North Carolina Newspapers

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Voi At.
FRIDAY, APRIL 9, 1813.
No. 888v
At the moment of my o r'dering'the armies under
"piy command to pass Hie Priiisiahfiontiers, the
Fmperor, my master, directs me to declare, that
this is td hi considered in no other light thao as
the i ievitabltf conseqienc? of military operations
Faithful to the principled which have actuated
hi conduct at all times,, hi imperial majesty is
Widtdbyno view of conqu est. The sentiments
lif moderation which have t ver characterised his
policy are still the sams.-ifU l' the decisive sued sY
ts with which DiviiuLProviJi ;nci has blesaed his
leL'itimaw-eflj.ta. Peace anj.l independence shall
be their reuit. inese i ici; wicxj m
3.- Zojonczell, general cf division : 33. Guil- cavalry were dismounted, our artillery and bae- wht sharp rW k. kimeirr...:. . ' u- i 34 Vrede,do. 35. Seran, do. 36, Viver, gage waggons were without horses. It became manufacturing lottery? Here JfcP has hit us cr7 ( ' :
do. 37. Gussamt, do. 33,-.mai,Io.S9. JwanownecesMry to destfa great part of our artillery.itirely 4n the darkrrxctptr,
ski, J . 40. Rbuer, do. 4iTTToa$amlrdo.-Va. , provisions and munitions of war. We could not to it eive ninety shares, w fif. en tidied 'Sol
lenoifj 43, do. Borstell, do. jguard wi'hmt cavalry more than a Quarter of a lars, from the comnad... th.J .... r-'uC'"r'T
league, nor without artillery could we risk a battle j boring and grinding works, and half rhjt simrlor --
or maintain a position. " On th( iflA nt Nni.ih'hf r,AI'Cr,li'.l C Hlfi.un . i. ., . . ir -f'
k . .' O inr
1 .. T1.T . t r I' iVHIVilflKUII IUUK ITir TOHO OI Vini.iniir.P tOI" l III- ! IhrCK Irmi rm.rj' I.
.yhuiUj . mis. irrcai nuiiy, mc uiu,i uowe'lUi) 1 . i " f . . !' "una wuiu ue-'.indi
The reflections w hich are imposed upon the
mind in cojistqiKnce ot the gi-mojs inteilijjtncr
whn:hcont'ujUts to accumulate from tire North
of I'.urcpe, are naturally of a retrospective, as
el'i s ot a prospective character. Narrdeon
inade his decluation . of war "against Ilus-ii on
the 22dot Jurfe, and lit entered Kwno, n the
teri itory of polish Ru.sia . (the scenes f the
ttate detcat) on ,the 24. h. At this pciiud th
-..i hi istne. to i vcrv- DieotJfe."rho(iFnch grand army consisted of eleven ecus
at urgent obliged to on ose him, shall a common a oy wiantiaii iMvoust, uuttiMot, ty,
t iKu fnitf ni rMa:n piir.i. in timer ... mi-t -"--"- . al.
low that of their real imcrest. ' "I invite them .to king oi VVt-mphalia, (aherwa.ds ched). in,:
tt. idrantaee" of the'UtuiuU optmn which prince of Scliwartzeobur&, Victor, R.,g iier atvl
the Russi an armies have pro JVced, and to unite
thenwelves with ihem in pun uitof an enemy
whose precipuute -flight has disa7vered''its . f
power. It is Prussia in paniculi V to which A t his
invitation is wldres3td. It is tht intention of his
imperial majesty toputau end to tue calamities
l-iv whlrh she is onnressed. to detlioiistrale to her
. - .. i r.i. i. u .t..A ., .i... r :. ...
f.rto- 'tU frieni sh iv-wh ch ha nrt-i.erves or h m. ui uic i icik.i ......-.v, un- au-usn ar
.....K r " ----- , , . ... i .. i . r . - ,
and to restore to the monarchy - of Frederic iiSiic.s,-uPon a sciuea p an. oi.. retreat, iximc per
..I., .n ;,.rlpnt It. Iiini-l!:i t his "OS lIlt.njQSi m IbieriV V.l lOCU VTeS 1,1) V
inaiestv m.imiited bv senliments which this frank Ctmpaiirn nas tvtr yet
decWion duirht ta nr.idc. wil? un.kf buca !Tr"t. without rxp-riencint;
circumstancea, take that- p'arl-aioHt w htch the
...:.n... pu:- i ,u.. ,.r i'!"i-e anuv. nitu uciore su :iu ac.iv.; iere-: . .
