North Carolina Newspapers

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iWum li : mat no government ever yet
"u .'-.,rt l by.'f inucnda .s : the sting ol tar-
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asin iiin me ir":Hl" " -"
u b nf the .t-mark,' - ---- -
,',.;,;,j.Wff un the obiect oF the bill to L-
, . i n.- TOr-ii lor takwiK Canada,
VI. O. a-irl he WOUIU ill imvv v
niiv ; t
1st. The invasion on its own merits.
L for the attainment oi flww
j 1, r3 v" - -
f the- continent
As, to the first point, he said, ne was mn uuer
W his own opinion ant),. but the conntmea sco.
fiments of the people in his portion of the union,
that the Invasion of C. nada wWct)i, waktqk,, ana wicxmj. c
r . . , . i.. .ni.,.i0 Ann hn
be understood by net uemcu, m: uu. i--
j mns rccenilf produced. vno worsnippeu m mic
;J. s where Umdorcei was priest, and Machia
rr s &.d, who considered that iheena josiintu
came. ' ; Some who are here, aaidne. from' thaf
quarter ir s ims of the household troops who ljunge
lor what they can pic. up kwii uw b'c''uw
house, will say differently those :iw ho., cpme-heie
and vH h their Umilie liv a,l ck upon the
breast of the treasury toadeaters who five on ele
r.nurtesv. UDotl the Dtla
Hwailbw great men's spittles, and get judgeship,
and wonder at the fine sights and fine room, ; and
fiae comoany, and, most of all, wondei how they
themnelves gpt there these creawrea will teil
vain no hat such aa I describe are not the Benti
ments ot the people of New England, But t say
look at the elections f in Massachusetts aa inii
vidual against whom here was no objection bat his
beine -friendly -to the cabinet and its system, wa
out nut in fa or of a man of another stamp. Sir,
I have conversed apon thequestion with men p an
ranks, conditions and paitiea in Massachusetts:
men hanging over the plough and on the spade i
the twenty, thirty-, fifty acre men, and their an-'
swers have uniformly baen to the same cnect
They have tskefl, simply, wirn is me invasion
far! Is it fori md? We have enough. Plrtnd;r! . tccotdihglyj : fiten. pcsseiwXtttwoiinlt
ville Bojon.apdiCovertdnhecJouIa fn4 dgrOad,
V.L-meiHfl.tnw.jina BWPlcenuesio IKgVaTri v
aad in oider to pront tne itussian, empire, wnite, he extended v 7 " t
r .,1 k.oIft ft Ih nvina.aiatl v-. . A till '
sJdeW fie iDwina whtcli took
lie drove? thtfnenYf ftoro the
pursued hi riv towards folotzk
telUgence a Httie befor datk
ot-the sitaation nrwnicn me enemy ?iuunu mn v '"' nc. roaa 'roft ti -
I attacked on the evening trtthc five o'clociv ; bnjolensw wascpiumually harassed by djcK
and drove hlm- out of him strong entrenchmenta, imm we corps ot uoctorofl, wfi0 comtnaM r-Tfrr;
to which success ljieut. uen, Lnm oinugcu rwniusw. ;.
moTcment, greatly contributed.
" "The tnemy then threw himself
which is 'surrounded by -a dauble pa
he; miTntajnetf himself nearly .ihs . whole night, , ments, to various positions ,srqtjnd Mcovv v',,. -1
keeVwcr ho a toivstant ftre ot musq .etry on all sWes . on the rows Irom Waldimer. Xico&htt aa' ii;
from be hind the palisades,, as well 4s out of the;trqwnd has actually extendeJ AiV'ir igt,t 'S;
house. I gave orrlei s fr rojr ordnance to fire op-j communicate, wijh, some accounts tyr j,iH j;" fr '
mv advanced c-uard ta storm h .iplacs in two di
visions, the firs; under the command of Tnvjor
generals Piastoff and, rKebitcln ami the other on-
dcr1 the cimmand of -colonel Rwlieger, of the Grod-
. ' . - - . i 1
no rCCTinent ol hussars, juwuienam general oa.
