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meet wuli great position. : We .shall publish
the biUin our next. The report and cqriespn
deuce which accompanied it will be foundin sub
sequent columns. .
The I reasury Note bill has not yet passed the
Senate, it hiving beent'on it's third ceading.tej
commuted for amendment. '
Kingston, (Jamaica) Dec,
?r..tVi hmVnt to state that theSouthampton fri.
V,--He1 of ;3..guhsj Srjjames Lucas Yeo, knight.
f , , commantier, was unroriuiwwij i r r i.r. r,rtm , - uartn r.nv,mnr
i A o'clock, a. of the 27th .November - reet oli . .
I :y j ncksi not npttted in any chart, about 9 mile from
A V v,o'icrption Island,,, on the Bahama?,' when lieut.
I' ' (iorlon, 2d of the Southampton, was sent ott in
t'lf huiach for Exnma, to commonicate the same,
fipm wheDce not'tre was sent to New Providence
of the disaster, and thje'RHodian brig; wa'a" instanily
dispatched to .their assistance. Iri fhe mean time
the dflTccrs and crew proceeded lb Conception
Island, and the Rolia and Caledonia privateers
Head Quarters Portage Rtvert Jan. $Q-
' A Frenchman arrived her this evening by way
of Lower Sandusky, from the River Raisin ; which
place he left on the nieht of the 23d He says'?
that there must have been six hundred of our troofi
taken prisonersthat the creater part of our men
fought mott desiera'ely, and would have beaten
the enemy, if the centre of the line had not given
way and they had been well supplied with am
munition, which had been unfortunately placed at
a house at some distance. He counted six'y'one
?3inird?,' ihthrcapture;flnd lota! destruction of
2is Eritanntc Mojctty't frigate, Java, Captain
imbert, of 49 guns and above 400 men.,
The U. States : frigate Constitution, Commo-
dore Bdinbrfdjte,., arrived at Iioston Oft' Monday
rrofn a cruize having performeu the gallant action
which is detailed iqL.he subjoined account, lor
which we are indebted to an officer belonging b
the Constitution, who passed thr&ugh this city yea
terday for Washington, and obligingly turmshed
it, to the Editors of the .Mercantile Advertiser. ' '
We rei6ice at every circumstance which adds
new laurels to the naval glory of our country ( and insists on it, most matifullv ,IZ I KeahMlr
particularly bo when .. lliey are gathered with so set his machines asv6inK Bnl m aii'l
. t . . . i. n i hji .. i
' Wll ,
$ having received information of the acident, called
! ' i there on the 7th inst. took the people on board
: unn Hnirrn w in 1 1 1 r. i iui Vina uui l uii iiiv . . . -
" ' , . ... otirt' .ri,l,j ol the enemy killed, , when were, removed altei
On the 19 ult. the .Southampton recaptured tne . , , ? L . .i .i u
, " , ,the action in sleds, and he asserts thai he heard :
American schooner HelerKiand Ann, from Alex- ... . . , ,
fj;.:' c. titrt.;.. ,nH ' nu,) col. admit, that the loss on tbeir s.dii was
fL .Un H.tiinhv the Nonsuch Wal 10 ou,s-: 1 9pnt wo m two days agoto
II aOT P...w- w - - - l - .1
of Baltimore ; ordered her for Nass .'ti, N. p.
ascertain the siiuation of the enemy and our wound
sr were
On th 22d ult in the lattude of Cblileiton, the f ? h French!n ' xhtl
f..n .:,v Vj ... .f,.. . ! left at the river Risin. 1 shall manhth
e av
ch"se of9 hours, the U,&.vS Vixen, capt James afH mqjrow for the Rap d; j,nd ,m tlre
t?ead, of U IS', and M dip, made eiuP 0e arui ery .the, .project , ol
tiL as the Southampton on the Island of W Th frenchman is certafn th General V inches-
V t
ceptiori. u - - y - -Y.
