North Carolina Newspapers

' Paris, December 26.
Ofhin ExccVtncy Come DsFBAMQity Minister Oj
' '"njr it iiu President of the department oj 'Jindnce,
Die first wish of the members of yourCoun.
ell ol siele in common with all your faithful sub
jc!$i, is to - present nt the foot of the throne of
tournutesty, their congratnlations upon your hap
ov if tori, an t to express those sentiments of
&k.i.o!cOgiTsenis which' have filled them, in learn
ing that your majesty has returned, to complete
th- wishes and hopes of his people.
- During the absence of your majesty, whifst
Jyrv Were engaged in those occupations which you
had dei inert to confide t us, and whilst every
m, invent was devoted to the execution of your or
der for the- happiness and prosperity of the em
pire,we were tar from suspecting that any French-'
roaricould be ignorant of the sacred and all-pre .
serving principles Which have already Saved us
from anarchy, and should forever preserve us
from it. " I
She We have witnessed with profound sor
row the a tempt of a finatick, who by a previous
crime, proved that he already jnerited that pun
ishment which yourtnajesty ha-1 the generosity to
remit : but this attempt titi'only jerved to convince
oar a:cient enemies of ,he Inutility of such con-
8piraCies, and to place'in a newTiht the sincere
attnehment t all the, lunciionanca ot the empire
to the constitution which your majesty has g'iv
en them. Every quarter of the empire hasevi
dencedthiir attachment, and all your subjects
have rivalled the officers in their respect for the
principles, and their attachment, to your sacred
( fcertyti, and royal dyoas'iei. , . '
r GM, who protects France, will long -preserve
f I hfr-ixMpi the greatest of all misfortunes, but ii
ifitsU101 befal her, all hearts will rally round
rr Prince, the object of our hopes and wishes ;
f' Frenchman will renew at his feet the-oaths
i": "Vve anc' fidelity fr the emperor which the
ConstHution has appointed to succeed.
I We have .been alive to the details of the las'
bileun of the granu army. TWhat atfmiratio.
'Ouht not the develupement of this august char
1. acter to inspire, during .hat month of danger ami
cf glory, where the trials .of, the heirt could not
Retract from the : s'rengtb of the mind.
What sentiments ought not this faithful phtur
of unforeeea.disaatersto inspire in a. truly gene
rous nation, seeing Vh it the tutelar genius of Franc
tknewf ..counteract their effects, and draw
frnm tVi &m a nvB irV w Vmi m.iocln niyl an
li1. rtpnl 'frre.ater. than at the mmtipnt tvhpn fnrttin
j r- rr 'D ,V .
r kivAAi) hour alf rt w rr, i rt Sim fr V A . nln . . w . n t n f i
! '.mind us that! she cojle! be inconstant. ,
i , Let our eneaiiesif they choosev, rejoice at the
flosses which the rigour of the season and the in
1 hospitality ofthe climate occasioned ; but let their
, tpprectate , our strength, and Rnow that there ar
lia2ette merely states that the enemy had re
tirtd which was to be expected from the want of
supplies and the advanced statecfi he season. .
f It is. a hct worthy of being known, that a
considerable part cf the Library, of Rl Talfeyrad,
iVince of Benevenlo, is actually ,arrivtd In Lon
don," and that the rest is expected. It is consign-,
td to an eminent house for sale. Various con
jectures may be formed from this circumstance,
and the most o&vicus is, that he. may not think
his 'property so safe within the reach of the French
government as in England ; and that probably
his books are not the only part of hia immense
fortune that he has remitted. , Another conjecture
also, very natuftl is, .that the report of the. high
prices gi veto at the lloxbury sale' for' books may
have tempted him to send some of his raiitits, the
spoil of the Libraries , of Eurdpe, to so good a
market. Our readers, however, may be assured
ofthe fact. ' .
"Saturday afternbon Viscount Castlereagh receiv
ed dispatches from America, the contents of
which his Lordskip sent round to the Cabinet
ministers for their perusal.,
During the last setting of the house of com
mons, the Chancellor of the Exchequer i.ppeaied
3t the bar. with a message from the Prince Re.
jent, tending to grant subsidies to Hufcsia Mr.
