North Carolina Newspapers

    i 25 "
icst rojc J.b.cdause St Was duoscrousto attempt o
thf m inv. ? -it-. - ; V7"
ot as .-a men
J lies; partial 4U '.cesses are a cause -
MifuliH r,'n i no uvic, th in il Uad capiuiiV;
.v ..... vi leitr of Vtl-n- tnemjr mo! combat
, ,Vl would havtpiovd the superior course of
ALiettet Qr curI Cat what c ,use cf ,m!
' ....:;. doe it affjrd. when we ' know That re a instate
fn?nl m York; which states ibat there is verr
, 1 ! iv.fiv. t'-fift tkciion of Mr. BayLc (peace
candidate).;. Mr 'BasseH. I'he . elccti.-n "iom.
henccd tu Gloucester on Monday .--.AV. Ledger.
Ivi t3 fr
, dxrotfc, April 10 "
Cadis jjt The 20ih of February
n.itain ha 250 su'.h ships, and that, learn n
wisdom from expienty, ane will send th.m ou:
in such nurobcJ-as will dely llv
Vrtioc , -mi,W 'seamen
VVr hve rhR;c g'reaier a-.idTiv" "VihaUer ; fri
j.afc8tfif the whole frrJis id w .combined, the
would not, wi'li-mt rash'i and ctrtimi-deslruc
The capita! t out nation is now blockaded, air!
thi( nlock'i: nevei can- and never will be raiv!
by any fjivfc we now posses; or can create dur.
Jjigthv3r. . , . ' -J"
. vVho d inces, and who pays the piper ? .
The I'rcsident dances, for he has hi 25.GOO a-
ar, vvht'her the country thrives or is jin.o. i.
fs;, -Jand ru.n d ;h has ttie p.fronag'- of thou
lands f appointments created bv th- wai.
GsU .Dearborn nccs. for be receives an enor.
mous Srthry, animations and perquisites.
G :n. VarnuTfi dances, for he has two or thrte
Hons in' 'pu no ofI;rs.-., .
IV.,.. Kinj? dances, for he is empl , :0 in rai-
ting troops, and perhaps he has an-iicT head, TJce, it is ..!. at J-i.
aFw.e.Sel! cai'le, fur Mrliiny men to the govern m oi nini: ve v.ixy Mme of
mem. to sinlllheir blorn! in a disastrous war
All the contractors, militarv officers, cororni
6ariea 'd other rfpndtin8 in the &rnn dance,
nit matce their. I'.uncs at h' ru' na tXpens
.J. But the farmers, fifehertniM aiid iDechahic fiay
the liir. VV pay it by ,r - .;n fall r-f our
farms, viir produce and our I." o Some of us tlo
not yet f:el it, and we are wak eivuh'to b' I'-ve
h-'t theay of rekontnj vill never f'me W
4 arv like silly mrn, who, so lon as '.lv'y s
- money 'n mofttcae, rlive if lux vr ofj.
demii'Kin would never arrive. We shall soon fiiH
the sh ;if at the c'oor, tvhen ve are unpr rreti
AVe noV psiy the pip' T, :n;'the. increas-.4 prire
,f foreign ariftles, our ti"i - a. ea, stivjar and En
glish 'goo'isas well ttri -l'inioistie' vah :f somt
of oirV'iM'dMucts, lumber d.o'lvr urtirlcs'j
bur we sh'dl next vn-rner fetl it in th- dirtct
taxes, vhich will in July nex; h. levied oo our
1 aft'lu'd cat-le, t an vv-unt. thre c or fo ir times
th l ot oiir state tax. You have iho't it v.uhf not
Com; : voj are deceived
at the SptoisCovernmtnTTiaidTJeen fpv
; .nk previous thereto, occupied in discussing
prosi t -i (icclarinir war ag.dnsi the UtiUvd
ates. ari i scuing 41 :nericaii propcrtV 0
!jm!!s nw-4i;oiH!5!!itM was tinally reittCU.dJOFL.
