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HI I . . . JeU O ' S;iPndwVn io t!ielrv boti: t'i:neml election. hi6it a .grew U,mo. '
nemv hvinu Oten several dayb, VtpVi--- t.u. l:i .r o -.:J? -'mtvluiwLf- .'.m aM '.rrinAn about. 1 1 mile!
f !7" Mr""6 k". r ' ; V ritZiWr'Stt MK their promise oFkine the., float at tnej. na-
StRI hafehTbonorlo Inltirftii )6tf"ttiatthe
clay before their deo
;be fail it
riay 'emefUj f iheir . rom a fVCn b these; memy
outt .baiJ and.bout 12 Opinion 'vonfirmed of . tlS great superiority, of
-mnt below, were soon emuaraedanU outtyi ...v .rJ . k nni-v troons
nuve nonor v r:""i in the io aaUie nude on tb 5lU inst,
.ntcred into Uycn J j M - Ly Ptl ililer did not 350
tire; tscharge oTih pnaone ra of he i v,ryiCartain thal thW JetedC
Fsieht. I have tb honor to enclose ju an
jfreement ent
nvse lflbr
: . " . .. . . . - v i r .t.
: .in.v mi tia in hia DOSSt5"lon, anu xur uic
xch;intre of the officers awd men of the reiiJar
iryo svbk ti we're "respectively possessed by ua.
Myatiiety Jo crt tbe ..Kentucky troops released
as;eily. as posiils?, induced me to. agiec to -the
diirrii'it6r oi U, the prjsoiitrs I liad, tilthougb
theW was r.ot:0 many of fccra in tieaersl Poc
tot'a pdsstTssioM.; The surj-Ius age ii to D3 accuu(n.
ted ior, Cnd an, equal number of oum rcleas;4 ffpro
their paroloj whenever tb ivei'itment ma'ytbuck
pi oner to direst it. ' . . .
': Thetwo actions on this side th$ river on .the
r5tb, were infinitely .ignore iniportant and more ho
'iurable tb our arnW, than'fcacT at first coiiceiveJ.
In fl)er aortic mid4'up'o.--left--ffdMk,''Cpiain
. i mi aic: u uuu n wi j i i i 11111 1111
Warrhg. corbpany f the 19 re?i . a Oe.acUm.nt . JCorisid;rab Urr than
be .when 1 littSviotc toypu
to kn v jh-H Ahey did oot
-rh;. i ht ihft Itrlt ih foreet ilMir lanrgicraticiiivi m umawiwn uu uncnuii,
VUtVifi'ik - ; , . if
batieilcs was tnconsidef abteji
blylederaL-state u
Mtnn) n tm wl nr the. nver l ni u
Indian orces were chiefly on t height bank , ot
the river : The balance ol the men unaer yuur,
nm.n mBt tnnrr-nn f ritrh't bank opposite
the first landing and wilffi?ht their way through ,
the Indians'to the Fort,ra)bserving,ihat the route;
thos la he taken- would be shewn ay a subaltern
tish Re,'ulats,' 150 militia, aL4'-dc S00.1ndun.omcerthere, in company with captain iiamnwii,
That A!uei!lcanReguJar$ (althvagb i fey" were re. who would -land the Pei'cgue at the point on the
cruttSj as compose Uis r:usaw.i. ripm ouik. i wiv me u. "Yu . V 4 Hi prel!enf Gnv RMtrn drlivor !
..i n u. r-r ... .i ft,. t nr .htui'Sno-ih rtrh boats was ,IS excellency uov. mitu deliverer!
behave wcH, UUt to betvondererl atbutthat a'the same as the order of march in line of batUe ;
company of miUti should maintain ' its rou-nd. a n olid column, each officer taking position ac-j .
gainst four times its numbers ?s di 1, Cajit- -'mf; to his rank. Col Dudley, lhe . cstl w
Kt. o .f,K- : .iii .,f;?: Ti.;;-r.inn. lr! the van." and in this order the river iGentlemen V f,,i HoUnc of Representative,
brave fwitows were at lentnli however cn:re!v -ad been descended- f. As soon as Opt. Hamilton
ha 1 delivered thr-se'crdtM, teinj in the thtrteentn-,
" C 1 Jolin C: rnith. Fed. ' : ' v
Efijah Stoardnin Rt-p.
v. v ;or lilu r. governor;
, Iiaac pencc5l2ct, ltep,.
Cnauncey Uoadiich, Fed.
