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Vol. 17.
FRIDAY, FEBRtfflYtt K 18131 ;
v'-. "V:.;,K'". 4:'v 'i.-v--' j.4. ' .. ":.
N0: 881.
4 '
.... ..!,- ' - J
jb''1. ' CfiVEBNOR'S , MESSAGE. ;
GenilemeiLoLihe-Senate, and --i-jL-J---I
Gentlemen of the House of RepresentaCives,
. In the elections which have taken; ptace in this
state since your late session, the people- ha?e ma
nifeSied an unusual decree of unanimity. They
have, for the most part, an equal interest in pro
moling the prosperity of the country, anl when
dispas6ionaie and well informed they will not he
found ! deficient either in discretion or rectitude.
IVlav ihev be vet more united hnth in sentl
and jffction. and be ready t6 forget uhlrhpbftant
. '"m- T-n ' .
potnts ot uinerence wnen the public-peace and
safety require their union,
Although wc have no agency in conducting our
national affairs, we must view with anxious cort
cern the important changes which are taking place
among the powers ot Europe. one ol us sove
reigns, under the pretence of giving freedom to
4he seas, is carrying war and desolation into re
gions remdte from eaph other, and seems deter
mined, by fraud and violence, to subjugate or des
troy every civilized nation. Thus tyranny has in
all ages assumed the fictitious garb of liberty. In
the calamities and dangers of Europe," we are now
unhappily involved ; but as the principal alleged
cause of hostility against England has been re
mrtved by the repeal of the British orders in coun
til, and a desire has been evinced to k.-ep the way
open to reconciliation, we can hardly suppose that
the war will be continued, to protect m our mer
chant vessels the seamen of Great Britain a?a'mst
hclatmsf-tht-governrnentTTro cwqutr the
aujointng terruones, the acquisition ol which must
-be expensive and of very doubtful advantage ; and
.... i . - .
anil less to am me inumpns and support the usur.
prions of the tanrelentihg oppressor of mankind.
in a commercial iiaie i ne contracting . ot debts
is necessary, as trade cannot be canned on to anv
great extent without credit. But owing to the
spoliations upon our commerce by the naitOas of
, . r o
tie commercial regulations and, restrictions ot our
own government: and to the "present war with
Great .Britain," the unavoidable -accidents to which
met' in trade are expased, have of late been mora
numerous than at any former Deriod. Ivtanvijer.
sons, by these unforfseen eveats, have been im-
povensheit in their c;rcumsiarices, and are become
incapable of paying theirdeits. Perhaps yoy will
think it necessa v Iq make some provision by l.nv
for their relief, which shall guard them agajt.M
the severity of their creditors, vi he same
Unit give no encouragement to extra -ranee or
fraud ty-an: unreascabie ir-dulgence to.dcbtora
ine rcmamdernr the message consists bf ob
rvjtiens on local matters, in 'rip-wis iatercstinir-
to our leaders, j ; - j "
i cannot express the Troth, and founded upon, the eotiVcrifiton system topass unmolested proves shedid bow is the
One of these beinp-S of Frarir.e W UAe tn th VtarRifiratinn nf the Vonrllir.t nf the Arlmira'l n h atAtmxA fni ?. Tf
Virtue, ihtflli. militia itn tKrj AvLitr laoA Ru h!a Kill al. wp wtv nrm ittA tn UoaJ a 1- ..tLm
ed ofijcSe seeker. F6i myself
disdain I feel whenever I hear
making a parade of his 'superior
gence and disinterestedness. ; , v ? ' , ; so, all the youth of the country are ilace'd at the
But let us consider, for a moment, what is in command of the executive as a disposable force,
T,h&. paragraph which immeJiately fallows is taken
horn the NevV York Comu;cta Advertiser
. t- -
The oomn'.erit's are from the Evening Post.
