North Carolina Newspapers

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f lw)fT, That the declaratioii'cf wr j?afot G. j matter ought Jo originate jtutnesetwe, w rnjfreiy
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iUif(r esi pjsiponsracnv.uniii ic.uiu- .-im
quiiudingt "d cricataruig- is jncabtrousi and no
; t css;ul, the grand objects wovejiueu tor must
l:m baudotied. -v.
'j-Unsolved, That . s lrtirars the inalienable
Ni. i ;;hr.f freemen, Kjily4nd openly to investigate
' If inrciiJuci of tjuir ruler, if d ilut we will oiru-
c t i occasion vindicate thefreedoru of the press
:u.u lUu; tn-r inanition oi treason, given uy uicwu
-diat flrTrsfjitfents had bsen thought' ftecctsanr ;
ttituti n of the U. States, is the only one sanction-
i-fS td v tusticc jd l-ational liberty.
!? licivjjivetliat thi conduct of the governors of
f i luAriw.ctU, Connecticut and Khode Island, res
, pecyr; the quota of militia demanded from ihem
UTcitC.ivtly l.y ths secteury ofwar I he United
bta ei was conitituUonal, and merits our decided
up'-robation. " .: . '
- lUsoi.ed, That the navy is the kind of national
vi . kfcnci legist dangejous to liberty arid most com
be a nation understindinff what It' oVrcs to itself can
" "endure tu " ,; rJ;--.W'i' ' -"Ci
la the debate the bill eoncenin the pay
and other advocated for the enlisfraen 6f minorsr
attempted to support iheir.unrighteouaoctricies by
iefei;en.e to the lav and practice of '98 -89- AI
though the law of "93 did authorise the-Frcsrdem
to direct as to the age and s'ifce of the recruit rthe
enlistment of .wards and apprentices, so far from
being encouraged " was at that time positively for
bidden,, as will appear by the following copy of
general orders issued in '99, by niaiojgenf
Hamilton. Thee ' Orders
bftre state men) 'he megbwfc k.ilM
nf?ient to-set thtt quesuon at resviorevcN-Aibwas
the of 9 otfelture of nbiftss thart Afepty mil ;
lions;of uloWirsv ;equal 16 one third of the -natiomil
debt, nd which, from the; magnUvide ollbe' som
must, InilieVyprH o itsvdecisoo , praducV the ntost
extensive, effects, and If decided , in pne particular
way,- involve irfit 'the. ruin 6Tyat 'ftITil5irsT)fpeVtyoi
u, f mucp. as n dare; "Buir: 7.: TVlw''
you rifrht Iniaf
WUU ths enlist-
.v'uh the genius, habits ami Interests oLr:
;s ; and whilst we view with delighvdmj
puiil'le wi
U states
i alien and enthusiasm the herotsm JiLtTiall, a
v-caiur, -a a.nes, antujir-ftasiv a8soctatt8, we
fiihffl 1ikt77n tlttn i' il mnfiiiix fni iaiinrnha
8f of the policy of augmenting the navul force of
-.- country. . :: '-. ..': . v
the Georgetown federal Hefiublicaa, - -
In pace le'oues,1n p at'' cerci.
lion Utiki tfWlf fidHer."
it is mticVto be regre'ttcd that somie, mode ca.
-r lie tlup rd to present those insolent Canadians.
Mi huhine at us, ths. kooJ and w'ue peoplv- ol
ment (jEiitWMof ihtoxicatior, a practite
Jtiitfofte" has' 'been frequently adopted, and
which, stranee as Itiuay aeetir, hSs1 not ;been cyri
sidered by some of the courts of the United States,
as good cause fgr, a discharge upoa a writ of haU
eas-corpuv,, . ' ; , . vff j?atffwi Garr.'f.
- . , .. - .''t A'ctf JV,. .' 6, 1799...:
Turnuant to jnstructions from the Secretary of
War, the following additions to the rules ancl regu
latiorw respecting the vcruitin service -are to be
observed;- one.bytcitiiens of the United St te
VkII h-isrtliift(Lr;lPerft.n not born whidn saW
Die i' Was it posslblerUe k&keu fotlhaf house.of
repfssentatives or a icee people lorone-momisntio
entertain i Q nghl of leaving sucl a question to
ttiie decision of on aaiigle individual f or that stiqh
3k purjw'ie ,culd ba tolerated by any man who un'
Uersunds civil liberty . . ; rl
It had betn said that the S. cretary of the trea
.eurr' had the 'power decide: this kwestion. - Mr.
