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    R ALEIC H, NC.- PUBLISIIweeklt) feY LUC A3 . H. ROVLVK.
Vol. 17.
; r - ' ' ' ,:.!'
FR ID AY, APRIL 1 6i 8 13 .
'No. 88
London, Jan 2.1
With the Gottenburgh mail of this evening
i - I l.;h.
disnatche have been received iwn oriw
eminent and the Russian ambassador, count
tk fnrmir are onJk two days later
in the extraordinnry gazette of Wednesday
jist, and contuin no military information ; but the
Jater bring the operations a week later and an
ionre th arrival of. the emperor Alexander
at KonVsrsbiirg or which the Russians were in
the undisturbed possession .
Ourprivn'e advices are o? trie ns irom ujni
dc. ofthe 5th from Berlin, of the-1 Oth f-on
iarlsham, and of the l5'h (Fri 'ay lat) fronvGot
considerable delivery o'f nor: s for the, I rei.clar- feeling in't.n'tfhf Europe. Wiriiwe now the public fith ;'V-'and encouragement of ag! ;
hkndmaid.' ."
mv. lhe.usttian goveTiments attached to tne. in' sdusiaction to state, cnat uom sne vigorous; ncuiiure, an,o commerce, as its
French Eovernment, wilt always combine its .measures .tb.-nit 'to be adoptedjrfating short 6f a How he tncouraged r onSmerce1, we -til too', well .
means and resoutcefc with it. ' v ' ".' total , disnWiwermerM fr m the French empire of km , by his n,;n itnportation--en1baro--jinrl
' Hungary aj.-ne supplies os with a. prodigious .the northern states of EuivP may be expected.' nn intercourse Jaws. I dell them his, brcjtiMi .
govfqu mlity of excellent .horse for the heavy c Aval.. The Dukeof Rrunswjelc Oels has beeii among "the j I know that without his recemmenda ion and m. ;.'
M AMI UUIC I I7UI U'llCS 9l "Olf I 11C Lll 'I I U.lll TH3 Hlil V "III" VI tT- I I II ' V I T 1-Ml 11U I ti I I , C , UVU VV W H- T .'PJJ lf iijIVC r Cl V UU'Jt ( i
than hire in th oest tate in fill the prwinrfs. Tke luid, ana '"ft is jraid be" vil! hoist the Standard of!
Fiyneh armv is' therefore -icertam of finding with
us, and ready fur it, every thing it wants of that
kind." ' ; ' .;"
Fi'enncis January 3
',' Th last. intelligence from Turkey infon
us. tharthe Dre'enael sunmtssi'jn. ft - Molmxf'.v.
clia, goveVior of VV-idden, wa only f-igWfy vr4
that Uiat chief is Vow in open insurrectfi ajjainsi
the O. toman Fote. '
'T ftter? Tiave thisev;niffcvcen received from
tenbuwh. -'he first mentl m the important fact
sprti.n and cloaely; pursued by his enemy, had Copcnhigen of the Ijm instant, s'atiog, tha tollow the example cf.thnse of Prussia.
.Ja.a fithe Russians 'on the banks of the tu Trw-sia-i army wptr (.en. p orklial m,
p .. . .. r , . 1 - . niidettd, and, thr the Hussion army w witinn
M.,r.t had left Elbine and had made a show of a few miles oKKonipsbf rg
n.;;,nre' between ' Kotjies'iurfir and Dmizir, " J murf 16 I'rivate accounts f.etyed by
hnf i; was suDDOsed that the surrender of M-L)o- tftt GiKniun mail mention, that what- I'W.cfere
B,t,i hA nessarilv altered his desicn, ad he my$ -re to prov ed behind .;be Oder, and a'ld,
... - hmiV iivnf'd'ivHhthf! remains ofhisWhat this was resolved ln afier the loss of a
ormr'to reinforce (he girrtson at Dantzic.U 'btile' at Tbeao; At Berlin a riot took place
'ts- .W nt :.hese letters this parriaon consisted ! a' the: theatre. The king vas present, wheia
jl.egislatoi's were ready l rely implicitly orf hii
opinion rcommenclati'.ns, tlio these wtre .
n.Kty Ptifen officially, ..The reasons, he .p'A
for the Emhafo, have long Hgq V!ern'in;,vra. !
