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; V Washihotom, frthf 35.'- '
lx At twelve o'clock this day the President, of the
.ignited States transmitted to both. Houses of
Congress llit following -
ttV:' i MESSAGE.- . '
ptKo&Citizcnt ek tc Senate, ' ' :, ',
' .Hani-t the ' Home of Retrctcntotive . 1
! At an early day after the close of the last, seS-
sion of Congress, aooffer was formally communi
cated from his Imperial Maiestvv the Emperor
of.Russia, of his mediation a he cotnmon,friend failure adds to delays, before so unreasonably spun
tof the U. &afts and G Britain for the purpose out A successor to our deceased Minister has
,of facilitating peace between them. The high becn appointed, and is ready to proceed on his
chsracierof the Emperor Alexander being a, mission, the course which he will pursue in fu!
satisfactory pledge for the sincerity , and imparli- filling it is that prescribed by a steady regard to
Tility of his otter, it was immediately accepted ; tQe true Interests of the U. States, which equal
a&4 acto'i'lll :m&tit;, ffifffifoiftim MJP
the best effects. It wiH b for the consideration protracted session at this season wouM be iiaue.
of congress) whether other .provisions depending
on-their authority, may not still further improve
the military eaubliahment and the; means of de
fence. V--'V' - ' y :v
The sudden death of the distinguished citizen
who reperiented the U. .S in France, without
any special arrangements by him for such, a con
tingency, has left us without the expected sequel
to hii last communications s 1 nor has the French
overnment taken any measures for bringing the
epending negotiation to a conclusion, through
its reDresentative in the United btates. this
and as a further proof of the disposition on the
part 6f the United States to meet their adversary
in honorable experiments for terminating the war,
it was determined to avoid intermediate delay,
incident to the distance of the parties, by a defi
nitive provision for the contemplated negocra
tton. Three of our eminent citizens were accord
ingly commissioned with the requisite powers to
, include a treaty of peace, with persons clothed
frith like powers on the part of G. Britain. They
aje authoiised-to enter into such conventional
regulations ot the coinmercebetween the two
ly avoids an abandonment of their just demands
and a connexion of their fortunes with the systems
of other powers.
The receipts Into the Treasury from the f, 1st of
Oct. the 31st day of March last, including the
sums received on account of Treasury Notes, and
of the loans authorised by the acts of the last arid
the preceding sessions of Congress, have amoun
ted to fifteen millions four hundred and twelve
thousand dollars. The , expenditures during the
same period amounted to fifteen millions nine
hundred snd twentv thousamnToITars, and1. left in
tountries, as may be mutually "advantage our!"ibt: Treasury on the 1st of April, the sum f out
-The two envoys wno. were in the, U. btates at the
time of thrir appointment, j have proceeded to
lUin their colleague alreadjr" at St. Petersburh.
k The envoys have received another commission
authorising them to conclude with Russia a trea
ty of commerce,? with a view to strengthen the
"ilmlcable relations, and improve the beneficial in-,
, Jercourse between the two countries.
