North Carolina Newspapers

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c -a hv the pleasure of giving, besides
y j ihe pleasure oi giving,
CSctad intere.ung forP uews. fr -
informed, by private letters,wasii,;
'i Mrttimiriiiit' ha bga nara'at
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1 ,r if war : and Captain 'Vonrf, Of bifa
Uc: . . i.. mmher of congress.' but hOw as-
jl" '. general, as accrcury of the na
Ma Vtfipont Election minated in; the
1 r .:, imif rats to renr-sent that state in
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oet confess, wajwjr ..'rn
YVitf wi number iS-jivc AfJ; .-
Clinton. Matbtort," Jgro, GT
tnsachuetts, 32 . . 9 -
Kivxle Island,.. .4
N-wHaropslure 8 o
Vermont, ; ? J. J
Connecticut, ,
XJtlawarei .,,-,- ?;
Virginia,- r ' ;
Kentucky, ......
Ttnntswei ; ':?2.
South Carolina
; Georgia,'
Vw Orleans
Uvierd Afimiwig baa been hamiast4sphHmat ever since enjoyed fod health, fica from ey
either of hon or or jusitcecan, withhold bis support
wimum a sacnuvc oi ine popular voice, ana an out
rage of the public icelinj;. .Strong measures will
uc iukcit tiunnjf ine present session irom wuicn
there is every reason to believe (hat the adminisTa
twn will riss. ; . . Mex, uerbld.
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inerwun nacpropo(iion'i our part (o Uicat-Untuin
a,n uhirAa'.u:ii oc expirmng etfortf to which cer.
uiwuu.uor twiQi wut oe vrayea. : A plf wui of
given, on in part i inoao now o power, ,w ce
of futvifmal not, to. ;.abaodtfl:efiftltt
terms shajl have been acceded to.The.cfueUon, we
luicutijr ucuovc, win ou st complexly atripped oi
ulbus ulcers bealet op,'ind she ha: litver since
oad , any re.uraoi ncr..ieao . - - r,
last night published by government in a G
-The Lxatdah Gazette Extraorfrnary H eJjtt 1
: j' V if : .
'J Negrd Franks ho w Ared. about tryycart,
the iiiZMt-tfif King's
Evil, without ' interruption, during a period of. to
vears.- He was Vaccinated in1 1504. In a few
months anerwatds aiseaw beaikJ up, and He pgen. viscount v;aucari, nis mjMy an.o ha
. ; Fortrijn Officf Not. 1, 181 .
A desnatch, of which the luilowiog s a .
'has ben this day -received frotavhis -rxc .;. r-
We observe that an idea is in eircuhtion in
Some of the G incites, that there is a prospect of
an early accomitiodAtion mttrC. 0 yla wjsh it
may be - found op any recent m1icationst on the
part of (I. B. of k disposiiion to meet the liberal
advances of bur goyerhment.Of such a disposi-) Kutfs Evil lor Two years he was the vacdnated,
tion we navenowever no prooi. vi inc persevcr-arice-
of the U. S. X in thcV pacific disposition, we
hve ho doubt that every addinortaL prdof will ap
par from time to- timet that circunista'nces may
render, proper.--VVc allude more particularly to
extradtOif.crv ana Werupoicn'Uf y M ine otir .
ery ttcrophUhaa syrnpl6m.,-r ' r Stsrcmaurj;h, addressed uOuil usaAvt,
" Nagro isaac now agca aooux au years, inc :wi awe.
slave of Mr. Basil Brook, was afflicted with tbei - ' , . St. Petersburgh, Ccr. 27 1812,
Scrophula from the age of eight or ten years, until My Iprd I have ihe ikaur-u u;siUAi'--the
time of his vacinatioh, whfch was performed 1 your lordship that the guns are erina(.d '
about 6 or 7 years pat. He got well soon afieir- Deum Ir lo.'Jpe.. ung tomorrow in iha CUwcl.- .
wards a"d ha ionttnued , free from his former- for most biUiiant affair of tac 18 h, bctwetn U.j
coinplaiata ever 'since. " ' 1 . tadvancedj guards of the French and- Uubiiu .t
Cm fourth. ; micrhear Moscow, in -which the for mcr. un.Nv
' A Negro Bof, aged 12 year, belonging to1 Marat, were defeated. with great losi ; and U il.t
ut, Iy v,r-rU;ii- h- sn afflitorl artth the dellveranoe of Mo&cow by eea. vVini.aEiOvl? '.
