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.",x:;v -f,.
Vol. 17.
. FRIDAY,. jANUARy 8 I81S.
No., 875.
Interesting Account
riot. Fortunately they were. met by capt. Maher, various denominations preparing to embark. The
wno wun mucn aimcuiiyj, prcvaiieu upon tneni 10 lorces inai wnuia, at mac time, nave lanuen on;ne
From the Many Gazette,
fothe politeness Cal Solomon Van Jiensstlacr, Leonard's cbmpany,v whom they wore to
eiie inJebtea ior ine;uipwing imriqrcani,. ana minate.. The tiyiri artillery kept. their
.. . ljsffckP Irnt1 O CVir.fl til man t t h A i . ' ark uanoiitAliAM W
ijrts ) at BuffaloeVtleiailinK the events
h;n have of la(e taken place ot the Niagara
iriflitier- It will be read with deep interest by
tKry citizen How yis the hoaoraHle ,Vn4 proiid
' Dear Sir, I otrgty, previous1 to tb'iV-to have
trii-,n voua history of events that have occurred
n'k fhis frontier since you' ltft It. The confused
iaie of our affairs, and tfie acitatibn of rhir)dcan
sequent thereon, must -ray io;.(ikm)rt
by. But as transaction have lately taken placed
which involve the destruction of individual bappi
nt, tad vitally affect the terestsof the nation,
1 villnow pei form the prgmise I made ypd, and
endeavor to give you a tketch of the1 most prbtni-
ntnt among-them y- , ' 5, ' "
Nothing was done on tbejart ol General Mnyth,
wliicb promised a continuaaccf -jhe carftpalgn.
until the 1 Qth of Novemberwhen, he issued b'is
eroclamation callintr on the citizens of this State,
to wlu:4eer for the purpose of in vadln-.; Cai-ada.
'Canadian sliore were aSout 10(0 regulars; col
SwiftVreginrient . consisting of ,350 men,; colonel
MClure's, f ; the proclamation volunteers,
as they are called, near 400 strong, and itoU 600
of the' Pennsylvania brigade under the comTnanr!
of peneral TanrtehiH. . This brigade contained
2600 m'eh, but no more than the above raf nlionotl
number1 could bq prevailed upon to crosjs. This
force Eufftcient for oiir purpose. Every thing
wore" a T: riVVj55-. -The weathet 'Was Lmild
and plwsant. i"he troops wtfe in excelItMlSpi
r'ns, and appeared to anticipate a'glorfous triumph.
j No'.rnng appeared taDpp'.'se oar landing not a
turn back," under a promise that on the next mor
njng, they, should have satisfaction. Their rage
was now, directed '.against Col. Porter, and "Capt.
attacked. he next, day, was expected To be a
dyj of tumult.t the officers managed to keep
things -tolerable quiet--and on the 2th, Gn.
SmylH ffVued io,ders,.for "all bands to pr-p4fe for
ah exdition to. Canada This of course swallow
ed qp every other eonsidcration and hapiidy we
have received no more trouble from the mob.
There, are several other circumstances attending t single cannon tr annoy us from the batteries. All
tlnfisginiqeful afljjirr which ought 'not to be passed expected in a few n)nu'ie:to see ,ihe--Amencah
over in silence. A connexion of Mrs. Pomeroy, standanl waving- on the hostile; shore. But our
who lived in the house, had the night .before, I movements sv.emfd to bc-paralihed by some invi
given bMh to a daughter. The bmtality of the j sible hand. The boats lay in the river upon their
mob retidered then totally regardless of her pars. The 'troops' began -to 'grow" impatirnt ; and
situation.-,-She was carried from the house, or it j confusion, or rather, want of order, prevailed a-
not impossible that she might have fallen a vie- men? them. By noon the enemy had mounted
'ittr j'lwi.-fary' Off-Blood,' -;sho wai severely other cuinon on their batteries;' and opened a fire
wounded at betroit, vavalso in the houssT; and tho' j upon the boats, but wWhout effect.' CXttr time was
heiws scarcely able to move, his situation gained j wasted in doing pcKhing ; : and at length, about 4
him no comnassion. . '
Mutlj property was destroyed, notwun standing )
o'clock,1 p, m. oiders were irivenio feireat
Thus 3 fine opnM'.unity for striking an effectual
it excited strong feelings of honest itfdignattort. jnimity and weakness, yet it is necessary that they
Not a tew however, were ready to .believe ;inai aishO'Jl! be known.
