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    ." tPT qutiV tSef will eonsider ,af rilTirttjitt' Cmi3ioi$r of -?C?V. Sf
; w 11. '. . 1 . .. ., ; - .V "..s..'' .r.i.tnl rm'niU f Knhpntlv : and reimbursed and oaid the nrlncinal and interest of h- fcit rtit.''Mt i-A? v.l'. - r
k. v w w viuiiiBii w -' iiirir rnpnwr
'"rornl the Georgetown f
T-' WTeace had bop'd to fix-bet -dwelling btre, v
F,r Discord erceteebre,
Won ndmeroAis ills in m arcau w"'""'.-
n:a!J$mCorurabi4' fairest Jiopes oi vim i
See Hac stalliwithnad Ambition nCaiv
mniv supblyioe our armies witho0 "d whole.
some provision. I nejr. win conwuer m y mi,
prindple of Victories is discipline if and iubjextfto
povirt martiaJf regular officefa all the irregulars
whosjoir th trmf. U ;. '
.: Respectfully your mostobv-! r
t It is an ertot to relv on any troops e.xcept
those who arc bound to oDeir. v capi. wenara
nee naniu ovuii , .. .
WWlt Fury yells ber snakes tremendous nws,- .pof Viflmen, ahd! the cotnpanks of
Our day Woys' past, and we the rod must W'fC. Mj onoerptains- Powers pillon, Tate and
Walker, there Were emoancea, on ine isi uccem-
Siihhttrt yet W warning voice to sate . , . a' ,.
Once blest Columbia from so dire a fate f
Minions pf power; in our councils we, .
And fain would husH the toll and fJ",?,t
Howfest thesorrowing Mufewnh.riKhthrtlate,
That foul -abuse his patriot orth would stain,
Yet shll thnatfie, pb4 Qumcv, still create
E$tte.m and'love in those who truth maintain,
r.. u tu matrhU force of elocuence beain.
When stern oppression wiih her iron hand .
Drove thy forefathers first from Britain's shore,
They hail'd with joy Old Massachusetts' strand,
For there they knew their sufferings would be o'er.
Ana tho' against ter roclcs the- ocean roar,
"They heeded not the storm that hurl'd around ;
Twas Liberty they sought, they ask'd no more,
jLfi.H iVrres their penefous wishes crpwn'd-
ber, only captain Tate, two'Lteutenants, and eight
men 6f Greens, ? .
f t Fof this fact f refer to col. Winder
$ To lieut. col. Boersiler , - v '
H To colParlier. . ' :
From the Pftrt. Folio oi. March; 1812, we collect
the following information respecting the character
and reign of Alexander, Empei or of Russia. Eve
fy thing must be interesting tbat is calculated to
make us better acquainted with the man upon
whose fate depends in a great degree the happi
ness or misery of the civilized womJ.
Alexander the 1st, Emperor of all the Russias,
was born on the lSth of DectmberT iTVyi-mafried
And tull success tneir grncrvu. j. t. . 1T0, to t (rtlisB Maria. Princtssuf Ha
or snc, UK &""u7" " b" ' ' Uln. n.v h rfi:
den, now the reigning Empress and was" ci owned
at Moscow on the loth September, isoi, Having
ascended the throne 'on the 1 2th of March of that
year. Since his accession he has .add;d to the
Russian Empire the provinces of Belestock, Fin
land and Georgia, containing together a population
-of one million six hundred thousand inhabitants.
He has by canals of an immense extent ?fftited
a communication between the ' Baltic and Black
And well their brave descendants learnt to "ptie
Tlie boon for which their fathers cross'd the main,
TUey taught Columbia's southern sons to rise,
Wht n slavery strove to bring his galling chain.
Bern to support fair Freedom's equal reign
They rusb d to arms and round her standard died,
And manv a muse' has sung in lofiiesl stiaih
jiOv well in ireeooiH inci im ""v1 . aeas. a uisiancc oi.iwo inuusanu iuuci , wc oca
Where'er" Columbia's '.blood has swell'd the purple j 0f p,USsi& and the Black Sea, and the Baltic and
Caspian Seas. Under his administration a new
organization of the government has been made.
