North Carolina Newspapers

    . from Ohio, that General Winchester,-
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liic i iuiujjcrwas raicu ai iwcivcuut uiuum
A witr "mih i KnHf" in 1 Rf7. and rnninrianrli
&f by' lieilu. J Br a'yi She, has .xoromitted-a CQmp
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. v.w Yoik paper irnii that all clawed of
A V" ;,,riiw.rl iri' etat , relolciogs when
rfl.8cD.roci. -r:- .j:;rarh;
. " . ti tn his. written to Mr Secretary
British seaM..... rVkrf . . .
an) wrer-V. , 7 -. mfa -foil 'be
Imj has awws'vvsr -y-v'-r .
, l -lift, iiui " ' 1R'JY CSqUllC) Ui oaiiatjuijr n wi- v........ ...... T. . -
of Ten )aar each,of youn,r.Ben-tnai, the circle in which he lived Johnson, Rouison Owen, Gafner.Suoders, fcgbm
e'en detected in circula-1 has sustained the loss of one of its brightest orna- Shepherd, Ehsha Thwean, were examined cu
jast the paper of those i-nients, and North Carolina, one of her roost pro- Geography and English Grammar ; Win. Fhge
.i .l- ,a.., . -j 1.. 1 :v i, 1, Kn rtnlnv tS. Uipl Halt, flame r Sande rs and Klisha Th vvea '
; ThITMTl?.ft FRTT WtNK VOTES T.. Mmiiri. of Saliaburv
'; few '''counterfeit 'note of Ten Dalian each, of vniinf-eenitfinaii. the circl
the' ftuthvill Bwk"hi b
iinn.' wlthtii a few : dava nast
notes is mucit coarser man trie Rtntiine. oaiis
papei'-of a dark colour has a cloudy muddy
kiik f and When'felt bei ween the fineers harsh and
coarse ine cxecuuon, uic twivci p.ia.
ArtKSnotiS'fiotrt'-wi.ll execuved as the eenume
v f" -- -- f,v '
notes, ,antr the device very indisuuct, parucuiny
the w'of d, Tennessee Cotton" -which in the genu-
ihonoUs is very distinct but in the counienerais.
. : ' ! . '- " ; f-. . It. ...:....t
hardly legible tne signatures nim
ahd 1ahii nrfv tolerably will executed, but ap-
k km .,1 ir i;ih thi'nn( finm the Dlate
nrtii' lib uti 111 1 11 .111 ii ivii
and have a painted "rough appearanc thejr.are
shoritMhanthe gemnne v'eaoi me dju aui
aanmer ofan inch aW very slight hair stroke
across the F?r .in.the word e oewre
ville -'Bipik U omit edthe ho iyjp the date ot
Hnmcr'i Iliad
C.hailf Murrlev and AbheV Stith are hitrhest i-.
scholarshipimd equal to one another. The no
in order are- John Hill, James tloopef,6- Jlobci-.;
coMlHuNiCATioiis. r Hinton. Edrnftod :,Wukins..anaJolmWr!
TYionhft'ad of DecemKerV at Philadelphia, th.e5fe-,-Tal30 are equal.. The whole of the class" i-
whithfcr lie had eone for his health, Matthkw ; approved. In" company with this class William-
m i.a 1Vvi CI 'Llnun t? oWcl Mall fn..
.. -i-.J. ni. Affirtrm and ctew S of U ! ves
hill ClinK l" - , . j - r
Lis of war half'thB-fettimated . value in' money of
chenemyveeli a cargoes as it
ssary to destroy 9t.seau riTl.ey have alsorcpott
. - V:n ,nMn lihral nenMons to such officers
aBl men of privateers as majr be funded or other
fisc disabled '&ileacvrng in .the Urfe ;of.thc;ir 'dirt
The followitig -yswiations wer. aaopieo . oy uic
Ltgislatare of. this State, on the 22d ulu and ae
iJiuled to carry into effect cexiajn resolattons ; a-
tionred onAh? 10: h February, i3Sx-
Reiolvea nnanimousii, oy uoinfnjus
General Assembly, that his Excellethe GoyeXr
nor be requested to procure three elegant s words,
such as in his estimation itjs not r unworthy of JJ.