ted to be frivolous ; and on the docnn-.fitts be
himself proiiiiced, Inow pvonoune'e those rcasWn ,'
hypocritical'. and false. The teiu'em-.y, and to aT
deplorable extent, the ffect, of the embargo; y x.
to caue some thousands of bur merchant vest?3 '
to be ijeci etypre,aring thr MtgbouVth whole jon ; to bt. h "tuled. up to roS' and tens of ibiu,an(ls
4inenvfc oVerthiw of IJonaparte's drnasty ;of opr 8f amif hd mechanics and labdircrs jUv. . -
The States of 'Holland' are 5 extv-cied forthvrilk id, Pendine .on' commc
revr.r in' Mefklenhurgh and - Pomerania. Se
ye al otjjer;veign officers of distinction are also
prprf? ' t-mbark Tor tht same q'tarfer. We
ajsbtieard it stated, that the young Prince
I" (', r"$ge, .who has served as aid de cimp to the
'Murqujyiof Wellington witli srTmuth credit, to
iimi'M.iK' npis rct-u ociu lor to ihkc j. onspicumis
sharejio tl.Ve.gteat revdlutoi wfiTcb is now,knowh
orily. pr.Poles'-kna a few ''French, nd tiyrfam'y ies
were Witting the place .to retire iruAVcSt Prus-
The herediary'duke lQMenbuig, (who mar.
ried t!te empcrofVsistc exhaust
Jiad died of a putrid lever at Twer A prochm
t'mn had been issued, intended tq facilitate tjie no
uLfcy iaticue.lng
i BosTf it March 29.
Yesterday arrived at G!oucestr,''the ship Au
iu-ms, Captain .Bdrry frvm- Cadi:?:, by which,
ii ' ou 'hihe polite attention of a friend, we have
b- en favored with a file of Spanish papers, to the
2G'h Feb. . .-'., ' , .
They contain Lisbon accounts, to the 17th
Feb. which slate that official letters bad been
Akxapder.' Hh' majesty callsd hr- silence, bmNNseive'd- from Lord Wi llington, datedat his H.
thi a 'dince .heces0 "utrag.coa?, xhat live plax.32-9 Frcsredat .Feb-wliltJblfcurined.
cotild no'- b finisiied. Fbe king is grt-3'ly en
:) a' Cen. U 0'k tor suite'
Prussian general iri I imed, Vive 1'empereur
ppnding on commerce; to-. t?e thrown out , Jicft m-
ployment ; tu say- nothing of the fall In ralie of
all sorts of 'property, and the general sta,tiiitioi
of business .
As to Mr JKrFRsoT " econcrty in th" f vlh
lie extense?' a higltlv "'iistinguisLed, m rnLtP of
Congress frorri Viniiiia, in a latespee jb, tlta
concisely describes it. In. "ike last lour yeais
of that jErrER son's ai'ministration, it roe tn
sixteen ivI'ons ; rivalling he whole exp-nses
of AhAM.ifniii.rationr-atnoutiting to an
much as the sum expended by 'he' man justly
caljeil the father of bis country", Washiivc ,q virj
eight year riyrinc which he maintained lb oirsr-
UkEi;iri,burp, D'crmber 1 1 . (23 )
Veiv tarly ouihe 7t' '19th) mst. his ma
event or movement of any consideration hnd lak lateVer rialua an1 .independence ert'ins and her
en j.lace either
in the French or the allied ar-i honour te, 'jotlers and sacrjd -b si!es rar-
7A i Ll'ifim fin an pVhik! Tn Viun ujr."Vr.'. i!iii'!nc
I i rr ' ..uM.-uj.aui -,- vi-,.
... .. S . . r ' . J.. V. .1 '. r, I . 4 ru, IW.T'.B Umo r.!....n...l r. C . . . ..nn. 1 I ' 1 1 M Q ra nl.U n.ftM t . t C. ... I t ...... .1 . t. . . t M if. r .CH litl. . t I . . . fT O , . ... . . M . . n . . ... 1
niillMVlOn Olthe relifnintr nUXe title latllf V) lO ISC jca mv mninui " aa yi.aacu, oiici mimg jcr- f iy . taiuan . jvci i iiaciu i,iiici. UMriii'in,! i licit in. .iv 1'iui jtiiia itic J irnc m jjcju'. ill u
throne qfPoland, and Alcxauder hd issiied a de Termed his -dtvotions m the Casan cathedral isucces.slnl attacks on the French foraging ai
mis metropci s, and took his er paxue,s.
announcing - tumst u jgpi v ictiui ur uw
of Prussia. . ?
