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JMirpf jDrvfM., i'2
FRIDAY, MAY 21,' 1813.
No, 894
Jl is VI A UK. ff IK L T'i NL
TV ''. Uijfcv. frin Europe is calculated to Gen. of Heligoland, dated 23d March
ir m tt hteitst than any which has reached
L t i un; Vilt p. on Kroum oi cvem,
, i wTr".iirg ncfyi'cal evidence of great
:.?.! ctangr in 'hv Mttmim of the worlJ.
m 4iteiX of Iini'aTtc tn H jswa I been so
!. u wit it out of his power to check
. if iu ilussiana by even a shew of
WVrever the . Rasstan armies ad -c
ibcv'Csl friend.-, l were eager for
ri: a tst eoa or dehvcnoR tnetn
Im ma. i-ou j(reii mat man erer
. It. t..l m tlui IftitiAf llaivk
l,VRt HI B'Hl 11M V" "- 1IM vi pimi
rUM' Ui rmrttd HaroHurj;, and the
T-t. Cuxlurtt Tae Vg t lruau nad
t.ieJ foi the narc wbkb Boonparte" had
4 f- Lifb. and ia n tn aBiJicc Ub Russia ;
p f v c bi(fc aaid to bave agreed to fur
prJiAt titjerateiJ battheMthuMm
it V ar caa auprJy uy deficiency in the
art et th fravn. rheavcdiah expedition
, , Downing Stiver, March 3D, 181.
A letter of which the following are extracts, has
thii day been received at Bail Baihurst's Office,
addressed to hisLordship, by Col. Hamilton, Lieut.
" In my letter, dated 17th insK I had the honor
to represent to your L irdship, that in consequence
of the effect which the glorious succesu of the
Russian arms produced, and the favorable reports
irom different parts of the Hanoverian coast, I de
termined immediately to lake every step, which
the inconsiderable force at my disposal would ad
mit of, to promote the great and just j cause.
Lieut Banks proceeded with two gun brigs re
inforced bynwo a.rjeants and 30 veterans, to Cox
ha-r from' which the French had departed with
great expedition, after destroying (ill their gun
boats, artd. dismounting the guns from the strong
works constructed for the defence of the harbour.
On a summon from Lieut. Banks, the castle of
Ritxehuttle, and batteries of Cuxhaven were sur.
rendered, to be at the disposal of his Majesty by
the Burghers; and the British and Hamburg Rags
were immediately displayed.
- Major Konteinger, "an officer perfectly qualified
lor auch a mission, was sent to Cuxhaven, having
the Kreat theatre of war between the Vistula arjd
iviMi LrPmerania, which Vapoleon
? .i v trryivly tia.ed mtiia a. d Denmark received instructions tc communicate as soon as
! j .tv J c.MttL4o2ttoo, but they had t!e ' ptwstblei with the Russian General and the Strnate
.4 is tfctrim iwioato be nruiral, and had of HamburghY nd thi officer was immediately
' ..i,4 iiIakU. vku-h mv Kecnn&Llrr. foIDwed hV a nt ft-nm tho Rth ku iI
wm ' - ' r r , w " W - j - -w , . j i - . v . a a a w w k . a . J 1 mm
the Elbe. , Th accounts which they afford are of
course unofficial, and must, therefore, in come
degree, partake of the usual characteristics of
rumor ; but, alter makiug due allowance Tor
this circumstance, enough remain to satisfy us
that the Russian arms, and the irreat cause of
national independence, are advancing with the
most triumphant, and almost unresisted progress.
One of the most ting and curious facts,
which our private correspondence, communicates,
is, that the Great Personage lately arreted on
the continent, and who has been the subject
of so mucMpeculation " various journals. i no
othet than th Prince Royal of Bavaria. This
Ulusui 'and patriotic princ has been long
known at an inveterate' enemy of Bonaparte. A
bout two. years ago he was put under arrest, in
consequence of being discovered to have formed
a plan for a new confederation of the German
States, in opposition to the Confederation of the
Rhine, and, with a view to rescue his country
from its degradation. He, at that time, Showed
a clear insight into all the objects, views and mo
lives pf the oppressor of Europe ; and would pro
bably'have experienced all the severity of his ven
geance,' if it had . not been for the intercession of
the father of the King of Ba varia, one of the most
abject, and at the same time, most powerful of
The immediate cause of, the prince's arrest
il -rttry '! Wrung into tb war teran battalion, and a supply ot aU he Arms, Bsc in the present instance, is said to have been a
lttjnj fpiun wiig BptitHCTHw-uuu who uui uuii? ciupiuycu oy ms gar- letter winch he addressed to his lather, on the
f k9uUB enge, sod walti nson. disasters of the French campaign in Russia, en.
