North Carolina Newspapers

fi To the editor of the Buffalue Gazette.
j j tjVtt of your pafltrijf this morning, in which is
i ll fonciiiitii whaj purports lo be Gen. Smyth's cjico
; 1 $ fa,.,M.'iru of the'affuirs of the $8ih of Nov, and Jst
(I'll -oMK . ,
I assure the public that in your next I will
I rv; u -'true account of some of tfatnost prominent
l tr.M actions of thqse days.
I When oijr Jives our property j when the pre
; f ci (is and dear. bought1 gift, of ' our ancestorsthe"
sjcieJ honor ot our country ; whenvery ming
general reprisals , be granted against" the ships
goods and citizens-the
rica, (save and except any Vwsstls to' which' his
Majesty's license, has been granted, .nr which 'nave
been directed to be released from the e mbargfr,
and hav.Jjfltl terminated the original voyage in
wh cU .thy wcjejdulai ied oV released) so" tnatas
well the jL-etsand ghipsof tlis ,NJ Vjestyas also alf
other ships. and vessels thai shall be cominission
ed by letters of marque or general reprisal; or b
therwise by the commissionc fdr cxe.curin,; the
oflice ol Lord High Aumiial of (iteat- Britain,; slujl
and may lawfully seize all shi;i' vtsselsand gjod
belonging to .he-govrrnmerit of the United States
bein'i citizens ol
. A. ., it.. ? . , ' . . ... .1,' .ii-,,...-
lliai prize as men, or oagnt to noia uear as ine vjnueu iic5 oi.mcticn j niuawi-.tH
njtri :u.are fallinc arid fadinir before us,' it is time i in the territories thereof, and, bring Uie",sa;me to
to spe fc oat, wh .tever be the hazard. .'. ' j judgment in any of the Courts of. Admiralty with.
In ascribing, a? I halltnnt hesitate tovdo,the late in h; Mjtstys dominions, duly aurltorized
disgrace 'on this fronuer to the cowardice ol gen
t ral Smyth, I beg to be' understood as not inttn
rli g to irpp'icate the' chat acters of the officers
Avhouc opiidoi'S he has brought forward to bolster
up his conduct.. Several of them 1 know to be as
brave men as ever wielded a swi rd i and ihet
advice if indeed they gave the advice imputed td
thtm. inay be accounted for in the '-obvious cor
sidertion, with which VerC,6ne who saw him
must have been imprtsed, any military at
tempt itnder such a leader miltt , in all human pro
bability proveTOisgraceiui.
'.your Very humble servant, . 4
The Russian generala appear to have drawn
a circle round th: site of Moscow, and to be
closing uponXhe French quarters in that post;
tion, fiom all the greatroads around' "Kutu
required to tak cognizance thertof i-we bting de,
siious to irive due encouraerement to'.his!jVl:ies-
. rt . .- "...
ty'3. faithful subjects, who shall.lawluUy seUlbf
same, and have declared in counui,' by our oratr
of the 13ih.of October insrr&ot, our intention cn
. Agaiijst it - ; ,.; 'riv?
r Srt the motion was lost. , -v,,-;
"-.'"The question rccurrtid on tKe passage of tl
k;ti . . : ., '
Mrrpottrr opposed the passage of vlhe, bill
at considerable kjiigtfH-;;--.--;,
1 Mr; Randolph moved to postpone the ;fur-
ther consvawrauon ui me w.wmuiiuni
Mfnion lost.
The question on, the passage, of rhe bill
decided as tollows t
, . - 1 J -.-
. So the bill was passed.
. "v. Merchants' Bonds
. The
and forf:
ihira time
the bill p iss ?"
cerning the distribution uf H m.n.v r of captdrrC - ;-vr V t " ' ...
teizuresi orizes. ana renns is oi. an smn..auc e : .
goods during the present h s di ks, do now mak
In o'rir Usl
P3e iII be:roun3 aC'
not had ioKm.; "rrr nave
7 S'.rMACUlNKRY1? -
ome weeks apan anicle znk j ' '
ditor.l head of t?-; naffi? Cd?.'hs-
.nttiisate. of electf S
v . .. - r "mem nni
cent. nvihat anicle'were nointert n P1"4 '
tlm means by whichlhe:frS5 .f .
abbred tp pr.venL a vote ,bv .Jisn; 5'
of these Kail be; n Heguiit a, ii,!-.,. Jt' .H
of .the Mmtiinport, wi!K, ,a, Kcljew..r ;
bill from the Senate directing the 5e- !
