North Carolina Newspapers

1 v Veen prestiW4 that such men would, be
: Zm not 10 iwerv,- from thVttUn hh
. .. . i . . . . ;
y !,ich they
luiI coma into ollice.. uouiq it oe
wh jIJ at ..lrtft attempt to
. . ,.,nrwfl that -,lt ihe evil thev
',.A:lrtA. liiev wb jld lit ..least attempt to
aCU'anithauhe god.. which waito flow from
" ,ir ndminibtrdiMii-wouW hue been at all time
" ' itruhly and- zealously pursued I But what
' v Txxperience shewn i That these reasonable
prt"w'ptions eretisfiedr No On the con.
. i w ieha no been one of their primuples
iruMt with the exception of that
.t-r p
authorities of the past
violated and abandoned-
ipn. which the
..... .,tcars have not
This must be manifest -to the people if they have
etven that alter tion to .their public concerns which
f, the privilege of a lree, and is expecicu iruwuH
character of an enlightened: people.
tkh rflition law asainst which so many vial
of wrath were pbufwd out, being permitted to ex
nire left the proseculionf the offences against
which it was directed, be carried on underlie
English common law an undefined chaos, as they
at onetime' termed it, against which when it suit
ed 'their purposes 'much of their, spleen and satire
were direcyjd. Accordingly we have steh, in pro,
secutbns subsequent to the year 1800, as in the
r.. f Mi C.rnswt . r.t New Y oiK. cyiuciilc
This too, is only P- the $f of Sep$hWf
iui j yci ieie we nnu in rour years, an expnv
ture half as great as during the whole'' 12 years
of .Washington 'and Adarm J The greatest sum
expended in atiy one, year-by the federalists ws
seven millions and an run. Those of nine months
of I 8l i have amount:d almost to twelve millions
And the exptrices of the presentyear are calcula
ted to amount towtfy millions.
We were , td ' that -the federal armies, and na
vy would invoHe trie country 'in endless and
bounded expenditure ? Well let us se' what the
statements of Mr Gallatin exhibit on this head
During twflve years of tha federal administrations;
by which an Indian war was terminut-d aud a
dangerous insurrection quelled, the army "main
tained on a respectable footing, and a gallant flevi
uf frigates and other ships rj-' war built, and fired
oat, the' whole amount- expended on the armies
and navy was 25.308.160 dollars 70 cents, making
an annual average expenditurf 2 1 50,725 vi 1
lafs Scents. For the same objctsn u: ixjil'.i-i
lhg a frigate or doing any thing either to the tredi
j it or interest ot jne coun'ry, trje democratic au
j ministra'ions have sq'iandtred, in a like period
twelve years, 48,48,698 dollars an.f 56' n s j
1 making an annual expenditure of about 4.040,39 1
'dollars -'and. 54 cents 'an annual (iifieitnte in fa
vor o f federal economy of more than a million
uh reiaiiers oi-iorBiKirTOercna naiaeoiner
than wfne and spirit fifteen dollars. j, : , ,
On retailers of domestic (pints, alone, fifteen
. . -. j j k., ti, .-...rt infl an' half, anil a totnl diflVrehre. in eYn.-rirlil :ir-
nf the tru h 0l accusations wasirywru jy vv..--.- - --: -
i!l' ie admitted! Yet this is the boasted Vtpcl of : on military affairs, agunst the democrats admm
seilitin law and such is the promised free-'istrations of txotf millions , .hundred a.d
dom of4he press; further iljusti aiecl, too. by the eventy Jive thoumnd, nine and thirty teven
destruc'iotv of property and murdef of individuals dodor; eighy ,i cent
t Baliitnore J- - ' Another faci will exemplify the com naraave
J- We have seen thi same men brioging forward economy of our democratic rulers.. We.' have
nroposition in the legislature to suspend the pri- heard much of the extravagance oF.Gieai Britain.
vL ' of TUbeas Corpus ; and we h . e beheld it Wejl, during the year 1811,hcr Ve venue was
8-luny snspendedrand the military taking place sixty millions of pounds sterling, and her expen
f ih rtvli antlioiitv in the instance of Messrs. ditures ninety millions.; that is, one tk rd more
tianwrnit. at Ntw Orleans. Tito, than her income.. Now, our revenue, for 1813,
officer, likewise,' who was
wfV,rt ctrirh fir nnwe
time he would have been cashiered, has never;, few millions of being four times, the amount of
theless been upheld by government and nally our revenue .
