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, RALEIGH, N. C PUpUbHED awekklt) feY LUCAS A. iUHLAN,
HALF OF WHtcn -'
Vol. 17.
FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 1813.
No; 8S5Y
tije gentleman has obligingly handed to us a sup-1 your majesty, bire, there are few countries where
nleinentto the Bordeau L Indicateur of the 16th. her audacity and the manouvres fher disorgan-
l.muai'v. broueht trom France by the .schoooer i2ers have not created discontent among those in
Thciisi Bolton, ot this, port, amvea in me ueia
ware, in 31 'days from bordeaux.
Cant. Bohon left Bordeaux the 23d of January,
and made Cape Henty tne vsju oi t'eoruary , wuch
whom' was entrusted the public trarinuility.. .,A;.
courts, agents ol corruption ; in the carps, dastard
ly instigators ; and in citirs. in fine, in the schools,
& even 10 tht most e .erab!e institutions, by. her
whilst she finds them firm to their true interestSj cy and fwinj; to-: choose between two alterpa-
and unshaken in their alliance with your majesty, tives hitherto lose the greater part otpiy troops
she has undcrtaHen tobrins aoout acen of gen. and all the means which afforded me subsistence
era ccntuvidii. b enc ua vourinc . to , Corruot the or to save tne wnoie, i mougnc ir my auir vo en
Veru lute from France.- A respectable mercan- fidelity of .their people... Beyond .the states of er into an agreement, wherein U i stipulated that
i lie rvuaaiaii iiiup win a;nuisu a
tain' district in. eastern Prussia,' which by the re
ti' of the French army, has falleu into the hinds
6T the Russians, - "
.. Tlfe Prussiap' troops will form a neutral corps,
and ?rilt net act to a hostile manner to either
party' Eenls subsequent to negocifttion) which
are to take place btwetn the belliereOt power,
will oVtide their file. fv- v;" V
, I iaten to inform your excellency cf .. a step
to which I was forced by important circumstau
r iVhatevcrmay bhe ludgPfSfint of the wot'fd
in regird to my conduct', I feel very little uneasi
ness. My duty towards my troops and the most
mature deliberation, dictated me ; motive the
most pure, whatever . may be 4 heir appearance,
guide me. . . ' . ,
In making to you this declaration, rriy lord,
acquit myself of all obligations towards you ; and
btg you will accept the assurances of the most
profound respect with which I am, 8&,
(Signed) D'YORCK.
, (No, IV.)
Letter from lieut. gen. Massenbach to marshal
- ' . duke of I'arente. ..
My Lord Tbe letter of gen. d'Yorck most
tio rw the blockading srJuadron of the enemy in hypocritical enthusiasts are sedulously empjoyed
Ly uhaven Bay I then bore a ay for the Delaware, in setfacing by tneir insidious doctrine, those ho
lie was' chased 'ft times on tb passage, and had 'should courageously and, laithfuUy maiiu-ain the au
to th(ow over 14 casks of wine in a gale. -v - thoryy confided in. them, and those whose only du
vVe are assured, that the 'report of the French tyisto obey... " . . 7
inriwit fv2se;.cwE !W?WW'fcw7v- v. w ruiet rccncircumstanceB . sire, ana wmur tne
UUtuuw vm - '
tioned in a letter brotiglv; oy he Thens, does not
f .
January 16
come "ift-a iorm fuuun'H u w i tu'
f rom ih 't Bitf&cai&' Indicateur of .
nortatiooof col'jifiat.Tpwoc'fratir.Enrin'cttM even of an allied prince, could not
If . 1 . . U :....!. . Pk ... i .uu r. f . . 1 . 1 ' . l . -
guarantee me aavamapes wnicn your poiuicai
system ought to have secured to you, it becomes
an imperious duty to hove recourse to those
means which your majesty will findTin the pow
er of yodr empire and in ihe love of your sub
jects. ' .. , y.
Bv these considerations, the ministers of your
majesty, at an extra meeting, propose,
1st. To unite to the active army, the, hundred
cohorts of national guards.
2d. To call out oik hundred thousand men of
the conscriptions of 1809, 1810, 181 1 and 1812.
3d. To cause a levy of one hundred thousand
The sitting piiied"at 3 o'clock in: the afternoon
His serene "liigbn'esa the prince arch chancell jr of
the empire presided. His excellency' the minis
ter of foreign relations ws present. Their ex
. cellencieaxounts Regnaud de St. Jean d' Angely
and Oeiermoo, ministers and counsellors of state,
were iritroauced. .