Carolina to bestow -en Jhose avIio have distinguish
td claims on th gratitude ol her citizens ;
.1 . l. thm tn hf tftraliv oresented in
thename of this State, to-Geiy. Isac Shelby ol
t Mucky, Of n. John Sevier of Tennessee,, and
1 i..i. XTJinvnn of this Mate, the three 6ur-
living chiefs of the gallatu band who fought and
conquered at King s aiouuiaur, u mi
7ih October, ITuo.
Resolved urthcrTThtf Tiis Excellency the Go
vernor be authorised to draw 011 the Treasurer foi
the expenditure which mav be hereby incurred.
Xew-IlainfrMrz V. S: Senator The report ol
the choice of Dr. Goddaut is not, confirmed ; but
It is not true, that ' Jedediah K. Smith Vnlt kcted.
Thougli any mn is prefrab1e to the :War3iawlt
"XHs. we, yet hope M.tjoaaarti w;ti succu-r
the Coricori paper of Tuesday mentions ihe choice
of Smyth, in the House ; bit does not state tha.
le had bten concurred in. by . ihe Senate-. The
House first taade choice ofCutt but .the Senate
'toti.concurred, and sent dowo the, -narae of JoSiah
Butler, Esq. -
k'i-mMttrt'At nofes'Tj&s no, resemblance to any
gehuirw Uioies of " th Bnk,: arid the figures 10
both ,the date and Wmber arc badly nude the
fer'eejin Vhe paper ii so obtJov;ti),
no dUhcuity. inr uisiiiiguismiig. mc .uu.w.
from the genuine notes on sight.
,;.":;? .i-n.."-'--lt- - Tenessee tiafier.
muine sons. In her service he nan oeen empioy e-z kici nan, vii-. uuu3 owu uua
ed as Solicitor for the fifth Judici,l District, 'and on ArithpeUck. these also are approved o-
all bear testimony to the able and faithful manner those subjects upon wmcn uiey werr,examinrM.
:-k-.m. h u,.hril the duties of that office. -3. the Iftnior Class consists of the follow:;.;;
I HI 1TIIIWII W V -J V j""-- .'-' . , -
h But" the loss to his: amiable wife and two lovely persons: n "
children, a wtqowed ana ageo motner anu lamny, mmu u"wi .
can never be repaired. . Thei- only sqlace ts in the Thomas Bbckledge, , Lewis Taylor,
recollection of what he was, and that his life, tho" C orge W. Ilakini,
... r -..J Tkn rli.i urn rvanr.inurl rn tri( Firct rnur1vnk
short, was aevoieu to me purposes ui vinuc anu v-,1A- ' " "
was fall of honor. His friends hVist ever lament oPEuclid's Elements, Simpson's Algebra to Ui--
him, for his attachments were disinterested and end of the 5 2d problem, on Trigonometry, Logs
sincere; tney were aiueiii ai uin,iijgcun.-,miu ', -7
he wasincapabl of viola1 ing the duties of that sa. surfaces, and on 'Murray's English Grammar frcm
yul " " ' Abner Stith prosecuted the studies of this class
tipd. in T.H-nhrtonon the 18th ult.-MnJo- and waa examinea witn u. merest sctioia'-s ar
" I,' ' - - - - . L v .
v-.'. 5 ; Kfcw york, jjecemoer 1,.
ltnst ; everting trie election terminated for mern-
Dtrs of Congress - r - "'
The result is highly favorable to the Fliends
'of Peace. - ''"'
Jn the first and seebnd Wards off the city
-M tnw nnrt H IVflerthO fpferat h6' f efl effet " Kl-
. WIO. w-.v. " 1 " , r
publican Candidates have a majority ot 523 Vqt es
Tkx. Wiiwl-inrlurlinc. Suffolk. O'jfeas
x m. ' 1" v . " r " o .- .. r. . , .
' Kit., oiut .nithmond.; combriie . the-I fii't - e,'t-
grcsiidnal fDistKefc VVehave .: ro gt tftmds to
nelieve tnat v-viciitii m
iavp a handsome maioritv. of the whole ..n t
--,rTT. i ;... - - , .. . ,
of Votes.' ' - ' . v'"-:;'.';.'..-' ' ;
In the id Cftngressibnal D)3tfl?ct, enmpod c
thi rfcrnMninff Wards of the city, ftlessia Benson
and Po3t, the Federal Candidates'ha've a'tnajon
ty of about yotes - '' - ,
' ;-' -' December 19. (,
' T.iough the refurn of "Votes- f r .mem3r of
j". Congress -his not reachep us otnctally s we-Are en
" able to state, anrliweida" it- with ;the most tic a.t -
felt pleasure, thatjhe federal candidates for cot-
11:93 111 IUC inu uiit aic tivvi.u.
