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'"I .
ittwmw'tt'liiut, ich,ticrttojjnjlo te ho -speaks epenly, andth? friends
The resistance of a.rnan oi ,wpnn senators toe anciems crowneq loeirLviwwpa wim
immoiatea men v imuauou
covers bis wills laurels - t
senator. Lanjuinais has done
well to' cod his. DhiliDpic with a madrigal. I hope
it will appease the emperor. Senators, the sitting
is adjourned uptll tq-morrowrr -,
- (After the s.4ttinj Boissy, Sieves, Festoret, Dtf
poor and Gamier were observed , to .offer their
bands to Lanjuinaii, but wkhout speaking.)-,
6y before wefe whipped .into tbeir ilat o4
homctimereVived the courage oi an oppress - nowwotioretney
i:,iik- at ieAt it mav sometime I absolve bimiorthem. Bonaparte
i the evtsof his Creator 'from' the crime taftaH '.'rCambactrttTU '
'J -I t .... '.!.. (r.:Je KlvlK f4rrit I
he: has received from his country.; ; ;
Cambaw. . But who, sir, will hear yotf t Who
V.f answer, to an appeal destiriejl not to reach
tyod hcse wall? ? Say .rather there are
circumstances ' inhivhich resistance folly, and
svhen he wuo gives me aig" r it. -fusible
for the evils it may bring on those
jao dare harbor the rguiltjr thought. Oar mo
ments are precious, Count Lanjuinis beware
bo you provoke ibo anger of the emperor by
not executing . hU pfcrn as promptly as be con.
ejved it. Already I have given orders for eve y
thing lb be pTeparcd tr transport into .their dis
trkts the msinbers of the senate, -whose duty it
lit a"cftUrate the Kcruitjnr, sod to inspire with
ardoVthe children . of the treat .' nation k X
caS upoa thtft -;'ac'iegnjitd to prepare for
hdepartur:y:W ,:.- . :'L ',k ',.. ,
Lanuiruu. Wli3t, men i are we an emoooiea
!p, that mustmbve t the first signal, and go
trevei an Absolute may direct? Senators) X
conjure you, suffer not yourselves to be thus de-
orariea into staves .. rveraciuucr mu y" u w
nly body btw'eei the people and despotism,4 ind
that if you los, I do not say the privileges we no
longer possess, but those forms of-independence
that alone are left us, we, are swallowed up in the
common huminatron.'and consequehtly become
incapable of fulSllihg, the' duties wbih circttnv
Attnces mar one day impose 6a us. ' '; ti
i Canbaccrtimyihii I do I hear rebellion
preached in this place ? Count tanjuinni What
mean you by those duties, which circumstances
tnav imDose on the senateJ
anjuiniut. thank th ardtchancelloj for the
Question. He has not now the pretext to impose
silence, and I will speak boldly 4 Whither then, 1
say; are these wars conducting us, undertaken year
iter vear aeainst the willor the nation, and with
no other object than to gratify an ambition, for
which the limits of the world are two narrow ? Is
t for our DrosDeritv for our happiness, for our
glory, that we make the imniese sacrifices, they
require of us Is our commerce extended by
ihero, our industry made more Retire, our power
atrengthentdicW they caose our name to be more
tcspected ? No 1 no, Wherever I; turn I see
commerce fettered, industry languishing, misery
and privations increasing, our power too colossal
' to indure, and the French name become an fcor
ror to nations- Wash for this, that we, who call
ed ourselves the French party, entrusted the Gene.
eral Bonaparte with power r Do not those
0ald0h :
FRIDAY, JUNE ii, 1S13.
At the late commencement, the degree of Ba
chelor of Arts was conferred on the following gra
duates : ' ' " ' -
: VVilliani Bailey, Charleston, S. C, v
:.VV.Tlmas Blackledge,' Newbern.
Francis Hawkins, Warren. -v1-"Thomas
Faddis, Hillsborough
Abncr Stitb, Virginia.
George W. Hawkins, Warren.
William J Polk, Raleigh.
I wis Taylor, Granville
William Blackledge, Newbern
John Roulhac, Martin. : -John
Hinton, Tennessee. , .
