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    ,1 ,
tame daybyah officep of theU; Swmy to
ftevlatpvtn, .SefikUtlh 18t3.
SIR-Xio consequence" of tour message to me,
scrrrat' interviews were had between pur friends,
it wa's at length agretd betweehjtheifn that :hejr
,;;OUlu uieci ai iis ursv uupsi; uuuvc .uic a uuawau.
a bridee, and proceed, from thence to Great hit
and to select a spot for, our meeting. On their ac-
rival at that place on Saturday, propositions to
noitpone the meetings were made on the partoii
your : inenu wwi.ii tuuia nuv. uc itti-cucu i.u ujr
mine wuhout consulting ine, and with thatview
the were tomeet this morning at 8 o'clock at
the Falls of Niagara at this place my friend punc.
tually attendedi and now reports that neither your
friend or any apology appeared, r ?,-, ; ,
This very extraordinary conduct ? on your part,
toeether with the fact of your havingdisclosed the
affair, in violation of the most solemn pledge of
1 1 1 1 . 1 i 1
secrecy ano wnicn nas peenmosi reiigiousiy -ad
hered to on my part and that of my friend) to two
or three persons besides your friend, and the in
formation I have just received, that Geri. Van
HeniseJaer. was made, acquainted with it, and in
jton&equence of which, he has kept a watchful eye
on all my actions she ws conclusively that you
.Jiave trifled with me, and that it never was yodr
intention to meet me and, I now declare that if
you do not make me a suitable apology, I shall at
a proper time publish you to the world as a pol
troon, a cowardjuid a scoundrel i -
I am, c.
Lft B. JPqrter,Eag. Quarter Maatcr Ge-
The Dublication threatened in the foreeoine: let
ter has been withheld, as well in consequence : of
the General contempt in which Porter ,is held, as
from an unwillingness to enter into a newspaper
controversy which might involve third persons, aM
lead to the disclosure of facts and transactions of
a delicate and confidential nature, connected with
the interest of the service.
For the saotffreasons I forbear to enter into fur
jther particulars at present. If a fuller statement
.should become necessary hereafter, it shall be gi
ven without reserve. " It is presumed that' the
printers who have published the article from the
Columbian, will insert this statement also.
- 5th',- Mr. Jones this gentleman's pretensions
arev aptly' illustrated in the decision of" the Ame.
rican commissionsers in London, under , the sev
enth article of 'the British treaty. . The executyie
touch! JVashad -the jmagieal efTecf 6f transforming
him into a, virtuous and enlightened citizen
6th.: iyir. VinWney rotlent to theTyery core
".touch him and he talis to pieces'
ffi ateSDeeeh on the ne army bill, lie Ran
dolph, ;the greatest orator of the age," speaking of.
m ... " il .:
toe inqunsj' nas inis. passage ww,iw
theIndians are of our seeking' , The qhrisuans-of
the couhtf f are in the habit of hunting the heathen
as they are of hunting the deer, bear, or any other
game's and- who are we who do it r pe v irgi
Such are the men who are selected to direct the
destinies ofhe rising Republic, which frdtn the
very nature of the government, ought to have vir
tue for its foundation. Can the country flourish ?
Cah the government last ? It is true 'the' Jeffer
sonian system, which is a branch of Napoleon's,
cannot be 6uDDorted. but bv havihor such men at
the head af affairs jf for to commit knavary, a knave 1 will nor ought to give up the rfght of search
musi dc emiuysru , iv supuri an urgauiscu sys
tem of falsehood, he whojfloes hot scruple to pro
mulgate and patronize falsehoods, must direct
affairs, but in the nature of things; such a govern
ment cannot last. ; , ". '
of treason ta-believoohat ;tbe Indianiwertinatigit:
ed bv th British, t No s thev were Invaded, hunt.
ed, assailed ; and the f must fight or die" r It is
to be feared here is too much t'rath. The; Indians
will never. (njoy repose :while they nav;Jat lands
artd but slender means, of deiendwg toem.
Mr, Randolph asserts that England neither (iaii,
1 The schr. Kemp, capt- B Uvn, from Nantc. afi
rived at:' Annapolrs yesterday, .She -jailed .from
Nanli tne 23th DeCembeK;;,?2;;''.. , &-,:''h '.r'
It is boasted, since the removal of Eustis and
Hamiltdh, and the induction of Armstrong and 'in the transfer of certificates; and, contemplating
In the Senate of the U. States, pn the 8th inst.
the resolutions, submitted by Mr. Dana, from Con
necticut, respecting a new sysiem of navigation,
were referred to a committee of four, with instruc
tions to report by bill or otherwise. These reso.
lutions comprehend the following principles 1.