His serene highness, the prince arch-cluncellor,
men of the concription of 1814, who will be disnp.!lreatly have apprised your excellency thalUmy
rose '"aad'wiarewed'iL'he'acnate" in the following iscd of in garrisons and in camps on our frontiers, ''V tcP was prescribed tope, and that I shall not
ana on our coast, wno WW tnus be able to march ! ao,c lo ec any cnange , uie urecauuonary
whenever it may be necessary to assist the allies '-measure your excellency caused to be adopted this
ot your majesty. nigni., induces me to smpect tnat you wisnea,
words r . (
" Gen;lemcn--The nation is, oHier own accord,
distioed to the adoption 'f such measures as she
judges neceasary for tAe maiutciiahce of her glory,
and lor the preservation oi ner preponaerancc m
Europe. ' '. ",",''
" From every part of this Vast empire, addres
ses succeed each other ; off rs mul'ipiy and the ' .uiil ..BMa ur.,init..i.iiw r.-,irlv iri anlicinale
ft the call oftbe bovereien au.thoty. v -
f The emperor, wUo relies' upon the loVe-of
his people, an.4 who ai.reciates their resources,
as judged it. tinnecessai y to deviate from the osu.
t 'QiapoMtiooV . His majes y would have deferred
haking ttseof them, if an unexpected event t bad.
tuA caused him to think, that whilst ' profiting ot
the usefiil co operation of allies, It is, above all, the
display of our force's which . ; mubt accelerate the
moment of an honorable peace ; such art one as
the French can in their, hea; U desire:, and such" as
his majesty has never ceased to offr to his erie
mits. ' "; -';'.,-;. ' , ., fe-7''
w It is in, gentlemen, that the pfq;t
JOW sibmitted to your deliberation, was digested.
ut Gentlemen, the orators of the coencil of state
will info;m you of tne motives and the advantages
thereof, aferthe minister of foreign relation will
' have reatl to v6 i aieport-and other. dourhentSv
Which his m j;siy has ordered to be cornfUunic
ted to you ' '.''' '
His e e)lsncy the duke of Bassano, minister of
loreigo rclaii jns, commuoicated the" foll'wingre
pcrt : , . . -"V -.'.f
Htjiort of the minister rf orrign rrfntioig, to hi
Al jemy the fimieror and K:ng.- '"'
r Whilst" Russia, m violation of - hi r treaties, and
renouncing her alliance with France, in order to
joir England, dcbrei war, .'.against ,-aur ma
jesfy, you appreciated sire. aJl the iinprtance (A
" the strugijlt: in which you were bout lobe en.
gatjed.. You ordered "'.he formation.- undtr the ii.
tie- of .cohorts; of Uie ia lO.d giiards. of one htm '
Jred battalions, composeil of men from 20 To 29
y eaiTof IgeT'hoToJSgr
es of ihe cooscripliort had not b en" calltT to the'
, army. This insmu'ion has Vert atunded vith
i.alf the success winch your majesty coul I have
expecttd. A group of wa.liUc youti.s, trained in
the art cf war in the craHlr of old soldiers, ask
with avidity to partake of the glory :of their bid
there-in arms
j Whilst your m jes'y marched y-itir victorious
army ftnin Smolensk towarclslSTbscow, you did not-;
disenable '.hayo'ur pr ugress in an enemy's coun !
try adiled it w: chances to the usual ; chances -:of!
war. You were evert,anxious to '"st'rengtlit.ti" the,
means of your ...operations ; mkV, th, refore, order-j
.CO the levy ot the c-visjn;iion of 1813, which is
thi day complete nd uoder ar'mS.2r '
With thw garriscuf of the places of France and
Italy, your maiesty has "in' the interior of vour
..' a.tes a forco of upwards ;d! 300 000 men, winch 13 1
ucucieni 10 maintain the war:
By thh immense display of force, the Interests,
the, and the safety of her al
lies will be guaranteed agai st all unfavorable e
vents Ihe French people Will- feel the force of
perhaps, to withhold me by force, or else to disarm
my troops
I'was necessitated to make use of the means in
my power; to join my troops agreeably to the
the circumstances they will render a new hom- -stipulation which' the general commanding had
a.e to Uiose truths, so often proclaimed by yniir 3 signed, and to the Instructions he ,gave me this
majesty trom your throne, to wit : that there can j morning.
b't no tranquility in Europe, if England is not torn-1 0,lr excellency will pardon me for not going
pelled to conclude a peace myself to inform you of the event ; it saved me
It is not in vain, sire, that Voti have eiven ihvlr'6'm a sensation which would have been very
France the, title of a : grand nation. No tflbrt is 'painful to my heart ; for the Sentiments of respect
considered painful, when it serves to heighten its
lovato your majesty and! its devotedness' to the
glory of the French name; '
I sunjoih to this report the documents relative
to the disaffection of genTd'Yorck.
l am, with the most profound. respect, sire,' your
majesty's most humble and most obedient faith
ful 'subject, ? .