Cfalvin didtlard, ilo. ,
' Scatieriiiff ,'.'4,573 ' .
The" Legislature, inow in .Session, chose Ch.tu,
cey Goodrich l.ieut. Governor by an almost nu.
nimous vote. r .. '.
bprei-h; .
ol 12 months volunteers under i.major jlexaadc
and three, com parLi-of Kentucky m'Uitia . under
colonel Bdswell defeated at Kast double the uum
ttr oftidiariand British miiitia . , ,
. The sortie on ihe right still more glorious j the'
Br.ti'.h batteries in that direction were dended
by the grenadier, and light infantry -eodrpanics of
the forty.fivst regt. amounting, to 200 effectives
njl'tWo jcomp'aniei of militia, fjankid by a lvast of
Indians. The detachment sent to attack those
."'consisted of all the men offd'aty belonging to the
companies ot Urophan and uraatord oi tne lth
t regti Lafigbam " Elfiotrs" (lave Crabam's) " and
andei 's volunteers, and a single company of Ken
' ucUy militia under captain Sebry, amounting in
' the whole to not more than 340, Yet the event
-'of the action wa? not a moment doubtful, and had
'"not the British troopi been covered iu their r.
: treat by their allies, thejwhole of them would have
It is not possible- far troops to behffve oerer
7lTiai'ouHMidhr6.ughoo.t"l Uie; 'office exerted
ahcroselves to exequte my orders, and the, enemy
7rho hail a full view of our operations' fern the op-
.,tositfe shorerdecIared that they had neTer seen
. omocw worK penormto in sc( snort a 'imp.
' ,To U the comrtianda ts of corps I fel.parficu.
lar obliKations,'- Thtic werecolonelMiller of 'he
",19'h infantry-, col. Mills of l hi : Ohio milt ia. ma-
-'ipr Str'f-hc-artilltfiiy.',and roaj.orBalUifJ
, ihe dragoons, ann major jonnscn oi inc,cucK.y
'tni'i'ia pS-Gratiof of the enKintu-rsiivlng
"ttep 'fot a lonij JSmeinuch indisposed, the task of
fortifying, this'post Joevolved on capt Wood. It
could hot hae heen placed in. better hands Per--Vnit
tne toretbnimend him to the President, and
to assure you that any mart of his approbation be
Xttwed pn capt VVd9i,wduid beiighiy grajifying
'to the whole of the troops who witnessed bis at du
-oxis exeftiors' r .. ? -. ... .. '
;Jprom mejor Hukill, acting ir spec to general'
jny all 'der camp major Graham, Lieut. Oallon,
;rho 1i va !one inV duty of assWtant adjutant gen.
ei!io Uv- aaasnC!! of Mapr Adams, and my ya.
Jimteerj id d camp John Jahnstou, Es.u, I receitf r
cd tht mo 'ASttnl assistance. . J . .
I have -:e honor to ecclosc "you a list of the
billed abd landed lilwing the siege and in the
'two sorueE i those of the latter were moch grea,
Y'r th.m I bad at first.expected.'
W-it 6f sleep, and exposure to lire continued
Tains MAch have falleii almost eery day for some
time past, Tenders me incapable of mentioning
iriany iri Westing particulars , j 'amongst others, a
inost x i a rdinary proposition off gen. Proctor's
jbnthe s . be'ct.-wf the Indians within our bounda
ry-this sh;fl forni "the subject of a xrommunica
tlon to be 'made to morrow or next day, and for
which I will provide a sat;r conveyflnce thamhdt
which carries this. AM the p isontrs and dener
ters agree in s tying that the inf 'rmatlon given to
rtajff Stodrlard by Ryland, of the British having
launched a slooj of war this spting is incorrect,
id the mostIvof them say thar the one which is
individual who witnessed the scene. Indeed the
cannon might have been spiked, the carriages cut
to pieces, the magazine drsiroyed nd the retreat
effected to the boats without the loss of a nrin, as
rt'jne were killed in taking the.' batteries, so com
plete wasjiie surprise '
An extensive open plain intervenes between
whidi the batteries
this plain was raked
by four of our eighteen pounders, a twelve and
'o six. 1 he euemv, even before their suns were
ttow buildir will noi be launched for many weeks.
