North Carolina Newspapers

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.v..V CANADA, v '
ORDER 5i '
K-?nr CHt: Bulkier, had n preesi one
of. yVhich : Waa buned. , ' On iht 3 J iu fell ?in
with : and wis bxmrded from the French Frigate
La X5k ,re, ; Capt; .Ragussiri. Cpt. Hi JhU paea.
g 'crew were os de'?ed. on board the frignte.
ieh'h'wjpertTTrii'tf'lhe hWggafeof'thVcrew aw
psenget,V much of which was. ; plun?ered.
The ct nomandpr of the -frignte gave order to
wittlsthe William Wifaon, which was done ac
cordingly , and she, went downi The ensealled
peel, was trading, w'vh the enemies of I'rance,
inch His Imperial .VTajrsty did not alfr. Cipt.
ii. refttai'.ed cn'txtard the frigate,. until the 4sS qU
January. dr tng wtuch ti.ite he had ttrmt cause
to complain ofr'treafraent to himself an 1 pas
senger r h wa .pTij.itred, pf U hi' money ex
ept two doi!ars. On the 4th of Jan. the frigate
captured a .Portuguese baique from Brazils, bound
to Uvbbn. ' On board this barque, Capt. H. with
many others, to the number of ,47, 'Were put with
a very scanty allowance of water and provisos,
although they had-taken an ample supply fron
Capt. Ha. .ship VrThe French commander :a'e
the harque in charge of Capt. Ih tMw him to
proceed to Norfolk. -O. m be 8h offVbnuiy, in
!at. St, long 7i, was captured by Ms Kriuu: .
Majesty hiD St Dominco. adm Wr,n r.r-
fk'v Scott,' .and" John. C'iwTstio iUVUkir' Jattierfr"lfo Bermuda, and then pit on board the Hari-f
Taor U;rtMn Nathan it Laid, Jhn WniatleT,!b(Tn,uh a;m- CJcburri. 'Capt. H. y s r
V. . " V. Quebec: tth Fth &V. '
, .Ijis ejccelleriry lieut. c-tf inTal sir iienrore Pre
-.tfbi, Dart, 'gdveropr k:htramrornmendr of
' lwrcjefiij 0)juh tiortti. Amarica, bintf ;err
ie..y 05'vun .azetie ot .be 2lth Jnuafy last, a
, .yf:cKh putjciing to i,e a copv ufgVncral w
,it:iiw.i hj we Atr,rtcpL gpvt-n..aacnt in the
iavvin teraw, namUy . -
, , ; Adjutant GantMAt'' ofFKB,
. ' .' GEN 't HL cvty&M5?. , . "
; The foil Sjvin otlicer. oi tnc, army and jndi
" of ihe Pmi ed Sae', ii ad isoot n f w ar
l Druiti QaBtn ,t;:, im have bn
duly eiiJjulild fur Uie ufficersf Uonxouuiu6'on
l !tncers, criimmers n pnvatts Ukt t, Ort the
dy of J ilr. 1812.
Viltiam Holl, coIoikIs 'I
)atica.,Mc: Arthur,
Barnes ' Tiudly,. end Lewis Ci ; LiemeiiMta
C ;iotVf.l James Miller, Jr n K nwick. Win
tppoast and rah'as'Tar; as possible! with a'number
f other woinenjor reijraat wa jhe diatance bf
a'jou: 1 5 miles f lie "next day I retorncd, and
pur hpnae Wav. plundered : of simost eyerjr thing
and my hush awl a ptiaoner. on Uiepibetaide.,
You Can asir imag'iiTo Tny feelings , than I can !
deserve lhcm,-iTftey;.djd hot Jeajc sWl ar
tiKU rl..IItin . I n...U n k... .1 . ... i .... ' " ""i- liri ru- .A t
nawrtoivi-jj.iney.ioo All my oeucimg but let:; f.v preference to ail otU, "'Vcar to be
the liettjJ 1 Ihev hfokf mv lrnkinir.ijaa anA ....r ...t i .l ... ' Creditor. a- .
my knives. 1 Im skuated I determmed to Vi. i dint' at- K;....-.' . ,nae". and fc;,k
tu CaiT.di, at I accordingly went to a Ibgof in the coursa of tiit m ' be
centerr bearin
Since interest will-u . ' . -
rrur? f'rit Mum in th ulllurd fn r.r.; ' . V . year... anJ ' .