The Rhodian brig,-from Nassau, last from the
Island of Conception, with Sir James Lucas
Yeo, Jnt. hii officerF and crew, ani the oiBcers
and crew o"the U. S. brig Vixen, arrived at Port
Royal on; Monday. '
After the loss of the Southampton and Vixen,
the officers aid n,en of both vessels, from their
indefatigable exervir.ns, saved a quantity of sails,
rigSr'S fee. and the Amej,icans'"Vhaved so
cquiplcifcly to the satisfaction xf- Sir J. L. Yeo',
small a sacrifice Qf human life, 9 men only being secy rity ; that they shall continu
limea anu wounueu. 10 uie enemy, luuecu, on ijpe wiioje. would be (he mn.f , 7 i;ili
rri-rr in iiirf-iiiH fii flu. insnri1 in mo f .i n . j . . . . r
atare Pennsvtwnh.' nn,,
be .uses the following Ver; ,? '
'their report is not mZVT
c.rcumstaoces, but is SftSeM
of truth t in sAm, Hv's1rt ; -V
hood, - He 'iddeli -L? ! "ff
. v ar- Hu urea , r-
Patterson, and Evan, w uT " iVlessrs- Vo,5i,
equaThi knack at invective. xS?
is self.moving.or craitk-mnvin..- u hls. maine
Lnofliiiemp.tihleechanir-ai "
and iriprj-y i-
enaic ui wmcn lie lavish
iMintrlBgenct-YtKtvdzj before , !ieCo- .. f
SeSSio,fur th,s city and .ounty, a Wirb?;.
name of M Donald, belonging to the'Ci
Governor's I.nd, was mdicttd for sxabi?'1
Keith in the pubhc street at Whitehall V, ,
appeared in evidence that a ti e of men hji
sent from Gnvei-nnr'a Iclnnrl , f1
8 ifkr...
. r - i .
ier iney loumi me. man end tock hi-m-i. :
eni n.W
I I -vj
ter, cl. Lewis and brigade maj. Garrard, area
mong the prisotaers. '
, . Ijad Quartm
Portage RivKH.Slst. Jan. 1813.
This morning two spit-s whm I had sent to
the river Raisin, have returned. They gave a
still more favorable adcunt of the action than
that before received. ,Thty say, that a cooside.
rabiy larger ntimber of the enemy w-re killed,
than of our rnen', nd that after mrsiirg every
assault o( the liiitish nd chafing the latter sue
1 that he samWbnL them together, and express- csse$s(,uu StYral t,m'- V1 -,Ktr SBrrc,n
. eJ his animation, staling that he would repre-; ler umi1 ia(tfr ?r of th? Ii.dians fro.n. the
t 8?nt their cwtduct to the Nayal .Commander on' Pursu,t ol . those .who had. fetreateJ in the com
r, this .station in its proper light; and obtain for them rnencement of the .actum Uhere were two thou
r c . w . -and one hundixd men on the suit of the British.
every preference in his 'power bestow.
learn that they will shortly return home ira car
tel for the U. S. " :. fi"'': ':;t:;":: "v
It appears from the Krehch papers, that the
greatest fKertions are making by the continental
powers in alliance ' with France to reinforce the
grand '.army;'. Skirmishes frequently occur be
tween 'the Cossacks and French detachments.
A detachment under marshal Regnier was or
We have been obliirinelv favored t"v Mahr Ro
------ - v n
O'lrri'lnfa ll Ol Q AKI ir iVi-Jt- T T t TwHTnTfl Q f T rift ' ilanA ir f . 1
t lie. uai iiaii hh uvu uivhwiuli vn-. y v I lutiivv an uia Javor Run tt'fiWh k' i
killed and 10 1 (or as another account say 170) of angTy-railihi?ffftra. rPMioit.
wounded. beMOes the total, destruction ol me ves
selsTnsliaaddiiional evidence that whetfeer
an opportu'hity occurs, in wliich an American ves.
sels comes in contact with an tqual force of the
enemy our gallant naval heroes will at all times.