K 'If then tiies arc truths and ,are self evident
Jet evr ry man whofrs the: conviction, nondf r and
reflecti on the. best me 4us of i scnine 'his toun-
try frotrr JMaaTtfflvliT. no one who has filedg d
Jib reason, etid enti.ted hit . fimtiom ' as a oar;y
wan, can ie.t d u helping hand int!is crisis of our
affairs. The help we need, is not that which we
Can expect from either a federalist o a renublica i
as sucii. lo, it musUjnrtnate trom a nobler toutceJ . . . . 7
ftrwl fl iur frrro o I - ' hlGC that
reality: to be understood by hartyrnen and no frnr
iWK2Takevt.h 'jpa, .ur administration have
seen nrto involve the country in war, arid who is
thr mnni nt f K f Anna hn. nik.a '
It I. - v - j a .
rxiisapprove ot this measure I it there is, il our land
xwuiaiiis niuiui iia a 3U Ulltultcemeu
in its welfare, 'that he is equally indrfTcrent wheth
er it is at peace or involved in war ; so regard
less of its fate, that he cares not whether wisdom
or folly rules, nr even enquires what are the pis.
sirig events of the day,'let him be held in iust ab
horrence, as an outlaw unworthy any man's rio .
various foreigners, who have no ties 'toTcgnnect
them wi'h our soil ; who have no further-regard
for the land than as it affords them a temporary
asylum, and provides thsm with meat and drink,
and,consq MjntIy, neither feel, nor can be suppo
sed io leei, much real concern m its affairs-- But
the American, who takesvso very little interest in
the well-being of his country, "as to unite in opin.
ion nehhet with those, who support, nor with those
who condemn the leading measures of Us rulers,
.is a selfish misanthropist, in whose dark and gloo.
my breast no suark of patriotism "ever p limmerorl.
No i all honest men j all who feel that love of
to march ahy where and do any thing, for which
nur tuiiicas may pass iaw. 11 mis oe noi vir
tually the system of Nkpolebn,; it means nothing
rlus subiect. it would be; that the hlnrtcaHe has
.been irisiiCttted unde the expectation of , French
iu viibaorcoD.c, tinu vesacis arc prevcniea
fron sailing in order that information might not;
be obtained, of the point here the Biitish force"
" It isgoo' said ,he. eloquent i?r. Quinc, 14 for : is stationed. , , This is howeyer only a conjecture
Frenchmen, eood lor foreign eonauest. and ?ood
foir corruption ; bitt )tis bad for self defence. & bad
for Americans." . l '.'
We are preparing the debate of the last week
as fast as we are able, and it snsll be regularly
published without any unnrceiadry delay. Ib.r
on our part, for perhaps the' character of the war
is ,apout to pe, changed. Hitherto we have felt
but tle of its effects ; our valuable coasting traded
which; is more important, than many imagine,
has as yet been subject to but slight interruptions,
With the force, which froln the British prints,
fllik ll'n rl. v'o tlnfl m mm iUm . ......
i ( . ; -i " ( , . . ' ! MmM vii iiic nay iu uur tuasis, we
The proposTtidn l .whjch had passed the house; may look for a blockade from New-York to St.
DptjHaUve'hy' assefnbly b'-' tliis St'ate,1 Marys."; . ; ' -
We understand that Admiral Warren, has ad.
dressed a letter to Col. Freeman, commandant
at this place, notifyihg that the Chesapeake is in
a state of rigorous blockade r
for buildffrir a fricate and a corvette'. . has bern re
jected in the senate j through what unaccountable i
' CoWriRMATioM This morning arrived the
ship Emily, capt- Scott, from Baltimore bound
iu Aiaouu uic oin insiaiu, ine nmuv wat
;bv iheir nrtinnH in th nrn.nt iuip. ik xaitinr.
country which is the honor and the .boast of the of this first measure of an effective kind, at a mo
virtuou3 in all aires, must belontr tnhn nawv rh'rripnt hn th et . :.. i
other ; to that which approves and supporu, or toi lying out at an accumulating interest, exhibits a
that which condemns, and. bv all cnnstiturfonnl ' s
measures," opposes, the men who administer niYr;Hr ,fTairt. that vrtnt tnK;Ki Cn. )),;,.,..
public affairs. Suspect him, whoever he msv be. lancholv reflections to everv man HevntM in tti.
andjinder whatever specious pretences he may cause of virtue, liberty and indepencence. ?