,7... ; I rt ;.. , i t "X 7 J r .,,uac r-'eoua,-.80 rt,,- , . w,e 4l.
I the. tumlRd f ih, TT Jl "'"Mor:
bo : ,ny magicia,. m be pay of ,
pahle of m XQlalnina- ih.V t'4llam, b.
lie credi; fro, nMn, 'V " rM hu
which I . rtUamtil. I went toore of mv. acmiHin
T'uices o;i theoiijer si 's, Whers I wa-s fav .urably
receiyvtW I applied,, to.;.he uothnfending officer,
the put-po'sv wb'tbef i"dujd'
procure any of my cl..t itev h aowtid me that I
shptild have th'em. but .d .uot trouble iiinueif to
make any enquiry , "Iy journey aa n'r,t -lo;t, 1 1 Urea p 1. ,VJ ih t lr r ,
oriired the release of my husbar.d, who w,.s! wfjaiff under-?!? then, do !e i '
paroled, returueel witn me. M -st ot -'the
uousea hi. the il!ai;e lyere jdundcied : there
"JBory it : r-vourN Uwh baflliuv KoberL Lu-l tc,dy f,'om ca lel under the ordrrs 4 LtTCairitfT
KT Ataham -11 Jcter' OsUie, yV ill atn oflh Miriboroogb.
lll.JIIUii - T " , L... ,
4i?rjTtd Cqokrarid ReturrT B: lirown urstF - ' -'r!S . .
5eut. " Charles V Lir &le ; aecnd ;t ., lieutiiants 1f??'w??ir ' txfrct'ed a ver recriwd bo Dilliba and DvnL! Vlu2umli V nd ech. ;5Ta' '' ..or.A A.t 7r:f ii. tc
jaf River, March , la 13.
" Ve are thWdtf alUndcr
jrma ; the fnemy
Un-'loji ol Great Uijiaip,: Ifdand and'oc?,?'e- Wdh',c ."ay. and o;e of tht-r-lmmcbes
' "j ic:iuri iii' a v,'.ftt ii.tu
' " By ov k-r of ths Secretatys, Wit, ! , fl' ot
ar,c a., u thtf-aforiud rfficvrs are. hereby de-
ojy.'.d exchanged, and ns fre? to act against the
beeiTTap'in-d. --' " s - V , ... '"fh of Kast R . , r ii i mr 'ing. The iv.h
Ot snarp ess li th:. lav in Se rh 1ir-a!l
Case iiiver, an snmcf f !m;i:V as I. if;
pn e i ii i a-e i tn above 1 natoera
ifvtfi o-ir p?role Sf, liorforj'.'gi
::1 hvs mcO killdd on our side, and 1"..,
(.ikvi p. n,er. .v' ;-
I wbii voo.?o send snm- cloth that will nukf a
nut '.or. my htts'jand, a.'td as ell 3 rit!? rahftoe:
f)r:r-gvnn Ji.r inyseli'. Yoq need not be pan.tular.
ay prrnxw at-u lot ebli.. i btf,uqttss. I 9hiuld
'-P w but fhertr' are no goods ia tue viftuge,
IzhL the country, , 4, . : ,
V'ou U astonished when I tell you, . that!
-ey ynivi not . cmtea.t with whtt the Indiana
I aV,iitri .c ) !d plu !er riu inff the batlle ; but
afui:i' a.?. (h; w6r?,?u on the ether aitie'
- -uii .i-fj3s,;.; w.iatw s left. ' ;
cnbert ihatthp,r principal is sa ' " .
wresi w,he pn l. an-1 tint Mr. Gal
?'!'iear, in v.iiii. .....1 :i- v' .
fakeanoiK-rc.! ' -""c iff
.f Subtcnber tithe Uit Yeafil
appear jtthc bmfor tbe repeal of VlV
puonact hw pas.i;th h'e ,
bine, meaaur,- oirttha " oVcrnras,!t
ordf piwre them to act unorT the- ff'
... yvtc
'fpnzf.d if??,-. .
