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t1 or trait ii4tl'jeMiii.-
FRIDAY, APlIL2,'l813
.4 1
Vol. 17.
No -887.
vr.- :"'' ..It UiI(H, S. ; ,i,U...i:''0rKsi.T-i BY, ) LXAS AND Mi.;OYL N. ''
Trqns!aed 'or the Baltimore F dera' Gazette
A narrative of the cou-jpi. acy in Paris, on the 27Ui.
.;' ;: of 'Oct r Inst.
'jheral Mallet, who had been a leader of the
Choirs in La Vendee, entee after the peau;
'concluded with Vis. p rty, into the sevvia.uf th
- first Coi.sul, and-wes appvintjrt commander cf a
triaJe, and drav ! general He, haw eve,
soort became suspected, and w s chfgM i'h
feeio, rnpltcaud hi .the conspiracy ;vf the- Opera-,
He aves (iisgracf '!,i7d altrtrnarely co fin d in the"
prisons of th; Temple 0 Lh Force audio yin
fceiiae bm ia-fn WsV w ?i rmove
to .SwMaudee, 'w.he.rr'.gov-er,mett' maiU.ii a
hospital for 'he cu.rt; of maniacs. Every remedy-!
which had or Eighteen matUhs been prescribed
hr up your iword !To the objections made ;y :" cahulafins which will-strike -prance oml'irmi, .Lt inc. .rl-,' ,
by .tlitgene n. he rr.dac5d,v scnatus consul Holland, Genoa and Leghorn, and Home, and all country intend to involve itna';,r
turn, wh.dl?. however Men. Hnhrtaine,MhtnetJtatre his grinding sway,! Gre.e Brifin to fdoW (:c;r invHerae ha-rtd
,1? "ot Pr .' hjnV ?atMf,Ctory Hrre, re- w, h arnutmenr and horror. ThedefecdoTi ofThTCrPnuvc the viewt ofTrcT
p!,,d MJkt, ; ,hat will duptl.-ytur Ge eral D York, with torf of asinkle corns, ob .and to ,Wtfc.miA... .n,K
.'.L ' : , r . - .
mr iu iuc pawns and prejunict t the pto.,
Twr ui inc rrencn ana Against the to
which those men have eealouslv u nr. '
xci'tdand cherishrH, ;he are detniv
fotf the power now in t heir hands. This
is so true that for wany years p4St thtir ntrtiina ?
. ..La 1 T -
! iuc, lkt 'l lor dorunficnt. ' he shot Hnllin d-ed am) fi fai th-.umrJ wr. .kii .
, , - ., - i ---.---' . ...... 1.1. Jimil pciimpi PIC III
ihiough ..he brain ; closing the noor afjr hjm, w hear, tint tliis immense mass of force ! Mclglwh,"
p Pin 0,5 Ru.iro ana tojoacener permt:nng :r.-y tbpt, thai it i trained, disciplined e. $everinglye
nv, gnr .0 tii'rr t escape, vjjin. tiw mnns'ii qMppe.f, ora'tued, and ?t to take the field, well 1 indebted
-this f'dlow-s !e marched 011 to' La -PI ice de
V'end"me. In 'nqu"ic however -f the' bottle
!' e,x,lo4i.-jii of the fjutol'n th? house, sinnr?
or oi'w of te f:xnily, tki'ij the d tm, Tndi.'
t'ltir stAjK1 fd heii 'fd Mslki, in (hirir ftVb?