, The Jpuc of BASSANO.
Paris, Jan. I8t3. r 1
' (No. I.)
Copy of a letter from Count de Su Mirsan to the
. minister of foreign relation.
. Ukklin, 1st Jan Id 3.
uv l6r1, ' .
and esteem which I have for. the- person of your
excellency, which' I shall preserve to the end of
my days, would have prevented me from exe
cuting my duty. ,
signed, Lt Gn. MASSENBACll.
Dec. Slit, 1812. -
fterthe reading of this report, the counsellors
ofsta'e presented a project of the Senatus Con
sul'Aiin, fee tlitf sitting of the 11 th and Count
St. 3cati d'Argel)' stated its motives.
Extract frxm the records of the Conservative Sen
ate, JUotiday, Jan. 11, 1813.
J he Conservative benate reunited to the num-1
ber of members prescribed by the 9lth article
An aid de-camp ol the duke de Tare ite has reach- of the act of the constitution of tht
A me, despahedby the Prince of Ne'ifchdjtel.lrS, saw the project, of -the Senatus Cm
He brings me the encljsed despa'ch of th m tjor sul:um digested in tht: form ptescjib-.d by the
general, wfth tht .docu ments which accompany it. 27th article of the act of the constitution of 4th
The whole reached me when f was at the q-iiritrs August, 1802
of marshal duke of C tstiuliorif-, in conipan with After hearing the motives, of said project, the
ihe chancellor Bron ol Hardenb'ergi the Count orators of the council oftaie, and the report of
of Narbonne and the prince of Ha zfehl. - ! the special commissioners named ai the sitting of
tated 1
1 . . w v ... ir
ciurptu 10 town 11 is amrmea tnai tne rLing
has dismissed gen. d'Yorck, prlered him to be
arrested, and given the command to gen. Kleist
also to recall th-; troops (although there is but
little probabiliiy of their being recovered) and to
sun mil to t he orders x)f t he K in
The Baron of Hardenberg a;pea;-c:l irritat
fir vvf n'. immediately 10 thlKt ig, who had
yesteruay t v
It was decreed
Art. I. rh,it350.000 men be placed at the dis
position ofthr ministers of war to wit :
1st 00,000 men composing the bund red 'co
hort of the national guards. t '
Ix2d 100,000 of the conscriptions of 1809, 1810,
V Oil a rg 1 D 1 'I fntrun - Annv o imtit tliAea
a o 1 j "H 0 atwii a vMii auiuiiiLov iiiuoe
wherein his majesty, after declaring hi non rati
ficaiion of the stipulation of general d'Yorck, in
vites the King of Naples to give his orders to
lieut gen- KUist, and to inform major de NatzmeY'
thereof, in order, that he may make known to the
Prussian troops the will of thtir sovereign. s.
An order of the day will be published in all di
states of his Pnissian majesty, and the ing .of
Naples will be solicited to order a similar publica
tion to be made amongst the French &rmy, to pive
greater publicity to the disavowal of the King,
the expression of his indignation.
It U said, that pjince Hatzfela will setoff
immediately for, Paris, as bearer to his maj-sty tha
Emperor, of jthfe expression of the sentiments at
the King. . ; ... ' '
The following is the agreement made between
CJen.. d'XefftH fl.tht; eneiny. ,
st quence thereof.
It line, affirmed, that opthis occasten
the -King publicly manifested anew his attach
ment to the cause of hi; imperial and royal
majesty, and his indignation at what, has just
occured. - '. ;'"..'..
I have the honor to bej Sec,1
(Signed) The Count Sc. MARSAM.
(No. II-)
Letter from the, Due de Tarente to the Prince
major general-
-ft ' , Tii.sir, 31st Dec. 1812.
. - ,- ...