reared in" th, R::T
til ui
i1": 3 WHK' ,)nST -BrV- e?V ' doty ohe coany of nrri'lcry vh iVJe ri.
of iW oinJer t hove r;anjed: aVDrrooscii io h m .. K. ' '"""v '.wtr" 111
ner akiout 3f0 tons f.ach, 'armed, tiiiht-r
moored aor' the nv-r
is exprcttd .--if ill ,w
V. .. ..... A . . . f " 1
wiciii oui jni? mtrat vv t-tnveTri
rt-uw in ahdaf-IOO-'mrnr-n
ofTkevi f(efty .loo,..;,
iLrihjrrinidt tocut rherr
i .' ni her an ,1 2,?
r;am ed a; pre posed 10 hi m
,'. .n . ( . . a I ... C . . .
Jancarv list, nririrr thu n .. . . .
M "f ' vl . ' 7 ' . " t-apt . Sinclair
....... . v. ti ini'ii u t'l.ri tii!c?.c 1:1 inn inf .L. .1
icntMj irr"cia comam
Ruuation to at;t with the armed vessels hi case o
with his Cotilla, comma-'ds
of th PiaukeHnli riv-r. he rai :'ntr.
fr, u?plv tne of the Treasury, occa
sioned by. tin- wa- we then njaq;i.dao,' -..Congress ;i ty to autbojise a jjan cf I milltoi s
,f doSars. at o per cent, artJ in esse the Io&'ri du!
not "rca-lilv f:), i.,thosd the; issuing of Ti.
Aur? .JJ..JJ..S. .payjlc at the Trewsury at 1? months,
u i i t.v-j! me Cistona Iiwcen 1 payment j
reius ; ana u.-l-! the h-.ka wr.
-M i. - - r ., . .
re we si.oold n,
:tion hoiild be reared TiiS ?U?
origin,! KU ahuuld yet P bcfor, vSh !
session. me government mt haYtmonev
Auv nteasure, h.xvvevercjjectionuble.ttaibe
ltd. to to obtaiu rit.'''. .? rc!of'
Jbe. fowtiiR conversation wcuallmti!
took place at Was!iiigtr.n t ' 1 - s 7
'C.-Mr. Si crefary, isifaUlottV
necessary u raise the non-impuruion llr.s w-
SlOll. ' ;--.',, .? v
c-Hvoa expect nhdl find the moa:
ycu rhus: pr ivfee some wav to rtise iv y.-'B
j pledge dc impyet to py de cid national rlcb -h,
pledge i: to p.iy dt.Tfcury notes. ' Y6u pifd,,
" aiiil r.HHI. r It Si .fiV-Va - KnA l-.i,., " C " S.lOl 4.IC1U oi nn .
1-itvw wvJ." . v v '- t . . T anu got off? . cut in a drracful &h;it'Li-d nlwi
-1$ vfivuiwjY, me;vm:ea aatestntrae the s
',tlil?a')' -. -A .1. . t'. '. . L . J.
;',jr . m.iMiu iijcamuci ano ?aran transpori
.UAia-rV stated jnIaUi'v' 6rd r'W : the ifi n r
,d, all th siipp irters of lh- administraHon wrre ' ? IcdVl 10 P Treasury notes. ' Y6u p'r,!;,
nctd in their -prognostication of its being mmedi.j 11 to pay 1 'an' K.n ',J P!e "ilTo can y ,d,
telv fi'lr-l ; '.it how was Kh f ci i VCe; mdi j 9r ; at "c ",n,r lime' 'oa Make one hs
i-.u.l, f:om -m.;;ive3 of. patrioivm. and bo,,v npt ahogeaher. .
gyei iinvent su!r-crile J, in th- whol
s lsi, a sum not nmouotuig to two njl.ons
Ti. cr of ih
Ri'b'.b'fr, Weiltftli'"r.p7M.i ib ',:.. j
mi oroi money .enough f
JfC. 1 iu not
i ac Banks wh-t vjre almost ail . asking'-faro; s of u7. " 1 no M? ,l w knew ' will nott
ie state gevemauirn?, mere smirtfzed over and ? uu" a,,u ' at directly ioo nrt?