r i t, : ... rw "M jr M'4 Mieuirr ui a renrescn'ahvA mn- , -
or tae iraswy,xo rcmii now, peuaiue r-,htU ;nnr;n(((,,.Lr;;; . .. , ' . is if
. ancl,;tlie qoestion -statea, ".anaii fittd ductile bf aitiinincr ; v lJ
known tp. al his Majesty's lovmg subjects aid
aU others whom it may concern, by this tun pr -clamation,
by and with, the advice and'"' consent of
his Majesty pri)f5fril , that our. W1! xhd pie
sure is, in the name an-i on the iefidf t" Jm -jesty,
that the net pwducf of all prizes taken (save
as herein befrre .except) . the fight wbe eotts
inherent in his majes y and liVcrownbe given to
the takers i ("save aho the : p;odtce ,;f ucii prizes
as are, or. sliall be", tuken by ship- or 'vessels' bw
longing to or hired' by, or jjn, the s rice of th
commissioners of custom's ornate thedisposi 10
of w hicii we i eseTve to our i arther pk abnrc, ami
also save-and except as heri' VlVr mentioned . i )
but bject to the.paymeht ol ail such or like cus
aow. i ormasow, vv inzineeroae ana wi teen. k...,:,: n,i;, . ';.. .r
stfin, each at the head of a formidable army, uv been liable to. if- TV 'sVme w.;Ve, or mighr
occupy the pnnctpat-posts in as many distinct; have been imported avmhan-'iz.-, und that jv
lin rutfing off supplies, rcsburces and com-jsame be given in proportion and maiincr lnrein.f
muaicatioos, 'prevent! g advances. repeUingj ter set. fih, viz. t '
'.-" &yVnhmgt(,n November P fg,,
You will icollect from iji presiiltnt'
i Bl,
nicatio:i "hnd been received from the nroDtfr of
ficer of the government" on the subject, whether, ' "ge.anu iu mews, just published, a correct,
excariana and r.e.straining.expedition8fc,U
thise' ci rcu instances "Bonaparte i awaits : the
k i cothmenceinent ot he Russian winter in his
I quarters at Mosco w. We are anxious to learn
V how Bonapart? adrhis soldier wil) bear the
- visitation of tHis nev?and hitherjtp unknown
The gallant: the ever to be lamented Gen.
BagraTIon is dead of his wounds.
1 : PK
Jit - Royal ITtghne 'ti ih'e Prince Rrent (huncit.
stj V .terras, in conaequence of infrniatiQn .having
been received of Ueclaration' of ,Var by the
Uuited ithi of America. pg4Qslhis Majesty,
and ot the, iisue of letters oF rarque and reprisal
by the said government against his Majesty and
his, subjects, an vrder ftnvouncil. bearing- date
I thelUtt Jaly was issueddirectinghat Ameri
' jf ' caipifnd, g and de-
1 v r taned tiltwther order i and; whtreasHis
1 H Hithieas th.j. Piince Jleeeiu actintr in the name
f i"f , and onlhebeh If aHisMaiesiy forbore at that
That all prizes taken bv ships and vesst -h havun
commissions or lctt rsof mark ijnd leprisl- (s ve
and except uch prizes a ate or'shad b" t ikcttby
the ships'or vessels be!onving to or hi;e-l by, o; if
tha s.rvice of the.cmihissii)ners aforesaid ) mayl
be Sl id antf dts'pOHeJ of by ih erch-ni' i owir,
fitters, and others, to whom tichp ktteVs, f ni tk
and rep:Uas 'arai granted,- for v'thelr owif.tisejanfl
benefitr after final adpidtca' ion, and not l lore
And We do hereby fafiherorder md i iref.t ?h '
the 'neti produce of allirhch -'are o"r.fslyail b
taken by a'y of his"majesty's flnps or vessels -ol
war,"(saxe and except when they shall be a iini
on any conjunct expfcditnn,wifh hi-j mj'-sty'n lint
forces, in which case we rcS'rvc to our -.elves Ov
division and distribution of all prizes 'and -btvn
taken, and also save' aiid except as '
meritionedLahaU be for the utrte benefit anr er.
eouragemfnt of the fl pr tticer, cap'aii s, com
manders, and other comm's'sioned oflkes hiv
mijesty's pay, and. of. the . icamen, marines an'
soldiers on board his majesty's s. id shipvari tiv;
sels at the time of the capture, smd that such p iz i.