That no vessel shall be recognized as bearing the
flag of the TJ. States, unless known to be register
ed Or enrolled, and officered and manned as requir
ed bylaw. 2. That merchant or coasting vessels
shall not enjoy the respective privileges to which
each description might be entitled, unless the offi
cers and the whole of the crew, or at least a ma
jority thereof shall be native born or adopted Ame
rican citizens. 8. The mode of proving citizen
ship to be fixed by law 4. All American mari.
hers and apprentices to be comprehended and des
cribed in an official sea-paper, which, after the
return .voyage isJoj5eaccoyn
ed. Similar documentary evidence to be furnished
fishing and coasting vessels. And no cfllt-ctor
hereafter to issue separate certificates of citizen
ship. As the question at this time presents itself we
are inclined to think very favorably of the forego "
ing project. It would certainly tend to check Irauds
IT ,
s The House of Representatives have rejected the
bill making compensation to the officers and crew
of the Constitution for the destruction of the .Goer
tier. Vv'-
- Government has purchased the Macedonian of
Commodore Decatur and crew, for the - sum of
- bn the lOih instant were counted the haUots ffi
President and Vice Preaidf nt of the U, 8tateaq
VUm k.1lA .fnivl lhn. ' ''!' ' "' '
Jones, that there has been, at no period since the
union, so virtuous iand enlightened a cabinet.
I st.: As , to Mf :. Madison '9 virtue. It would be
jCnough to mention his false and degrading pro.
tarnation, still unrevoked and persisted in to this
flay. 1 That act alone shews a mind debased and
capable of any thing, no matter what, il required
to preserve his party,, The attempt upon Mr.
Randolph, when leader of the majority to grati
IJy the wants of France, with two miHions of dol-
Jished a character for Mr. Madison which poster
ty will do ample justice to. Upon these subjects
ifthere will be but one opinion, twenty years hence.
2d. Mr. Gallalirt he is from a country, whose
Istery name is a reproach in Europe- Flying from
I poverty and persecution in his native land, he
I sought an asylum in the United States, was re
ceived with open arms, and soon honored with the
Confidence of the people of Pennsylvania. The
manner in which this man requited the Jiospital
ty and unsuspecting kindness of his adopted coun
try, was by stirring up insurrection, and figuring
5n the character of a rebel. So much for the yir
tue of the second member of the cabinet, look
ing over his repeated usurpations and acts of tyran
ny in office, and leaving- to those of his own patty
ead former friends, who commenced the enquiry,
to explain the manner in which he has risen from
indigence to affluence. - " -' ' "
3d. Col. Monroe this gtmlpmart cimeout of
oliticat banishment, upon condition of surren
de.ring his conscience into the keeping of the vir
luoua Mr. Madison, abandoning the principles he
brought with him from Europe, and became an
the inclusion Of thewhole crew of a vessel in one
protecting document it certainly bids fair to be a
most effectual raeanjor preventing the impress
ment of our own citizens and confounding them
with foreign seamen. Congress would act wisely
in trying the axperiment.
A total and bloody defeat has been experienced
by that portion of the western force, which was
under the immediate commanLof Brigadier Ge
neral Winchester A detachment, under the or
ders of Colonel Lewis, had been pushed forward
as far as the river Raisin, where on the 13th Ja
nuary, they had an affair with a company of Ca
nadian militia and some hundreds of Indians. The
action lasted from three o'clock in the afternoon
until dark, when the rout of the enemy was com
plete. The Canadian militia retreated early in
the engagement ; but the Indians contended ob
stinately, and it is believed suffered much On
our side weieten killed, with two captains and
twenty privates wounded. Col. Lewis's detach
ment remained undisturcd until the 20:h, when
Gene-al Winchester joined him with 250 men,
making in all 1000 effective troops, 1 he t.enerai
then took the command. At reveille on the morn.
ing of the 22nd, this force was attacked by a body
of British and Indians, said to be 2000 strone, who
succeeded in surprising Winchester. His men
were routed in twenty minutes, and himself killed
scalped, and his body hacked to pieces. Six hun-
200,000 dollars. A splendid reception was lately ffromBuffalorand itiviciftity, which concur irtita.
o-ivn tn th rmmnHftw- nn entering his native tine thatutrt. Winchester is not killed, at report
city, Philadelphia. -..v - ed frbm Ohio, but is among the prisoners i ukejl
. : c - bv the British. Aw. Int.