U .9 f4 iBtfjcirts ci ne jMMnCTeiiw,j nc loyai people oi nanomer wno nave been soltrCating his Majesty, in the -most pressing terms,
. mU ttiffrftto joy thebler-long oppressed display every where the Br: co.!lo abandon the iniquitous cause of France for
Cf a-f aodiowinrrce. y . iana v. k. upon their Habitations, j on the that which had in view-the . liberation f Rnroi..
W- !V rJ'rT4 tlist there U imtl na Wc-titr, the mhabitaots of that pri of the country ! oW Ronanarte hecame MEsesaed of t'hi ltt,r
m not stated : the fact' is, Jiowever, pretty well
established, that he not only obtained a copy of.
its contents, but caused its author to ' be arrested
.t::f U. r afxciy u uiti, io naa iwraiiicu in consiucraoic numoers, ana took the
s4 !wr en wac u s fcl the iron band of Na- atrong nd important battery and works at Bremer
ctTtnytkt ta all the caxeucs which lee; and i corps of about 1500 French, havin?
. can ncfm. urate, we cannot for taasetnuled in llts vicinitv. which thteatencrl tn rt.
mjA.t bat u lului e cares am nc con taue tne uattery. application was immcda'e v mat's
! it wfcif. Kor can it be SJp-'to Maj- Ken jfmger for assistance, who having
g fct l th a m p5J?it, t iraant md tagent hi peo left Cuxbaven with a party of the soldiers in
j I i uraica aiiue otnvcrsncc waggons, wjs met .y these brave and gallant
... ecig4i be disposed to put an men, wuo gave him the pleasing intelligence,
t h -r s-tkurjv W do cot bUeve that the enemy had marched off in great haste,
1 f f.m m'um- un tae wppressitn in conaequcoce ot the landing of the British
t t Xim iijg vml an lei, arubotlt an ira troops, which were reported to amount to a con
I 'ira ta U f mKh IjQgcr concealed, sidarable number.
Ot -tivfi . , . -t did tat leKitnatc sove ! Baron Cc Tennenborn, ol. Commandant of
ff-C . t -a ..c ( ' of kac predecessors,, a corps of thai -division of the Russian army, coin
JurtttMi-lwJ.j tA.! thirMficat aKl good ' mandd by Count Wittgenstein, entered Ham
$ St ? nfjmt t attwen, in bts address to the s burga oft t be I8U1 inst. amidst the acclamations
trt..!ku,-f:Whv anflae l-atad in ibis dy.s and every demonstration of joy on the part of the
ps s. "itu 4d. ts el ihc character which icitirens : in consequence Of this happy event, the
tl be t innista.iale no innovations 'aniient govenrnt-nt has been restored, and a
la t pwaat rir .4 h'S2S, than wba: must jraail for Lngland is now diapatched from that ci
b 'is""at? aa-MO rtaptct tha rights of pro-y." , . ,
ir r:.r&s aJ iitciga aid. To circu- L. Pt aait, Feb. 6 To day his Majesty the EtV
W 1 att f m Ttaaca will be at once difficult peror of II the Russians arrived here, at the
ar - iV- t ;c e'4 be'ei.ctlited. A the; bead of all the guards, and a division of theTSi'
p t 4 ,vtiA drtiniihts, bis enem'tet mul- corps of Granadicrs, forming together 28,000 iWen
w M Um ctat aMUterwry A bulm. Unanimous, acclamations of joy accompanied his
tifet I'aiatt af St Cud- Yesterday evening e received the following
i--ht. uart, f Lu.k Spain, are find information by an extraordinary oDDortunitv from
-r .. t " y
t r ra its; uKcsert reunng irum ine uerun
fis m'nv uJtersdo, think that
tti w, eb 4 bave jctuntd, and others
t,rf a a tjsattd, aaa-i.'. i( (i.SUlt to
v4 ba k-Uted ttpoa the laatsl w
uf nmmulirir our
1, - , " " m ! . .. - T npniii
we ters4 well xntrw. uui as i in ine evening at me tneaire,, ana were receive
cmutdcrcd th? success of bo- j with great applause." ''-'
fktlWa auirtipn a.l inaiiiuiKi, sot vaivision oi uussi an troops, saia toDe unaer
, K A fUUt aS tQC Bik-ep IwnMlus iuc uciimuuuwi a v.uuiiiianu, iau.c na iuuic
., .mri peace aiKl hapines foi j through Alecklenburgh. The Count Marshall
. iV.tll aUt rCi.y icu , n uiuuun muu iuckii uiai. ociii ii vm ticiice
.si :b alteied state tf liurope has ; with this information toRosteck
J tiuu4 of duuvttc respecting oen. vv lnzingeroaf arrived at toritiK, 8 uer.