,Kihg Vcounty ihe "federal majority is about 40
in.Qaeen's, ?00i in' Richmond aSuut 20. So
v( mUcli.far War?-. '-. ' '-' ''':-
; ,? We understand that Jacob Lewis,. Esq- is ap-
'.poihttd Comnotk)re of the flotilla, appropriated to
.j.theaole purpose ofdefening the port of New Yotsti
'This flotilla was lately"commanied by Capt . flull;
iWho removes to Boston toake- charge of the, Ua
vy Yard at that plaolX-Aew York Evening Post .
Lj Elertiont Four coun ties in the first .cengre...
" slonal District give the .federal ticker a majority
if V39'. ; Suflolk remains to he beard from.1
"J5i.',-, -':t
ffi . -1 o.nral Ofarhorn to have ' his
lau4:tl(boat tJaul for out of the contingent fund ol
fK. denaitment, previous to re acxopu.u; u..
office aecretary of war, occasions much agitation
.l.ks. It .a aaid that Mr Gallatin pb
kcti Oft account tf th-expense, and Mr. Monroe,
0,1 account oi the precedent. This last objection
coming:' above all, 4r m uie quarter u uiM, is
u nkerl th-j Earl ofr Mar excessively.
p,)r a ome it was thought the dust had blown
oyer, but it seems 1 . , .
' Mars gravior sub fiaet lateoat.
The objection vn the score of precedent, coming
whence ii did, stuck fast in th; Earl's gizzard.
He insists upon his having as much iight to have
his coat, paid tor .out ot tne coning.-nets i in
war dep'ir'meni, as ,vir. mootoc ua.i w nav-j -
vfife'a court drzss paid for out of 'he.contingsnces
of foreign inlercou'se. The Eatl thinks his cia'tm
be more reason sb'le. inasmuch as he asks butjive
Hundred dollars for his mat, laurels md all ; where
as he asserts, that if his memory serves hitn
Mr. Monrow was allowe-l tor hi wile's gown hear.
i irrht hiindrrd dolla s Besuies he is williin
ko gite bp . his coat to the department, whereas
vjkes tliadfffcrehfce greajly in his tavor. '
iht ha'tti' Collision in''thc cabinet will be
accommodated, we ennoot foresee, unless our pre-f;irti-an
-is coVerrt- d by th'a loeical. maxim
.ib 'actu acl fiosse valet ronsecitiio which turned
,nti tfriiacular for the benefit of the Erl, means
'hat which 'has once happened, it is but reasona-
bb tj inter may happen again, yy men maxim
is hTghly To tavor l compensation ;ior .tne coat,
T:$t it: Rt advic a ' tust Veceive' fi'om the Palace,
WerieaVn thit the dispute tuna high, and the?
nitter is not lixely to be settled, unless cpu
,e .vitlidraA-s In objection. bA?al we nave to
say furihtt uc prese'i', is -f; '
" . . . ... ; '
? ; jon noois (amas componere- aim
-J1 - - ''Fed. fifitib
Vepb Sm'ith. a native of Dedham- Massachusetts, William Bailey, Abner Sruh and Thomas Black
who, fop--the social qualities and benevolepe of ledge. The others are approved. ilydet-Rogers
. . : - 11 . 1 1,.. n .ua ... a olon' vnmiiif..l wtU this clcs and iaannroveii.
his heart, is uuiversauy idiucuicu uj i wiiuiiii nn vu..)j... ...... --
k , i,r,on ; - ,4. The Senior class is as follows :
Haniel Graham. Murdoch M'Lean.
UnivfcrsitV. - James Hoce, Archibald M'Qaeen.
On Wednesdav the i.a Mdvembifr, 1812, Thomas Hooper, Johnson Pinkston,
tbr. rxaminat.lon of the classes was berun at tb William Johnson, " Joseph Roulhac.
tlis exammauon 01 tne classes was D-guu aiip y - r .