ather delayed. ; This me.s1arcwli'po!d in
cofiseque ce "of the hostile measures of on.' gn-vif-nmer.t
ltspe-.r g Horida, and which ,he wis
lorn and intciv i y of the.Senate, iV is bcli: ved. de,
Icarcd. N-y-nl-'g n tmre certain add wiose d'
vices, thi.uf Mr Midi sun succeeds iii his piati of
a Last rtundai that we shall have war cith
Spain. '
me same nices ais state that a prepn
J . . . . Wilmington, April 8.
ivnunuig iiuui taut luicnijjcuyt wi, ic
c;ived 'hV morning by express from Hover, da
te 'April Th. . . '
: tUllawjnff jre coDiea of two despatches re.
ceie-t he one' at 3 o'ejock, and the other at D
o'clock this moininj; by the Governor command
ing Lewis Town. lfou no doubt will give them
imrfcduie publicity. . ' '
r-!5 S...H. BLACK.
Head Quarters, at Lewis TowhrApril 6.
This iveninj; the Belvideraand iwo small ves
sels camt close into Lewis and commenced m
attack by fi ing stveral shjots into the town, which
have been picked up 4afier which a flag was sellt,
to which the following reply was returned.
- 8fR. -
'' In re nip tn th rnnrftl nf vmtf Umant ulik
rations are making by L-J VVelliui on. m which 1th addition of a "supply of water,"-1 havtMo in.
he wppnrted ny the Spanish - ati'.,,, for com ! t,jr.n you that neither oan be complied with. This
mencinrr a mot.cMvC andt.tve planot n.Sitt you muit be sensib,c of thcrcfare j must
r uons against the French i- S .. Me ".-u'.o ,(st ,hat.thc attark on th inhUtMH.. .J .k-
h btiili wunvon and cruel. I have the honor to be
your obedient servant,
! - 9. B. DAVIS, Col. Com.
Governor Ogit i of AfW Jersey .
Ex'ract, of a lei'er t om a gtnUeman of New
Jciey, ti tht liidiior of the .United States Gazette.-
' " , "...
I ouserve that the democratic papers have sta
he li si of March.
breuk u; his cati'.onmenu
Fram our Cj; wflonde at at Richmond
' ' A;. I 7 MI3.
Br an "xpr-. s, .vno arrieii last oiaiv hi thi
ish i(j'M'i.i)!i. nns:jt
whi.'.h ,vci ft s -iy,v
f'iatv oeiherTwi' h .nr1 n-nder, au! iU'uUT
pfisr.-s, a St itfV I. . l eveini; tat at
the mouth' of vi. Ra,uah:Tnoi-k on Sunday ted that (M.n k i:. i.,- ne.r iemler. .vitt vcv,ralbar. p:JllUalenf ofma: Leneraj. j can asSlire yoru
.-in-pursuf?..-fwM,rii-AteeM ai;d to letters of that thrs publications have been made without
uiirque, said to be fiom Baln.nore, ueeplv laden, any a thority. He lias -not -cceotel the apo&iot.
a.idoound to France 1'nae ben almost a calm. mcut.le transmitted his answer omV titns
one of rhe vessrU wu so-n ortakcni with the sir,Cc to the wan deparirot;n,, who it seems have
others a ev-re c. ifl ct en.., .: vhich lated up- ot thought proper to m ike it 'known.
w;nla of twot hous when hj A-";trtcan Vessels, .
oeing .inmanaeab!' on accouti of -he calm, were . RUSfAM Ml'jiHATION. '
cap'red. It 'wa'-. not ascerta-,,ed,. when (he ex- " The prese.u dan is. we uuderstand, to annoint
press ca'ns -way, what the lo s Kid been, on either commissioners to.nieet those that" it s -xpecttd
I 'J- On Sjnday, the British with two barges at- nU ;e m h . iked to act on behalf of Geat Bri-
-np-ed a landing n the Lancaster idc, Sut wv-re Ui , v t. FetersSurg. Mr Gallatin is to be one
! :ten buck Of 'he militia they aft. -r wards. J O. -.Um h n:ir. n, r.,wi
I r. h. remlorcement of ten barges, tRected a tli-r .:ird So it is Tiaid and this pet son not
1 dtng."' , , - kmwn, we take it, will be the minister to P'rance,
' who U to be smuggled like conrtabaftd of war,
vVe have 'seen a letter from Gloucester corro. t his place ofdesiintttion ni 'he ft iff of truce
oraiin, the aTiove statrm?nt
sarm of ftHlft turliea Aeif arMal ha ; J
aijains. the fint provinces of thi st tmpiri,
mnirl . '1
i.:u . : t. ... y . . i
"" ' nava, oeen caiKBAtO tlelnd. The
have in a few werlu, in spte. of he tears ind
despair of the unfortiinate Muscovites, burnt
w a. r l t r . .