... . . ,. . . i ftl J N'smi crui. i& nn cliTj.t ii"m ii , ... ... fU.-. J '
entar.d. under tins c nvicuon, tne tinpcror, . 1 -v,... .........v,... j..
ny muster, has s.m me most to.u ..3. w.i u.r oyu ocpv,m.)e
void terv thine that could fietrif a sniiit uf I105. antI' m,Cvi upwards-, 7'JO toi'es, the er. at
tililr between tne'two powers,, .andlto tndeavorJb'ltt!? 0fIl'5rod to
. ' .. I VI . t T....I I L ..uf ... .l.. ..
with n the f'riiss an nrovinces. to so ;en. a i Jai ..b -pu'e"" caici ni wiaiers .R4t v.. to:
id Ul VI ai IIIIIUI., v. i Wlll-.lli Hf-
a short, lime, must rt: sul t from thir occui-wlion.
The nurshal romm wider in ctiif f rjiearinjes,
;'" Prince jCutouti'.iff Smlen.'J:j
AVhcn the JimptioroV a!! ihe' Uassias wt-.
chvion of Dombrowski was defeated by the jderate amnm.t of twenty two hundre-r
Russrsonihe Hemina, and on the 2Mb, 27th .dollars more than ten per cet.t. of the c.
, nnaii .imr yaacu mai river, pua ny k capital j Besides ne oilers lumber, thr -u -lv
attacked by the Russians. Fiom the time j pat. iotk motives no doubt, ut a rri e hi. '.r
t in-
' - I I 'V 11'"" ' .... .IVUU'f 1 1
tllf frf-nrh lutf Kin..lnckn k'... fV. 1.1 .i . i r.
. . .. u.m.'.vuju.k.uuc a34.Sc uiiiib tiiKii me arucie win command m anv nr kit
rtritina. thpv lrtui j-iit "3A err ri.:...u..: . ... i.. I .' '
v 'wwuitii. ma uuiim town m me ataie ; wmcn. when erected
?.ccouois down tQ the lata eventsrupon wind, wejwork shops ontbe twenty five acres be so
sn.iii tiweu .wan some little nirtir.nlaritv. 1 'rmiaii, ..m.. n. ... ... -X-,
Af -r r ' ' i " ""null ll inc. UUUVe, maKtr t-'S
-rt-ffie-batile of the 28th at Borisow, which i receipts for fe first- year form a total oW
' H Wilna, Napoleon was evident j three to few thousand dollars. It-is verr n-
. v-f ff fi"n Umk attempted to proceed venient to be a ;iuiot on sJch terms, a iaiiiur
to Ail.a across Ute country-his army beinglfoo, ofthehHat order, nrpedbnby from huxa
.i".,w, au iu ui4i"ucouia scarcely unite ; to lour thousand -fnouvea.
hi ors who hud horses to.form 4 companies!. The gentleman has been little "sparinr of
A "lt? "$ch" ! t'culars. Me has not informed usofM,W't
. .fci i ... J'"'"'''' U)on NarotchV in
400,000 men, threatening in the wrds .-rf Na r'1 U,Vf "Ul( the army -of the admiral about the .market lately, not much;
' ! " --""ci- noiaers : nnn whtiif-r( ri-
iriiii .. nor
em to i:-i- St.
met with n . y
the inte-csi "'i ih?
m . . 1 1 . . !. ... . .
. v ....M v..itj'."iu I'l LlirTTl VVlll rf
this period; be fourid'-at homc-nd vhattlu y mii'lu cumuvmuI
A man who has .his .!wn inanest.
