.-....j-r.; V L . - '- c-'-:- ' -r' -' ,v -vi -! '.xV'' --v.-.':,- r-! ' X---(--7r;:v7-X ' ;V r.Je' tfi&t. t A .? A , V . kU.'.'v'-'t ' rtMilM DOLLARS ps a rtAKj" RALEIGH, N.C. PUBLISHED (weblt) BY LUCAS AND A.H. BOYLAN. half of WHICH JN adtauck. 1 4 .iJt.'k'.- ., Vol. 17. FRIDAY, JA3STUARTir.23, .18 13. , No. 8'77C a. Moscow. Oc'ober l. General Baron Delzoui ha marched updii JJ.netro w. The Kins; of Naples is whh ttfei. wnocd guaH upjQ th Naia, in presence ofj5i'e enemyi who were occupied itvwuiting thti r jn byqropletirijj ii fro.m the jrrtilitiaV V ' ' '.'". The weather is very 6re ;fjhe 6rVt snowFeli est'JTtlay Iri twenty Uays. it wilt be necessary Juwia haiViA Mjaw U!f rtef 'for 4 (Uw" ----- v. 7 " - lliiil They mxrcUCiToqt and "attock tbe' 6rjt torpsV TheyavfeeH -.beafen ; 30'K) '-'men have been marie : ri6'ners ' V4 rwvw- yet 'received :-4b official ilafvthis brilliant ombat, -which ijoCifab-rnuch honftr to uttt A M York. All our wounded nave prpcecaea o SfwoiensK, tviinsa, wSMnhilow. jjWat mahy have recovered and mnti thir corps. "Mich private correspondence fctweea St- Pefersb'urs nnd Moscow, qtake seated upon the throne of the Ctars end implored Ubertrlo ask yoq what congress expects I am to lL ..j- him not to desert their rising Vibetty. In hin4 do wBhjthe many fomeners they hye, at dif sione incy reposea xor,, snaking incircaiuus. i icrcu. ivircs, rumoica iv me rant ox reiu oni 4.T.he Emperor replie4 - .The liberty of myVgopd ceM?i-Undby the Vlaswrtsolve, two to that of coloncjSt .f-. . ; , 'a yn&kin these appointments, it is much to be fetrejt that. U Ihe tircumstancea itteodin art Qofc. iiHoaUeratioiiU). obfiee the ad triers of a nation whom we want to interest in our f Aw max one maucennren anu to get no ol FRENCH PAPKRS ' Twenty 'fourth Bulletin tithi' Grand 'atmrd itwen AC-AIoacoif o'ear. my-hevfeat cott . .V. A u ' 7' Mderatioaa poctpone herbour of yotMeuverance Whemyou can compreheod the dcst'tnUi Na. nrTn linn ut ill k Kla t Mtneniik atmiM xinrit vff ! . A denutation from the..Foundliner HosojliaTia VfW9ited uppn the Emperor, he orderSd -,tftr ih second, FeUx i the third. Bonaparte jand three female infants '.he first to be called JosertsineV tjie. secoiui Mane iherea, tb.e,thjrd yVCIaid rtale. infaau tdV chriatemd-ihe firftNapoJeoAfl tpcir. 4mpM,ttntty' anoihrr W this fc v!ew.iu? kb metafrea -pr One side oalyTii T haye ottmeni o ti$ 'to &$xt tryj Tfc;9e men further iuft-jence ideithA iMeresThM h7a AfcefC hayt? no bundred lives vpart Ww $ayxf their marriage 'retsive" aiid giyC or& looe paraj irora ine imperial irenswy, ine ae itouimv, wuvxi cpnuon mufc iuii'jw out oK&n meHed.into fears L this proof of be. Em", thh is not he worslbey have not the amplest pcrQfs goodness. , ,t. ' ', ; chance t The Emperor participates in thefeen'ic'exce'efly rjard,, anci.Jthey have toiled in; this will -ntmatetMtgood cttifcehaof Paws, upon leirn'V 6eryicej ind Jfwjbary Jutaioed may;s losses, o i;jg that Wis' Imperial Majesty iiV epprachinghav strigers put ,cv them, wbose nieV per. nearer his Capital. It is foty their happiness that $api t hot eia. to )&eiriwn ; but whose effrpn he braves all seasons and all climates ;;it is for terVili tate ho denials :; ' (' ' their gfory that'he spreads hjs arms from the Pfl- ';$he fnanageinent of this.roattefs give me leave jars ot turcuies to uie- Arctic ircie.