w. r i.n.ha 1-irge- deSarncy at last Supplied by '?U3t"t fc.VH can find de monry to,,
i t issu- of r.easu.y N .-es. . 'Marroi, dc r,avlt5. de interest oi'ds lsr.,..-i
The xliitishliave csptared within' these 3 or i
W days, within .Y Point Cwmf-Vn and Gwi n's H.-
I r.A.O-Vf y'.'V''.. -rrusc as i, mc tt ol folk. , ;h,rt M... . 4 r... .u
,hetw.Ty, ha, P!i. been -cap W;" W Vr
tKfT ' V:" Two h-i.e, a brlr'; ,nd some other vess. j
M S.-K navy.fcs appear bvn official ;,m !k fivi .,ahW. ....i:... .. .. ' P r .
.. , t '"vAn.iiuriL : ; UIC inll'n IJI
;" ss i wt d.Ming to -risk their poptdariKrCf tft&njr fl-,r1balbn3 b'kJ dat 7 .toe
yi.guxes-to support the war, hare V- , -
.. I rico.iru- tos loan ; but, aware of the dj.lil? ' it be tuc to lay thanes ?
.icv-ip rjenced last ye3,, left tue Vrms1,, ot-tTiQUKl a-i ! dt oiu ode.qats:ion.
i . ie now
Mcrrti ..nary with the, minister Homt far I.U con
u.i nas osen'-oipaees, tnc t.'iUomK oaservations
ir''."Y'1,B .uMSHcaij. ui'voi, ii:-.ittaz, Out
rafeli JUrtirs' Aionvoe'Americnn se There
Sait;W'V,'M:HI Muvember last. land
! HvZVT u " 1,15 eoey oy major general : made
f -iv r"4 -.f'P, Jc.a oi January nst.
W-VE T'T" v" ? If -"r,-y' Wint 7 iv" &t'nc and the Tankers' and I .us. fo'.' the
- t- MfJTbtyttnant general' ,.r J. p,,rt ofopenLag a trade with he Jmo-
i;t'f.?rK...t ';.r ..... A ... .-1 ........ r.. . . ..... ... . 7 r i '
'" wy 4 iciter irotm n:r Mi'.cn
R4iifVii. - . ' . . . f ...
last accounts from tforfolk are to the 1 6,t
were then in the H ?a.'a 3 shiDs of rhc 1m
wo mirjtes. No attack ha-1 at that time bc
i.uiium, urn uic iiiiMonarii -were. UiJdtti
.Rr-at apprehension, ad such a cm ae remo'vlno
their, fannhen m! . fT-cts. .The oo..f st-nsiv
dry good mercljanfs are all pack, d up, end miii
to transport their ods rn.wag.vvs to Pi'-tcrsbMr,
a.lvL.ll9.h.rapn:J. It is 'expected KVfu.k" w:Ii
deserted by the femtie "p';'fa'wda7ys."'.'' -
" psaars
K iRtuVR. March '.SO.
-Yesterday Two of th enemy's Fri-'.ats Jirh.
e off-.Vfiiorf .AVf? where they., command th .
mouth of Janus jiv r. .
I he tflf-. no' ..f iKa ..'wl w
H :i' was ..published in general orders on the
:K,'- nd alo com
..Cettio.major general Dearborn in his ex.
iipenletjerofthe-tixof January !asi, as the
ground o his Wfusalw accede to1 the btloramen-
l&lid prosl of that o
XMtiF6 '. itoid'hbwe vt! r . 'everv!t w rf -r.
. .- i , . . "7?. ' 1 .... v. in. .
take. or error uoon thi snh.-rt nA .n n..u.
' l,..AnM.I,i.lV.. i V .. . .. ! . - . . . '
I :. ...wrunufraianatDg. :rt8pecti. g it, ins
' !jJkc' 4iri,c r ? ttio't propato direct major Mu
Pn. of Shl,, '8hS? two. briga.aud thr
'W?-iVr vb r u " nf8cnom'r8 ali 1 ,atJe(1- ne f them w the al r.