In ,the mean Utna On, M actional j ; w8 f I
rty about the 2ad S pt. and View's coVpfol
edahipoiigh . Wi.lhi. lo-ar.U,-- Soioli -k ?i3iitL
iinovel as soon as he perceived his troops were VVttgenstien and Lssen s i.rmy are saidto W ,
clise bef re Po!otk, threw himself alsp. upon the beto detacKed. to act upon. W i' tpsk n&
enemy, and was ne nr w" marencu wum uichi
into the town. In this manner, at three, jn the
. i . . . t- IV inp 41 RM 1K1KS1IMC l!UUU IU VIIW 0 I
Uir mean, . .7-7. i- - - o ., . Iti: tK. Mw St,isf We hve
titer : r culd bcl.eveHnat or ineonetic vm M.nrtlft arm to kft-n I ii t and ' " The loss of the enemy. must be extraordinarily
W Tllt" . SnI&ne th. plaCeso?actionare covered ,ui visu. w,tbwenJin.n lhat. Tlieae are JadTcio u Wtijrtr s6- dead bodi,.amI accnrdinKta the report of the m
u, lk.d.nK pcfV? i txc ired 16 us by n i ,j e, and their fase ! hbitant. was employed the whole of the pre-
t .intercse neigh
thv i. v iSucT Slhe atahdard pftheir cWr-l thindir.ofde. Marshall Goyvion St. Cy r, u himseff,woun.
th thr.v.sioft aoatla J horn-ibui heard yours with the same- IhtlHttr. ded hw tg ; . , .
fect cMV th.- conduct 6f ib6 British cabinet Vat erTWpnl(J ,heRrd a harfj'ora: N ; uWe hate taken rers forty five staff ani
'unf rZThri th -K disgJied'S finperior officers, .nd-K, rank fc file ; among the
ta,t.e.w!t would no-To such poluiciafiN : IJV rhmi i. - former h7rce two colonels. AV bate alsota.
r o I
uponAStnoieiisk) while Tohiwivw tad arrSyj
l rinK-on aqout tnq i it.n oi en;e.miBr tmra
f; .SmI.'sko f leaving .On. Sucktri, a'W"Klh'' ,
rily'-keep .lVegnier and the P'rlncw cf'cTiwir;
tn.chetk At the date oftheast KrenitK Ikiif j
I (9th October) ormaoTnVust have , heaiWiliijJi;
j U Smolensky wereIaeotf'bj'-Sfti1
it' also arrived, so lhat tlie'i exfvrltlter, p;:
pie, reeling pity, justice
n-s vpi-v inmir.
Mr Q si'd that he knew ef no legitimate basis
0f ptlKK-aH but the moral duues j no spring from
which '0 draw conthffclooa respecting ei'her but
ftvm the teiwe of thin, and th-. relati.? exist
Jng among them. It would be Wtd thai ihe war
a ihh to take the property of the hostile lia
tijh, and that the dependLnt.t and tolmes bring
au'njects, tbeir property waV; Hable Butxfhete
Hcv other relationar he said whkh, rjeaef ved at
tetti'i.iwrhe relations which nahire had es ablish
i etw en the United $tates and those coWies.