- ine time ; iov nc- air, is t,n ocitqaic -pomt, ior aimowgn no :ii .L. .ii .r . : projttf of burning Mosco having been kept j great ' pllna ..Wiai'preaf ot : meditates;, Thef. are!pomtments,;evsr person will assume the privi ntt, tbe?reatr:.art ,NyWe and puvate looied in the aedihtinc of hUaugoat bosoro,ltof jttdgbgof thepropriety tif .them find ood jndiviflualshadreovcnothtpg. The fciigmeers , ah(1 nn(u by high destiny. ,;'rv policy, in my opinibni forbids the disgu4tiff a iave taken a plan of the city by marking the hou Th cavary are ia . completerder, There is whole corpa to eravify.the pride of an individual : Its wniCQ nave oepn iruni ;nc ...nre. it re i ivaf n.iirint in thk nacf ill t-rtjinl-MAaAi-a'w. I Ar it- hv tki anrl nrtivi'v niir nun nun suits that we did'not ibtteed.ln. saving mre than Th air has been rounJ. Cttfia'r!y, . pfopiuous WlJhj tlmthe 4'e must be supported, and not by the lotbpart of the owfl. J he 9 lOths no I')nger fllje cure 0f gun sh0t woupds, , " , ' ? a'few hutigif a Jvebturers Uesides"; the' error of Biuara . . , .. November 4. " 'thosijopoiDimeota is now dear and mam test, -'and On the 16th of last month his C.Uiohc Mniesty the views" ot congress evidently defeated ; for by set out from Valencia to march to Madrid, at the giving high rank to people of no reputation or November. 13. FRENCH DISTURBANCE. The following has been conimhnicaled bv a o-en -head of tbermyof the centre, and of that of the.serviee.-you have, .disgusted thejrown country leman recently arrived from Paris," as the ta-' ouln' commanded by the Duke of D-dmatia. men ; ov in other words raised Uy;ir expectauosts a:n circulated bv the '-members, of .the French -vhment.vfor the information of their nrivate -he 'French at my on their entrance into Burgos frieitds .as to the na'-ure, extent, and termination of -arried tiiumpb, .gen. Dubreton, who had so the late "conspiracy : vigorously defeoded -the Casile of Burs against -The three ex-Generals Malletr Quidel and ' WcI J'gtonf in admirationo!,his fine defence. LaioiY, already sentenced and executed, endeav.i : ' ', --i r-i- cred bring about new revolution in Paris. Extract of a letter from a rentleman in Liver. J.eiters iiom Vittoria say, that the 'soldiers or two" high tor tne man who wasacaptamin rrgdee 0 hnuinir another who was onlv a Subaltern- there.Tt - . . . r , . They made use of a fic'. itious Senatus Coo- tdum, by means of which they succeeiied in de cViving the gar-.iion of Parial Having gone on the 33 ot 1 ct. at 4 u'clock muhe morning, to the bar Jiool, to hif friend in Norfolk dited LlvhRrooL, Novtmbfr 7, 1812. Your attention U, no doub, earnestly directed to racks occuoied bv the first t'ivismn. anH flra. the consideration of the prbbabiiiiv of a sneedv e-oo.s of Hjirix. they read to them a-proclamaiion, termioation of the war, and of the line of conduct 10 arti-lerf officers and engineers V,vhich they in roc-Med tbra of the death ot the l-',at isnkely to e pursued by ibis country in fur Eu-speror. on the Tlh. and ordered their in the ', theranctf of thai object From alljne .mfpj-injop eol. rKvr bcTm - e Mnomne sutjiect, we thmkthe tireva ent The trbjps.belie'vrnr what t3i tAld them. ' opinion lo be, that an abandonment ,f the riirht "c'saf'y,T)d not to be had here but proper Obryed tbeif orders, and suffered themstlves to be f impressment, or a restitution of American ! precaution should.be observed in the choice of ka to different po&ts, where they relieved the property condemned under the orders in council, ;lhe," fcT we have at present, in pay, and hgb or perhaps nothing, appointed' to a m ijor with us extends his