VVhjtbriacL roae, and declared in positive terms
that he cdufd not give his assent to such a pro--position.
It-would be far more becor.iing, said
he, that the -house should vote succor to the un
happy people of this counjtry, and contribute in
alleviating the distress of the poor ofjingiand,
instead of . exsreising, underdifferent pretexts, its'
. i i r, ii ... .i i i i
generosity lowaras tuasia. v..nariy xiuviki uegin
being a sfiamin.; Could' it be: expected that fiea.
nvuiV IVdiyt M VUUUU I J I 4IIVillf AiUlIl
aate pride about a tijQe, ivyuld,. involve millions
fo peopjle in- the ravages devastations of wr f ; '.
; , 't'M Penaytvama Refiubhcam 'i
JL STATIONAR Y, and will give a credit of nt,
two and threeyears. I expect to receive in a',fe.w
days a large supply from Pluladelphiaitb make
tlie assortment more complete. The whole stock
shall be pot at such prices as cannot fail to be an
object to a person who wishes to establish himself
in a profitable trade. It is unnecessary to say that
to a young fiTan who has some knowletfge of Books,
and who does 'hot like he drudgery of a Profes
sioh, .this estabUshmcPt promises profit, respecta
ble p.' q-taintance, anl may afford. ..time to pursue
his studies Undoubted security will be required.
If necessary, a small sum of money can be
had to keep up the assortment. Letters on the
subject, post pai', will be attended toi . 1
If no sale be made in a few weeks, I shall en
large my assortai'-flt
12, 1813P,
ft AS RECEtvirV
wurri.0 .. j'''1
TATIoKS or boh r. At Hf. .
Uill s complete Bod f.f h-. -
btacKhouse's History of the R!M - 4
Cuck's Theological )iciotrB;t: "'W
.Miscellany, 2 vols? 3 : I '
tampbell on Ihe Gospels 2 JO
a fences ot Christianitr 6 50
Natural Thenl. Uf 2
2 jn
Frh- 12, 18135tin , :
1 fcp i
V A Houseljkl. Ldts, m Raleigh,
THE subscriber offers for sale, the house and
lot, on FayetteviUe atreet, which he at present oc.
cupies as a dwelling house and work ihop. Also,
three loti lying on Salisbury, M'Dowel and Da
vie streets.' He also wishes to sell, a likely vounc
w.f ... . .. .
at home:" and added he, although I admit that woman, anout or J yesrs ot .gt.toa-
u would not be always prudent to follow such a : n Per80n m ,!Ves ,n thls neighborhood ami who
maxim, yet when I consider the privations and ' accustomed to trea' negroes well. None other
distresses to which (;reat Britain has been exno nee(l aPP'y- The terms will be .trade known on
sed, by the continuaticn of the war, I think that ap nation to
it we are to pay coniriouuons, tney snouui oe ap-i
propnated to the relief of oar unhappy country
Feb. 19.
men "
Sir F.
Burdett said-i.1 That in the present
Notice to Contractors.
TH E, ui id e r s i s n e d5 1 in g V c f i 17i ittTe j oppointed
.tate of affair, such a message was insulting to b the COunty cm,rl of (;ranvdle,'to contract
CpcuF.c m u.c .ojucm yi ...c ...c.v.u. ... the building of. a JAIL for said county, do hereby
it cai.iilij',i;i,,i my uiw'iasiuii vi int. urn a "ive noMcf that
t no effotts, or. sacrifices which by the; example of
' your majesty , he French nation is not capable to
lteaH4ii4iU.Rlbrioi$desifim8. "2
f ' v In cfefQwldging your labors and paternal care,
Xtt car 6nly offtr to your majesty, as doe all the
'I 'empire, ,the. . expressions of our sentiments of re-
f Bpectadniiration, and love.x We dare hope that
yourmajesty .will , accept this homage; with the
C same condescension by which . . he has invariably
' " honored the fidtlity and devbtedness pf his com
cil of atate. :.P'-t-. '
.Cplhrsst2:e,.:U:t ...