The issue of this friendly in terposition of the
, jR'ussia Emperor, and this pacific manifestation
in the part of the U. S. time only can decide
million eieht huni pe l and fifty seven thwrsind
dollars.--The lan ofrsixteen. millions df dollars
authorised by. the act of the Mh of F"b. last lias
been contracted for .Of that sum, more than
million of dollars had been paid into the treasury,:
prior 10 me isi oi vpni, ana lormca a pari oi mc
reccu.ts asbove dated. The remainder of that
loan, amounting to near fifteen millions of dollars
vmh the sum of five millions of dollars aaihori
sed to be issued in treasury notes, ami th estima
ted receips from the customs and the sales ol
That the sentiments o G. Britain towards that public lands amounting to nine, millions three
ovcreiwn will have produced at i acceptance olj hundred thousand dollars, and making in the
his offered mediation, must be presumed 1 hat r whole twentv-nine millions three hundred
np adequate motives exist to prefer a continuance
f war with the U. to the terms on which they
are willii to closp it is certain. . The British
Cabinet aho must be sensible that with respect to
the impoiMut que si ion of impressment, on which
yve wav so essentially turns, a search for, or sei
jpire of ' rtriiish persons or property on board
lieutrai vesiels on thehigh seas, is not a belliger-
ent,fift;ht ctenven trom tne iaw- oi nations ; and
it is obvious, that no vuit or search, or use of force
fot any purpose, on board the vessels of one in
dependea phwer on the high sea3 can in war or
) peace le auctioned by.ihe law or authority of
..nother power. It isequaHy obvious that for the
purpose of preserving to each state Us seafaring
members by excluding them from tue vessels of
T fbeothertthe mode heretoloro proposed by the
;IU. S. and row enacted by .thcinas an article of
munidpal ijiry. eanuot for a moment be.-cora-parcA
with the mi)de practised by Great Britain,
without a convictioii of its title to preference ;
' Inasmuch as the latter leases the discrimination
, Detwr.en the, mariners of the twp nations, to offii
cers exposed by unavoidable biaiv as well as f a
defect of evidence, to a wrong :eclsiori' under
. tfcrcumstances precluding for the most part, the
' enforcement oC controlling penalties, and where a
Wrong decision, besides the irreparable violation
jt the sacred rights of persons, might frustrate
the plans and pr6fits:of entire voyages ; wlteress
the mode assumed by the IJ. States guards with
Ifud'ted fairness and efficacy f.gainst errors m such
Cases, jand avoids the effect of caau-l en ors on the
Safety of navigation, and the success of mercaA
':'ivte'ex!M!diiions.p ' ' ' ;'
"uXL the rtasonablenesa of expectations, drawn
from these considerations could guarantee their
fulfilment, just peace would not, be distant. But
,it becomes the wisdomjfiJhe Datiomliegislature"
p keep in mind the true policy! or rather the
ndisi -sable obligation of adapting its measures
io the suVposi'.ion, that the only course to that
ftappy event is in the vigorous employment of
Jthe i -resources jf war. And paaful as the rtflec
o'n.ts. this doty is particularly enforced by the
piri a d manner in whicbthe war continues to
bewad by the enemy, who, .'uninfluenced by
the unvarnJ examples of humanity set them, , are
adding tot he savage fury of, it on one frontier, aJihe,pause of their country, will "cheerfully give ev
ter, snd by the establubed rules of civilised war.
, " As an encouragement to' persevering and in
$gorated exertioos to bring ihr contest toja hap- imean, whether regard be had to the ordinary
py result, T have the satisfaction of being aMe piofits of industry or thefordinary price of'subsis-
sand dollars to be received during the last nine
months of the present year, will be necessary to
meet the expenditures already authorised, ahd the
engagements contracted in relation to the publi c
debt. These engagements amount durma that
period to ten millions five hundred thousand dol
lars, which with near one million for the civil,
miscellaneous and diplomatic expences, both for
eign and domestic. andigjenteen-million eigut.
I limit the present comraontcatlon to objecU f
primary importance Mo special message which
may eisue, regard will be Jaadtothe same coo
aideration. JAMES MADISON.