11, a a v w v vrw a-w tc vi r . Mtuivtvu v , v w
the 23d October
The bulletin is npt ytt published, but I Hj e
the honor to enclose a opy ot the note I have tS
and dot well immediately, without the use of any
otherrnedjf, aUd is now in perfect good health."
The f5tlawiug observations try th Oixtor C
company" thefc cd3e3---''. 'FaiVhhougn the bcroph.
ula appears to keTJWlTXbmmon disease among
its beiflg iivtended, as we (earn, to. introduce into'; the Negrotes ia Calvert co.inyt, no one hasbeeti
the Legislature a proposition for excluding by law
foreiett seamen frolii the , public and private
vessels of the U. Tliiwill provide for givini
tlfect toany siipulated arrangeiniint bttween the
tWo-govemftnts whif hTmay tfte place after the
adjournment of Cftn
rnco ivemencetlocideht io a fecial call for the
JVat. Int.,
yet k'iovvntheieto have take nit afteracchaation ;
and all those who were emitted with tr upon
whom the experiment is known to have been
tried, h?ve' recovered perfactlyi without the ts? of
any Qiher reoaedy, and tnar too' armo - iromeui
ateiy aer roc,. w,s . wniiivunniM'f
tlietn." 'Inasmuch theretutft't OOberve t iBs
Doctor, rf as we are unacquainted with anjr yea.
son, why vaccinaio should nor hrVafter be fouod
to be an efl tially mcacioua reroedyor th, Scroph .
.' . . . ' ' 1 ... it i '
ula, as it nas Dce provea iooe.gaiqsi mc cwiwn
morhinif received by tlie emperor's command
I have also thclusM a-trausUtiixi of this tillV
account of the defeat of nursUul St. Cyr, bv cu
Wittgenstein, and of the aiorming of VA '"
the 20th Oct and also thit of the repu se of ivu
sllMacdonald's corps by gen. fingdl.
; " LieotenaM general count, W ttgci&tein I.
been prorivted to the rank of geral of CuVilr
n.t ji 1 neumLr hi s victorv was sunur Vwiit
MLM-M J ailVJ VtlS VTl Hlflivis. IIU 'HVU t -
f iXihe Pock, wfasT vhiamuftattdlaldajr.-
Pennsylvania TfiaV Tost lour votes four of' her
electors havlpg,hen illegally. chos:tH arid Ohio
e, fronj the non-atteOiJanceijau erector.
it ia renorted that the Chesapeak frigate, ha
Icut a-Briiish gun brig inu an eastern pyrt.
The schrV Vaasise has been pij-ked up at sea
f tue Argust fiUedj tnannefii dj .ordered fqr a
flort in the-U States. , .. -
Letters frbmthetiort.i .est afinonncthe ebnrt'
notd activity 'and Jeal f Genet il H rrisou "in the
duties of his station, and state' aom-.: r i. cumsifenccs
which indicate a pus pose not to let the wVAter pa
river withmt attempting to distinguish his little ar
my by ,sjm gallant a'-hifvr merit. ":? Int.
A ine looVingtomp vu of -.about' 50 rtgulat of
the old army ur')r comm iou oi ,apr-. J"'"' f'Xj
m NoTthC.arohna.p cdithro' thucity last cveu
uie.ohthcir way toiori H.iwkuis.