man who 'could so. bpreficedly charge others of
ficmg jilike desiitut- ot thev y and experience j:i
he art of war, must tnmselt possess both in an
eminent degree. About 40 ) vuluu'eer' came in,
ia consequence ot that proclamation, and were
On the 17th Nov. the folloiving general orders
weic issued.
Head Q i irters, Camp near Buffaloe,
'''"-. Nov-.inber 27th, 1812,
' The men for service in tnis camp, anfl those
every exertion was, made to save it. " Mr, Pome- j blow was irreparaldy losr; ;' either through the pu-
roy fortunately escaped, or there is no doubt thatisitlantmity and cowardicei of' gem Smyth, or of
this murder would have bren added to the cata i some of his principal officers, who are said to have
That proclamation you have; doubtless seen In theilofjue bf other crimes. :Th...chJ.forMheJ mob; Nyjsed him ta thislextraordinary step.. At this
DubJic baoers. ; Of course, Incd make no re. T wilt now return to the events of. the. war; and time every dark spot of diigrace.mibt have been
marks upon it but will only mention the effects ' should be happy were it in my power to relate aiy ; wiped away. We should have met an inftrioi
fhich it produced in this quarter. Some parts ; thin e which the patriot could rejoice, or in Jorce, and that force -apparently panic-struck-;
of it were deservedly ridiculed by candid men oft which the ci'.i2cns Could feel ah honest pride, j which is evident, from the fact that about ten o'v
all parties-kand among the friends of those who But a new accession of ignominy and disgrace has; clock, a. M. three sailors crossed over in a boat,
bad anxiously laboured, and who had exposed( been- brought upon-our country ; and tho'it isjremained. on the oppesite shore near two hours,
their lives, to promote the welfare of the union, painful to relate disasters that ftaw from pusilla- i plundered as' much propeity as they could bring
were entirely coniimed,- and then returned with
otft the lenst molestation. The effects pf this dis
graceful circumstance will, I fear, be yet severely
Tell by lliis country. The eni,ny will derive as
much benefit from it as from a host of armed men.
Before it took place no dobbt nuny of the inhabi
tints of that province wouM wiliingly have sworn
ollegiancelo the government' of the U; S. .-
But iyfter such a wanton violation of the princi
pies of right and justice, what could, be expected
but that every man would fly to. arms, and, w'uh
holy indignaiion, prtparei for vengeancef The
fruendi'ot. t;ei0-i Snyrh endeavor to screen Win
from the ignominy of this iict by saying that it was
never authorised by him Be this as it may, he
. i - . t-v r r
orpanitid into a brigade u. ciei t,en. r ; u. rouer,. . v:ci!.it win cook io.AtlVm two ia's Dro
-I was induced, from aco,currenceof ciwims-an-- anJ have in their haversacks- at "retreat,
ces, which it is needless to menuort, to accept ot u . Vi,y (b-morrow. everv soldier will nut
post of some importance in that corps but I-rtn-hu kckshoiililep hls musket. ad"brfc,
shallever regreU that 1 engaged in a business, whtj , baule. with flials and catridees. will
has terminated in sham. and disgrace. -,v- . Uarch to the- navv.vard on hi wav to Canada!
tyWih oihetw afipeafed, baUU will 65 ready f,r embarkatio.,.
