12;h Nov. issued an afjfftessio the
to us that we are mistaken in our view u( the'sul: m, of e.W: Vrk,: and werlaps three hundred had
ject Wrf believed, when we. read the omjnurii- aniied at 'r)off.ti'o. : l-presiimetl fiat tho tegular
cation or iiir. Madison, that the bans mide btiore tin vys. andfise v'' rtJder colsatls Si.ift ?tM
'the SOxttol fiept. last, otfito ha j-aid'su'-cq j.-nity, , h iu; tvoul.i iu.nisi. fi0() inert ft; duty ; a .id of
asd the ordinary revenue, - were adequate t. th i general '"jnoehiU's bsJglde (from Pennsylvania)
expenses of the vtsar 1813 'Mr. G tUrm ray-v hew rt-ponirw . to'al of 1650 ' as maiir as 413 hid vo-
houe of Mark Chnsijan, m.the cdun'y ol Ctim-Joans to ' the am'.unit. of v twenty millions or luntercd to ctos-i by.t C inada. My ordeia were
birland, and to repeal an act establishing a sepa!l:;Li.AHS mftst uc made this year I If Un. wur 'io cross m! h men at once." ,1 deemed
ratejdectioii at ;h house of Janies Aikins, in ihejljsls, fom the in' reuse of the puhlkk debt , the rnyself itadi' to fulfil them. ' ' ''" t
lame enmtv. , ' ' " ' jlouns taxes for the year .1814, wiilbe Ttdemy.u. Prtpara.ory ihei-cto, on the'niiyht of the 17.1i nf
ititg he 'mUlionn tdd:uorir'l.
col. '.itovr'stler. Abe trtb
i'Vcbi the Jorjo;k Ledger.-., ' Vt
'". Thearnuai report ol the Su-z. uf theTre3S'urv
TiaslaldRJ'cre our readers in' the Ledger o(Ved
msday. It appears that Nineteen MdUons, Nine
Hundred and Twenty1 l iv Thousand Doilars i
-:.Wich jeJ-ound---nttrttb'iprs--we' .'iU ;cff-grf'y
Alfciii are wanted beyond kn income .tpnet
liie expenses of the curreit jrcar" sum,.itjs ;
pFoposeil to raise. BrCoattsT-ad Excfieo jcr Bilh.
TheTirsl mode "might artswer very LweU, if "Were
were not two paniei n cessary to make'a 11 I iao
Wc however believe, that the Secretary calculates, the stagnation tint will bpro;iucetl4n 'com.
merce bylfhe w:ir, will dimitush ,tha "demand of
themei-chaRts for m ney ftb'ui the Uiuk, and
thereby tadlit ate th.- ians to govern tmnt Ad
miuing this calculai ion should prove to be well
' luynded, it will be a benefit (if we may so.say) in
,1 pirlicolar instauce, porcured by general calami-
tjt. The pressure of the war has not yet been felt
.... ... . . . .
yj t ; "iS'Li101 L-.K?ateiraaivity is seen in,
-Ihe commerce of tlie country, than before theTwar
-u-o'trr ships '.anioar,. produce are in t;e rea!ek
demand;. .. It is fjol teuisite that we should point
out the cause of this activity j it is enough to say,'
-that its duration is precarious, aspendinj: on 'the'
,Wanu and ih: will of our enemy. We -do believe,
,thut our commerce will be mor - testiicted. janrf
' that ihe Wflks will Have Ies3 use for th ir capit .f
in accommidating the merchaois wrtirdiscoTiuts ;
but prudent directors will pausi, befor 'dny.Ail!
ee thejr vaults emptied of spieci-, w'liii h m jslb
carried to the frohtier. and nfi'li:irs tn P.n.,.lj :
besides, what is to become of the year 1814 i.Jf
'''Whpyer will attend to the dates ot Mr P. us VwhtiiR." iie)t.
sefl'sAcorrfspuiideticc, will be convirxe I tiiat lite bo.Jyof scan
letter containing the htat conversation wt'lv Lord a gurd
Castlereagh'was drawn up in the City of VVah low I'ort
itigton. Its contents r. re a further confii in Vi-'J1' of lender
the fact, which in tiieirturn receive u important fnd.tra
iTiVmraiion f otn their Birth, piace? mong .other-aaile.1
dererbv'ihe lirlfati matAP tn-A iWtn'Nh :h.hJt';'.
they did not! ;The .number o tlitse'tbe Tjrigadt," I
mapc estimated at: aliOUt 'IQilt wis pnibldy" A
greater : l.V:p; ; v.iK'r, ,,'C;(
. It then became a .qaestton'wlielKe'4'yf'
pedient to invade Canada, in opjn;ah4-w'?
