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ution iftee oiitcriies .have p&mmAM
)j the admission,rj it; 5 called, I , Louisiana
nto the " Union I . Inwhat field did the v inhab
tanti. of that country fight and triumph with us,
or independence f , In which of 'our councils, or
efforts, or dangers or sufferings, or succesacs,
were they v united U What sympathy thave ; we
for the Frenchmen and Spaniards, and Creoles,
setu acree mai ner ucsunic tnouig uc
a.v tUWIlON
0.r tvnfMassactlUSCnai on me w v.w.
Abtifi IMS. Vin'R the nnfrerarf.f the first
fttfugurtfion. of President , Whiogtoo.
' r "t TnsiAK OOINCT. -fT
' '
f (included J
T.'it kful then, thai our navigation and
commerce are destroyed!. Animosity , to them i.s
the very has'a of the power of these men, ana nc
tondi'Wn of its coiuihuanceV Can it hi denied
that a settled system, jnpstrate these our vuai
ulteresisis in operation, wnen eeryA. -:..a
.mh9mu it t and when we hear, not
ndvit rnnvrkjiiinn. but on the floor oil
nrM. iinfiiiio-i trt thia tffict. and almost in
(hes.. terms used, by men from those quarters f
If your capital wantsempioymeoi, W1P cm
fl..u ; rim!n1 h what we want. Let yoOeamen
Iki. t,. .n&H tv have land enough tor
fliem all. Suppose your Icjties are. destroyed.
... ... i I" - I. u J tk mniinUint. '
for myself, I cannot cincealmy conviction that a
systematica; crauurtoasuicin w vi ---'-
riolicy of these men, and of the influences, on
Which they rely for support. War, in Canada,
in support of seamen's rights, and a mission vjo
Russia, for the purpose of negotiating concerning
Ihtm, are perfectly tharacteristick, Thexhan
dies and occasion's of irritation' are multiplied, and
jitjmmerctal states .are, kept amused, with 6
,iture and distant hopesV while ruin and impo
fkrishment are gradually stealing over 'hem.
Peace itself, these propntions of political
" 3bwer 'continuing, will not restore commercial
ftrosperftf. The system of police, will be modi,
feed not abandoned. It is a state of things, which
yer since tie year 79 those uifluences have
teen latouru. ii' effect, and they will not permit,
the advantage they hate gniued,. to be lost. Uy;
tjgh'dutiei sinugglins will be increased : and re
Ailar cotcmefcial industry discouraged. By tfie
Multiplication cf vexatious laws, the upright
Therchnt will be perpetually dragged as. a cul
iprlt to the bar of the treasury, and be, taught that
ar hoitls his property, not by the tenure of knrwn
ajrs) but by the arbitrary will of an individual
V The fatness of commerce still be continually
thrown to the vultures of party, and tthefre birds
will bejenabled, notonly to strip ' the
lfteixhant, but to bick clean the bones of the
jSlecharjjck and the labourer.