Qiincey said he .would inquiry what the power
Vested in that officer really! wa ? Taking it in the
ths Secietary'a own words, it was to V: remit the
share of the United States a'rtd of all other persons,
in whole or in part, ad4on such terms arid condi
tios as m iv he deemed j-eaSwae ai ; just." --i
' Here said" Mr- Quincy, would oe a power, dis-
ciotionary, arbitrary and repugnant to civil noer
ty.' l hrowing out ,ot ms mtnfl an extraneous
is most enlightened Ca ion in the world. . Every
w ana .ntn a saucyjiaig is wrmci, pun ici dh.
r nmc tfr'Z'ne. pasqumaae or oiner luauca, in
epite of M:, Gi,!vS' dignified allusion to these im
pertinencies las winter . ;'
And now, J e Gdes has, in a late Intelligencer,
denounced all who dare to laugh at our cabinet,
its projects and its failures. If the same w hole
':4 . ome rtimc'n cotdd be applied to the, people" in ha.
v " : biting the other paits f the globe, morv parweu.
lfcriy,iu.our.etiemy term
I ! . . btj)y effect ; andwe cannot but sngest to ou
tahintt the propriety of issuing a prxlamatioi-
V 4gamst-.aU sneering and ravishing at the good pto
jpl of the Uiited' Stat 'S and their wai like rulers,
t and Ihcvr generttb and armies in any part pf the
-. Vfcrld, particidarly in our enemy's territories. I
iif .it hot beycfid'tWrance provoking, .that while- we
' ne alternauiy sweating and fleeting on this sije
' of the Sti,Iiawieice, for no other purpose than tf
I Jut.gtt pver and cut-their throats, and rob ih'eit
f r church th)t the Canadians stand pttfectly un
' i. 'concerned. a.d are sHaktng their side's at gr tr...
ii4Jfivf'1tevWu effors.tq invude in ilw daJt, and withuut
!'f : i : v!.Ve entreat our adminis ration, particularly
M r Mr. Gales, their " fhctoium," to p n a op to i
' l- truel procedure, whkh rtndtrs our Ibices so vt.
liiejQjoing extract l.a ie:urirom wew iuik
Which is enough to raise the lotxl, to boilirHlVui.
11 .of ry American, whither; h be a na'ivfj o ,
iQ wonrltrJ'poQr Pmetoy's wife was thrn
I i v r-thstrtet and his lioue burnt down by B'tptiaJi
M'M volunteers. - . : ' '
ve just received here" a mo;
Xitiia, who wfi. within the are on the 4h dayoCj
July, I7l9,ttirtt be 5 deemed citftsens fof the pku
fOB pfenUsrrtliiit-'lEvery; peoji ot born with
in the OnitedStateiiwho may have migrated hith.
r.;sihci,Athat 'day, must produce a certificate pf
MaturalnvtioQ trbnt"eome competent magistrate,
or court, befoie he' can be enlisted , and every jer
son it hbsoever not ;bcrn witlnr the United States,
tiefore he can be enlisted must produce proofs by
the affidavit of two respect bl inhabitan a of the
county iii which' he shall offer him ilf to be tnlisu
cd, taken and certified by some mastrate author
ied to administer oaths, that he has resi 'ed with,
in such county: for at least one year immediately
pi ecding the time wheh be th'dl -so. offevhimsef
;a be enlisted, the said certificates and ailvJavita
when respectively necessary shsll be produced w
the olhcer who shall hrst muster any recruit
vh m they are applicable, after he shall have joiri'
f.d his regiment towards the justification of the of.
ficer by whom he, shall have been enlisted. A?.
