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iFIbAY, MARCH i26, 1 813;
Vol. 17.
No. 886.
a is
deliverers. These accounts frcm Copenhagen ilationshitriue?, bosom companions, as Half posts of tbe Russian and French aririiesi ob
e riii
1 W
"row 'Ac Af w IV Evening Pott.
Just as our paper was prepared for the press,
the ship Hebe CpU Ogle, arrived at 'his port,
io 40 -Jays from London papers to the 20th
trig oHav Ffom the " Dif,' orJanaary 20 h, we
copy the following interes jn g articles ;
jjONDov. Jm. 20
Cnel B A tt"t AT, the laic r?spected British
Consul General ai M. Yrk, .ha taken h -, pjsv
age on board h tyjeaVi ship Va!iaM4r B-r
jnuda, whence he is toiproceed to N- Yoni, in
order, to hold at that nUc,.t!e offiil -,f iient
Superintend ;fcfw excftan of prisoqrs,
with subordinate .fMJ trh ninor
ports and establishments We hayeiraat pla
ate in cfmtemplating the appointnient, inamuch
s, according to tUe prtcadent estaliahefli.r this
country?' in the 'negciation for the preliminaries
ofthe las peace.between Great Britain and France,
Col. Barclays residence, as accredited Agent fpr.
ttrisonera f at Nfew Y.rk, - may afford an in
ducement, as well, as an opportunity to the U. S.
for the re-estabfishmew of the mutual concord and
harmony, between them and tacir parent, coun
try. . ... ' ,
Jmfiortanttuccea of the Huaaiant, Capture c1
' '.JCortigaburff -and Memet.
By men9 ofthe exlensive and efficient arrange.
and publication of intelligence from the scene of j ,her,n, to bc "Vheisposal of a" Foreign power.
mention; freely and openlythe total destruction of
the Grand army, and at Vienna the intelligence
of its various disasters have been , received with
public demonstrotionsi of joy, which have fcecaiv
ed no interruption fim authority, though the
Frenph minister remonstrated against them. '
A new lew of 300,000 men to be completed iu
a month has been .-.ordered -in Russia so that the
augmentation of the-victorious .army will more
than overnalance.thc forced conscriptions of tht
e iemy. One half of the Russian levy is to be at
t-ie dispostalof a Foreign Fower, ft wljden or Prus
sia. we should., conjecture. The 1fig of Pru
si a, inth hieao tinsels m& .to Joe wi'sf-' to Bri:s
law, in S lesla with a corps of fivl thousand
klen. f . ' " 'i- - .!" 'r: ',.
Cxtrtct of p? i"r4te letter, brough? by the ' last
Gttcnburg mail: " . ;
. f.; --; k; . . MEMt, Jan 2. r
The Russians . have ;taVen possesion of tlijs
place in an amicable way. They were received
with open Arms by the military antj inhabitant of
every denomioation Tlie Russians were, on the
31st ult. within twelve German miles, of Konigs
bi'rg, an 1 are no dou v. ere now in poSf sinn of
that important garrtson The remains of die
F'Cnch army are ft ng in all directions before
the victorious Russians They are reduced to
such n extremity of suffering, as to b literally
dying by hundred." , '
, Gotten sui o, Jan. 12. ;
The F.mDerorhaa ordcrrd a lvv of 30 ) 000
men, to bt completed in one month ; the h . If of
andOmalys could he speak or write the lan Uth'ofOct. 18,12.
guage I All tkis is wanting to publish .and ; keep
in turn so s -cret a conspirator against reputation ;
After the usun 1 compliments " ' ' ':
Murat Are ou informed, general of fhe cce.
he wcruld mrke the mostly runniest and injurious ses committed byyouf Cossacks ? Th:y fire upoo
President possible Malivt is hia predominant, the foragers wtiotn I send out in different diie
passionfamt low secret malice his forte. Mr. L
fh can tell yoy much of him. I have sent love
and love sa,oftt't, and 1 will not repeat jt : but
your s and' each of your's sincerely.
tions even our; peasants, supported by them, mas
Mere1 oar insuhited hutsars. ., - .. .' -V '.
; Milrodavitcb .1 am delighted that the CosacRs
strictly obey the orders given them". It is aho,
most eatiifactofy forniv to learn, from I'oimmsjts.
ty's mouth; that bur peasants shew theaisetvcl
worthy of the iam ef Russians.