Tothe e'i ,rn(j)r. Duur; who' wan the com
Kav.der, h.) haofilv summoni- to his ruon .all
the ' ju-.n's and . fficifS of "his 'i(T, wlum he
covj collect. Hi rriet M.-lter in hi h ill What,
if! :hf crerrikl. fii'n'pmi t 111 hi ? I jm . 'm iinr
SyhispM .itu. , b.iTn oidusto arreVyou: For
hnn K.cMte.. Ilavmg .after . ic ra: . time ap. tt.r, ( ? . Ti),re rKK, ou arr,. Thatmoment
( jrished with military stores, ammunition, pro
wi.Mis In the fir&t olace we thinkNh cer
that the men never will be raised. It' is not
Um hr foroferi.' (fill' rtlllir (Vtur mmMh . nr.,
have deemed it sufficient, tn ruin any man in the
eyes of the people, to pronounce him a friend to
jr r . , . : i Pi-SK2. i: V '.'TJ "fH .flivr., VI. VVf.W
rwer ihati. r3?W rxnsciis ere puf atJ
r!i.p s d fhh : Wir', Add .to these 3S3, r? indeoendtnt citizen wno his "
pf .wrr (o-; 47.000 of thc.fornfjr were included rence of the abominable actVcf the French, and
.... ,nc iuv 1 w rv.aupnai uuarq now art(jed to the j condemns the mischievous and unwarrant tble
army;, and tn. re will be found to have been a
1070,000 m- n, in'aadUion to the for-
measures qf his own government.
While France assumed and lxjre the name of
f recovered h.r serenity ol mvnd; ,.nd no Df,.jcet (a verv ntbelJtW'man) sprahg upon him
It-nger. creatmjc suspicion, . he ,w mdulped .n a, ,,,,, r-n u,; . . -n.
reran.of bnuding-pe.vinflr iht br dwn l0 bi4bassh,anCe h officer,, who -xhith were not, here would be obscrvd. seized hr. optrfvtu'U ! : .1.. . ..i .1... r . . . . . . . 10 e
ty t' tsi ape, ;'h'nd succeeded
ces 11 the iitepor, which the. Moni'tur reckons Republic, professing the broadest principle's of
-t 300,049 -and tothise iri Spain, which it esti- j liberty ; end uniformed as were most men fmy.
; mates at 300,000, more. Bo'h those laat mer srlf among the number ) as to the nature of French
p-a-Pd calls drew tioned numbers., are d' eaggewted.. If Liberty and French republicanism, the Amerinan
lo.igr o-bsrvd. seized hV, optriuni j T , , '" v ': .eix.WOUio ne an mmy ai 1,070, rnencts ot trance bad an applopy lor their Freocli
; , . ... ... , .. .v.,. i"'iww ai teas., jcs-; wari miuics parujuiies jor a "sister
He sst -H oito t .rrarn, in Keuchot an b -A ,. r,r,
V, , 7 HV V i- "V w-roy nunngTne fear m &pam and Russia,! Hut a fw yers were s-jfTirient to show, that
o . iiers t .crr.o ,,oum make a total ot above thirteen hundred tn the
r renuhi.c."
name of Liberty the Rulers of KepnUkan
I old comnanV-; named Vat au. then'a s.vtnof , " ' ,. utMW; ' '-' mefiemoomea in tne course. . of a little; hince put in practicethe most horribl- and mcr,
LSI . ,m "l.:,rc 1 1 he -.ware,mK o!d,ery .1asr.d,;mnre than a twelve month. These statements ciless Trrannv at home, and the no ambitiomi
as far ; he k- WwU amveo h, an,ounced , 1:: Pi7 r'!'0 show the ?.W8S aggerationsicb, and unprincipled project, of .conquest, in r?Ution
to himvrv B.,npart was :de.1. am ' t-hi he was I " , . " c T ,u TT , F ' 8 purposes, Buonaparte always employ, j to all the neighboring nations; among them,
3ppn W for he is well aware overturnir-g every government and .tat? whieh
coUTtc: .be,AbbefcommMMer ..v . .L-l,or.e, hat hereptrmtir-ofwer
That -a g
m Kr-d -?hr dep 'tfnv.nt of tie "it'',f'' w..h his
J J T . . ' U ! . .Uiru yjK.r ,.; i
dn s 'ip V ai..:c;iias h.iloe-car.pj wb4- ";ianndnce.