my be lawfully sold and dispTSedf Irv xh,in an
, If! ' ti me o direct 4etersTof msrque and reprisal to be j their agents, after the same shall havebeen finallv
$ , iwar1 aSinsl the ships, goods -and.cituens of the (adjudged lawful prize to hisraajesty and not other
'- saiiUmted States of A;atTc under the expec- i Wise. ' . ' ! - ' ( frC
4 , tatton tnat tne saui g vernmem woowuppn the '
notification of tne Order in Conn' il of the 23d of
June4ast, forthwitb.recalandpnul the said De
"" ' - "2 ' i ''fill . ? I at' . ' .
.' cJarattorlk of, War-agiinstJHialajestyr an-alitbc eommencentcnt tjf a
tnndl the. said lettera ofninrque and reprisal. ,
"And whereas tne said government of the United
i, i!t?i jaiuiesui(..-iu'.iiya, ujj.jii lujiicauoii 10 mem
4 i; of the sid Q;-dvPio C vuocil of the 33d of June
y --last, did,notthiik,fit ro reciLthe sa;id declaration
nr. - m -ex r-jr - - -. : ,
IN cfoceededrtoCfMidemrand nefsfsted'Jh rnnHrnn1.
'.i . All-' ' j'-.4-.:?ir'.l-.j p:' ' y -'in
Here follow the regulations forth
of prize money, which, and the remainder of th
proclaim; ion, arj in th-e form usually adapted oi
By his B)yal Hihness5he frince of Wales, Re
gent of the United ( Kingdom of Gi eat ftritain
. aiiil Ireld'.d, in the name and on ihe behalf ov
his y.iajes'.y.
9 -
i 2 ! Jn? the ships antl 'MhfnHiiM'ale'ktv.ub.. ' Wiu-rMS' we am informed tbit cre'at numbers
w ljects'srizexof-W
ViO Oa suspension pf3irm agreed tfpbti ; between Lieur. tural born subilcts, are in the "service of dives
tV j juenir Mrge r.TPSirnn.u'S-a u ven;,urj f,,,,,! princes and states; to,the-prejudice of his
f Cieneral otanadVd fibn ; an'd whereis alienis ts,' mar
manning t.uicy;mericaiiviorce8- in - in? io ihemibe. made to seduce sme of Ins maiestv s suHtetts
TieWpces of tl Um to theiv allegiance and duy o his m i s
.hi 'iw n-F'." u joncr. t tv. to enter on board .shins or vesst is ot. war, or
lfis9yWhS t..iVince'1te'mht-acttrTthVr' shlhsV veswls beloiiirinp t.i the U i-ed
oFArnet'ica,with inttnf to,coramit h ostility against
his Majesty or his stibj Ndts "pr other wise to ;,dhi rt
none 4 1 his
incur the pniit
ana rifteiiiittJiM!iuinxneierruories urtOl Twidpenalties-of such 'breaches tfbeirralt-ffanct
. f is .R9?H;ighh
in t liTianie aJud6fftK .beftai'f ' .ht i :M ajesty , and
with the. acl ice fpiiiS; ;kjesty-,3; P: ivy
.Vnf AM V
".i,u.iiicriC , llv warvery Jittle can be Yxected, a,
mitcee of. ways andrneans, to amendjhe bill; frmial election u onceover I . The federal f ''
by .striking out thejfrom the words "and the anuthe discontent 6f ihe re
duties payable on such -goods.-' wamandmejv -tisy in'pefvertitig, opposing and imjnVtj
chi idjse being paid "and secured, -to be paid measure for carry ug into eff ct ttie course ine
agreeable to law?' and Insertinglthevwordsf mnmeftt ha3 taken out 'puMicenemy atwU'
" on payment of the duties which would have . much tWtre-.tcU, In ihe event of the election
'bad .nrh o-noda. wires 'president, and coonls s5i?hlon a ihkh", tuii
and merchandise been' legally imported.", S cannot expect from our intwhal or,f
.ThVWendment at-th's stage of the bUtV PP0" ?"y S1! tm'm 31
s v ' - iu'iiiaaer li occiueu. iwr, j over, and in;',
passi . reqatred unanimous consent 1 which cUioh shws lhat ve ardetermined S t
wis aconrded bv the house,, after a fe w - qbae J. oar governm,n. (which can only be done by d,e J
vati ns Jrom; Jlr.,piDO, wno fw;ea war, ai; ..tlec,iiip. -of oor, rtwM WOrtby presrden!)i 1,
th iiigh a majority of the committee of ywAys maUers will go oh' smoothly, at least atnon; . r'.