TthFcMliwTMat'twtiii. Dresden, on
w The Russians entered Beilin on the 4th inst.
8i ea ta 4t into tbi effect which aU j at 6 o'clock. Only 1 000 Russian infan(ry, under
iMaseiB lrvduce Uioi our own af-; Get- Diebitsch, remained at Berlin, and 7 or aaoo
cavalry pushed through the city.
The Viceroy has retreated throtgh Saarmund
towards Leipzic. Prince Regnio commanded the
Russians, but delivered up the command at 4 o'
rHitel!l he aftenoon t0 Gen- KjdtusoCf, son of the
a.'.4.t b as.
v - -
i i dintf abandoned. t cenamiy vnc oui or an imeview was
tslla v bis example. I he
!Tr: istes't IS one oi vitsi imporiance
of ne continue the war tor
a . . .1 . .
a t. v or more, wc snou nave
ty. tfry r convention at tne eia oi
. ft i.Yi,lTt tlc sner a negociaiion
- trtf ih: sr oner we shall have
1 .un' U j.iicvei cwfesstd, that the public
1;; . V.gbcd hs undergone a consider-
j f tlc war ha 'epinmenced- In
, i .'t ic m:t.U't t s s more unpopttlaf, it
.v c ". ..?.! t opuUi44.auy-Uhe
. .i.t'u'l tv.-tc ii'-t Jtliursiori of war, have
,vi:S.he U'i'.te'd States wascan
. i!u inr,itf sf of iill calamU
.t Vj.s cf no irronrjde rable .!
r,r. ,..'i.thacbteiL 80 for a lofty
1 i t i
t c, an out- txpiiimertsbj impor-
at Wittenbergh
and the Hing of
28ih Feb. On
to take ; place
ween the Emperor Alexander
and placed in ciiifinenient as the only means of
guarding against the Prince's daring and enter
prising spirit, which," says' the letter we have
seen onhesubject, at a crisis like the present,
would be a bost agains him." v
The accounts frona Dennaark' continue to bear
a favorable aspect. Indeed, the King, who has
lately overawed by th French force in his neigh-
Dorhooq, is now nearly in the same state with
respect to the Allies. sBy great and ( continued
exertibns he has collec'ed a repectable military
force, to maintain his independence ; but the to
tal decay of trade, and consequent dilapidation of
htVnncea. readers it utterly impossible that he
should engage in active hostility on Xny great
seal.. The negociations which he has already
opened will therefore doubtless proceed j but,
perhaps, it is of litile importance under exis'ing
circumstances to secure more than the neutrally
ol Denmark. In another point of view the. reli
live situation cf that Court may, perhaps, be. im
poitaot, as affording a medium of communication
with Austria. The last 'letters state, that an Aus
trian oinccr and Dunish nobleman were on the
pointof embarking for this country.
The following proclamation ofthe French Kine
Lciuis XVIII. is copied from a London paper of
the 12th of March i and it... yas thought in Eng
land would have a considerable "effect on the
minds of the people of France at this moment.
1 '' LOUIS XVIII. &e. 4c.
The moment is at length arrived, when di
vine providencet" (ntfsupeTtrcvl
Rfr6ne f St Louis, the devastator of Europe
experiences reverses in his turn. hall theynavci
ho other effect, bat that ot aggravating the calam.
ties of Fianceand wjll-shi not dare to over
turn an odious power no longer protected by the
illusion of victory ( What prejudices or what
fears can now pervent her from throwing herself the arms of her king ; and from recognising
in the establishment of his legitimate authority,
the only pledge of union,' peace and happiness
London, March 9
VVkh the tnost heart.felt satisfaction we have
to announce the official intelligence, that a treaty
offensive and defensive has been sicrned between
the Emperor of Russia and the King of Prussia.