Wc. ucders.avd sevutil' compuies ii'm
both forth and South Carolina ar. on tUeir a ay 5
join ow tmis to the southward. , y '
: . .. j$u$uta Times
- ' .'.' ss ." '
',"".' : BUR .OS. - : ... ,
It will be seen frourthe- fillowine abort sketch
bf the town and fortress of Bunros, that the obsla. 4Jox, may hot toankind rejoice, at the pleasing
cles which they present to the'progress ot an arr prospec ; twhicb is here presented of being : fited,
my are tpesiderabtet from two of thje .worst 'diseases which have, ever
finu'jd to enjoy sp(ehdoir aud pie eminence, as the ' alUicted the hutnan' race, i f j '" ;
capTtatof Ofd Castile, the- cradle of the Spanish An insertiaii of the above will at le-asr oblige
vMonarchyV has.'fo'r .thi' last HW'entuiies,t dUnl - wie of your ttohstant readers'.' ,, mdicus.
from its rWbcritv. and is o a glrwmy Viegular , ; ; - ' eaa ' - v
town cortfaiMog only abouv 8 or 9 oX) inhabitants. ( The following paragraph, 'om the Aurora.6eds
FrumVic Aurora tf Dec. 23, 1 12 ;
It w not to oe supposed that the. Biivish party
fris-surroanded by-walls, aid built on a declivity
forming the right bank of -the liver rlanxan,'byer
whirh are thrown 3 stone bridees Wmectinj: the1
ton with the-aubu?b La'B?ra'Oahe;biow..- of .intpngres' will openly attempt to sup the wheels
the adjactnt hilLstanfU an ancient scastl4j which has ol governmefit'as in time past', for .thnes are. chaii
been repaired and sitrfrVglhened with woks by the gfcd ; whaxfwaifibt treason last Session, would now
m on the and this ciay be done u-.der the spcious nam of before Victor should join, and o suddenly t
a.Idingof friend locate, and contmerce. These gentry i naparte. should not have time: to comedo hi as-
ti'y4s.ii','-lt,l .MtpttaVrl om
plaints, from those who bring Country proiiucc
tnurkeU that they tajt obtain, but aoou: one hH
the pfice'furh thti ;meilv did. The qms i,
b fi-qjerjtiy abked What can be the cause of i I
lhe,cau,5CiatODViou8 as. ne cirrjiras'ance
true: It is owing to ihe operatim of the dtsjrtu
live-and yesary; war.lhetout.try islnvolycd io ;
tnd wliat is still .wor jbe ' longer this war is
persisted in ihe greater wilt be ihesacffioe tw
y K.ime wuat make, who Baa a sfxp'srite o. th
f produce to; di pQse of vVc,i-ould sk out
Couritiy'brelhen what would be their fcc!ing
tdsvardsTM. Madison and -the jnajm.Uv JnCon
JtrcM, if a be passed that would sub.
- jrcr,i9 out rJf 20 of their sleighs, wh'tn corai n
; lKh prrMtuce .o meirKei, io capture co oestruc
tion. WtJld tiaey not tlunk tliis was a very ui'
ju-t and" uiaqnal law, wheu no stjonger rcisoi.?.
could beortcrtd Cu-liS;ntcesshy, tl n there caV
b for icwiUniiingithe piesv(4 war J Under such ' ;
t hazard,,, is thert crt:e Faimer cr Vrier? in ; ,. hi-.
Senses that Wiuld think of. pvchastog for tran
ror'ation, under ,s uch circumstai cef l Yet this i;
raOKepresemttnometff thil precise situation fjWi4
emerchemi and ship owner, if he: purchases a car
Jo of Hjmber and country produce (pads, bis vessel
i;Kf seids-he- to -a' foreign maak t : 4li (iovei n
i'toent fgroUh hirrf" no .piotection .or convoy, it
chances ouLof SOJ-hathis property, wjll be cap
tu!e4or dtstiojtt!, bv. those we hav.yoluntaiiIy
i iinadeohr enemies: Can it be ; expected Then tha.
V those who have heretofore pure basei! for shiprntf V
J will do l ; now ? ; Certaidly not. . And ..this v;l.wil
(fohtinuc to incr;. jse-so long sshe war,"' ?ts, Jl
; the people, thiiik that tuh?r their interest or Jiafi.
Juntt is promoxed by the po!icy-rf .Mr. Madis-1
and ms paruzans, they wilr co aU,.in then nowc
v a ,h,ibfe mK avpr.ty into offkK, but oh the
tiiher hand,. th:jse w.Bo. prefer lreace and Pfosp ri
to Wtr and Poverty, :VtU iiseairfaF and-hony
r raUe means -tQefiefcL
...j-,jta3uic. , .yy.,t : '.jrpruana paper.
i if :;'. y'.w fanfuonedfirivfitediHe;. The following facts
te communicated in a lute r jtis ' rectived fronr.