Murat It is contrjliry lo all the hitherto receftu
edrulesof war ; and from this harsh state n (higR;j
. ; : pi- $ LoMioNTJan,uary 12. .
demand an armistice and to bee the Drince to'The
transmit to his majesty a le'tec from Bonaparte, lors v ..
which-would con.ain propoiiali for peace, in order : Miirat Biit ivhy seek to embitte two natiotia,
tocause the cessation of that horrible effusion of , formed to , 1,-steem ach othr m a
blood, wiiich bad beeii shed With so much desperav
non ana narimmy.
snprts ?'
i . -
M:lorad.-f My officers and myseTfare ready to
war in the. North, we. were enabled yesterday io a
aecortd edition to submit to the public the sub
stance, of intelligence, r from. the Continent,' via
Heligoland to fthe Uth inst. a material part of
which was in the course: of the day confirmed bv
the contents of the mail. that arrived,
and the remainder of which we feel authorised to
consider as an anticipation of the next, or even of
iHe a.thspiiicnt rffrnlar communication (mm Cnt
tenbmirh. ' The imellieence , which we had the l"& a "ew levy b
pleasure to lay before the public in an excraordi-
TU. .!-. .t--. 1.-. . t .. ... .. ' .. . .
purn-c rcjjucu, inai nc was uui auinoncaio give youan possible marks of our esteem but,
receive any proposal either for peace or armis sire, your ftfratrers are alwavs raken. nA ,h r.
tice and that unquestionably he wouh! not re lumns whith you may send to the riuht .ad left;
ceive any letter addressed to h:s majesty that be ; to protect them, shall be beaten.
sides, it was his duty to,lhat the RMsaian. MuraU-Yoii are passionate io Wordss grr.eraU
army wasin possession of too manydvanjagesLtolbilt words do not beat ati enemv. fan vmir pvh
throw them away by anarmisiice, of which it had on the map ; you wifl there See the country we. "
u ntfvi. - nave conquered, and how far we have penetra-
Lauriston observed, that the ar must one day ted.
come to a termination, for it coiild not last for MiloraM--CharlesXll. DeOetrated still farther t
. -. . . .
Letters repeite from Hamburg state, that .;ths if vp especially in the harbarous manner in which he reached Pultowa
King of Prussj-l g to Breslaw with 5 000
troops and that the. Russians are expected at
Berlin. . ,
- AJurat is said to have arrived at E'bing with
the' Grand army, coasting of 13,000 men.
x Macdonald's corp. U expected la supjxn jer.
i , St. pe.tersbuki;, Dsc 1.
An Ukase was issued a few da vs. &go, order
comDleted in one month
from this div. ofeis-ht men out ,f e'verv 500 fit
nary impression, w4 received by express et ap 'or u ts caicuMieci mat mis win pro-
early hour yesterday morning, and contained in dce 3Q0,000. The pronncca which have safTcr-
irj me campaign are rxcm; . .
,The Emperor set out last ni;;ht lor VVilna. ,
i'the following brief but gratifying communication
from a highly respectable q urter, da.ed v
:., ,. .HltLLIGOLAND Jan 14.
. w, A small vessel has just arrived here from the
nil ri npnt . unirn nnnira tn n a e nn in c imotAa i - . .
Inat an nh?rpart ot their ftrrav was proceedme to . .,j . il-
l'riV&U W Lt IUI UU.
Exchange oa London 16 14..
t . :... .. St ckholm, Jtn- 10. .
Iv is said 'hat General Wi .ne ostein had arri
several Russian coips were
Memel, where they expected to find large su,i.
jie oi corn ana a vase accumulation. ot ammu-
.... January 2.
We have accounts here that the uit'.a.i c rps
iii j tt: . : . r . .. v
union aou muuarv ivjit; oi every uescri nun. lt,l. u-t . k . , r.
is even asserted confi lently, an't genera ly 'be lev. 'n,,aHi Tv ,. . v ,
-j .u.'. t v . . ; r; j posed Mtcdonald will be able to tflf c- his tet.ea
iii-ii mcjr ore iiauy in possesBKMV oi Liant J from Courl and.
it W6S conducted. I Murati-The French at-mv "has h"pin rnntinnda
Prince Kutusbff replied, that barbarism had been vie torious.
