North Carolina Newspapers

    .: w j
3 77
f iMif of rcir txJ&rAMcs.'
Vol; 17.
FRIDAY, MARCii 5, 1813
No. 883.
? - :-y:
W tork," February 16.
the, misfortune of others had already created ob"
jects of charity, and it was then probable that trom
me same causes many pwers wouia arise-
" Ths style of our society h taken from that pa
. n . i ' i . J 'e;
i' .' ar. ' l.k - iAdrlanr of w rfoweve?1' urtneceisirjr an tnumerction Dr cu
i oct ipnirt? caDtain Forsyth comrasonant or . . i .
Last evenir-b xy- . .v . -. lo?ium of our nanottc virtues may be deemed,
this tMt, ktt -ttoHWg witPf.,! K-
; tiv; fraVI m aud mVmtajltting th indelieftdcnctf of
lour. beloved cwMrf i The, sentiments and rtHcc
tscdeu in slT 'WnSu Dke,u better AwBdsfcttTer'' eWzeft, 'and (ifit
stioer-E.!to:iJiwo, , .Ufirt5d- iM renor' of our past livev fuvn!ies the C'ft,ur
"twkSpriwoeil.m conduct ; for men who have done ami .uC
S copN. 2 lieuxenants J" fcred n' much '.Much a cau.can never, (howc
fl39. 2 casts exed mmumuo.Vc,v. .n.v K. fr wrvice8'm,f . be' requited) deviate from
tizow, among wnoiu wcic u .v.. -
property was: .!t& Jaken br; destroyed,
effected without tnewsa o.w ,.,..fwonM be to forfeit ha't consciousnesi which is
Caot Forsvth. waa led to.inis eiitefprti-oj.iuei a.m,,,:?
terNtfwrasrewo violence to nature, itstf. ; .
the oaths ol honor and public rectitude. This
''Permit us to cohdude this address .by Jtffr
thrVaten'.qd wth' .eing shot. Copt. Fbeing,, tnfor
med of this,' determined to rTect their-libera! ion
in which he succeeded.
mile. .boM.thiJ ppae. ana ,A t)' cohtrat'jlatWii uooa Uie occrif
" Neanv forty tears have now elasped since we
the jau tor murder un,,,v . m, powerfut fleet and army that ever crossed
speaks of fee ";wnduct of the officersand tjanic. consideration bf tht tremendous
thehighesVltfmvaPlobmntvlwo rm,Ceswhich w established Should
officers froqa Prescott came oVcr a few Mirs i- rverv individual through temporary dis
the rrtwa-of .outirwitn tlw jnnri to erreftt3 an(i ifBculties to use his exertions
CiltfCt ineir rt;iv''
The movement ol the troops
I understand they, are all pa- t?,,M t,;n tte,Ki. -
.d, tndars to return again to Canada this eve. 0l,sthcm
' '". . V .1 This finished, the President rising fromhisseat
ih mnvpmpnt of the troops on the other, . .. d . . .
i...-.r ... . - (,rnl 5ttne,iictWas!i" M,c ' dl "
inmcaungan auac p. - c , - jtime, addressed the fifewly elected members sue-
induced to call out h.s regiment ot f J J.cessivelj bs follows
-we.brivp6w ;in Ogdburgh . i -Do you desire to be admitted nto this So
and should an attack be; matte ..trom Prr3cot, 1 .-j -
Jave the fullest confidence fV K'i Do you promise a strict observance fo Us ru
from it high ton, of our uoops, " ( ,c$ adtatutes. ! "
restrain their aruor ; anu uun - -; u i do "
ed from the other side wiinin a iew ujj """"a
not be surpiiaed were they to go over here.
At a general meeting of the New York S ateko
v ;ff,u r.Vnnati. held in the city of Ilew
" In confirmation of what you have promised
you will sign your name to this Institution."
aThis done, tba President, uking the eagle af
ter pronouncing these words :
' Receive this mark as a recompence f ,r your
L . U,m; nrt,: th 6tl Df rnentj and tn remembrance ot our glonous indh
' VoP U.TUarU' PUb C P" ."-Attacncs it to the button-hole of ih
1 In oursuaoce of a resolution offered o the. Sotie. v,'
" This will shew your title as a Member of
our society : Imitate the illustrious hero Lucius
QuintusfGiiiciiinatusj whom we-have chosen lor
our Patron : Like him be the dclender of your
country, and a 900 citizen.'
Published bv order of thsi. Committee.
- HEN ViY DODGL, Secretary.
General HuH; with bis
February 17.