jn,;j r,w rank of maior ft-ntrtA ! " The foregoing, we th.nk, might suffice to tllus
iwhrmlede ci sneech. which ia no instance! irate and determine the - very rigid eccr-omy of i
, .0. .c.a;u th. rn'mwi.' the democratic a lmmistrations but we cannot re
-iraseetrtnhesretehdeetteans- Ueateir frain:; from looking a hale forward. Her-, we are
On retailers of foreign merchandize) and with
out Wine or spirits, fifteen dollars. .... r- '. , , ...
: A duly oh sales at auction of foreign merchan
dize, and on tales of ships and vessels'for eery
hundred dollars twenty-Gve cents. . -
A duty f four cents per dund on all sugar
refined in the United States- (. r . .V.;
On carriaees fvJtllcCcbnveyance of persons,
from twenty-Ei e dollars to three dollars per an
num. ; , - ' ., ' .
Stamp- duties on all notes issued from any
bank, at an average of one" dollar : for every
hundred dollars "with an option to pay in lieu there
of, two and a half per cent, oh ' their "dividends.
Stamp duties on all notes of hand and bills
of eitchrrge above fifty ""Idollars, with one or
more indorsers, at an average of five cefits for
everv-hundred dollars', ' . V -
. direct -or find tax, of which the proportion
f North Carolina win be about three hundred
thousand dollars a year. ' .
All the foregoing, taken 'with the loans and o
thr revenue to be raised in support of the war,
by the f-Jose-ii calcqlation whicii can be. madev will
i;iv aii tax upon every white male in the
u.iioo. 21 -years of and upwards, of thiny three
d'l&t& thirty jhtee cents and eight milts. ' Apretty
at New vi leans, i tte. man ncr muuinc. . UU1 iuvuw,
guilty of this daring and will, otly amount to twelve millions' of dollars
er, for which in better whtle we shall expend forty! that is, within a
assisted by the cfetions of Mr. Gray a member
from Virginia ii yfe recent Congress. Ihe fol
lowing is copied i from the Alexandria Gazette :
Tb.e hon r. Gray, of Virginia, in his circu
lar address to his constituents; has entered into
down and trodden undet" fiiot. In the peisons of
their representatives, the sacred right has been
wrested from every man in the community they
no longer enjoy it as an unalienable immunity, but
'.'as an' indulgence," held at the 'wilfand the mercy
For proof of this we refer to the entorcement ot some curious, uui siricuy correct calculations a
the gag nde, & Mr, Randolph's elfquent appeal to bout the costs, &c of ihe war. Amongst sever
hU mnmitoints. This then is the practical illustra- at others, we are forcibly struck with the' t llow-
,;nr ih.-rlartrnieorfrtfedom of sneech. as nro. injf.' which we earnesiy recommend to the serious
mulgatcd by the present rulers when they were consideration of the farmers."
onrheir knees before the people praying for favor '. If (says -Mr. Gify) the war should corvtmue
and for office. ' 'until the e! of the year 1815, (of which tlitre is
About the favorite plea of the necessity of rb-Jccry prospect). he iiicreaie-of the fiubtic debt vill
tatLivin office, it seems unnecessary to say much,., amount t ) the enormous u-.n of one hunvired and
perhaps! M Gallatin, who has been at (he head e'gbt millions of dollar,, hich being added to the
of the treasury .for. upwards of three presider.Yial public deb" at, the co',t ot war(4 mil
tfrms, and who has become . from the fat of the Inn--) amounts in .ill t upw.ims of one hundred
office, bloated with wealth, could enlighten, us a and hfiy mtlhons of .doiiars rating stvenr-jn
little on the subject. Or . Mr. Madison, or Gen. dollars to a pound avoiraupois, u wooii make
Dearborn, b'r 'he who has retired to Monticello, ' eight ''ihil,.i..s, eight hnnd-e-J -iiii twenty three
could in all probahihty teach us something ontlie--thous4tnd, ttve huiuTe'!and tw
aubiect. Thev mieht tell us that' rtitaiion irt ' weiirht of stiver, wowld loai !
i - - . - j i '
office is only expedient whtre demairoirues ae
'Vl.J r
tmtio fittJ,- f it ifisf, idi ClcVel fain, Utk 7;
circumstaoce of their turn not having cjoiue yet,
The Natbnst Intelligencer pf Mardli 29, says? ''
V various rumours were yesterday 'afloat in th ;
prints.on the subject of anArmisticr, said tah'V'
cither in. a train o( nrgotiatTon or concluded -Ta
prevent thejumour from ga(nihg; further curreo i
cy, . we think proper to state that we believe it
be entirely without foundaiiun.'' "
..'BpSTON-aReTENED. . s :':. .