un- jiuy oi iocir nnest citit-s-inei-enyZi,
satiating their ancient hatred and all under Yh;;
Pretext of retarding mir murk-uml t: '
us by a desart. Tt have triumphed over ullthcxv. i
obstacle!. . ; ; . ; '-v;'"
- -T,--v.. V. .'.VIBVWT., 1H
four days they have annihilated the labor arid '"r
camiMg, ui tony generations, did not at all cbansfl V;
,tl. Yrtf..t...w . . rf1 1 ft ' I ' . ' ;-,
v... (w.j-viuuj suit; in my untirs , out me pre
mature and excesses rigor of the winter, ha A
thrown upon my army a tremens ou calamity. tn
a few nighia I have teen every thing changed t-C
hav- met . with, great, losses ? They ; would .have -K
broken my heart,. if, under 'hese -great circum."
stances, J had oeen susceptible to any but the
interests and future lory ofm people,
' It is. with htely' satisfaction that Ve h 4ve the i
people of the Kingdom of Iid'y, tfi .se f rtrient
Holland, and its departments re united In i.ival Y ;
ship to the ancient French ; and iWn .tjj th-t there f$i
is no,ftope for them uHheir In ure prispi-ruy, but
in the consotidation and triumph of the gran.i
The agents of England prop.ia'.e with all ow
neighrxrs, the spirit of revoltja linst-sove'eigns.
England would now wish to sec the. wholecon i
nent a prey to civil war. and -o all the furies of 1
ai arrhyj byt ProVidcnct has designed hei
the first victim of amrr.hy ah l e-ivil war. I have
just signed with the Poofe an agreement w;,icb ?
will terminate all the diSFeiences which hv. n.
happiiy arisen in-the Church- The f rtnch dy.. ,';
na6ty rrighs and will reign in Sp. in. I did sati ,
isfied with the conduct' of all mv allte-. I will "
j-iot abandon them. I will main-am ih iniefritv '
of their states. The Russians shall center their" -
frightful climate. - " 1
At 'the views "of the evils which h ,ve fallen upon ;
us, the joy of England has beet great. Her
hopes ha-e had no hounds She offered our finest ; !
Drovinces as a rccnnL- ke.k fur trasnn Sl, (1
. - I V .. ,
r.j - . i. ,. . ..
iwt" o tuutiiiuii mr peace, me aismemoer
menf ;-f thiv fine Empire', It was, in i h r wordst
to procKti.n erpctual war. The energy of my '
people under these great facidintsj th u h'.u 1-,
ment to the integniy of the empire ; .he. love
they have shewn me have dissipated 'Vi:
I have read ajttri'' nets adds, tht the Privateer .figured waa tht Dolfihin bert' ' vViJaon, will' be two of. the British commis-; meras and has brought our euemiea to a niof
of v'dKves, and vou will feel it son us tcrtain, of Ba imor-, 4md thai seventy men wr kulcd sioners ; the stme 'Shr Robert that Bonaparte'-. sense of thing
as S,Jd
made honorable mention of in one of his bulle-
V K 1 D A Y, APK I L i 6 rH 3.
Auxi.irieH. Some of the war party in our state.
J);"i. i..ily in this district, probacy dfSjjinr;
Ot .rss at the ensuing election from h-tr ov v.
ex,." ns, have oen eager to resn.i i l-jreig-if
an ,r .cure asstnce towards thoit design;.
fru'n iher states and ' even doiiv..Qih.c: coumries.