. ..... i i . , i.
iThe streets of Berlin hara been piacanedwiui
hnrlesane of the T rench . luvritivt s
and advertisements' we're posted up off ring re
wards for the discovery of the grand army. 1 tis
Vinff of Prussia had ineffectually endeavored 6
Trstore order, and had subsequently wunarawn, as
vas conjectured, to the frontiers of France. .7
' "It has been innccurately" stated that disputes
Jind arisen between the prince of Snftolenslu and
general HentinK-n. The latter nas retivett o't
pceoum of his wounds, hnt' has btett prpmo"d in
military rank a well as PiatotT, Vi'.tgehvti.i, ;nd
rumerous oth'-r officers Pltoff has also been
dignified by hein made a prince of the empire
and Wittgenstein h-s hadv bestowed on him a
considerable estai as a , regard for his eminent " ", .'" -:
ship has arrived after a short passage, from
Heligoland, and between that island and atija
cent continent, we find the intercoui-s is again
with sprae regulyity re-established. A few let
ters from the 'neighborhood,' of tHe. claly' bav
come to our hands this jiay, but whether through
the channel weave. alluded to, or what other, ve
rue n'ot correctly informed In these, however,
some important facts are stated, and we are '.old1
from Sweden, that the energies of the (. Russian
'empire arc at last put into the most vigorous :-c-
lion, anAthat nofevver thar, 70 000 recrui?s are in
g and oth
church, to leave
route to Wilna. The Ft ench continued to Iwy-tbe Trrnt cyorhr
" Oil the 4th (1 6th; the Clievalier de Bardsxa- taut cntiib itions in the Spanish provinces sub
Azina. appointed by h?s "niojety Ferdinand ' jected tothur uni tary sw;y. '
VII of ir:iain, as wmbnKador extraordinary and 1 he C !les continiicd their deliberations wish
ministet pU-nipott-ptiary io his court, h d an au. ! spirit ; and hufl 'tceivttl iiunierous felicitations on
dien'ce 6f his m.c:s:v ihv en)pi-oj and deliver the a! oli ion of ifie li.quinition ;. the building and
td his cred trials He hadaftcrwards audiences fT cts of which an; to be appropriated as a" hos
of th-ir majesties the t-mpressc-s, and was . ttien "pital fir invalids.
prf - nted likewise to their imperial highntsse7s It was asotru.ined at Cadis, that all the AIk-t-t'lie
Grand Dake .m1 (Irand Duchess . -rine. Cruizers weie in. port i he latter part of I);
. . " t)ri Friday the 6 b (18th) Decem ber, Count cemiier : Nne n re bear i of tough the-' Cut
Lowenhielm. udjutanl general to his majts'y the- t the time the AuusUiS s died. The .Swedish
ki igof bweden, who is arrived htie, ..was pre ' Consul 'had trtate'tl the American capM-,ts Hh
allied to their impel ial majesties' and imperial gf-tft kindness. 1'his. .conduct was mentioned
hghieSses. . " . . at Ciibralt-r and Cadias in trmsof b gi roinmen-
ii .1 i
i an me wonu "
"The honest payment of our debts anit
nrserva'ion ot the nub he- tilth. ' Ytrt ' ti'f.n tr , -
the first acts of hisVlmiiiMratiorv, he reconmien-'J,i
,uu .iiw I i JLU ill .in int. II. Ul llui ;l At.) I al(' 'llvj. .
Were rcpealrd Of these, the revenue a Mncj w
lVio 1'i tis oi stills, and spirits cit-lk'!