Dates of the 27th ulu s.y,.that on that evening
the inhabitants were alarmed. by ,a tremendous
firing off the Castlv A British fleet had appeifr-'
ed below. , A lieuu Gjfif;ame up- to .the town to
demand supplies for some of the ships, repot ted
too? in distress.-. If the .demand ,was not cony
plied with a bombardment of , the", town wl
threatened by 12 o'clock the next day. r
Disbelieved. , .
jno nt'-E. . . , 't
v ;V! treasury department, Feb. 28, 1813.
ALIEN Enemies residing or baing within fgr
ty miles of ride . Water, are required forthwith to;
apply to the. Marshalsr of "the Slates or Territo.
ries in which they respectively are, lfr Passports
to retire' to syth places beyond that distance from
1 ide Water, as may be designated by the .Mar-
however, is. not to bo
r t
The federalists never had a bodv OI 1 5.0UU .. "RU'"""'! "u''t
regulirs : but the "democratsj who deprected ! m n force without special notice against siKh
the idea of all standing armies, have voted a sthnM A" Enemies, not-engaged in commerce, as
ding army of upwards of Jiffy thousand men. ! were settled previously to the Declaration of War
They declared that navies were a "curse ahd!n their present ab;de; or are there pursuing
a eaogreneentailed upon-a nation nay, we have ' some regular and lawful occupation unconnected
heard the most conspicuous democratic member
of congress from i "Tth'is state,, declare that for his
own pari he would vote to give all the publie yes.
sels to any one who would take them Y'yet the
same men are now yoihig to build ,74's and ft i
g4tes and smaller- vessels without number- ' .
Respecting the anility manifested in conducting
thu, Marshal of the District in which they reside
permission to remain where they are.
. . kALKIGH, MARCH 24, 1813.
' I AM charged with the ex':cdiion of the abovj
your national government, ry the men we nave f - wunui..iniisinmiH
beenspealiogof, all ofyoum-ast be C9petentto4nS,p bi:m wiihin the district of North Carolina,
judge As a small illustration, liowever, we could . ao tnereiore require au sucn alien enemies, wna
leler yi to the mtasures of non importation, em
bargo, non exportation andn . i intercourse, which
followed each other in feverish and fitful success
ion. Under Mr. Madison we have seen three se
cretaries turned out For want of talents ; and three
armies captured in disgraceful varfare.
It remains, then, only to behold that you are at
war. to survey the origin and progress of the
contest add the boon for which you are contend
ing. The Idtter is, that your fl iir shall-over and
protect at .sea every enemy of
power, all mjietactors that may fly torn his jus
tice, every ci'.iztn escaping from his counliy, ami
ill the soldiers and-sailors deserting frorw his ar
mies and his ships 1 And is this a cause in main
tenance of which ve should risk our most essen
tial interests, our common welfare, niy, the very
union itself ? Ws presume to say, yu will an
swer that it is not. The enemy does not cou'end
that she bis a right, to take-any native oorn citi
zen of thp United States ; and have wt a clear
omcxt lor asking more i threat uruam nas yiei.i
come within the purview of. said notice, to con
form immediately to the "requisitions thereof, or
they will be taken into custody, and conveyed to
the places assigned to them, unless special cir
cumstances require indulgence. Passports foir
their departure will be given at this olrice, or a( :
Edentpn, Newbern and WilmingtoYi, by y lie '
pVities. stationed at those places ; where alsothos
not engaged in commerce wiil apply or Dermis
sion to remain whete they are, , which Will be
the belligerent Kranieti wnen-it sausiactoruy appears tnat their.'
y front his ius- 'intentions towards the U States are such as to
'justify a continuance ol that hospitality they havQi
j already experienced from the United States.