In 'lie last Kcfti ,ter we oVervCd a" letter r,f Vjr
Bolling H.l), one of the" Georgia mem ;e-s ol
Congress, directed pr incipally eg in&tH char-
ler and stai.riing ol hi brother tK-m-c t, ?r
Stanford. The mai.ii -r of this letter's appear
nce,ts object, and the quarter from he ce it
proceeds, are not a TtttTc singular and esti'uon'
uary. I: will occasiof) not a li'M; uiiube . . i
.citizeps 'of tluv district, ihv.' Q K K Jlo:grtss
jm.n alou'.d e etdis'e - om hro ii- in;o the eltc
tionecttng rarnp: . to xtrcise nd dfiM h,
into, proper rii' oiuHir.ion VVt Jtrrcv r,ot iv.
true it is, be' we n -vt been tola hut this fi.
iiiii, who no pretends to mstrtte. y- l)eo,,i,. f
the si te hov : , yoie . was fortii rly' i,i
teachi .them jht. pcfitte accomplhhmew'i :o'.' danc
ingi .tie shoulemember. "oh,: however, tiu
the (it, men rJt Oranxe and Wake a-id prraon
whom he wou:d lead by the Hose, .re no longer
j"uii masieu, learnmg how to p.m rhc toe a d
but American ci z ns uhn wilt
r ;.t Will t I.e;
listen io areumenf 'and Hiao m. ntc -r r... .
ihey extend noc..u Penance to ofliciou acvis
ra Br.d self-conceit .0 iriJtrnie!diers.
The. enfmy alsohnded on Ginn'alsland,'nd"tin stahil .hus :
visited 10 purchase -ome stock, which the inha. Mr. Gallaiio; &c. go 10 St PeLrsburu for the
b;.itt refuse ! to f.t'. oish -tiiey to k what ihey Pu po4 of negotiating a general fiejcty 4iid that
in return, tot the frie idlv mediatorial .e! vices ten
dercd by Rnssia, odr, intrrmite i -to be tendeied
to Russia- in tjchad r.f Knrand ahd France. Mr"
M.i.h.. on's revolt aT? the idea of a r5a
ia-eiirjce. as the great contest for the liberty of
ait se ii, a irt f r the universal ri-ht of exptria
'1011 is a common caus.:, aiid the sword must .iot
bt sheath J, until e tery ination, to which the
convme.nai bjtcm has Oeeti rx. ended, is include '
ia a gencr.;tavangemetif "f pacilkatioiu
VI m ....
cnut.i co4iect. 2ni iclt the value in nv,ney.
We tlii;ikit is now eviden Vbat is iliu plan
oTTv jy far r wiii.'rh we aie 10 t. h in whir h
beai The b
no; be diciaed to by any- man
III 1 !
Goud Svrv Cilman. th
federal nnrl ru 0
candiciKr, ha, been elected fjovenor.' of N.:
-mpnire.;y a majruity of one thousand
wver i:mmiv,tr ; the wa - candidate.
bcs cl tht ltislaipr;:
?re also 'federal.
ill,i'ni I)aan ',PJ oi.itf d,, ftnd has accept
ungauier Ucricral of the ll $
rmy. ,
It ia fat.
. ' W.- is to bt carried on at
.. ''fr'f.-'B, ior tti
are ti,
" :-ct. ..... the pnr ofthe American'.g.ern
t: v?l ; argoct-tiotv which f to bt carried on .
ht rt stf . ration of peace.
an ele
r -rkade of Bostoi., turns out to be a s'.
'a-TX-at-d eir-K"- k, ii..' .