views instantly to a regiment Io like manner tue .field "officers cah accept-of nothin g less han a brigade, and so on, by Which means the man of red rank and merit, must be excluded or perhaps your whole military system disorder ed. In the mean while 1 am haunted . and ttazed to. death by tha jmpoi tunity of some and dissatis faction of others. . My ideas m tbi.a ' representatioiii do not extend The first of wiih upright views, submitted to the dictates cf the cabinet, to recollect what their past experience must huve 6lio wo them. That no proM:.iioti which was likely to be obnoxious to public "cen sure ( no dose which was likely to create nauiea, or to scour the populaiitr of the government, ; ter was administered by them, but some under opera, tor was employed to suggest that there wm some " other object io it than the true one. and to assure ths.wboI-siomacbs turned at it, that it Hsnt what; thty Vhotgbt it Of this sort was the assu. " raiicji givejr oo the iptrorluctiwo of the -embargo', bw, friicHWas r intended to operate lniiiciilly to ;0r4 hot Its adviea.e cams' there autl unged tjfct:j(-:a merely intended toave tb 'xiMyg&OtMh&ef the countri And in like ir-m. k ner ithe incrpiefltiSteps toihls "'Otret C'e(J.;! "Twyy tuyrnwc iai mr. rosier naq inssruc.. ttoisiv;hicb,. fd enabl -adminiMration M'or iettli aJl:Rnc$svhk' hinwAodtlie vast mJlhar? esjs;retV'rJktid.to be only . gratii scheme of. pacification. - ? ' v " ,;tl4 political frteoda too, JVlr. Q. appealed to lft - X acwarntfig voice.' Too apt to;rrly on their owd' z wisdom, hey maintained. tbjK. it could, not be ) ft , wa ; knpossibte admiu'wtration Could mtditart the' -takingof Canada .VVhercs were tb men J wbero ' was tb money ? The eastern "states tvould be dyi.: ; gusted common .setae. and common pruder.co' v forlid' it?-andj therefore, pd project was less-to' be ' expected. But that. was the very reason, he said, why: be thought it more liky.io be sugcestecJ and : adopted by the cabinet ; and,, paradoxical aad ano- mal9us as it might seem, the. reason why h wa more likely to succeed too., j Out of twettty illustrations to whteh be coldf , resort, he would select only? t wo, upon thin subject. Wberr tbe war came under, consideration, on on0r,' believed that it was really' a 'waffor-the cpiiquestT y, of Canada or that our cabins conld seriously con 'i". template - a war against tireai Hi turn any more j than thevcould aKirwt Cirtna. A nation inMb: eijoyir;nt of mon? than tbflKy years peace counter one in the full prosrcotioii of a war aheady, of twenty years duration A oation wit bout te x sources; without an at my ; wi'hout a navy ; with out military force, science, hbus or rhstipiinyto?' go to war with the most wh 9tul powerfunTttJofi Upon earth, which, without rawing one. addition a! K so'dier or sailor, or equipping one additiitmalabipt' couUt carry haoe and desolation over cur ahores and inio our cities. Ev now, "many were pretty nearlv in ifac:same condition of mind as the ren.r gourds and at 7,, in the morning, presented them need not be expected, as long as present ministers stives attne M. tister s ot 'ha General Police, and !rem.on in otnee ; ana that., as they will probably t the prefect's of the ptdice, both cf whom theyina"vr a 6lrong majority in the ensuing pai lament, arrested and carried them to the prison of Laforer, : together with the support of the Marquis ot Wei Under the escort "of 300 men. ,!esleyj and Mr Canning's party therv, on all oc Meanwhile another