Extract of a tetter from New Orleans dated
-'-'y ; Decembe" 13, vu;'-:
" Mr. Fromentin has been appointed senator,
in the room of Mr L?gruder. Our army,, in
this ri iarter is augmenting very r fast. " We shall
have 10,000 men by the first of March. None
of our militia wilt volunteer or put themselves
under the command of General Wilkinson Our
reinforcments are from Tennessee arid Kentuc-
, Naturalized Seamen. - It appears by. the tepoH
of the Secretary of State, that in the nineteen years
from 1793 to 1812 inclusive, there have been
1,530 naturalized citizens enrolled as American
seamen in the custom houses of the United States.
A letter from Albany, mentions,, that a caucus
of democratick members of the Legislature met on
the evening of the 21st inst. and nominated D'an
iel D. Tompkins for governour, and John Taylor,
for lieut. governour of the state, at the ensuing
spring election - ;i
Tsoy, Jan. 16
We are informed bf gentleman of this town,
who receired his information from a person direct
from Sackett's harbour, 'that a battle was fought
there a few days since between about three hun
dred sailors and a numerous body of the Militia,
in which the sailors were defeated, having ona" of
their number killed, and a great many wounded,
some of them very badly. The sailors were ar
med with clubs, we were hot informed what wea
pons their opponents fought with. " Thirty men
are said to have been left On the field after the
battle. - -h
FRACAS 111 ; v
" A seridua affair took place on iaturdajr evehfog
in water street, between some Spanish and Ameri
can sailors. The former, about twentt in number,
having been "roughly handled by our sailors in a
fracas the preceedlng evening, came-ashore -expressly
it is said, to be revenged ; for which pur
pose they provided themselvel with knivet and
soon provoked their adversaries to an affrar, who
not suspecting treachery, attacked only with the
weapons which nature had given them. In a few
minutes six of the American sailors were stabbed,
one of whom died 6n the snot, and another , it is
thought cannot survive. vThis was done before
the euard could repair to the scene. They howe.
ver arrived in time to secure the greater part of
the murderers, whom they rescued from the en
raged pupulace and committed to prison.
- - - Norfolk-Jierald.
IMPORTANT, if true.
A letter was received the day before yesterday,
dred nf the ToOO shared the fate of thtir central :
ana al- the others. except. perhaps about thirty,! by a gentleman in Washington trom his tnena
wrre made" prisoners. It is said the General slept; in Baltimore, in which the writer says ' Mr. Ran-
about a quarter of a mile from his men, and that dall(a mercaantot mitimorej nas just reccivu
rniKrnfhffitri lodged in -Private houses m roer fcla'ichooner. Racer, airTved at A nnapdlfs. in
"Vrt irvtlkinn. F M r. Mntm' dliTPnritSir hint thft neighborhood. 33 days from Bordeaux, positive accounts that
ftelf in France, Ma recti by gen. nfcmgtdn, and i -This is a most disastrous event, ieariy equal toi Bonafiarte great battle at Smo
the peculating charge for the court dress, his )r-- the unfortunate defeat ot Jit. Clair, in i7i. in lensk uaz. nauVi
Sted exploits while aid de-camp to lord Sterling, ) that battleuO men were killed. Am pie revenge,
and his reunitine (produced by the bribery of office) 1 kowever, wai afterwards taken by Wayne, near
Accessary alter tne tact to antne misaeecis wntcn 1
with those who drove , him into obscurity, suffi
jciently indicate the virtuous dualities of this new
tended id6l of democracy, f w -
4th. General Armstrong this gentleman is
Admitted by his fiiends, to be the author of the
h ui vuc nai iir iiiucpcir.icuur, iu iuiii iiitu
I .swords )spon their country.-We substitute to any
temarks ol our own, the subjoined extracts Irom
General Washington's address to the aruiy.
He (Armstrong) had . another plan in vtewj
SA which candor and liberality , of sentiment, re-
fgard'to justice, and love of country have no part :
r-j4 . . .... j i .
ana ne was rignt to insinuate ine uarsesi suspi
cion to effect the blackest design."