Aaiececent to this war rbere ajabSisudbeivvetii
Canda and the United Statea.n intei course ol
the Tj'Wt amicable and inUTesnng . rature. i ne
ptre on both aides of fett. Lawrence were but
j- txtf" family, though living epaitely, in . the
cdristantfecipfocation oT tnendly and tender oih
te : they even irtci-ma; ried with each other. As
of Mr.Q. then on thiapotftt was, that tbeintasioH piece of cannon, and a considerable; quao
of Canada was cruel, as u brought hre anu a worf wy oi provisjjns m tms.uaMiuc,
amon an'mnbeent,. oneteiiliVige8-wiaiton,. my. 'had dattoyj,. .
v... : ..i i T,rn.- nn imnmnsiir o,f. ' ' u.-The enemy's loss, would hate been much
senseleto. as to this country, because it com ueices greater if the-lieutenant general count btringell
a sysVem which once begun, can netcr ot Closed, aaa Deen aoie to iouow mm u yu '
and the array of iirvasion will be the conquerors ofi great morugcation he was .stopped by the inter
home tod wicked, because At is prevertin th ventiod of superior for Bve versts from ihe,town.
bfeasihgs and beneficence bf'Q&l to the ruin of hii -.Ouy-idsa is-not .inconsrable. Grthe . generals,
are wounoeo major general uais to mc ntaa,
j Prince: i,ibirgkoi and Harm in who have slight
contusions. Col. Rote of the 26th Gagers severe
rry. wounded in the let..and .the gentleman of the
uive us ah account of ano her sreat bdoie'i,;
that City. . -:- v" r .t";.. t,$r.
If poiepn ventures from Moscow Idlw&tote
tas:. ff, Jik rear cbrn'muotcatioC) "wTiK be'er
Wfnzmgerorle t if he attempts the t'Jiif4'
roa i, nis rear win oe sornniooeu -.jvumMt
his line of communica.ion brokcft . v5touIirTorii!.
soft", arrive at Jimolensko in time, to :.'iuttja'afj
Macdonald, the Mluatirm of NAPOLEQSii
rendered desp erate, ahd nothing but a rttrtat,
' (Tboe concludr& in outntttj
Satvrdw Januar-9.
NEW U HV B tuw- v n
another ba!.'k can,, wveWm-
Letters from 'Washinirton titt inform ui tkit '
Uedcliamber.lorditLno, a corn -naiKier m the tnst CLOSED DOORS have been aeain.siKidenU
On motion of MrvWiLUVMSxb:e house ag in feterabqrgh raUita, has -lost his leg oy a cannon i without, pretiou intimation, lecuired-to, Soma
resulted itself in cofnmitee of the whole," on the shot. - y - . . 4 I conjecture tnat, the .aubj.-ct relatfS to the.ewteitK
unfinished business of yesterday, Mr. Bibb to the , , i4 I can say nothing further of your Imperial pid expedition against Last Florida. We hope,'
chair. - . t - : .r ' majesty Vtroops, thanUirft they '.bve foiigh with: ant mcrely bope,. better things. .. I he haifea W
Mr. Clay, (Speaker) spnke altogether for a the greatest possible valor j that the urst 1 ettrs- bee.n uffieiently dtgraderU wjtho;it adding to tfie '
rrivai i-n .my. caniu, wa .lim fii d-shenor the o such a nn n. sc.-
.... . . . .- , - . 7 0 .-ii . .
ciwuHcs,. "7 v-"7 ti .u ,..:Af it AMt. Li. lUtrihntia in the r ifl.:r -nt reffiments. and to the i, n.'.i. . .. ...i r. fc.-'
!0W friends) there was nothing to fcar
Vheaijj'evet' miUion'f( pecpL had nothing to
"apirhen3 from not hlf a m lli- n. Plunder was
Tiv be had 'he-e z and gkjy! . vurtly there
.'C-.v'i?' 5e no i;! ryl Nevtn nvlliuns conquering
'iOAOOO.' giant riushing a pi;wy. The Kiant
'nh(iould. glory in such a triumph must hate a
''jj';.apitit--inid'ec; I ' Nor wps this all- It could
! not in ijiny material ,-,grt-e ifft Great Dntaii.' o.