wblch you have also undoubtedly seen. A fter thi s,
nothing material occurred, until Wedncstldy the
The ttnts and sick will be left under, the care of
guards uf invalids until a convenient time.
ffCtk ntn.n' in. tuitn.Aial a .-cnu an lliia I I li t rp I
ovvwv ... ..... , i, i-nends or your country' ye who have the "t,,r u,c Jl i"ciuic u.c uu iucu.uu,
stmilartothc tragedy which jvas acted at Baltunore tQ (olhe hfcart tQ dareJlhc moment u and did not attempt to stop the aggressors, ana
last July. Mr. Pomeroy, who kept a public house ho . fftl. .r;V(kH. TKmV .m.rvnnmr.'. I hes not since taken any. measures to punish them.
nere, naa, by some impruuent ana unjusunaoie :
hun -r tornher rights trampled on hsr sons en
slaved her children perishing by the' hatchet!
in. power to
the Btilish king cease on this continer,'.. I J)
Biiat-icr General."
Early on the morning of the 28ih,..a pirtv of
expressions, given offence tb the Volunteer com.
pady from Baltimore, and tO ji numutr of he. Be strong be brave ; Jind let the rulB
itlM v I vwlla IIVUI L1WV W
Jneroy is;a federalist, or in their hnguag a TO.
ltY--.and of course, by men of thejr principles or
rathef, of no ' principles, would, for the sl.gbtest
ORtncejOe drxrmed to proscription. Fiequen' qur.
rtls had arisen between him and them,' and they 'regulars and sulrrs were ordered to crfss the river,
several times threatened to take a m?b like sat. stoim the enemies batteries,' pi k frisir cannon
lSiCction upon -hnh'rV-Nothing swioushoAever, land return. j This was intended to have been
was apprehended until the -day abovemcmioned, effected by surpjize ; but the boats had caicely
when, upon stnew provocation, their ungovern- left the shore, when an alarm gun was fired . w
able fury buHt fortlt; They began by breaking in !th opposite s'ule,' and the expedition. wasv.fpi' thaf
pieces whatever property , of his, they could lay timev abandoned. Bill the next iiioruing, between
their hands' on, and seemMtletermined not ' to-3 and 4 o'ciksck, 'it was carried into effect, and too
much praise cannot be bestowed, on, the brave
fellows who were engaged in it It was comman
ded by Capt K.inn;, nctint; aid to General Smyth,
desist until they should have laid hK house in ru
in. A number pf our citizens (among whom was
Mr. GrosvernorV who endeavoured to restrain the"
wry ot the mob, narrowly .escaped with their lives and consisted ol about-390rof- whum,.35 were
Several dfficra.''usevej7.'sexenion to quell and sailors. AH were brave, but th'TscTasfdiHtinguish
disperse them, but without avail. Neither threats, .ed. themselves in a signal manner. You may
nor entrelie? were of any use-- "Captain Allison's j 'trm some idea of the displayed, arid
company ; of volunteers wds; brought for ward and Itbe; dangers they encountered, when informed,
rdered to charge upon them. But they; appeared that of those 35, only f escaped without being
unwilling to shed the blood of those, who Tpf, some) killed orwounded, and 2 of those 7 .were made
liirie had livcd ihihesaineTcahip with themselves. 'prisbnerThey fought principally with boarding
4HB- uiuuicciucu,cuubiyus inai uiey nq. noining pines, wi.n wmcu incy maae terrible navoc.