Ivehe honor Ao be. sir with grcrelpelTh&:lon;LjoE AwMiM(l(
ytuf humlils servant, . Secretary at Ttrar
surrjunded by Indians, and; Would have been
tirely cut off. bi'itjor lh gallantry -cl' Lt.G;
of the 16111 Kttrnent, wb', with p'trt of 'Cat.t'airt
lill'o't's company, j,fiSrg:'! '.the et.e'm'y rtd relcas
ed the Kentuckiana I imjlbse.yoa it list ;bf the
v:n.i i i.i .t..' i. -r
The" events of the n which we
ed. admonihh us fthot the
t ncti! f'nnt MamTlm.t'a 1 cnhaltf-rn on thel
v,-.. -fcs-. r--- - , v--4- , .. . . .. nl nM6t,tntinn hit'
Ihad supposed It would right bank to conduct myseli wi in trie men mme'"' r: "7"
.rr 1 . . . . r . nr.f nnlv' from the
but it is sattttactorv si rear nna'S to tn2 rort. l orturea tne j ooan , "r . I TV- . 7 .
bleed uselesslv
are eno-v.
Stales situated on .
i- f . . .. mar 1 1 in f i rt in t it-i win i it- ir i unnntr i rv r.
D'sat trc-m Mis i'.-m, l directed mm t i proceeu-.r- r , v"w.
immediately to Col- Dudley and order him to takeipaign to provide pnncipady for eirow,, ;!,
the men in tke 12 front boats, and execute GenjW-'. Ifence an imrtfrtant duty is devolved .,;,,
Harrjson's orders on the left hank of the river ; I lir several legislatures ; one which was pr .-y
ujy nui conieiiyeu aunt aunpiion oi tne imtp.
which seems to have ;m m i ,;
new "and extraoidinaify ....
but in l in. the rear to tall in a tine anc follow me. -iiign-"""" . " " -r.-p"- !(.,
f fi,f Th. .Lt J.iH nd the. Tanid tv of the current drove Four ucu vyiy y H-vijjao.c .waiecs, pnn
ds ot, emorace those who iJinh, N, W. i of the rear boats ashore in the attempt to follow. . to. an enemy many inviting 6!cts f6f attivfc'i
si.c of tha Miami. '. on according to order, wlveie they remained a , The inhabitants living at the moat exposed po;t,u;.
. You will also receive therewith a monthly re- short time, sufficient however to detain them half, '" the absence of ther means,, looktih ry,
turn of the troops at Camp Meigs, for the lust pr 3 qanrters of a mile in the rear. To land ae-j Wence to their State : Government fwt,tw-,.x
month ; the .communication with the oihet posts ! cording to Wer I kept close along the -right ; 1 jowt.W' vested for this purpose; in the Cw
being cut off, the retun . were not received. A : bank until opposite Col. Dudley's landing. There ! mandtr in Chietr by. thCj resolution hem,.
cpy of Gen. Clav's report-to-mef the manner I no guide left to conduct me to, the Tort passed, - have been executed as la. as n. turns-ir,
of his executing mr order for the attack en the as Capt. Hamilton had . promised. .Ithen'wade s would permit ; but to alby th? opprcn s, ;
enemies' batteries is likewise forwardedby which an attempt to cross the river antljoinCoh Dud-;0-"1150 10 lhaViJrUo ofJV,e 6UX !l'"V
it wiU'heen '"tha'i mvlhtentinns urrP rv-rfpcilv lev. but from the raoid current On the falls I vas1 f actual measures wiil Je -found necesvarj. .v
understood, and the great' facility with which thy unable in land on the-point with - him. Being --em of .defence, therefore, wiii,... he V;y!l(p,
might have been executed "is anDarent to every nearly half way across the river, and the waves of W resources a.ntl comhtrting emtu-r xy v.i
running too hieh to risk' the boat then drivi-ie ecummy, i earnc, , rcvummeuueu to jour
down the current sine wise veered about the
boat and rowed about the best way we could to
save our boat "My attempt to cross the river to
ly auu bcnoua vu.imuci aii'.nii i tic au m: r nun
be necessary to ;appropna e to thia- objvet, m
nav a ngni to expect wi.i uumaitiy De retitn :-
Col- Dudley occasioned all the boats (I presume cn Y ,ne general goyenimenri pemg ;,i f
n the rear of me and wh ch were, then out 6finuai purpose m uie comfucracyj uiat fx,.,n
the l iver and The hiTTupon
of the enemy were placed s
hailint; distance to cross
TKiyr tfarinr.
over and-land with Col
the left, we then endeavored to effect o-te on the
'right, even without a guide: But before a land
ing could be effected we received a brisk firs
spiked, conld not have bro't one to bear upon it. from the enemy on shore, which was returned
So ptriectly secured was their retreat that the ISO ani kept up on both sides. And I was in
incurred in a common cause shouiff be defuy
from a commaatrea&ury. But wiiateviLiiu)Lil
prospect ct eventualTerauneration, I am persn .!
you will leave no effort tinesayed to'proiectt'is
lives -and fortunes of your fellow ci;izens.