and means 'were opposed to the Mlly . th-; most uhh -ard of ui-riy
una-viuslycoacun-edn ClintH.
aie.ndmf'nt, . '.f' " f Nei Yotki; who are seconded by'lbeSj,"
aMr, iU iberts opposed the passage of the bill New. Krigind, Thtir agents are abr'njd at ti4i
on account. of its ffeneral nrinciples. as of the mommt ihrou;b every state. One has t(
dUfi ultv of legislating on it.
M-.' Cheves replied.
. . . 1 . a.. i
iNonn u-arouna, as 11 1a siaieu in a wuer .
1 ora wmcn 1 iavf M en. u vnii is sc. tr.avcDo
1 . 1 . . k .1
; . - .1 .... , ClOUOl OI III CllSalJUOillinicIIl MlClc.
i ne question was inen ; Ken n tne nnat - f .j ; t,
passarf tne b.ll, and decided by yeas and vole-of'North Camlin; ft thaftliro:K;ll w
navs.-Y-;aH 64, nays 61. .... ' , trigne, the vdtfi'of the state may be-lost ent,
So it w:as ditermiaed that the bllshall pass. Thatma'y be eff, ctcdia this minneri A bill mi
v ' " " - pe iiiiiooncta to repeal or moriity 'hi pr sent
lectoral law, undt-r pretence 01 subs ;.iutfng'a:tvthet
mode of. election. Hut whn ones the iteration iv
madc impediments will arise, and. filially the
lor will be delayed till tha constitirionalti:iieMp
se VsrhichTvrill be very shortly. Gol. purler S'.;j
gested to me, a plan tf layi ig .the ra?mrcrs 'iuta
districts, ea.cfi to vote one elector. Tlie col'mei no
doubt thinks himself right in this plan. But it ml
onlyretains the principle, and al! objections uhica
belongs to-the electoral law, without any nf it
Fill 0 V, J.WUA'lY I, 18 IS.
NOTE. - ' -
The patrons of the Minerva arc respectfully m
i'ormcJ, t hat, hcreaUer, the terms of ' subsciiplioo
this pi,'er will be precisely those on which the,
her g .zcttes ot the cny are pruned, m every
.ew s'a termer is required to make a payment of Kf properties. The state will W
-j ...:ni t,n its votes and Dart'of its wxieht-be l08t'Ba.
Tt 11111:11 11 in Hiivaiit.c. 1 11 1 runt nun mil 11c uiauc t: r -
n t Hat account. Consequently three dollars pep
cannot be spared at this iime,p-irticiUnr!ys'mfc'.
Mar or Rtgiter, has 'hitherto been furnished at a
rule one .sixth cheaper. This, a regard to the pros
'peiity of the establishment will no longer permit
10 be done. . 4i'-:'ir' :'
m . t . . . 1 1 f .1.. 'i...
-ear will be invariably demanded.: The Minerva. nlair piay-wnicnii usea oy v u.c .u.
o . . ' !.-!.:-,...-. " Vein intanrn ia N. Jetsev. An electora tut
tnouvrn 01 equal siie, coniainine luucn mauerj-j-yf-., 7- , - . 4
d costinrr as much in its execution astithtr the H est.h'ishfea that the people were i9M
genera ticket-. , ' in.e; majoniy oting ecici;i :
puhji.:an anr unanimous vote would have beel.gir
en to Madison 'Bu' t hroiiRh accident, a sir ill mi
jority of the assembly are federal. Thty lw
laitlyme'u flt the power in. their hands, rcpwW
the'electoral law, and enacted a la v by hkh Ik
assembly is to choose electors, atid an unmimor.
vote will ibl given against the opinions ofthspe
pleTrtb'iVtate. rhelrjcon jrre-ssiorol eisnfeM
abomichanKMig ;soas to xSweep olf avnuiyi.
thcW republicajv possible. A c
derable change through- ucbans,
inlba elections of Ni- England. .Eixi?
it turned Jbwatds North Carolina; J hope
atttmptWchanKe the law, till ywr tlctionn
v..'wilf hk hrn'nin lv resisted. If vre ere evfVi
The followinii geniicmen compose; for the pre-sentyafr4bis-
'"i';xldeonlstori:!.- ':. ;...' -.-vi'. ;.''':'.