1.500 .roen, at a ftiMit where nq reinfoicetueni
could be expected S&sonie days. 4 I sa w t UA Mit
number of the regular troops was-decHmng rapidfyf
I cew that on them chflf I was to tfeprld.,
' called together the ofRctrs ' commanding corps n
of the regular army., CoL Parker' being hi k,
:h .Ke present were, col. Porter of the arii'l' ry,
col. Schuyler, coL VVmder, hnd jUutrcoCole..,
;, I put tohotn this qdrtion. jlhuti'we proceed
Thy unanindfatty eeuW4h;we-.ought nt.
' 1 foreaiwlihat . ihe'llfnteeYs,''rwhr hid come
cut fY a ferv daysw&uld dapersesrvei! jof
them had, on the "cenih'g pf ih'ejttth', 'b1tke',theV, '
umskfets. 1 foi'esaw 'arthetpaniber of ''the rfegai'
ul a r troops would decrease j'meaalestjand n:hcr
diseases,., bt jtig among them f and ihtv were nof
in ten's iivthe n.onth of Dcceniber I 4ufiu rtd'
Novsiubn, 1 snit over lv - p ,rfiss, one u-ider lieV,f. h'1 olticers that the; attempt - -invade sCnada
woidd-uot be made, nntil the amiy wa rei ,rrdcd ; '
directed thera to withdraw their arocpS-jctifi.
Cover them with huts inimediaielv." ''
.. . w
r under cant- Kir.tfr with
nyfus. of the havy, at tut head of a
n, united, i he hm'w ,a intnrf
1 y) (. -uoy a bria.'e ab"uf tne mi es he.
tie ; ll.e. second party w. ie to tak i and
if .-, tne c-mnyii of the enernv's batteries
-.iecc s of ii g! rt i 1 It ry . ' 'fne purty
irlsr:. ;thJ second, ren-
;S. ' I .
You say that on Saturday, every ' obs'inction
was removed, and that a landing might ha t beehr
e flee' tetl'" without the" Io6s of a sinc'itxan '-' This
provesyou unarquainted v'.h' tfee octui rinces of
uie day. . CoLT .Winder in retinng from the ene-
my s shore in the morring,Jost, a' tenth prt Of , J
his. lorce, In 'killfe
li'ewed no morethati 5 or' 600 rnenf" as est i -.ii t ed
by Col. Pdtkcr, atnl une piece of' aftUlery .t,op. ;
posed a nine plunder. That" fofcel we rto cl- ub, "
might have overcome, but not, wjihout lobs;.and'.
pytty artifices',, played (f with, stage t ifect, L'HHl-' 'der.tig on-ervU cable the ligbt ainiili.-ry, :aeparaf!i is niaiie.l luaxioiu Licou A.nSrthe ut
congress," and tuen to correct Jb4S t -.rpresston byn(n, and a pat t of the tfro7 iciutwd, rwhli all
changing it So as- to mean the members .opposed Xnt boat-. ; while c apt j ins Ki"g, Morgan an4
to the wr. All lhk miiht be con sidrcctl very !Sproul!, It'.'..!. Houston, und about sixtv m.-n. ie.
villv. .or St least Verv utamDoriaat. we? "it not lort maintd. " 1'he nai'tv. llms rpflnfr.l., -MttTirL'.l. tnr.t
he u ic io-whith it- is converted .by the Intelligej.?aid isiuKivd unserviceable- two of the e.m's thai from the greafad vantage th'''en$niyi wouu
cir a-,d its echoes in every, quarter, as a pr fof twteri..-' , c-ptured 34 prisoner, found two boats, tnav: bad mignt have beeircoOsjklerable :y,
the affinity between tb.t iirinsii innitstrv an-'lths in whic!, caot. King-secit the niisontiVlmd abcut recapitnUte. t.Uf. orders were to paSs into
opponents ot war. . J bis strange ;ir is too jpaltry -ivsjt bis paiiy wiUl the .otuer itrictrs ; he himself i naua wiifl uuw men pr oncr,' un ine Bit oay
19 succeed with the. most in'irant and vijgar.-- jremaunng yjiii
r of, lei it be observed, tji t the txpre'ssioar uttered abandoj.. .