nrtntltes shall on no prttext be enlisted. If any
'apprentice, shall 'be. enlisted through ignorance of
the officer enlisting ht!, h shall be discharged,
fijst refunding and returning any money or other
i if i '".A t AkrU-We h
jjt 0 vurWaWeT lauly- ptrbJished-at - "tontre?:
flini'h', I wi'l jSrsc.ribr; to i b-i as el as I can
J';ttViv is 'je.?.i'ti;Ie '.7V Ivpa'iion'ojf tunoda." tJidis
I llf "irrefiiT i iKe- baijt gi;o''dfMsetri Quebec, in b
f'-'tb.Mki.''cakc, nicely tiosted'over an"
ilooktntr' extremely invitinc. tTowards-this an 1
-t-kVroass. fLjrnniilittav vidu'ntetrs regu-
1; t$iM(iJ'Xt!h horse arid'tjolare iruding, with lhh
I ltjl-1DVe. '.jfltyure ypnjew.fh'"rfortn rjots, s'm wftli
f : T' f l Iwlf f Ofc
Voffictrs; niiKbtily dizehtd whh gofd'imd silver lac-:
i 1; . aoriri . .me BTnjicr e.n nu .laeeen. unn-
(t;'x',--n'" oi joe, .aw, in iiie loreg'oun- , siii
Il )fc'''"gp-nrl PironoV- iu a ftoise cart, v,Uh his fuc
O'-fy'Sordthe lussWrdJ being stuck 'hrou'gh :.
I J (v iiot jri mlhd'.toin of 3 fe ca t, 'w"nil? the gen
I si rV-,:' -4ePrke ;hug-apple pie, which h hofc.
Kbottiirands and .uts wnn irieat sati'sfacioh. Un
C'thv.'lhKbatid ;.oT DfBrrHrn Tands Vper'al Smyii
'bmyth has ivv
one under each
turned to
sqyirune away, in
POhefeiier.thtft -Kcfimtii plsv uhoh''i-heii 'hng:
IjhM 'poof-ge'iti'Hopkmsv in ahe.rnpsv. pi' tabic
' tondijioi up his breeches by
j'Jltf. ; ; the .waistuandf an ! looinK: in th from and. rear, as
' tlVJtigh he w a- iii a sUtt;, f con ti- ual t ba w ai .d so-
I K .jf - and nn rhe LilT p-c nerfil Ho iklns.
i ' .hufte -t biadder:,h!M with wind,
'( ?l :4riW..T'hIi''rhe.)neck:s .of -.the" bladders
ts :.. wards O'lebec. at whach he is
'lac :.n .
will find the knS&Mv!5 M ,
. oy;s,Vi rewwd j...:. -
inn Kuiu itmnm rrirdin 1 ' . ..'-"tin c 0
- - 1 tin 11 1 i :
conravre and ii lnfir,;.. i:.-,?l.n
than.i high way .robbery for it l(es
uJ that;,us t oi,ght (mpro f
..or impns nouse td.take 4 p ,n lhi(1 ih
.TV;?: " ,-V'VJre Ane merchant u,
n W dt!w.
aidiheircuse: but, sir, I am the
of -a (certain portion pf.iuzsniof ,v,' l,
must b herd, ahd who k.i v anl ;iil m V'n
their free rights. Un W therefore, it h3w?
believed aud Understood, thai my tasoa'tia -do
no go3qwhil'e'.C3!i..erj:iOiicuce iVwA'
Oi the contrary, it ought ti. be a mJve wi ',
wuu.Kiiiuts a 1 no, 10 persevere; lor if svch,v
structwns oflhe laws as that n dtt,n
.. A.. V .J. - -u
. . ij .t-a is.'..fc.L. . j . 1
great broad bottom of its piintiples, he fotmd'U is done, and the mdre. quickly, ih- h- . f
iwu treat striking and, distinct obe9 which alone , hy so muchjhe more sJycrel'and spelily
sliould determine it, C Jre was that innocence i a nise be .abated ahI pjii down. Nay, sij, ii
ihould-nev. r be confounded with' cruilt. Another,' be- auealiohed whether, the nrett-no't i.:.i...--t
hat penalties of the Jaw should never enter into-tlejipt .to D-dliatVth abuse lae.nrt oi.St':St.
the wrays and meaot a national treasury' .ftaa- gray ate it NtcBssxfT t-they (.Ieud iJLcrsii1
. a . a B . ..... i.l 1 . - . .
mimn.f 'n i, i(a-(t. j tmn.ri .fivn oixiinri B in nf:essitv. me hr-im-' ntrhmin,..iA..i.
