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From Ifte CharUit m Courier,
THE following 'extract, make part of a cbarac
vM t late Horwiu-Tookk,
qforieiiv Keltcw. TJit
drawn by a wiiter
rjjTTppTf so wjtt
or, on the sugtknof ihe,Sdicitorxt tb; Posit
office, snt off mvarshalmen and. police officer in
all direct ions, to apprise the ,Jlnktt in: London,
and Westminster of the extensive robbery.' and to
stop such person as rslwuld-present-bill, $od
drafts of payment from, the the towns whose wails
hud not reached the Postfficcthis morntngi and
TiTrtntcd Circulats "wtti tfcik "evening .be furwardcU
"tV.t lAf atfns inconsistent, , hametts scduniii el, j by post to every post town in the United kingdom
."t bisktt, thai yoii will no doubt, give pleasurejfor tbe same purpose. It is to be hoped -that the
yr iir readers in publishing it. Cobsktt is toi perpetrators of this systematic,, rather than during
i " ''. I ''r--" -,11
"JN,rwj; Took a, what a botcher's cUaver is to a
rotubtd. Kwall sword i but as they aimed at the
yJie Tatrons of tbe Minerva are respectfully in-
formed mat, oercaiter, uie- jerms oi .suoscnpuon
to, this paperwili he precisely tbose oriTwhich the
'oiher R&zettesof the ct are printed. ; As every
new subscriber is. required to make a payment of
lx months in advance, no deduction will be made
c-ffTlrat account. Cseiem1jrtSff er dollars per T EiiiKNSr his grateful cknoi
yearwill be tnvaViablv demanded. The. Minerva,' JaA. hi friends and the Dublin
though of equal size, containing as much matter,, couraeement they have given Wmhwl -alai'
and costing as m'uch in its execution as Either the! )'ne of business, and bfwms tbem tk?t t",fc
Star or Register, has hifherti) been furnished at a
rate one sixth cheaper. This) a regard to the pros.
robberr. will meet a Punishment commensurate
1 with a crime which has a tendency to shake pub
h.Ot!Cv aOfl Wlin lllc same seilisil. iiiuuii ni .., iuinicm.t) bum iy naw ." - fniy ui mc csiauiisntuciiv m iuiigci fcnun
ihtr u.u rnnsiriered avwrnsters miirst! ot the countrv. upon wntcn it staoi'iiy ana , in (in-.' i
i rhr saime class ; if, indteS, monsters like them prosperity as a commercial nationf , o essentiairy
can properly be ranked in any class. Neither of, depend.omior fiafier.
thtm coutd be considered as the luminary ! a ays
ttm ; like toint?, their movement was irregular,
ard their blaze terrific. .
(.blatter of Uorhk, Tookr, from ti?' Quarterly
Review Ao. M, tae 315 aftfilicable t9 C'Obbx ft.
Centra Oiane. ' ,, v , -
Ke could nut be a lawyer ; therefore, he !-
ted tht lawHftd reviled those who administered it.
He could not br a utatesman; nay, not even adcm
agogue i thettfore, he was content to beevme a
factious partisan, a low agitator to inatok-Hboae
whom be tould not mal, and to disturb a country,
in the government ofw.hicIheeVerf56uM- J
a sbaic.--Diat)pbintment and envy nan laxcn
9Msesio'di4)ts trtiole soul, tourwl his temper,
' . Woifw a laree city of Russia, ccpital. ofthe
government of -loscow, and forneyyoif tht
whole empire. lVcpay be convidtieu ara-town
built pon the Asiac raoit;l,' but gjrdualy pe
coming tnore' and mora-tit;. pm,Jk thibii iiig,' in
its present state, a motley mi iture A iis:ordun;
architeChire. It is distn ated jto. the following
division-1; Kremlin, which Ui te Cenirjl at-d
highest art of the city, iirrounded by bin h walls
of stone and brick, two- mile; ,cifcuiij6vo.
This .dititdnv i 'H)t' d'ibwd,by ' woodew, liouses,
i contain-the ancient palaces oi the caafs, now
Oljy rrKaoIe for(ing ttrbinh pLae Peter
ll bK.11.wi. and OHrvertfd his iLoVmeUi mS'briarValso several churches, two convents.