" deserve well Itheir country."
On 'the 29th December, in last. ,1 36, S. long.
38. West, about ten leagues from the Coast of
Brazil, Jhe United States frigate Constitution fell
in with and captured 41is .Britannic Maji'stys fri
gate Java, of 49 guns and manned with upwards
of 400 men. The action cohtinued one hour & fifty
fve minutes ; hi whitM time the Java, was made'
a complete wreck, having her-bowsprit Brd every
mi'sr-and spar shot out of her. The Constitu
tion Tiajd 9 killed and, 10 1 wou Jed. Amongst
the lf.tei was her commander', Captain Lambert,
a very distinguished officer, mortally..' Froma
letter writen by one of her officers while on board
the Con iti' ution, it is evident that the wounded
must have been considerably greater, and many
must have died of their wounds previous to remo
val. The Utter states 60 killed and 170 woun
ded. . : ' ':' ;.
The Java was rated at 38 guns, but mounted
49. She was just out or dock and fitted in the '
C'impletest manner to -carry out Lieutp.iant Gen-1
eral Hislop,-Governor of Bombay,-and his staff;1
Captain M irs'iall, and a commander in the British
navy ; knd a number of naval oflic-rs going to join
Mntish ships otwar in the Last Indies.
splendid naval victory
The account was brought to New C title bv ah
ir." ..v.w. ...v.. .w6..... - , x ne account was orougnc to rsew vtstie dv an
Vdered to storm the Russian town of kwrskarioffictr of the Constitution who had landed from a
occupied by 2000 Russian troops ; it was carried, ; schooner pri2e to lhf Hornet, who was. in siht at
f ' ana tne uussians entirely routed. the oossacRs the close of the
action, and from" whose icurnal
and othtr Russian soldiers, committed the most Maior r:. fvirarf.H it. Tboflirsr. whr, n .me
' dreadful excesses on the peaceable inhabitants g ll0t recived, has gone on to Washington City
of their own country. They pillaged Moscow with despatches.
1 ' ' after Bonaparte evacuated it. and vehted their per-1 Deq., 1 s. 18! i, Mer. !at. 1 8 60, ldnjr. 36 SV. 10
? aonai.nairea in acis oi rawiess violence. ...... ussiaieaRUC9 from SU Salvador .descried a
f feiurwus umc a mciancn-uy picture oi rum was SCK)n discovered to be ah English frigate. We
t11-380111- ;Winzingerode,laid to the empe !took in mainsail and royals, tacked thins' end
I'Vror oFRsslI1 arrived at Frankfort, Germany, a stood for her. -At SO minutes past I P. M wi h-
prisoner to the trench tXi the Ptof Lrc. Na :;n half a mile end t win?.arrt. nd ht.Mii."wn
Jpoleon has appointed Murat, king of Naples, his :an his colors except the union jack at the miztn
I : . 'lieutenant-general to command the grand ai my un- , mast head, the Constitution fired one gui
.... .... u..v, u.. v..u.. ... -vi ... ( oi me enemy to mane
'spring- On his return to Paris from tbe army, which he gave' us hi w
the Hritish ships of war in the East Indies. B
sides these, and havinjr htr own complement, of
officers and men complete, she had upwards of one
hundred supernumeraries of petty officers and sea
men for theulrniral's ship and other vessels on
the East. I miia station. She also had dispatches
t rt Carr, who has jut arrived from 'New is h1 frain ,he B. tish government for St. Helena, the
rith the following iuieresting account of another! fjaiM5 Df tj0O( )Hope, and to every British estab-
lishmenjLjn the Indies and China Seas and
had copper on boarJ foi a74 gun ship and two
sioopi of war building at R:mbay, and it is pre
sum d miny other valuables' 'all. of which were
olown up in her on the 31st of December, when
she was et on fire.
- f he Constitution was considerably cut in her
spars, rising and sails ; but not ro much -injured
out that she could have commenced another action
immediately after the capture of the Java, which
hurr yescl was made a perfectly unmanageable
rcck. .