3 -.-V -r .TT. i vv,trt ,i0'r and tobacco. asxLa-iother theJa,t
bt PXuu oncers I River Tacka Accommodation ; ihd'- a sma'fight
5' r,T'v
' . r ...... ... .-j . (.fun L.JUI'UJ iji.ic UI
the above veM-ds,sfatei. thai thf-'encry are in-
ioimed ot all the vessels no in James Kiver, and
the strength of the l ot1, at Hoods.
p iV yiv; some toca : . -
th; only motives from which subscriptions enn
.) exoected,-" Are patriotism' aol interejst- On .the
i. -' th-; eK;erincc lasi year sh. ws, there is
i 'ic dependance t't plactd 4 U avail ' hims If
h'scr, Mr. Gdtui i has held out an cp
:' ra'.ceof. tvi iT per cent hterest -tint is,
r ev ry' 1 00 paid in, the-lender receives a cir
1 Bti? ot i.'ck t..' ihut amoum, he.iring intttes
; 5 or:- cent.. atd siVannuitof'Sl for IS Veafs
,J.)v so annuity c4 gi lor 15
v.:,.rs (c tere I being 6 , .
i::- cr.v. )'is Wurl h . ,
10 w ii -h dii the stoclj,
Givts the value in present mo-
j J. M. f
' 6? 8525
' " '
t--u.'v;-J ;r;
per imI j
lima, feifi'.! .-jin.-ii-v. f.m
m-ke war.vno raise grarivinits.-hwJjjrt
ships, appropriate tousatand i.i.s of.wuswc
and "now $k if it iapofitiqije tj Uy di Uiv
You should .as!; onVcuch jj4tion two ttte, i.ur
year at;o, bef reyoo had pledged "yoweUei nu'i.
de nation to carry tndo war. If vwi wU b ar.j
frand nsiioS and ?pnd great deal ot r.o..ry, pj' 1
oust pr tases and the soon'-r vom bri.u de .1.
Dofi't you St e d exper-Ci r -llin up Iks
grsni soow ball, and n t one sirl.": dv!!i- in'
my house to melt denn .'o.vr . .Yu', ! s,:y
agnin provide itime way to raise tie monq-i, or jud
inAist stop making approbations, and your mr
must cease frr de want oH'wnt V youex,Kct ?
to carry on war without money- you in on find aw .
more allc financier dan y oor hub!t acrvariu . '
I f WjcyW&WFJ' Mats' slor.p N 5U'tilfl
' 1' tf i?ifita.J:e.b htIt-.ttirg-to the Uuited ' State
' f j?&!2? .'. fr-Mri-j-aiole art eqo-.f unmher
-! j.T.fScrrsV tlioi.'ior.misioned : a soy soldi -i s
' f 5'lfl8F tr-jops of tbe American army, -made-'
'V;'agre.5.d4upVn''lbetween him and m'or
tvrtl)ro'if.'t-'"; ' '
,tHt feit'eialhiRty cannot, "admit the'V-right as
U' nich 6 per cent, is equal to a
a-jouity .,t 6 531. ,
The deyi-rs io stock, awart of thijhave redu--fL?t.
1 ht p-ic? r?f ihe ls.t year's Josn to P2 perxent.