I hree basteiies which commanded the river for
as many miles, were storrrled, and the cannon spik
ed. A house and barn, containing some public
stores, were, burnt ; a!nut I JO at the enemy are
said to have been killed and 35 taken prisoners,
of .which last was lieutenant kirig, of the royal ar
tilkry." Our Joss m killetj and prisoners, was 36,
besides a great number wounded Among the pri
soners is Capt King. This officer might-have es;
caped. After ' the wished to,' success" had been
gained, he went, with a body of troops, who ' had
acted under his immediate command, together
with a considerable number of prisoners, tfrafc- he
bad taken down the place where thojf had debark?
ed 'A - Here, he found that so many of theboats
had bteo taken back, that there Were not sufficient '
to fear frotn, this company, and continued their
Operations without ' regardinii"-'themfc' VTbV house
t this time was empty, and the mn were drawn
up before it merely with a design of preventing the
illians from entering it! Sooq after, cpl. M'Clure,
Vho had been indefatigable in hi exertions" to
lestore tranqrfility, called away to attend on
some important duty, and requcsted-Gtn. Porter,
ho was present, to see if possible, that no farther
outrages wwe committed u4'vV: r?"
By some mistake or neglect, ,the guard was re
Jtoed, and immediately 10 or 12 of the ringlea
ders, entered Jhe house, and began to commit every
VK.lchce that madnes's could suggest, whil? ab out
30 others stood without, acting as a corps d garde.
- The house was three times on fire, and as often
"tingtushed by the exertion's of several Officers
"dcifoens who had entered with the m. b, for
je purjiose. of saving from destruction jhe move'a,
t'e rroperty. f Capt.M.eonard,s"' of flying
fcrtj.lrry, was a( this tirqtrde red by Col. Porter,
J Inacoips, to clear the house of the mob, and
Possible,1 to do' it without shed(Ht.g blood. On
"img in, thewere pppoied by the rioters with
or- whatever arms their fury could supply i
. ". the contest wbTth fnllnwl.' ihri f iv, ii.
S? "e;ey. wounded ; one, since dead, and a.
ijjTV-!! sinvyjriii soon follow him. Several
. ners Vere made prisoners, but it was afterwards
8ht7radehf tcrlftlease'; them.r ssoonas
U. . L.eonarl' company enteredtbe-house,
ZZl: fb- ho-ood"without;?rair to their
rinmK 8?,Zed 3iri arms,- and, - with? encrcased
Aap?" ere returnig "with determination i,f
. tng tipon ( those who y suppressing the
While the bo'ms were lying in the river, and
after gene-al Smyth had'ilelcrmined not to cross,
he sent a fbg over by captain Gibson, to demand
the" surrender, wivicli he dared not attack ; expect
ing probably thru the province.' would fall, like the
itaJls of Jericho, at the souweMjf a ram's horn.
The answer returned, was such as might have
been expected : ' If you want Canada come and
lake it." Truly Spartan impudence! : ' J
The troops, were extremely dissatisfied at their
b;ing ord. r::fl to retreat and had not gen S. kept
himself .nut f tight, he would have received "many
an insult. It was generally believed that no far
ther ai;cnijt would , be ""made,; but the next day
the following order appeared:
,' u HE AO QUAKTJtllS,
'" " Ca;.p sear Buffalo, 29th Nov.. 1812.
".To morrow, at 8 o'clock, all the corps of the
army will be at the navy yard, ready to; embark.
The general will be on board. Neither raio snow
or, frost will prevent the embarkation. It
effected with more silence than yesterday boats
ready givrn. A number of officers, and amorg
them myself, expressed our doubts to gtn. Smyih
as to his real intention nf : but he pleiied
his honor, as a gentleman and a soldier, that he
would go, and confirmtd it With an na'h. :
On Tuesday morning, by 4 o'clockr the trorps
were" again collected" at the navy yard. After Mno
delay gen. Smyth appeared j but no marks of
energy were discovered in him- Every, thing pto.
greseed but slowly. , At length the day !gan to
da wn the sound of theugk- was heard from the
opposite shore. General ?CTrh juried when l.a'
heard it, and m a few nnnutts after again ordvn il
the troops to debark.' (A wag observed, that if
the sailors had spited up the bugle horn, instead
Of the cannon, -they would have' done more good ;
for then gen. Smith would not have been fright
ened.) '.-;'"' ' ' "" "'" '
Thus has terminated the campaign ; the army
Jbeen ordered into winter .quarters, and general s.