tviuoiaia.tut we have never fought except
at Borodin jw. '
, Murt - That victory opened tqua the gates-of'
introduced into hostilities by the French revolu-
tionisis, and followed up to the greatest extent
by Bonaparte himself. It wastmei that the war
could not be eternal tfut peace could never be
talk d of, till the French were beyondHherVistu
la. That Russia had not provoked the waV-for
the tm:eror, by falling with all his forces on tht
mag zines and troo)-in Polaid, might have an
nihiiatedall the preparations of BonapaHe on the
other side of the Vistula, before he - wa? in' readi
ness to commence it but his maj sty wished
neither to disturb the existing tranquility nor to
be the-aggressor, and to the last hopvd to pre
sarvr peace that Bonaparte had entered Russia
even without a aeclaration of war, and devasted a
great "part of t- onp?re that he had nothing to
By intfcilieehce Nm iluwa w-
wi "io enemy noi oemg in a conaitton to oppose 'ai. i.vfnm,,J ,u, !- -
.A . i.' . 1 aie intormed- that VVittKeis!ein a mu'euviiiii',
any Te3istanc& to theirprocrress " v , . t- ... ,
' .ih.o of thu Macdonald, wnd that he had already
K ; i rr ZZ 1 1 ; ' 1 made 12,000 pmoneis. "
he)0nlr ohe that remained du,. arrive!; and at P rn,BNf?AC'. r!in. fi
,rrhpi fiv.m I rvrrl f " ik .-f I ... - . '
mtomw- ucj5 yuur jiaruwu, Birc ivtoscenr war -
abandotied irt vnn V . .. , -I
. MuratAt any rate wi atfu masters cf your an
cieifit and immense capital. - r '4 I .
Milor2d. Yes, sire, 4nd it is an affl-ct'sng i I
thonght to every Russian, to myself in pvrvicuhri. 4 ,
i d. d every things tht'.aalvation.' 'of ;l'8cw., '
nfiisia has made to you an., immense sacrifice, 1
but she already begins o rtap the ad-vaiHigea ,at.,y4l
tichedtoit. . S ' ": v v?'' .
' ; Murat How I - ' . ;,i:Sr-
Mlloiad -i DerCtive 1hnf NnnTpAn hm crut
tanriston to our ceneral in chief io ! 'treat : of W'm
he came thither without being invited while, on' f know4hat your soldiera are reduced to satisfy v
our side, it became our 'duty -to do him as much themselves for 60 hours, with what is scarcely ' tl
mischief as possible that whtn he proclaimed j sufficient to support a man-fhr 24. ' ' I
Murat .The passports sent you were
rnen fila lior.d is ii H bUt' to get it r.i lYfoscow how he could,since:
wer received
which, from
VP UTP hfM UJlth.-illt anir ....uiriu inll!..unnu
the events thev of . 7 . -' "
acialWrnmrnnn!. W W, ,,,ht f (1v. L,u uir yrana rmy. nu: 11 we may crea.
ofouri TiilliSence far it i.- raBlP'f the,8Ul Was com-
and Mmcfnd trmTVoairnv near Kowno,
of an account of th -se even.s 1-1 due rdntt a Z' 11 ,S sa!d' th? ere buthed ;
part ofthe .oast, of ne Continent, fr.m which itl
ivcui ttiiii an iiic Aiuaaiiiiia, oiiu
ma. y generals The same report states, that ma
naa reacnea neligo ind on the 1 4 u inst. The
de$patches of L'irr C heart will be published in
Extraordinary Gazette in the course of this
niornmg Lrimediatdy af'er tlw arrival, the fol
lowing Bulletin of their contents was yesterday
: afterooQn issued fim-fhe freign office;
-;' '' V sluLLETW
- Accounts fmfTrtdioCalhe
ceiyed, dated, Peters&Urgh, Dec 31
" The accounts from the Russian Armies come
Clown to the 25th uh.
the campaien 'terminated' at Moscow.: the Rus
s. ms viewed h as only commencing if he did not
ki.ow this already, lie should soon be taught by
Luunston- . Sire, then Ah ere li ri6 hope of
pjace, it will doubtless be necessary to march
tut in departing it will be again "necessary to
shed tne blood of rrten who are always brave,
since your armies are marching on nil sides'.
" I ..gain repeat to you," said the prince, "you
Dt course will adopt such' measures as you please.
For the rest, the time' will come, perhaps, when
we may arrange matters for your departure
snoujd that be the only subiect ot discussion. "
Laufiston still uttered complaints! with. regard
tohe bitterness and fury which had been excited
"Counts Wi tgenstein and Platoff had na ! Sldiers refuscd to nghi any longer,-s6me
throuch Kowno. tn,ar,ic r:i:. r w attempting tq.escape i Hsit wnh its majr
"The enemy wtre'driven fmm KWnn ;,u azine8 which were saved.from the fl.mcs, were
'IIIVJI Willi nl.. ,' 1::t
vaiinun, ana eooo nnsimK. nA
klne Remainder ..of th ttxorps dispersed."