All the oTicers and seamen taken in th? Java
ver-i ptmllfd by commodore Iiainhridge, and
landed on the 31 of January at St. Salvador, Bia-
gun ahearl
him shew his colors, on
hole broadside. A eetieral
)y wui.jiit iukiku iii uKu, i. icugunu, OV.I.-JUI-( action with round and grape shot now enrwnen
panied only by the Duke , of Vincence, whose ced, th enemy keeping at a much greater dis, oauuitu. -U5 n- iuiw.n,.iiuii3 tance man ve wished, out we could not Dnng
y of Prague ; passed through Warsaw, where he ' him to close acticn, without exposing ourselves
5 f remained several hours unknbwn. Before his de-1 9evere rakinc. Both vessels manoeuvered soi
t ptfuuic i ik... it, ne arm iui uic vuuui onu , nme to rake and to avoid being raked
uie ;mmiMcrB pnance oi incunnu uueny, wun Al 2 P. M. commenced action within good
whom he conversed a considerable time.- He ar grape shot, cannister distance. At 20 min. past 2,
i , jivco tn uresaen on ine im, at i o ckck ui nigm ; our wheel was shot entirely away. At 40
past 2, determined to close in with 'he enemy, noi-
wit hi'anHino' his raltlnor fir. fr.r .A miintnli
it, -wnere ne angnteu ai me nouse oi toum aerra,
jiib iiiiiioitii v-f.ri.ici .uiiici i iirt a-jiijc villi V vim
thp : 'Rr,tr of fiarrVrw. h ft naf ncraJn. i ait ft a fnw
Sroad" to Leipstck and Men
- The jduke.of Cadore acts yH min.isttr of state in
Paris inbsence of count Daru, who rcrrfauis widi
'n' the intendant general. x' As soon os the Ceremo
.V'11'8 ofjhis. arrival were" over Bonapatte examined
in' person into "the state of different departments
and luffed up close to him At SQ m past 3, the
enemy's jib bofm got fore of qur mizen rigirjg
At 3, head of enemy's brjwsprit and jiu boom-ot
away by us. At 5 . minutes past 3. sot a.vcy- en
emy's bowsprit by the board. At S'nun. pa'jt 3,
shot away enemy's main tonmist, just .ibove tJu
! Cah. At 40 mill, nasi .1. slinf ainv their iTHtV arii!
r,- . -w.-. . i..- I r i .,---7 t,--
r. oi ms goTernmem, l ne anniversary oi nw coro-; spanker boom. At 55 .nin past 3, sh wa
. X t nation was, as usual, brilliantly celebrated through-; their mizen rhast bv the board.. At 4 p. M. con
out the empire.
Hatfield's crocerv afore neiip Wt,
the house. ' The marcJiin'g of the ruur l0 H
fiejol's excited some curiosity among iheiny-,
tanlfr oTlhe rftighborhood, and several wn
vyar,ds the dtKif to seV what was going lu, ward Z
1 hesoldicr M Donald) ordered them eff, kad .
man refusing to step. bask,. 'was stabbed in u0
places, and driven from the walk ; at the mWnt
Mr. Keith CBme otit of a neighbor! house.
knowing that any soldiers were titer, or that ant
disturbance had taken place, and in 'Atempiimrtt
pass Hatfield's o house received the point of ihs
soldiers bayonet in the thigh. -..
The Jury lound M'Don dd guilty. TheRea;
der immediately nrdered, him to be brourrht- totiie
bar for, sentchce--Addressing himself to the pu.
soner he said, that tho he was sorry the priswi.
er was likt to suffer for doing what he might km
been ertofteously taught was his dcV.y, yet, sswich
outrages could not be tolerated in a state of civi
snciety, the Court had thought itself called upon
to take an especial notice of this case He said'-'
that it was a principle to be maintained at tvtry
hazard, that the military must be subservient M!
civil authority, and it. was high time thatofficn.
and soldiers knew it, if they did hot know ifalru.,
dy, It had becoms indispe'nsuhle to rnukc a pu-S
lic example, and to make, it now, that ibis ttj;
might be checked in the bud. HeadiW-
.muay very pertinent and impressive ifl)servatia
onthe duties ol the citizen and sold icr.aad con
cluiied by sentencing the prisoner to one year's
confinonVent inthexity prison.