It wa-bifaW to speak evit of dignities,"' to as, j the patrfarchaV pdlaccand the .arsenal, now in
5ail, brridittfieir rnYective, all those persons and j tornsr lirThe1 Xhiuigorcid, which is much Ur.
things which iy the iommon feel'mgsVf the test get than tW'K'retolio ; it contain the .university,
of the world,twer-fliarkedout aa oncers ofreret- i the prm ting house, 'add many other .public bund
ence and admiration. He professed, indeed", t6l ingsj with all the tradesmen sh- ps- .The h6us
admh-e the constitution of his country; but it wa: are mostly' stuccoed or -whitewashed ; tnd it -hai
s h wmoit M exist at -some remote, rind oever the drfty street in Moscow inwhich the hows tam,
4efined period j not the constitution is it now is,! close folfHch othur. 3. The Uielotou or Wl.itc
tinder which, according to Jthn, every species of Town, which Tuns round the two prtcecmg dt
eorruption and injustice had -grownT op and fiou- j visiorts j it take it name from a tnite wall by
Tishedi and he delighted to -carp at at bertevo- j winch it wa' formerly sufrousdea. 4. e.lain.
lent system of -law, to wliich he, ol ail nten,was ogoroo, wnicn environs an tne o;ncr mrce nuar
servantslone wiUehgag m4
yt'iW pe-haps be excelled by none., July 3 1812.
or . ' .v .. , r"
" " The Raleigli News-Paprers
F.TU Rjy ib-iOkm to thoe of. uu tnends,
who, in conforinitf'to the Moticfr which they
pubtUhed some time .ago, have -paid up their Ac
counrsto the close of the present -j year ; .and, h.
willing to part with e few remainingSabscribers
who hv -not found it convenient, or who may not
hava bd an ofpporiunity tofio o, they are respect
fivllr. infoimrt tU-t liit-tp Pnpr will ontinild
..... ...... - , , r "114
until me iii,oi pni next, on wnicn oay, n in-ir 7 - ju ui mis u
Acqtjwjls ahaii not then httve.berM'paid,'orttUtfd;,n?f -er Jrioan, ho can prodocew
by Noe, tljtir namei iiU certainly be struck HV0W
from the Subscfiptionliist of aaU papers, and I onjappltcittiorf p the. subscriber in Rldgh.' '
inst. hi We nd rnmr:' ."""the SnI
buildings ihfe nT b'ick
.:,'' ' . t$ or rut f '
borth of the state house, will be in mm.V
to receive boarders anci t
tiestlv solicits.the conUnuation of their dIL
e pW. himself nothinttoS
wanttngorender Lgtne1al satiation to C.J
favour him 'With their custom H.,ne8t
A persph who is acquainted with tw
and burning bf Brick, to superintend andZS
their Account put into attain for collection. ,
iDVtS 8t UENDliRSbK,
December 31,1813.
ters and is' so cabled from a cirpular ram pa ft of
eai th bv vhichnt is encompassed I be iat two
divisions -exhibit a grotesq'ie group of churches.
mmi inrl.Ki,L The mild soirit. and lenient ad-
n!nistraUonf English justicerwerenev
raru rrnniiRtd than in the knnunit? of a man
f , . ' 7i 1.. 1 - ..A
ho was constantly trea-Jtng upon the very y,erge convents, paiacee, ones auu wuwc.i ,yK
. . ;a .iAthtrMv im thAfi the rn'Ripen hovtls. 5. TheSloboda, crsoburbs,'whii h
' I tifeTbinofThe'Statet and whose delicht it was to! form vast exterior circle round all he parts al-
i - 'K suit the best feelings tf the country at a time ready dtfecribed, and are invested by a lw ram
of unrveVsat danger alarm- and irritation. 1 he part ana ottcn. inc
ii same temper of mind Tendered him urflust to al- j buildings'of all kinds,
' most eVery'speties of excellence in' his cotempo. j ture,' and some small
1 MriciljwVrrt'ohfr the obiects of his antipathy are to ' Neglina The Mos
s be numbered n- riy all the great tnen of his ag4 1 takeslts name, ' flows throughit in a winding chan
7 nd country. He spoke of them without any of nel, but excepting in spring is only navigable for
f .' fWbrtmert' whichr "i?reat talents, Tiiffh station, ! rafts, tt receive the Vausa, in tht Smlamogo-
lAl ' 5d the-cstekn of the greatest part ol the world; rod, arid the Neglina at, tbe western extremity of.