7 -. - 7 . M"iuwi,rais.
n eier n .ring scheme or for some other oi.rl
pose by F-vfligatinviduals- : , ""P '
o rthtythave progressed the aspect if
'7' - -X -hdiratin to th.
vjniy one
ri mo . rn
distrirt'hJa h..n v -r .uancoipu's.
hlii r ; .". r oai' ,n hal otte
lh.rtn.Ar!? C.n t? of Prmcess Anne, v hrr-
, wry. v l,,r P 11 stood - - .
lor Swepsor, Whitehead
About 1 50 of th, ir...,.Mjs; r :,:
jl, ,1 j- ..wiuiui-ii vi 1 riit.hi,
,nu"' at,t
noiniti r cx, te jnore harrassing. t he pLn
.;ie eiv my appiiirs t. be that of cot ing off all
cominunLatioii with different iarts of the -. .u
rr, andtuis by re.s3 i of onr spacious bay .i J
nvcrs, and hi sti;'e. ;Of ruval fores, he-cn do.
By 'his means: -our .;;.Jan.i navigotion by craf;s
vill be broke tip," ,ur' f..reig'i an coaling li altr
' a! really' adnthilji.-.i.
We should lik-. -o k-iow, what thosi- wtio de
nied that the is ot tlic .vati w-whl be Siich
Fhe misfortunes vhieh lh ricrnrnl ihc rllmstj." '
produced, has sVtewn in it fullest extenlr thw
grandeur and solidit) of h s Bmpir founded f?
uf.-u nit nnj to a 0,1 wit 4)1 iniv ivirious citi
zens; aod upon .he er i' rial resources of t'iflr
finest countries of-tiie' world. .
I desire peace. It is ne(fessry to the wor!fk
F ur 'irrus since th'- rapmrt itt fdluAe-dtha
treaiy of kn$, ' 'nve m ' -v, c e' s.
lwi; rie-ev make njr '.tr h 00 r bl peaccTaHii
cui.l nm-'ii1!' o h ir.tetn . ' gr..t.'0 ur :iy
enip te. My ;iolicv U u . uijsTerious. I nuv
ma'e k iO'vji the o rifices I can make -long1
us this ma. nunt war s'.l ' intin.,-., m . oplo
ou'gi.t T bold tlv te!ve- re;v!y t..- '-.U: -.very
sacrifice lor a bad eace would mvkc .s i- a. all,
even hope : and .-.11 will he com. tomr"-d tveo
the welfare of our posteri'y,
Amcica has recurred td arms to ause the
sovereignity her flag to be .respected. Vho
wishes of the xio ld accombanv her in this At
r S - V ----- r-
The fijllowinjr extract will bs found in a letter.
a tta - oppose r rre.'icwd, will V.u.v ..y. The ne Cory of wnich is bow in the Foreign Olfi.e
.ulvo'cs for th- ir Said, k-v.V'e hait carry on , hi IfWion. from' the French Ad. Willaum.
an xeuiiv; U-vcin tradNi'' to. all . pfts of the 10 the Frcath Minister, in Washington : da e 1
vi).id(the d"hii-iirni? .f Britain excot-i Havana Oct. 26. 1606.
e ) there will re-nun (iA our v.vnuhlf. ' u I have iut aonrehLnded f
f rio .s contest. If it terminates in oblisine the en
i;oa-iin- trade, and oitm'i.enil trade 1 -Poor - itf f'omtne VpUftteiut frigate - whkh I found on-'.emy tb?f Continent- to recognise, the prin iple
short sighted mortals.-how do events mock Jit 00H'! a'' Vm.-ricm b ig, where they had eiigg .-'that the fla shall protect the merchandize and
Vo ir calculations ? nd yet y u claim ihe c l at set .ni..n 'dollan per month. Now, Sir, if crei and that neutrals might '.ot to submit. to
ic tc of he-people, as if al. your "plans had 8uc,-7iMUn succeed in making the American govern PPr blockades (all conformable to the treaty
1 i.:: and your ptedi i is been verifiid. nietlt pay town a jcompviisaiion for this misr.on of recht,) America will merit- the applause of
V ju jS Ailkt us have Gviu Boats to 'defend our duct i seducing thua our seamen, you will pun- tb : world. Po-iterity will say tha; the ancient
oarooir,, it- is madness to thi k of meeting the Srt !' 7 nwkiog n-sm .rt m that point in. which worltl t"St its rights, and the new world hath
e.) my on the octan, and Ueiiold our " gallant na 11 fei nwst, vie. its avarice in inoi-ey i'und ' re-covered them.