While the adversary is multiplyine bis mtitn
men who came off effected '.it without "loss -'and
one of tlicm
The Indians
brought off some of tbf vyounded,
upon thrbar.ks-ofhiscomradeB
followed them to. tlic woods, but dared riot entet
in'o the plain. . 7 -
iriavoidable situation compelled to make to
th3;oi aunoywnce, u Dccomes an interesting nti: y
p.ftrt ; from whence our succour are to be obtai
Vlpicr tvitK nn rlhp fnrr tUnn Srtn :0 mortnn ! t "6 niVy Ot the United .States, aitliOU.ih
board the other boats 4Ving still--ia4he-aFdia the wovM, is
to receive the enemy's fire until we arrived under fessedly inadequate t9 the pnTecTfoirof the
the protection of the-fort Col. Boswell's eom: 'American coast. ; The regular army is emi l.
1 am uiable to form a corect estimate of the ! nvmd (except the men in my boat) having la nd : ea Ir "tstant emerprizes. i ne muitia. a-c-'-.nnj
enemy's force, Tne prisoners varied 'mueh in !ed to join col.-Dudley, were, as I have been in 'to the decision of our Executive, saastioned by
tfieir acounts ; "those who made them least, eta'. ! formed, ordered by captain Hamilton immediate- j the legislature and! may add by the people aUaj
ted the regulars at 550 and militia' at 800 ; but'ly to embark and land tin the right hand shore : cannot be drawn out, metely to wait at pts and
the numbers of Indians were beyond compsrison about a mile above the fort ard prepare to fight, 1,1 Karnson ior ot an enemy.
greater than have ever bren bro't into the
before ; numbers arrived after the sieire
In this state of things we are no doubt prepatci i
to place a proper estimate t.jjon tFHe-vasurei
field i ms way through to the garrison.
The colonel embarked, lande-l s h ennr.i-iv-f!
menced. Lhave caused their camns on the i at 'he proper point, piquant to captain fjamil-! of precaution which were adopted i.i the last ud
aouth-east vide of the vet io be particularly ex- ', ton's order, and was forming his men in "order of preceding sessions ot the General Assembly.
afnined, and the general opinion is, that there ' battle, when be was met by captain Shaw, and
could not have been fewer on that side than 1000 ordeted t march into the garrison at open order,
or 1200 ; they were indeed the efficient force of
the enemy.
I have the honor to acknowledge tle receipt
of your favors of the Utb,. 1,8th and 28th uje.
and 4th inst. , . i-"Tj ''
I am sorry to inform you that Major Stoddard
died the niht before 1 left the Rapids, ofa lock
jaw, produced by a slight wound from a fragment
of a shell which struck him on the thigh. Sever,
al have died in this way frnm their great and
unavoidable exposurclalllifi cold ; but perhaps
there neer where so many instances ef dtsper
ate wounds being likely to do well.
;- The gallant captain Bradford will recover.
.1 shall go from Here to Upper Sandusky, and
shall take my station at Delaware or. Pranklinton
until the troops are assembled General Clay,
who commands at the Japids is a man of capacity !
and entirely to be relied on.
I have the honor to be with great respect, Sir,
your humble servant,
wm. HRrnvHAnnTinvr i
thp safest rout.
When my own boat landed we. were met by
two men who took charge of the boat as we under-
stood to bring her under the protection of the fort
batteries. Believing our baggage to be thus
madgjsafe we forbid our servants to carry jany
portion ofil, hut loaded them with cannon" ball
I have leceived from the Governor -of MorA
Carolina, a copy of the resolution lately adopted
uy me legislature oi mai oiaie, propos,mj n
amendment of the Constitution of the U. S ato
in relation to the choice 'of electors of Piv-.-Jn
and vice fresident, Rml ot Kerrcsen j.i ;s
Congress. I comply with the request id Ivs I v
cellency in laying the resolution before y.u. I'm
atinesame time i reel it mv 'duty, renti'
---r- - - " " - . . -
which they bore on the fort. Our baggage was jrem,nc' you that thctieneral Assembly have lnh
hbwever taken by the Indians in a very short time": erto V-ed this mode of originating ami
after we left the boat. Upon receivine- the orders the constitution, as not reconizd in i Latin.