div'sinn proceeded fa the ca!ions where the policy ot the war with America Wuse of the Commandant-of Paris, Gen. Hudin s brought into quest'on. we may look for a vigor- g)otSavavy ) Mlrt informed : him, i hat he wjs PUS proscution uf the contest, if congress do not liiiujresgtt4iimmao pa at .mm. F var wrcn . mortally ( Wounded mission . me attention of-tms. government w ill be jtim' Itt m; jbed .; directed to the means 'ofcohtin'uingjhe nee'eaary 'Malkthcxf proceeded "the Peninsula" Major Of Paris toarrtst him: but his officer t who ! British West India Colonies, of produrioc certain fin IrtTio-ri t.fimmftn(t:.ni nnrt nn Hh lin L..c'. ideem tha i t-nel nf nrdent in nuirol cui'.ri.in i .nn.c.j .;.:.v.i j ' in -.c ne f,;i,,..., a;:, iu., ti Irr,.... pomp .fiici.:.iiitim I jnw. vn t u..t,ltuns we could think, ot goring with a raw, uncfisct rank two (Frenchmen) who in my judgment know nothing of.rbe duty of engineers O'tntlemen of ,f:is profession ought to produce sufficient and 4u(hentk ttsimo:ials of thtic fckill a"d knowledge, and not expect that a pompous narrative of their servus, and loss of pupers-(ihe usuarexcuse) can a proper introduction into our army The freedom, with which I. have delivered ' my sentiments on this' subject, will, Tern persuaded, these will be useful if thev do hot break in nrtnn jjhei-angenient 4-that cotps lr-mfrs&4- 0m?aayN-nifc?1k ki4ve t!irtte !by'&btr 'of onress. . The second are absolutely Btca'ce of a declaratioa ol war ws all federal y lalsehod-plagued with common sense an. oru. -' UOIV.C, llicj uiuim nut utus ins uirjaitsu ui V nada nosstble, or that whatever hostile intention i. we mignc nave io ijieai prnmn, we couia ciepne- . ,i rately goto wreak it on a race of inoffensive cold nUis, with whom the peoplepf our nation was oftt terms of friendly intercourse, in the habits of triu tual interchange of acts of neighborhood connect- ' inu; themselves by marriage with each 6herv with so many inducetaents of bead and of heart to a- void hoitiliiies It could not be behaved lcould i ' not.be imagined that exclusive 'of these consider.' , Ipara to baveVbeeri apprizi'oV of his danger) had 'a, ticl-s of American-produce, required; for the con manotacturcs by lauliti-iiig,4as much as nossibc a prfporttoti4te Export of British Goods. It is eenerallv believed, that teerf officers in his apartment, who, proving too ..r.- r.. n. i i uwciMriur ui.uci rr.5(fn mm j they ihcn har tangued Ithe trotipsi ; who followed him, and ha--libg .succeeded in perstiadine -them that Mallet sa conspirator, .'and that the. Emotror was notr the property of Niutra Is or Enemies, will he .dewUhe whole laid down their arm-' Thc'troohs lnnmoletedl:'bjr this governmenCwhen im ported f jfaaUHied at Versailles laiid Cross Bois w;e re nowj'm. the. Peninsula from the United States j but pentor and the barrier having beecn shut, the con- whether Licenses tor that purpose will be granted irators were arrested. . . -.rt- to Amerscpn shipping ' as hi-fore, or to Neutral "il0?' and the vessels .olyr governmenthanbryet dete Prefect .weteTiUeratedhe ofnceVA of , the first di J Provisions and Lumbi, will be so much .want. Tision, Wereanested, and the troops sent o i of etUn ,he West-India colonies, that the import of Paiis. - ' 4 - - n ( . . ' those articles willy pi obSbly, be permitted-either j-vninemsi report ot, the Emperor's death. I wider licenses, orhv instructions to the resnective bfkiK tK rnnt. rar 1 . . 