I ; Also, all those who have arrived within the pts
! scribed limits from Tide.Va-er, io this district,
i from a foreign place, since the Decla'ratioa-. o'
War, are required, without delay, to retire into
the interior of the country, beyond the distance
, above mentioned.
j . The na'.u.e and importance of this measurej
' induces m to oall upon those -citizen v who reside -
seekioff for office, 'and when the chi'f authorities
are not ot the tribe or. JUdut! nor subjects o the
ancient dominion of Virginia.. Never was there
a more bai'tfaced violation of profession than
has been manifested on this head f; for scarce an
. Instance. can be produced w herein one of the par
ty has voluntarily laid down an ofikc, whicn he
had by any means gotten into his grasp.
But the concerns of the country were going to
ruin, and these were the gentlemen who were to
save it,; -who. Were to Tt store its-prosperity.
riantersj l atmers, Mechaiurs. Merchants ;
timid red Wagons, at iOOJ 'pounds occh, attdbeuig
spreait upon thesurfar, ol ihe cav'hV would cover
fifiy-SLven sicres, thirtyfive square -mis
seventy. two square s feet I Taking the amoun;
of ihe expenses of this present ye.'.ral 38 million
(sr low cakulatibn) i.t is "for every day, one
hundred and four thousand one hundred and .-ix
ty-MxVdollars, for-every hooti 'fiur thousal two
hundred and fifty-wo .ollars. and for every min
ute of the'jear) seventy dollars ! 1"
Now let the man who is able "and willing n
p3y, his part ol this ertormou sum, , for ihs ac
commodation of British Huwioau. go to the poll
T7fnine; potmTnrrrrd consiasraotyTro mainlaiif peace.
ecnaiurs. Merchants : re
ball back to your imiaguafroti the period of fcderiand vte fop- ffiir and Taxes
al authority I, in what Situation.: were voor 'cih--'f What was said about the loans
cerns in 88. and in - what condition did the hew in- every iottlfigent man's Tecolkction.
year of . 1801 find them ?
muJt'be. flesh
On this
We will not supnose the only comment that need be madevis that,,u;-
yoii- capable of not feeling in its full force, this dr Mr. Madison, ioana hare been authcriseel and
pi aih antl, palpable proof of the wisdom of federal partly obtained to the amount of .thirty nine mil
U ineasUris j bor fcaj Jm
not Jto oenoiri tnut instead ot relieving you front 1 he taxes ot the lederahsts were maae a sud
ruin, the democratic administrations since" ject of loud complaint. Of these the democrats
nave only been plunging you more arid more ivto repealed three; jto wit: the loaf fugar, carriage" an.1
deeper difficulties, and pushing-you finrtntr and : whifkey tax : the ot'iers were suffered to expire
farther towards the most hopeless end forlorn ( by the limitation of the laws. . .:
prospect. Was your trade annihilated in federal j ' Hot what poor man was benefitted by taking the
times, or did your produce rot in ypnbarns f whiskeYtJeastire carriages and loafjlgail
Vere your towns threatened with destruction-or Notwithstanding ull this, however, congress, ye a
,the. ouHSts of your.- navigation", blockaded' hy Tsa. ' democratic congress, ha e resolved to lay the fol.
percilious enemy'?llad you on your hnds a war lowing taxes, as the journals of Congress .will
prosecuted for the slater of a iTandfiilof worthless f shew : . m
sailors, and schemes ofconquest so poorly altdf A duty of .twenty cents per bushel on ;im
feebly duecttd as to excite the ridicule of our foe - ported salt.
and the contempt of the ,woilJ. Sdve us fi-orrr4 An additional tonrlage duty bri American
lunimaeeui tieaven nrcerve . us frr.m Rnrl, ami loretc-n vessels. - -
Tweoty-five per cent, on the drawbacks al
lowed by law on the exportation of merchandize.