"'in ; and count Wittgenstein on his right,; whetlier we should have to send
lull pursuit. Prince Lawrence, where arrriH W
r.ntiri. 1 t. srfiinnlwh iUm HuM'iftt Jiici . '
r ,k n.h ..n..n ,1.. i,Vpn,i, -a.u kii-..; .J 1 b ' pnrsn.t. of the French from
.1...1 ... . p ".I,;. ,w vry active, and they were driven to Wilnaiuranv mark
uaiCM i i r in:. i iuiii i"') tvu uiuji mc ill" I , . i -; , ' . ,
iwui. U1IMHU3C loss, on me iuiii r,r arff miicr. , nmunn, m a 1,1. r.,n .;, ,i .. :u .
Jtiirooirh bmoip-ome. t In -.he events which occur-Jook ttrftTof others. Mr. Kennedy took.caiv iJh&
IreC from thj BcUSllia to Wilna. l!ie fosn nt I lnMairti.1.11. .,.., ,,l. twJti.V'i;: ...... " '. r. .
. ." h7"'".ii vi.uun uwui ma u Tit, aiui let' u.e T' st
jn inunense Ijs
Droi)j'!i as
of .inagaxints before thenr, was penuri us and short sigh'edin
' the extreme. Is it' possible the'v..ii.i. r... .
DccemlSer. P'ii co Kun'sofT'liTt-n-e tf.rrlp rrn nnW i ..
ri' ""re - V ' '-iu);cu at ineic
l'laioil at kecoro, - and ; rtfosnnr to .exnend 20.0 Vi ft..:.. c. tw. i. r.:.
, . . . . ...i nn, 1U1
luirt-nsiMiKon ni3 rn it arinnt iwn
On the 14th
CVlIs Whl th J(f I . uci.caaiy u uicni 'O iye ill .Tll P L KM TV,
compelled, by a war of ag ivsmons, to take arm
foi- the defence of his s'ate 5, His impend majc
ty, from the accuracy of his combitrtion, was vh'
abl'djo form an ts:iinate o l the impoi tant resuli
which Uiat war miffht prod u, V: jrith respect to
inds je;i.lence,of iiurope.. 1 'he most henoc Con
stUncrthc greaust sicrificej luye Udto a seiV
of triumphs, and when the Vmmanderin chi f
P. iiics K-utousaATvitaiko:1 fed his vicioriosis '
troops beyond th rNiinen, tfic "iame principle i
still con. inued to animate the joverdgn. vt -to
period has Russ'u been ac.UA! omed' to practice
Jthat art, (too much resirt-d to i i moiler- wart)
"of by ' false staterhc tits the succesj
ot her arms.
But with xvha'.cver modesry h4 ,r details miht
ue penneo, uiey wouu appear mcf Sdiblr. Occu
lar w'r vsses are necessary to pro Vs to France,
to Get ma y, and haly, before the tlow progress
of r:h will (ill those cou itrics wi'.l l .mourniiirjs
and conHternation. Indeed, it is diffi cult to con
ceive that, in a campaign of only four)' months du-
ration, oe hundred and thirty thous, itid prisoners
h-.iuld havebe .a taSk n from' the en trmy, besides
nn hividred pieces of cjunpn; f. iy nine j,ta:id
of colors, and a!l the waggon train ' and bain-isre
P i-.'.-n.. ' i! . O ..''-'-in : flt. o e
"7 v ait oi ttia,rnam is ot all the
turn to
quitters for the Winter, and aspeejltfvre-..jv
twtt vvni nil IV. V UO gey U 'if
d.tys'i iiin- uf arms wherewith to! the enen;yj?
iC'i tl.-v not have seen that cwrm hue
t accounts Platcff ah 'Wittgenstein! enough iii declaring war on behalf ol' ;hi- wJ
(fivse pretfictLins havt. bt-cn fulfilled.
. i ne hrr'uii nt rhi hi't )e iA 'Il.ii-i,,-!
(. xvimj. -i nun (v"vny i-i i i si i is anout oo ge
v i i . i .... . .. i. : j . : . r . i . , ,
M.t It'g'dpweai iiinv.b , so uiaui ljrilisl ila,
comroencemem if Napoleon's dius trs
3 1 si of AuKiisf, h': declared he sti nd l
campugum lunv days, r-t on tt ldtn'of
aving'cxptriericfd auoihur loss of 6000 mtn at
rv vro. -i- K.iii iv'iwno t- J i sit is about 80
ber. On the 1 lih ' f St-ptenibrjyrti.' French cn.
m m h-
I v on
'"u J'asseci taroug.i JSiwno twvtr-J vo,)ie ot the U State., walumt bwAir U-., i,.
if on or a wil the 22 I ot Ic the Fiench
ft Inch' it waa to lie carried, on ? A; the nr xV i t c
tion,' it is to ttb hpt d,. menl enough w b- n 'or
si-n, as npen heai t d and gencrous'minied as Mr.