,2ii2RlvP4!4: V' ' ' .v -
'-'M".:.r S. Armestea l, '
.y . " ; Bryan Whhfi 1?, vv'
' f2Thoinus K.inau
I fl " been directed-to'.beiritase.d Wtaftfk tfte'.emolrreo,'
ana nave 1101 ii iiiuiaieo jijo'rinar' voyage on
. which they were detained and releasedf, See. &c )
ma umin'cn ,,c-r,j"s.-ivegent is ne
l: . (?ave and.eept any .ye'ssers haveithpdghrit necessary in
I 1 V ity'stifenbabeeo,' hVhlf'l?.'bl m .jcstyUnd by
s 11
I 1'
verthtlcss pleased hereby to declSri? fin the nam-knins of v
and on ihe bvMuifuf hfe ..Majesty 'that' nothing in
this ord :r contained shidl be: Understood to
or a(f-ct th-s Declaration which hjs Majesty's Na
val Commander qn the fftrican station' has been
authorised to m ke to the goyehjanypfb'-'-vl.'
States of Vmenca fiaroejyjja I li noyl Highi
XlffSS aoim.atal by a ScVre 'defsire to arrest the
calamities 'of w?r, his- authorised the said com
mander to sit!n 'a;Convcniio.:irccalling and annul
in froni t be named, all hostile orders is
. ; sued bv th tesper tive irovernments, yith
of reorin vyiUV)uf delay thercltir
a .view
ns of am'ny
anl chrf 'rce',!eti en his Majesty and the Uiilt-"
pa tvs lyime'.ica,-.'''.' . : -'.
Kro;n ttf 'C dt t at Cat Itori; Jiouse the 1 3!h of
October, 18 '2. .: - 'i:'' : -' . ,--':- --:r'
'fl. tngned, Cavlrragh Liverpool, 'flV.'-
.-.'. vv) ; i.niD ).)ct. ya,
By His P.oyal Hig'in i the "Prinze of Wales, He.- of thf Uimed- Kudoia-of .' Great Britain
an I'lrelar.d; in the name and on the 'behalf of
hiaMsty, ; rp.-.. ;.
' ;-i . r)v PROCLAMATION r'.:
-jFop Grantin4he-D:n' ri but Km of Pfizei-ditrtHth
" GEOHGrV P. R..: : r r ;':; f
Vherea3 oy our Orders in Council, dated the
I3ilx day cf October instant,' vve'have ordered that
in the
and Si-1 ti
theadVics of Sis IHajesty's Privy f,oancil,'toi pub
lish this procj,mation, hereby iwifypig ,.nd dedjr--ing
that ail persons, being his .Majesty's sti!j ct3,
wno snail
mcasiiv-i t
y ;&" .1 - :rv W t?.-.- (hfl'v ' fiii atwlliQHbr-able neacelit will'he Mr-tl
r.,J: ir tsurirm, anu inimas u. r t", iwj 7 - . .; . , V' " " ' .
.. t s- . t , . j - u: !....v...i ..... nni unitffl -xurtiot)S'to can v on im 1
nave 01 ft iin:eu wios lie cauin m m . .---7-. - f , ,. ..r 1 1'
cy the" Governor and Commander in Chimin the ken to bring Qtirejitmy to .a ..fbnRsc .
. - - J' -v r- 1. 119 ii 1 . . rurn 1 nn i imit 111 rirni. 1 v iw iiii i"" "
an J the other resigned
Ji.e one' Advanced to the rank of major-general to be ttie titsjxjsmoo ot. toe,, "'"JVf '
-The Un i 1 1 d State s htwos,
about .-SPO in num- were adopted
j;istrate, lunder wliose- auspices the'se wm
Vr, now stationed at S diy,,hve in eo order.; our enemy ann u,c w . . fl
ed, we learn, to proceed .toyyar,ds1iAe,-'oaii
An intelligent olhctT, nbwn this b.lace, iiiforms
us th tt these men are vei y pleasintly situated and
n'ifti'ly provided .ejtpeptlig for winter clothing.