Vnai'morthe enemy on tbeocea't, end baten with so.' much the more justice, those people hav : . y minister of interior will make known to
ii n h?uev?r it h,s met !itn ind yiar Gun l! for three yeara past ecn contintttlly injurinf; fu'in the expose the situation of the empire, tho
Soa'.s nave bee'-Aisless. You we will olaiit -.-wttl- Vibe by atdueio-r -Dir best men from lis." prosperous state of agriculture, '. of manufacture
out -stan-lard on the-wall id tiofh.r it, thi.. '"" : t and. ot our interior commerce as wll asih corr
ototjU-s afrcr -the ieclara ionof wai and behold
uu have loft three armies, a territory, and
p3ft ot a sTsr-rj- So, too lor revenue
culate -.:.! '5,000-000' of "dollars fom impoii
his j.c ar wncct ivill it come from'
the peopti rieslre a vfe .ro'uswr. or an
peace, a r,hanje ia their rulers is equally ad. et FhiUdeipha, tram Lisbon f r VV'ashingfon, (N. 01 h,unc: ,?,! propose to you, 1 hop . not
viseable. - When have evi .lei c!. of inccmpe put onboard of her CapuCroudhill, and Pose MT nr v bnrth n; art mr peop e.
te.o'cy .o piaitily. demonstrated by'-, he starte ofour gave aer. up to the crew. T he Eliza B: was af ' '-' " "IJI",' 1. -.'. .HJ.-i
ananvit approaches to infatuation if we do not lerfds captured by. the privaretr Joel Barlow., , Navigation of Roanoke,
TvHil'offfseTrca of lheehtinr n Ivotfr..,.,- ...i.T '." t hd rtcaDlured bv the frnifif.- IVf nrrr'iana 'nur1"7ai, f '
T '7 I . . . . ' 0 wo'""- c-ni . ,i:Pi
union. . - Jseuger, : ocu uiw ocimuua. - 1-
t anu oi our interior commerce, as wU as ih corr
The shb' Gitisen, La.a.a Croudhill, of George-LBlant 'ncveas; ... ?f population. In no age ha
t.jwn, from St. Ubes lor i.Iexandrila. with salt, wit agriculture and manufactures been in a hiehefr
. You cal- captured on the 15th January in Ut. 35, loi g- l, degree f prosperity in France, 1 .
impo for -by the .Erepch frigate L- t)rirt and Runk. The 1 havc nccd ofg'ea; resourceTto meet the' ex-'
Whether "igate had also captured . he ship Fair American. iences hich circumstances,. exact, but otwidu .
honorable l'Oin. N York tor Cadisf'aivl the schr. Eliza H. Manainc the ditterent means which mv-m-tiister -
.0 im
Bi.nioaK, April 3.
iMPoUrwr l.-)Rw HON.
-3inibly, t tr i' ed n a. ,1 f. ir q jiie
Ni . !;i.;.io i of Roanoke River, from theV.wC.of
i l!;fax to the.placirwhtreahe Vjrgmia' line in,
te r. sects. ihe same,"the undersigned. Commission
ers named in, the said acl f r the city of lUhigto,
havc onenwd a Book for Sub criotions for Shares
in the Capital Stock for accompUhing the saiddi.
; This morning arriv'cu 1 1 .his city from Salisbti
ry, North Caiohna, on thiir way to Forts Moul.
!tri.. ttlld JahOSOO. atlS hand anrt frtrln am f.n
. .. , . -.... w'.b. vr yi 19 iiiiv
ay capt, ,vfems, direct from Han pton, we lokmg solaiera as we have ever seen. They aft
learn that tht Briton squadron still retained th-ir ol .he 2d Untied State Rtcimtnt'of Artillery,
f t- b '"-r."'-r wa.,.n wuiiiuanaca oy. wiaior i'OKNhT
r:l in.J-jmes River was hailed durr , -. VVe understand capt. Dineho'a company i d- s
MiK,i,v.v7 wfsiaiurKnwvjn a CftOOt.