Asoften a tr enter France, my heart expe
. -';3riencea" lively satisfaclion. peoplervi c-'
tV" so much Ipye for my 'nj it is because thtirmin; s
" ''"are convinced ipf the , blessing of a monarchic I
m government. vf; - ;i h,:
1 y . Td this dark and metaphysical doctrine ol Idea
' ? v &ff-:hicfc'Tv1Kl Intb-first causes would found
on this basis a hgistatiott f the people, 1o which
w " is to be attribute all; hemisfclxtunes-wbich ave.
been experienced by Prance -instead of ppropri. -i
tjrtglawi tothe human hearty and -to the lessons
4 of history v Those errors would fas they have
i already,' done) lead to the regime of blood and ter.
ij. ijifor.In factjil; prI:med,jasja dutyi the principle
i'f ;f iosurrectibn4iteceivd,he 'people in pro
'f. claiming a "soverignty) that they were unable to
)7 TOabnVTlf..4roydthe ."sanpt!y and'! respect
" for the aWs,t m making ihtm dependtnt, not on
, Hhe ,sacr'prlip:Htjf. justice "'ahd:''liature c f
i iningSr.DUt-soMiyon me wiii o t jn assembly com .
l' " , posedof strangers to ciyil.criminal, admiHistrative4
political' or niiUtafy laws. . Whejrj, culled upon to
ts regenerate a state-priflcples in direct oppostipn
'''"to these must be fTilowed.. r-:
,'. History paints the human heart and it is in
s history we must at arch to know the advantaKesot
U ; different legilrttipjqs. . , ;,
5 yThesi ate 'the principle s thatilhe; council, 1of
1 (" ate of a gresVcmpv e'o'vgljti never to J osi sight
J "of; to hichshould bd'a'aded, avcourage equal to
"very.:: tria), and- Ukwsth Presidents Harltv arid"
j !Mole, ready to perish In defending, the sovereign,
the tfcrone, end the laws. U' i, ,. i -i ''.'.. -
I arreciate the ?estim6niesef attachment whic
i . j. aptrreciaie me testimonies el attachment wnn
i vthe- jpuricil of state has evinced on every qccasic
I acknowledge Aheir sentiments. . : "
a? J;:.r v .-J'BuDec. IK; !
v or.som time past, tfoops have1 gon continu
jt zy through bur tttywhich'-cwiatesffreat anima.
i a- tbnAAitiaberfJi
'for the use of the -tniy. 1 Kouinmertts of all kinds
- - ' t A ' . ' "
j f,,0rertrcpirmg'-Vij contractions are paid Jin ready
J .rnouey. -..Ten "tKim'r.d French, troops fro,rhSwe
t v dish Ppmerania and Mecklenburg, hafepassed by,
J;J .Stettin, on thftr way to join the grand arrayv.-. ,
vU The Austrian armies it! Upper Hungary and
; GaUiciaV" hvebeen considetabl angmetited, v' r
i A 'I'fWP9 arelso marching from Hamburg,' Bre-
;ht hia -wouvt'StFtr-- k t,t: "
Prbam'nt, itvas;j9afdf'
Uoei t.azettes and Diaties were
December 24. :
received on
Siaiurdiy to the first insfant with- despatches from
'.. '' -'.., ;-',. ?...' -
postponed till the next duy.
The Board of Admiralty met to day, and it is
s Vi I, have determined to release the American
licensed vessels brought in here. .
The following is a cut ions .extract from the
Gentleman's Magazine, for Julv, 1807, (pace 616 :)
There is now living at Gi'lingham, in Kent,
(England,) a mpst e'ecentrie old gentleman, w ho as
sumes to himself the facjlty of second sight, and
has for several years predicted the fate of Empires
and the fall of Bonaparte- At the time of this
reclaration, there was a -general expectation of
peace, which was really ratified ; but the old gen
tleman stood firm in the opinion be delivered,
and speaks with exultation of some recent events
which have confirmed them. Before the Treaty
ol Armens was concluded he declared thr it would 1 nitor of the esta e ot Thoma Brooks, t SHARES.
not last, and that this r.nnntrv onfrht rot. t- emrrt -tc. and Joieph Brackifi.
i-jfor, said he, Bonaparte mot be a greater man 11 appearmj to the sattstaction ot this court,
tlanhenow is, and it will bt by opposine this conn-; Armstead Fbppin, pne of the defendants,' is
fry that he will become iSo; he will go on, be
on i-'riday the fifth...dav of March
next, thev will l''t out to the lowest bidder -t thp
court h'-use in thetoum of OxfordSe building f
said Jul, all the matenals wherf ol to be furnish
ed by the undertaker. A plan of the building will
be shewn at any time by the Committee to any
-person desirous of undertaking. v (
John Washington H
. ; ." ' " William Smttfiy .