Aids, arrivtd in this
tallied in these words
' " Whereas bv the constitution of this Society,
. it is amongst other matters provided as fallowB,
Viz' 1, , . ' ' ; - " V "
'-Asihere are and will at all tiroes be men in
the respective states eminent for their aailitiesaud
patriotism, whose views in ay be directed ( to the
rsate laudible objects with those of the " Citicin
Uati," it 'shall, be a rule to ndinit such characters as
hanorary members of Sha Society for their own lives
OiilyJ' ' ; -
it TUia coim n eitmnnu nf the hijh sense
which it enurtains' of the patriotism, valour and at l 0,1 'ir way to Philadelphia.
abilities of com.Slephen Decatur, ot the ship ot-
war the United States : Capt. Isac irUrfme
snip 01 war uie v-onsiiiuiiun. uu vp1"111'
Jones late the sloop of war. tin VVsp, and ol
tip meritorious strvises rendered by thtm jo our
country 1 do admit them, and they ar; hereby ad
mitted, Honorary Members.of the Society of the
Cincinnati.'' 7 -
The Society proceeded to ballot for the several
candidates, who were', upjn inspection, declared
to be unanimously elected' honorary membersf
luereoi. , . . . -- -' 1
-ResolvedrThatTis'it is more than probable that
.Mactial-which 1 Was .to have assem
jfacob! cH on a5iu mant m rhiladelpnia tor the
uiai oi ucoerat tiuii, 13 postponed until luither
v..::,.. Balk m, Feb. 12.
Mtrait--tf4eitc-fr9n4&orge2jttli to hit Mo
ther m pevtrty, dated " Mgier firison, Och 4,
..' . 1812. .
" On the 26th of August we were taken by an
neither of the ntwly elected mem Jers will oe pre
sent at the anniversary mceitng of the Society on
the 4th of July next, committee of five be ap
jpointed to receive them 10 the name of the So
ciety, an J to invest them with the insignia thereof.
and that this committe- consisi of Col. Varick?
President ; 3e ir Stevens, Vice President .;
j lirig. Gen. GUes,-4G.l..Trou;andtiVl . Faille.
Resolved, that 'one of"The orie;inal diplomas.
Signed by his Excellency General George Wash
1 ington, -first reiiden? General, of ihe Society. 'to-'
1 gethcr with tlie eagle, the order of the Society be
presenved by the committee to cacn of,, the uew
... members x their installation. '
V In 'puisuancs.t Whereof,', the' cotnmittee met od
oaiuraay,'ine 11 instant, st the resident's, and in
presences a consideraWe numter of the 'other
to?Jners f 'be 'Society r proceeded t the installa
lion of Com. Decatur and Capt , Jones, (Captain
v Hull beinjj absent at Boston) - y
lne'pt,ij.tnal constitution "of the Society hav
Itlir bet-h'Ypid. :lhf PrcsIrl.Tit sd-i.-oo..,! tu
b I . , l 1... ''.I w
vtc;n mcraoery n inese words. ' ; : ,
r . ,''idorv proceeding to the solemnity oTrecei v-
, ' ')yt sTisijerartnis tHjetetyexonstdTTt
to ,t he .objects of our" institution, and to; explain our
.motives ot the present occasion , ; y "
V. : MTh wwltl has ' been informedand - future
. generadons, we hops, will bear" as witness that the
: principle objctspf our institution werel'riend
ship and Charity. To' Heaven and our own bo
isonis we recur for vind7cati6o form any misrepre
; -Hntation i our rhtenutons. The-toila and jan.
we had shared in a cause iff which laimaia.ham
Pmess wasso extensiyely interested, had excited
ndfcemented a3cticms which e' co?d nnth.
'wUpng to sec (dissolved with our militaryxistence t
whilst ihe death of some of our companions and
State v-th at the- Kfritish Orders incouncil have beew- not tak- vJi e. Where the tnis- fct hw oii
rebeleS M in :Kh manner as to be caDble of
explanations piesung ine viewsonne governmeni"
ofvifee-' United States, 3nd stherefore none of the
Sllerd c ue 0 Warwith Great Britain now re
mnj except the claim of t he right - to take B ri
Ushlt'jbjets from thjp;mei;ch'ant ships of the U
iite '-States' iJtnd wtferca, during the admin
istriiKiis of Piesidetit -Wafthigtrtn and Prei loi'i
Adaris the; claim of -3reat Britain was n n co
sidertdsaiia. reasonable cause of war: and unt!e.