- If peace tkes place, says he (Armstrong)
i "Dever sheath your sworda until; ydu have obtained
lull and ample justice (from their own coun
try.) .This dreadful alternative (says Gen. Wash.
Jngton) of either deserting, our country in the ex
tremest hour of distress, or of turning our arms a
gainst it,, which is the apparent object unless con
gress can be; compelled into instant compliance,
has something ao shocking in it, that humanity
i ixevolts at the idea. My God ! (exclaimed the fa-
thebfhjs country) what can this writer have in
:iewi bv recommending acuh measures ? Can he
Jbe a friend to , the army I Catt hi, at a ratEMo
ro thx country .? rather is; he not an insidious
emissary, perhaps from New-York, plotting the
ruin of both, by sowing the seeds' of discord and
feneration between the civil and military powers of
J Gen. Armstrong iaT universally considered a
I perfididus, designing, treacherous man j and the
I JRianner in which he , furnished the federal party
ith veapona) U attack and annoj dbln,
the same spot.
. ' ;. ' s5'
General Harr1sons troops have returned bacc as
far as the portage uver, at the crossings of Hull's
road, where .they are well supplied with provis
ions. The movement of gen. Winchester to the
river Raisin wasto secure a considerable quantity
of provisionsrand to protect the inhabitants.
Col. Lewis and Col Aliens are supposed to have
fallen. Gen. Harrison, at the Rapids on receiv
inglhis information fell back about 1 miles,
where his forces are concentrating. Gen. Topper
has marched-to join4Iarrison. Gen Perkins, with
his brigade, and Gen- LeTtwich and Gen. Crooks,
with ithetr trigades are with Harrison.
A small quansity of provisions, which could not
be brought trotn the Rapids, as destroyed.
The troops which were engaged were mostly
iCentuckians. '
Saturday night Ihroiigft the British squadron at
bould distinctly hear the centmels speak. '
Capt; Burton bathe up to the city last evening
ind has favored us wlih a file of Paris papeb t1
we iai-wiMy... ,...vv ,-1. ... -frn:-' "-:
The ehipcrbr Napoleon arrived at 'the Palace
or the Thuilleries t 1 lo'clock on the night of
the Ulh of iJec His arrival at Paris wax most
pompously announced in the French papers.
' 'rV' V'pAais, Da'c. 20.- .
!,HU'majeatthErj(iperbr irriyed at thepalao5
'the' Thuilleries at j I o'clock on the night ot
of the
tbei 18th; The approach of his happy return was
announced during that day b values of
Sev'erateietteri haVe oeei received in "this dfy
The ballot stood thuv
Ja mes M adiion, -Elbridge
De Witt Clinton,
Jared Ingersoll,
Codinbvro, Jan. 24
Since, the 20t)i inst. 53 persons mostly British;:
soldiers, have reported themselves jto Capt. Fop.-
syth (Commanding officer at this post) as deser
ters from Prescott or its viclncity. ( Several haves
brought over their arms. , "
? Thespian Society;
MEMBERS are req rtst . i t . ,n ;et at the Ir
dian Queen Tavern to morrovV (Sa u 'day) . tv:n;
ing, at X o'clock, on Business of the first impor
tsnce to the interests of the Institution. By or-,
der of the President, 4 4
Feb. 18.; T. W. LORRAIN, Sec.
JUST RECEIVED, and for sale by John and
bert Stuart, a few copies of the new novel,
I Says, Says L
Desilver's (spotted) PLAYING CARDI , .
Feb. 19. U ' :
A House arid Lois, in Raleiglu ;;
... ton $ALS. ,1 . ,
THE subscriber offers for sale, the house ant4
lot, on Fayetteville street, which he at present oc'
cupies as a dwelling house and work shop. Also. -three
losts, lying on Salisbury, MDowel arid Da
vie streets. He also wishes to sell a likel v young
Negro Woman, about 23 or 33 years of age, to
ny person who lives In this neighborhood and who,
is accustomed to treat negroes well. None olbety
need apply. The terms will be trade known orj
application to
Feb. 19;
Notice to Contractors.
THE undersigned being a committee appolntetl
by the county court of Granville, to conn act fot
the buiTding of a JAIL for said county, do hereby
give notice,, that on Friday the fifth day cf March
next, they will let out to the lowest bidder at the
court house in the town of Oxford, the building
said Jail, all the mateiials whereof to be furnish
ed by jhe undertaker. A plan of the building will
be shewn at jmy time by the committee toan
person desirous of undertaking.