staoiNe causes. v One of thoeeht to regtdate rantV proflig!.te ptetext ' "1, , '
and. determine the foifeiinna, and the penalties, To candndaTsir,r-t,'is thy unarteahieertni:
over which by any law, the Secretary "could hot th there txisis in tha". people of this ., ,.,, I
presume, to possess or"eercise any control : the vigorous moral senHuetU, which will Rot'beaVoi),'
other related to the mode of enforcing the forfeit-pressjbn, and ultim itely wiil rise agj'iitit iintj
ures anu pcnaiues. vuiisquvjony, ne oevrciry ersisicu h vv.- omy ccmsoiatioii I nat; ii
ofthe Treasury, by hiswn cnfession.n his re. that . if ;by -oifCE .loams, am! o-her vdewJ
. 1 1 . fctL ii 1. .1 -. 1 i",a r.
prei, tpai ne mtrsi acs oy.inauaw,. naru, vesica 111 means, ine treasury i w pc nireo,-,'hes? scriw
hirnr no other power than- the tribunal by wKich it of oppression may be .compared 10 that'liont. 4
wai to be Vnforcad i hut h5 'hadrite .diseretipo !-m'ost;'etrerae 'darknei,Whtsh' precVthe'itii
no right to. tatic 'of fqutvahmjii ' and b4ing.decided . irig . f ,the diy "x;:. ; ''v-i-!v
that there was no fiauu, no power pver.the peo-i
pie's properly at all ; fraud' and -wtlful negligence
on their part being the only'Aiungs that gve him '
bovver over them,-
FaiDY, jA51UAitY 15, 1 B 13,'
it a
i TC' - iuupn,-'ng as u oe vm not a.eiean rug ano.av.ntm-
U virjliii ftVil? uo.e3iUte y hthfad Gen .
I I Hh8 and;h.dding fcis cati'.uiioirils in'liis
H-hnd half
X'! ;l-4nosphtire, can , only kclalrrC ' Stop de veels'
bui5eieJeU.', M r, l adtvm stkrn ! s 'behind' Ge
p)erlSinyihb4 M phvipus ltlihrathi
!-' tv' tss,' claps tilm oil the shoiilfers, and is say in j,
5 1.!:-? "tv .-v v tic artf cock I squin awty;'
You're hty miu for" Can a djij,"
H There j a sontdbine m the nUoV group wdnder
fully ludict"oiisi whica the skill b?" the painur b
r;tJKreaied.grily, by ie -happy jtjlriict t coyXAY
Q j ill -hn's ruise'ry at bei n g in the rt arf grh. 'hat
5 Jkusi stji,iRly set oJTnd strength. nest, by
vVUil?fcctacfAlrStiisp!t:at (he oridrt,flrxhibi
tivnof Kb favntevCKneral'Sn.'yth. .Vtid there is a
- W -rf "v-- . .-r-...y ...... " ..
lowh s lor 211 tne woriu,- as 11 new srt auscuuteiyem
.(f.' JwVfled:artyW hcCrrttfed itb Oeneral lit ajr
i orbr'.V Wh sl5 in his cart, fnk ulumrv' ear K-ss, un
1 1 U i'.-iJ.UR'tiuJ 'jut KiHwtCi 'or or tne scene or scent about
ill hm v3od. nbjorbed wbolly ay the apple pie h6 is
irticles which he may have receiied. Major gen
eral Hamilton enjoins the strict obedience ol
hose regulations as points ol material constquence
" the service. He equally enjoins a . par'jicuL r
jitention to those parts f -f t he original rules and
regulations which' fortid'the enticmcrtt of persons
iu :ate, of lntcxtcatton and limit thf .age withi
hich recruils -. most be enliited. It is learned
with regret,, that in several instances they lve
ot-heen sumciently attended to. fauhlol army
1- to be preferred to a numerotis one, and a regard
njustice'and-properiy in-thecondacLotle.ycry
jirt of 'he "military service, cannot fail ulrimaicly
promote the haqof and nerest of those consifr
ie-i in it as well as the poblil good.-
it is ex Reefed that the commandants of reci
ttfnfs will carefully advert to all wilful or nrgl-'-iOt
breaches of these ruL sjand if any occur
.vjll ex.-rt thr. mt-nns which ths articles of war
rovid. for repressing disjirders' an l neglects, to
he prejudice of gox) order and militai y discip
'ine. ,
(Signed,) , ABR HM R ELLERY, -'
- .dwtt .idjut-int (lenrral.