Kennedy, to change the small majority h-.i :l
Inst year so tarnished 'lie lienor of th-; S'ate
jnd that the succeeding i-etu'e will atone ' f-r 'tic
close fis;ed nobev of the -former.
the retrrat of the .usniana under the Pi. nee .ofi ilontsf. Oirid annears to n!.ice cr .,
......... ... i
"'..ti cntunibiancts prove. his huiuiii' m a
was 'rtally a th -.i.u'er place, on.-the 3 1st, )u- is
prcbj'ilv p-isoner of war. wWh." his rema'm:tj'
. ... -TV. .. .1 r- . : 1. . r . . . ' i x . t , .
teted Mosofl.v wuh criptfed armv.bul the ' ' .! " . 7 : '" ' r .051. lJlC
French bu-Utins dlnvrf .h... fnn.-l f, ' ' LI c rrilSM in "y to the t rencli ;
wui..'&Mkivav.. i.4mui i.v ft tsiirt.iv n. 1 1 in . i in. . .
V r. i'"ai l,Lr"JL I 1' O IK W'.It 1 I'll t IIS L IH'f H T117IVC niC 11 ,i ..i.l .Mm'in. .Ul. .
army is recoverimi irom its t.tiiiues it has abtt v .. . . . .. ......s a,.u b"""" nmes, . nn
J.mceof bread, n.-tulo-s, .cbae-s. veta!.lsJ ' airny 1S r.o ilUire Ai:J , besides blast and his trip h-ui n.r-4 ,
.rta!. be' in s K.-.n. ... ..v. ..r ... .v l t ,,er't'" r.counts ately rcce.veJ ot tb.e fear Slfne
nrwl Fur. r..i ii.. .i. int.. . it a. .a v... i
plied with ammunition tor tw Uamp.ugns: We !. 1 he last accounts from GottenlMrg place the
every dav discover ecilar.full of Xevd brn-flm"M " e-27th Dr.eniber, but
dy . M,m.ftfcturir.iare beginning tofturish !'ha. 7 Pt advancing m, ;Kmsberg, which
rh,se are the. French - n-counts ? but, eeivrill.T-'1 C"tUt 'P1 ." .' and
utuviw printed a vcr; ASrent picture, Af-1 V " ?. .- L1 .
11, 1 1 . V w.i.. l"'tt iuiii.iii;. UlCICI'ill, 11) MIC
iV.. ( !'
)ni ol'tlic dttletcnt corps, are fabricated to 'to b've t.i nubiic. to erind the f:.,-,. ,i .1.. ..
IlsllitlKf niirnnv. rif Mi rw-iluT." a I P...i . i. ..... j. .1.. :. .
buspien u- may lion'? r v-i:.h
of the
in' trusts ol
throw of. the cnntiiif ntal svstin : the.dishiLm
a soonen
t .r stating Qjat every tn'uftr valuable had been
: v :. :r:' ; : : of the iu,iiivcb,,
u.i. ... j: ,1 .HUSH U1U. 11 VT III UtCCUS IQ f ,1' . ... ' . . .
occupv. a line bv which .he will com man, 1 rh. he. Amer'tan w"' i,,glanU, by Uknig
ioiit k-arfing'to . foula
wli.ole liie of the encny
letuk to Moscow, and
to' change his whol : lio; f opefdiions" 1
cconIingly we hni the l n -isian .rmies began
to i .U.s aio.uul the Fren. ii in ivlu xow- to cut
up their foraging parties, and to armoy Vnemi:T
, ; i if i .wm""",u 7 the Administration out of the- fa.K of French
a and k doug3, annoy the n . . i i i
emye.,dm?frbm Smo-: .e' ,( 8 hP a speedy res'o:aUoU ol
tm"- compel Napoleon p'Ct ?.lhe 8-jfi ''
;m. ..i.wj, iu moi uic iii'ursu ui aavriunrr n.