Despatches from Lord Cathcart, announcing this
important event, were . yesterday , received by
gOverrtmentatedn-the-fiib inst. from tHe Hna
kt t
h. ircrar
itiifb ivVfwcdwas m sor ccguier.ed in
.i. t BVa uq-hi live PCOi-le of uy our
sian head quarters at Kalitsch, near Posen. We
hear itiumMedlhatIihMae-ieyaQce also
brought despatches of moment from Lord" Wal-
pole ; oui tne contents ot. ice latter are very
properly kept decret. '
JLiQhehreeJGcitenburEh mails which had
become due, two arrived yesterday. Their con
V fsKri dutr.ot avail the mseres tents, although they have lost much of their in
xefest, m consequence of the accounts v received
by Heligolahd, are nevertheless gratifying, inas-
mach astney serve to conneqr, ana till ap' tne
Uvs,4 ir.Mtncuve measures,
.ich W6 'vrht l'.r.6tcr.a and hcrIonies to
thry coaKT'.xvs- without us, wnicn
i0 i..tvc iaOwbtecl beCjri -The. war
It docs-r.ot aDpuu:
by lue pa-
vbiu measures. n uvi j-..ui.
ni ' thai the sR'uasjasiad:mtion w .s. expected in
. Km-tnd.vor rather that aily iin'inr.tior. of. it had
o made to the British r;ov;j;nincnt ; ;hosvtver
.he silence t)f the pers 'is not evickvvceth.arthe
X vnomer.tdid jiot k:ow it, Cf, -vvl;?rnot im
toi suggesled Ai-.f;rj.... i
geiirnl outline of the late good news The St,
f etetsburgli letter and papers; which come down
t6 thWsdruit. present the detail of military op
erations only to the 1.0th ult. but these include
the-onojpa:ion of Warsaw and Pillau, on the 8th,
the invexture of Thorn on the 7th, and the arrival,
of the Ertperor Alexander at Plezk on the 6th.
inc-tters trom Hamburg by this conveyanct
ire to the JQth inst and those from. Gottenburph
to ths IStluIt is- piincipally from the latter
tlpt w-)earr.f!jc XQffS retg:pt jpciQrre.gpQ oj
which has promises have so often guaranteed
his oppressed subjects i r i
Beincr neither able, nor inclined, ta obtain but
by their efforts that throne, which hisrigl
their -affection can alone confirm .what wishes
should be adverse to those which ne has invaria
bly entertained ? what doubt can be started with
regard to his paternal intentions ? -
The king has said in his preceding deciara
tions, and he reiterates the assurances, uni ine
administration and judicial bodies shall be main
tained in the plenitude ot their pow'trs j that he
will preserve their places to those who at present
hold them, and who shall takeJhe oath of -fidelity
to him : that the tribunals; depositaries Ot the
laws, shall prohibit all prosecutions bearing rela-
Hon to those unhappy times ouwmcn nis return
will have forever sealed the oblivion
fine, the code polluted by the name of Napoleon,
but which for the most part contain only the an
cient ordinances and customs of the realm, shall
remain in forcerVith the exception of enactments.
cntraf y to the doctrines of religion which, as well
as the liberty of llje people, have long be0n sub
ject to the, caprice ofthe tyrant. " -The
senate, in whichare seated some men
so justly distinguished for their talents, and whom
so many services may fender- illustrious in the
eyes of France and posterity, that body whose
utility and i. imporjancecan never be duly appre
ciated till after the restoration, can it fail to per
ceive the destiny' which : summons it to become
tip fifSJ injfnoeAtQf that, great bsjncfio whljlj
will proye the most folid, " as . well as-the rriosV
honorable guarantee -of its existence and its pre
rogatives?' ... '.., '
On the subject of property, the. king a-ho has
already announced his intention to employ thfe
most proper means for conciliating the Interest &
all. perceiyea in. the numerous settlements whicfe
which have taken place between the old and nevr ;
land holders, the means of rendering those cases
almost snperfluous. He engages, however to in-
terdict aU proceedings by the tribunals contrary
to such settlements j to encourage voluntary &.
rangements t and, on tht jnrt of himself anc hii
family, to set the example of all those sacrifices
which may contribute to the repoie of francej ,
and the ajacciiij uw of Frenchmen. - i
. The Kinf has dranfjeed to the army " the
maintenance of thetanks, employments, poy aW
appointments which it at present enjoys lie pro. ;
mises also to Generals, officers and Soldi en (ivb$ '
shall signalize themsel ves in support of his causei
rewards more substantial, distinctions itnre hod.
orable than any they can receive from -ail Osur
per, always ready to"ilisown of even to drtad ,
their services; The King binds himself anevr t
to abolish that pernicious conscription, which;
destroys the happiness of families and the hooa
of the country. : . ;i
Such always have been, such still are the uik
tentions of the kittg. His re-establish me r.t bn h4j
throne of his ancestors will be fof France only the
happy transition from the calamities of a war.
which tyranny perpetuates, to the iblessings ojf
a solid piece, for which foreign powers'ciin never t
find any security but in the word of f&e legitimate
cn5on . ' i'uLik ' ...