Cfcarltsioh, C. ( "" -;' ' ' ' ' Z
;? I he, privateer K arrn ed lure a few dai s
ttriwiih g250.00(rcie' Vhicli ihty ai.l'tl.ev
u K,oiiui o pitat . anc cttat were the te
oiuas QKhe oct asioa,', lineal 's)he i)ici v
x.5rfcO hor t iduratiin l jie capanf ai.d all Ihe
view arc now in prison on ch -re pf 'pirat y aii.
t tijuroUc.,. It is alledged that tht y bai tk d W. Sian
v Plep pa . t.j ner, ( re w s ntl plui Oe rti
" . 2" 11 her bpecie amounting to-Uhe sum. met
French: and beybnd this there is anpihcrvsrji4i! be high mason xt w nign treason to give ata
hill, called St. 'Michael's ynreon a horn work bad and comfo!t?o our enemius in time of .war, ana
tie en erected, which was' carried by storm
I9ih ult. The cas le is a lofty square b
olid -masonrv. and commands the. lull or M. aik sn
chjel, which. in return, overlooks the outer defences
of the former. "Adjomirjg to the casile is a church
which the French have converted iuo a f -rtj
both these ureinclu'led within - three distinct -linos
f circumvalhtion, the- wholu forming a fortress
of ar. oblong figure. AU thiejht-e ' lines fntrst
'je successively carded, before the ostle cn be ta
ken After -getting possession of St. Michael'
hdl, our engnv-ei's directed thvir appr laches, oo tiic
ight, a ad en cied a battery, which comtn uided the
oil r line of the Wotks connecting ha fortress' with
escab.led1 .n the 22J,
S MM T L.i n.'lni... Q .VAAtnt lteuMyt 1M4. r w .
tirfed to the' westward, h-avidg some 'tgnvj&iUy,,.''.
haye been cut off; that the provi-aoe pf Yolhyn i
U entirely chared of the enemy i and ih du-
Tehichagoff may probaHty : have reached Eins?.
about 6r soon after the 2 1st )ct. ! .
t I have the honor to be, &c. 1
v' (Signed)' ' - CTHCAHT-:,
.V"' Noemier 13. ,
;,7d?fgt of muh vt. r '-.',"'.
An officer of his majesty's ship Arab has arriv
ed with despatches from rear-admiral Hope to
Mr Croker', date J Ci.itenrjMrj;, the o-n uist. which
transmits a bnlleCm oi the opfration1 of the aj nu ;s
tinder prince K.u uaow and gen. yVinzingeroic. and
anxtract of the report of gen. VVittgenbtci.i, ot
his opeTatiohs. "",' '-' ".-.'." ' '", ' .
" 'These documents s'ate. that on the 8ih Oct.
KutiKow, understanding that Victor's carps h ij
a. lined Smolensk to join Ihe grand ar;ny, 'Vrirted
"'". ta i s t a w rrc
to attack Mut-at's advancea guaia m wv
tiid remember that we hve f plenty oi enoix . siwanc ,,. ...rT.,..,..
. . i .-..u ...Hi;,, o ; ..,! nltrlv aucceefleu l li itussians.too'ja
whet. tbsafety of the country is in danger. Frum j f cannon, J 500 prisoners and t; stndai d ot tue , . ;,,', rtf rh UrkiAh it is not without first regiment .,f curaicrs-iHX r reiicJtiiktf
t'ltj 'town'. Ibis line was
t t i 'points,' by a ButSb ant Povluguea detach
good reason, we stipt;ct every man, whetneran or
oat ot cpngn s wVi opposes the present ; mea
sures of have received British mo
ney- The w;anei s .inform us how-muchjthe
British th petu! oh these traitors ; if found : guilty ,
btmg a membirr of.conres -ught not 'o save
their necks. In order to get' I)e Wiu Clinton to
be elected 'president,-. ihy-represented that Mr.