am! wi:hJr.wn"by-L"rd Casileieah, is ylicw!bin- Qrdiiis hid b"cn given that'all the troops in the j n1 lte7'' and to1hye;tIt
J with any fi ' t jo wan-ivtfft, ui.les it be the neighborhood should '.march, at teveillee," to th : Po,0t where r'eihrorcemeni
statcol parlies anojh
towards 'the Wriiuh,. in .relation to t!ie-.war.and the 'sent in 1 lit; nit. lit having returned and excited
policy 'alvucatedly ,ach- "Had L'ofd Castlercugh .-preb'en'sioiis for ihc''iesuUte','.a'Udu'SO men an
boasted. like I alleyran' , that- they nad a party in , ihe comman.1 ol col. Winder suddenly put 1
his country strong enough, tp lilloence 'ar.d over- boats tor the-opnosite slxirt j a jrart ibis broc
thirty met, , whom lie would iipt embarkation, not mbrethan 14pU men Were
' iembarned, arid those .were to have put oiTjm- N
" I - - L
uescenoea nre river to a
..... . -t -
ments were pot to be ex-
Qnl both , daysi '; many of the regular
a0;f troops were , rnet in, bad peahh., who, cot.i.i not
der("ye stood' one day$ .iArh.rwh.baHhuugh-nh'ey 1 '
tT jo I were-on tcr sick report, were,inrnec; out t.y tiuif 1
awe ihi govei r.mrrt ; hail member of the Bii , hd laiulnd, when a force dee meet supeiior-wi(jv
:tish parfjamHU, iri ast speech, protested ii his oae piece, bf artillery, was tliscovered ;r"retreat
jiia-t; aaiusi . iue- iiiiinmni ui a eiuv uf;u uui , ytcieu , mu- em. vviimci uciaCllinrul 9U1-
commerce " wUdsrihe : elecu ).i of p esidetu .wjis'j'fererf a. loss of 'six killed and nineteen wounded,
depending, which, he arkled. was likely to gjve
tlv m a decided and permanent influence over the
couijcils ofthe country, as Dupont did irfMhe
French Council -ofvAncWntS'.( if ny-Tederalbt 4f
diiititiLti n han received aiul accented With -.tram
-etVHvhoarenousre a-jports of delight, -'the ho.iOru.y vlistinclioii of natu '
TfraidrbcUhiic pwpulafityjby-)aying internal . - riziiiwii from the Briiish govern .nav, as ts
xes, they VVU not ,b$ less so,1 as the Period of an fMi 'isoii cliH t
racr: elecu'on pprnaches-Conseq'ienlly, it will grunt there; would be cause
V ..Haa tipou loah, until.the bauk cipHuI isf merged, conduct of our all drs did
...aloe pubiick deoi,, i u rMjT'.-"' " '' . -f Datriotic' principles. " Thes?
w 'The Kxchequer!ll3, whtcli arVeliad solitary-facts irt
P-r. wi,! rtisi.ver a fcnir as their aminf li(lioiiiL
i').i w ill. certainly ffe precrat e as their a mount
, Nii)cr?;t. . Ai the reVenue ' decreasesv the de
. rad lor thpm' will be liis-iif thy are ;tkken in
..f)mtnt Of the d itiasbcioming dtfe in f 8 LL it
, nodiing more UniiV' an aiHiGipation 'oT. the'
: fjnenue, iiVt J a'dJ'a 'n'oi'hwig ity the jtccGuht' of the U:
t: me.-A.Alite thi ' duties are p:id, the 'demand for
,tlEe bills, will ceaseA A rK i-T,
AVnsu we firtt. pcrusfd Mrf sCa!ain's ' report,
e.-eie-,truck '.-wfeh svonieht.Vi Tbis
?ortu.farms us;, thaT-v -.vkV rv .fcVaLiMs' of boL.
H3 ore wantrvl In,, tn
0 i!ie
j yx 'ji 'cthei-uf
o0 ll ot JlJ-Mtn'tf.5"fl
..'v' -bat at toe tre'asuryViihXj'' .esjiouse" against lb?: interest 'and h')nor of this,Carnpbell.- CotbSel
"j.,5 '3)lUtn.iptember'i!i,ach'y gayeatjpinion for i
SiiLwoiaif MrrCalli'tla 'i-ii ;-.,'' cblisi6ft: witb ihe'fyrei'n-; service'.,, they 3su;;portj bf-rth'cco'ud '.q-jes:'
: V r.-:'':'-;';V'--' "';!' v.v''h' VvV'-'l:?1'"'--'-' ' :'r 'l: i:J-f-':'-T'1 ' ." ''"'; '.''::'; ' '' :':-,';,f'-'
':'-"'.'... ','.'..;-.".. -:.'"'.'-:.'- :''. , ''v''- '.'..' y ''' '-y ' " ' -'J . . ' I'"-.-."-1--' "' '','. v'".-". ''
'v .v.-v.--' ;:-' -" x , k-:: fr!d -j: r -'-";vv-:.; - :"v. :;,''.-',y v -
"rench in such c.&e, we
of suspicion, tliat .the
not turn upon pure and
alliisioi.s ar made to
the chain of , proof, which
establishes the conclusion so opposite to the pre
tensions of the tlemocrtUic party ; -, Scarcely ;, a
yeir'has passed without adding VniterAallyto
them, and the history of the origin of die war aftd
the conduct of the executive ever since, has'accu
muiatcdiuo 'Je molest fation. Liable to such, a load
of. reproach for subserviency to foreign, ind'ience'i
and even the dur ation of m .-ajures of the u most
pithiJjCi- preposterous indeed to see them endea.