Robert Gordon, Richmond cbunty.
Arch. Fairly, t do.
Duftcan M'Kinme,-,.do.
The degree of Master of Arts was at the same
time conferred on B. W. Strang, esq. a graduate
of the College, of Vermont, and on the folbwing
gentlemen, allumni of this University t
John I). Hawkins,
Benj. F. Hawkins, '
John Withexspoon,
Jarhes Taylor.
The degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred
on the Rev. Principal of Dickinson College, Car
lisle, Pennsylvania.
This decision may seem to affect ths .ibterests
of the petitioner bnlf i but it ii In facKa hujiv
handed attack upon the rights oi:tne minoruy. q
the freedom of ihjt press, and the publicity of le
gislative proceeding : Of the four reporters, ad
mitted on the Boor thfeelire violently democratic
and the fourth it is'perfectly known Ifirctend not
torrfiort tcechctbH gives only a skeTchTo the
general proceedings df the House. This is a ses
whWKthe most imoortant pubTic matter
are to be examined and decided (he questions of
War or Peace, Taxes or Trade, will be discussed.
Is it to be endured that the people should know
only what U said in behalf of the administrationi
and be kept in ignorance of the arguments 6f their
opponents I That : the exclusion should operate
against the Reporter ine xacrui f.
must impress tne puoito mioo wn iccuig u
sentment. In every shspe in which lawless out
rage and jacobinic fury could assail the establish:
ment has tt Detn already attacitea. crom cvei
assault it has risen with reeenerated vigor. .Is it
worthy of the House -of Representatives to place
themselves in a situation in which they appear to
lend their aid also to effect the suppression of an
obnoxious paper t It is time that the people should
aWike from the delusion of names, and discover
that those'who arrogate to themselves the title of
Republicans, manifest their claims to it by . en
i aiirtc one -shallop, and - biwung :wa.ot tbc fcwjt , t
ihe-two remaiig shaUopska L : -r ;
t, ha been believed tbkt all the 1 eriemf ship
had descended jh CHesapeaVer ind wet eithet,
in LynhaveBar, or gone :-'ouih fl? have inforfna
tlos which induces. 0s ( to f belie,- that two or
more are abofe the Potonic. jhere has been,.,
movements of the enemy's Ibl'ceio Lynhaven fo
some days, which deserve notice, , ' v
KTwd'lioe of battle shipl are in Ljmhaven BaeT1
one supposed to "he the the Fbic'iers, Commodore
Patrick Jrrney Jtgluhteer iCbt. Stcher'i,
ircgimentV was lately " shol op G6yerndr,s Istandt.
for mutinous conduct. . ,1 wo (ofhers tindfti sp
Uuce were reprieved at the place of execution. . .
It appears that the number of French killed o
taken prisoners,, was only -3,560,' instead ef thirt
five thousand, as atated m the last paper. :
V .' VKoiiTtTHi MAaxET-eoiesei"'" .
GOKTAtNS a handsome aalortmfint of DRY GOODS rtt
OROCERtLS, which HI b wM ibi easo. Tdcre i o
,rhmnt on the rights of' others and utter dis" MrkgPW0-- W fr
Nothing of importance has come before either
house, as yet, in any definite torm. It win be
perceived, however, that there has already been a
successful effort to carry even within the Legis-
lative walls, the persecution of the Federal Re.
publican- establishment. The sketch ot proceed
ings, given on this subject, thepresent week, is
but me acre, but we have the pleasure of offer-
ine the following letter, relative to the business,
derived from a most respectable source.
Washington, June 8, 1815.
lit SEAR StL
Tit house of representatives have had be
regard for the fundamental principles of a free
government- ' - -i-
The Committee of Ways and Means have not
yet reported. It is believed that in a few ays we
shall have the enormous budget of tax'es before
us. The result is uncertain For some of the.war-
men, It is apprehended, will flinch when they come
to the point. . . - v . -jj-
kj. jswaaaaawaB r -;
The British have burnt Port Pcnn, a si&all
place, r miles from New Castle, Delaware
A renort has reached town, that a British fri-
catc. which anbeared off Boston lately, was
tacked by the frieate Chesapeak, Cant. Evans
The Chesapeake was in; the harbor when , tne
enemy hove in view, but immediately weighed
anchor and proceeded to meet her. No further
particulars are stated ; nor do we learn the re
suit of the engagement.