r M, - . . '
r . . . -. ma
These suburbs coiitatu, besides
cornfields, much tcn pis
lakes," which give rise 10 the
Moskva, from which the city
tirallv extort ftrtnlesaacrrmoniousuxivtrsiiries. the Krfcmlin, but the oedsot botn tiuse lasunntn
tnin. tm eeiv man s nana -was niusi niw. tww cuu a v vaui ...vw,
1 i
h'elslimnelblpoli'icsjhis hand was avrainst every tinned uvulets are neaTly dry in sumiotr.
and was airainst nim. cow exmoua a ucrrcc ui
Provided he totild excite sunnse or terror, y irregularity, and contrasts ine stiee s. ingtiie.
; tU abuses hecared little for public esteem, and ral, are very long and broad, boms ot .fern, are
W looked to no morr important 01 mote salutary ef paved ; others, particularly in the suburbs, are
' i fect. HisHmgsare in a tx)tifitient, accusatorjr ftjrmed' with he trunks of trees, xiir are boardtd
tone It is not enoeiih him to show that his rvrith planks like the fioor ot a roo.n Wiethe'.
sVr, adversariemstbe ronK;he i usually deter- hoxds Te Wended with laigr pcp ; cottages
J J J minetf to prote1-, thatJ th-y must ba dishonest ,cfcn story stand next to the wot-liatelynan.
' , DiSsemfrom tirsf epmion was not mere mtniectu- sions many 01 icx siruciuTes are covereu wun
alweaknessfbiAnwral guilt.-No tnan evermore wooden tops ; some of the wojUen h-ojscs aie
' Jresotutcly threw way thfe scabbard in every attacis. painted ; heri. have iron doors and roof. Nu
He seems moav considered the present order cf meros churches appear in every qoarxr, bmlt
thines aVoneln which L he could find no ptoper irt a peculiar style of arcnuccture ; noiwe with
blace s'andlieV thfttfore, consoled himself by ; domes ot copper omns m tin, g.u or pamiea
' ,nV: tiMvwifnh war aeainst all those bv iureen ; and many arc roofed w ith
. whom it was upheld." He does not appt ar to have
;'l $cted upemafty particular sy&em.'nr to have d'f
i rected his tffors towards any partii'ular oliect. A
Wor,d, same pans 01 tni v city ruve me dp
pearanceof asetjiHsterev'lotbfirk. :oihtr q rtti
of '4 populous town ; some, ot a cojuemptiore ii
, .Music.,
M lf BAER, P Music, haVkig es
tablished himself in R leigh andcommen-c-t
caching' on the ruso Foare, is desirous of
giving lessons on that instrument to an addiiiunal
number of scholars. . Barents, guardians' and rela-.
lives of students attending! the academy, are as
sured that his utmost exertions shall be useJ, in
improving such youngladie as he may be engag.
ed o instrucU:He-ilatters,himself, from the close
attention he has directed towards the science, and
hfs experience in. execntiort, as weH as in the best
methods f communicatincr knowledge to oYhers,
that e.vcn 'hose; who;haye made some progress in
music, may still be .benefitted by his lessons. His
ole time and application are directed to his pro
fession, and his terms will be moderate, l hcse
may be known by applying at the Minerva Office.
Jan. 8. 75,3t
Hyco Academy.