. I ask-f! IP h ha-t 'hrrwidrtu ! strument, and on that- ground. acceoiaJ,! . s tin
of captan Hamilton,
spikes to spike the enemy's cannon. To which
he replied he had plenty.
I am, sir, reprctfully,
Your obedient servant,
His Excellency Majir Gen. Harrisou,
P. S. Captain Hamilton on delivering the oi
i ders i of General Harrison observed that the object . ine . -
V of landing and mashing a portion of the troops fm v U.C 3?d thtiexf-cnsive
nn t!i.-'r5rhtt,ant. a'A i.t.n.Un f.T tfttaolishmcnts ,Blieidy in Opt rati
Indians, and bv thus them affunl an- r eminence vnai tne inausiry ano c:i u
r.r,.aK, r . t. - .-ii- .i tot our cm Jens, however restrained,
propositir-n. mav have ,betn In tnfr.ciile, tl7
have uniiormly 1 believe raused their cj .r
fence. ' ' . . -
- Amidst the serious embarrassments oc'ccniniJ
by jhe'wajrand the ant'cedent restrictions
commerce, vte hav&The cor.sohtion to i;h-.$M
remarkable progress in manufactures sno mf
uitivation ot the usetul arts. 1 be jm i. hu
tioo Un'.'-1: lif'
;;' Hon. Mi Artfestrdng, Sec'y of" $r"ar'
P S.--f:.i,Jt.-'Piice of the regt light rtiller,,
and the 20 rt-gulars. primers wkh gen. Proctor,
Were taken on tL N.;,W. eide of the river, with
the Ker-fcky militia. We had no prisoners ta
ken on ti-i bide during tlYt sie gs. --'! -
Xyfwiiifiatt h f mthpr Gene etWt tit-
j:am U. secretary at. Her,
'Mated. .'.; .. . . " ; ' '-)' V" '
Head Q iarters, Lower Sandusky,
May 13lh.l$iS. -a
Havng ascertained that the enemy (In
diars' as w'tU as British) had entirely- abandoned
the' ni i . h.chod ol tli. np'ul,T left the com
t mandril' C.'.mp Meigs wi h Gth. Clay and came
"t i jcjli.a" '..-'VgiHr--. Ii i with the greatest 'aiis
fUMi,jT''iliiiyou 'sir. that i have every ,rea
Sbji tobeliei.. ihft the Hos- of the Kentuckey
vjj"j l kilU-y on the n rth sid;1 cf the rver
Joes.fiO" excd fifty. '"On thr I0:h and 11th
inst. 1 caure-' : lie ground. which was the. scene of
; the action ?nai'.s environs to bp carefully exam
i . ihed, an I after the most' .diligent, search 45 bo
die' only f)fourmen were discovered amongst
'( them- was th' r-.-acLi- of the detachment, col. Dud
ley. No otjier officer of no iii, (ell in the , action.
:. I haVe.supn, reason.' to'belitve that a considtra
Ic number oHbf-Kentucks--ur
' :., trea'up the river -to.: ;FortWiiichesrer. General
Pi" cfr cid 0' '.'.fu.Ji.jjh me with a ietum- of the
prisoners iiirhi 'po.session, .although- repeatedly
ro'inised- Hii iTieat (vala PrJec!i,',slte as it
'"couiJ p.itperlyrb.C. . leaving a '..umlu'r of cannon
bath a new elgant sling-carriagc for cantiorr;, and
(X"th killed and tvoundedin the siege of Crttp MeigS 'aild the
-y several tortiei of the 5th inst. 4.
fj S. Artillery, 1 killed. 1 v . W. v
U S. lnfm. 39 kilted, , 90 wounded, Wsrre. 129
Kent. Milit. 30 do,
Ohio Miht- i do.
H mo.Voi72Uo.
of Infantc 3 do.
of the
42 do. total 73
8 do. no, .11
3 do
Tot.kilfed 8 1 tot.vnl 1 89 tot kill, and wound. 269
; " REMARKS. ,
Majors Stoddard and c Hukill the . former
died of his wpunds, the latter slightly wouud-
ed. ; '.' .'. '..-
Sixty-four of the above were killed in the sor.
tfbs, and onehundrednd twenty-foTrrwoun-de
tfe(e balance, eighty-one, killed and wounded with
in the fortified camp. ;
' Acting Ass. Adj. General.
of a letter ftm Gcn. Clay to General Ha
Carnpjit Fort Meigs, May 1 8 1 3.
