North Carolina Newspapers

X-; -Vj Slillj - SciIEQUE BIU S K - ' cedVith less danrr to the liberty "ana happiness J XECU
fitDVV,..MARCU 5. 1813:-
j -There are "iiowJwolnprtheritTnails
;her taull arrive . , -; . -.
; , THE MAILS. ; 4. .
r,rfa letter to the Editor cf the CharUmn
emitted at I&ieisKCV C.J February
i.l. 1313.
e will be able to "inform you that the citizens t whenjt was usual, fo farm out the re
that gorei!nmej)i contemplated ' issuing treaury
notes, and had spoken to an engraver tor me nc.
cesiary pbtes, as usual, we; were met with a plump
contradiction, and Mr. Gallatin procured Murray,
' " .-- - ' J :l . ClniiA that
notes anticipated,-nave been issued, and provision
i made for . an 'emission of ten.mjllion9 mOrt
So that innother year we may expect to" see the
country, inundated with continental currency.
Not .relviiu unon the natural tendency of this
tannied svuem to ruin thei public "credit, a mode
1 t hp sAnntpA to cret this paper in circulation,
.... tKf o-ft nn bv this tlaV 9 . .it .1 r rna hnnt thi era 01
tio-. ln P5vlb''w ' r' , ... . . someminK ufvc uiai ui hiikv. -
will be able 10 iniorm yw assignats, r was usuai. u .v
' . . .Ji.Un'nrmn crir.ttiniP their rri u K'.laiion nf mtfrst.
rrinrlestoii neea noi. un-uiav.v t - n--T venue, .inere is.y us uv '
fl'iasnlntion Datriots will forbear to 'overturn the
present harty overnment of the United States,
by dissolvirigheUnion, agreevnot to overturn it
by the war, although It iv"to -them many offi
ces7"emolumeius, contracts, powers and perguM
'sfies," "whichthe'disiiolution patriots would.t)e glad
totget. s ..." ',
3. The jdiolution patriots, in consideration
lhat the Was patriots will forbear to oterturn the
BY an act passed aitheUst sesstpn of thr Gen
erai Assembly, the Governor is reqoesttd to causa
to be distributed among the several counties 1 here
in named, the arm's Nthich hac teen" received by
thisstattf under the la v of congress f-jrarminj; the
Militia of the United .States. ' Some aernpt m
engage individuals t'o peilorm that duty has shown
the propriety of giving public 'notice that applica
tions will be received at this Office fir'the' trans
DortatioITand delivery 'of VixtV.four Brands of arms
; . .i- i .. 1 .... j . i ' . r . 1. r.. 1 1 .
present happy government 01 tne unittn otaies oy 10 iue uoinci gouiihihuiw eacuvi c iohowmj;
war, armies, debt, taxes ahd cprruption, will re. counties, to- wit Brunswick, Columbus,. Uladen, ;. ,
linquish the dissolution of the union, although Jones Lenoir, Onslow,' Sampson, Duplin, Pitt, -
thev are hear tots accomplislHneht, together with Beaufort, Hyde, Washington, f yrrel, Edgt-cdinb
V. Un 91 Mr. CiBAKGEU XOn- ", L:n nn interest nf six Der
liters reruian w v-6 -7- - omuie uu uwugn - -,, r
Ullc' . b r r- .-tnra htwpenr Kaleiffn u ..u J smunt n will nrr.