To (he Ed'tar of 'th'c Virginia Patriot,
It is aito:ishiiiir to 'remark the in'.ousite tcv of
the democrats livery body remembers the E ig
UjJh ;,exermi(ii to Copenhagen, and the object
vhich carried it lhejp.e.and 7ficcfTTkAK
for-ijoiten-theTtiJads. 6f,. abuse' which ere heaped
up n the Briiish government upji. that occasion.
liven one of its otHcefs, who was1 afterwards at tba
imerican Court in - a diplomatic capacity- did not
. scape the' mabce of a lov- ,ifofi(raie mob; Hui
m?rk the practice of these p:ople and contrast it
'vith their ptofessions. The newspapers -icll ns
hat the Spanish port of St A lgusvine is to be ta
ken p jssession of by ttie-A'nericart arms ; th't it
is to be forcibly wrested from its lawful,, ancient
sovereign ; a sovereign no'v m the hands of B&n
yiarte as a prisoner.but whuse tiithtul subjects,!
ided by a powerlul an I magnanimous ally.
stiil contending for their iialepsndence in Eufpe.
Li the n uric of won W, is 10 be done with
(his. poh of "St. Angusiifie ? Is it to be annexed,
with the provipCe of Whkh it is th capital, tohe
mct jean diKnuiioni or'is it to be held for'sar
fccLfii'ig, tikethe- Dutch nnvy seized at Copenhagen,
t iitU a 'geieral peace takt s place, ? -TtV last En
itt.iijby 4he.bxe; one "of the toudesl
t'-dniiiincnr-.ivir Jackson," a'n3'vVry ttvtnicf co
-n'ect&d wUh'the affair at Copenhagen, now exults
irseiti..g, : heighboi'ing port . of a nation with
wfo;U, wCsare-aH paee t -a- seizdreT"wriichTTf if
takes place at all, vfill be n the identical princi
ple aeted tipoo by the Biitish and which everyj
deitK'criit horn. Georgia to Maine was loud in' ex..
e'ckt.ting. y v' - -" ''.' ' r
Thsrp issuisu a thing as consistency, and fmor-
tally hate to hear 5 people . 0 ' loudly condemning
in others which they are guilty ot themselves.
Necessity, 'n.appears will operate" here with as
much force as it did' at Sr, James's, and a princl
pal towo fif a nation, which was"tbe firstto acicttow
Jedge Ameriean indeperidence.will be takeb "pas
session of in bnler to hindenour enemy frptn using
X'-Q 0 ,r-PT- J!, '"ice duri jg'Vtie piese'nt coni;iitr 7
Mr. Qiiiocey" Vid that in all cafts w : 're the1
hsrtifcft were innocent, the uiscretion of the secret
tary was confined to the mere expenCes and costs, In the war In which the ifnited St.ttts seat
indf that discretion he was bounds to exercise ea present enagid, they preset 'he curious ' special
sona'dy. But tlv;re was a ques.liort of a mich clc of a nation absolutely p-rstveri'.i' ii anaiudvi
hignt r nature th-n this. A question not between tpftut off-its own 4iglu band- Mot thai wt ptut i
the merchants and the treasury,' but arising from England has never given: great provojia'ion to ila
the essynti'al' principles of civililibtrty. It was' plaqi-Uty of cur republican ' temper ; net that, if tf
this tna 'every mm. in a free couutry holds his desired a qnarrtl. tiiere could nol be fmnfi l3iii.
life, liberty, and property, indepeodi-nt of the ble pre'exts for g'.inj: lobnfTets But in ific p4
will of iny individual whateyeiv To any citiz'.ns sent insta' ce, with Mr. Jclf:rson, who ciu!d ai
of the U. states, therefore, who had heen inno ways s.iy an hunrtd excellent things for one
cent'y enmesshed in thetoils of the law it was he meant to pet firm, we b liec tht re never c
compdent to'rx'yert to the secre'ary of the trea more false arithmeiic emMyed 'h-sa to Cjrn'u:
sury and to demfmT hi discharge. Iteverse - the pople that it was their interest lotto to.r.
the p oposilion (txclaimed Mr Q ) and I say that Ibis their, interest to have coruintrc. Thtirpr.i,
you are all slaves, and as muih vasia!s of 'the'', pe-ity is connected with i, essen-idiysnd iidisi'i.