the administration .oflPresident ', Jtffei on , t'Uv
.gQTir.j&ICpf'GteaVMtaiii did'-oflfer' to- ntale ao
alnyigein'at., with the United vfitates. which in
th fpinir;S;of MfssrsoMonro and Plncktiewl
fnei;miniArr..piaceil thls
tjiit Wilis both honorabte; and advamagtolrs to the
Qoited States, and highly favourable to thir inter-,
est, and was at the tiqie" a concession Wlueh had
never before been made ; and it is highly provable
that the1 government of Great Britain, would still be
willing to make an arrangement on this su'hjeci
whith should be alike honorable arid advantageous
to the U. States'.- '. ;; 1 l ;" ; '"M
And whereat, under the administration of Presi
4it Madison, ' when he arrangement of the mat
ters in controversy between the United States arid
Great Ikitamwas made with ills Britohtiic Ma
jtsty' minister, David MontatjueErskJne, Esq.
the impressment of seamen was not considered ol
sufheieht impottance to be made a condition of that
arranpement. ' ,
And whercaa't all the European powers, as well
as the United. States' "recognise the., principle that
their subjects and citizens have no right to ex
patriate themselves, and that the nation has a rint
to the services of all its citizens, especially in lime
of war,' and none of those powers respect the na
turalizalion laws of the othcrso far as to admit
their operation in contravention of that principle
an., is is nicHiiilslly unjust for - a ntutrat power to
make war upon, one 'nation in order to compel v
to relinquish a principle which is maintained by
tilt: Oinfj. ' - ,
And whtreaii it is the duty of the government of
the -Unut-d ua!es, i pvotect dnd enr.qiiraje A
me'rican seaman, and id exclude from our ship.'
tne n.umbrous "foreign seamen, of their uaLural
means of surs:y.enc.t-. ' .
A id whtrfai, x .tcat proportion of the seame;.
oJ ihu U. .iuU'i T)ei mg wi this om n'n ve!(h, and
tnis 'iegisidtur.e is UjeiVous to ascertain' bow many
ui tue.n nave, ucen impre&sed or taken by lin"!t
itiivtin, rraiice, or any o.hrr power, in ordtr
Khit'6a-.ijfictory infwiniauoirmdy v ha ., anu cum-
mdnlcaied 10 ue, government ot the -'TJ. Stares.
Jidned, hat Mr. .Pickvrmg ot (ofUin) Mr.
rilliiihast (ot Tau.iton) anJ mv. Watson (of
UciUdt.;, bo. a connmuee to consider and report
wnat tneabtiies are proper to'be taken in-order lo
ascti tain the numtLcr of the seamiin of this cora
montfcahn impressed or oy any foreign na
tion. . , ' -
- NfcwauuYPOST, Feb. 12.
,We undeistaiiu the ship Aurora, of this port,
taken ' bv a Nevv-Voik privateer, .'and scnt SniO
Rhode Inland, was, on Monday last, i contrary il
gtHttai expcctilionl(and we may acid contrary to
tyery'priusfple otcciu.ty)cowrfmierfoy Judge How
ell, divrici juugt lor Rhode- Island, on the pi i u
ciple that a licence denationalise J the prupcitj.
Ihus tares it with, ths luile ol -ou
commerce. What escapes rrench sequestration
and burning, and Briabti capture, is tks.ineu. to
fall a sacnite in the courts of our couiiiierce-imi-
ers co the 'rapacious privateers uicn. - ihe proper
ty was entirely American, bound 10 a neutrii
port. Wt ledi n that the Owners, Messrs. Clark
aiiVjwljj!j?igj)t ; have .appealed to another' tri"'
nated' or who in he fault, we shall not imdeftilra .
to deter:;i',uM Wc shall fnly addihat our mW., .7
ma io-i is from the highest authbrityj and nut be j
relied on as coi'rcct. ' .T - 1 . '? )
, v&g ::.t.;-' rn-: ;
. .:':'' 1 - washJugtoh cit, ikb. 15. . !
Mirri . Galeq and Srafwj".'" "',. N ,
vVith regret, the tmnds of General JameS
Winchester have, om6vrtd, from v?ri;U yaar.
t 'ts. charges and insmuikiops againatVliioa lr ci
counf of the late mifefowthe which hasbeUUen th?
American arms uadtihis direction' wjiIj.
he lives or not is jueR(u, from the intelligence
ftfcti:.i' . '?Uvet htf H1 do justice'
. . , , . -
developed; from authentic sources, iti hopd that
public opjnioiij will be Suspended and pr pared o
hear impartially what may be presecied.c ItU.
confidently believed, that he acted with bravtry.(
and' pndence in tht' late transaction and th ittho!
cause of the disaster tnn traced to a lf,
fererit soince. The request is co-isidrrsd as'
reasonable in any event. The man "who Im hWrt
fighting for his country, or who h been TatefT
captive, ough,t not to bY condemned uniil he tan
be heared by himself or friends.