Madion waMed'erj'tltpe-will convince
thvin ihit he has more energy than will suit them
remained tin the-fleld of battled, "
', si ns . w;v;t
On the morning ef thc.2o.h, count Witfgensteir, ,V
Stormed Polrnk, ifter 2 'lays h H 6ghting-;
staff and superior binders, and 5000 rank a filt v
were made pr s me s, and an exiraoidinary nuat
ber of the Kren h were killed. -. "
- The l!usian oss also.was considerable but thej
success ws complete
j - . r ,,t:.. : ...
. - ... . , r i- ... . j-.,. ; .tin rHa 22d corns ot Ken.- vniuiKei-iSn; to
...MMMA.. 1L v ....T.i. ..1 U M Knar. D. " .ll I li LKMI 1 L k JUIU . I . " I ' ' -- . . . . If
in; -..riir. vt -.tnty jr.-i-titv- twn ,..,, . - - .- - t. . .. A .i. ...... r-14 .i-ui.iH.'
.tlVU ...wo.jv 1 ..... ..j- w-..... 4 - - -
;ntv ;
01 tlv failure of trre P jrtuuese attac k it was not j
.viihout great difficulty wit hdia'wn. The Coinman
:i.r ot hu frtre'5s 11 jaii to be "a aeneral who his
song acted. under.Caffare.iH.'aiifwhb has doubtless
ecevirl positive o ders to hold out to the last ; the
Ttportanceof the post b'einij: ctrongly felt by both
Mr'ies. Owi il it ii. reduced, thd French at my
o iy reaiaih safty at Uriviesca, a walled city, only
'T V
'':tk'xtraordiiUfj Lmgrvltif.
f)ied in PUm m county a fe week past, GEO.
PALMER, a' fre man of colour, at the v.ery aiivan
ced age of on hundred aod t.vtnty one gears' A
-pr;ifi. iirrnfd hv Thomai G Uusstl lq'r, a
son to evacuate the pUcc wan su&n
that they abandoned lf ih - ir 4ospitals. ' ."
lled Qi.k!T9 of he Mctvx, Oct, .23
latedirt lSOsiates, The am y teas yri led the srnokr temainsof
orai,duuib.okm:ar . Mj. ow co,ivcvtd i ..o the .fenb of Uu-lap 5ar)
of ibis man's birth ! by Hu-,siaii -baibrjity, The .iimperpr Mex.n kt; -
jus.tce ofthv p ace i t Augusta
that K he had seen an old memora
. v -4 . (vii;x rii4ianr. -ari.'i i-trrrrei iifim i iif niani v wnp,i fvii.ui wiitLiiiLiir i;aLC
".rBuriros by a lofty, mountain ; at' the next stgn j was registered, f onrwhich i appeared , th tt he was: has rr fused eace
leyun 1 vvhich, on the. road towards France, H the
, re mend io pas-, of Pancoibo, secunug the ap-
Napoleon is 41r.epar.1ng : mes.
DiOach to tlwLbro.
'L'jndxi I'afier.
It were well, if instead of the bitterness and-con
rrHfe1yofpTn yxnmchmsrineit-vKlt'rtrTvoJ
--.uUivate the -amiable and endearing ties of good
r.iendahip.- To permit pvrty poison to pdllote the
j-.rcd f mritain'of fellowship, -a'nd extend its bale-
..I 1 , 1 i tPtcin w wn rn inM uii. w
born the 27th December, 6&l ; that lie nan many- ores iu 7 e -w;
years bei -re conversed 'with himaud;frofu -Pal, i? of the Uu.n nobdvy "mrm
Ler's knowledge of histo.icaleVenU, and ferni thr arch to refuse U unf
,Ku;eS.ou of hmtiies with whonUe had W
differeat period, and the leng-.h of ih (- wodAWyUtngerouf 'VS OT
. .1. 1 . . ., . .....e . Kioi ki-w, - ;hM ppar tviiru 01 inc so lov tuv... v.. , ,
ut wreath into the sweetest con.fjrts of sdtl'.'y, is
bbitig life of half us flatting comloits. Is the ;
Data oftife'so Carpeted vriih y" that we'med '
iress causes of drsconteiU imp ts transitory period?
tO Soli en trrat asperity wiiicu 'iueience 111 iKmoeat
bi -ions produces' in 1 h heart, should be 'he study-
1 everv inan,whatever his sentiinsts, whatever
age w s torrcctT
J county, Virginia.