Fruna a Kingston f jamaua
Majvt General Sir Refer &towf -TO C1
lant officer was born ai Boston, in North Ameri
ca, and is the son of gentlemaoof thatcottotryi
oikn hA th nffire ht deDUtV collector Of his OI
jesty 's customs, till about the commencement ci the
late American war, w&en neuea, icvmK
miable widow, with a numerous family of childien,
not in affluent circumstance. ; Lord Pereyf the
present duke of .Northumberland, arriving about
that time at Boston, with his regiment, ge nerous
ly became the friend and pitren of this distressed
and loyal family and in a particular manner be
friended young Sheaffe by sending him to bis
country for education, and when'arrfved at a pro
per agcgiving a commission in bis own regiment
the 5th Since that time he ha gone through
the sev ral gradations of his profession, with repu
tation and honour, to his present rank cf major gen
eial, when, on the 13th of October, as state! , in
his official report to sir G-orge Prevost, our post
at Q icenstown, in Upper Canada, thtn under the
immediate command ohc lamented hero, major
general sir Isaac Brock, was attacked by-the A
merican troops- With the fair of Sir Isaac the
position was for a while lost ; but the command of
our troops devolving on major general neaac,
'ie nobly imitated the glorious example of milita
ry skill and fortitude exhibited by his departed
"eommandinsr officer ; and, as stated in general or
ders by sir George Prevost, the disposition of
the foices and plan of attack adopted by major
gen. Sheiffe.cennot receive a higher or more just
praise, than by stating, thvt nine hundred prisoners
of war,"" under iheTommand of brigadier general
Wads worth surrend 'ied theit arms to a force
inferior in numbers and Mtbout sustaining, any
considei able loss on our prt."
Raliicm, StUI, Mv, 18t3
" A meeting of :he President a wl Dirccti rt uf the St
C. Ba-ikof N-uh Carolina, a DtVlDLNO f two a t
half plr centum on each and every Share ot the Capiial
Stork of the Sutf 'JJanH, vu dcUrcd ami ir.fie pavhie . ilt
Srockholderi. or iVir rerr stntiiivcF, on and after tbe (t-H Mon
day in Jun) nejt.
3 W. H. Haywood, cathier.
5cmi2 or Tim oxi usa tS5;
T -
S1 c
SO do
AO d
0 do
I03 do
" Siiv
rttaarA :
hundred thousand for the military and 'nav.l ex
ptnditures including the ships of war building
and to be built, will leave a sum in the treasury
at the end of tfie present year, equal to thatin
the first ofJpril last. Apart of this sum my
be considered as a resource for defraying any ex
traordinary expences already authorised by law
beyond the sums above estimated ; and a further
resuurce for any emergency n.jy be found in thf
sum of one million of dollars, the loan of which to
the U. States has v jbeen authorised by the state of
Pennsylvania but which has not yet been brought
into effect. -
This view of the finances, whihitshewtt that
due prpvision has been made for the expences of
the cutf ent year, shews at the same time,' by the
limited amount of tbe actual revenue, and in
dependence on loans, the necessity of providing
more adequately for the future supplies of the
treasury. This can bst be done by a well diges
ted system ot' internal revenue, in aid of existing"
sources ; which, wilt 'have the effect, both of a
bridging' the Amount of necessary loans, and rm
that account, ra well as by placing ths public cred
it on a more satisfactory basis of improving the
terms on which loans may be obtained. , The
loan of sixteen millions-was not Contracted for at
a less interest than about seven, and a half per
cent, and although other causes may have bad
an agency? it cannot be doubtedflhat withlhead-r
vantage of a more extended and less precarious
revenue, a lower rate of interest mighr liavty suf
Gced. A longer postponement, of this advantage
couM not fail to have a still greater Influence on
future loans, i , :N
In recommending to the national legislature this
resort to adHiiional taxes, I feel great satisfaction
in, the assurance JhaWour constituents, ho have
alrcaay displayed so much zeal and firmness in
ery other proof of their patriotism which U calis
for. Happily no people, with local and iransitbry
exceptions never to be wholly avoided, are more
able than the people of the United States to snare
for the public wants a portion of their private
OFFER for sale tneir STOCK CF GOODS, in iJie C. ot
Raleigh, Id' Cash or on a Cicoit or Negotiable Tt
lundiornc A3nrmcnt for many places,' tad well laid in.
Mjy6, ic:.1). if
' I "II AT is well recommended, to tak charge of an EKC2-ISI1
X 5
SCHOOu i:i SlatcJvillc, N C.