I )n tin; same day another soldier was convicted
bscene behaviour in the public street cfttitd
and sentenced to three months imprison men! in
thl: ciy prison. 1 he conduct of tins prisonrr H5
sqoufagvously indecent that we cannot report, it. '
' i A'rw Y.Jiv Peit.
z is. N
The following is a list of his Britannic majesty's
military and naval officers parolled at St. Salvador)
by commndere Bain'iridge : - j.
1 Lieut. General 1
1 Major t Military Officer.
1 Captain J
1 Post Ciptain ,
1 Mtster and Commander
5 Lieutenants r
3 Lieutenants of Marines
L S-irgeon . ,
2 Assistant Surgeons
1 Purser ;.. ..: .
15 Mi(hh:prri.en .... ' -
I Gunner
I U )Ht swain ' r
1 Neater ' -
. . 1 Carpenter
2 Captain's Clerks 1
. ' . ' . '
28 i JfRr.ers. . .
323 p'.-uy-OiTkers, seamen, n?arines and boys,
To Che Freemen of Jiort h TanUna
Engaged in war with a gycaf 'acd powerful i
tiOT, destitute of the munitions of war, andconse.
rjiisntly of the means of defence ; holding anwr
ourlclves a species of population ready to
th.; standard of rebellion ; in the power of our cn
enty to land on our 'coast troops of the samecoH
already disciplined and, trained tc the use of ama
a:;, considtra'tions that need no ccir.rr.ent.
fcciinected wi'h the extraordinary appearance
th times, imperiously ftqiire that every
bodied freeman should be armed fur in a a-pi'l:
ivery fieeman h a soldier.
The candid mamer iri which Ills Exct!!
Governor Hawkins recommemled the arming ti
Militiaito the cor.'iidcratio.ji of the legislature.,
he commencement of their late sessipn, -met w"K
the aDnroi.ation of everV thinking rran; b'j.
stange to tell that a proposition, ippmpjuwr;.
S25,0(K) to the purpose of arming the militia.'5
rejected in the seriate! by small mnjoriry.--A.te
Viewing this subject my heart felt indignant et tt
contracted poiicy which refuses to put our coinV;?.
in an attitude of defence, where so ronchTs t
main being down, we supposed ht h?d stitick, aprf
shot ahead to repair our ritrrrmi)', which x-ts rnm !!
exclusive of nine-Portuguese am'en, liberated an-.rrakerTndhe-rpatr
4 t'
Thfe shin Kaile-tlantain Prfiei kin. arrivrl hrf ! i-a..:.. .vT .... ... .... i-
J brt. evening, ,in 88 days from Lisbon left' that after we discovered the enemy s fl .g was s'ill fi-ynrg.
place' on the 2d ult. ( ! At 20 min. past 4, we -wore shijOnd stood fi
" f, Then wasno late news of importance from the the enemy. At 25 min. past 5. git down to hr
x - coiu.Dinea armicineir neaa quaneis were ai ,n a very -effective position for raking. Athwa
' Ctlerlco, where thev. had - taktn up their winter j his bow, and at iKe very instant of purpreparii
" garters. ; The Freiich were on . their retreat, j to give her a broadside the enemy nrudehllTstriif:
The Marquis of Wellington was expected at
.i Lisbon, the dayl tt E ;gle mailed rgreat prepara.
lotions were.making by the Portuguese Regency to
receive nun, ine Je JiP5?5t tyv wpit.