ss'iii:'f lit ii liurin :h new , r 1 1 ; i ' w.ut.ti' . f - . j 1 i i .. . , i
in-ndtdfor mrers' of sunr ,kr .. r,r --Ihorse. J'f1 "f ad on ail the publ-c cmTers. . and lastly to 1 nd this last, which was
?er pted :S ,hv v tC, ;: - ame levy, produced Convulsions little
lyby asLvant0i tVAb. an.'rl-HCi VkctnJ lo Md, short of .r,Kurrect,on throughout the whole em.
nW Uf: a,k lev .'v o.r-c-, ,f h, lorur.., iSv m readme., to guard certain prison ; p:re. About four time, the original number are
oommaiiucu 'v a c.-'c
thus iddrtssed-hiiTi :
Thft, lyrar'it is no nvre vive It Republ'CJ ?e !
France is irv. an'! the conscription -alv-bsttwd !
Th iiao(ls of Frerh eni dr-igg.'d' from their fa
routes oy rue insatuoie .amn ton i uin usurper,
are returning home- The irmyo S uin is n i:s
march to t ranee, nd a general arniis'.ice is ntf
cjaimed (n o'ir -(vfes i .fpiti-;n-rff p;ace s
, .Toob'-.i-- e..l,avd ensurr. iianq jil ty to
the common veal h. he Sen;, .e has th.uht iro
per in its visl'i 'o ad'-pt -hq most prompt sin.!
- efficacious stvp--.w.o: -s?qnently .. it nom.nfi:s a
prrtv.siortaj Directory .'of five rt'ienjbew j' falleV.
, randvFouch3i''es, Ba.ththtmv, and Carob3cere,,,
Who arc iny.timlv ;o mstalk in ofllice, i ft con
' &"mi v fo Jre constitut'oo of '795.
;, " G-'"' r.'d Mo' an, rec?!! d lilom exile, is ap
Poiu'er. Gnerahsumo of thea; mies of the re
public. ' , ' . :
General 1ihotie, now cnSfied in the prison
fif La Force, minister. i the interior
"iieraUMdle wholly ch irked wi h the exe of the present scr.aips, general
in chief of Paris and the department of lbs
Stine," ''.'.,' ' , "
. - ' . - ) ' ' "
IVhllet therr -enquiring with "'Sternness of the"7s"
toni.httd colo. el iii : strength of his troops, was
..tokl, ihjt a great part were on dutv in i'a h. and
' ....... .i . . ' . . ...
iiiauns; kid .line 'were 'fv uer.psarif 1 .r th
sfll and the young king of Rome, vho were in- that they had past the daer, and thos.e who'had
tended to be ett to England. .not by .law attained the requisite age'.- Again, of
The: post which does not leave Paris , iaif't':e National Guard, the or7f militia or the coun.
past ."2 o blocks "had brn ppared 7o s'a'-t by 8 try, Ioj,ooo are by a dash of the pen 'condemned
i clock in the . morning. , U;.onnsenrchir.; the 'to expose themselves to all the honors of a Rus
mi,it was discovered thaj the let'ers had been'Siao Campaign. ,Ii H credible that human na
raken out- and rtpNced with xbpies of -snatus ture hotild be, so .brufadised m France, as to sub
:o wuUums,ind printed proclaiTitioS to the se ti stich oppressions, for no other conceivable
ve-al provinces. - - -pcnd or object, than to gratify the refuse' of rheir
Mallet throughout his trial persisted in de- revoluiionists, wilh the vain titles of Count, Duke,
daring that the plan was entirely his own, thai ; Prince, and Emperor? - f
h'.knew no accomplices, and that all who weve ' The men, we sav will not he raised : but iT tUrv
r .1 :. i.t u i iii.i i , - . . ' " . . '
v. .-i.iucxi wiui iiim ne nan aeiuaeu. tie was were, now cnul tftey be brought into the field ?