treasury depaitment,; as any slave in he Turkish lubly. War has constantly been di- Miemy o.'V-i
;muire to his master ; observe 1 speak of statute muxe. One or other of the patties mui eci tw
jnJf.,.f-i,- - ' . f, ; muterialiy injuM by it'jj ' -and, in n cuLrpi '
Mr. Q .incy said 'hat he had carriullyexahiineil " view, "the whole world, ia a greater or le-sjtrtr
4 ithe lH)ok of the treasury a xji found that op It b in this respect the
such power had ever been ex rebed. The" custom- to advantage, the prfet amputites &
try practice' in most" such cases, wai to remit the cient member. Of all tlie powers en'l ns
eial'iesou payment' of costs and 'charges. Two com est against EnglandvWe1 abne had C;mauKi
only were of aMifferent coinplexioo'. Those were ta lose. The other nations, either lu Ud in ftehf
ihe cases of G'llespie and Armstead. In both ofVpithy or manacled 'bvthv fetters of (lewte:.
ti'ese casts jtfrtgnvrnt was giventhat the men sloggishlv lesigned tne misersiwe imuitc.iM.-
were innocent of fraud or of wilful Wgligtnce j "left them conten?, if they mighr-rnj-y rtp
i...'tu.i.hi:,n.!intr wWwh Hill(sni! Was lined one : to suffer onvatSon. InteedYtO most OI Hiew,iwi
f urth part of the net p.odncr of his sh-pment, to j was not important, Where there are moreinoWlj
g- ih r with chaiges and costs of suit. And Arm to feed tha'n the whole .product r.f- tety
stead was oh igedto pav costs and charge'?,-hesidss , land can supply,4 there is no need f other x
two cents a gallon on the brandy, of Hi. h it seems rageineut to till it. and little fear of its lyirg wst
bis carvrfrconslsTed. N iw, s;m1 Mr. Qjincy, if Not so with us. Unless we diave vent fii. We'
the secretary of live treasury really invested with lusage we raise, indiisrry wn. mas
you lions, and entferpnz,i: lorstxe a cma. '"j-"
J i-lowtr of this maRnitude, dbube itas you
nlease. he is the desnot ot the countiy. ir tni3 ai to ntr coTrsiiwiurrr
is an expositi in of 'he Ijw by.'yotir ofliC(
ar,d otrr niti
1 1 rv. . r 1. 1 A 1,; rru f 1 1 n i a
xnoiirn of xXvt uvvvrvotir oinctr oi ni i imywiii ajiuruui vihuvi
ir,-;1suiv. com k 6E,pfiTiSMi cowtt unapartk: anmiosity against ureal onum. t vu iVr r.M c wHt'M vr)ii wu t.. v;,u will mit tli it. for vears'fehe has heen thee!yi
... : f. . . . un.
tSii- vikws ako of ou cabi the commercial wotid. "Ana woi n--iy" v- .
peritneed so much hennfit, as we have iryur;,
jreat mcu5i--;-
We ha a--;-
inrir,l. kiniwl ir, the rUttMrr.e ,f drawn liber J Drofition the sale. . -Wirh
n.., it,- mviiwlSrM witli'- which he ', diice-' we ' have bouebt-'" British irtuiuljC
. . ' , . .... I .1, 'l,.n.4 a mnni..''J Vef W w I'i
rutl 10 contend were so veiy viciein, w ucmeira suiu mc, uiuu i v,i
tultrinrhew ettects, inai mey coum oc tumujicu , sjjuc uui viu,..B
.. . . .. . . ." 1 .. (,:.:.. ...,. ,, 1 VV aw to assis' W
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Mr. Qjincy snid that he knew the prejodues of fintercui se with her ? ' In a gr
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ean 10 offend he only wished to unfold anil dis. ! up our c.irgo?Vin degree, 0
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with which ths imagination had supplied, the phy.