wasyo invest Mr. Stuart, tbe British Ambassa
dor, bv command of the Prince Rtcent. with the
t ordcr(ofthe Bath.Sir Siapleton Cotton sail :d a
.bcut the 2ath ' Etecemberfor England. Marshal
" Beresford and General Leith, were in Lisbon, re-
vjvenn uiHii cue wyuuus uey naG received in
Ihi batlle of Salamarica. Troops vere constantly
t arrivingj.t Lisbon from England about the mid
- c'.Ie of Dc'err.!'.er two regiments, the King's ,L.ife
t Guards'and Oxford Blues, were landed. T he 'day
$ "bt-iore they marched r.H" To join th- army, they
viH'vif,v;d !: Sir 3. Qnuih.; 'the firmer were
" aUmit Har -r r.:.;. r;d-made a e.jjol:ljt4XLr
.T .'ctire; -'Hiiur rn .tinted ,o; elegant black Hanoverian
xhtiYTChifl'iiiwri Cou tic.-. . ' '.,
I '
Lieut. Parker wassent on bo nd to take possession
of the prize, which proved his'rrujesty's sfiif
Jva, rating 36 but mounti ' g' 49 gua'.: oiiimiini.
hyOnt. Larubert, .a distingtiislien otiifei wn-;;
was mortally wounded) with a cn-"w ot up
of 400 men, besides- 1( 0 suptxi'rnvraties oi; (
out to the' Eas Indies for ships 'mere,.- I'hei-. Wci e
on board a'"numbtrr of passeiigrp,arn'ig which
were lieutreen Hfslop, (iovernor ol Uombay'; ia
jor Wa ker and Capu Wood, f iiis staff ; Capt.
Mari.hall, master arid commander the Royal
Navy, and several officers appointed to ships in tlv
East Indies". . ". - '
Qn board the Java were 60 killed and l?0 wound-
ecL The Constitution had .9 killed and 23 wound
ed. . . - " V": '' - . " '
Sbe4iadr-on hoard ) epatrheforSTTiMenat
. . .. -P.-. i-.. I I In
iven up to the governor oi .i. oaivauury anu o
passenger?, -prite characlnrsTwhoci the com
rnodore dkl not consider prisoners of war, . and
pv i nfilled to land without any restraint.
The following is -i .cony of the letter-above "al
ludud to from ah officer of the Java ':
"' Pritoner 'on board ike American frigate" Conitu
, tai!on .5V. ialv.d$r, Brazils Jan. 1st, 1813.
My dear sir I am sorry to inform." you of the
II snbum lb tne cw-
wit-ni 35hls y"""
siHeration of my JcHqw c'.tiJSens. Vf r
I would propose that a company bs tormed ir
the purpose of manufacturing arms 1 hat te
sum of 20,000 dollars be rais'td by suTismv.'r.n, t.
25 dollars per share, one fotirt.i to be paid do;
one fourth when the machinery jshops, work 110"'J
Sue. are ready to go into cp'eration, 'the other n
lV.nrths in six months' instalments: ...
I am convinced that a plm oi. ""'.W'm'" .
oj ft'-t:
I'' 'i ' WAStfiNGTO ClTtiTeb3(i,16., '
. '; Th"sWH forthe'tto trea:e -the Navy of. the
j :- XJ. tiiaies. by rjurcfiiatngor building severaljsloop3 !
,.J f war, has passed the House of Representatives ;
also a bill' to. authorise the appointment of rx.
' f I atMiiionat Major Generals and1 six BrigadieGen
f 'tiah to the -Armv of tVe US;att9.:; ; A
t (-n'tm'potsmj bill w5s f esltitUy reportedln the ,
f" "IL ?f Repiesentatives f6r modifying the im
t ,p'.aaiion act and to encreast the dutieson foicign
g v'lvi t:ge,' It3 passage is doubtful j it will least
Caps of Good Hope, f and thalifferent establish
merits in the Last Jndes-and China ; and copper
for aY4 and two frigates bnil-'ling at Rombsy. ', -1 he
Java was an elegant, ship, and fitted otit in the most
complete 'manner, for the purpose of carrjing cut
the Governor, to Bombay. '. 1
. The crew with the officers' baggage l-esng ta
ken out, the ship was set on fire on Jahuaiy 1st,
and blew :d7,.'as she was so crippled as To lender
it impossibTe 'to, bring her ihto pirt., Commodore
Bainbiidge' "was slightly jyounded, '.'.' ' : .v.."