,niipstlie present vuimaviwi- . ir. cent, are 10 oe Bwuai suwjjji--. -
.ml Petersburg, tompjainu ic - cure the ready casn.
to him
The. speculators have only
of their improper conduct; for they keep tocortlbine, and by laying back a. whilevth njay
. .Li. 1 ... u. mttn carriaPeSj' . - j' 1.. tUt mmnta rtf ndmttllS
tW mtst miseraDic. uuic r---.o n speculate nanomcijr wjmii .,
drunken drivers. But one of thes coptrac ow . . "- ; -Fed. Hefi.
inriOfc Gholson) has a brother who is a mem .. .-..a-a ' , ' ,
c,r or Congress; and the presumption is, that xtxact rrom an Jdirensby the iwabitanlt of Que
L Us are remitted and that he retains his con. . . bt cto Gov . rrevwt.
tract througn .-v - We sincerely pray it- -'?f?-""'-v.r':- C k iu.r..i-,Wi W undisturbed possession
that, however, as u may, wmw w thofifa wish that the smaiiesthigicessioii snouiu i , "A T " f rivt.ini fLi ' -t f,,ur
L " ,Mct betwien this place and Petersburg,, m, . tA hUiou,. untf;and un ust po of all ouirihef .can get during the next tour
-T V. r.h....: nd von can-.calr - V ." . f ;,rr, veafs ; but this article is not to ue construea so as
there Will wn-- . - ' , 1CY OI UIC ruiciivau . ui
all the offices, emoluments, contracts, powers and
perquisites, they should thereby acquire.
4.' It being obvious that the ar patriots have
by this treaty madegreateV sacriGces than the dis
solution patriots, by surrendering the best i ma gin
able system for fleecing their 'country,' both of mo
nev and pbxvnr, whereas the latter cMy engage not
to push, any farther a project of some What inf erior
capacity tor the same ends, tor the aKe 01 lair
aud hicr?hlfi r?cinrdcity -between: the high con
tracdni" oarties, it U mutually agreed, . that the
! dissolution patriots shall reimburse thenar patn
;l.e Upo no'hiog else. . The Contractors be-1
in thls and Fayettele are: extremely aUnr 1
...... Rtas-ea and horses are in tine order,;'.
11VC, y- -r-P , .
. .V.t- .. AB.ayl(iw4 llkttJ Attn.
W no means sirable butUd ori
oVer with whomiur mothewfintry ha evinced .rat ana cumiupame ng.u . u.v.
owcr muniiKiiii u Ji:-,,,... nr even. detestable, bv truth.
rhcr most- "sincere dtssire ot remaining ai psacc.,- -rr-- '--; , ' ' y
' haveood drivers r their rout ir., no sicrifice t00 'great to 'repel falsehood, -or br?bed presses in wetwpTO
C rrned entirely in the night, ani they ore com- - att3tkl and pledge ourselves to support Your the freedom ot tne pvess,: ana a Hir 01 cHua .Muuc
SdWoss tangerou river (Cape FeSr) in j L ,U ad"ortunes,should the ol contest fur the loaves and fies. "
eUtll0.:wrTthtandinff these diflicul- ff "L?. u:mK;.5rt. vi.w. rind dare to' 5. As the western patriots have evidently been
;Sw , . most h earnest io favor of th. w.r,- it is" but just
Wh! o.u -Jifpa.ttMiHe. Ttis probable,-"1 ' plin " L. , L . that their Satisfaction should be particularly con-
i ouiivU) at m iiivtviwt ry j - --------
tlpulated that noBntish sailors
.nd Mississippi, shall be lta:
if.i.. rii n-:nrchar esion wre io acnu i tu. ntiiiinnft. imnracticaoie- oispow-
nr.n to their Represt-rrtarivt s -inCon.;-. ' ivnfthft American Government i peace it ahatt be s
.u'.. ,vt.-o ntrartnri would be removed. , .. .,rljrcnn,rm!r sfeedi- imiRaung the URIO.S
?. . t. r firnT i nr 'fieouentlv com- . . . rt o.:. -ih II. States, tie to impressment.;
MfTV'. jukuak . , . ariair.o1 v i; nam bhj , -
Martin, Halifax, Sertitf, Hertford, Gates, Chowan,
ferquimans, ' vasfjuoianit, v;maen, v.urriiucfc,
Haywood, and Buucohybet The arms for the Uir;t
first named counties ' to be conveyed from I'ort -
Johnston, and these far Jones and Lenoir, from j v.