1. ti . . . . '' nr l. iw?vM3,tiv vtiopiirnniyjrc,u an over 1 am, the . &"yc :,-os io inar-eaect. nothing else in view than the good of the service. By tbj., time, or before his letter can reach you corigs'wilf bevisifeda er'son'ocoa 'hiuueif- ':( - who according to his ovui occount s a mostluable officer from Prussia What his sump. ion of this country, and of relie-;ng tht'ixicre:ns arc I "know hot, but from .what little I bsnt was'surroanded $y multitude, who endeav. -iin6c uiwr noifs A ior ., specie' ; but m ashorl time, order and tranquility were restored; Jtid eyerj thitig quiet, ' i TWENTY FIFTH FRENCH BULLETIN ... V". ;- llrad Quarter on tieJVtva nrt v 9 Tbe.aYmy hui quilted the smokincr rtmr,i.,s'of aiceowrcoi.vertf j,into the tomb of Russian glory by Rpssiun btrbJ.rity.-The Empert r Alexander saefused peace; Napoleon is preparnff to triv Ik. ...1. U Li . .r ..' " ''v Wimiii messing wnicn the toiiyofthe MvNobility compels a feeble konarch to-re'. filing country. ; v ' . -; son Sjmolepijt. Count Win- r, to enter -Moscow be k,jy bad retreated ; he smade prisoner. "rror'S ma. le.um. v. Ty i have sttnf him. they ought to be strong to con vinqe roe of his real importance, for if his conver satians have been faithfully interpreted he has been caught tripping several times. ; .1 am dev Sir, " -Your m jst obed't and Affect serv't, - i - GO: VASMIJGTOJ " Congre(s( Vith respect to the American Produce which mdy' be .required for the consumption of this coun try, 'H is difficuK to haaard an opinion, is to either the particular- article, r tbaNextent of the import wh;cb may be nermhfrd. Flaxseed, Clovt rserd, Naval Stores, "Wheat, Flour and Rice, are likely to , be scarce, and an opinion is entertained that they will be allowed to be. imported in Neutral bottoms but, perhaps, subject to a proportionate export, in such vessels, of British Prlanufactures The arrival in London of a few Licenses from France for importation of Cotton into that Coun try, has caused thorp demand for the article as . had been stated on'that Qo r by the icoromitteeot AiUE OF REPRESENTATIVES.- -' . '. 'v '. TBXSDAT, DKC. 5 " '.".. ''"''' '.'"' "v;. Tno business of thisday was unimportant. Ild it been cWbtrtnse th consideratiouof it .would pro babljr fd!by every one in the consideration "of one tl the g'-eatest speeches ever made in congress which? Jyir. Qoincy delivered upon the bill for rats ing an-rtddkion.il 0 000 men r. '-. Mr. CjurNtY said that he., had some opinions upon 'the bill, which he wishtd to offer in full, thougli .be should fail; he feared, from the want of health. The bill, he observed, proposed to aug ment the army by 20 COO men. This extension, if trrahled, would raise the arniy to 55,00). It it will take about 5000 bags out of the London market. r- r P. An order frorft'goyefnment has appeared, declaifing the Licenses or Passports, valid, that were granted by Admiral Sawyer to Artierican vessels carrying provisions to the Peninsula, and directing that all such vessels, having been Hp. Tarried by British CrU tzers, shall be released. : FOREiaNERS." ' " 'be followingletter is taken from the Alexandria ''""7 vci.w. it was written to a oisunguish. Mm A a .a at . a tJiaiacicr, ai mat time, a reprtsentative in nora - v lrginia. ' lleliir4mTJ2ma we "on. ' tfVirt;iniaf dated v.