John Waahingtotlf
' .Sen. Bullock?:
fViUim Smithf-
JVathaniel Rubor da
Thonuu B. Ufilejohn,
Extract cf a letter from gentleman in Baltimore,
to his friend, in tnia piace, aatea reoruary jo.
si'. 1 ' '
o 1 o. , ')
The news of the day is so important Bnd deep
ly interesting to the whole civilized world, that I
also lose no time in intonmngjou ot it; 1 nere
are letters in . town of late .date from France,
which give strong hopes that the report of Bona
parte's death is true-4etters to Qapt Tenant,
mention,' that business of all kinds is at a dead
ptand that a universal consternation prevails,
and the people say that nothing tan relieve them
from their present state but news from the em
perort-that they do not HE AR frm hmt and
are ignorant as to his' movements, do not know
Where he is, and finally that he is miaaing. Th
situation of things there is such that they dare not
say he is dead, but speak- irr that kind of myste
rious way as amounts to the general belief that
he is reallv no more. The opinion here is very
general that some Russian stabbed him." Ibid
Ct.sA( KTrti.fhf ir"lini
cAswtLL coUin:r.,:.-.":-".':."7 . ".1
court or Vlkas and ojjartkr stssionsy
Thomas Brooks and Mary Brooks'. ' "
ArmstadFI'.ppinandJaneBrackin,adrBi- DISTRIBUTIVE
nistratora oftha estate of Thomas Brooks, y . SHARES.
4ee. and Joseph Brackin. J T ;
IT appearing to the satisiacuon ot tms courr
that Armstead Flippin, one of the defendants, is,
not an inhabitant of thh state, it is therefore order
ed, that unlesss the said Armstead Flippin apperf
at our next County Uourt 01 neas mo uaneR.,.
Sessions to be held for the county aforesaid, at tl o
court-house, on the. second Monday of April nex, j
and plead or demur, the said petition will be hearm
ex-parte as to him, and judgment be enteted ac
cordinely and that this suit bejiadvertised three
weeks in the Kaieign -winerva. a ,
A steam boahs about to be-put into operation j Extract oj a letter from JVbrjolk. dated February 9,
on the waters of the Potomac between Alexandria,
Georgetown and the Federal city.
There are numerous reports of the death of Bo
naparte. They chiefly rest, however, on circum
stances which would seem to give such a tale great
probability. A short- time will decide-whether.
these accounts; as former ones of -the same na
ture, shall b confirmed,' or be found to have spo
ken rather the wishes of the authors than the ac
curacy of their intelligence.
JThetes forHvesident and Vice President of
the U. State s7 were" to have been counted in the
representative chamber, before both houses of
.congress, qa the 1.0th mstanft
The Baltimore Revenue Cutter, capt. Travis, was
taken off Back River Point, coming from York, by
nine boats belonging to the blockading squadron.
The Gutter fought about one noar ana an nan,
but being calm the boats jucceeded in board
ing. ' : ,. j
P. 9. Since The above, was written; I understand
the vessel mentioned to be taken to Be the Reve
nue Cutter captured yest erday , prpves to be' the
Letter of Marque schooner from baltimbre
' :,: .;. :r:-MARRIED
n Thnnslv. the 4th inst. at the seat of
AlcKaoder Lone, Esa. near Salisbury, capt
John IV. Bradley, ot Lynchburg? Virginia, W
State of North.Carolina,
Gforge Findley
T - (L.Imh' Tncanb 5nl TlA h
wife Elilabetn. uavio sneiion, ixuvjr i ivvvuvAHinf -Shelton
and Henry Shehon, hoirs si law t
of David SheUoft. dec'd. ' ' .; . .'
IT appearing, to the sattfactroti w Ibis CtrcrfV
IhatJbeJefjendantsjnThiBijuit are hotmhabiupt
of this state, it fstlieref6reWared,nhat inle!s1he-
said defendants appear at our next Lourt, ro no
held for said, county on the second Monday f A
pril next, and plead or demur, . the , said pefitioo
will be heard parte as to them, and judgment
entered accordingly-and that this advtrt
tised three weeks in the Raleigh Minerva.
t T? AMyRPilBX.C.

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