The ministry is now divided into the foil6wing
denarrnvnts :'"
lit, oF Foreic-n Affairs j 2d, of War : 3d, "of
Marine; 4th, of the Interior ; 5 h, ot Justice ;
6, of Finance ;,7(h, ol Public Instruction ; 8 h,
ofO;nrral Police. "The minister of each of these
dcpaitmeh's renders an-annual account to the
council of state. . lr
? Among the most important laws of this Ytign
is that relative to commerce, which fixes the ribts
and privileges as well as Uicdutis of merchants,
whether natives of the counti y, resident foreigntrs
or transient traders. hat is inore ciiaracierisiic
of the liberal views of the emperor is .he piivi.
l. gi: granted to the nobiliiy uf tniraging in trade,
eiti ei personally tr by vhe investnum of their
funds in commetcial houses, without any fieroga
tide. ..... ( ;
Now when the thunder of tKe war again
Is heard to rattle o'er our native land,'
Say will those freemen rush to arms amain
And to their country stretch thrir aiding hind$
They would, did Liberty their aid lemarid,
Bt 'tis not Liberty, alas! that calls,
They cannot, wiH not, join that ruffian band
Idinions of him belore whom freedom tails,
An4, whose deluded name each virtue fair appals.
Hail ! to the Patriot Statesman, who proclaims
The voice of Massachusetts stern and high,
W ho tells us that ber bold and hardy s warns
In Freedom's cause are ready all to diey- 7
But that from French Alliance they .will fly.
That fell NapmeoDjtas their hate and scorn,
ifor do they h- ed the scowling of his eye,
Who on his chaiv of state now sits forlorn,
And feels his little heart with rage and madness tion from thir prerogauyts or dignity. Of the
V siui'M'cVts thine to repfesent aland,
v v hicii, though it'bokst not of its, fertile soil,
Yet frced-ihi scatters with unsparing hand,
Her blessings on its haidy sons of toil,
An Luxm y's contaKion, weak and vile,
H tb never lfd those sober sons astray
Ttien howe tr Discord rend our land th while,
There Liberty hU shed h. r brightest ray,
(And bcitiue still prolong her intellectual day.
From the Jtytional IniclliigtnceT,
- , 28 h January, 1814,
G; ntlemtn publication signed P. B Por
" ter" ai appeared in sundry public prims, in which
same character is hr la lornacurdizing lhe Jews,
which provides the means of insiructio. for them
invites them to share in agn-ui'uie and trade,
and without restraining in th.- bast the libtrty ot
tbtir religion, exttnds to them the ligliU and pto
tecion of other Ruiian Subjects. '
Dur ng the reign ol ALxoi ider a number of uni
verstties, colleges and primary schools have been
established m various parts of the empire. In or
der to secure tit great Objects of th?se institutions,
the ortler of Jesuits has received Uio E:npeior's
protection, and a coljege has been louhded for
them at Petersbutj;b - , "
In addition to these improvements in the foreign
and domestic 'afTiirs ol the Russian empire, the
laws have undergone a general amelioi a j.n, which
the wrusi- protesses to give a true account ot the' -"u l,,c ",c tuu" ,,w,u
prominent ranwctions of the 28th Novembtr,nd!ma . e,5 ana m,"" lo ch .;ney
the Treasury notes which ma be issued by, virtue
of this act, at the several time and times when tHe
sarne 'according to tbe provisions' 'of this t act .
should be ihua reimu'it'taBid paid and lthq said
torrimissioners are furibr authorised, to" make por
chases of the said botes, in tb'q sameniahher as o(
othe evidences of the public debs ind' at a price
not exceeding par,"for the amount of the principal
and interest due at the time of purchase of such
notes sf So much of theturtds constltulWg -the'ap
uuai appropnauon oi eignt roiuionsui a.uiars, iar
the pnncipal and interest of the public debt ol the
United States,' as may be wanted 4fdr; that purpose
after satisfying the sum necessary for the payment
of the interest and such part of the principal of the
Said debt, as the 1nUed States are how -pledged
annually to pay and reimburse, is her eb pledged
and, appropriated for the payment of the interest
and for the reimbursment or'purchase of the prin
cipal of the said nuteS ; and as much of any -monies
in the Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, as
may be necessary for that "purpose, is hereby ap
propriated for making up any deficiency in the
funds thus pledged and appropriated, for- paying
the principal and interest as a foresaid.