;tft Qn the 5 th insK-aboot-8-oxloc!
descending the Miami of the Lake about midway
ihe Rapid, with 1200 of the Kentucky troops in
18 flat bttomd boats, I was met by. Captain
Hamilton' and a subaltern, -who delivered me (as
he sai) the orders of Major Gen. Harrison to
he foltowine etTecfb ' ':
otter vaJuaWa wU6j, The tiijh; fe$?'rjj hjj dc f oumus; dsiach aboutSOG men frotrijotir
. i.r)
opportumry to the-Garnson xo mak&-a scUy-and
by.a 9ircuitious route. surprize and carry the bat
teries and cannon of the enemy below the fort on
the right bank. " -
G C. Bg. Gen.
,A trie copy,
, Q. Gingham, ArD. C,
.. ia -j .nxmiii-jnii-i .iiiii.-j
The general electioo to)k place in KodTIsTand
last month. The Legislature met at Newport
on the $th,.inst when iPiUiam Janet. 'was declared
duly fleeted Governor and Simeon -Martin Lt.
Governor of the state, by large majorities. These
gentlemen, as well as-a majority o the Legisla
ture of that state, are of federal politic.
; . . COrNECTICOT. 1 .T ,
This inflexibly upright tnd patriotic state has on
every pecasion to the fullest extenlperfbrmed
her dutyv The late election has again witness,
ed the complete triumph of constitutional prin
ciples over the fatal doctrines prevailing in the
councils of our country. The democrats, in
deed, rose in their utmost strength ; they or
ganized thtir schemes in secret ; held back their
efforts to the last moment and then with all
their numbers, made a final and desperate
-situgglir, . Bnt.thry..Jiavp. failed; and willT4n4eofflmoriwc:ut
all probabilitjV not again attempt their imprac
ticable; purposes': The following statement of
tlie vbteis, with extracts -from-tlie" governor's
speech, we.have taken from a derqocratic" pa
per; ,-' ,:':..... ' ' : .
are not -ni'.'
fu ' ,lhf! I,.f - A jt'il inn. rf m..t.-t. '.''T'iil'
! prentice - are thus greatly multii lied, i: nr.; '
icojnsiflejUonjjsh time permit, uhat luuin
provision is necessary to enforce "their rc-i:
UOties.' IteirUlations esnpnaiw ulncn s .1: r
' 7 "I " r
sure the ordinary rhcans cf educati(.r. m t
growing numbers' of- the yuung of-boh s-v
employed in the several factories, wr.ul,' r m -a
powerful objection to these establishments,1
would evidently comport with that patent! -
tadehichour public, councils, in all pen-"'
our history, have manlfeitprl for the ! !:'.; 1'''-
arid moral cultureof the risintr generation-
, The freemen' having failed to elect a ,
ant Vjrovernor, you will dcrubth;ssN proceei; :
early day in the session to appoint a sui:ab! p
son to that office. v ' - '
I Will not detain vod. P-entlemen.'bv a nra-!
j ,
allusion to the Various matters which may proic''
ly eniploy your deliberations. A rletai.'ed
Ihe funds and resources of the State va- :;
nana!, hp nfomiftorl li TliA 'nr.Viw.p oirictrs l"'1
" T - ' J .l.-f t ......
wiltlrMonstcate I trust that your fiscal con1'
arc managed with ubjjty and success. '
prosperous Condition dt ir finances, tiie stts'
operation of the laws ' and the internal tr(.';-'
ty which has so happily .'pr.iled ari? .r..'j-,!S'
fervent gralitudt to Heaven, in the nmls' 1 1 !
severe national judgments , with V hi :'i- ' J
visited. Assembled to dir'ecf the" ;T..iisT'l
not fail'to be imDressed wi'h the deep im'- Mi;
of; united -.councils and decided . rneaMi;.
riafCtrm Miilk Clul!u .li'.i fuilul'll l-n'-'l''r,fl,l"l'i
and. to maintain, resolutely the j.rtl?I,Ju.,;',' - ' !j
of this . government' - against ,-trvery;r'evr--
.1 hucnhlp. rpliiini- m, lii iOttr'loli i
Tfecresult of the recent election in the a'latc.ol ,vti?fi. rriKBcB,- ate. high and sV.inar: eu'i

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