in tne U"tted states (with Ihe'dil'ies on snirn:
ai d oihrt goods imported) stood plerigVd?f ";r ;the
redemption of the publi'.' debt. Tims the public
fai'.h, for which Mr JefTer&on a fleeted a" s-reo''
regard, was sported with at. Uk outset ; a id. the
ibiiity of the lnited States to pay their debts, wes
made to depend (except m rrgard to the su.tll
rt venue arriving form -J he sale of public 'laiid)
wholly' oil foreign rotnmert e; w!ii4 b by c dlision
with other nations, and 4rat. might (as at the pre
R'-nt time) be essentially abr.idst:d,'i annd il iedr
IheLuneral F lelci. rviirsua! Princ-; Kuuis-TT i'lon. 1 wo ot thtir 1 ngat'es . were on Cape h
Smolensk j has issued the following proclamiit'ton Vincent last Noveraber audit is supposed they But i! wa by the op;) sition lo interntl '.xes,
from nn buau-q larters Ma.vxli'che no, cited 8th : will be ouyagimt ai April.' ' . i tnat the party ac!iued a large proportioti o'.the
I hey trad durmg ;he winter, attacked a yalu- ipopuNiit, wlji, ai length, brought thrtii :i p w
Ocemlx i
" Inhabitants of the Grand Duchv of Lit'uV nia, ablcncobvoy of (, recks bound fn-nnhe lU;fck" B.ia
and of the
protti v -B of
KOVfcinmeuts of t.rodho a id Uislv- into the Mediterranean and Allantic, ad - taken
The des ruction of the coalesce! armv is i ad desiroyed a gieat number of them. '
r ted. 'You have sen -ite marc h and.' -.Col. Lear, (hue consul at A'iierv)-pd . farriily.
its innumerabl' bat rations.. Y u bad laken ik'sr.c-e in ship Hirevorcr of Phild.
now se its miberabSe.rt mains -flying beTore a .vie- '"t'.nd it vaj exjected would sail 2j h leb.f -r Nev.
toi ion - army. At this solemn moment, wii-n we Yoik. r. ..
come to-vres'.Ore. to 'you order and Iranq-.ih'v, to ..', , Il..ry Velesley, Embassador to the rourt
plant again the victorious Russian eagles 1:1 those ot Span), g-antec licenses, under . n order in coun-
ptovinc ls which have lor some time pa-t suflc'-ed" ril, to' American ve'stls in Caoiz to cany home
tinker tft&lower of the enemv-; remerU'-er vour salt, hes, Sec
waste in, the armies ot AItxa'm.6rj,1ti';ing the lon.g your, own welhre and that of your chiUren ;
Anil anAnAiiuii! nTinn ! 4 Z ...LiL i. tL' ' vl.... -i. ''!). .irhl... i ..ij. "t 1
and successful pursuit in which at this iiiclernertt
Season they have been engaged.
ouariered near
re Cadiz were under crtieis lor eni:iit;'Uon auu it
collect" an aggressor who litiche.r co'tild pr-f wa.s- believed by the American nicrchintr, were
tect you nokeep. jthe LUe promises w hich bp jdekUn'tfiio.-NorJi. America
from Cadiz
.wUmifiriy nave plunged all tit you, without (jistinc- oy the itneucan consul with s umti
borhoodr and it was-pposed - that .the-jamp-4ti4ftft-tha-abysif misery, tlwu h might sivejand the " .a'djacent polls, bailed February 26
hirist-It and sonie 01 his cdntcderatts by-, fliitmTTNewvYnrkT
;E- en should false conception or a nioAient-try de- Oih; ial notice ot the B.ocktide ol the Cnesa
Advises from Uugenwold" irention," that the I made to you merely for Vour destruction, w'oiifdi $hii) Samuel, cajit II 11. dispatched as a car I
ossacKs were every c"ay expected in that neiRh
-borhoodr and it was tuonosed that the cttTni 'f
would be continutd by the nussiansduring the
winter. - r "' "'. - '. "-
-. I m : -1
lxtfDoN, Jan. 25 i'o t have seduced'some am ng you,vtluir fu. ; pke. anil Delaware ba).s by the Enli '..'. was
FARTHER RETREAT OF. rllE FREN-H-tui e cohdticV may yet r ras. Jiei, fauh, for the posted up in the office of the U. Stales' Consul
Another Cottenburg mail arrived ! this inornicompassion dl'his imperial m ijcsty, my most Ka-jilt CafUau'; ' '
ing; It brings, as mayije'"--lexiectecl. details of cious lord, is boumlless, and o me who am l-,re- , ii.. 'iiaa:i'i'i' - " " ' '' . .. l ' l-
the, continual successes p? th RG8siansLand .of ver bound by happy ties to the province 1 have
Which Murat has been - able to CjU ;ct. in EjsI Providence. appointed the organ of so grtat mai
Pru.ssii.. They hav-jtrken the direction dFnanimi.y. SJicw youriehea wortbyjol the grace
3-rankfort, on the OlcTrand Berlin ; thus aban-1 bestowed on y)u. a1 d you may insure C'.nUnual
donhig Mem-l.Koi igsberg, Dan-zic, and ..the I peace to vour families, ''
wnole ol the strong places in E;ts, Prussia, to ," You shall ygfun see commerce flourish
ueir victorious pursuers. ; 1 he trade of thV Baltic
will be'thns opened in the snrini n nr ir'.&h nA
er. Mr. Jekke.kson, in hislei fir of Oc ! r f-.