A 1. Makes an appropriation i to defray 1 the
expence of preparing, printing and signing the
notes. , ' -' -' '' '
, 12. Makes it felony to counterfeit the ttdtes.
13; Authorises the payment of a commission on
the hotcs formerly authorised, an
main unsold. ' : .'''"
FfUFUS KING Esq is' chosefl a Senator in
the Congress of the (Jniied States, from the Sta'e
of New-York, vice John Smyth, Esq)Twh se term
of service exb'nes on the 3d of Marh "pekf.
l.l swbo, in conformity tct the Notice which th I
published some timev ago, have paid up thelf '. Ac;
countsjt6 tbe close ot th present ; year ; and,nuri'
willing tdpart with theewrenw
vf qo nave not iouna ji convenient, or who. may nor
have had an bpportunity to ''ddjSoVj theyare respect.
fullo;informfcd thajb their Papers Vill be continue!
uritil the t of April n'ep9;wblh:dayijr; iVei
Atcounif bhall not tbert have beert. paid, or settled 'J
by Not e iheir names
from theSubscripMpn lists, of; tid-papersi anrl
their Accounts put into" a train'for collection. '
,fy v vv.:--r..5 .;JOSEPfrG.ALE&,';;-'.'.;
December;'3U; 1812.:; X'sr.j
la uf December, at Black Kozk. tonie tacts are
truiy tted ; butwh iever itie wriitr gives num
tert, his statements are (I must prtsumt wilfully)
ilpcorrect. "i".
He states that on the 27th November there
fveee collected near Black Rock 4500 ejetuye men,
under niy command ; that on the 2Sth 2000' oi-
2600 were em iarked ; that on the morning of the
have beeu before subj'.ct'ed.- Donton Palladium.
I OFFER Ffllt SvLE mv toie 'oYQfMshf
STATIONARY and wiH give a credit ot otic,
two and thre,yelars I expect to receivein a few
daysa large supply !from Philadelphia, to tnatke
t he dssortmnt more complete;" Tbe whole 8Uck
shjll be put at such price at carnnot fa41 to te an
object 'to a person who wishes to establish trimself
in a profitable trade. It is unnecessary to say that
to a young man who has some knowledge of Books
and who does not like the drudgery of a Profes
sion, this e9taWishment promises frobt, Tespecta
ble acquaintance, and may afford lime to pursue
his studies. Undoubted security will be required
If necTSSary a . small sum. of money can be
hd to keep up tbe assortment. Letters on the
suhject, post paiO will be attended to. .
If n.- sale be made in few weeks, I shall en
large my assortment.
Feb. 12, 1813. 0,tf
S TR AYF.D from town last falS a red and wWtf
-STER, three years old, with a half crop In
M.. right ear, commonly termed an under squan;
Mso, a rtd yearling BULL of the same matk
Information of these Strays ill le thankfully it
ctived by WM. B YL N,
Who wishes to employ three or four WOOL
GUTTER'S for one month.
Raleigh, Feb. 10, 1 8 1 3. 80,tf
Tbe Patrons of tnc Minerva are respectfully iri
formed that, herealier, the terms of subscriptio
to this pjj er will be precisely those on which th.
o her gizeUcs of the csty are printed. As even
tevv suoscriber is required to make a payment of
six months in advance, no deduction will be na!e
onjohat iccount. Conseqviently three dollars per
year will be invariably dem;nded. The Minerva
though of rqual size, containing as much matter
and, cpstitig a much in its execution, as ei'her the
Star or Register, has hth rto bteT iunvsheil at
Smolensk (where the were surroun led)
is on the frontier of Russia IToper -Lookoo,
where Kutusoff'a van had arrived th the I 5tti
November (latest date from' the army, then' I5,0 0 j rate one sixth cheaper. This, a' regard to,t;ie pros
sirong) is 30 or 40 miles SJwth of Sm.ilen,Ko. neiitv of the establishment will no lonecr "nermn
" " 7 "v; ri,. ,. .., . . . . . . . . I ' o r
1st Dect irfber 40ix) men without order or restraint i rw, n-K Ue is a Kusian army; v. is. vv; . 1 00 to bedone.