!..... .U.. J til i . . ' .
ij iuc unv,iry, enu r.u ins own l cktTs with
he loaves and fi .'its. Wha'ever lie hi iftO'im-v
I would advise -him for the future u ao-v .
s'ovrrnment for tm pi.. y moid in ihe mai .i;,r.ui.
'ing of .rms. Gull them if he rn ; hu let'
pennit ijidividuals to mind their private afi'jirs,
.uin not aitfmpt to censure oo;it-s ivi.. tilali iV..s
Ufll. I1a 1.1 tKa. h4r n. . 1 .. " 1
"iniill-ll UV 111 11J l.hiil IJ I
March 25. .
Generals : taken ia hereunto' annex'edll.-It will be 'r .'y, tlirecuan ; altfV oi CisasU-r, wc
asv t i form an'lTiiiw. .- r . ..u. i: . .. M'ith it t!:e r armv under Mtirat 'were. at.
U i k' tl by tho;-Ru'ssuns, and' were defeated--An
the 1 8th of October, the Verv (lav ii l.-.n uhii l.
easy ti torm an esjim te from th"it list t,f the
jiumuer ci . supertorund subaltern o fiicers tan,
It is sti.Tv.i .nt to sij, thU OUt of t-hree hundrwl
1 oni
Q ifr a corner.
tinted info the heart of Russia, n t" thirtv Hum,
san:l of-Hiem,. evcii if Uiey should be favored by if'
iortune, will ever: it-visil their country. The! '
jnan,tr in which Nip deon reps r,ed the Russian' 1
i. . . i i .... i . i . . .j
Mcssra, Printers,
I have sect in. the .Raleigh Minem of th 5tb
instant, a piece" under the signature ciDvid
kt-nr.cdy,' of -NiOore county. Unapproving the sole
wi is to h ive been ended, lmriiediattly the French
cc ncenirated tlieir forces, iiitemn'.ed anoihpi-
" -thff.xecu'tvve.
In consequence oi objections nude j:.ele
er-.l Govtrimv..-6tio ht ra.iiio- of .'tn.e13i-:5.-;.',ia
itegmnt cLui dui" U.:aii SCt of lii iAs--m-Idy,
w ls-,-i;Uiivc'''iave thoogia' p-. jx-j u
pcndHnrthcr prate.slir.gsand to otmokt
Levrr 1 .ihd't ot Vnf S..-!e lo.mer.f ths third A'l.
I .... i .'....'
iw .-...ij iiriii. vies i' i.i i juat going
'(' c'-nnoi-oe more p.u ixular.
relied upon. - : "
11 :.Y
re. S3
m rejecting the resolution
appropriating 25,000 dollars., for the i
arms lor thy niilnJU of this S'a'.e i ami ptoposihg j
'.his n bs
n-. put.
i-j l t 1 - - rV .I . 1 . 1 . ' t - .
-auic t .nttioyarosKaveiz, were again Actuated, to ra ise.-.hv subscrintlon "a fond for th n,,r,r,-
I nrl rnn.mi.nMi4 r!a .--..,...-.'-.,-.. . ' .1 ' ;. ... 1 ...
the Russian r r' u.'wl,uu.' mat uurmg ol arms. ' at Aw mills on Bear Creek Moore
fronuers tan assui e.dv be nn . t., ' ... ,''the Wjtif -aiCiJ?t. or. - modern times iiave ever ! Conntv."
- & t -a. ..I v.i in-' . .i 'i f . i r ... . i
? J. nVa;..y advanta-! , ri e doibt tyhet.i-r un-the daikest , .Whenevet a roan " pVshe4 himself on the pa.
.v.,u.ui iiuiiMii suiieiiiyr any case can lie ad- hence cf the nubiic with -n.oiir,o..v wheih.