Aigenne on our passage nome, ana on that fatal bmnvr: a tiie sentence of TTus Judge Howed
day f iostrhbertynd ail-thaa-held J is annilwlated.
be made a slavnn this cm,f cou.ury. Wti.n . rilC conu.n pi .ze courts of Norway' can do
takeo, we wefcstript and plundered ot;e very -thing, nonluu worse ' " ' f
and remain almost naked and here-we are with-1 tw ;irt,)Pr.,, V ,w ;f ,,e tU. ;j f
out friehds or any one to assist us Weare all!t;Cimnat Newp0l.t, thal Judge Howell would con
in as good health as can be expected in our Uepio
rable situation which to describe would wound
your feelings too much,. I hope it will riot -he
long before our .counu' our
tmrruM-iihil lyranu. V r. arp. nhliKd tn labour
hard, and every night we are contiued in this pn-
snn. In the tew hours allowed loi rest, I write
this, which I send by the' Same btig that we were
taken in. - She is now under Alcioiish colouis, and
bound to Gibraltar, I hupe you will yet some per
sons to -intercede 'forf myself and. companions,
if in their - power. Your untortunate son, he,
We have a letter from Samuxi. .-Lark abee,
giving a similar descriptiou ot his slavery, chained
Uo nard labor, Stc. He adds, " I hear there is
war between the United1' States and England. ' If
tiirtt be tne case, I ttar we shall not get clear for
Jdeinn a Vessel captured Dylan American privatee r,
bound Irom One part in the United States to ano, if'anjr 'thing like a bri.ish license could be
found: on .. board- -without any hesitation I- Insu
rantc Ojfi.ce u kit, - : , ; .' ." ',-
some time.
- . - lioToFeuaFyT5TT
A BRITISH" FLB.ET. letter from Bermu
da, dated Jan. 1 5, to a gentleman in this cityr says
a new admiral, has aVrived on' this station from
England, and the British , force at present consist
of U ships of the line and 20 fr. besides sioops bf
war;' brigs, Sec. - .'i;--'' v r'--Hi ':
?Vf '.v'';.i;;(: p. vs;. Fctruarv 6. I8l2: '"
-; Qii motion of -Mr. Pickering,' of alerrt, the fol-
lowing preamble and order were adopted :'v "-'....
Yhereas the President in his message to Con
gress, has made known to the people of the United
i . !. Albant. Feb. 12.
. .'.'' .. -" . .. . "
A numerous public ymeetmg of the Iriends of
Peace and commerce, was ;helu last evening at the
t'apiiolJudgc lienson called to the chair and
Daniel Paris, esq. appointed secretary, the business.
of the meeting ?was opened by Mr. Cady, from
A resolution was yrsicrday introduced into the'ir
House of Repr'esehtaStives by Mr. G undy, con
templming an extra session of Congress ;o com.
mence. m May nexij ; but was rejected by a ma--' v
jority of 1 7$-i-every f fe ftrlist, we blit-ve, ' 1
voting ag mst it, and xf course a greait majority
of .the lepublicans for it i . ,
rhe obj ct avowed by the mover and a tppr.rt-' -V,
ers of the rasfltitionrwas'to fix an early day for,
' hs mee tjiur of .Coni;r,tSs to provide i ir the
dr fici- fees f th revenue of jhe y eaR 1 8 1 4','siuce ; '
it appear. d evident to them that Suficunt time, ;
did not remain to act on eftsubject at the pres r, j
eit 'session. The opponfnta to the motion were; t
ol'uvo classt tjthe opposition, usuaily So terrusT, '
'A lio are anxious tor the inrrnduction nf ta ei.A . I
Z - " 'V'fH 'i
foi tne repeal of the nonimportation act;irkcl
a pnft of the Republicans, some of Whom think If
t it p . tblic service requires immediate modification
1 th? lien i nnoruiion act. others who are unuioim
Cnit the tax bills should be introduced,' and semjp
ho thiiik that ' both ought touiss. .Mucl";
diversity of npii io:) prevailed , and 'not ja littk",'
Warmth was displayed in debate t , Jw t
"""We do riot hi1 any m -nns cdosider the derki on '
which was had to be conclusive ; we do not,JecMusejt
many, who vottd against it in'imaed .theie; :'
disposition to vote for an extra Session, but jnot '
at the present, because such a vote would-opd v,
rate forthwith to :-. postpone 'the Constdera ion of thtt't
suspension law and of the tax-bills until toe nexV,'
session. . ; .-, . , 4:iJi'"
We cannot omit on this occasion to express the
i eg ret we feel at seeing division among the' j
republicans nfth Houe, at a time'. When uniotx
irniis man ever necessary io resisi mt arts Ot
leir political opponents, and to carry on the opW' i
ations ut the goveinmtnt yvitb effect. It U per R
Kctly eviuent to us, that the lax-bills invIvine
'a v.vlumi aus mass of dptails, camot be acted on,1'' ;
t the present session, aljo wing the freedom and
latitude of debase 'which usually charactriZy.' the. '' ;
proceedings ol the, House, ar.d we very much.