The foregoing report, perhaps, may have orfei.
nated from a Boston letter, stating that the cap
tain of the Chesapeake had received a challenge
from capt. Brook, oi the British frigate Shannon,
And aUdott everv article l( the GtWfhag
iukigh, jun. 11.;, T.'.v.;;. : ;'. k' :msuk, k
AT a meeting f tha Pretident ai4 Director! rf,th 5Ufi '
Bankf Mm th Carnllnai a DIVIDEND at TWt 1A OHM
ukit rta ctitTDM oneach and every Share of ih Capiii
Stock of tha Sute BanK, waf leclared and made payahlto t
Stockholder,, or their asprcsentttiv,, en and after the & tt Mu
day la June nest. -. 1 . 4',',' 'a . '; C M
3 r - W H. Haywood, cahierK
'n . i.l' "V "l M " J Villi III!! ..
a 1 V M Ralrioh frtr fjuK nr nn k CAi fnr MfmriiM PannrJkm.
, - v. -0 - . -g-.-,
handiome Anortment fpt ffiaov places, sod well laid id. - ':e-M
TpHAT I forvara all persoa (roA trading for a Note of F4
rp 1. 7 1 1. ... j u A Uoiiari, (Utaa inDrmi7JJJ,4)ayaBie!uuriTOniBf
then off the port, and that it nadJen acwpteo--
mense sactifices so incessantly demanded of Us ;
humsn tributes, with which w are ComDell.
d to pay homage to his devouring ambition ; those j fore them a subject which has e&cited much in
f whole generations, which we gradually deliver up terest, and which is not a little illustrative of the
to the sword of the enemy ; that youth torn trom
their native soil, from the) care of their families,
iv from the first affecdons of the heart, to contract a
. mid the horrors of war the habits of savage fero
t. uty ; does notio find every thing that we be
hold, accuse thft jman, who .promised to cJose the
.wouad bf'ther revolnionr Ah 1 let the day be
i yer regarded as a day of mourning, and of tears,
ithen Bonaparte sajuted the French people wth
the title of the" gretnauon.'' That word, that
. fatal word, awakened lo our breasts a pride, for
which we have becnruelly punished. We wish
d to be reoJly great, and aJl our efforts have
served only to exhaust us, and to exalt to an un
it example! height the renown of one of the gene
rals of the revolution.
: After ehdcvoring In " our , revolutionary trans
; ports to imitate the first Romans, impelled by a
tain and destructive'ardor for glory, we sought to
equal tbo.power'iOftbe last, thus finding both in
the repubhc and in the monarchy, misery, ex-
Jiaustioa arid death, f No we are no longer a na
fiftn. We ar no longer Frenchmen s and he, who
e srreat people.v did n only in cru
. called us the
decision. "as the murderers of our Saviour sa
luted him with the name oi kinj in the midst of
"Vm Innv and aeomzine torfures. 1 behold a vast
mnire. a colossal emnire, but I no longer see s
JPrtnch armyk. Those vast agglomeration of men
tod territories have sti0cd even- the sacred name
position, that majorities " feel power and forget
right." Mr. George Richards lepoxted the de
bates of the House last year for the Federal Re
publican. His accuracy was sucn as to obtain zor
him the commendation of both sides of the house.
At this session he made written application to the
Speaker to be admitted to the exercise of the same
privilege The Speaker took nis case into con si.
deration, and after a day ot two issued an order
declaring that Gales, Rounsaville, Norvell and
Snowden should be admitted on the floor of the
House as Stenographers, and those only, thereby
excluding Richards. In consequence of this or,
dcr a petition was presented to the house in be
half of Mr. Richards, stating the facts in language
perfectly respectful both to the House and the
Speaker, and praying of the House to cause him
to be admitted to the same, privileges with those
accorded to the Stenographers already admitted
by the Speaker. It was moved by. Mr. Troup,
of Osorcria, to refer this petition to, a committee
of the whole that the Speaker might have an op
portunity of defending and explaining his conduct.