at the mercy of those peopfe ; arid that her pol-1
farsljall bei transferred 1o: the mountains and 4w
shall remin,' the skeleton of his former greatness,
Mi scorn nd sportof his spoilers. r
iPeonle-of Massachusetts ! Pcoole of thecbm
merciai states ! l.ook ' irito' the' foundations bf
your Security Strive tabrlng " back ) the prioci
pies and proportioni '"of the constitution to toe
standard of Washington! Nay more,' by a greit
xonMmaneottat":'nl constitutions! effort, strive' to
ortniTit back tolfiOrlncip
rawe sstety. - look at tne tact, that, Y tne opera
JtuianddpitLchanKes in the laws, the uncertain
-1 r - i - . ' - i ' It t r ' - it - -
,iy r,t- inn moae oi inausiry, win oc incrcasra ;
itical riehts should - be J annihilated, as they will ; tion of the Have ratio, In the constitution, and by
bei indeed as they vnow areiby Louisianai audjthe unlimited powipr of making new Statcs partly
that odious brood of states she is hatcbine in her the! result of the provisions of the constitution,
bosom I 4 . r - i , j partly of usurpation, the proporuoa ! 0ly6uf fell
I know that in reply to the suggestion of a Jotal interests. r - T-
interest' and of a ' nartv . intent upon the ruin, of Retollcct thu this state of things is daily grow
commerce, it is fcaid that the most obstrusir, ing worse. Remember, ' that the very blacks of
and t he most violent clamours, in favout of navi- the southern states are equal io weight in the pc-t
gation and commerce, are uttered by men ' from,' jitical scate, to the whole state of Massachusetts
the south and the west j and it is asked, how Ja Is this a condition of things patiently f to be born
this consiste'nl with a purpose to destroy tatem f by freemen ; at least: without one constitutional
I admit the fact. It it undeniable The floor of eftrt f If it be. we deserve what we endure - We
Congress exhibits perpetual proof of i it. .Tperc l peserve to be, what we arer-of no more weight
a man's xeal in favor of commerce, Is generally 'Jthen slaves. -i
in an inverse ratio to his interest in it. Xheis, 1 But it is said, that the touthern and western
fo the most part, Arta4ks "the most about it, who ; scares will never accede to any relinquishment
knows theeat ; and has its interests nearer his ,wt heir pdwer, be it constitutional or usurped.
tongue, in portion as they are distant from W ;ll, theni. if we are destined to be . slaves, let
his heart. Yrhi may almost every day, see some is, atleast, show that we know our condition ;
half bred lawyer, " ai$cdz thousand miles from 'and that we are not y that brutal ktfld, so per
the seaboard, who knows no more of a sailor than ' feet in their misery rnot one perctiyes his folil
hef does of a salamander, and who has seen, as .disfigurement." L: t the commercial states by a
many of the one species in i 'the Tire, as of the constitutional exertion prove, at least, tharthey
otheron thef-watcr, stand upn the floor of CQn. have'the will to be ftrec that if th?y are not. that
gress, and wipe his crocodiletears,and wine ard it is necessity, not choice. Eveiy day the weight
clamoon in favour of a tcanun'4 righttl an hour of the commercial states, parliculaily of New
by the dial. And all this s'age tri and bluster, , Eng!md, is growifing less and less ; and the secu
in support of restriction, or of en bargo, or of war.v riiy of their right is constantly diminishing. Not
on'he frontier, or for invasion of Canada, or of. arr hour that docs not put a new rivet into their
Florida : in support of every measure, which' chains. Lvcry man who opens hts eyes sees it-
has a direct tendency to make the seamen's con- ttvety man who reflects must feel it. A state or
dition more desperate and miserable. ' things is advancing which will be absolutely .in-
All this is true t and all is demonstrative of the supportable. IMs impossible ; Nature does not
settled policy of these men and of 'he influences, permit that great, powerful, intelligent sections of
which they support. If it were their real pur ' country can long be content with a state of things
pose to encoqrage commerce, would they not adopt in which their interests and rights are holclcn in
a policy more conformable to the known wishes subjection, and managed at the caprice of men,
of the commercial states f Were, it there purpose living a thousand miles inland ; whokuow nothing
to annihilate it, is not this the only course, they about their interests ; who care nothing about
could adopt, with any chance cf success 1 Were thetn ; and who make or ma the fruits of their
men, from the south and west,' to come forward industry, not by any known rule or standard, but
and sav to the rieonle of New York and New as whim or nasibn. or political intrieue dictates.