collect. haweveT.ibat the senate, both in the last
ear and in the nreu'ent. rfltrl rm tmm mntuna
of reicliitiohii support the rights Jof the nation
and the wawith lift, and' fortune: Such conduct
but It fixes an indelible stigma on the common. 'brought to by the squadron under Admiral War
wealth and on republican goveinmentsince the'ren, and her register endorsed in the' following
can be determined, not by their; professions, but jbors in the Chesapeake, were yesterday put undjQ
(Signed) J.. B. WARREN,
Yke Admiral of the Blue, Commander in chief
seejklbxloak himseff' wlrb boasts that he Hs no tiar
4But to return to fur ektrar't 'fenn thp rw
merciat7Advertisert v '
After informW OS with wonderful trravitv. that
bur affairs are in a denlorable crisis, .the writer.
who has borrowed the Dofu!a signature from
Southern paper of '0l& Man of the Mountains")
. is . . . ..... P J
tenses, ihat weneed a hdntng hand lnihis cri-
Franklimgton, Jan. SO.
the morning of the 22ci inst. the detach
ment under General Winchester was entirely die
sis." And whe shall , it be He very khdly teTs ' ,eat'1 l ine w,ver taiv8in bY an Indian and Bn
us know, who, at least, it shall not be . The j tiih force' am?l,Otingv to about 2000. Winches
help we need, is no' that which we ran expect !ter'9 fo,ce w bout 00, composed of part of
from either a federalist or a Yefiubtican, as such.,'Scott Lewis'sahd Allen's Regiments. The en
Why not, I ask. Because, savs he. Mo one emv .commencea me auacK in the morning, imme
who has fUedgrd hi renion, and enlisted hi fins
ttons, as a partv m tn, can
this rn-j ff mr
. . ...... . ......i. v' XI'. lb 1U31 UllllldLC ' ' 1
from j n-r jMrcr and fi4 trfn z.hurrfoun- ibut very inconveniently posted, and being entirely
ra:rt."What f Pure patrio'.ism ho where to tv. surrounded, they were brofeen m twenty minutes.
ioiwu ani!ng men ol either party t And who is
Idiately after Reveillee, by throwing shells amongst
an lend a helpiK hand in 'our trooPs vtt0 ln othcers and men had risen
-.ffurs " '" No it must orieinate lrom ' Aey were, however, formed,
I The General endeavoured to rally them after they
! had Dflssfd the river, hut without fflVrt pnv.
jeriujr oemg, inai pos.' ' , . . " . .
e, more bf talents, and S0-?' with thc Cenera, broke through in that
lai been seen in - any tdirection bul from the deP,h of thc 8now tnos
he gr?i 'ncr-sencp, the su nerior beinc. that
W T ' O
senses mov oi pyhuc vtrtue
.. . r . . . u
ifiwis, up ji.iu ..ui ism, man iia's. oeen seen in any! " v r" ", i
n,ati ot r-v prly his country yet produced ?, " ,uul Mcrc souu ovcr iaKcn n ine .naian8.
Where. is the. cxiu! btinls from what Quarter The General frequently attempted to form
J .ts be come-, vir,8P actions are to nrorWri from ' tnem to PP5 the Indians, but his efforts were
noble urct-r u 'lose motive are to fl f om effectual. He was killed and horribly butcher-
than did the actions atvd mo- i ef 0ur Io?s 15 TcV ' bul thc Prech! number of
l ! 11 .1 t : -. .
uves oi a Washing,on ; or his co tenants of U1CU not own. ii is nopeu tnat the greater
the tomb,. Hamilton or Ames If TideralUm i Part of our troops were taken prisoners. Geoeial
an ifftiobU- s ource. Washikctom was ip-noble. for Hanson has returned from the Miami Rapids 15
he was Its founder ? if federalism was an impure . miIes' nd inten,ds taking a stand there.' His
tountaifwVAsatNOTOM was corrupt, for he wasi"w H 1 . 8' Ht,,lra"u ne nopes to
us origin.- And if national confidence may not, lc amc lu B.,,, s,,.inc PncipaKonjeei oi the
Extract from a resectable gentleman at NevfCrlearifi
aatea uec.
" By news lately received from the Western,
frontiers we aie informed that the army of volun.
teers organited at Nachitoches, within the U
States, far from meeting with a friendly reception
in Texas have been defeated and cut to pieces.