-vcur-ati vantage On.4ht coritrary, the intaHiona
;.fir In m having fatonble had a most in.ospl
.jcWoa effect ..! ;wr .tbe,vtMn f (iairada that
gave ftw &Y fifftl '0 tftt ijrf-Uh nJlhff hr
a election. The Briush pe ;le wert wil.iing to
takeg'tttti'd with An-erVcaon jinciple, 'Vjti whti
iht saw th'i't we grasped at the. firs' -opvtunity -,
to cany the war: among their harmless coKinivt.
ymathy ' ertTisteij'.tbcm on the -side of the latter;
?r.t pfiduced an effjt ' ivn their tempetv'Kucfe
V$i ig'bT be exacted. But a".: these c'nsidera
:otih were"' lost- u;kwi our cabinet, Etm bevv
Jibe- var was. declared our army .was marched a
Jgalmt tttj CanatwnV a.nd 4- wa notown.ti.
jbur'government, or,vheir ocu'es in that house
that ? at the moment Mr. Q.; was speaking, the
-boneVthe ( 'ahadi jna wrro nix4-ifrit,h- thr
? isbesbl their habiiJijons. 14 Since the invasions of
;ihe..lcatiitfratdjiMt Q ) there is no g ii
-j his'4y Hke 'his war- The disgrace of our arniie
viCtiesti.d glo.-y comp red to" ibe disgrace rt flrct
ed on our country by this invasion Yet it is cal;
1 ed a war for glory 1 Glory I , Ys, such glory ?.
J that of the tyget when it.teari me bowds.from 'he
tamb, fi'Hr.g the wikierness with i s savage rosr.
Tbe glo'y rf Zenpi KJn without hiagrealries
The flory of'li-neparte.',f'ar from me and miiK ,
t and far ;TrohT my eounuy be st ch glory.;--
amt is to..j:lant of ittwrtat soil, "
A:3 Kor ii the-glrstenltig foil ' "'; '2'
j Set ff p"ihe : world, m r in broad rumor Ties
ri But litf 8 and spreads aloft to h'ise pure eyes
' And j-erfect witnr's'of ath judging Jove,
vv - When he pionouncts' lastly On each deed, :
yr Of och wfame as this be my country s meed.
;i:Mr. Q. said that; not or I,; all the: idmiesl Wfar
.;ftS i l.ave relation to that pejElple, but those we
fcutjvea, oor fellow ri'iz 'l.V. and our consti-
vlB'ton, tugged that wfc Ar Yti yaietiAw.'.
t'Oi the face of the icar h that h ui call ipge
Ytbjjnd enih"dy the;tagcb.nd of tlie counti)
i' poo-put themi under that nangtrfwis class cf mm
be choice spirits." Ditj tbr hr-wsi lern nothint
v fttm Jiistrry j Did it hot tell tWm wiib manifest
rta-rols thi'k set through i's psEeb, thai: armies
J hp placed tihdtt siicb mtii,, wht-n thev 'cnmu'if.
- .k :. -.. .' . . ., .. . r. --
Know ineir.9'rt.r.g'h, and to understand the power
t ir en derive fn m uaing in concei t. a'.! feeling 'hi
crmtorts of a life, of ust less indolence come to br
;i tisbsr.ded,; arm so to sis'-k into insignificant.e, .wil
W wise. th onlv nortion of this commwi- Wit oenstein St stoi med that place. The exn me ' they be retracing their steps, there rat be oHffl
iv. of whose anolause I m ambitious, couM I1 darkness of thi night prevented further procee-: tlon to their d.iUK it in the dark
1'he' Lieutenant G-.n
deem a reply necessary
ter expecyjk nveT wish
iflitencs. than what results trom distinct pnnci
nrA thrvi ninmlR mmitintr from k own. CCTS and pilvatfS PTrsoners
m"- w r r" i ' T .T . " - T j f i
r proved facts fl-f who refutes thos principles,! eral speaks in highest terms or comm-mianon
or diproTes those fattas my honor. He, who'ofrhe asststance lie ..lenteu iroin tne aoic exertions
ms represents, or nrniale esthcr one or Micotner.oi major yens a
lia ,mv pity, or my contempt, accoramg to tne
pfoporlion of imbtrfity
heart, which entets into the cause oi sucli" miatake,
t,;riter wwsyit via spmnt-s and a vrs, the pl- d,
ipertatqfts ofjihoutrht'apd lator and princi.le,
rr tut wilt take counst I ' tym- tbeirleidef' the