voring to sl'irotil their Oiwn : .elbVo'-iity in
groundless; imputa lbns against others;,-Ve;sk,
how many fjtmocrats of distinctioreTecied.
urjonrilm most plauiblcgrouads bfreceivmgpen-
slons frctrt the nation wh03e--stde'. they- constantly
besides so-T-e offieets.
The general embarkation commenced as the
troops arrived ; but this being. a general embarka-'
lion, the whole of the scows were occupied by a
bout one third of the arrjlery. whiieVabout SOQ
reguiar infantry, about 200 twelve months volun
teets underxol. Stvift, and about two hundred of
the Dii'iiia who bad volunteered their services for
a few days, occupied all tke boats that were ready
ardent: officers, TRe Affair Que.ehs-e w i jsla
caution against r; lying pn cwaixis who g tha '
.bank ol the Niagara,, to lpok ou a'batil' a, on a
theatric;! ehiyition ; who, if they arp t 'f ;;-i-u.
ed. of the Vighls," break their muskets ; ot if tr.ty
re without rations lor a day, desert.
I have 'made -to you' this frank disclosure. -witliotit
admi ting your authoiily to vetpine jt,
uoder the impression that you are pa'iiotic and
candid men ; and t that you will no censure me :
for. following-.lhe cautioU'c6uacil of txperier.w j
nor join, in the "senseless clainqr- -excited . .ajj'ainst,. '
me by an' interested man. , ' u j .
have ome-reason to believe that tne cautious
flie tioopsthen embarked moved1 up the river tM counsel given by the, superior.' ofjjicers of .n'ly com
Bbck Rock without loss ; they were ordei'td to
disembark and .dinef,, T; ' .
T,hai received frorrf my ommartding general
,tn instrocjioir in the I'dloAing words-S" in allim
poi'tant tfiovemcnts you wjll, I presume, consider
il Virluib'tW! lei ri-ntliilr onvi&'nr haiih iVniini1 fl
cers.'.' I deemed this tquivelenMo ait ..order, and
lYhe movement -important.-I;ca'!ed the lie 14 offi
cers-of the regulars and twelve months volunteeri.
eiubai'ked. . Col. Porte t. wis not, found at the mo
Linerd. . 1 he (Piestions; werev out In it exhrdient
row to pro overt Is the i'urci vie have, sujjkieni
t j conquer the ofificsitc coant $ ",'. ',. - ''7" T1 ' -
Ihe first ques'ion was rlecided in the, negative
by cob-Parker, col. Schuy lerrcotVhTdef , lie u t
et ..BfMTsUe.r, lieutenant, colonel Ces ahdjnajbr
vuuiiiudi. , vwumciawni, u' voiunieers. aione
for then ctossing ovt r.
ion Wail "hot decided- Colone
mand", was Rood, From deserters we u-atn. that
2344 rations arc issued .daily oif'te fromicts crT;'
ihe'viliitish Mt'e. "Capt. King, prisoner ui Fort,
George, writes to an -ofluter thusi-' iell 'ur
ft ic'nds to take befer care of themselves than it
apj ears I have done " .
I am', gentlemen, with ; great rsp&ct , your
most obeaient, ' . - '. : - :
- Brtgat'derCeneial.
To Me'sTS Csnrfr '"M 'Clrre, Lewis B:id.4aH, --J-Jxn
G i iffinr t-nd f Ww. B Rochester, coav -in
tleero'ii the. patti if'tc cuizens of thj v.eaitiu
: r.r.nies of New York." '', : '. r ' ' - . '
P. S." lt will be obsrrved7 t.bafi tlie lo' Ce ready
cou'd be no jahtwisV: asi eri'tued' than' by 'n ac
itl ,-inbaikauon it be'ir.p; uiice'rtivwLat fvivi---the
a vitiate u-Torce v,'ou:d ebai''.-;'. ' " .v;-"

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