Beaufort, except twenty stands to be taken .from "
Fayetteville to Lenoir. Those for the residue .of v
the above mentioned counties will bedelivered for
trwsportation at the town of Faystteviile. . ';
It is hoped that persons who wish td engage t vr i j
the delivery of Uioie armsf will make immediate- v
application and at the same time designate 'the' ' "
counties to which they will deiiver, and alio the; -:h
sum required by them for such delivery.
py insiruciions irom vn vjovcrnor,
' P. S. The'counties of Onsloyrand Cunitu-lt
were - according to the act, ' to have ninety-si
stands each, but by a provision permitting a emu
pany in Fayetteville to rela n one .hundred an I
thirty stands of the qnota,,it became necessary to
reduce themrto an equality with the-others.
J. S.
horoutrh, 6-rd Rzcer, t
'ilelled'to send extra stages from this place in or. hirh 8 rtfe ,q restore tnhese countries the
m- . 1 1 4. m tl av lu -.i sntf flrtn
der to expeque we io " v' .bcSsar o Peace. .
WALLACi'sTineo Were'it not fir the exertions I tlrefove contemplate with the utmost sa
of these gentlethcn, who have sent on three msuls . ihe i,irtnimou3 zeal, loyalty and cour
this day, you would haye ieen deprived of your evinced 1y the whole population of the Ca
papers for several day3 to come, oy-noucing
these remarks, you will render va service to the
public, and possFoly Contribute to remove a seri
ous and growing evil.
that he toold have an opportunity ot making, a . vanciftjLtoVrfitary.perfecrtonvand an enlightened
of their utility 1 1 nere . tQ lhfi .
.,1-ic "in thi' siiDDort ana aeience onuc uicvjuia-
bltf adantage they enjoy under the paternal and" government.
nor a less sum of money be
annuclly appropriated in extinguishing the title of
the Indians 40 the western lands- than wonld bean
nually expended, in an Indian war j and that the
high contracting parties will unite in opening some
channel for conveying money from ..east to. west
less d tngerous than war to our republican form of
7 .
Mr: Fulton's Torfied?eJ Where are they, now
. practical experiment
llritiahr souadron bio
ytt Mr; Fulton is perfectly silent as to any
L hlnw them 00 1 Ws ask again, where
spruig locks, his harpoon guns, and his cunnus
cable cutters ? And moreover whe are the SOO J
dollars "given him by congress in 1810, , to, enable
him to p&ve the practicabilisy of destroying a
fl tt bv'sub-marine explosion? In time of Peace
3Vlr. Fulton was to blow the British marine up to
powerful government f His Majesty ; and for (
their oreserTAtrtm t rely on the valour of tried j
and exneriencedM)uicers, ably trained ana wen
OBI 1 U vRY.
It . is our painful-duty to announce the p'rema-
A..,: .oi.j Z.uiAiA .:i;m Mwiv ture'deathof Mr- Thomas Stanly. In the bloom
.'t...L:(;r,(L.;fi.rrtnn nrl n -nliP-htpned of youth and in the full promise
ent of ineu-uuiiiy . - people,
British souadron blockading trie cnesspea, .u v - .
. Sdvereirrn."
attempt i h 0
are his
VOUtn ailU in me lull urumisr. m CM.cucnor,
cause ot a ocioven i,c " " mui""m
; not on the Couch of disease which soothing re.
. : , i latives attenti lot tv looking to Heaven from the
I . . . r v IT ... . 1 1 1 - C
The folowintt liters nasd between Paul Hamil- death bed or tame- -i.ut a ct,m -itar o
ton, esq , on h
tai y of the ni
fesignation of the office of secre- j Sanguinary Honour ! The fatal catastrophe is nn,
f and the president.