1799, to bis friend CJIender (th-,wretch, ; n rut, from liritain, whom be was- then pay irrv for
writing a book in which Washingion 'was' r vi!i-d ,
and Presid'nt Adums .atrociously lilvlb d -v.V".
Adarh bting then Mi Jeflerson's comrieiit u irip
.he Piestdmc'v) - -n letter, Mr. JeOvrsoif-ays -
"I tha"nk jhu for ihe proof sheets yu "t b
Si d ire ; such papers cannot fail to pro!uce the r
licst i fleet ; they inform the thinking part of t'le '
nation ; 6c these, again supported byihe tax gather- .-'
ers lor ilieir vouchers set the Deopie to n ,;m p, .
1 liat is, excite their, hatred .against, the U eral . :
adnv'misi.ralioii, un ler which the intern-1 t?.s .
ve re laid j.-and w oul 4' inluce theto to vol- t .. i
bring into power iMid place the men prettndi !g ;
to superior or exclusive patriotism, v. iih JeRlrson .
at their htad :'And what are some ot
seq uencts (hesestjie violj'ion ,ftKe
faith) of that rental of the internal
pthei ves-iels.
From the subjoined extents if will be Sdcn.
that greM pains are taken by the continental
journals to "convince the world tlniAnsjTiiLie
mains firm in her allegiance to Bonaparte This
anxi-ty conveys to us strong indicates 'f a con
trary line of conduct being ab.ut to he adopted:
- i .' '.. Vienna,' Dticcmhtr 21.
. , (H.wii.i,i;- iir a cvrcuHr ic-tter ol Lotmt
Ugarten,( minister of the interior " and , supreme
chancellor, ail the govenovs of the 'hereditirV pro
vinces aresummoned to Vienna, with tliei'i pre.
aideot councillors - they are to assist, at a solemn of court and State, whicii h-to take
-I'Uce on thu i of-fauujry. Count dt Gies, go
vcniorof CaUicia, ajthongh one of the most' dis
tsnttmm this c tpital, has been here since 1st
ween, ins'' lifel ftweiTlhSF
concriDtDri, more
..uiuciuus man that ot , last. year is, in agitation.
and the object isj proportionate the rymbers
w helurnijshed among the diiTefent province of
, ol the monarchy. They, will concert ihe m-urner
;w which each will famish those articles most can
I T "Venl 10 -f and that one. be not more surchar-'
gtd. than others. , Should circuntistancesreq iire
t, our government U disposed to brine forward
an imposing fonce next pringL . , .(
" It i'vbelieved that an inspector general ftr
temoonting the Austri-m cavalrv i oini. inl',pi.
to concert with : the minister at jrar respecting aj
rtrtor'. to enormous loans, which," if efftxd. .'brea.
ten to btlrtht n our. country with a perpe'oaL d;bt ".-;'""
emissions tf paper money ! y mdliviis--nn'
palpablu violation of th' public faith, by anttci- : '
pating and intercepting the revenues lonv since
4tged4uMlpsyment of th
volution Those revenues, arising from doiie
on impontud goods, owing io the, restrictions on, ,
commercc-and the war, a-iH riot nov'v b-- tqucl
in amount .to the . paper rndney . called tre:sury
notes, or. exchequer bills already issued add au
thorised to be emitted ; but which bills ?re i;. mv
able at thej custom bouses, in the payrr'.ntot du. i
ties, instead of money, of which tberefcevr,one-i.