Wrifcht, of Maryland, with ' his usual folly and
fury, was for refusing it any consideration, because
the object was to report for so odious a paper, one
that Uobbet had cnargeo wim oemg in oriuan pay,
and which he . rilv believed was This drew forth
. is
Pale and feeble, more-like a being ot
The information of the defeat of the British at
Sackett's Harbor, we believe may be received as
authentic. ';rr "" .
Mr. Nelson, of Va. introduced a resolution
yesterday, providing for the admission and accom
modation of stenographers within the Hall of the
House ot Kepresentatives., A he remarKS -wun
which he orefaced his motion, were manly and
besoming a republican . i-ef. iiep.
The committee of elections have made a re
port on the petition of Mr. Burwell Bassett who
contests the election of Mr. Bayly. Five weeks
were allowed by the house to procure further ,Us-
timony. ' . .
'May 6, 18137
TII XT U well reeortmeaded, to rake charge of an ENlTi
1 SCHOOL mStatcivUk.N C, ' 7
AUo; one other Note on Samuel WilUon, for Eighty Dollars fed ,
I think ome Cent,, dated, 1c il believed, in. May, 18) 2. itt
three CredjU thereon; the firli credit rcecived by ' CJwtl
Thotnpjon, and 1 1c stherl by Jarae, Kinluld, junior, amouniif
to between thirty and forty dollar.,. The laid Note were fivea
by me to Chai', Thoropion, in part-pay for a Negro man, f ta
hai since been proved to be bad property, T note are aw
in the tutnda of James Kinhaid, junior j againM whom I baa
brought suit far forgeiy, ani who stand, bound over foi furiJij
ttial to appear at titajneai jtfpwioi Court of Buncombe County.
- John Ferrens worth
"" April 93. 1815. " -lK; 895-3tf ; "
:.JL 'i.- . , ;
THE subscriber, having qualified u Administrator witftllft
Will annexed of PETER BROWN, dec. at the last Con
Court of Plea, and Quarter Session, .held tor. Rowan County
those indebted are requested to pay, ana moie wno oava ciairoa
against the Estate ar requested to present them tb the Admiurj
uators wtttun tae time prescnoed cy uw or wey w o oairy
01 recovery. , . .:- ..
the world of spirits than a man of flesh, he uttered
of COUntrT onc OI ln mast ciaqucm iu susignii- ..h..
r. . ' -j it.-. f'ki t hiv vr hrirrl. nrl crave to Wlif?ht One
We near 01 Victories gainea on iw vwiuuh u o -- .
Europe but what sentiments should they awaken jof-the severest chastisements that man could in.
to urrhat haJLre think of their reality, or flict. - The petition was referred. . The Speaker
of the advantages they promise us, when they at e disclaimed being actuated by any motive s of a po
ever the signals for new sac.laces, and a pretext Utical or personal kind m the order which he had
.L. j . f. j.,n.Ui We are no made. Etcept as to one he was ignorant tor
"Ul ill v - UL Uv W is v. i w , J a' j-
ordered to repair to the senatorial departments to (What paper the stenographers reported. According
v - ..i.t .r.a:.k .k- mrfi cVii!frnii to the Dreftnt arrangement ot the House ne tno t
--..j. r .w K,..t:n ' rnmUh nn examnle. but four stenocraDhers could be conveniently ad-
i . . a .l mittorl. nl in rKrtnsinop the four alreadv anoointed
i iusvvvwi us i a
In other words we are appointed the missionaries
pf ceath ; we the guaraians toi mc naviuu ngui
he had been governed by the priority of their
the assylum of expiring libertyiSve are charged to Utandmg-but that he would cheerfullypursue any
nursue even into the arms of (heir wee pingives course which the seemed to approve of.-
J ne resolution tor aamiumg iur. ixiouaiuo wao,
. . . . I
the men who have escapea tne -requisitions nu
the conscription, or have brought at ihe privilrge
Of being fathers and husband, the privilege of ful
filling the most sacred duties imposed on social
roan. Thus does the fugitive negro uv the moun
' ". tains, where 'he fondly trusted that he had gained
an assylum against the cruelty aud. rapidity oi his
" tyrants, find himself suddenly attacked in the midst
. , nf his little family by blood bounds disciplined to
this h'jrri J chase fame disturbance is manietted.)