University of Morth Carolina;. BKreeably-to prevU O'ht; class was examined oh Paley's Moral Phi,
o.u aop6inment,' and was continued from day to. 1osophy. Helsham's Natural Philosophy, lei gu-
day till the lorenoon ot t rtday, -tim iam. - 1 his sou ouumy, i...Um.b, .
examination was not attended by any member of gick and Murrays English Grammar. "
the committee appointed by rthe Board of Trus- The members oT this class were candidates for
tees, except by one who wns a member of the .the honors of this University. The following had
Faculty. After a careful observation of the pro- been the appointments made for this class To
Kre and qualifications of the. students, both of Daniel Graham was-assigned the salutatory ora
the Colkgc' and the Academy, the Faculty pre Hon. The following forensickdebate was c'iscuss-d.
sent thVir Report as follows : ' r ' ' ' . ' I it better to engage early or late in the prac-
1 . The Senior Class in the Academy was com- "ce ot a proicssiou .
nosed of 'he folloyying persons
johnS. . misread, Junius Moore,
Janve3 A- Ci'aig,
Hardy B. Croomf
J imes Groom,, ,
J-.ihn Ui Kosset,
John. Jones,
Blake Little, ,
Josi-ph Lloyd,
Fhe books on which
James M'Clung,
'John. Rhea,
Francis Wa ldell,
James H- Watker,
AlcxoiKler Williams,
Benjamin Tilghman.
this class was examined
rwere the' Bucolics 'and 4 JL-ieid of Virgil, 5 chap
ten in the Greek l estain. ni, Mir's Introduction
to the 43d rolr, Greek Graurn 'r to verbs of ges
tuie, and English Grammar frpm the verb to pro-
Thomas Hooper was appointed respondent,
James Hogg opponent, and - :
Joseph Roulhac replicatoTv - I
The first intermediate oration was assigned to V
William Johnson,1 on the universal civilization of
the world ' . '; ;,. :- - . '
Johnson Pinkston was appointed 1 to prondunce
the second ihterroediate, on " the union of the A i t,
merican states." " ' , '',"
It was ordered that the fbUoning forensick quel. j
tion should be discussed: "Ought the policy of
legislative body to be local or accommodating ?"
Murdoch M'Lean was appointed respondent,
I Daniel Graham opponent, ?-
Archibald M-Queen replicator. :
It was appomted that I nomas Hooper anooiu
u y . 1 ...
,1... rii.... ...-.rr.r,to V.-,f1 Kppn 1 nrnnonnr.e the valedictory oration.
made. John Mason -pronounced the Salutatory The degree ol Bichelor of Arts was then co
6rat.on in Latin ; John Rhea spoke the Valed.cto- ferred on Daniel Graham, Thomas HooperJames
. . y . i- 13 I,.,ck t.,lKar. William Johnson. JOIift-
rv ; Josjpii14ortl -tpoice.tne nrs: ir.t?rmeuia-.c i.Bs -""-1'" " -- r-- - .
oration ; James Craig the s'ecomU Hardy Croom son Pinkston, Murdoch M'Lean, , A. M Queei),
Ihe third, and James Walkejf the fourth, , Charles w right, ana .vn.-arr. r,. vcuU.
. .... . . ru. . rvf M .orr i Art4 WrtS rnnlerrco OH
These students ot the Acaaemy werecanoiuaiea . c ... -. ..... ---- - -.- . . 1,
for admission into ihe Fre?hman class in the UV,- the following persons, alumni 0 h ;e
veu.ty. They are approved by the Faculty and Alfred Oatlin, John R. Donn Thomas
n ' 1. T a . . , r ll,nai I uutic William. nrt AD.
dented qualified to pass torward in the regular aros,. v m- " ' "
coarse of eduraiion in this college. T hey will be ner W Clopton. . f;i-;'
received as members of the fieto
plicat on at thec ginning of the next session. . on the Reveren.. George A. Baxter, Prrtidtntof
2. The tollowmg persons constitute me junior vaii"8w ..-o- -7., ' f pv.
0 ' . 'nn tl. Rotf-rnH lames P. VVilson. 01 rm-
- From ihe Px-defitf.llefiublicin . 4,
It is'vaid' cery mm who went to
tiie se it of warn democrat; f eomifig!.hotne affe
"daliatro same' thingV
i;, respec. of party jolitfcsrneariily iagusted with
the Men at the.h-a! of 'affairs'". This is
whv tut; satellites, of
iapoleu'i should -be- lfi'f themselves to carry on
... .. . .. I , 1 '1 .(V. k.'uni.L
ts.i.i rtrirn war, wni'.n vrm restore iu uiuutuwv
i-vtl,iifcd senit s, utd its authors 16, their
Dtirant Hatch,
William Holt, L. Wilkins,
HugaJVaddell, t
John T. iVYeargin.'