derstoixl to have arisen from an uVfo rtunate con
troversy between the deceased ar.d Mr. Levis D
Hfnrt. 'Formerly classmates at College, since
long trends and
to adjust a. re-
the moon: but new we nave war, 1." uuB F.y- . ,,.i4 m ,,. .ccnrdlni? to mv-best ludj?.. . cem raapmciicuaiuH w7. .-
iectsare as useless ks if he and they rested to n,Wunderstndink, and 'being nqw about tions of propriety . A-meettng took - place - 01
vetherat the bottom of the sea. Instead-of at? nl. - wilhrJra.v from lh8 cf Secretary of the- Sunday last within the Borders oi Virginia. I he
Having devoted unremittedjy more than thirty Hf nrt. t ormeriy classmates
years of my life to public' services in various si connected by congenial pursuua,
tuat.ons, in all of which 1 feci a consciousness of intimates, they were yet unab.e
1?' out of,theld r? 9f thenemy'jnavy. in .op.;r;,o, there s:a, ,:ivf lfee nthich fclbd
Mr. Fulton is contented quietly to .contract f?rtar J . . c0ur3e cf my conduct the breads of many wrh the keenest anguish,
tying the mail in ateanA boats. Well, this ,s uf as- r hen;ibje ?; youn go0dne,sofnd spread-over our town one general gloom t
ficient. . Every one knew, that the man pldly w induce you, as I trust, readily to " r Mr. Stanly died in the 33d year ? of h,a ae.
flourish nvafiour, and that he was fatter for a post. f th , inrus,on wben you reflcCt lhat if this H- had passed thro' his Academical and Lollegi
Tidpthan a iaval hero. him suck, to
steam eneines '; and Decatur, Hull and
v.ith their brav bret hern, will fight tue
the old fashioned way, without either
pr spring- gjns. V :" .
i. , . , v ... ; PAUL HAMILTON.
" "Alaryfand paper says that the defeat of Gcn-I , ; vrACIS0N, President
eral Winchester, with nearly his whole corps kwled - 0f tne iin j states
a4 Ufcen prisoners 1 very distressing ' coAmo, 30th Dec. 1812. '
, 1
his r . ' .. m. 'ate esrercises with much advantage, was engaged
Bambncge WlJ ... . - J.n -nt : nnion ' in the study of the law, and expected in a lew
:? Tri, V ' S , ' in m v children. ; months l, be called to the Bar. A mind acute
steel traps, Wishi 5r, every earhI'y basing, I have j and discftminatinga. taste suscepible lrom na
Lu. ',:, . ' ... n,-. . ture and refined by culture-a deportment usu
' 1 nit nuiiur u yi wuu u ''i j w "
Jmcri&meht tp tfie Cototvu'tcrh.- The Senate of !
Washington, 3lst Dec. 1812.
The cetebrared
Mb w ' " ' I . f f " k
New Hope, two miles above the town ol Ha. V
at tfie following prices : Forty dollars the senx-?,
whicl) may be uischarged by the payment iptf23 -befora
the first day of August ; 60 to en?u,-"f.i. .
20 the single le'ap. The season to commutiK
first day of Nfarch, and end the Erst of A-ifut.
SIR ARCHY is a blood bay, with black lArs ;
mane and tail one hinderfoot white ; up tV- -j
of sixteen hands, high i and eight years old tf.ISk
spring. 116 is in full health, and just of the K ft .
age tor propagaimg; ivJ)i,. l" k"1--j
sound constitution and the finest action. His, d. '
cided and acknowledged superiority as a rtr ;
rendersa publication of h',''irforimancr.'S,utipet
cssary; Sufibe it to add that he beat ivrry -iv;
tinguisnea noiae 01 oay mjun. u.iy. ,y.