Nathaniel Hob aTds, '. .
Thomas 'njLutlejohnS v
Oxford, Feb. 9, 1813, . 81,2t -t
State of North-Carolina, v ,
; ... CkSAtu. cou.s iY. : ..
court or rtKAs AND(,quAnTEit sbssions,
Thorna? Brouk and Mary Bruoks
, " yj , ( PETITION FOR
ArmMoadFlippiriand line Brackin.admi- DISTR18U TIV
Jral Theolopv
; Moral. Philosophy
Davies' Sermons. 3 vols. '
Doddridge s Fam.Iy Expositor, 2 wh 7
i he complete Duty of Man, bv H v 5
Fordyciv.s Sermons to Y, ' l'1' Venn 2 5
Doddridge's ditto to. YoU h b T9m,in I
Co.bim. of Faith at Co.sitm-.on ofthe)
Piesbyterian Churches m ,L T1 c lTti .
coming higher and greater, and will make victory
till he comes to the confines of Russia, Where
will be fought the" last great battle,ln whicn Bona,
parte will fall and die his death will bring to
light agreafer general than he ha3 evr been, who
will really perform what Bonaparte pretended to
not an inhabitant, of thisttate, itis therefore order
ed, that unles3s the said Armstead. Flippin appear
at our nexi tounty Court of Pleas and Quarter
Sessions 'o be held for the cotjnty aforesaid, at the
court house, on the second Monday of April neki,
arid plead or demur,' tne sati petition will be heard
ch parte as to him, and judgment bef eteied ac
I when he acquired power make the nations 0f corovgiy anu tiat mis sun ce aaveniaca . iare
weess in me tvaieign ftiincrva. i csi,
81 A. MUHPHEY, C. C.
the woiiJ.happy This Cenei'3l. he sayswill'be.
i descenfUat of David, who will turn hin attention
to the jews, gather them all together, and. leading
tiiem ho":ne to thsirovyn country, lay the founda
tion of their Juture greatness.':-that. at that time
all Christendom shall be subdued to! ihe
fate of ihi-i country be the fulfilment of the 27ih
chrtiter of Eztkicl.
, . . i i ,r wiie Elizabeth. David Shelt m, Nancy
... yc wuc.i v iiue years anu a tian - aic pas- Shelton 3nd Ken,y St,clion, faeirai law'
State of North-Carolina,
, - JANUARY. Tfc-KM, IS13.
George Findley , -;
. t f 1 ri 1 1 (Iwi i ma r i . . ...... I n
J'-") "lil-l mv. I.1I11V. vl VUw lllllCSI. C Jl .ill lllil ,
the last honours attained by Bonaparte. I ! !
olC'avid Shi lion, dt-c'J.
1 1 appearing, ' to the satisfaction of this Court,
that the dtfeudants in this, suit ire not inhabitants
-of thi3.4tate,4t.is2hercforex)j
gentleman just arrived from Lugtiira states that j said 'defendants appear at our next Court, to be
orevicus to his embarkation, he saw - Miranda m i'held for said county on the second Monday of A
heavy chains ; they , were then .about removing ! pril next, und plead or. demur, the said petition
heavy chains ; they , were then
him to Porto Rico,-.'