S- ureen L,ounty. , m the Lm i-ict comoosf
Green nrd fDel-iware givc a eoraimajpnty
Of nearly 66oElerriorc
, t j. " . . . . , . I .
Mr.!Ovoiyen led.' in. ColumbiafV;:'
- . Mr. I bk, lern. in Orange-'' ', ; ' i.
r4 fl hirtteni'l o' wrjs in We stchester give a ' .federal
aiiciiurit w r.i 1 ............ . -
: I-! J v 'We oraK rsfsnr) the federallsW have 'prey aited in
v twri,aud prliaps
Ik? The Unked States; -fWeafe" Chesapeake. '"" aa'VI.e?
'pam Boston lateljf on a ci nise. Success to her.
o IBs majesty's brig Plumper lost I '-.';-..'
'aPy' Rains' arrived at this portorj Thurs.
irom,E5strrtufofma.,thaf on the night
tf the 5th io8t.;ift .a violent gattrie3 Brittish
ir,S ;l?lumpertfa$'eniirefjr' lost xm Poiht La-
a-i ive obscurity and insignificance. : "
We are opposed to peace until we fight out our
'djffcivt'Ces wi.h the enemy, Urat is t sy, nutib the
wai' havvltspei enough ofitand have their )ipirt-
tlluni '.hrurses is a ruinous D jlicyaod we ate
clea: ly fo:"s?ctng .tjie. British out in this war until
he war pats. out nst.upponer. -
Reasons, not long,' for tdieving the . War mil - be
- oh'jrt, "'
1st. Because the army lacks men. '
- '-fr'A Beca'ushe trwsury lacks money. " -
- 3iU..M.en and rnbhey are the sinews of war. . :
: 4"th. Tjiyhavy lacks encouragement.--''4f.-f -c
' 5th. Because the PrtsiTdent lackJ nerves.pv V
6th, Because the Secretary ol" Slate lacks head.
7th. I he Secretary ot the I rcasury iacns ncaiw
8th. The Secretary of the Navvlacks every:
9th. Because the vecrstary ot w ar is nor.
i Oth. Because General Hull's proclaVnatioti has
filH.'Vi"'; 'V-'.' ,',;.--; ' ; -7'-.t '. : -.'":'' '
llth. Because General Smyth's two proclama-.
tions have failed-'- '-.'..''-i-;,vf ' '.. - . '
12th. Because both Hull and Smyth, the tasi
Robert Armistead,
William Armistead,
fteetiharn Bryan,
William CUns'.ma?,
William ivi'Caulley,
Wi'lie Croom, . . , -.
'Their s udies were theses ' Prosody, the nrsi
book of Jvid, the first 23 rules' in JVlair s Intro
rlifrtinn. and Enirlish Grammar to Svntax.
' . . . .. 1 1
Viliiam M'Caolley is the nrst scnoiar, buu
William Armistead the second. The next - are
Miham Hi-van.- Dm ant " Hatch. tafid William
Holt, jvho are equal- The others are. approved.
3rThe third class consisted of ' - i.J:
Lemuel Hatch, ""." ..UiiugiJM wuxins,
nia, and on. the Reverend James P. Wilson, of Phi- '.
ladelphia. : '.:.4ySf4?&
The degree of Doctor of Laws was conferred on.-.,
the Reverend 'Ashbel GreeriDocortof Divinity
and president of SisbuiHal.Prltietr
1 he exercises 01 tne uay wcs wuviuuv-
prayer py tc,ijfcciugm.
TheRileigh KewsPapers;-
TURMHhanns 'io those ' lf iyetrFri
"William Wot thington.
friends of administration, the oneis pron9unced
traitor Kv his h-ienls. an I the oiiier is.krid.wp.tb I
. ' - .V-j--".. 1 , 1. .1 k hionivn armvMihfl
have offered a reward f.r his haad. " ' ." 'f
vf 1 3 'A. Because the p topla a re too wiss . to pay
;i4th. Because ad ministration ;is too weais ajP
too cuonui jj-io jajuuua.M,
jnriri I.vne.