Ihe additional taxes proposed and voted
saving; and from the tender, mercies of such
guardians of the-public welfare. - ,
As to the dibpidat ions Othe fedpr&lis'ir'nr, tl, i
treasury, there is. thqs much to be said they 'j-flb former session, are tht. following, via.
found iti'crnpty. When they went our of power I On ."stills employed to distil spin's - from do.
it .:. cop tairjed three millions of dollars. 4l wis i n"icjn.ateriais at " any distjllei yj where the
"uimg with these millions when Mr. Jefrer.l!',Lor employe.l. are ol greater capacity
eon cantj'inlo office. It does not how, we may
ayr coiiiaiua2?f cent. 'vThnenvas much prat.
ing atrjtft federal extravagance "and wstV, but we
sha.xhowjim,'fmthentic. statement copied out
ol the ue;ury hj3ks, Mint the most gross and in
r-icriul l.r-siCifiescntatiohs were made oh- this
. i wiw. 4. AM?, .r . k-. t i . i
lyin. wuiui vuc tetierui aominis
" Durinfr.;;
irauons, there. Wei' ninety millions r.f xlollirs
paid Into the treasury Of this wte expended sixty
ur millions. In the eight years of Mr. JtiTer.
hob's adniinist ration, one hundred and thirteen mil
..or.s mU half of dollars came into" the treasury ;
'ld of this . sum sixty five and a quarter millions
T exfntl "Tha? the expence"ofAry'ea'rs
of Mr, J jjfterson's power, exceeded that ol the
federal Years b- more tlmo a r.f wi
IUarvl, I.-. V..' w.. v..v..
"5a'"i t or the first term of' Mr. Madir,is'
presidency ihiriy'eight millions of dollars havr
len derived from r.,. . L::.I
w eoYcranacafcave ocde. thiriy pris.
Ihan one hundred and ntiy.gaIloi, lilty cents per
g'.ton on the capacity of, such stills. -. .
On stills employed iu distilling spirits from
foreign materials, seventy. five cents per gallon on
thv capacitylofUie stills. " , .-.; '
" On stills" entirely employed in distilling fruit,
i ll..- ..-II '' ..
On every other still employed in distillinur spirt's
from- domestic ' materials, fifteen dollars each
stiii ; - ; :. ;. v.-- ,
Oil? retailers of spirits alone, twenty dollars.
Ori retaiers pf wine alone, twenty, dollars -
On retailers of foreign merchandize . in any
town containing more thsn "one hundred fami
liesfciheiuding wine and spirits, twenty-five dollars
per. year.". :''"' ' v .,-';: ; . ..,: .-.'.. r' '' .. '; ,-: ,
On retailers of domestic spirits "atonp, ten dol
Iars: ( '.-?:. ; .;';':' ' ' f : '
retsilcirs of wines a'n,d spirits fifteen doM.W.
; Ori ref aVTers: oTToreigrf mefchancfize , includ
ing - wines and spirits, in lany other fitflce than
d toxtnTcontdhing more tAartph? hundred Jamidh, of dispute she has given up three : her
'Viockades, the Chesap:ake affair, and the orders
in ..ouuoil. One oidy remains, that of itaresv
rx-'nt. . '' . -" . , . "
W?!-will say nothing ot impartiality. 'That is
xplle.i now a day- But it may not ' be amiss
io remind yju that Within two mouths past, -French
ships.'iNtvi met at sea, and robbed or sunk tjiree
of our vtss'-ls. Vet we have no sign of iiidigiia
ion eitlitr Irom the govern; nt or their friends.
The n')jec s have thus beui touched upon,
jviiich' ybii, the: pe jpld Ought curefiilly and tlio
r Highlyj-o ...examine, ;in ordtr to have ' a-vievirf
he, whole grouu.rt ; ''ana sucn a view, we cannot
bun think . ahouio .guide, you. 'to a correct "decision.
Xhe last li-js fiom Gen. Harrison to the 23d
uh.-v-He was then at Chilicothe, asking for more
men. '- v -' - . " .
district "dt
Of " four w'llhin that part of the district w'r h A un Kneimeny
to wnom the anove muce lias special r -lerence, to -give
me early information of ihme wh.o may not '
be -disposed to comply withThe rt.quisitioii there
of, .that I may be enabled to discharge the dut
imposed on me under such circumstances.
Marthai of the U. States for ihe
North Carolina
, , - . . jt . re "
State of North Carolina. .'-
j .. . . .