Carolina- .- . . .. " ''' Atf
Sir Archy was gotten by Old O'iomed ot;t of
the imported jnare Cvtstianira ; dam Tal-Hh
by Trentham; g dam by Bosporus; Forc:tv.,
Coalition, Colt,- Bustard, Charm ing Molly, fctf.;
to a roval mare. Thus as a blood horse heCi- ..
equal to any ever tired in this, or any other cow i4
try. ..His stock are large and promising and Vip'i ,
er prices have heen oiiereu tor inera man
colts on 'be coiitV-ent. Five hundred doljarl, .i
refused for ths half ofan Ajchy coil at nine day'n
cid. ' - --'V::':
Good high land pastura ge, and sertants! board,
gratis ; and mares fed uitb corn at the niirkc(v 1
pric. Jl have separate, lots well enclosed lor ! j
mares v;ith colts, and he best attention snau oc :
paid to them V hut I will not be accountable For
accidents tf any kind. ,; - i'1
Gentlemen who send mares to. remain whh th
ally series, almost grave a temper quick but horse, may ne aurca imu.c -.u.w-,
dny bci(!u, , 1 . ;i -1 . . h,,.. -onrlirion than thev are sel?
aPFeclion.te, and a soul that towered above 'mean
nsss and abhorred dishonour; tfeese inxhe fond
estiiuatir.tiof.his friends were certain pledges not
mertly pr eminence in his profession but of dis
tinction as a Man. , Bat th'ese; all these, have
the United States, on the 18- h lilt. . passed tne : a-j Pear Sir Ilnve received ybijr letter of yesler-! vanished "like the insubstantial iaDnc oi.a -vision,
mendrhent to thV Constitution,. adopted last session d 6-lRn,fyins ybur purpose to retiie from the" de ' (and 'have' left :riougbt behind,' bin ' ihe ' lilmeritable
bv the Leuislature of North Carolina. The. vote- . ."ju-.-k k.. ,uur ,is,.rarp. ..On' reality of our loss 1 with fcelinrrs which defy con-
In Senate was 22 to 9. The resolution was mtro
duced by Mr. Turner.
Commodore becaur, captains Hull and Jones,
a-i occasion which is t,o terminate the re.ation in trol we cannot nut exciaim " May uc uuu ui
which it placed us, I cannot satisfy my own Tee; Mercy be mercitul to nis sour .
Newberii Fid. Fefi.
I lilies, or the tribute due to jj'our patriotic merits
1 onI rilrf' ilrttni. wit hnnr te.innp1 fesnmonv to
i . .-..,. u i f.t..-n:- "'.- V -
nave oeen aamiuea nonorary werauersounc wu. (ij; fai.htul zeal, the uniform exertions and unim
cinnatl Society ; as may bevseen by the pfiacbah-inte grity with which yau have discharged
Tieingsottnat.boayrceiHettimo:ouriirstpjge At ,m'nftri..nt tri,8t: ancTwithou' eTessimr-thtrr
' . '. ' - i .. 1 r t ... . .1: 1.
- . ,' , (valtiel have always placed onthst- personal inter, j ror, or mistaKen sense or iionor, iwuncnuiiinu.
.; CotftiUNicXTioN. . ;. ; - ''toursel the pleasure of which I am now to lose. led in pnerous breasts, - which to avoid -the' irrljtnrctt i with Hiirnrise. flrid rcrret u;:.i. Ik..,, .tmiitimi and . imnrsion. lien cu'e of fools and lh-s scorn ol idiots, nrees him, who
l'A.U..I J. uillVVl w " . . - . . . .. Wi ll L' lt..-j I V, " Ml... .'.. "-'I . ' ,
Communication, ; i
In-the death of lv. Stanly there 5s another de-
plos able instance of the eftects of-tr-zt dreindtul er
One dollar expected by the groom with
each marc-. ALLLiN J. u av it..,
Mew f lone, T-r.h. 26. ' 83 t0W I May.