' good tiebltn.
- He"Wirs' born tn
'His wile is 85
tlle:,stia J
' V' WjUiamsCdeciai uyi on Veflxiesdacarni
; ,ut Jhe auenuonTiiKl produce enquiry "and
.. -. . ' p... -; -i. .-. 1
; wen tnttrtsinVd we stae 11 as buriirmWf tnal
uiraciii Biiiit- LtiiiH Kuan njve rmtt
V house, Itis tl.p ' intention, of, the'eon initur ,
Interestinif Postscript.
li sro. . Joi. . 1.
Com Fodders' squadron Ye- eruay arrived
this, harbor, tom a cri.i?e. ol 84 uiys, he, U.
Veai-stdd and in'' Marshal rlubsoff mistook the . L-npr'sSqe 1
UVVC5 Ioi"-U'gnt, uoi rciu.uiw.w-i (-....-ri r,
corps or Prince Ponialowski and th Viceroy ne .
ya& deleated and driven duck w --: f''
the Pakra. The King of Naples Commanded, iand:
' added, by his judicious maa;euvrs, to htaXmr r
e'tttatioa. .
: j .- - 1 I. . . t .",,. t 1. ...
ua situation. ; ' w ivaiii tiiyt-i mpy nais.mwiMwi -u
The world is but one wide family,- on which the 1 22, and to the S as ia . 1, N V rmy loo. :
tmiwt'rt ni inr.U wit !, a:, f J nf rn ,1 ' n.Mti-n-. 12 ' 'hev r.l iO.VO lh(l trade-W,n,l '.O 1011 .' 50, and
. .. . .. . .... "i - .. ! '. P II
-non and impart iali-y j hw absurd then 4udasl tht puiseorToinenionn
rau,;ht of4if with the i4u$eou"d egs of jealtf lay, muda
malice and contention
fri.r i-. ' TreSideil?. Cflin. KoditttnU . l ' , .1 .V-C DaIU - :.. :.
j-fc-- - - -? -v r awfnnn rw iii-iv -nriu 11. " - i - 1
' u j w j.V rr, ihf liUte.uh Academv "return! 'A
out ii or I
J -ll. -l.- nnn fii. nitt livni'H t
warn wiuiw-i -v mc . -s Tu-- f.ur-rVou' will prease to let mo. nave at. was?..
' j ' .1. . et. ill harMratn in l
: m. - 7, - : ., . one hull to sy in tue luaiv.. y 'fl"7: "
I Let men consider Cheir . 1 he fresidenl ard conress, curing iae.r . . . t; rrned i .ih'al is to say,i 1 iSlyouj
fall-sw roep'ltk? t neiriscrves faU'rile, and not attrtbu te . cruize,.hav'-;, taken tne Brtttsb packet -wallow, n0' 0i(f accounts in my name, wtlhout ay,
lO-dtpravity of heart 'that 'which simply construed, iar.d the Bmi-.h'siup ' Argo, b'ithof which -arrived orfcf vwbdly orip writn-g, aa )ni.'rii&ijr
is. but an error in jtigement ." La them leave per. Homeuinc si.'iee'. - They' .haveieen ;h enemy - imne i.oi pay opne of.them.. .CiiiWfeJ.arc -iasU;:
-onal inv-etive for manly argumen, and endttavotirTct uiiers except the Ny tnphe ahd Galatea. . The. .j-j purch.ase , but parents are UnedeS5jwg
convTiiae, jrathsc Tun fo irritate each' other. J Prt-sietn and C tngress keputha sea till their PM.-.r ixv theif -children wahCf t
Let reason piescribe bt-Uftfls'- to enthuiiasm afsd 'visions were nearly exhausted. ,j.-.-';.-i.' --; ' ijUult wi h your accounts i hithertoi? Sl;lwUa t-isitfc
iiff.-rtnce of opinTotT cease to be coDsidered ,bac . From the'" 1st to the 30 n of N-v. ihevfeq'iad-just and true , bu they are s attrac t do ;
iKinciuIcs and sinister. sii?ns. r , Ton , tvru.r a sailvani siqce 4hc latter ': date !-;.. ,..1.,. tft have'been raised but1Mi;ihiid.'