. . - . , . - .,xf Jtr- f !iern!n'a !.j'.ll, 1p' I
and myself were shipmates in the Marl, proper reguitti.ojii .r-'"-.;; epf!)
. came to ses together.- He whs public god,. it wouiu uu.-m - .
oi rour'i. and first
aivit earlv in 1'ie adin by a round shot in Jus riht ht to tne ? . . m he
high, '"and died in a few minutes after w a. cis. j 'rM mu'.:ft? c T'
P.,ur other of his mmates shared the samefde, jmadd by the comply at or riine.
ht with 60 mtn kdlrd and 70 wounded', .'tm, anu. pcuwi j,. .
!.'..rr...ut. ,.mf i,n will nn rir.nh! v ,u of hands, hc can b had very low, b
... ' . . . , L - ..I, ,. .1. i . : ..f tti Uhor hM-fr.rmed bv water.
lore mis reaciifs ynu-. l ne you wuija an v " " i - .
be lore
friends and" relations: know of his uniimtly fate
' ' We were fi board the Jay a fori a passage to
Indiawhen we fell in with this fi igate. T(vo nr.
ce.h I have Efjit you under, .good. -care, and hope
this will reach. you safely. lYours truly, '
" Lt. Peter V-Wood, 22-d re gt. foot Isle of
Trance, or Bpu! bon, L:asTI i ulies."
ho are viin' 5
lor tne tncoui vcuicinvi r -,e
to assist in this "laudable er.Urpuze, I i
for 1500 -doirar to build, av my ,1,s c.nw,
creek, Moore county, a Machinery to go .
that shall be sufficient to bore .-end gnw.
can barrels 'peri day ; the Machmtry-
contain one water uhwthmd trip ha.nolei tor .,.
1 ,wi.U also give, to tn; coin"
25 acre
convenient to. the machinery
f s'l't.
On her .palWage to Boston the .Constitution iff'll
in with tho Hoi Set, and was itifyrmed that she had
recaptii red the: A mexican shi p W illi a m i : a pri ze
to the Java ; and that she had also captured on.
t he same day the schooner. Ellen, bound from
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l.juiliisii w wjt. aivauuii n.ui mi t vvvu. 4. v. vv ui , - .. '1. . r 2noronrt-ir,iiar hit.','fcVn'- ouf the 'will make any kind arms. su. . rlM1
: . .... . 1 tv,;'. ...inlt: suinp.ts. - C.b. ui-
whole, ol her cargo and ordered ncrtor the first
American- port.' fi-i4':-
lumber at the place to ouuu ,1;
and woik huMS, at six do.ia'S .I'-.i u,''-.,,',c,i
I will also' engage. to sop-r.ntwie ""
ni,ss for three yei rs at 75(f! " f
ri vs. -.f
. .rEP.Tu a l motion. . ';.;;,
;' Charles Red he ffer has published in liefa (Phi,
la.) Gazftte, a long vindicatipn of. the leality of
his-discovery , to which he has ' subhSint d " certain
: - New York, ,Ftb. 18 :
Another brilliant" navaLaqhievernent by the V- depositkns. He introducfts the statement with a
Hied States Prigats ConstitutioW "Commodore! very cavalier notice. of the committee of the Leg
shot Run?, pistols,' swoTus!
na y-4 h hi k pro pe r-4 direct. . .
- Should this, ulah'or any o'her c
theapprobation-W myfeHo
sirous to engage io tl "e bllieSs
on my greatest txeruons m Affi- :.''- T
opefation as 0:
February 2 fBf

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