Officers of the GrdlSclge of NortlV
Lroiina ancJJlnneIee ipr 113
1 he vi. V . Gci.stsl Kobert vVdhajjis, Cr.'id
" Master.'" ; - : -
R. W. General Jeremiah Slade, Deputy Grsrqd
- " Ma '-"' ." : - "' - f --
It. W. General Calvin Jones, Grand Senior War-
R. V. The Honorable William Miner, ape? Ker
of the House of Commons, Grand. Junior VVar
that I have, observed-some remafks in the E.ienton jcr you assurances of my a'ffcctiOnaV esieem, and ' entertains the false notion, to place his lite in the
Gazette, ot me '-430 reDruary, concerning tne iae 0j iixy Smcerest wishes tor your wtltarc .anu r.ap
uhlorturjate attair between Rir. ntaniy anu lyir. piness.
Henry, tending . to place it in an improper light, k- 7
before the public The liberty of the press in tjtVis
hands of bis fellow man and his soul prematurely
at the bar of his God.
The character given of the deceased, in, the a
rtip nnrt nf Charleston i-to the memory ol Mr. Stctnly." with art am. able
is il )ckadsd b? two English .f-igates," the LolusdjspositictimVculiivated'mirid, of .the purest mo
andS)phia, iinder Lord Townshend. '.-This officer ..Vals and possessing manners of unusual urbanity,
h said to have declared his intention of lui rassi.ig he w.s Idghlf Esteemed and atTiCfionaiely beloved
the southern toasilnrr trade as much as Y-ossi- i-hy aftJ. h k;iw him, iie was brave, but had not
the southern CoasunDr trade as much
ble. .
pTiractafA biter from, Aeu Orleans, dated 11 th ' Knge, and tell asaexjuce
. ion v inr ivrtinir. ! Mis tfohdtir.t on the" fatal rtrounii.
uuury, ioij.i - T T T ifj- ir
, would have presumed 11 r.pnnl WiHtmson rertahdv exoefcts ah atfaClSjl iiave been assured, displayetl that steady resolu-
Lhat the ' -attendants-did",-hv theV.nirlUh. white arid black troons. and i'tion which is the evidence-of firm and deliberate
body of Mr. S; I aiii'.ftlly tak;n- au prurlentiaj measures to give theih a courage. " Many have t known more famous.
Lion. 1 ne ana, y in u. o...Megi- Mivtc wwwjj , u.n .."v.w.w.
hi I. 1.. .in , i. i ! hi 11 1
country autHdriseS the free publication of opinions
with, regard to the. impropriety of any practice, in
general terrAs j but wbeh private character is sub
ject of animadversion, remarks should be- well
conslderedT and ventured with the.greatcst-cabtion.
Ai.-Mri Wills does not pretend to- be informed
with, certainty of the circumstances ; which oco
sioed the meeting it is inconceivable to me how
hd cbuld presume that the diHerence might ' have
-been Settled in an amicable and honorable way"
Candor, I should thtnk
otherwise. His assertion
diafraccfuily abandon the
.... .L. 1 . 1- m .n -. . n . . n .
, .auLiivii izcu tiHiuavin.1--is.t 3 uciidr; iisai, cvciy proper recep'
roeasiire was.'takrm which humanity or Inendship 1 nieiu marched through this town yesterday to take
; pnu!'l dhtat, as far as the nature of the case .post at the English turn, -iwhere very tntensiv'e
voul'.l a.imiN M Hire speedy and proper at ten- :.uMrraf.ks have leen erected for them ; they wete-
to ihejrniai.ns 0t -Air. btanlyUeusving the ; about 1200 strong we (expect the 2nd. regiment
.rsevA-t!'.. -I'Ho.f Mr-. Wills to have originated rather jthe next weck",r consisting or 7o6, so that our
in the incorrccmess of his information than in a ;-w.il0le regular force here will be upwards of 300O
; deposition ;to excite unfavorahle; prejudices, I ;men. s we had anterior to their arrival 1000 or
I therelore trust thatvhe will, when he comes seri-J
o'jsly and dhpiisionately to contrast the broad
, exteot-of his assertions' with: the limited nature of
his inforriiation, take. such steps to remove those
unfavorable prejudices as, ja 9ense of justice, -as
well to himself as -others Wilj suggest.
x .: - " ? - A READER.