NOT Willi :i 'VNbiNvi the wood work of
;nii academy has again been consumed by
n;e, Hi'araliuns have been made for the reception
of students, and the school will go in'.o opvration
bn Monday the 4lh of J .nu;ry, 1.113, ai'dcr the
?uperin;enilance of , Mr, Abti Graham, asprincipal
f)ec j-tf
- Doctor Burges
H' ,Z REMOYlO the shop (on'w,
ville 8'ieei) foraier ly occupied by Dr.Wi
h wuiams. ; ; N)Vf i3-67ti;
W: Boyian ;
Hat juni rettivedy from PhihdelfihicL
. Fifty sets of williamsdn s
IN 2 VOLS. '
Subscribers Tvill please to caQ or'send for thfij,
The price is g4 to non subscribers g4 50.
October 3.:,;';v. t l-tf A
I amlindef the m-cesii'y of foiwarning all pei.
sons from trading with, or crediting any of my t
mily, on rtiy account; as. I will pay "no debts tb
may be contracted other than by myself or a i
ten order from . F. TAYLOR.
Franklin county, Dec 18, 1813. 723tp,
. State Bankojf N. Carolina,
jDZcbmbBR hili, 1812
PURCHASER s of .Slor k in the Sate Bankrt
informed, that a power of Attomsy auiliorisirtg t
Transfer of a Share or Shares held in the Matt
Hank mis be witnessed either by the CasMerii
th-.- "principal Bank or of one of its Branches, by a
Notirv, Public or by two. Justices cf the f tact'
and if bv the latter, (heir'sienatuns must fieer
, Hutu uy liic v icin m mc Vyumi. viuuuh
, .w.,1Trj,lu........ H ,,j w gfa, imiexe(U.Xhis refruiau'on to comrotttte .oft
'" ' n"" UU'IW 7, .a . ' 1 . the first dat of JauAilT:it,oV
ogusu language gramma wciy, me iatin; ana , ho mjy n;rrI;ef wjfl WWk.
f . ' r..,lo,vW!4rt jir,nr'.iirf.Yl with fciitutriStanccs of! lajre t otbefs, 01 a tfitai caiiiui. ilos ovv is, me
Li ixtreepmyll
I J ;alterHhe coi.stuntion; or control the goverotntnt, the rampart, thi nclosea the saourbs, 1hjk 26 ; J"r
5 U'i' ere his chrcr bonortunities t'or distmctiou ; aad!les but its population coireH)-:.ds in r,o degie-:, , Vr
Efflp-mracifltB-niin Kn-.BtvM'v.ii'r .uv, - --- - r - i
. .1.
." 'like triost rther fittnovat he Seems to; h.tve 250 or SOO.OOOsouls, ;nd is stia iiT?ftiot popu
if A'lhOugHtliatbere 'vasnb harm in taking advan jloustity in the empire, notwithsvaiu trt, M
it1. -'geoflJepreientsystehitias long as it lasted. denceol the court is at Peteiburb. Jut. jJaicis
l 1 a 4, '"i", '".'Ji-' : ( of divine worship, iticluding chapeis. nfouius to
i I I to', :B' J. 18U0: of these, 484 are public chuichtsS ot
?, j tf!Y"?., .'T": iwnicft are DnvK, . sj.uccoea or wnitewasiua. ; anu
' y-yie aVtofry'tir anooonca of t h, most ex. the others of wood, painted red. Some of ..their
- tensive"; obberiesot tye mail that1 baa-occurred 'bel'S are of s upendous size : thsy h ng in'-. btK
,nce ith -establishment of. -mail coathe---4 plan frits iletachcU lu m the church, are'fixed .nnno
,:vhiChproressfd'iO give not only adcitiona) ctler- vable to the beams, and rung by a rope lied to the
t ltyjlaitalso perfectcecurity to te conveyance f clapper. It has always been esteemed a ntcrito
."-letfers Whenthe factsof .'the robbery reached rious act of religion, xo present a church i;h
4- h-Echangc,U go'tiintogeneial-citctjlation, and bells ; and the pie'.y of the donor has been mta-
P"oducedf coniieraoie otjiee oi aiarm ana mreu ; ny meir magniiuoe. Accoroiniy, jsons
agitation throughout the citj. At an early hour Coiumi!, who gave a bell of 283,000 pounds to
xreeliriti btcreiary to itte ueoeiat ' rost
oiTice, eav iuforn alion at the Mansion house,
k here Uie" dtbOsiiiot) of the kwaid " -"wasi taken.