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L uivl uhricr the Mintiosed iuSuence of vain clorv has doneinore than anyoiii. J
Whicl tne raptures 01 ije p.'ssigu inej cku-di wcie
exactly in prpjjorti n to the deformity of its object1.
t vVeiforbear cpmieirtin this new outrage on th
i Niu'nis oi nj.-u, a.wvnnnerK-uqeficeniese vnueu
$'''' 5iates,and wodd oaly suggest,'. Whethe'r it nighl
Ji.t. on this occasion : be. proper, if the president
i.uUfail tpTisiUe a prodamation. fir congress jo
-i. piisktbroa iVsoluti mi x,-resife;pf their sense of
J1- tijury, aodthei fi A. litertn'iitio: 4- not tr
VVbiuU ta iU' ' A Mr. Gdm is absent, mul the
- ...I X j: A exin.lrtrfi T V uOO 1 JV 1I1T1 1 III lllf, H(fc
r-uing not oniy tmm universal nmi Biumciii,'.. ;!q. I'V-vC ' " , "afc
IromiweH eStahlbhcd opinions, derived trom; shaH spemi in war iy , -
viform experlXni'errharTherTura'iTisp
ond which hu j too, as we shall rind, not 10 our u...u. -
t;f VM. QU INCtY- -SPEECH. yH :f. ,
V The subject .of the iti iichanfs 6t0i being un-
iie jQ5idexaliori4.iaJheJi
Me then adverted to thep'Jicv ol the restrictive
sys'em. endeavoring to impress on
conviction that it would be best
D! iwliies alloeether because Gre
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lesistance in man. and a p rnt bey
mail i endurance cannot go, would be veiy. glad
from policy, to encourage and ai J :auch way s arid
neun's as those produced from. penalties, assured
that th?y can ot last, and that they must ultimate. . y.lualdu lives
Iy produce eltvicts tletrioienial to oursitlves, and
greatly advantageous to her' in the present con
test. . '.J..L. . ;' '' ."s"v"; .
V?Mr..Q. drew the attention of the bouse . to the
effects ot the restrictive measures on the collect,
ing laws, and with vast ability snd acuttniss'cf
reasoning, pointed out the impolicy pt straining
laws, ihe authority of which was questionable, to.
as violent an extent' as those of unquestionable
right. He observed that within the last six years
Congress had made' laws by which ; one hundred
new offences had been actually created." tip exa
mining the record he had found that in 15 years,
that is from 1 790 -to 1 806, the claims of re mission
to forfeitures amoinv'.ed to about twelve hundred ;
i... -,.r:.v-.,.i ih 5nctiii.Vinn nrid the CCIU'v1;
mankind And' aie we sure, what is to tx-' '
suit? Have -our rulers so wisely digests
... . .unl
r .i.'.. k..... i.:-."tl..n. 't!.!,! itti f'pht iif ihrir success WtH 1' '
, to hbaiKlon the curhy of the objects for whi h we conterm' ,
at lJitta;n wisely ! is room to fear that no good ground exi f(
Mr, Quincey rose to oflVr his seiitiments upon thi
import nt -tnesuV'Jn'd obseryed .'that he w is nof
mly astonished f. the lengtlvto whicbhe, debkte
had run,bu' w& surprised how it came, to be dtbjst
d ai tilt. ' " ii.stead -of arpuinents bein'ir 't6u'red
oui ior nouorj'iiut cn;s.-t.w, -,
not. .wen, win me n. s --nA
,: . .. u .u,t .;;tii,ns. a '"t .
Sate us tocjuiese oimhw "; ' -ig,
uU livpsnnandeied along wun uiv . ,
w!; secure. for pos'eritya boon whjcH i
them satisfied and gvatelul .unner
score mf.lioni, instead of an unimcum
alert die? If it le commerce thatwetr .
for,- we'do-not see "how ' is gtij
a raortjavorable fwdng.-Indel.goveni
pars to have given u, this Rr"""" Aj,.f
kken anotherv.of which weshait --
while from 1 806 to 1 813, a space of six yearrptjn
ly the claims were ' above one ;-thousahd,; which
gave an increase in: adu plicate rati ov and from
ttris .he iiiferrrd bat those oiTences wtreaugmeet
od and created by thei restrictive-Ja -lv -'V -'
forth-In such profusion, he was really as tonisbc64 has been observed by- sonia gcuUemen, thak
n another,, ol wnica g(jt vi t
he wish olVEnlnd to dr.y
mertca.i her creat rn a-, u -7 ..,tf ,
bn. But wh it.. nonsense is ' ,-. . , j die '
troyed it ourselves. .We have ISjU
. . imoor'u 'u. .
to her fiands, by embargoes,..,-.. ..
cotnmc!Vr fW
the element W . as tng
veb. But this was the P'3 pur

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