Hart well Feb 1, 18 IS.
American s Victory.
IJaFtuk iTcr v okk"
Copies of letters Jront . MaftirJjSengrai pearbari Sf j
i Jo the Secretary otWa'rT-.'' I
flead-quaiters, Yorkof Upper Caaa la, April Jf:i
. 1S13, 8 o'clock ,':p. M.t
Sta. We are in full possession .l i.s
after a sharp conflict, in which we lost somt brav&
officers and soldiers. . ; .'
General Shcaff; '; commanded rbe British
troops, militia and Indians io person ' -
VVe shiill be prepared to sail for tlw next otlg"
ject of the exjedition the first fsvorabw' wind
I have to lament the loss' of .the bravt: and a,
tive brigadier-general Pike.-. - v.j ' i
I am with the highest respect, Sec
- H . li .DJl'Kl30R!
The HwfGenvofiifftStst bono , --
Sctretary tf Wr,fVaitiington.
Head quarters, York, capital of Upper CanadaJ
April -28th, 1813.
,Sfa, After a detention cf some days by acfr
verse wind, we arrived - at this place yesterday,
morning, and at eight o'clock: commenc-d land
ing the troops about three miles westward f crtt
the town, and one and a half from the enemy'i
works. The wind was high' and in an unfivoraj
ble direction for. the boats, which prevented the
landing ot the troops at a clear held, ihe scite jf
(he ancient French fort Tarento. , It prevented v&r
so many of the armed vessels from taking posi.
titans, which would have most eScctuaUy-covtred
our landing but every thing that could be donji
was enectec. . , - ,
..The'.jn'Qemen under mor ; Forsyth first he6l
under a icavy fire from Indians and other troops. .
Gen. Shwl"yn-dJ- Tirrfl
conected his whole torce in the woods v"
liuint w here he wind compelled our troops to l&ntU .
His foire'e conw4 -vtu liufidred regulars and.
Iinim-r..iC nuitui car jiron. vMjar-TOJISy tn
was supported s promptly as possible but th.
contest was starp and severe loc nearly halt ats,
hour, and the enemy were repulsed , by a number
far inferior to theirs. As soon as Gen. PiJce land
ed with seven or eijht: hundred men, and the re,-- '
mainder ofthe troops' were pushing for the shoctf
the enemy retreated to their works. Our troopg
were now iatmed on the ground originally intend
.J fr.t ik'i liinHin.-r. " aA vnnrpit thrr.iiirh a fThirl?
Wood, and after carrying one battary, by assault.
were moving in columns towards the main, work
s andfwt.eirVTthirrsixtyadsf this, a tremendous ex
plosion took place !rom.a., magazine previously
prepared, and which threw out such immensje
quantities of. stojijBags otj
troops. T have, not yet been . able 'to collect the;
returns of th killed and JundMi ..b.Ul.JLJML
will tXear exceed one hundred and . among:
these I have to lament the loss cf that brave and
Uint nff.-Er Brig-. Chn. Pike, who received a
contusion from a large stooe,
his valuable., life wjtrTiri a ievv
which terminate
hours. His lo
will be severely ielt.
r"Previouslylo this explosion the enemy had re
tired into town, excepting a party of ' legulais, ta
IharitFTthenumber of forty, who did nolscarihe-efftc!
of the shock, and were -destroyed.
General Sheaffe moved off vvi:h the' refculaV
troop and lelt directions" with y the conimandiiMj.
officer of the mili'ia to make the best terras he
could. In the mean time aV KriKeir' 'fesssfSrc-
on the part of the enemy ceased, and the out linens, -of
acapitulsaoh were agreed on.
Av soon as I learned that. Qen, Pike , had been
wounded, '" I went on shore. To. the General f '
hsd been induced to the immediate at
tackyufrom a knowledge that it was his "wish and
that he .would have felt mortified had it notice,
given to him". ,; - ; .;;:.' "
: Every movement was Cn4er my view. 'The ,
trficrrfs befeaved with trreut fit mows end des?r,!,
Y t
yt '
:-'- -'
.' .

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