-MoBM5TowK."'Mafnrth irrr. SIB, foreign relaiionsi that the existing military estab lishment would aaswef Vll'.the purposes of inter nal .national service, ard .that this new army pi 20,000 men was'intehdedior the invasion of"Cana- da. A this was the avowed purpose of the bill, he would bring it into distinct considerations The invasion and' conquest of Canada as it was desirable in itself, and as it might be made condu cive . to, the attainment of peace. I He directed himself to his 'political' friends -and to his political opponents,' (for there were men on both idcs who totally disbelieved that this was the object, and fl ittered their good hearts that it was a mere threat thrown out to aid negotiation) .and,vhe bid them beware how they acted uppn that erroneous imagmation.-. Whoever-conceived that the mea sure was projected as a mcanrof peacec or Tor any thing tiiit an invasion "of Canada, or that the War would, not be contihuvd, was grossly, deceived. 'iyikgfc of friendship, I -fake the; lie warned his political opponents, a ho, though plined militia against a country defended by at least twelve thousapd regular vstferaii troOpsbo - sides itrmiih treason by proclamation, in a quarter Jtoo where such a system could be rttoitedlupjarf lis Wi.h tlie most ...terrtde effect, seemed io be beyond the rarpe of possibility : It never enters into their heads thai' all this was connected , with tbfe 'choice of elector v for the next president, and that the invasion of Canada was only another mode of cafryingon thr. ' election.- But jiow all wa revealed now it ;watM as; clear as day, proved to jerhbnstration that the country may be disgraced, arid yet the cabinet ho nored that the country may be ruinedr yet those " who hoM its -destinies -be happy. '. Kir- here reverted to an expression of hU,J viz.' thiti paradoxical as it mighnippesr,' a mcp sure was to', more likely to succeed tor bu'igjconi-. tradictory . to common "sense and common prti- f' dence. . He said that there was somethihgm fla grattf audacity more likely to accomptisn certalri" pu rposes in a 1 1 .either s 1 1 eng'.h or genius ; and he who, regardless of sharheundertook what never. t was 'tnought of before,-or before un-tertakeri, was' . most likt ly to accomplish if, I he project now iaV, the contemplation of the government he thoiight of this kud, and quite likely to succeed It was, feasible aharmy of 50,000 men might be obtain ; edj- he did believe Money might and wo&ld'pu- go't by loap i-and then such an army having a pro Y per leader .'aniniatf d by a con viction of its "o w.i - strensth, and of the danger of flinching, would not; fail to cet what they demanded," if not by the votes ot this house, by the oayone;, Vir. y. inereiorc l warned them to seb the business as it really War- . -A scheme cf invasion "whickt, as the French ; Em- pcror once said about ships and. colonic" so his, friend in ike American cabinet - : . Here he was called to order by i member, y 1 1 . The speaker-spoke, but,we know not .what spr-' ' cifitally was shid by him, or by the membef -who'l. calltd Mr. Viuincy to orner i we.imagineq -ot n -, time it, related to taking down MrvQurncy 'sword -from that gentleman's reply, in whh iie said he. was desirous to be respOnbibie for(.cry word h - laid, ' 4b& then repeated them r iting that it -wa right to call nations at pei,ce with js,' and V.- ' diJtd all es o'e as lu rtliauee,.i our fiienSs i he spok-of4heiriubU to doiso and thwewne tie.wgui-l . wnai n uau, -biti re attempted to eay ; a scbt m e of in v a si o v v of which; is the French Empeun'iaid ab.nit ship., and coh-iifc, ao his fi iund, the .Ui ricwi X.,ly i r. . . . i

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