May 23, 1313.
63." .
Iri AT I forwirn all persons Uota trading foi
Dtliars, dated in February, 1813, pavabli
for a !?ote of For
parable f0r months af
ter date or pr jbably te, giveti by me to Chart Thom-wofl. .
AIsj, one oiher Note on Samuel Wiilion. for Eighty Doilau am!
1 ttul.K lorac cents, dated, it is believed, in May, 18 IS. in
three Credits there n ; the firtt crrl t rrceived by Oaile
Thompson, and the ct' p:s b7 Jame Kjnkairl junior, antoumiim
to .'eiween thirty amJ forty dollars. The M.d Kote were given
y mo iu wiiriti x nompjiri, iii pan uay ior two man, wimi
has inc- been proved to be bad proi.ny: The notes are nnv
in the hands of James Kinltaid, junior against whom f hat
brfught suit far forjeiy, and who stands bound over ft father
trial to appear at t e next Superior Court of B tncomle County,
Jfhn Fer:ePSTorth.
. April QB, 1813. 69331.
TTIIE sub?cribers having qualiiied as Administrators srkti the
-m. Will a-ioi-x-d ot l-t l lfKCJ A N, dec. at he last Cotimy
Cou. t ol Pleas and Quarter Sessions held lor Rowan County
those indebted ae requested to py, and tho'cwho have claims
agamit the Estate are requested to present them to tlie AiinuntS'
tratomrthinthetime prescribed bylaw, or they will be barred
pi a recovery ,4, . . . .
Susannah Brown. " . "
TUo.L Cowan, S'Wff,r-
Salisbury, 1st Apiil. 1813. 893-.
1071 prim,TKctti
3100 tkkitsatJ
Tbe casii pncci at
' 54fli3?erWj
First $rs9Qtwm
r irM urn tsubci
D;ao.em il tb f h a4
lOtk Ufs,
Ditto on the Ul Ifch, tti&
UUisJays, - -..r..
Diuo. sa cscb iif Croa tbe t
to the 30-Ji incluirtvntrrT' ,
'the Tickets contjtitminc riss
Tne tail 23 prirv4o caesist f ti J
from 101 t iOfK ixhti etct .
M Its t oav prsss, t! tratX? bm x
her foe tbe SOtfc dar, vxl a n-steff
A k V
Xi I .
tSt 3 Tib.
Fir&t !rawti tm Am lS
Ditto. . -1 2 J Mft
Ditto. i:h
Ditto. '. Zih Azf,
Diao. . i
The Manascrt present tbe sV-trifc
to the put!:;, ta the c -!cact tit t
la idabie object f tbe tjoturjif U ; i
ducemcnu held out to ftdves'srrr. ! ,
sptedf sale ef the Tatkcta. Ir b;.
ptbss has seldom been exettjif, trfk I
arrange! as that the ptfcU f sjk :
by harinj; the prespct of &twmg y x j
may ckntUt oa his chaar tioNwi
three of tbe best pritft, tW trJLig
Tbe drawiAf3-i3 eammc","e y v
.1.. .t A.i.1 r . '1
uay wt u.MiKt c is sum dc um w "
Til f II, UTU H'
tvts r ui STtu
nimrwnwiY n
WILLIAM it 6.xrrj, f J
Txcxiti st S c& rat, t
March 34. tSt3.
to appeal to the auspicious, progress of our arms,
Dptn by land and on the water. ,
," In continuation of the brilliant achievements
5Jf our inf'-tit nay, a ttiumph .has'. been
gained by capt. Lawrence and Yiscoropsnions iri
4he Hornet sloop ofwar, which destroyed a British
sloop of tya., with a cclerijy so unexampled, arid
Wi'h u sluftnter of the eV.eroy so disproprtiion
.ate '..the loss in the Hornet, es to claim for the
;onqu irors the highest praise, and the full recom
peost provided by congress in prece ding cases.