asked what he thr-tight -if Laho re, the friend ' Dou!m s. the universal nlundert-r h
..r. , At ..... Vt . .. . . . . i" 4
... Kt..crn rcau i nis rtpy wastnaf ne .v. a i nest oi his own j tut it cannot bear any
as' ignorant of his fmsurf as the rest. hat .proportion ' the immense expenditure, which
he-haii elected such soldiers as- be knew 'to be would" he rt-. ired for. suV.hi an arm thlc
iis.ffec'ed to the tyaut, and iad employed them That his revenues are corrnleielv pm
as bis instruments, ceitain ot fteirtir alet?ed ' .bv '. bHrra3s'eri"evr Derson the least aci.aintd with
thern without the danger of being' btt rayed. Ma- the subject in well awtr , at-d fact has just
ny however were sentenced to tiie ca.Told on come to our knowledge" - which" sho. that not
the plra, that althot gh the emperor we'v? dead, i withstanding the gasconadt d the toonUeur atom
the cry of the nati.-n sh-Mdd .sti!i hve been VivFiri, he is most anxious for the revmue thev
I fmperrur, and not Vive la Rct-uuiique, a.rimbrin. No Ifcsr than lo t licenses have be- n is.
ol high treason, which must heJje'cn evidenrsjied'aTrrurmtet- :ihe outstanding ones ol
?lh Liimeio tbore : whowU full y made hemelves .hi.:Goernmeni.and the conditions are sO'drawn
Miby of it. Eighteen persons were executed on , as to obratc all difficulty hi tlie'Vxecufion on. this
the foiliwing day. On the succeeding days up j side of the Water. WanVof rewnrje must over
wards of loo.', were wtsted. ' Set all ids tx'ravafraniSDeculations. . Ths-re ha ,
7 ar - -
latal revolution, for it must
that tho French revolutim is si ill
for wani of pay, the soldiers
W h o!zr"ba ttr. 1 ions i and - th e same
tie cae at present, if we coiihl
.... nau -i. . au- ii.Diiaibiicu varifiiis r.u i nra camrmrtir iix .tririnnji. i,miu,i ' j... ...j
, - " , ' .i,.viiiii; ...iivvu, viiav n.c iu- ,nt (iiusv iicicsia-ic ivraai VUU ailllllliuil
oritur. Wa nrrvf..T. fir.l Im .li.. i. i" .l ..:.. r t ... ... . -r. ... . . . ' .. .
.... . , - . - - - -. . . vj i.w- mm i' . . 'iii.iiiiiiiii ui iiir M nr. ill .i.i.' ... aii in rvi a.niu . i . r r , . .1 . . . w... .e.. - . . . .....
I re ltli n ht exnlodtit an-'. mat. It rj .t:.-:..u;i :.. . . . . , ' r V . . .-r .....v 7 uc ""'"""K i nt- xcbi ui a ccrnin):
1 ... Mia wrta iuaa'uiic-w a:i uiiuior. ni tor a .time suet. . nnrt on f ii riovin,.uviunt e. .n a . ?
..... ; i...tu .. . . . l.itt. - w.., vt iiti uwn r uuniuu ill iic-r nmrr r.Rn nariiv
,.,,;.., -v-. ir.-.arv i- 'v '"'me. ooo mrre to ormnUc Tr.,. a -.t;,,wM ,.r i,.,. L. '1. ... . . . ' 1 ----- ry -j. .
1 - - w .......i.w . isui xii. 1 1.1 1. ti 111 liiiiii-r. lie nuc -vt' irr 1 1 r. r . i u u a .1 1 . ... 1 1 1... . . M . . . .