Mr. P. S. Davenport, resident for more than ' 30
years Nagogdoches, a man very much attached to
and highly esteemed by the Spanish authorities,
was dragged along with many other peacable
Spanish inhabitants by Magee and his troops of
miscreants he followed them to Trinity, and
from thence to Spiritu Santo,, about 40 leagues
from St Antonio. At Spiritu Santo he found the
means with all the Spaniards about himamountingr
to 350, of going over to St. Antonio, and having
informed Governor Salcedo of the situation and
other Particulars nf the invndi
a .-- j nw i uiuva
emor came forth with a superior force, surprised
mem anc cut to pieces this company of freebooters-
We expect with impatient curiosity tlfc
particulars of this ahameful affair.
TEAR 1813.
Civil expenses, including domes.
tic and foreign,
For payment and securing the
payment of the public debt
Military' establishment already
authorized. 15,205,515 00
Do. further to be
raised, including
volunteers ' and 1 .
12 month's men 6,000 000 09
in any crisis, be placed in the virtue, and talents .campaign. It is well known that this detachment
was sen 10 nvcr iaiiu oy uenerai Winchester,
without the knowledge, and contrary to the opin
oi uiose uiscipies ne lelt , tichincl mm, in vain
nwy we search' beneath thc skies for irtue purer,
or talents brighter.
A vay base and foul detracter .'Away, and
fiom the generous souls of the men who can av
' parties have proven the bane of our country'
" Let us belong to no iarj" Let those who
mve ineir . country best, j:m heart and hand. and
i l i-i . r . i . . ...
It mustemaiutei. . olusnie8S 'rni, wnicn slander his pol
laucu wuii-ncr iiarucsi. pumice :
" Perjt icuit frontemt fiosuitque fiudorem."
We understand, Mr. Grundy declared in his
ion ol'Geheral Harrison. He was, however, urged
by his officers, and agreed, . perhaps contrary to
his own iudement. He reinforctdthe dtarhmnt.
took the command, and fought and died bravely.
Lieuti, Col 19th Regt. U. S-Infantry
T? .. f . . y AIL I . r .
, a ... ... . ' - - 1 "viv, oiauu, i-ii.- wiuiiuv uctiareu hi nia Mia.trm.Ltw a tetter jum siiuunu. aaita Jan. 31.
dechm: to the world they will be Amcruant o": place yesterday, that the present executive would ! . The alarm which existed, here a few davs
v lieu ine mariMnrrinr ronrrinif.r th jhni o. 'never iiv? nn rnnncnt trti" iar. -unui ... k . ..
. ...w v. o- - - - r - r-r w,w' aco resDecune a Drevauine lever has tn some
tract was first broueht to me for Dublir.ation. in
the Evening Post, as it was bv a resoectable friend
.of the author's, (but who did not discloscthe au-
- -vv-. ""v ..-.0y.v u- r- -v...,...v . v.i.W5..-uimiWUlc Legislature will take place, probably ' to
thor s name) I perused itpaiiently urftiftwnTto- Madison resigns, dies or serves out -his time. , Ntw-York We have lost two mlh,!. hh
the Daraeranh cmwUtinof of Ki. u i 2T5lmn'nn fnrtu w.,u ! Jt-or v! e .nave lost two members, both
tne paragraph consisting of this extract, whn 1
instantly gave it back with an astonishment and
an indignation I neither could nor attempted to con
ceal, telling the Kthtleman who brought it thnt
such a thintr could never aDDear in anv mr.r raf.
K :...if rTj .... r. ' r-r-
ig ui reucrai. ? ne saia ne was not aware of
oi us containing such sentiments, and went away,
as I supposed, to return it to its author!:-
It is with extreme regret I now find it devolves
Upon roe, as an act of duty, to- animadvert, with
come severity upon this production, and its appear-
hulc, in a newspaper engaged 4n supporting the
same common cause with mvself. I am willin.
--- . ,
however, charitably tc suppose that as it was only
ft COmmUtliCatiotL it OW- iln ine rlirtrt - m tWm ir
advertence, not the approbation of a irentleman.