slmU nextro, Refuen.berV 'said Mr. Q
;th)t nibtr, I warn you, he who plahta tU- Ame
rioati t;lldal W the.w!Is of Queher.: nl untit
)fin -nA;iiill parcel it out into dukedoms
?) jRhd seignories jtinw, coimties, o his follower-
'V lien 1 umtemplaAehe character and conssquen
.cespf this measure, u isa .aolare to me unn 'm
! resets, that my st ctionV)! ihe Union has'nohaock
in it jr-Mat u ahhois no eschews it ; that e ha v
1 done oiir u;mos to drive: th, gi.Vty'' authors f f
; frym the r seats i that our -hMhclare not t'motm -d
; In I"rd ano- tnat me scuis sent to their untime
nicnt seat t-litsvtn." 1 his v ay ; of thinking
"JvV; Q ..aid, wa not p rulirtf to him, but was'!;
' c"l ii :'' r. 0;1 Stife ate! rf'niir urtl
I 'me iiiitiiiKCLce oj ite peition rom'Lich he
deligbt of etery boly, thes.3 warriors have fought beco-m? so greedy of -e-niupt s;' il, as to ,.? oj".'
with such good ill and courage,, that they o ild ' the teiri'ory.of a peo,le with un e are n -nC
not be exceeded, by thrlr co nrades, the old sol- Conttst, and against whose p-o rty we liaww'
diers, an 1 they have, diatinguisbed themselves n a s,adow of claim ? O- have we ai the hadgat
particular manner in columns, wih the bayonet fcn mtn wanton and wick'd enoogh t s i(p!'
under the direction of their brave leader. Senator covering the shame of failure in ith esay atamn ''
Bibikoff Wk have few killed but iii iiiy wounded, ' poss1- ssioos of an enroy. tjy the g!pi v of mV
arid the mwe- from its having been almost irripossi binir an oppressed and h- rmltss fr'tnd ?
oie to neep me niun ujiv m h'mii iucr not. i ie United ta.tes Cannot DC so D-
nnoiii firmness, to The overllSwTh
- i - .. . j ' i -
naliru'ty or angr. , -J' ' . lUaiienes aivi lines. . i . . ) by scotnging a lew miserable . LnUHics lrt
Mr Chairman-t do ot rtieu-to rpy ,, to trr;j- ine'-w arao..ftp;w te ycrjcr, uy gcWs ant dwellings
mrks of the hon. the Sneaker, wb it seems Lieut. Oen. Uwnt tring-il. uttamni; toe pjrticu frr ih c!iair. io nnrlr to d tht. lars of hts e.lkrii:ement with the corp ol M icrlon.
,kk n mt.. mmhi.r nfihi, hftit. Pith-rialJoo the left bank of the Owina. having .frdlen ' rr disaster has broinrht wiadom;fo the cahir.?t
viliing to undertake. o was deemed competent to: in .with the enemy on the 7th near the river ; cong,ess, bur humiliations will have b,-en ph
lerform. I should blnsh lor myself, ,n'l for the 1 Utchirclv lie drive them in concert with Count ,-,ve Gf thtir good ss well as their evil. ShjH
ral very intemperate insinuations, to call them by
no worse i name: against Mr. QiilsrcitT, at whom
indeed, the whole- asperity of his speech seemed
to heielH ""As soon as he rnd '.afhw , r"
Mr. QtrisCfcY rose in his place, and made ihe
folloin iiig lifted ,Ueply, which seemed ta haVe
the 'effect, even upon" some. uf his ad versaries of
extorting -their Vespect, and forot35 eompietHng
them to acknowledge the snpetnty ol calm aiw
We would rtfhertrisitffetYfte ttiW'
sed relative to someproj ct of accominodrttiml-i
Who vyi.iliWV
A i a public mans 1 re ; dings ; wi'.hout counting killed or wonnded Q:n I behold their confusion, or the ill g.ace ldt
h ny o her, or farther eral Stringell made one Colonel, one S aff Olbcer. ' truants, Kng practised in mischief, may set about
Its from distinct princi -37 other officers, and 500 ooif commissioned ofii the painful work of reformation ? "
The senate, we learn, have conBrmed the ft
point of Capt. Junes,' as secretary of theaavf.w
alihitnimTmanrot'e ratT1-1'
strcmg, as 'iecretriiy of waf, by '?.