Vere oischarging their muskets at the navy.yard.m,,,es tr,jn Smlensko. Slonim, where is the van
y ..ffiffn ihaLoaith.c7jAoy. .there.iii)ere . ,lmral;Ttchitcltak6rs army, i 250 miles S.
w. irom bmolensko, on the road to. Wat taw.
Salt' Fed. Gazelle.
lrtfri ii; lieikruborhubd of Black it fx-It not mniv
than S50O effective men, non commissioned officers 1 1 ro.m wnich it appears thai the country N V. W.
At.d'nrivate. oi' everv corns under mv command i an( S. VV. is possessed by Russian troons, who
not more than 1500 were liable to be oi'dered to!are P,aced there to prevent the French passing
. f. - ... . . - . . .. West (r Anm,n.r Ttfr V.A
rrm rue it i,iir;.ra. auiAii uiiiir lu uumiuiia irentra v - .
n 1 . V ri o
reeeived. On ihe 28.n, there , were 1050 g(Md
troopa embarked, and also so many irregular vy
lunteers as occupied five boats, esumateu at 150.
On the morning of tbe 1st Dec. ihe'number of
men armed with muskets, who w. re at the navy,
yard, .embarked or. not embarked, did not exceed
.200 men. . . ; Xy 'tiX " .
This statement is as correct as' Lean make it ;
and is essentially corrects ; y 1
He says that he is informed that gen. TannehiH'g
Volunteers were ready to cross. 1 bad in my pos-sion-a
return shewing that of 150 officers of that
brigade only '37 were willing to cross : ihat only
' 2 1 1 meo, volunteered uncoriditionally aiid 165 bn
various conditions A pari of gentral TannehrJl's
folunteers (I have been told 36u) marched to the
navy yard by aoute I had piescribedptnd were
prepared to embark. The remainder went to
Black Rock byTiheway'-of Buffalo, 1 presume to
b 'spectators If they ever for a moment intend
ed to cross tlte' Niagara,; thaLinteniion .wa never
comrnunicafed to me. ; - : ' .. ""-V1"-, : 'c'1,
, If there 'were 4500 effective men near Black
Rock, how will general rotter, in his capacity of
contractor, answer to his country for paying on the
30th onjy 35 barrels of flour oh hand, not two
ptuno' flour td 6ach man ! , . .
I hej hostility of general Porter to myself grew
out of the contract. The trobpi were starving for
pruyiiions ;t the officers -complained of unfair
practices, that damaged flour .was forced: upon
them'$ that the lean beef was stripped of every
morspl of, fat j tbat .vinegar, candles and soap
were not furnished ; and in the sickly, state of the
amp, those wants were severely felt. ;V : V
UirJer vich circumstances, afier making incffix f
tual tequisitipns", was coropclled to order pur.
tjses to be ade!
.The 1st section authorises 'the 'President to is
sue such sums in treasury notes, as he may
think expedient, not exceeding the sum of five
millions of dollars. ,'
2d Authorises the President to issue notes' in
addition to the abtfve, iioi to exceed five mdlions ;
Provided the money obtained on the notes au.
thorist-d by this section, b considered t a part of
the money authorised to be bdfrdWed by the act
called the 25 million act. - ,
r 3d Authorises; the reimbursement of the notes
one year after; the date, with inteiest at five and
twelfths per cent per annum.
4th Authoriit s the president to appoint persons
to sign, ihe notes, two of which persons are to sign
each note and be paid gl 25 for every 100 notes
. iSuea. 4 ne notes are to be countersigned by
the commissioners of loans or by personsappoitr
ted by thtr President- for that purpose" who are al.
? .rcc,ve 1 2 tor every hund ed notes so
"gned '; (, v;'r : ..-r - A,.
5th Provides for the sale and negociation of the
-notes. t.vOc,.-:1:' -v '. . '' ' . ; .