, - . - 1 -------. . vuku mi " irai -tiin uc u'.'rri iiKicui in 1111 1.' lunula
" - 7- annual unco "etc cntu wv a siuric iviani, exiuuueu inc TOOSV 3erw i-iff
cions, cruel and blojdy despotsin-tlwi-eVeryiiffic.?!L
..... . i -v. ... . . ' .i 1
icu me innsuan worm : f. cu mi.nHtra'ton ins?
the professions of liberty and renuNkantsni, wih
which those French par'irins filled tlie public?
ear, were alt false and hollow. The real lover of
justice and liberty, the friend to me rights of man v
kind, must instinctively hate tyranny, under eve
ry form, and however excrciS" d , whether by ma
ny, by a few, or by one" Wt;y th. sim; men" -
hate England, and with passion prob,bly sur
nassing tiirir lavs to Frmce, may he acc-uhtedl ;
Tur : but the investigation would require more de- '
tail and iilnstratiort than irc.. pcrciiis ' the orca. '
sTon requires. Suffice it to say, that this hat'.eJ
on one h ind, antf love and ubservieocy on the ,
other, while they contributed to preserve tho
public power in their hands effectually burred a'"
set;lemei:t of our differences with G. Britain. I
should speak more 'cnrrt-.etlv if I sail. that the 5
scope and indulgence given to those passions, corn
bined with the love vf power, originated some ;
and have eggrarated and fnain'inrd ftll those Cif-
ferences I say farther, that the course of thcip
proreeding,s and thnrown official documents ar&
isofficirnt to . satisfy discerning, candid and nnpre
ju lic.d ioqu'uers after truth, that it has been th
invetrrare determinaiion of the Presidents- Jef
ferson and Madison, not to make a g-n?r;d'tvj;aly".
comprehending all the. subjects in quenti'm with
Great Britsin, on any terms compatiblerwi'.h. hep
safety and Independthee I rn still firthef andj -add,
on my responsibility at. the bar of truth .and,
if Mr, JtR'ersou p'eak. at the b sr of Justice J
That amidst n profusion of amir aUe professions to
wards (f:Bntaiii, and m.dtiplied declarations.' of
a sincere desire to adjust all differences between J
that country and the U. States ; and when he had
been long carrying on negbciatiotis for a general
jriaty of amity r.ndl commerce with that ration,
bv Jii-i ministers in l77fictori7-trrwhom byUbisjecre-
f I- k 111. n. ...... ,. ,
pTfi-ofT. niajiet-wea wuu.tne utmost courage. He gave been pet.ods in this
men have vo'j ? bour' 2 L . iZZXr H-gMUiepla'or-in to hre. which twice not be for. .tten
with the forrV-I -iis'. ibu vd ir. V -i in r,;... !lvftr wtBectual ; 'obrvery--laMie-manta
Hiei.ce mv ..tvrati.W.. I . . n t... I ' .'" na' Bona? arte, w,s drad. HuUm d.ed the ' desef tetT-oT-
the ,;,flc!,mel, was re ,dyt0 uM, accornpat ed V Z WM ,arV!WW "vitable l.e
bv m...r ;-n.-u'-.-J. . . 7 ,e,,.r,-strP nd Shot- Col. Rabs, who was a member iM'ponse the
-; . mii nit reo tneir
men embodied find ' nut in
! rt' . t . . ....... t.l . l -! ' . . . . ... '
jservi. i s with whom Waile. nlw,;,!,.H ... . , n-i "rrn; ucam oi inoiion, ii is ir. vain, ma; wun all tne loncmss
th; r'nu, H-,vi . .. ':" ' . j , ; tne- puke
.... "f"- c ni.iis-ieu me ni'-uirer s
guaru, wiuch .irtwed in whire like
iJ'hnfiheur wept the whole war to of affection, it tender! v ' rnnrtn ih'- suci"i.n. ' ot
the lllarr of iifrn'inn. rii-ltintv Kio innru-.nn A-nt-t..; r. ....I, ...i f. . .i ,, . l
hl-n.-.'if . n I r. J.... ,.. a ruiuitnv i 1U35U1, aiJU iVCIlliiaiH. , VIICV Will IIUl, OC.