whereaais true companti-e Vulu is g9 i 27 ptr
- ent. oivcf itiiig a loaa of 8 per cent, un that slock
.0 ony ye-ar, "'
If Mr. fi all stin has offeved these terms' in con-
3-;onence oi assurances irom canrta tits th .t 'hrt
The MilUia As i. tTTWtempUrd by .the Itt
iilat irt td'.Ponnsyivni. to revise and amMlu
present mili-ia tjhe writer wf.ul'f btg leave i
point ou' n k in the present iystenfwlwh
tliough of nagiiii.tidev4ie has ot dwfr'ved - hinted 7
at in the numerous .and able, petitions addresit 1 1
the kgislatpre en th-l subject : th- vil of
of longrtss eliiible to oflices .ainoiig the mi
litia, is what he tjlludcs to. 'f k r
In a eovernm'ent like ours, where eleiti'ins r
esseif iai. eve-'f
f R iM Tit IT, T.nrBKIHG torn f
f ,Gl(MfiaM-.i linVP spi-rt in tnnr nnt r
Congress rose on' he 'hird.'dsy.-of the present ! 'invitation atrain this vekr. to the ciuzenttn fs-ml
month ; this is the tweirtieth ; du-.irtg- all this ime! tbe.U. S'atel a further ! ot 1 6 00 ) ,000 for
... urrif. cany expectea 01 ine co.yn ; wr.tcn an interest ot7 ,ner,- cent is ottered lor 13
(he 54th, or NrfoJk IWomrIi Kifi'cient, has been
fienuenuy under' JCms ; it is at this motnem jn
dcr orders . to assemble at out: hour's no'ice, to v-
S-W0W'C'mg? t detklmient; uodcr t re command ofi have the goodiies, .to inlorm me ihr.igh the rF
lo .n shall bf.'Jl!eu, perhaps no., briber evil wiil frequent, a-wd rotation in pfyrr
iseTyurtrTnts. sriouI.jiot be tlie case, end is haole to-be e'tvated to a Seat in flwe p-i-tbe
loati - should not fill, what must be the con so ! pular bodies. In limes of party heatlikf? tUt pta
quence ? The money must', be h-d, 'cost what ! ssnl, men are "oft cji. selected for 'cHiididrf'cs, w-ro
it may ; ;he Secretary must raae bis rfT-.'r. Hecc, i i"or theii sociability and 'femiliarity of mannccsitlisii-
ihcir 'weight" of judgment. To be a mratter oc .
congress, it a,; -pears, i a ready passpo.t to thn.
highest commission in the militia and' thus tuciw
Wiv never set a scjuardron in th? fn:ii,
()r thedivision of a baitle know ,
Mare than spinsters,"
have t he dHCiplini of our militia men wh1-;
levaTir-n in the world depends on the Ueatli el ..
the mnUitudii on the sveophancy of their ton
duct. Few men "thus situated, can deport .hem ...
selves as becomcsheir station, and as it is neci;
? i slry for the due subordination of an.. - army- Hut
jto demoTrstra'.e the position, it is only necessary w
tno3 who subscdoe Crs wi! t an inimediate
loss in ih-j Valu? of their stock, by ail the d'.fier
enct r.fthe lerms given to the last subscribers,
and will not the. mowed then keep back frojn sub
scribing on that very account ? -
yfars 'and 6 pr coot is oflervtafofward'; and th
old pledge of the eight" "miUio:i''"anult v and the
i i jiic iaiiu are leiuierco as seriuity. vv lit you
V; fv"f o' P1 toners t ,,wt m yizh manner .' hew-to
i '$i.x!'i. .!.'H..::... u .' . ' , ...I . .
rg '""f.y., .5wSrfsM,'covei)en; or advantvge ; a;i a st.e auy
'ti'r A. rp'nrt'srpt wax inim bcriuned' by lis pro
m V' Wmm W release of them becomes is a
;'aril.-iifid .Aiei'cvcr it is practiejRbleihe'exchange
' f?d. -j srf;Hct:..mcer' -wrad'e.' fvr trrde .iwiint
tfarlier Genev al Taylor.'T'ie Honofabls thoma j
y, ihc; repi;eftr,iat,ive for this. diiricty wan
advocate lor, the war, in
4 1-. ' . i- . .. . 'j . i"
.ioivte.ii;.;.v icuer Ur soldter, reoUrJor rejfti.'
it w i''S' n-WtiaV and tariff iadoptedito
- ' Jr -in ' f-regoinord 1 r , tan t-nl v be d -t;,fi.ii
ti'e'T- hele the retrolar exrnir- K
; ifa"k fid service cannot tAk;pla,aid then only
mu'.usicontuirenfe ot.Sotft -.arUe.i-:..s-
i .flt
5f t LJoindtic J
' :.-.-.y' ; i : V.J aroI-March9l-,.' .
'.' pt.WaocckV Jjte.of the- ship William WH
, ;j,iu Vl' with Jnforma
Uin of yjfi;U the folloWil.g. tfii4i", "header" ;rf. ' "
i n - - - ." u- ' n i- fr ...
..:" -,iF.'r.V4,v.i a .':,v':'-'': '"'" '
r'-Kl'4:': 't'.V.'v' 'v ': "
vi -7 ' li'w- ' : .' - -.'. ' i . ...v.. :. ' - -.- '
areoft . It belongs to Mr. Newton wiiis fnends
to account lor them.