wid probably retire to enjoy pis well earned btu
rels. Colonel Swartwout has gone on to Wuth
ingion with bis despatches, and .from them ve
shall probably learn the reason of his exiraordinwiy .
conduct. Perhaps those who were present labored
under an error, but they cried out with one voice . . ,
that he was a coward, it is impossible to ctmccive ,
the indignation that agitated the troops whe'ntney
were a second time ordered to re-land. 1 real.
believe that if gen. S. had been seen among ilie -
volunteers he would have been SHcnhced tu'lheir
fury. But he prudently kept out of their way
Men began now to think f those whose struct .
thev had rewarded with censure ; and cried out fvr- ; ,
a VAN RENSSELAER to lead them- 'General
S. on that morning came to Buffalo, and when he r
left it, instead of being attended by the good wishes ;
of those who love virtue and patriotism, and who
respect courage, he was hooted at by a mob. So -great
were hi fears that on the following night ha , ?
slept in a soldier's tent within his camp, and thos
of the regular army were ordered to feleep on the' t V v
arms, to protect him from the rage of the yoiuh
teers. " ?'4''
The disgraceful affair has placed this frontier in
l . ; mi .. . 1 '
a wretcneu suuauun. inc cucniy now wiuw uu . . u
weakness, and, if so disposed, could harass u$ ; ,
without the fear of retaliation. T he volun'te'S-
are deserting in vast numbeis ; out of the 2000 V'
Pennsylvania troops, under general lanntodl, onljr '!
300 remain 1 In addition to all this, sickness S htfj
rapidly diminishing the troops. There are net .
tiibre than 600 effective men in camp. The in ha- - ;
bitants are flying in every direction, and , every
Thna. sir. have I endeavored to crive VOU a C0rV'.4.h
- - - - p A
rect and impartial statement ot the occurrences k
that appear to me most material. If you 'should
tnins any pari oi u worm coiHiuuui(.miug,vv 'm , -.
public, you may make what us of this yovtieae'':
Be so good as to present my best respects
.r - It . . -1 T ..... ' t-. IS.'..-"iI,3!..1
genv an ttensseiaer ana coi, iovcu, nu uciii -e .$
me to be, dear sir, your sincere, friend and bumble ?
servant. ' :.;'- ' .".
Coh S. Van Renssilakb. . ytL ,
On the
success of Mr. Canntog's election; in Liv
il; "he was paired by,,mspax;tuan
ter beihjconQicbiihis hotel
v address frotn the- Window '-to 4iiiifffj0
thousand people, from' which; are extracted ths'y
, lqiio wing passages, neing mow oniy woicn ar j ,
V. not of a local naturel'.- '
:., Gektibmen I cohgratidatef youonyoum
will be allotted to the brave volunteer, l'ifiy men ! SUCCCM us yuur Tt, Tr "L"?