By sudden and j England 14 You must abandon yOur modes of It is impossible. Nature does not permit a long
tioh of-Roanokc
Your prosperity sickens
We continuance of such a state of things. The people
greatness. -otttiis country naveout iwcreventTnerween wntcn
Itnemes, your navigation wui oe njtrasseu : l nc
ianiti. once employed in it, tyrned ' inland :
"our population) discouraged from rooking to the
Otran, will turn to the" west: " And they will
gr r rkh, powerful and prosperousonth,e ruins
of y or greatness. Whatever may be the real in
&re s -v. the people of the south and the west,
thb i vnquvstionaWy the system of those, who
ftbw v uide their political influences. And, so
t fhniv n vnp we!rh hnrt nn nmnnrlinn fa vnup
' o i r, i
real interests, this quarter of the country will be
&c viQtim of such a policy. ,
Perhaps it may be objected, that this course
f- df rem irk is at variance with that advice of VVash
in'.Qn, which warns us against characttarixing
fhriies by geographical discrimination ; northern
southern, eastern 'and western,; whence," says
J, .u designing men ir.ayndeavour to excite a
Jfelhf that there i a real difference of local inter
ests and, views." But let it be remembered, that
this warning voice of Washington was uttered in
the conscious integrity of his o wn administration,
and in the anticipation and hope that a like inter
; jfrity would characterize the policy of his sue
tfessours. Let it be remembered, that it wasut
ttred, asfthe history . of his times will evince, hy
Way of wavnins; against thc-e very men, and their
partisans, who began, in his day, to excite these
local jealousies, and to lay in them the fOuda-
,i ttom of their future elevuioa. B)' cultivating.
Jeal jusy f com nercc, hatred of a navy, propa
jjating unfounded suspicions in the western states
elauve to the policy of bis administration and
'. of the Atlantic states, these men arrived at their
present eminence. Power muS) be preserved by
hnimeansrthrough-which it was-o&tained. A
-party which laid the foundation of its power in
iocs' views local in ltsp.licy. An ad
;iy yojf -vealih. We tear your
distant period of time :
oppression, and the
new and amicable
scale, and then we are ure. of perpetually pre- mollification of the proportions and powers of the
ponderatine." Were these men to make such i constitution, or worry along a little further, until
tjjuid-xxasions, perhaps, will he seixed to admit Wha vo employ, otl the ocean, we wanton the to select, and that at no distar
Kcr natl(msinto anlty with you, io yonrianci. ' We have every thing else, except popula either to put an end to this o
wn make;s. jBy these; and a thousand other xon and capitsly Come, be weighed in a land : chancer its recurrence, bjra;
the weight Of grievance produces cnnvulsitnis
which will put an end to the constitution.
' Let no man think, that an amicable1 modifisa.
tion cannot result by a systematick and consenta-
an explanation of motives, would not their policy
be at an end, in a moment i Would the commer
cial states endure it i Certainly not.-Themly
course such men have to pursue is that, which
they have-adopted. To be clamorous in favour of ,neQus action of the comnureial states. There
every extravagant commercial cliim, and r, em. ! exists through the whole extent cf the southern
barrass commerce by p'retending to defend it. j and wesrern country, a generous, intelligent, and
'cordingly, these are the men, who talk about j virtuous class of men j depressed, 'indeed, and
V the sacredness of the flag,' that "it shall co- j ground to the dust, in point of political impor
ter every thing and every body' that " the ship ' lance, by the prevailing influences of that quar.
is but an extension of the territory," and tint Iter, but who ftUjas strongly and see as diinly
the rights of naturalised citizens are as prefer ! the .consetjuences as we of this system of things,
as those orthe native. Principles, which theyj These men can do nothing, while, the commercial
know well, if enforced, "would b",ln therelati ve ;itates are divided. - It cannot -he expected, that
condition of our maritime power, a perpe tual em
barrassment of commerce. These are influences
which, in defence of jlTie carrying trade, granted a
specific non-importation : which, as a security for
our seaports devised gun boa's ; which, " to save
our essential resources," bestowed upon us an
embargo. Last of all, as a sovereign panacea for
all commercial ills, they have p' escribed war ;
Lan.i this too, which, from the power of the ad
yersary is a total annihilation of our prosperity, is
made, if you believe these men, for our special
accommodation and; relief ! ' . ,
This, then, is the undeniable condition of die
U. States. A Sectional Cabal governing them,
not according to the true interests of any part but
solely aecprding to the interests of their own am
bition ; deceiving and misleading the inland in-
they should lead up a phalanx in defence" of com.