TtM they- wereLnlihh
ting thern, replied in the
irnmeoiatciy caine on bord, an-r mfo It uinnl I Inrmtl. iU..,
1 ..-. .v. v. 'im UH115, iiiev- .1- nVrtfTr
Boyl.n "
The proposed Capital Stock is-limited to 100
h th; o q" ivS it 1 S.Q0 dollars, divided into share, of iOOol "
irir r ?"?.ty :wt,Jtme!- -Afr - ij. to be heldatSkalifax on the 4th Monday in Oa-
,. ...!. . ' .1 . . ' .
vouiu ur.ssugfc tne wnnes ; tha. 2 jO negroes i
were embiirtied n.i exerciser in -iqu-dsai niht T
ik. ....v.....r . . .. . . ii '
ivii' 7 lucnnoiicu pjrucuiar lnaivi iuils who should
be their first 'victim, t li captun ol the vessel
detauud them - for some time. ekerriMimr rhl
. . - - , 1 1 a
s wovas, c until hei obtained thr ' w hole
pwu oi ,nt corrsptiacy, when he seiz ' ujtm,
a, 1 a,ve ''JW conhxiecl in vVilliamsborouirh
t Glfjucester Court House, an attemDt was
. ade by the bLcks to murder three slaves who
tu osed ti join in the conspiracy Sevi
of horse h id bc:n ordered out to seiz-j
Eighi tiegroe's had been condemned to be hang
iu .Va.thews' counlv. for ntrafinai.n.r
. ' - r-
lisho.eii m the niglit, and robbing a Mr. Job-.
Rmlt v' i ' . ' ' - .-. I : "
:mood. : v . gm to ot il v- e - karn rom capt ems that the British
The editor to wived lctttr fiim -W iiU on HoB l iakena few ankles of
. lclw Irxa J tnttlli. jhttl9 wnscfjojeoct, and rctrcatetj. .
tober next ; and if 40p shares, be -.opt subscribed
before, or at saidm"thiv. all aqbsbriotions ma le
to be void- I But if a sufficient number of h.fa
be then subscribed, a Company is to be orgu iz
ed, under the title of 77ie Rotnoke JVaMgauju '-
Paris, Teh. 16.
The Emperor fapoleon ajipeared before the Le
r.. U. - . . i . - - -. ! . ' . i .
. Ji"-'- C ' Haa. on every shnre subscribed, "and tne runn.
Gentlemen, ihe. Dthutiy or the LegUhtivt Body, jder whn called upon, except that more mat' 33,
i ne war tekinaied in the North ot Luropc . of- -3 dollars cn a share not be called for iu-Miyone'
year It. KVVl.LL,
tere;i favorable occasion td the projects of the
English Ujion the Peitinsufat'. They haVe made
gteat efforts which have proved abortive. Their,
army has fallen before the city of Burgos, andaf-
several troops, jer liaving-sustained great Idsi, has evacuated ton, Kty.
tiZi usPccted all- Spain I, myself, entered Prussia . The I ford, Rc
April 10. "'
Snbc'ription Books are piso.opentd at Eileij"
nouilvAVindsoi, llalif.x Wariicntoi.,Oi-
ii opatn. I, mysellentered Prussia . The I ford, Rotksorouh, Caswct- C. House, WuA
rrench.armi-s have been constantly victorious in i wortn and Germantos, imderth- dirtcti r. of tliri
the fields of Ostrowno, of Polotsk, of Mohilow,of
Smolensk, ot tMokcoW, of M-lo.iarQs!oet. No
part of the Russian army has been able to stand
tefore our - eagles.. Moscow has LUen into our
jower, "r , u ... , ... , : .
When i the boundariea of ' Ituviia were forced,
od (be iocpacit jr -of 'hnr'vlei ajccminJ, a
Commissioner at eacp"p!aH
Will s. and' at twi .t -fiv ,i liars ' nnd ho twen
ty dollar.aHhe seas jn as . ironroubly p--inTcd ia ,
the biW5 - ". HF.Y COITEN".
TirUorooh, Mw 1913

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