, ';- -"'-."..". 1 ;:.;:!;' f:'.1'-. , x
, A report has peached town lhat General karri.
orr has had aattletith-the Britishitjvhich
. he defeated therhT. The loss of the enemy .is
stated at 2000 j that of the Americans at 1206V
: .;'.;'" tt-1; :.--:T?-: r-s. :i':
R. W. Alexander Lucas, Grand Secretary.
R. W. William Boylan, Gnd Treasurer. ;1
UroUiers General Edmundjlones, G and '.peWjorj
. , Deacon.'":'";...'' v-v '-''.l
Colonel Alien Rodgers of Wake, Grand Jouior
Deacon. , " j)
: I. . ' J J.neral Wi Itam W. Jones, orauu.ruiauiram.r.
rrpuWas Utlhe 1 moderite tribute of iesice' Kemp Plv.mrne-Esqnslor
aworu nearer. '
General Momford Stoto,- Grand Marshal. ,
TEst, ; ;AliEX. LC1, v:;
i " - ' . Urfiiid Stfirr.r),
Raleigh, Febrt?3ry 25,-f 5 .. " v;
A. L.5SQ, A. D. 18131 $ --83-?
. . - cantonment, .
Affaf' Salisbury. " FitruarUsPf 1 8.i'J
ALL Officers .fiot ordered on detachment yjhf.
thcr of Tnfanir , 'Artillery or Light Dragoons, m
heiebv esntciuHy directed to appear at Salisbw?,
and report themselves ta me and receive lustru
lions together with all necessary funds for ca 'rv
iug on the recruiting service. ' -j
; VK J. WELBORN, Colovf . ,
10ih infantry U. S. A. rm: nrru'tii'g 'Hinft. KP.
the pas ' va"
.r to 'comnat th? dread even of utV
merited contempt... He therefore accepted a chal
lenge, and fell a sacrije at the shrine of unr.dnt-
State of North Carolina,
more These with about 5000 militia and volvjn
tecrs will form a very decent force.'! .. ' i;
The following curious article is taken - from one
of a series of numbers, under the head of Fools
T: Wp printed; In the Spirit "of TG.z. V
A treaty of pacification !and,amity between the
witr patriots and the patriots fof dissolving the
: Union. -. . . - . - .. . ' . f ', - , -
The Jiigh contracting parties tnutually agree
to suspend hostilities until they can be lecommen.
Coitrt cf Uaa and Quarter Sessions, February
Teiti 1813. -
Original attachment,'levi-
hands pf Henry
William Ship,
tun. and James uigsoy.
It is ordered by the coarfthat publication be
made in the. Minerva for six 'weeks, that unless
the " defendant replevies and pleads, within the
three first days of the next' termof this court
judgment final will be entered againsr him. " :
:T:,y-X:otoi: 4-".BENJ.S;KING,"e:.,c.c-
WestwafdA. Jones, V,
ifir 'cl- I "Vhilhead,
William Ship, sen. n and Ji
Printing,, :
Executed'arthis office, with neatness and ,the ut-
;'' v-'';:;; : -'fHxncrst accuracy' ; : (-;,
Notice. :-: '
HE subscribers IWvi .VquftSfiedas draoi
trators with the W?li ar nexed the eta
r T-.tlw.. Ai r o-ive notip.elito ill VtcrfOvi
Kit Jltu'n.11 l" M r- - - . - j ; .
having demands'' -agamst tae estate or-the.74
deceased, to pr.ti)t them ..forjpaf r.istit duiy-aj
thenticated within the ..limaicqaiie.-l by an act
Assembly( " enti'fed ari act concern: provinn;
willsr ic." oUifryiise they will be barred of recoj
rv bv the ormi&tiioi 01 safd. icXrKWS(kMx
ed to said estataar.e rtqui;steii to make unmet'.?
...v . . .-..-v - . - - .- , 1
payment. 1 . t ('i -.-' , .- ;
'. .Gnnvillej-Fthi !C,vS5.

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