Senators, 'he comparison displeases you i but
what if I sliouLi unWd to your eyes the-piciarerof
ail the miseries, all the pfsutionsrr, which our
f vkuieful decrees have occasuued ? . I hasten, to
Uie arch chancellor question. .;: y ; k'-
I spolCc of cisctimslances that might demand
"'"iron onrnart the exercise of our constitutional pow
er. If I may believe the reportin circulation, a
bloody battle has been tougni ; mexnici oi mo-
state was exposed to persona uaiigcr , si
rumored that he had been wounded. I ask, ought
not such a circumstance to convince us on what
, 'our destinies depend, anJ how much he Testless
ambition of him to whom we have given aupreme
power, puts at haxard the safety and repose of the
- empire by transporting to 4o great a distance the
armW r.Wri for our orotecuon. i peccive the
' immtionre f thoie-around me.r The' flatterers
Tremble hat, jey shoul.d be in darker by listen.
at the suggestion" of Mr. Eppes, withdrawn to
make room for' a general proposition of his own,
that arraneements should be made for the accom
modation 'of additional stenographers," under
which it could not be doubted but that Mi. Ri
chards would be admitted by tbe.Speaker.This
resolution was adopted in Commutes .and report
ed to the House., The great body of the demo
crats were exceedingly dissatisfied with the thrn
which matters were taking: They moved to ad-iou'-n
t he motionfaikd. Thev moved to lay the
v .a W. ! . 1 . 11 m. . j:..,a.M.
resolution on the taoie-it iaiiea : i ncu w aujwuni
then to amend it then to postpone; it indefi-
nitelv. All of these motions were rejected- At
length, late in the afternoon, a motion to adjourn
transactions of Monday. Yesterday (Tuesday)
Uhe subject was resumed. It was very apparent
that advantaga nad Deen laxen oi inc Bawurumciu
to drill the corpse There was a greafdeal of dis
cussion, when ultimately an amendment , moved
h Mr. .nLhbof GeorKiar that, the prayer of the
petitioner ought not to be granted prevailed by a
m.lnnnr nf trs votes, and the. resolution thus
amended massed by a jnajonty of 1 6. Eppes
Lowndes, and two or three others of the democrats,
continued steadfast in their supiort ofih'e petition
erVdaiahat h.llt5t hJ votf rj fer it the
Albany, June 1.
We stop the prsss to insert the following which
has come to hand by Western mail. It is , from
the Utica Gazette extra of Sunday.
Extract of letter dated SactettT Uarbor
The British fleet, of five or six sail, were
discovered ofif our harbor early yesterday morning.
By 9 o'clock it was reduced to a certainty that
it. was their intention to land. Alarm, gdns were
immediately fired, and every preparation made to
eive them a warm reception. A light wind and
some other causes prevented their landing until
4 o'clock this moraine, wnicn mer enenca ,
with considerable loss. . The action continued
warm and general until 6 o'clock, when it termi
nated in the retreat of the enemy to their fleet.
I am not able to give you the number. of killed
or wounded on either side, but it is considerable
on both. Lt. Col. Mills, of the volunteers, is a
mong the slain. Col. Backus, isrregt. light dra
gobns, is said to be mortally wounded.' Two Gen
eral Officers of the enemy were foond dead on
the field, tt is understood 4hat Oov.? Preyost
commanded the enemy. Gen. Brown coraman.
ded bur forces and fought bravely. The enemy
are now making out of the harbor- You, must
Wait for particulars. In haste 8cc.M
By to day's stage from the west, we learn that
on the 25th i'nst. Fort George opened afire upon
some of our boats," when a general cannonading
took place all along the frontier. - In aisbort time
r. . . . -t,m:it;n. f m.
not a olocR-nouse or a wuuucu wmuij5 w.
kind was standing in or near the British fort, while
our sidej had suffered oo loss or injury. An im
mediate movement was expected.