Qur p'jMic shiprof war io gener il, a's 'wtll as the
prjya'.e rmed vessels, have continued also their
acti'.i'ty and 'success against the commerce of
tliy tsiTiyi' and by their vigilance and address
hv'c trreatly frustrated the efforts of the hostile
stjufir-ips distributed along ourcoasts to in iriter
sjc pi 'hem in returning into port, and resuming
their cvilzes. . .. . : ' :
Tivc'jogmentation of our navalforce,as author
ised at the last session of congress, is in progress.
0n the Lkes our superiority is near at hand
livhen. it is not already establiMhed.
The -vents of the campaign, so far as they are
known to us, furnish matter of congratulation,
and.shr.w Uiat under a wise organisa'icn and ef
fcient -utecHon, th? army is dtfined to glory
Sol r-Ies Vuliiant than that whieff already encircles
"the ttivv.' The attack and capture of, York is, in
...tb -uif '.tr. a presage of future and greater vie
tprf;-7; 'xie on t!ie western frontier, the issue
"pi it l?it Jc of Fort Aleigs leaves .jnothin' to
rrsRst.4-bu- single act of incrt derate valor
'fhs D'ovisiooa last ujadja fo.r filling, tho ranks
tence inour country, compared with those in any
other. And in no case could stronger reasons
be felt for yielding the requisite contributions
By rendering the public resources cerjaifNjynd
commensurate .to the public exlgenctcejjthe con
stituted authorities will be able to prosecute the
warmore rapidly to its proper issue iscVery hoi,
tile hope founded on a calculated failure of our
resources, will, be cutoff; and by adding' m the
evidenceof hi avery and skill, in combats on the
ocean and on the l.'nd, an alacrity in supplring
the treasure necrssary to eive them their fullest
effect, and thus demonstrating to the world the
public energy which our political institutions
combine -with the personalHi&erty, distinguish,
ing t hern, the best security will be provided against
future enterprises on the rights, or the peace of
the niation. . ..
The contest in-which the United States areen
gaged, appeals for its supportrto every motive
that can animate an uncorrupted and enlightened
people; to the love of country ; to" the pride of
liberty' to an emulation of the glorious foun.
ders of their independence, by a successful vindL '
Ja Equify 4iril Term. 1313
Milus KLbct,-Tamini-tritor of S. S. Savage, dec.) and EUta
beth Savage, Complainants.
' 4 - vs. . -. ... V.
John Nisbct, Thomaf Blewett, and George W. Davidson, cecu
tor of George O'avid'ondec.' dgFitiDANtl.
IT APi'E ARtMG that Johij Davidson, one of tie executorS'jl
Geo; gefDavidson, late ol Montgomeiy county, deceased, lvei
without i,he limitsof the Su'e It is theielore ordered, by jhe
Court, thapjTjl'ication hr- made four weeks in the Raleigh Mi
nerva tbat the saH John Davidson appear before the next Court,
to be held on the lounh Monday after the fourth Monday o: Sep
temhei hext, and shew cause why he shall not be made a party
deieudaru io said suit. ' . .
l . ' Wm. Sharpe, c. m.
Naviatioa of Roanoke.
T confonnuy wm Aut ui iht u
X Assembly, tndtlcd An act tar tmyi' I
Nvi.;ujo of Riincle Bins, froaa ttc
ll;ffx to the plsct btre tie Vagmk la
i-cts the same," tbe taiiersjiac O- ,
nnaroed in the eU act anctkc cuy
ie opened m Hook tar &t.'bcrTt.s i
t:i tb. Captul Stock (or; tUv
dcrtsking, which oill cootmuc cfra ull
kto'jer, at the Djos stores of I.