. Afu r an expectation of four days, attended with
crrievous uneasiness, of which a part of the Prus-
air:iinst RiUKia. ftii.!ui no uiinoii. !r" tucrarA M r llip' falp nllhp
Trt .. . alalia i , r ... -..v
ring the . ensuing caitjpa'lg'n - "And- y out initntion ; rear guard, which, 'from Mittau, followed me a
WaSj sire, to ask no extraordinary aid, provideti '''march distance, I am apprised by a letter from
all your allict, especially - Attri., s Denmark Jar!d gen. d'Yorck, that he has himself disposed of the
Prossia, remained faithful to the :,' common causeVj Prussian corps'. " I n "
Austpa, Ucnmattt-an'd' PissiaV::WiK given your I hereunto subjoirpa copy of that letter, upon
insjesty the sttongtsf Vassurrai.ces of their sent!-! which' I do not .permit myself to make any
.muus.iusi It-willXGiteaheUnditynatioaI-all
m n ot nonor. ' . . . ; . ,
Gen. Massenbach, who was here with me, with
two1 batteries, six , battalions, (infantry) aHd, six
squadrons, (cavalry) went offthismorningiwithout
my orders, to recross the Niemen. He is gone
to join gen. d'Yotck ; and has thus left us in front
of the enemy." Accept, &c, . . (Signed).
'Marshal Duke of Tarente, MACDONALD.
Letter from general d'Yorck to marshal
,vf ' '.',:'7 ii'.' -T.lTrer.te r--:vv":-
' v'B!,.' ,K-?.,,:'4V'TAORiiodfetir,Dec.30.
My Lord, After very' painful . marches,
found it Mmpossib!eiov,'proCeed without being at
- imrrj, arsd to 'raise to 30000 jnen the quota she
-was engaged to liifqish ''by.- treaty. ; ;.' v
'But whilst that power was ; manifestingdisposi-,
nuns so coutormable to her .ergagementa an4 to
ber political interests', the intrigoes ,of; Eiigrand
were preparing one of those events ' whjch ',cha-;
tttctejrises thespirit of dirJer and anarchy, wriich
that po.wef has never iceased; to foment in Europe
-Qstieral d'Vorckw ' commanding the , Prussian
Xr?9V uyler the orders of maishat duke devTa
rente, has at once betrayecf his hrnV)r,;his general,'
and his king ; he has madei perfidious stipuTa
tionwuh the enemr. 5-- ' ''' -;,-',
are aojotrigue no low uuderhan1 deal.
(niotn,thrm to submit to the ottl' rs 'he Kintr; 1
of N'iplt j toen.Jose all the orders to that Prince ho had not been called, toJorm apart ot the ac
o publish to the Hrepch army-at'Postdam,insileT tivejir-nj.y,. ' ,
,ia, in the newspapers, an order ot tne oayincon jii.-iu,uw uicuvi uic lui-aiiifuuu oi ic year
1814. -
Art. II. In conformity to the preceding article,
the fi'rst : mentioned hundred cohorts shall cease to
form part of the national guard, and shall be em.
bodied in the active army. l'
Men who are not married before the pub
lication of the present Senatus- Consultum
cannot be designeJ to .make part of the levy of
conscripts made in the years 1809, 1810, 1811,
and 1 8il id
The 150,000 men of the conscription of 1814,
shall be levied in the course of the year; at any
time appointed by the minister of war.
- IIL Thq present senatus consultum shall be
transmitted h. a message to his majesty the em
peror and king. ". ''-
Count de Beaumont,' Count de 1 Apparent.
. Berlin, Jan. 5.
' Our monarch has expressed the strongest
indignation at the treasonable conduct of general
dlYorgk. the afflicting- intelligence of which he' re-
This day, the -.undersigned, commander irt
chief of the atitiliary Prussian corps, luut. gei
d'Yorck, on the ofte part and the. quarter mcs-
ter, geueril of the Russian Imperial army i,tn.
def ..the. oiders of count -Witt gen stein m J r
general Diebitsch, on the 'other ; after maiti'e
dtliberation, agreed to the" following com en
tiont-; ) ' j
Art. 1. ThS Prussian corps shall occupy the in
terior of the Prussian territory, along the fro vier
line from Memel and Nimmetat, as far, as the r &
from Woinuta to Tilsit. From Tilsit, the roatt '
leading by hillapischken and Melanken, as f?r $ 4
Labian, including the towns they reach, shall ri
the extent of country, said Prussian corps is to oc
cupy. This territory shall be limited on the other
side by the Curriscfc Hant; and thewhole extent t
of this territory shall be considered neutral so kng .
as it is occupied; by the Prussian troops. It ia -Well
'understood that the Russian troops shall en-
joy the freedom of goinR and coming oft ,the hlgU
roa'ds, but 'they cannot be permitted to:, fix their ,
quarters in the towns of their vicimtyV, 'f'ppfT;
-2. The Prussian troops shall observe a strict,
neutrality: in the district allotted "to them in the-'"
first article, until the arrival fcf orders from br
majesty the king of Prussia ; butit hey are boujid v
in case his majesty should order" them to rtmft
the French imperial troops, not to take up arms"
againstithe RussianTairmy for the space of two
months frotn the c'ate hereof. X . 1'
3. In ca?e either the king of Prussia cr the
emperor of Russia should refuse 10 ratify the.'