, 6ih: Authorises the Secretary of the Treasury
with the approbation of the President, to appoint
an agent to sell tuch notes, and allow the agent
a commission of one quarter of one per cent on all
notes which he may sell. ". '
7i h M akes the notes transferable
State of North Carolina.
Suierwr C:vr( rf JAW,
N v rTerm, 1 813.,
T7ln A T m a - - v - - . - '
levied, tfc. .
' ' V9.
Andrew T Davidson
Tl. appearing io he satistVction of the court that
X Andrew T. Davidson, the defendant in this
trtuse, is not an inhabitant of. this state ; therefore
it is ordered by court, that publication be made
three months successively, in the Raleigh Miner,
va, unless the said defendant, appear at the next
soperior court of Law, to be held for the county
aforesaid, on the .sixth Monday ; after the fourth
Monday in March next, and replevy or plead to is
sue, judgment will be entered up against him.'
;' : lest, : -V .. .',-.r'-f
79 3m TH : HENDERSON, c.s.r.c.
Twelve-and-an-half Cents Reward.
a .iici'iiin vi. ii i. -i . ' . ' . '.
Aujwwix u ivu inm ine sudsci mcr, ueTanaer
Af'Aay,'an indented apprentice to the silver
smith's business. (l The. above reward. butno cbar
ges, will be paid for his delivery to me, on my rie-
rwlmm n 1.1.11 .... . m...r a r . -
IllJinucil X 1 1 Li IW'ftL A'XT
8th Maketf the botes reeeivahT in m, e
&I1 rfittifa anrV?.-.. i j ; 7 . r- v wwary ruDiic, or oy two justices oi
jU duues ndaxea-laid by authority of the United" and if by the latter,4r signatures
; 9ih Regulates the mode of payment of the noteii
into the hands of the collectors or reccivers"of
punuc monies. .. .
10th section is as fpllpwst !
N. B. All persons are hereby forwamed not th
harbor the said apprentice at their periL
January 11,1813.
State Bank of N. Carolina,
PURCHASERS of Stock in the State Bank are
informed, that a power of Attorney authorisine a
ui a oiiuie r onares neia in llie. Mate
Bank mnst be witnessed either by tbe CashierJof
wo piinipai uuiik, er ti one oui urancnes, by a
Notary Public, or by two Justices of the Peaces
ami if by the latter, their signatures must; be cer
iified by the Clerk of the Court, with the County
Seal annexedThis regulation to r.OTnrripnri. "
he first At of January icExT, of. which all
who may be concerned will tnke noticed . i
HAS KKCfilVEB. THIS winthh skvvnli. mtmi.
Gill's complete Body of Oivinjtyyols. VgM "';"
.vlasnQ's spiritual Treasury', Vols. ?v 4'r';
Stackhoiise's History of the Bible, 6 vojs." f$ ;:X 1
Buck's Theologrcal. Dictiowfry, 2 Vols. ' rC 5 'X;
m V Miscellany, 2 .'vols. ; m's y?-'f.'''.2; 50'
Uanpbel on ihOospels J ? '6 50l
Nat ur si Theology i. ' f"-':t;.; ,2f
J . "" Moial Philosophy V ' ' ,'" v 1 ''2.-,i0'7j
Davlesetmdhs,l .ybls. , v; f 1 sfl"
Doddridge's Family Expositor, 2 .vols. "u ' .1" s!
pie complete Doty of Man, hv'H. Yeon, 2r2
Fordyce's Sermons to Youne Women . t 1 -
Doddridge's ditto to. Youth 'Hi
Confession of, Faith and Constitution of the
, Presbyterian Churches in the U. S; :
Scott's Essavsv ' ir,7-'r i'i'.'3 ''
Clark's Ditrourses to Youth S
S juries, Select Sermons t
7 59
Wesley's Sermons, 5 vols.
Galloway on the Prophecies, 3 vol'
Newtek's Works 9 vols. r ,".
Dick and Peri'y on Inspiration , . 1 12.
Practical Piety, "by larmabMoorr,z:
rertuson's Roman Republic, 3 vols. " 7 50
Female Biography, or Memoirs of illustri.
ous women of all ages and countries, by
Mafy tlnjrs, 3 vols- o
Plowdes History of Ireland," 5 vols. 45
Molina's History of Chili, 2 vr ls. with maps, $
Uepons' do. of the Spanish Main, 3 vols.