Com. Chauacey arrived off Niagara on rrway
ne atsu . . .. :
Salisbury, tt April. 1813.
Susannah Brown, k
Tho. & Cowan,
' : 5H0CCO SPRINGS. , -r. .
THE subiciiBer, living on his plantation knows by the haftA
of Poplar Grove, a very pleasant situation, orfe mile sputV'
of the Shocco Sprinfs and one mile from tne Stage Road, will'
continue hit Boarding House the present season for the eceom-
modauon ot Ladies and Gentlemen who may visit tha.,
. . . i . . . ji
spring,, l oose viiian wno inina. proper xo ooaio wun,,nina'
ihalt be furnished with every thing of the best that the leatoa
and neighborhood afford. -In consequence o tlft increase of hl
boarders in past seasons, he has lately erected aJarge and eonv
modious Building, calculated io render the situation of his com,
pany agreeable- He i now prepared.. to accommoda'te buut
SEVENTY Boarders, he trusts with satisfaction to hit compar
and with ease to himself. Tha road leading t the tprin vj
be kept in good order.
Edward J. Jone
. Varren county, June 4, 1 813. ? kk
BOARD, for grown person,, 15 einti perdsyCbirdrk
and servants half price. Hortei fedtt 2J sjentt. ' t-Tjr
. i
oazettb ort tcB,"BurrAto,
Tuctday evening, JMaj 2S, 8A. 3. f . vs
k" Fort Niagara, May 25, Th Ai
'Tn attemotine t brine some of our boats down
the river, they were fired upon from the opposite
shore ; this brought on a cannonading all down
the lines. Not a house or Dsrrac is leti sianuiag
: Ail have been burnt. -Not a
in vv.b-. . .... -- -
man injured on our side. ; A raovemcui wm; w
mac immediately. V( 7 - "
The Spartan and Statira frigates, and Martm
t ot under way on Saturday motp.
j r he Bar I The fciffares-came
too, iust ibove the BrownThe sloop and under
.ont hued their crutre, and yesterday momiag,
tjctweri JJonibay Hook and Reedy fclanrj capwr
In Equity jfflril Term 1813 ?
Milos Nhbet, (adminiitratorof S. S. Savage dee.) sadXlfS
' ' beth Savage, comu,aikaiit, . ' ,
' .' -'' Xs-. . v$. ' X : ' k: " '-'
JojiSNisbet, Thoraas Blewett, and George W. Davidson, exegj
torot ueorte wavioson, prc. pinnDA i.
IT APPEARING that John Davidson,, one of the exfcutorsol
GeorgefPavidson, late of Montgomery county, deceased, l;v,
without the limits of, the State it i, tbeiefort Ordered, by tn
Court, that publication be made four weeks in tha Raleigh MF
nerva that the said John Davidson appear before tha next,Courr,
to be held on the fourth Monday after tb fdultb Monday ql Srr!
tembei next, and shew catMe why he shall not be Jmade pn
delendsnu in 8aidiuir " kk-- .
893 . Wra. Sharpe, c. m. F
' - . ..,-. .'," r
. The black Arabian Barb, i
Sent to America in, 18l6 by tolonel Lear, out.C.
tut general at jlgi'erft vtbo obtained htm'from
' the Dey at a mark oj hu particular yqinv
WILL stand Tat my stable, in Salisbury, tlrfr
present season, now commenced.' Fclr
narticulars reference can be had tb my bills.
stood in North Carolina 'and as t is universally:
admitted that the superior excellenc? of the Eng.
iish horses is owing more to their being crossed
with Arabians andr Barbs, than to any oUiercir.
cumstance, it is hoped the American breeder wil ;
not permit so' good n opportunity to pass yaw-
proved.'- . ' . ' ' ' - m -
This Horse wasselemted by Col. Lear from tfi
nrivate stable of the Dey of Algiers, which con
- - . .1 A LI 1 1. 1!
sisted Of ?0 that were cnosen iram nis puouc sia
hie i of 200t ' CoU Lear speak? of him as havingr
the highest character of anyhorse in the who$
regency. , ; . - t .
, -.-..,, rrswv,iv.

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