JbeIoi.eintri, the .m a,!1ci.uo ms aear impenai master. IJy cause lliey cannot subs-wze him.
n ""W t 11VIL 11 ur IL I 111 ..L 1L. t . . - ' .-T
Twst themselves in 5 s reet of tiie suburbs of ,. , ?mpress, nis execution was .uspen.
Antoine, umil further or4ir.i. Afn''intr the a!l i,' ; " ' , ,. : - .
.rtment the minister, who wai Jin f ! , 13 'f SUn!fd S Purt,on of mi'
bed, he-had him, ted hound Ji Z "5, S f ,t7M ?Vll -s woaM have, engaged
With his escort he hu -ied io-"hSloSX lhC GrSt attemptS f the
Vce. shewed his sena us o nSut , 7
cer ofth, guar,! and the.l,r r,q he d,.T-NotWld,?S lhe lopement and sim
livery of Cen Lah,,,,, -aJ rR..tq M . -V ! p.icuyv0fn. deMgns, this scheme was near ob-
L:tr . . . - .a viuuiifvi iin:ta n t mm,.tf; ...,,r.-..4 ru-
r "tv.- -u',n.oj aim me i UIIIU1J9 laoric
i.t : .
mr.u,,,ri. .taring from his beu. asK.d if d( a ,
hacrbeedecreed -gainst hirri bv the tyrant-N.,
verv revere; read Mv'gTlMallrr ()i
:SrH t0 8lttI1" sUi"' his ord-rW
and to, bold eve,y rkmgeon re idy for the recepti-m
ofpmoiiers who might be sent to him. delivered
bavarv mto his custody, an.l departed Avith those
mu ii )crwtctt. the
lVouts of tibeiiv !
i 'tl'e Duke Af,
?rrWd him, st;,:- him to prison, an,l .,i..iliKcf
r UI ! lfu. -I... . . . 1 . I
pnsons reechoed with
LoKDf K Jan. 13.
-The balance pf prinoners between this countiy
and the United States is as follovs j
A meVican pi isoners taken by us, 4000
British prisoners by. Ametica, 650
In the latter number is included the crew of trie
Gueniere, though not of thr Macedonian ;' the
prisoners made in hrr will make the totaf on the
of tyrannical rwer was rn thp- if hnv nari Am..;... nkn.. nnn i : ... i r
, , . i - - -- ".- v nuvui jwi icaTiHir a uaianvc ui
O.lllw.,.. i.. . i- . t i. . .. . ' . '
"7 mere iorgery , wnicn proves tbat , JOQU in pur tavor.
r ranee is ready to burst asunder the iron yoke,
beneath which the nation groans.
rvn iiirl n t, I
'Mer-, i, the former-
a, I , r -v- v.js.. i. mi inr former--
tleav, every onin olfi.fd I ahoriej'-'uwi
oy compulsion-you fe. rved a tyrant Vo., will wP
1 .cure the republic " I, immecliatelv ord.v
'"rttanes ami " the.jrinnipal', cleika' to
'"durt r. '-Ir accounts and him in the
cuttes of his office. 7,. ',
alrSnP,,CCe;1pd n to Parqcr. an honest' c,:
"sen of Brest, whodd been made Prefect of, he
"IrSr IIe was fa hojhe-orr, W4rmmedi--'wygivtn
to rerew .h. Vil.
turn k... . . f p"...nuii; his re
Wfn, but requiting his snfe keepihg.