-1... u.l ... i.i .u . . ' ' l r
M"'r.cul '-' lainnci IOC' uisi'esses OI
Hutope. Sj much .gl i:y and
. pes. , annot however,- change s personal disp,
..i;r-. of 'his -majesty the llmperuc 0f all' tlt.e . fJie grand, principle Gf u,e 1ak0,.u
un.;. or Europe h..veahvtt) form,d-t!ic bastK-of
Mi.y, i-,r . mat polity ,s. fiKed i his b.,art.
ir.s htneaih h.s ch .r.cler tn.permit any Vndea. be mach to mduce .he .people to resist
h;Wn-e.s,o,, thro w olT the yoke which
Xias wtjgld them downfrf01-20 tears : it .Uih,u
goxements whose eyes, ought :to be tipe.iul hv
tae nctu.luailjoof Fr juree. Ages m,iv elanse
na.te :.n opportunity ., q,,mny favorable again p,,-and rf wou! .... ,;.f.. -.r'.w '.-i.
ness of Providence n ,t trt.k. advanta of this kr Hl,ssia' happily far mankind, the
triMs to re ronstruct ;he great work of the erri rca&h hegan their and the Russians to
lhi.mim rof, Edrope,and' iheruby to insure Duo exu'e exemplary vengeance upon their invad
army, in their flight back from-Moscow to YViirt
na. Napoleon had never befdre been seen as a
retreating general, and it amy be sVid of his
suj)er.cmint.nce," that J.e has gamed some of
the greatest victories of modern war ; but has
made the worst retreat, that" ever general con
ducted. - -, .
On the 19h of October, the day after tlie
campaign was " ended," a month after the army
had -4 arrived at winter quarters," and obtained
" plenty of of all sorts" at 'Moscow,
Jd'f.nition o Fed'oUum ad liehukticamm:' c. '
(hey 'relate to Mt;,rs. Mcttroe ur.d
lujhe Convention w.-.ich a iup.,. i'i,. Federal '
Cons ituiion here in Richmunil M-r .Madh.iuf'f
tffe Tfl-rsenrPresident ll "the Ur.S airs w sjc.iikd
a federalist, and .Col Monroe,- ,tV'prc t;.t
Clictai'V- t)l Rl:itP M l'. ruli-ri nn i. . ,t, ...r: .
the French under the pretext of public good, or otherwiv.-, J Inch last name was'aficrwacd . f hiinv,. dvo that
we are usually ted to examine into hu motives; ot D.mociat. And that has been ch-.:trcif ,r ir.
oy o insure puo
ippiness. . K
cJBmW '.ndi vidua! happiness.
c , P' If Vener'al taken. :- - '
"r, r r(;',V,v V?eral 0f a(,e 5 2 Periere
li rlKn 1Jaff'3- Bonami general
- WM"c-,lc.,aivt division ; 5
- iV,u? o: Camus, !do.M0
lhllurd, do. J.i i,.',ri i.r..., r , -
lr. ViT , ,uc-b,ai,.f ' 1 yszkieviezr gen-
- jr lo. jvamenski, do.17. L'Eu
er1 l 'visin.21. Freir l.l
-.eralofbniarti ?.. -m....:.- .b I1-:
lervfos V general oiarld-
Ks?r;0,.pH:ii Re,it; a! vf-b,ib'?Je ; 24 K-
r!cr" rJI,,!,1t,OM' eer,er:al or brigade : 26.
Cdger cp:,2r, P.ut, do. 28. Prowbask do.
ti ..r?- G4Ulhre, do. SO. im do. 3LUtm,
ers. rrom the 18th of C)t:toher in iii in u .,r
they had reached Smolensko. The picture4 which
the 2f;h bulletin ppurirays, from this lime,'-is as
gleomy as the friends-of, mankind could de sire,-
Napolton . having intended to lake' a position
300 miles nearer his resources at Walnr and his
object at St. Petersburg,' wh?r,e he? would remain
in winter quarters till the Spring, found his gene
rai defeated I on the Dwina by the Russians un
der Wittgenstein, and that another army under
admiral Tchichacoff, was advancing upon Minsk.