These' were examined oa Latin Gram
deritis 15 colloquies, liutroptus Onei
Th. ihsiiiv'iushed are Ueonre L,yt
glass Wilkins, who are t quarto one another. The
others, are' approVed. ' ' ' .'i"'1?v
4, V wo others were examined on Latin Grarn
maf and tert colloquies m Corderius. These were w
.. . Williani BarbeVand Willis Barber, '
They areapproVed ' r -?v ' "'
. ' - ' r'or.i.Rr;F.. ... -, " .
" T- The'I'rtshmart .'Ciass-- in the College
composed tif ilu; loliowing persons :
Will am lt Bullock, Etheldred Lundy, ,
Lewis Bush, : "-. Matthew Moore,
1 iac Croom. . Matthew. M-viung,
LemuelHiijch, " : ,;AHenry Peebles, - -
lorhas' Haywood, John Fhiler, r
nit ili'n.ler"scri.,"-! Beniarnin Wilkins.
Thir fcfiHif- were.'Horace'from ihe-befcinning
of tiie Salircsjo the end of .the, "volume, two Ora-
. 1 ii (i-,;:,,' 5 f 'Uin'j in flt-i-pk the
I .11. .11 1 .u.ur 1. .II.J llllllU .1. Udll II ... .ww-
vivi .-r p r(i ,
he t h ode of Anacreon
li-Hfk TeRtament from the 13 h chapter to me
end, and Scanning in . Greek iand in English,
Murray s lurammar.. . - ,. . . : s :
rifTthiarlaiu ih i'lillowincr distinctioiis are made.1
Tsaatf Croom, Henry Peebles. Etheldred Lundy,
are superior, but they afe lequal to one another-
Ala.hew Moore and I nomas Haywood are next
in order. .-Trw! rest are-'approved. '
William Boon,' ? Jphii W Graves,
RETURNVthanns ;to those - vt iyr' fyienc ,
f who, in conformity to the) Notice, which they
published some -time ago? have paid, up their Ac ;
counts to the tlbse.of the, present year ; and;im ,
lir.nw to nart with" the tew remainiDK ouoscuuci 1
who have not found it conveTiient, or who may riot
until 'e isnM npiii:u.n , "
'a., .Kali nnt then have been paid, or settled
by Kote, theirvViamesill certainly be struck ojtv
VT' .u s..i i;ti f taid naners. and
their Accounts put into a train for collection. , , ,
: JONES Sc hendersom,;
V : L-CCAS& A.H. BUxLir4'
December 31,M8lS
t f4 tV nVcr5her e ffc'r s his services as Agent
n triUrt hiiainrsfi in either or both the Banks f4
this place, on the following terms, to wit :
For renewing; a woie not ececuiiijj .w,
0 65
0 8$
0 95
1 00
' f.Hvr.' and "tii -conclude'.' because 'war require
tid brains, and .nerves and hones-
jy"whence. we, conclude that .cither Such eh admi
niratjnn Will rid us ot the war, or ins war ou..
rid us of. such an 'adratnistration rX''
Thus ends our war creed, and let all the people
af.m"Bmvn, . John L. Graves, -
James Falcbneri ; v Charles Manley,
I'ippioS. Henderson, H 1 hprms bcott,
For all sums over five hundred, ,
For offering new. .notes and receiving the rfotuy at
" 'j J ...II iin
the bank, the same as aoove;.anu ne n""
Blank Notes and. money for renewal, or sum mw
ney drawn from the bank for any person, byjost
or otherwise, as they may think proper to Ci;ect,
but will not be answerable for postage or actidcn'
in any manner whateverTIe will at all times rtn-
der any other services m in panning. uumc?
hi, power, for a reasonable, compensation pro
portion to hi3 service r ' . ,, ...
i?,.0tt-v-,l'l. 22d D,e- IU12- t 7i,3t,. ; ..
Jolin Hill,
... -v'-.
Edmund. Wilkins,.
huile-i IJThtoh, :. t
llobert Hinton, '
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Abher Stith,
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T WISH to employ a man u. keep my Book j
store . - ylmhg man who wishes to bene fit f tm
self by'reidin will find, ii art advantageous and 1
very agreeable employ tnsnt. WM. BU VI .
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