Admiral fchichagoff had nurched on Ghez
no, .and had cleared both banks of the river.
('n'- J"rm?zoff moed on Grodno, where
Col, Dnidoff established himself on the 20th
ji J he Austriansareret.ri. g, a d Gen. Sachen
following the retreat of the Ausirunsithrouch
b '-mm, and expected to be at Ruz4na on the
24th. .
"Great magazines' have been taken in alllnf
wniu (in ujewiemen. .
Mt was , eported that another bodyof Prussians
had laid down their arms and that Marshal Mac-
COnaid lntfrv1,.H mh 1 -. .. '.
----- .v. ..j, 1 Hsu,., so tnat there
uu.jui -uniii nim on.
Prussian peasants killjhe French strag.
'ers wherever they meet them..
:- .iCuMurt. jy the Russians in 'irisoner;
1293 . Officers.
. .167,5 16.' ; Privates . . '
J 131 Cannon
The official Bulletin does not mention the date
f !ie action ,t Kowno. but seme of the unofficial
Recounts received by the 'Mail state U to have ta-
T7Trr v. , WM ,uc joiq , uiimrec dartmftenher
had, retreated fmm TiuiK T .i..
m may hiv.- reached Dantzic according to the
repurtol our correspondent. There is, now no
J!? r.them,' and the providence 'of
: r rencn cpmmissanat has amnlfNstiDnlied
every necessary .There can be no
thfhi with
ny genera's ofthe first note have passed thiourh!iri the people, in order to banish all houe of ac-
Posen a ndlhe neighbouring towns, .-done and i;i- commodation, by attributing to the French the
cognito, upon post horses amVmi; others, Bassa- CrJnDaKration and ruin of Moscow, while the in-
no, Murat, Lefebvre, tkc. Etc. ; two Polih Gen-j habitants themselves were the authors of that ca-
eralsof the firs; consideration were wounded, andllamhy.
inshri, reprtseiim
army as 300,000 men, 165 pieces 0 cannon, all 1 had ever heard of complaints being made against
their cavalry, bagg.ige, kc. and adds, that after the the enthusiasm and devotion to their country, of
oattie no such army any l.mger existed ; as the a whole people who defended thetr, homes against
officers I an enemy by whom they were attacked, and who,
by so doing, had excited that animosity and foVy
now complained of, but which, on the contrary,
could not be. too highly appreciated and extolled,
" With regard to the burning of Moscow," said
the prince, " l am too old, I have . had too much
of experience iu war and possessed too much of
the- confidence of the Russian people, not to be
daily and hourly informed of what was passing in
Mocqw. I myself ordered ithe destruction of
some magazines,but from the arrival ofthe Hench
at Moscow, the Russians destroyed nothing but
the stores of the carrwrights, when you adopted fhe
rosolution of seizing them, by distributing the
carriages at your pleasure ; the inhabitanjs 8au
ed very few conflagrations. You proceeded sys
tematically in' the destruction of that capital,
fixing the particular days, and making out the
quarter's which were to be set on fire at fixed pe.
hods. I have had an exact account ofthe whoie ;
it has been foHdwed" with precision ; and -one
, t; January I7.'n
Intercefited Correspondence.
Copy of a fetter addressed tc; Mr Joel Barlqw,
the American Resident at the Court ol Bona-
part. Y
5Nkw YobK, 0ecr5
ear Barlow On the '2nd inst. 1 wrote vou
duplicatesj inclos ng a request of our Academy of
Arts, to have a whole length portrait of iheempe
rof by Gerrard ;you will have the goodness to' pay
attention to it. There seems now to be no doubt
that Mr, Madison's eTectTonir"secure, , and the
probability is, we shall have war all next summer;
which, and the
r T ' . wv,wt-IMV U - . M. I a TL UJJIHt T IU,
1 nontvirive vou an "nnDortm:iiv ta da aumtthina
- '-r ---j " ' "O
some to set Armstrong up. for fhencXt presiden
tial election ; f jr all no.tll and east ofthe Potomac
at;ree, 'hat the next -presicfent should pot be a Vir
ginian hence they would . be looking out for a
northern mau ; and if things turn up fortunate,
i Know ounoone so likely to attract public atten
upnas our old tnend Babaside, for his talents
are acknowledged by all : his .amiable orivate irood
'i-i V'. '"' . . .. .