Y ? The eaaminWn, was private, ,of course the par
j .titulars barrnov beerrsuffered to transpire, but we
JSdeduT the Lbnl maU
! ' xoachl was iiroceediHg at a sharp pat between
, Xlteling' Satid . Highalnit;crrcrs,i th' coachman
ts jipbke tojhe uard, ald not btlrg able..or-relen-1?
ding nonffliea wK
ed 48a.fceovW:'tean.;ibrwatds 'Wr.tbc cbach.
v.The; gnardSdid so, and con'hrued' abuut-fiye min
8 ,uits in conversation wnh him, and on resuming
V; " hfs seat,', Townd tb" this astoaishmeht, ,t,hai the lock
i t rtf therlid of the 'hbd Dart Of the coach wheie the
i y - - r . j t.-
i baii are d pjsited brd been forced. He if;startly
' oulered the caath 'to be stopped, and commonica-
Vied to the driver live extraordinary occiirrerce that
tne caincarai oi Moscow, vas the most pious so-irtreig-of:
Russia, till he was surpassed "by the
impress Aht, who presented a bt II that weighs
4S0 000 pounds or 2 16 tons, and is the; largest in
the koWti'world. In the cathedral of St, Michael,
tha' sfereigns pf 'us-ria were' formerly interred i
tbeir botlfci are deposited in raised
mostly - of trick, in the shape, of a coffin.'above
the pavement.' Each tomb his at its lwet ex
iremity " asmallaijverplatii
ed the name of the deceased prince, & the aera
of his death. Upon gr-at festivels, all these
sepulchres are covered with rich pdls ol gold tr
silver brocade, stutided wi h, pesrU and jewels.
Tlf - ciithedral ol the assump'i n of t h-a, Vi rg i
Maryis the. mostfpaghucent in the city,, and has
beep- lopg". appropriated to the coronamm tte
Russian sovereigns: Moscow' is the centre of the
Greek la guages and; usual branches of science,
tajgni in inis institution., i ne uoou wora ot the
tteiiiit brick building will be completed again,
perhaps, by the fiiat of . May for the reception of
the students, and fur the .operations of the school.
CV,we Omuttji MX '.'bee 28, 1812. 75,3t
THE Subscriber offers his services as Aent
o transact business in either or both the Banks at
his place, on the tolhiwijig terms, o wit :
renewing aote not exceeuing jiuu. w
to. do. a oo, o 65
des . ... : do. 3oo, 0 75
do. do. 400, 0 8$
tor all sums Over five hundicd, 1 00
l or oiTci ii g new notes and receiving the money at
the ban, the same as above; and he will recurve
BUuik N't:s and money for renewal, or send mo
ney drawn from the bank for any person, by post
or otherwise, as thty may think proper to; direct,
out will not be answerable for postage or accidents
in any n- anner whatever. He will al all times ren
der any ytner servrcrs in the banking business in
hU power, for a reasonable compensation in pro
portion to his services. - .- T r T
FayetteviHe. 22d Dec-1812. 74,3t .
V. H. HAYWOOD, Cashier.
: Eagle Tavern, . . '
. HIS Tavern will again be opened, on the first
of January next, for and nri account 'of Vaugh am
& UAaDWKLt, and trill be kept by the latter.;
fhe former friends and customers to this House,
may rest assured that
thosev who favof ft
a 11V l"l U1V.1 M v - "
and thfe publiejhi gelieral, may
every atteniiotl wyt pTpld to
Tins Lax'ttn commenced draWinfif 00 Ibe 38S
tilt, and will progress, thrice a week until com.
pleted. In this splendid scheme one nunio
of .
2 prizes
2 "
3 v
4' '
, 6 :
10 ..