votes ;; In this cas e bn r& mm jqotai
that of war, tKe senate, although not yet tijr
::,.-..,:i..l:j,.jfocmihe.:.J3vttiin ftjimQr ri:-;"i'r"iin::
r .. .ra frrim th prtiot nt nf F.tirnrif!
1JI III- t-" 1 -. r: ' . .x. - V, .
- . ' ..a .. . t . - , 1 , . r . . ..I.!.. n rV t r t .
or misrepresentation. - I cannot put mvselt up-mTthe liehrseems nurs ing torn in tne M!tn,.aim . support 01 ci r wpnHtncjm, v'r
. . . Z i L. . . -mm . L 1 IT . ws fiaad
he l.vel ot retort. 1 hat, ia my observation., i rid minkin l m y now. entertain wen grotis cu-d hopes tinguisma-uacn'uy- Mwj wm..
iot nass the fair limits of Darliamentarv discuSsiori ,f ,h a eat-tration. of the liberties of the civilized them. :
s obvious from this, that the hon the speaker ; Wo' Id. The paiiieuU'rs of'miliiary' events which
himsulf, then presL'ing in. this hoase, nelth :ts;op . have been received from" St : Petersburg, all confirm
prd-me himself, nor permitted outers to do -it, the opinion which has for .a long time been enter
when it was attempted. tinned oy those mos' lamuia-r wnn nusia aa-w u
The new arm y bill, for, the raisingof
diiional be enlisted for one year,
the house of representatives on th: Htb M
.Sofar as rtsnect anv nersonal reflections which he olan i.nd orocrress of the campaign that jority of .76 '044- Ihe appointment .,
. ; . . ' 1 . .. , . r " . r .-..' ... ' i u - .
napr toe &-ut..'
.Perpetual teien. The leWed and nnlerl.
nve fallen from th hon- speaker, or may fall from Napoleon-, baa nevei he'en, placed in so critical I. a under the grade ocolontB, rests 80IC17 v"r
ameluioeseruonotine army in prtsioenu ":. . . v
other members, t?ycbingme,Midiviilua!lv, he and , situation since his shamelul desertion ot the army in pre
h-v have their liberty. Such. as my repntahqn Eirtut Let us consider for a moment the reasons -
is,, b.f jre Billingsgate opens its floodgate, such (upon. which these hopes, are grou tried, .
Irwill remain ltr the odious n-iod snail nan-
ed bv. For Mr. Chiirman, this is my coniolalion
and sunmi'V
. Vjrtue. inuv be '.assailed, but nefer. hurt,
Siifpns d by. unjut t es, but not enthralled; J
Yea, even that, -which mischief meant most hrm,
S vjUinfubappy; trial, prove most gry.
RutevU, .n itself shall'back''"ecoJ, ' '-C,.
And mix no more with goudness '
k ''' If this tail,,
The pillai'd firmameni is rottenness, .
m earth's base -built on stubble."