Ptinp.Afftn ' ; . .
t.i ,, - Jinin. icommancant oi
IlsJletrdered the guard; together with
rr yo the came of .-Ito rcpubUc I
From the Lbndon Time,
NdthingThal hastvfrbtfallenilic tyrant, no not
the eoi flaratioh,, of Moscow, not the hurried and
ui.ceWm flight from thence, not the terrors which
sat close behind 'him in his sinerle sledire ever
tary of State, Mr. Madison, those ''rauMpUed pro
fessions of fiierdship and conct'iation were com-
mumcattct ; str. jetie.rson. avowal . to one pi nis
friend (in these wordi, or words of lhe same im
polj). l'.'i'hai in truth be did i ot wish for any trea
ty with Greet Britain ! I : I his '.h.inteles' ?vow
al of h s Machinveiian .policy appears to have been
made about the time when be ' rrjjected the treaty
whieh his own favorite ministers,-Monroe-and
Pinkney, had neerociated with the Briish cfwernn
ment ; and will account for tberejection wtthout ifv
his laying it .before the benate for their advice, i.'vi,
For notwithstanding' the ill placedfcor.fidencc of '
sorre. and the devotion of others, to hi? system
of administration, it was possible the Senate might .
have advised its ratification. -
Mr Jeffrrson well knowing the Jntrinsic dif-: :
ficulties attending the question of imfiresntevf$
and the former unsuccessful attempts, as He'l ps
the long and fruitless tffjrts of hfs ewn mtnisttrs,
to by tteaty-it must have appeared to
him highly probable, nay morally certain, that
Hiving it in contemplation publicly to express, 1
my sentiments on the enormous Loans called Great Britain would never .renounce its claim ok
for by our rulers, to enable them to prosecute the right, Ror'by a fonnal treaty stipulation absolute-
...-u ' . j?1 . 8m'e 'ledge ever j war against -G, Britain ; it seems proper first tojly-relimjuish the practice, of impressing ; hef owbt
ruck so-deep to hrs soul as thi tatatlowrjbg observgnons-OTrrhe war usrlfy7foTifrsymrr4ffl the high-r-
Mrncc arjses the presumption, nt Mr.
curse never tell on his nation till now : he never lit be iust and necessarv. the hfest efforts of everv seas.
Citizen snouiq De useo lor its enectual support, I jeuerson maue tnai renoquisumrjii a "me ytii nmt r
lelt it till now : stserirennff and, confounded with
the recital, he flies' to the dark Divan of his crea-
urcs, me- mis-cailed Senators ot France. He
humble, himself before them so fr" as to disa
vow' hi boasted prescience, lie who foresaw ev
ery thing, provided for every thing, predestined
everything, now demands a large and instant
addition tqi his forces; because, that.. which was
yesterday enough, is to day found to be deficient
m oresight" "Unforeseen conjunctures,-' sai
he, require unexpected sacrifices." He i had
" annobneed. to France, bis, intention of not ma.
ung any demand of men T and now this single
fa," alters all, the caltulaWoF hi. 'wisdom-''
aai lubstitutco Ibr them l.calcoUtions of ,necrf
and it. speedy wduccesftdHS'ue-?- but if iHw : an mdinfiensnble condition, in ppy treMy to .e ne-'s '
unjust ana unnecessary';' if it derives. Us onein
from the malevolent and selfish passions, veil; d
in the garb of honour and patriotism it cannot
be too tjrongly marked with terms of reproba
., MR
eotiated with that coiintry :. because it would in
sure the gratifirotion of his wish,,' to haveRO,
treaty with Engbuid"- ,
vThe Bt itib Commissioners frarkly told MvnU'.yn
roe and Pmkney, that the board of armiralty, sod ;
the law-officers of the crown, were united in the ?
opinion that the right in queon 'fat taking. Brit ,'
ish seamen from neutral merchsnt vessels) was
well founded, arid ought not to he relinquished j
and that - under ' such cTrcumstences Tro njmjstry
would venture to relinquish it lioweyer, prestinij
the emergency might be. With this knowleHge
Has been already examined, and its character
delineated, by one of the ablest writers and best
citizens of our country,' It would 'he-alike orine
cessary and improper to travel over his ground
t I have lone entertained the opinion, that-the
few men who for the-fast twelve vears have moved
all Ue springs of public action, directed all publia of the fact, and with the officii curentlu bit ; '

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