Prom a Democratic Jiafier firinted at Harrisburg
. The committee on foreign relations in Con
gress have proposed a law :o exclude from Ame
rican vess'elsiaU foifigners who shall flot be naturalised-in
fie jyiears af tr peace with-. Great
Britain. We think such a law coull not be rea
sonably co-mjainld of. It;W5jultlv forever remove
the enormous' tvil of impiessmejit ; .anvl surely it
is better (or a few foreigners to be excuded from
turning sailors., than fortthowands .to be im
pressed, whipped and tort!uytd by an unfeeling
enemy; From a rcjjrjrt lately made by '-'Monroe to
Congress it appears that there are not more than
I SCO" foreigners now in our service . ; yet, on ac.
count of these few, not less-than 5C00 Ameri
cans are Confined in British '-vessels, and compel
led to fight against their own, countrymen.
jjiemiitpmon Laiortigwes-cntering jur ves-
ut removing ! pt il next, und plead or. demur, the said , petition
wilt be heard ex parte as to them, and. judgment
entered accordingly and that this suit be adver
tised three weeks Inihe Haleih Minerva.,
81, Test, V A: MURPHEY, C. C.
Clark's Discourses to Yduj.h
""""" vvreyi ijcrmoiis i
Wesley's Sermons, 5 vols v
Galloway on the Prophecies;' 2 vols.
I'tiriwil a w un It 3, V V01S.
Dick and Perry on Inspiration
Practical Fifty, by Haanah Moore,
Ferguson Roman Republic, 3 vols.
FciiVde BiotrraDhv. or Vf.rn,r. r :n. . .
, ous women of all ag6$ and countrie. d ; -
Mary. Hays, .3 Vols. ., " - Jr"".7"
Plowden's Hi'tory of Ireland, 5' vols, .
Molina's History of Chili, r2 'vtila. with map, .
DepjtisVdo.jof the Spanish Main, 3 vols,) '
, with maps, -... . y:,::ljCiX' ' C 7 50
Staunton's Embassy to China ' - ; j
Life of Sir William Jom s .
Cavallo on Electricity, 3 vols. , i ia
Antenor'n Trayelsin Greece and Asia W lo" '
Kcrmes's Elements of Crlticisih, 2 vol. ' g jj
iloolp's Aribfefor ci vols. Lohdon, calf, gilt, 6 5a
German theatre, do. do. ,do do. i
me, 4 vols. do. do, do
Ch 'ucer's Works, 14 vols. do. ' do. do.
hakespeat es-do- 25 vols, do do. do.
Watts' Works, 7 vols. do.-. do. do.
Every man fiis on Gardener, by Mawe
and .Viercrombie, . c
Vlarshall on Gardening, 2 vols.
Kirwin oh Manures
Knee f on Education
'Vision of Don Roderick, br Walter Scott,
ucraprieres universal iiiography, 2 vols.
Coxe's Uussjan Discoveiics in-America.)
with maps an., plates, -
Pike's Expeditions to the sources of the
Mississippi, thro the western parts ..f.
1 Louisiana, anrl a toir through the inu
nor parts oi iNew paln, with map
cnarts, ..
Swell's Medical Companion
homas's Practice ,
Staun.fpp's Vifgil,; English notes,
Wilsort'on-Diseases, 2 vols.
Carey's Pocket ,tlas
Virginia Spy, Jefferson's Manual,
fe Spirit of athe Book
Smart's Hpracet Frapces xto.
falthus on Population, '2 yois
GiHies' History ofthe World; 3 vols.
- . Ancient 'Greece, 4' vols.
Ilich'e's'Memoirs of Europe, 3 vols,
Melmotrj's Cicero, 3 vols.
3osw ell's"! tfe of Johnson, 3 vols,
i tiViiiMTour to tbe Hebrides
-7 50
3 Si
8 Si)
?s ano
, 3 25
4 2i
4 Si
fi SO
20 50
12 JO
10 it
2 JO
2 2.5
,-' -' -'--.'-:.- NEW NOVELS.
Vivian, 2 vols. ?i "
Milesiah Chfef, 2 vols,
)elf Indulgence . '
Asylum, 2 vols.
Marked Lifc, 2 vols. "
"The best Writing Paper, by the ream orqo;.i
Red and BlackTSeaiing Wax. Red and Black ttV
fers. Red and ijlack Ink Powder. India 'kb
Boxes of Paint. Otfi;e Tape. Inks'.antis. Quli
of the best kind. : Copy and Cyphering Ho
Little Sc mith s Music Books. Blank Books i:
Music. Pocket Ledgers Ledgers, Journals, n4
Record Booksr Blank Notes and Checks. Countf
and Superior Court Blanks. Copy Slips
January 22.
and love ofiustice and love of peace, and Jiotou.
siUanimttyivXhe nappinesS of tlie.U.-S. should
not be. forever, contingeet, and the .countrv ex-
j posed to'perpttual and cruel ;wars, merely thai
State Sank of N. Carolina,
; , . . DZCEMBER5th, 1812.