-''. ' .' , ..' 1 m '. .t . . , - Hae been cruUinjr between
'- . TWlFtaiitniefiu5Scan .
Messrs. ;Ed itors-iThev ; foiKwi o'g cage's . wefe
publislied in April list-by Dr. -Jamesv Smith, they
re staud hirn to. have occuraed in Calvert
county; ' Maryland, and ara sui'Kienwy authentica
t, d to "obtain our most implicit confidence.' A
-v- - - r-- . . . tt T"'- 'UI'C a
Capes, -t vi'gini., ana oosioo, iihb
most bflthjs .time from 'he. westward. ;-
; NvIJ The stores ot Mr. tiayian asa 'if. v
are except ed..
.. Jan. Ij ' ,;:
re'public.tKn pf them may pt rhaps auract the
atieotion of other Observers ; aod it is hoped, some
dd.1iti .dial infort uion my bet yet obtained from
the Doctoriinselfjoii a 'auivject so highly ;inier
esiiug to mankind.) " , m- f , ! . '" ;':
--';-- -i:... iCase .-Firtt-.''- :.V . ',-..".;,'
Negro. Priscilla, now aged about 55 years,
Wirloiigia'g to" general Joseph Wilkinson, had been
hllictcd with the" Scrophula, or King's Evil, to 'us
greatest extent for upwardiuf"25 years. ihe
had never derived, ay advantage worthy of no'dcc
from the use of numerous "prescriptions of several
eminmysfciasho' aft
ditferent periods to attend hej,1 She was .vaccina
ted by her master in ; October., 1.8 10,. and bad thv
KW "Pock effetuallv t ,oortsa ft er which, w'rt.
ltl&n ttlaucha 10 rejpoVTia. gesral ipyi f Wxiluut umg any uber remedy vh&ever, all her scrophi
( Jmes Brshop u..v.-.. 1.. Pe'ttoofrtoriUpa'tf.
U--1 ' V";'r 'tl-c,-'
- Mi-viYoax, fanuary 6. .
By the fast sailing corye.le' t)uili .shipM'homas,
aapr. llilliard, the etlttors of the ' Mtfrcaiitile' Ad-
vertiset have beeu obligingly furnished with a re
;tiiar hie of the London Moiinng Uhrooicie to th
tSvh Nov. inclusive! '-from-- which"' the folio a in:
important articles are copied "
It will be seeu by our extracts that prince, M
rat, commander ol ' Bonaparte s advanced guar
ifas been defeated by tlie Russians, with great I"s
in men 33 pieces pf artillery and a standard of
uouor. - , pr-. , '
. Bonaparte has retreated from Moscow to Smtw
lensk, where, it is said, he is completely sti' round
etl by ther llussian armies. -
- . fin 1 -v . ... u...r,. Ar iinAdia-irm.'
Wintzinei-ode entered M.cow, fronV whenc?the be, bel l f.r said county
ye re left, in the power
Ths following" most
tT-'nearine;. ta tpV aisfjclico of th5 court.'
that Edward Marlrey aiid. hi-'.1
dents 'wtthoot-:tner'-Umt5sniT?siie
ioroereur", ; . - ,. 1
Kaleign Minerva, jw m . : :-Yi i '
wp n, st davs of thmest term of Said . court, f.
tLtbeenmy. , -a . jf-iiwa-. ' 7ir.wivJf,v-. -
',r.t-----fv,-. '.' r " IND .Kv Nov. 12. patte.'..;.ie8t, v-: ,n... i -;.... 4 - w.. -vv 2
---'4 - -. '' :. . --. 'f -' ' " :-' '" .'t-v -v's
.r. '; '.'- f 1 4. -.. - - v - -. - 'V ' -.-' : .;;:.. - - .
... - - - ..-" , -. - ,.,.; a - :. - . . : -'.... v.. v:
-'---1 '-'- : .'V'' . '" " ' ' -, ' ' .-..-x. : iV r ; T: ' ' '' T ' -'."' "'v ?
'-'" ; C'-v - v..,'-.. :, ;- ? - ;''2yXK?'rt -k ;"tr.T??'

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