NorfblU, iOth Marcfi, .1 813L
diom of yi)tir p.(Jcr Uow much will remain of
this 8 mi'lion anftui'y. after ;payini;. -off the old
evtry Uac-e off i'uncied ;Vbt, the Louisiana aiock. the 11 ' million
Kiess 10 the national council! r Mr. NewTon 'loan of last 'vear. the 5 milliui; of extliemirivlU
Major in tiie 54th regiment , the Colonel and 1 insu id lst vesr. and the lb1 millions. alithmUwl
the oth-r Rlajoi of that "regiment- have been "an.! jby. law to'beued this year? : And . further, v.he-4re4i0wita,vicf4doMtfrafay
commamds : the 54th fterimeni kin beii and now from jthe imoost and tonnatre dntie . whm. iN-rfthose 1 f
.a vtunoui a ricio wmccr;. toe jdutu-a. C lonel is no trade I i suppose you unierstand "these mat
., . J T r "'VVI " t v"c . iiicv.i m sun ten me now. mucn revenue is now
due, from jtnese., and how much Mr. $e
ci-'fi-ary (iallatin calculates will become due on the
importations for t ha year 181 J ? I'asjt these ques
tions not so much on my own" account as that, of
mjrfiicnds who rrny. be " takrn in by. the sinkitiff
Icredit of the nation in lhe"same have
bsen. I can it only S 90 now for the certificate
'it,5 100 tl
1 have lost
''';, ,.-':-"; ".''.. Dwietdc fl&iory'if the XVciri -J' ' T
Extract of a let ter from a '.'tiady iti Qgdf nsburgh,
vi to bet brother in Albany, dated Fe. 20.
Vw:fott?r, :'; :.v.';lT-.': ,.,'
.Ytnire ndbub'tHycnxi par.
tculars of thb'attack upon our vilbsc-i-Iri iiddi
tit?rf ;lo the feVf lines" I wrote you thai ay, I wo id
Uriofm Voir that I did nat ltavc? tbwkf,ii.-ti MH I
be British wt-re close to' it, .and hoi til! afcerthev I undersell
uaq,snsi a grcsj iiymbtr ot tan
th ere fore
tothis lo
latin wdUh, t hereafter toma inio the ; market and he cannot cifend hh
tomhis tezK unless I can be sure that Mr. Qpl. was O V he was tlud -..eoncrcss-
nVic-libdr a.1- tfdcii, i f
ind hot til! afcerthey undersell me again 'aroceiEfding J consider the general,". and tw6.'o;ij;ef tbe'hur. wo9Wei
sC trrtq ftj I took no i more .tjgfair, bus hewwtjplead. a rfee'in "iricrade, were members of . y
tlate the following anecdote
A mtuiber of the men of the 2d rerdmrnt of rt
flemen, of gen. -Tannehdr brigatk--of;"vo1.i:
bantered the rest of' the army to ...ra a fob! ran
They were,4aken up by some individuals of the
regiment'; and bets to a rontidentble amount were-,
lakert onr Those of the first regiment prbdbced a
nilvit ftfl,-i,rF.iimentjijheir chain oi! in all
the ..second rrrpment ('be Da .treiv
brougl forward tlveiai Tiicsechmp.c:.s
siriptand.iun the race th.v.uU-a lane; fors-j "y.
the men to the amusement - f' sonRv tlif; dsi,)' f'l.
otolhersandthe ,rlrulotcf 'sovoidi"
The colonel was beat a it vvas ;id for the .
time.- . . . ; '"'."'"''. i..', -V;-
All this might do wrll enon-h jrf amilitirnt'f ;
ter or review j .but iii tSriirmy-it -s.t.,u!v
HiKv'ii irnprniridlis. , After VlS alblT the :0
eirsury gi r c me last y ear, by w hich j Inuon :f suchrcoh deeesiaB becam.evaf.v--IQpsrctin
less than 1 2. months 1 If it ' was- isked Vhv" doH
feel very little 'inclination.'. Ur subscribe this, or colohtl sur.h V-ooevdd that f i.bEi

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