Trus .he was obliged to relinquish hisNplan of
winter quarters nsarer his'" object," and accord
mgly retired with precipitation upon his K resour-.
ces." ,t In the coarse of this march, 30,000 hor
ses perished in a few c!avs. Napoleon hoped to
reach Minsk before the Russian general, but was
msappoimea ; a: tfi:s lira-, s3;-s the bulletin. : cV'
and it, as in the present case, he assuoics
cnaracter ot a patuo:, lo ascertain w lift her bis
propositions corrtpvnd with; his professions and
whether his love n xomeitinif chr'tiozs not exceed
his arnor,"paui.t. Let us ies'f'lhe f reg..irig wri.
ttr by, this rule. Why) I speak of .a patriot, 1
mean a man who loves - his interest for his coun
try's sake ; not ons' who loves hisynj.ntry for his
interest's sakeri-the old Fabiicbn ar.d I'hocion
he iTMictin-. to u was, these -nn who tiow so well'
a;;r-e, were is much opposed as worvs couui de.
monstjrate A Her a while Mr Maeison jijr.,f.-K;.',e
democratic p. rty , end became as grtt a Lyyt Wc
vt!h th-;m as he had been with the led tjIUis :
lie and Col Momoe. then pulled (egctiur. JX
length Monroe was sen'' to LiiglancUs iiu.L.ot.;, . .
sador. He made a treaty, with G. Britnin wh'iVi'-
the tederahsts diked 'very tll ; but Mt Jtff.
i in i . t
principles; not the patriotism, of these ds, that; then the Pitsident, refused to ratify it. Anu. Mr!
is excited or Yiiniinished, ihat shines like a .me 'Monroe came honTe io'.ir.riis' ariddisrredh. vi.
tepr drglitnmerslike the glow-vvorm, in pfopor IJclTcrson declining to be u -'. "iiidid..te for tluePi,eVu ' i
iiou to uit prospect before it 01 getting pontic .deiicy,; Mr. Madisqn and Mr- Monroe we-rt i;u.h '-
money, i o wmcn classes ot patriots U;. Candidate's, t he fedri-ahsts weie -so well A. .?a '
. i . , . - - - r. i' . w . . .
f . 1- L I ' t-r-. " ..I' '.' r- 1- , J-l. - - I' . '.
R-eiuieiiy oeiongs, let a little scrutiny ctnermipe, wunTMrTlvlolTfoTIs prtfessions, tlraftTiew v.tte
I would first of ull enquire what are the preU :rii thn as much in fa -or of his succvVfs th.-y ncej : ;
si:ns which justify his coming fot ward with the ha,t. been in favor, of Mr, Madimb ; , so ih-it t,e;V.
ptoposiiion'olluded to I Is he ku nvn to the puo II iding and popii'mtn. appsa!-ed.toxlia:'i?e sidVs.
lie sufficiently to be made, wiji'iur enquiry, the I Col. . Ronnie, unif.-rml.-nsjC; cd thit. ieaso'r.M le ;
nreside'il-sind holf iTirfrinp nf. a U:.i-.t.- ..r-ci fuvi I ..... ,1., , j . r. ...' ' ., ... .
i - . vy. v. ..-.. -v. j,v:u ai uin,!. iin.,.u nmu uc iuai.c eoiitci llill inc
qouarsr wnat important oHice. has he h ied, -or
what public trust has he executed I .Wherein
consists his claim to public patronage, and what
evidence exists of his feejing a peculiar and dis
tinguished interest," irrhis country's-welfare.' un
connected wi-.h personal and private benefit ?: If
he Cah give us no better-answers to Ihese . ques
tions than the glow of patribtfsm he fell i;i his
treast vihtn "viewing the conduct of the senate. I
should .fitispect that his patriotism.' beforthe
end ot the term of (ttscharter, would - leave- its
Present location and gravitate to Uis iocket.- Jut
pure -about sailors. . , '
ATr some lime, the se n) noi.ents. btcaroe re- -
conci'led,' and-Mr. Madison itivdejl t'c-l " nroe""'. .-'
to 'assist him in carnin-M; tt1--. govtVi!nient,"l' V
Secretary -of Stiue. Many i-f-Mi1. .Madison's supW- C
porleft,wheri he wis i candid.!,.- to be Presi'ieofi ;
enterline ) hope" fi'.t iil m ivtt r woulil sf n be
sealed with G. Iititai.u 'ThtyifVuiehtliere '.rut.' '
Col.31'''nolhad lold ht trT. " .nd.hev'. did imi -
! b- ligve Mi A he had chant-d hVu'j;.-'i'.nj xyr Would;.-'
jitsert those friends who ha3 so warmly atlyocif
-ledlhera. - ' V fc ' y' . , . '
.' ' "1

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