merciai rights, so long as we are time serving,
and truckling ; looking after our farms and our
merchandize : and permitting six dollars-a-day
patriots to barter awayujrbirthjrights, on the floor
of Congress, for, offices, contracts, appointments,
and eveiy mess of pottage, corrupt men can prof
fer. If relief comeT and permanent security, it
must emanate from ourselves. It must proceed
from a concentration of the sentiment of the com
mercial states, .and a conscntaneousness of con
stitu ional action having for its subject, not a tem
porary relief ; but such modification of the prin
ciples of the aHiociation as will give security for
the future. It is certain, that the existing princi
plesr usurped, and constitutional, by which the
proportion of political power is regulated, in these
fiuences, corrupting and depressing the commertlstaies, have thrown into relative insignificancy the
cial. The basis of their pjwer not temporary, ! power of the commercial states to protect them
but permanent, becaase-it rests upon changes j selves. Bound hand and foot, they; are delivered
which time and usurpation have made in the tc . ovet to be scourged, by the interior influences.
la'ive proportion of the powers of the constitution.
If the commercial states are Irue tp themselves,
tninistrjtion h cal in itS"poJicy. makes inevitable i What are the remedies ? The spirit of Wash-1 this state of things may be changed1, in a cOnstit
local. jealousies in the oporessed Sections ; and jington answers ! l Submit to no change by usur-1 utional way. Changed it must be, or our prosper
tuch leal'Aisies' become as just as they are ihe ipation. If the distribution or modification of the I ity is a shad
tuch leal'jusirs become as just as they
titible. Hear he cri tenons of that absence of
l6cal view ina govern me nt which should deprive
idoiisy o'fitt rounds, enumerated by Wssh
Vton u The north in an unrestrained inter-Oura.-
m h the south" shall find " great addition
fii sources of maritime and commercial inter
Inprise." The sootji,' in the same intercourse,
sji ill se : its commerce expand ; its particular
vigat'ton invigorated, and shall contribute to
flourish and increase the general mass of the oa
ional n iviation." Those . are f vVashington's
Criterion of that absertce of Ifocal view which
tliOuld remove all jealousy. If expansion of com
fhero, encoufagetnent of navigation, and pro
mdti ii tf intercourse be the evidence of, liberal
' rlissitisns are these evmced by restrictions, non
hucic'-vue, embargo, &.war with the only nation
bn ihe i',W.v capable of annihilating ouf naviga
itigton'to speuk from the grave, could he express
. in. stronger I xntjuage that rules art heat in
their views;, nd geographical in "their policy ?
TPo encourage C)nfidence and affection among
the sections of the country was undoubtedly the
' policy of Washington: And what are the
grounds he enumurat-s as the foun !ations of this
' Mutual .confidence and affection ? That we had
T iyie samereligionr-manners, hai?ifsrahd political
-I principles thst .in a common cause we had
Jouglu anJ triumphed together that 'oat liberty
.i anu independence was the work of ; ourt joint coun
cil- md inint eff.rts, of Common danjrers, sum
ftriiigs, ati successes I :; NoWilJask, hosv do
r t,hrse reasons ai,ply i.i favo:,' A mutual cj)tiyence,
" Washington's Vadjciorfi ; .j
nation, it the distribution or modification ot the i ity is a shadow : ana our liberties a name.
constitutional power, be wronglet it be Corrected I spirits of. our fathers will disown those as
in a constitutional way " -
tfut how is this ... to be effected, weak, divided
and oppressed, as are the commercial states ? I
answer. Let them be ashamed of the past- Be
wise for the future- Pat away these divisions.