Eif His Excell ncu IViUiam Ihwktn-, figr,ywer.
or, Captain General and comnwndef itl ChicJ-
and 'jvr the State afrcsuid) u
WHEREAS I have this day been informetP .
thnt the f ou r t h Mond a y i n M ay next ha a
beeiilfxed ohfor thelne'eting of the next Congresr
of the United S atess an event which renders it ex-
pedient and necessary that th6 Elections forUe
The British are cutting down some of their line
ofjjattleshiplj in order to meet the large Ameri
can frigates. -. These new-vessels are called razees,
presentative should be held earlier, thaiune urois
prescribed by law. 1 .
NOW THEREFORE, by virtu of the auihov
j ity in ma vesten by an ai4 passea ar tne iast rxs-
j, .i , . , iii.-- , oion ot tne general Assemni, rnuueu .-in ncv
Esfiionag It is adlWd that all letters, either J . .Districts for electingRe.
tour from Great Bmaii. by the flag of truce pac-( esenvts X(y Co Pes9 ... and lothe end that
kets, - are opened and inspected by agents ol this t p 0f th State may be represented" defends !..-- ,n" aB fi,r
but this docs not require a note off. T.ilDistuethit mv . Prulamatim
,.t- - - : ;1 ....... t-
h-rehv commanding ana reciutrine me oneruis
liiis practice
The Editors of the "N nioiiitl Intelligencer ac
know ledge that the news from G-n.. H-iririscji's
A rmy winch s .:(nsidvre.d as ourlast hope, is not'
saiis'jictoryi But, Uiat no blafe may. fasten ,on
our roism maging 'administration;:, a censure is in
directly cast" on Gen. H. for traversing, (observe
-ht insuiiousness of the word) the state of Ohio.
Why throw as from a covert an arrow to wound
his reputation as a soldi !r or patriot ? In order the administration may have an anchor to
.vindward in case of accident ; that it may claw
off, should deftut anil capture be the fate of his
rmyrahd to visit on Im head the -whole sin of
the IVilure of ai). enterprize, whichj we lear is
drawjng last to a disgraceful conclusion.
Irom the circumstance of the English having
received a 'reinforcement of men, it is mucb
tipprf hrnrit-it- ur last h jpe may be
giyerVup as h'jpeless
Wilau Gaz.
or other returning officer of the several Counties
composing each IJistrict, to cause Polls to be o.
pened and kept, and Llectioi held or Kepre- -..
sematives to the congresi of ' the -United Stat6sr ;
on Friday the .ihirtieth-fSbth-) day of-Aprtl
at the places established by Uw" in their rafepectivc
counties and further, to meet fir the purpose-
of comparing tht Poils, on the Thursday next,
after said Elections, at the pl'ices precribe by ' '
the above recited act of the General Assembly. -
In itstiir.ony w-hereof, I have causrrl
. the Great Seal of the State to b-:
hereunto affixed, and' s'gned t-her
same at theiCity" of Raleigh, this
eleventh day March in the Year of J
our Iord One Thousand Eight
' Hundred and thirteers.'and of tle w
independence of t lie. United State
the'Thirtv.severith.r .
':; ' ' NOTICE
.'Prisons who have received their letters by jhe
British packets with the seals broken, and those
wjio have not receiveb them at alltare informed,
.hat they are all broken open officially in the de
partment of state J .and except such as are reserv
ed, perhaps for the vilest o purposes, they are re,
sealed and put into the fKjst office. From"7the
quantity of leltersand packages, which uniTergo
the process, .a"nd only one clerk being devoted to
this hopeful business, -a- great deaf of time is rcon
sumed before ,a mail is gone through. Those
thertforeLwho do-not recefve their letters in' a
wctlt or two,."are not to corrdudc ihy vill not
(t. s.)
By" His Excellency's CorfTmd, -,
JVjVrUS S.VEED, P Sntari,.
: : - Notice.
T HE st6scrib-r having had letteribtAdmiiii
istralion granted hint by the. County C'urt -t
of Rowan, at iitheir session so i-eoruary ias(, .oy
the estate -of. the-lateiimtf or.or, ebq.-oi
Salisbury, requests all persons indebted lo,utnesy
tae fo come. forward and, make payment,; Those
aKr tlrd'emirids. aca't. it will present Ihemf
within tKtf time, anecfied ,4)7; Ac ot Msenoiy ,! .
ct frill be plead;in bar oi tnes. ,
otrwise said Act ,
-Marcus, t8irl
.t7"3 . 'Mniimstiatr,, '

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