- PURCHASERS of Stock in tht State Bank are
informed, that a power of Attorney authorising a
Transfer V a, Share of : Shares held in the State
Uak most be witnessed, either by -ihe Cashier o?
lbs principal Bank or of one of its Branches, by a
NotaryaPublic, or .by"iw'o Justices of the Peace-
and if by the latter, theitsigiuturts must be cer
tified by the Clerk of the Court, "with the County
Seal annexed This regulation to commence" on
the first da v of January NEXT, cf . which all
Who may be concerned will Like notice. , ";
72,tf W. II. HAYWOOD, Cashier. ,
.State of-North Carolina,
Francis Lewis,
.Suficrior Covrt cf LaW
Niv r Term, 1 8 12.
sels is a-very small restriction ; 7 and, consider
mg the great encouragement gi ven in this coun.
try to aliens, it diminishes to nothing. Aliens, in
five years are citizens, and capable of filling any
and eve,ry office in the United .States except that
ot President and merely to prohibit their tur.
hing sailors appears almost like a bounty, rather
than a pcnalty4 ilt Jo6ks;like lnjgraitodein ' per
sons of foreign birth :to complain of a ".slight
restrictioa; - whjph'would. preVentUbeVmisery of
thousands bi Americans and foreigners "also ind,
at the same time remove -causes of future warsT
H-U such i law be yielding fto" the enemVot is
a;.vefyaaaUcnga hxtjioodayaftefaeHfou'rth'
ftipnoay in ivarcn next ana replevy or. pieau vo is
sue, judgment will be entered up against hiraV .7.
.Test, .'.. 7.;:U';;7--'-'v,V'"'.
t HENUER50N, c..c.c.
9!3 iS ' : X&iialjttac)ciiii
I T . appearing to the satisfiction of : the courthat
Andrew ;T.;DaVidson the defendant,7in , ihis
cause, 19 hot an inhabitant of this state j therefore
it is ofdere'd by court,, that publication be made
threel rnnthsf ; success! veiy,'Int ihe7Raleigh Miner
tafj tinleM the - said defendant appeal at t. next
superior (court of v La w. to be litld for trje touhty
S TR AYEP from town last tail, a red and white
STKERfAhree vears" old, with a half cropm nght ear, -commonly termed--an under square
lso, a red yearling BULL of the same mark.
Infownation of theie Strays will be tnBkWtf re
ceived by WM. B rtlW
Who wishes to employ three or four 0Uy
CIITTRRS for one month.
Raleigb, Feb. 1U, 1813. ' fi0 'LZl
Twelve-knd-an-half Cents . Rev.
A-tiSwON ULU fivm the subscrrtti, xf
WKayt an indented apprentice to the sil.'
snitth's business. The above re ward, but no cha '
Kes, will be paid for his delivery to me, on my P
mi,es, in Iredell- NEIL M KA-
N, B. All persons are hereby forwarned noiL.
u-u- ik. bnnrpntirp. nt their nerd.
llal uyi wiw afliu M i r - a .
"January II, 183.
-' v"v ' "' 7'7 -, .
r.- ;;.'iTlieKalc4gWNews-Papers
cTrTi) vt tu.nicim illnvi nf.ttie'ir Fn
who, in conformity to the Not.ce wh.cb W
uublished some time ago, have paid up t -i '
Ucourr-Sto the close of the present ywr;-' ' .
who have not found it convenient, cr h n ;
have haa Mbpportubityo so, iWjf
fullb informed that their Papers wdl ;
Accoun!sbhan not then have J j
by Nptiameawmi ceiJ
-4-Avt 77 : JOSEPH-vfUt- '
r'i-, fjoNES'St, HENDtKW', .. v
mmr- LUCAS & A. H. HOYUN.
Deceaiber 31,
... :.V.
t t

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