will go in each red boatforty men in each white4cool5ra!-e.C
if I -were not to confess that to the latest hour of ,;
my life I should
boat. A niece of artillery and casson in each scow. Preons ailuS" V7
the -irUlIety' men, and about '20 men ol some other
left to bring over his own men. and the prisoners ed in despite of cannot
nenaamaae. ne resoivea,.at an evenrs, tnatpe, seen that -cannon, are tokbe little dreaded. . . lhe
last should be brought over, and de'tei mined 10 re
main, with as many of his own party as could ,jibt
get into the boats, and rnt the fate, that might '.a
wait.hira and he fore a i boat could return'to. his
relief, he and his men wire- taken.-, ' 1
ilt was expected thai at. the; dawn e of day the
main arm'y would have gone oyer and securedrthe"
advantages which had thus been gained IJad that
been done Upper Canada might possibly have now
been ip our possession ; atheist, a disgraced little
inferior to'that of HuU, would not have entailed
upon out'codrt'tr'y w7tir 't?.:
; About t,bree o'clock the volunteer corps to which
I . was aitftbed was ordered ,to march -to the place
of .embarkation, 'On arriving we found .tfe light
artillery 'and most of the infantrt-of the regular
information brought by captj, Gibson" assures us of
victory. but the enemyare as, brave as we are,
and will fight. Hearts of war ! to morrow will be
mernorable in the annaU of ; the U. Slates. ,. '
:y 0 r1' AtEANrMH"' ;'
' ; ii .4 T c Bng Ggn. (Ofnmanding
- After all this vaporing it' was really expected
that general Smyth was in earnest. But what the
'Vinrormation was, which captain Gibson brought,
we have net been, told ; but he has personally as
sured me that he never told ihe general any thing
which could authorise his assertion. - Fresh orders
were issued directing th$, embarkation to-take
place on Tuesday, before the dawn of day., A co
py of these orders I, have not been able to prbcurtsi
army in their boats; and tho volapteef carps of 'but you can' judge of them from the specimens al
your , triumph. It isyotr,; gentle mei, who haye-j
done'rne the honor to seletmer not,' undoibt.ef-
ly ,'fof any io'di viduat mc ot my own, ( I kpo w
I can pretend. to none; oui, io uraer,uiai u re..
. K. nt wiii h nnK in iUfi&'-'ih.A: und nrSl fought in my p
arhlt.i ... the Ion hnaisr.h nf which will mrWJ associated With your exertions,
80 or 100 men. Ropes will be provided that boats
may take the 'scows 'irt low. '.r-'-V.'-.,
?A field olhcer of each corps will attend to-day
to see prepafations made, and the boats arranged
in. Order. W hey will cause seats to be made, and
every other- preparation. " The cavalry will scour
thje fields from. Black Rock to the Bridge, andT Suf
fer np idle spectator. While: embarking the mbstc
will 'play..martiaLairsYANKEB';lp6DXC;wUl
be the 6ignal to get under way. -
The regiments will act altogether, but without
being strupttWiusly attehlive'td keep , their places
in .thiinetrC '?i-jlw-'' '.',
,r Wheh-tre pufl lorie roiiosi
exertion wm oe maoerrne anurngjviii oe enect-
d be;;proud that the:baule has betitft 'S
erson, and that liiy nana has beeiv :
vour exertions, and iliustrattd "lVr. "?v:
me 7tn represent your opinions in paina . . 1
ment. von mleht vindicate the freedom ot yOurita'j
choice, the loyalty of your principles, and the coi-.
sistencyof .youf character. :t ;.;'; " -&0jjf.
The hon. centleman who left your hustings fyX
yesterday (of whom as an individual ! haye sjiti r:
ken wnd mean to speak with the utmost respect)
on babout the 16th of June last, proposed in the r?,j.
house of commons a specific concession to 'AmcC,- l i;l
ca ; and pleeged himself that if the ebnecasion ws
made, peace wvuu oe prescvcu or icaiuicu. u;
singuiarjcoincidenrle, on or about lhe same day,
on which that motion was made, the declaration of
war by America against Great Britain passed the V
senate of the United States. Oh! but the con ts- r
aioh .was to ,heal'. al) U The ministers, whether :
waved by the honorable gentleman's eloquu eu , ;
or participating, in his expectations, In.i.ot,';ff
gave way, and the concession was niao.e. vonnuiiu - j
fropi this triumr h, as npigiu natuiHy be expected, y'
the honorable gentleman, the prophet of, Amtric h
conciliation, presents hitto&elf-'-l ' ought rather id "')
say by some among you to he, chosen as our r1
representative in parliament. Yesterday he. left J
yonr-iowpCdisappoimed'orth honorable, object 5
and. bv another singular, coincidence, the defeat
of the prbjhecy upon whicbjhis expectations were
founded, is made known h,ere on tne vrry cay or
the defeat of those expectations; for yesterday ih
declaration, the tardy dcclanttton of vartby thii
, -,;, a

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