mm iivtvfi' thn iwmfiftfr irifmnk. ith wntnh thV
enter or serve,- r oe iounaon coara - - " ; " ," '
easels of ar,Qr. otlier sh-orvvssebl h. cl b,v lurnisivecT, and winch are of stufl! as thick
n "ffi. Tin td Rlafnf-;AfnPiVv wiih 4 w4'm is tnui wtir i m yic,neiKiuorniiuu, leave
tlve'Sn nothing to compl iin of bn th'at score. They
arc comfortable huts ; and under stuct disci
It ppars, front the dilWf&it accounts ol the coa
temptible proceedi" 'Buffalo, that gen. Smythe;
the Gsscout and Peltr Il.,P6rter, the spreVcr pf
th: war are ''at loiterneads. For a wordy
beloneirig t
inftent 10 commit hostilities apain'st'i his M.t sty
or his subjects or who sh'nil (it heri3e adhere oj
give aid or comfort to, his Majesty's enertileCl.'-
pon thesea, will thereby' bo ne liable t v s,i3ffjr 1
tne pains Ot aeatn, anqail otner pains( and nei ehy
declare, in tpe. name and oa,the ben bis Ma
jesty; pur in fention and rirnareoliiion to proceed
" divert at the -gourt at, .Carbon House.' the? 56ihrWdrrwe.k!Tow no two hUtu r clnmpioAs TheJ
October, 1812, and in the 53d cf his T AIauvy'si realcauso.t the b-tacii between these glowing and
inj ihe coiiLr4crffir supplies, fmnd-it rqcently a
oui,4. bargain, and, tber; f re wan 1 the trdopj'in ,
Oaiadj, to gU rid of it. Smyiht.'s dela.fkfeat'ej
hif .oly .-ct. Conseq rmtly, he '-abuses the Grafion.
Aild thy' Gisq;in upbraids hi'-n. Let the.i'eadi'r r-fer-tfi
thci't; litters, inserted to day. They afd
ghriouspair ! " . " ' -
Gsaeraj S ?jythe -half addressed an official letter
to General D ;i born, on the subject of the late
abr t i ve att eirnpt s ai' Buff Aoe- It, is the ' sam in
sVistanceas:theojie,wepabtisb. "fJ''.h.'
;f Tn jhe litter,.. the lollowm no e was omitted to
e pTapedTiu its proper sitnition
; v UOUSE-b lr- Rlii'lihbKN TAl'IVEH
... -V ;-.'' S DKCEMBEU 23."'. ' ... '-i;v.
' f f' : ''iv -Navy Establishment. v
-The bill from the Senate to increase the N"a
vy.of the United ScateS; was read a tliird tiiiiel
And the - question jstated, '!!' Snail the bill
J iNIr. JNI'Kee $poketat consideralde length
agauist its-.passageahdcguaSed by moving
te-nost-pon.e it t;V ilin a ayc-wittva-vtew of ou?
taming further intofmatia' on ths subjec't'-ot
the materials, Sec; ; . 7 . ;.;',.i
vThe motion to 'postpone was supported by
ed that IMr Abtoh and Mr. Scyberti and .opposed bv
.-fz. -"' : : '"''".T"'.. "";;,;. 'Jl;-.'.
g-Vde ha've1 ine-J a man
or ucseruon if
l ir .j.. '.! r .Kii."ilM. hKonle.'WrtWviw
,. . ..'i: ...- SA.irVct. t Vlt 3 I'T-v
or so governe-.i uy jui .yv, ..
enemy, after preying on Our best r. .f
thins more to do than to Iwdd.out a ie, a
rts'.-.ance would chancre wUh'the men who t'"'
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order of 'he day. - ....,,4,1
v. I havi-written-ttf
t intended when I sat'.d.wh ; but you i--
me. I think the subject important.
youwwill commutjicate to such of your
ing members as yu mly dfirud. ; 4
As arty thing occurs iii ' yi.
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ail or any of you "0 ' '.,,?;,.
iram, gentlemen, very rP- ;, i.s3,
' .. . ' ,: . ... ' . ,a I A V. , .
-.Tho navy bill . has
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v'Sijtbu,idredofigen. Tannehiil's' brigade We fas'' bvlf 1SS 'p '"..dlft
scrtedm 24houi-s;VA court martial of this bri- tlhr i.3'.K-Cangr.e;t.. l'J . ' L
man 13 UicsnVs for the cilme- -TsUi and cSoscn by aj-
JV-;r ": iathisuciscynt ws' ' .
-'C .V 'v.-'- -f-K'-rt ' ' - -:.:'(.:'' ' I '. -:

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