will lemain to pay the interest, and gradually dis
nessvaMish before the cause' of justice, w'hic'h Cod .Cmgress from their resistance to the passage, charge the principal of the old debts ; f '.wbich,
particulaily protects. , Yout fellcw citizens return and, tta a principle leader, to ihe execution of the under the federal adminm ration, ample lnr.s
crowned 'with the palm of victory. Prove your-'" Iu'S for"riisir;ga rtveTiur by-jntmial taxesr in were provided, by a succession pi laws mane 'or-
selves, worthy "of them. You may yet do . some- j si:d of the duties laid on gd ids imported from a- the redempliorrof the public debt. Ij'e, pas--thing
for your native couniry and.'he cause of by -broad arresisiance'in the Whiskey insurrection 'sed M-rch 3,175. is the following "Ojemn h cIh-1..
which cost the Unied States upwards ofa million itron : "And the faith of the Unned ..b'ates is w-
of dollars to lepr'css and subdyr and fcqm their , hereby pledged, th' the monies or ftrrttts at'. re- ,
unctasing reproaches, echoed and re-echoed by sai l, shalFinviola'dy remain, and be-approprirUrd
iheir' partisans ihioughoutthe United S'ates and and j"vt-3tedras aforesaid, "to be applied to te satit ,
the hatred thcreyy excited aaufst those ti'izctis. lviniiuirremerif ann reoemption. m nanwr ai .r;
From the we,Il known opposition of Mr. Jeffer
son's prly to the funding system, introduced-,an,d
itseatblisbed in the beginning of Washington's ati-
springs so I .. ng dried 'up, are. already re-opt ned ministration from the jealousy and crivy enter-
i vent foryour products i3 again insured. Youri mined by their chief, and ihs hatred of bis i' dtow-
'provinces" 'shall "anew become the hahi'ation of'crs, towards 'the great and upright man (llamil-
nessand plenty. ou have seen grea-, 'on) who lramed and . repoTied that systemto
VVhat a delightful destiny' hasten to fulfil
Sir Home Popban has been-appointed to the
Warrior, 74. i in the roorr f Viseount Torrine-J
ton, who resigns) for the purpose of taking out to to whom the ;.hrget portion of tlu; public debt was ' said, "until the. same shall be fully tnd corrpletc
IleiVal the Earl of Moira nnd suite7His lordship Mue-many jen efl'- c ed' ' " -
will sail about the first cT Ftbruary.7 ; ( such cbaf"grs' irl ib man aW ment o f the finances What an ample fund for the redemp'ioaio'' ,h e
Get man papers, to the l'b instant, have been (or public revenues). as woQkl put in jeopardy the i public debt,' the inlirn.'l drtties,- which Mi-J f r,
received in town. "'There is Ihe strons-t-st, Reason oavment of the do.'.Vestic debt.. Mr. Jr-flVi'son son caused' to be abolish i;d, would, have -vivid d
to conclude from their contentsTthat :the ftnssia, s. (Seems to hav been aware of ihesf ; aonrebens'ions : 1 some iiubnnent mav fci foimed from what rteiy
And as nr
sious, xo sooth suspi
ject in bi inaugural speechj on the 4th of March
eighteen htindred, and- one, when (the greatest
calamity which hrrs befallen our country) he
continuingheirvictoriius chi eerjHave crossed the
Vistula, and -d anced into the heart of the, Prus
sian states. V The greater part of M Grand Ducby
of W'arsa w $.' acljfiowledgedv tri Ji i vc been evacua
,'td, and that the French were retiring to he for
tresses ptf . the Vistula. Ve Suspect, however. 'entered on the office of PiesidenC of the United
they will not make any halt before they enterSaxo". t Stales..: In, that speech he'.' made a declaration of
ny. .- - l
iv been aware of these appreiensio.nsl'!s9nej'v'gin'ntway I,m from what l ie
wan knew" better liirw, by. fair profes-1 passed ui the ' l loiise of Herns- raatives of the X
kh suspicion -he introduced this sttb. States- Mr 'EiW (a mocvatic .mtner. froi
c U. .
January 26.
Bal'imorelsuctresttd -the txpetiiencyot mr
a dutv on sbifituous bnuprs distilled within the- L'
nited Su'ies. much t,he reattBt part of wjcbis j
whiskey. Dy iHw calruJi6ntBeh a dotv.o u
W'25 -cents a callon'rwhich is less thai) blioyv !
his political creeds or what be 'called "The essen- f paid oy the pVihers jnechanlcs, sailor aticl
liar principles i'nur l;ovenmellt.,' Amtg these Ibourers qn indnear, fbe seat oard, oo all ' IJf
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