: ra Vnrl ,hJ nrohi.Mc nhmhi ie nhsr.nre mill Writfht, has it IS said, COJHUMCiw
houldesama as follow., viz. , - machine having Vh jKiwrtof aeo
xk.'mim'ffv. nforced after the battle of Bo which basJiiweno oeneo au jwiikv. -;
en xinf Mndelt--vQy"rt 8t least 4chUe 'iit frpm.that it
rodino,. 120 OOotbe, duke ot Belluno's (Victor s) a vecep"n, .. we nave B.:'"b .r
WWimtZtlKi artsy ueiH Cyr, at least 4chliae .but frpm.that it seems tmposvoj-M
OV IH)J lllO CUIUS UU'.ISI -f viw Ilk vmv. ,-...t ;-.,.--- ,r ----- . i . ..nit
:. l . . or "... r k n'inn. From ineenious statenv'
army wpicn nas oeen waitntai;. um.-"ii put "- -..v---?- - j---- n v u
inforccd may amoun'JO' 50,000 Total . French, one for a moment is ready to yield. WJZ
.., . 1 tJ ,. a. 1 ...ui, f k. riirnwi : but a sketch ot tne iw-
-Tbe Russiaa force-consists of seteji different ftrvl is not calculated toconfirm thebe litfJ.
mies. The main army under &.utnsowr teuuorcea .appears eoaiijt u...vm, r-" -- 7 'i,,
f:rth o-risat battle, orubabiv. no't out,nnrober the , St ill a hazard wod be run W pronouncing mj
.nemv. 30 ooo-(ieneral Witsensteien's army, vchtion a cheat IIr. Retlaefler is a iWiivo
M .Extract from the report of Count Wittgenstein 1 60,000; the garrison of Riga, originally 10,000. and
io nis imp-riai majesty, aaieu rotoizati we tu,n r iniorceuv-.o uin , imanucnniitniiuig uuwv.
Oct. 1813. ' ' ' , -. iOe't Kssen, 30,000; un. Wlnzengerode's corps,
14 After; a - hard engagement for twO days with
the enenjy. tharjks to the almighty, marshal Gou .
vion St Cvr is on the other side of thepwio, apd
I am in Polotzk, with the corps entrusted to my
command. v : ..':.'..; .:.. :::...-':-r-7:.;'i;t;. :l.J...:S-,.-.:.A '..:;
ft Ort the 6 h inst. I directed Lieut General
Piinct? Jisehtvil jo attack with his detarhmvntthe
nem v on the side of the village Guravitchne, whilst
Lii-ut.Geo. Count S'ringell continued,;h'i3 march
this way on the left bank of the Dwina.,. Vv ' . -"
' ' The enemy's advanced euard received me at
he village Gbiayitchti it was dri-Wf But aftej- miking large deductions fro
vrn una the lines, t be engagement was most
blood V, it hefan at .& o'clock in the morninir and
caseor bear witness aa'nst us before the jurtg err- he enemy o retreat within his intrench mems. llussian atms. , '
whence he k. pt up a very hevy connonade in all
directions. ' Vhe follow'mg,'rabrjning the 7th, I did
iibt undf:rake aovthin becafls I waited for the
attack of Lieut. Geo. Couot tStringell on the other
thor of a piece whichai
30.0CK) ;. the reinforcement of this last corps undtr
I,,- minre rftr tatanoff. lO.OOOl (er. lormOSOIt'S
armv reinforced by Tsch t4ivanuffirom Moldavialder the Raleigh
Reserve, 24 000; the girrii'o,of fJobyri isk, 10.00 ); recomm
dsstined rKmb.bly to act cgainst Hegnier anj; ihe time
Prince ot ichwarizennurg, wiu aroouniwrw,uw "t"2
Total Russians.-. 404 O00. - -
This, calculation is not wholly founded Jupon aq-
tual official information, but partly upon postive "ip
.iI!mi, .nri --rfl ir nrrtv tTfprnr p nrl npolv'''
A commbs"ioqe wishej--'
ri n ill. .orfaK - . I
anther presumption m lvo!
cause. Napoleon hi4,rep ' f-
tbe ruins of AIusC9 tome , .. y

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