UorLo. I
. The proposed Capital Stock h fcaaaur . '
030 dollars, to be tiiviJed bita shAfrs f J.
lars each. A treneral tucctipg ef tH jt4:M
is to be held at tiaubx m tbe 4th
tuber nest ; and if 4CO shaica be ax sv,.-
before or at said meetme. all sfjsibr'Hi-
to be void. Dut if swf&ckiit tatmhtf
then subscribed,,. a Cmtpr it b - i
cd, under the title oT lie Ifwttst
Coafiamu- and subscribers must Ussm.iNt t ,
lars on every share tMhvcribesI , aid tbe r
der when called upon, except thsl sj-e'
13 da&ars on a share at be called fir
year. . II JtW
i ' V7. B1LIN
' April 10 X. GALL.
C3" Subsccjpiion Eoda art also tpv st
ton,, Windsor, Ualif. x, VTr.
ford, Kocksborougb, Caswell C Htfux.
wort a and Uermantoa, r the
Commissioners at tach place. I"
cation of its violated tttribtes ; to the gratitude
and sympathy which demand security from tin
most degrading wrongs, of a class of citizens who
have proved themselves so .worthy the protection
of thir countryi by their heroic zeal in its dc.
fence ; and finally, to the sacred obligatidn of
tiarism'i'tin? entire to future generations that
prr trcia patrimony of national rights - and . indc
peFgi.whiU is held lit trust oy the present, r
' - : . The black' Arabian Barb,
Sent ta -America in 1810 by Colonel Lear, our Cot.
sul general at Algier vjho obtained him from
the Daj a$, a mark oj his particular favorir
WILL stand. at my stable, in Salisbury,' the
pj-esent season, now commenced. Fcr
particulars reference can be had to my bills.
As this is the first genuine Arabian that ever
stood in North Carolina, "and 83 it is unirersally
admitted hat the superior excellence of the Eng.
lish horses is owing nfore to their being crossed
with Arabians and Barb, than to any other cir.
curnstahce, it is hoped the American; breeder will
not permit so good an opportunity tp pass unim
pfbvedr" ' :' ' 1
This Horse was selected by Col. Lear from the
private stable of the Deyrf Algiers, which coo
sistedof SO that were chosen from his public sta
ble of 200. Col. Lear sgeaks of.liim as having
the highest cbara.cler of any . horse in the whole
regency. '
State of North droit:
riTT couirrr.
Catri o Vin W QuantS?
t k a a V a a ? t to at, t s t "f
Simon Darney 1 , O'ijvttt JtvJ
vt. 1 Let ietl on wr -
Jonathan Fellowes. J td rjny.
IT appearing, to tbe satiifjctioo of tbtr
that the defendant in this cause i -
( tant of this state, ordered, that public! to" '" '
ia (se Aimenra tnree moatks mm
appear at the next or sucteedinj t.r '
court, tp be held for the county a(ort
couttJiouse in Greenes ville, on tbe fi-t
in May and first Monday in AusuJt. rei !
plead, otherwise judgment wiU bc ct.turelV
him. 1 v i '
Salisbury ,March 9,-1 8 lo. 8 5. 'til June 20.
: For sale, at this cilice,
- A . a r Err copies of run - T
Wi lk ex pl. vi Ni;;
The Baltimore HoPpita! Itvrr
Is commenced drawing, and contnwes U
present once a week. i
2 prizfsof 20.O.JO doners.
6 do. of 1fi,r.00 doMars, Jtc.
-""1 ' TICKETS, ;..
In the Tlaltimore Ilosi.ital Loitrrv r x-
ing, niay'be had at OtUss.
pricei Bll.'.j:',-'. .. -
- Highes' prii ZSHfio?. '
Letters, post paid, and ehdosinr: tiie a.'t.
be attended to.
i t re
Jlrt i wile I LI A A BE i it LOCJvh !.:rt J
1VA caution all pcisoiis trora.harljoi ;aJ hfr. '. 'ii'
i- I . . . . "
dit oii'my accomitr

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