present convention, the -Prussian corps shall be at ' :
liberty to go wherever me orders of their king Shalt
Ciill thenn . '':
. 4- , All stragglers found on the great' road to v
Mittau. as well aa all articles appertaining 'tot''
l . ;tit 1.- . 1 . .i.- .
corps. .The supplies and the train orsaidr!
corpsshall be permitted to pass the Russian
army without interrupting, on their wav to !
rejoin at Konigsbrg or further, the PruWiab
army. . ,,. :J
5. In case the orders of gen. d'Yorck shouKi '
reach lieut. gen. Massenback in season, theiroops ?
under the latter shall be included-in the present-
convention. v
6. All prisoners that may be taken by the Kuv
sian troops under maj. gen. . Ditbitsch, from the'
troops of gen. Massenback, .shall in like manner b
comprised in jhiainiventioD . ' o-V
7. The Prussian corps shall reserve to itself the
power of keeping every thing, beloningvto thtir -
supplies, whether in provinces occupied by Russ an
troops or not.7 ' vv''v: . .,' ' -Z
The bove fconvenUon was - read, signed, and
sealed with the private sealsv'!h'eVrK,ersi,'e'd
Dne at the nail of Poschenu, the 18th (30)
Dec. 1812."'. ' ""?-' ""T-v.f'v:--. .-..:.,-
r- h .. .-. mw 1'
f Signed ) - YUKi&i
Ll. gen. in the Prussian iervice''
;DElBIlSCH.f t
MajorRen. in the Russian service::
"Ks wnicn jcngiana , has not pjit in motion to' tacked ana cut off on my Hanks. and m my rear.
wange the dispositions of the sovereigns. But,, This has delayed the junction wi
ceived yesterday. . His majesty has issued the fol
lwiog orders ?T .., t : ,
That all me"ans be employed to seize general
d'Yorck, and bring him to Berlin in order that
he may be tried and punished according to the en
ormity of his crime"?:: H,. ; . ,?;' 5".
Gen. Klrist is appointed lieutenant general, to
command the Prussian quota, in the place of Gen.
trVorck. Xi.::,;.!;;';,,; r; u'
; He will' adopt all Ufccessary meaaures tp re
call the troops, and place , them under ' the or.
ders - of the King of Naples, and, lead ". them
wherever lhat Prince shall think proper to ap
point. ; ;-'.: -v , "C'm ' v.
M. d. Natzmer aid-de camp to the King; set
delayed the junction with your "excelle n-loEf Uus ., 'morning for Konigsbcrg, with a letter,
Tram the, London L azette--December 25.
Letter from the Captain of the Frolic to Admiral -,
Warren. , ' . V :
His majes'y's shjji Poic'iertt at Sea, Orr. Si
Sir It is with the most bitter sorrow and disy
tress I have to report to yourrexcellncy the cap.
ture of his majesty's brfg Frolic, by the ship
Wasp, belonging to the United States of America,?
on the 18th inst. ; "'v'."---' .;ir; .... f'-,
Having under convoy the Homeward bound '
trade from the Bay of Honduras, and bci j-i
UU 36 degTN. and 64." deg. W. on ihe nVht of ,
the 17th, we were overtaken by a most 'violent1
gale of wind, in which the frolic carried -,aaf v
her mam yard, lost her topsails', and sprung the' '
main-topmast'. On the ' morning of the 18'h, a.
weweie reparing the damages sustinea n xwo
storm, and re-asm"bling the Scattered f hips,, a
suspicious ship came in sight and gave chase t j
the convoy
The merchant ships(contihued their voyage,
fore - the wind! under tt -talM the ; Frolic 1 drop
astern, and hoisted Spani rolors,' io-orflcr W:
decoy the stranger.'' under the guns, and to g:ve
time for the convoy to esrape; Ahut IOMock.
both vessels being: within hail, hr hvuled to th-ia
wind, and the battle began. ..fhe'. superior
of our guns pave every RSSDn to exptxi its -speedy"
termination in our . .vor, but the gfcff
head bracks' being shot away, and there i
no sail on tne mam-masi, ine ong cecamcviirn
nianageabkV-and' the enemy succeededjin jiftkt"
position to rake her,rwhile sbe. wasuriable to'
br'mg a gun to bear, -; . "-.
AUcr Jajuig some time exposca to a tao uc .

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