With maps " ;
rv amnion's Embassy to China 5
Life of Sir William Jones ' 3
Cavallo tn Electricity, S vol. 12
Antenor's Travels in Greece and Asia, 3 vs. 10
Ames's Elements of Criticism, 2 vols. -' 8
rioole's Anosto, tj vols. London, calf, grit,i 55
German Thestre, do. do -do. do '18 7f
I hz Looker-on, 4 vols. tlo. do.' do. ; 9,
'vh sneer's Works, 14 vols. do. do. do. v" 20
Shakespeare's do 25 vols, do- do. do. SO
Watts' VVork, 7 vols. do. Co. !o. 7 53
c.very man his own Gardener, by Mawe V
arid Abercrombie, " : ". ' S 1
Marshall on Gardening, 2 vols. 2
Kir win on Mam res - It
Kneef on Education . . :', k
!w tickerbocker - 3 JJ
Vision ofJDon Roderick, by Walter $(COtt, 61
Lempriere's Universal Biography, 2 vols. 8 54
Coxe's Russian Discoveries in America,?
vith maps and plates, '
f ike s expeditions to the sources of the
Mississippi, thro' the western parts cfj
Louisiana, and a tour througb tbe inte
rior parts of New hpain, with maps and
charts, ' ' i ": '
E well's M-dicel Comoanion ,3 Sf
l hooia's Practice .. .415
t iumon'a Virgil, English notes, ; 4 21
Wilson Oil DiseaSvS 2 vols. 6 W
Cmy s Pockvt Atlas, . t JI
Vi'ginia Spy, Jefferson's ManuaL
The Spirit of the B ok " t 55
Smart's 11 orate, Fraocrs do.
hus on Ponulation, 2 vols.- 6 50
GiUiesV History ot J he World, S vols. 9
ArrcrenrGteece,4-vols. L.2Q.59
Kich.c's Memoirs of Europe, 3 vols ,
Melmoth's Cicero, 3 vols;;
Boswell s J ife of Johnson, S vols.'
Four to the Hebrides
" .:'' : MEW VOVKLS
12 S9
10 50
;3 f
' 2 SS
Vivian, 2 vols.
Milesian Chief, 2 vols
Self Indulgence
Asylum, 2 vols.
Maried Life, 2 vols. ',
1 he best Wri ing Paper, by the ream or quirt
Red and Black Sealing Wax. Red and Black VV
fers. . Red and black Ink Powder. India Ink.
Boxes of Paint. OfRce Tape.1 Inkstands. ' Qui
of the best kind. Copy and Cyphering, Books,
Little & Smith's, MusipBooks.! Blank Books f
Music P;beket Ledgers.. Ledgers, Journals, sni
Record Book. Blank Notes and Checks. Counif
and Superior Court Blanks. Copy Sjlips. V;
January 22. ', 77,tf.
. "T i Eagle. Tavern, - : . -rm
in w ili.i msb6uough.
THIS Tavern will again be opened, on tbcnt
of January nextj for and on" account oryAuaiiaf
& CAKDWELt, and will be ; kept by the latter.
The forrn'er. friends and' customers to this 'Ho.sej
and, the public jn general, ' may rest assured lba
every attention will be paid to those who favor it
with tbeir custom, "to render their stay as agree
ble as possiblesThe supplies will be good sad
sufficient, ; The stable pei baps among. the bt
in the'itate, will be olcntifullv stored with all kinds
of provender, and kept well littered. This TaurB
has been leased fortseieraIy ea)rsback a)c)'1'
per annum,, yet jthe last, year it was shut'upj con
trary to articles of. agreemcnt:;with tbe leaser
It-Is to be hojt'd,::Qtwhhstanding;that"'the puW'
jpatronage, which has hreofyre been so libtw
.will again "aid and assist in Reviving it aud:
most cpodt rate terms will be observed. '
.?v v- V C ' - J S MES VAUG HAN. '
KM W. II UAY WOOD, Casbie.
.- i

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