vjumres nrc niaoTmaerstooo ; ana some preju-iices
arising, as you know, from his unguarded letters.
may be Overcome, and will therefore cive hint
' V-T. ".'.'- " a- - A
my aia ana 11 you secpndmy nratio you must
.iw iiiBbiiv ana give mm yoar aitr also
i Get Armstrong nam ohletai?ainst .SklowliK
and get evidence and j)roof of ffacts of hrt pro
ceeding iri every resnect whileie was in' raru-e '.
his moroseness to Uovernhiem.raji
Woubt that th. . t7C 7 W .. oe no nis moroseness to UovernmenT,ranirf ' CTindi.
proof that it was not the "inhabitants thajt ruined gration.-; r
moscow is, mat you destroyed wiin cannon shot
the houses and other edifices, built with too much
solidity, burling balls against them amidst the
ii'iucs. j vnoouoteaiy wesnaii endeavor to, re
yeftge ourselves, Our conference is closed." v
Certainly Lauriston had no reasorf to be satis
ficd with its issue. '. The French hsd been long
accustomed to arrange matters, of this sort an a
teie-tnete, or by an amicable interviewV.but.herc
more than 30 persons were 'witnesses, on the one
hand,nDf the dignity of the Russian marshal and
on the other of the crinoline meanness of a low fel
low rrtmmislnn(l Kb' a Kftn-snl. '. ;
The -following is a sketch of the conversattoli
between Murat, (Kine of NaDles.l aod General
Milorudovitch,' which took place at the advanced
a farce.'
Milorad (continuing)! see that the king of .
Naples has come to eeneral Miloradovilch to bee " '
quarter for his foragers, and to set on foot a sorts
of n"gociation to calm the soldiers. - , -
Mufat (piqued) Hlyy5it was purely accidetr.,
tal ; ahd 1 meant only to inform you of the abu
ses committed by your troops. Want j,f discU " ,
pline is a great misfortune to an army i it v ha
often beei its ruin. k , ''l'- V';V ::;'.'.?,'".: f '
Milorad But in that tase you cught tlhef v
to encourage it. , Precious' want of : disCipline
Which makes us sboot the-French forage i-s ! ( ' .
Murat You greatly deceive yourself with re. -
gard to our position. Moscow, is abundantly'
supplied with every thing i we expect 'immense
reinforcements, which are already on the to.!. v
Milorad. (lauchine) Do you, then, think ul -
farther removed from our reinforcements than, ' ' v
you are from yours 1 -v, i 1
Murat I have also to complain oh a- rery es-'
sential point-J appealr- general, to-your-4u9i ice. - ,
and your sense of equity, ybu . have twice fii e4 v c1
on our Hags ot truce. v - ,
Milorad Sire, we want not to hear of par.
leys. We "want to fight and notto negpciateVK
1 axe your measures accordingly.1 , ( ; j f
Wurat What 1 at this rate 1 am not sale' e f !j
ven here. - ' ..t ' - '.''i';fe':4
Alilorad. You would run a great risk, sirer i i
by coming a second time ; but . to day? I shall s I
have the honor to-iacebmpany you myself us fras':
your videttes. The general here called forihl i.!
horse; and Murat, struck With what paiswJi'j!,.
observed, that he - had never heard ; of such a'-,'1 '
mode of making war. The general replud, he .
must have heard of it in Span ; and this unex-v
pected retort induced Murat to change the con
I - politely ask the general, where,, v '
he had first served in that capacity, ' Lli'lj2i,
Milorad Surely France must .still '.recollettf'.''
the . campaign of Suwarrow, in Italy "1 had , ;
the honor there often to command. the ad fenced -'
guard of the generalissimo. ', ' :-':'''"'':'V.'.''.'w
- Miiraf and the general then separated, ( after ;
shortly conversing aobut Jhe. death of prince B;V
1 1 ik : .
State of North Carolina, '
' WAKS COUii i y.
Court bf Pleas and Quart er'Senhng February ,
y; - 1 Tert 1813. . , '
Westward A
William Ship
T -. Original attachmenr, levi?
' Jone,lcd in -the hands of Henry ' .
: f Whithead, WiUiam Shjp, v-.
Pfsen j jusrand James Rigshy.
Ii is ordered by the ccuVt that publication be : r; I
aue.intne tvunerva ior six we.ess, inai :-. . r
'.he defendant reblevies and .rlcedsj within the i 1
I three first day of the, next ternf of this court V ll
I judgroehi final will be entered ega!nstrhWV-,r-'"-'.';"T;;..'
;; ii,
; 1J

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