doubt i wh'tthvr the act for isusp tiding th non " 'i
importation act can pass, if i;. pa s all, dt the ' !
present session. We lesped the hoiionoie md' '
tives which . actuate those gentlemen uho are '
desirous, by t..eif votes, to pass' the r.ecessify M' r
laws for fixing, oh a firm basisi the public credit, l'1
although vwe cannot, offer the"; same tributej'" i
to ' those" whQ-ikMi oppoed'-;Q - tajteVo -'-will y
one and aU"vote Against them' anti' yet'are ex- ,
tremely solicitous to lug themtaJf and shoulders j
into tne House. , :.v '-t' ' 1 ' '
Let ths Republicans in ConereBS, and thcif1
brethren in the nation, those who feef thtmsvlves "
res;.onsible for' the due execution, of the-'mcasurei'wj
of goveriimentj for tht succees of the war, iftfr '
consequently tor the support ol public 'credit;
unite i" thit course which amaiority. of the'ni ''
hall approve. Thus vnitcdr they have nothing f
tosttar trom their pol..ttca4 opponents. Mutual i
concession are necessary, 'to "unity1' of ac'tdn.' j
Witlxft, every thing is possible V without itjiibi '
thing is practical, v ' . ' :' ; '' itffct'
Extract qfa letter front? gent Icmap in Boston, & t2r- ; j
-' " ; -' :' ' . ' "." ed. February 8 ";"'-"T 7 ' ' rj '.;
Itfr. Alln tli lalp Rrifi In nonl. Knfi rnw 0. . f
Montgomery . o proposed that Stephen Van;ent for prisoners, has th's day reteived a.Vor i
Ransselaer, of the county of Albany, be nominated from the marshal to retiie o .Worcester wiih.
as a catulidate for . the office of Governor, and j n three days, arid not go 6ui of the limt'sof town. y j
George llumington, of the ccunty of Oneida, for j i ' ' livening 'iost i
the office of Lieutenant GoeVhor After an elo
quent and impressive speech from Mr Hoffman,
the 'qqestionsuan4ariied-Jiuia
after which a committee of five was appointed to
prepare and' publish an address-. ; '
'? ' CEN. I1ULl.'S TRIAiL. '
On the account of this ''trial, announced and so
confidently repeated in the Philadelphia papers,
the Albany Gazette makes the following oOserva
tions : '. . ;;;-. , ,- -';. ' ' , '
A court martial, ordered for the trial of gene
MILITARY expenses;;
AiterinrtheNvWiYot k-Hnorning-Star, has s '
made a very-accurate cateijbition of the expenses
of the presvntamry of the U. S, & subjoined ihtre.,4 j
to the augmen-ed sums, necessary; frr, t he pay n4.-: '
support of the grand arm; of 55,000 rnen, co'iterc- - i
plated to be tahed. The cof.crusioh, as drawn '
from the reports of the Secretary at, War, an4he '
receht laws of Cohess mske7 the gros siutv- ,
of Jorty. vnrmillivnsj ixhundrtd an"dnineiy eight !
tnousana,jive nuuureq ana nmery a 'ar, per bo
rai nun i. inere must oe some precipitancy, ncre ;num ; or snouid.'tne wajr lasi nve ana a nut;,
riitt exchange mentioned in ihegeneral order.;-yearst which ' ne considers-as biH'yproMV to"..!
from "the .war Office, signed ' TJ'H. jCus!)ing adj.f the enormous-jyurn r9o 9drd in f ivny"
geh is not cprrect'lnsll its parts, perhaps .in none LfnrYona, three hundred mMf:iriaM-miiit
in a word, theJ exchange there mentioned has" hundred and fort? esver. djtlirs
r '
- t. -

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