U'hoieA ... r...T . it . . r,.
v -. wv.initnv iv leueruiibui win never, i trust,
be questioned. Hut I should certainly feel mv-
self wamintrinresoect to that nartw in ah. Mr.i,.
l have had the honor to enrol' myself ever since
formed arid established the constitution-' under
which we live, and Wee flourished, if I .suffered
-such a broad cajumny to. pass without .expressing,
The cant of candor wtlfwhich this writer affects
y talk about party can deceive ho one It is hard
f 1 HeCMBSrV In niinl. 9i,lAr!l in o f .U
sMci vauon,DUt 11 is among the many sagacious
marks of Swift, that the man who in party times
.'0W3 himself forth as belonging to no party, is,
r -vj!h few, if any exceptions, neither a man of hon
y sty or veracity, and generally speaking a disappoint
. . . , , , . i W ngo icsijccuiig a . pierauiuK- icver nas in some de-
right demanded was conceded by Great Britain-. g?ee ided? thof if anynew cases should occur
which is as much to say, unless England is con. iand moyt fctBi t have no douht fln .n:nnrnmpnt
quered or humbled, the war will continue until ine thV. Leirislamre' will tk nia... rk.Ki-
Let flie4mpressioo' once co forth, which everv
pains is taken at this place to disseminate, that the
war is to continue four years longer, unjess Eng
land submits, "and the consequences wifroe very
soon and very generally felt. What wi prophe
cy will be history. fed. Refl.
.m, CONGRESS. . ' ' '
" During the past week, the house of representa
lives have passed'the bills to authorise a loan of
sixteen millions of dollars to issue treasury notes
for five millions more, (with discretionary power
to issue' five" millions in addition, should not the
loan be completed,) and the bill to arm and class
the militia of the U-States. T"
, The discussion which kook place on these seve
ral measures, though not long, is deeply interes
tingparticularly that which relates to the mili
tia bill, as more seriously affecting the vital in
te rests of the nation. ;By the loan bills, the ex.
ecutive is empowered to borrow at an UNLIMI
TED interest and sell stock at any rate which,
in his opfinon is best calculated to attain the ob
ject. From the expenses of the yearl 8 1 4,
it will be necessary to create new IoansToTre-
peal the restrictive laws and give to commerce al)
the freedom and extent possibleor resort to the
imposition ot direct taxes. .
4 By the nliilJtiaTbillrtheresentyslen
was established by the father bf his country, and
has been in practice for twenty years, is abolish
ed an new principle introduced, borrowed.
men advanced in life, and .one of them had
been an invalid some yeirs. -
It is believed the Governor will call the new
council on Wednesflay next. What will be done
cannot now be anticipated Mai. Gen. Van.
Ransellaer will shortly be nominated as candidate
for Governor,: and I think we have reason to be
lieve he will succeed. r ? y ,
" A bill has. passed . the Senate for postponing
the choice of a Senator until March, but it Will
not be agreed to by the r Assembly .;.
Naval Defence A joint committee of both
houses of the Massachusetts legislature, were ap
pointed, and have reported in favor of building a
SHIP OF THE LINE of 74! euns. to be called
n. -
the Massachusetts and that the same, when com
pleted and equipped, be offered to the ' govern
ment of the United States to be emoloved by them
during the present war with Great Britian.
."' : ' " i.-:..:'..'4...4:--'-?r-;r Norfolk, Feb. 8.
ADMISAL Warren, has tLnnneri several ves.
sels bound to Soain and Portugal, and ordered
them to return, informing- the masters, that the
1 he ships have accordingly returned. 1 his mea-
. . J 1 .-Ll. If
auic ta cijuauj -nex(iecu iiuunaLtuuinue 11
the blockade is intended to be permanent. . If
Great Britain rcauired sunDlies of orovisions for
the PcninsuU which her rrrmUuour yessebj
gl ,532,681
As the whole of
the regular ar
my will hot be
immediately rai
sed, you may deduct
21,205,375 00
2,000,000 00
7,626,108 4
Add Indian depart
- ment
Navy department
including the
expenses for the
increase, of the
navyas provided
by law passed
" this session 4'.'
In the above is in
cluded three mil.
lions for, the ex
pense of " 200
Gun Boats, as
4 probably not
7 1 more than 130
will be employed
Add contingencies
Making in the whole 4
. . Resources. .
1st, Probable revenue 12.000.000
To be received yet of :
the Loan. authoriz
ed in f8 12
Balance in the Trea
sury 1st Jan. 1813, ' r
; 4 millions, - -
Deduct expenses on
account of muitia,
1 million 1 '' "';:' 3,000,000
' 17.000 000
Now to be loaned 16,000,000
Treasury notes to be ' l
19,205,000 00 .
185,000 00 19,390t5 -(&
58,000,000 0.

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