. 20
" '44
8000 S .c
g 30.000
10.000 '
" 5,000
' 1,000
... SOQ r
100 -
( 30 ;
n :
hie as possible. T.bc supplies will be good and .' fn the aWe Lottery are 2 6,000 tickets w
in the Mate
it nrciventier. ana item wsu nuerea. mis i averu ltnn r.n in ihe same numDer ; anu m-y"v
has been leased for several years back at 300 dolls.; arv c46ital prises are the two of 30,000, to
p annum, yet the last year k was shut np, con- tne drawn rumbevafter hall tbe Jen -
' . . ' . . ..... ' .1. Ani AflB l'"
a nous icnrr. cot occu Busiriucu. i
ing polU'4 tip, the guard and thecoac
B ded to exatnrae ttre depository ol
bm! taken. jftface, and his suspicions that more se .inland commerce of Russia, particularly connec
jio voacit cav- lunir me iraue retween .unne and thena. . i ne-
.v ... t. .. . . . .. . .r.
navigation ot this city, is tormed so.i ly by the
Moskva, which failing into the Occa. near Colom
na, communicates, by tht river, with the Volg.
But as the 'Moskva is navigable in the spring
only, ution the melting of thtf snows, the princi
pal'; merchandize is ciinveyed upon fledges in
winter. In 1751,70,000 died here of the plague.
Thiscjty is 555 miles S. S. . Hetersburgh, and
1200N. by E. Onstantinople, Ion. 37 31. $5 45
Nfsw Gazetteer. -. i-- ;
hman procee-
tne mails, and
v-' missed no Jessa than'1 o bas I The following may
Y bs' depended iipoh'as a correct list of the missing
bcgsti-i.Leeds, .ChestrEeld,V Bradford hheftield,
; i-!rli?ak Rotherham, Mahsfield'Melton,Mowbray,
I ft. l rcfilrf' 1 1V ttni,' -Kr:tintrharin Utiuimrham.V-': -U"
" "v The criathntan also linde i wni a private ixanv
'i' II"? tnation, bot,'for reasons that may occur to the read.
1 " i elrjTneoTtitortf thePbst office-has takeir-ihe
Precaution bf Dreventirij anrpart f the examina.
i ? ' " tio-iJoHi being made public in this earfy stage bf
, ""a trw-saclipn involved inin ordinary mystery.
I :t V . ' r. . . . - . . " I . J . L .
I .Jin cruex, to oticu ute guiuri bbq to restore tne
Charles" Xtl." of Swedwo invaded, RQssta,'and
was aVfirst mcjie success wV than Bonaparte t'bu.
hewas, finally defeated. at Ptiltoiraf and dmen
ac& win toss and ruin ; . , '
'. . e i i . ... 4 - m r! tt AnV OH
trary to articus oi agreement wua me leaser iout willbe enliueu. onseyucuj
, '.' . L 1 ...j! : . i. .l ' I. . ... r.t-. V,t. must HO VT'
It is 10 oe nopeo, noiwunsianoinKjnai uic ijuuwv. i in tj,e twoticltets 01 mai nuiui - e
. t .' . r 1 - 1.1 .1 I p' .. . ' ',... nr rff tlie l''"'
patronage, wnicn na nertwiorc ocen w iiucrai,
will again aid and assist in reviving it ; ana toe
most moderate tetms will be observed.
December 3.
- . .
Robert Rtitherford,
CON riNUES to make all sorts of ware m his
line of business, including its various branches.
viz Stills, wash kettles, do. for stewing fruit, tea
kettles, coffee potsi &c. of copper or brass, r Also
tin ware of every description, fie also intends to
carry on the brass fonndinK to perfection lie of
me vac iiiuuvavw,- j twcn'i
thousands, maaing u pc'su' - v.vVptsh"
todraw eie hundred thoWnd dM"' 'j
risen rapidly; and may, Siw
of the schrme and the celerity ---, . t
they may be had at twelve. do.Iaf a.
s Lrs.4nc!osioVcafbM
the foregoing GRAND LO r 1 -
.AAA tUU the 'utmost. pU'lctu'y1,
tomauoi ot inc jaw
va Ofite.
fers; a jibral price, in cash or. trade, for all old
brass, copper or pewter that may be brought to
Raleigh, August 31? :-
- - nrrui aL if - ,
most accuracy.

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