Let common interests cement your affections.
Out, from your councils, and out, from our con
fidence, be all who oppose the old foundations of
New England prosperity. Follow no longer af
ter, the doctrines and commandments of men,
from the mountains. Contend earnestly for the
commercial faith, delivered by your fathers. And
let him, who wilt not stand up for it, be to you
worse than air infidel
Let ancient, divisions cease, and the poor tri.
umphs of party be forgotten, in the contemplation
of the interests of Massachusetts., The venera
ble name-of government, the respect due to au
thoritytahejjbtruaiyetejewsionof i naposters in
'a a ' .' mt a ' V "
power, nave miea . many, l name tieaven j
the scales are fast falling from the eyes ! The
Snare of the fowler is broken, afd New England
U escaping. '-Z.;.
But remsmbeMt is not reRf from commer.
cial restrictipnj' hor yet thje attainment of peace i
nor yet the change of your rulers, that isto be the
object of your struggles. L Doubtless the jugglers
will shiR'ih! hand when they see the old game
discovered.": They -understand Well that ihe
commercial influences are "not to be .crusheJ, in
a moment, v Although theXeviathan is hooked
hecannot be dran, at ' once and speared, : to the
land.- tie must be played backward and forward,
at ih end of the line. ; Now a little- givea.n -5
to ti way ymilnsteo: t tdje t&tfa
children, will stand by in apathy, while the deep
and ancient foundations of the prosperity of their
state is upturning. And" the spirit of Washing-
ton, itselkshall grieve at the successes of " en
croachments," which he declared to be " whatv
ever the form of the 'govemment, a real despotism-'
1 ... v. , u- -
-MknOmam, (N. .) May 17 A most-dis-trt
ssliig event occurred here yesterday. At the
close of the morning service, there appeared a
shower rising from te West, which prevented
most of the Cougregation from leaving the meet
ing house. The shower began with hil and rain,
about-half past 12 o'clock, and about a quarter
ofanhoMr before I, a stre4m of lightning was
seen to descend from the cloud to the lighting rod
on the meeting house, and by thi rod down, to
within about 8 feet of the ground. The lower
part of the roliavtft
broken off and lost, the lightning there burst, sad i
one portion of it entered a window, to a-pew,
where several people were sitting; Mrs. Martha
Drake, wife of John Drake, and daughter of
David Tliompson, 'Es'j. was struck dead. Eight
or ten others wese injured i some of them very
much We hope, ho'weveV, . that they may jiU
recover." No injury was done to the house ; and
scarely any trace of the lightning is to be seen on
any part of it. - ; - ' -. ,. . '.' . . ,
In addition to the forgoing particulars, we
learn that the electric fluid must have passed
through a crack in a pane of glass, v about 14 of
ai. inch wide, as no acrturtiuW feft found
; ifcw&iw - :.' - -----
N Contormuy w an .Act. ot.'. he !aitCerfc7rT
. Assembly entitled1 An act for Imnrnvinn. .w !
t NavigaUon of Roanoke Riter, from the to X ftV
Hahtax to .the 'place where the Virgrr.ia line i '
teraects the same,7 the undersigned, CommhsW
era named in the aaid act fur tne city of ita!iKK
hate opened a Book for Subscriptions f,r ' St.
in .JfceCapital Stockfor accompl-,hing the salt'
dertakuig, mV b wjlLcoptiRucuonen .iilLthe U
October, at the Bookstores of J. Giles an i W( (
Boylanl ; - ; . -; ,,
The proposed Capital Stock is limited to Icfll j
Urs each. A general meeting of the subWribeiV I
is to be held at Halifax1 on the 4th Monday in Ofr
tober next ; and if 400 shares '' hell not sul saibe
beforeiof at sajd meeting, all iubsbription na H
to be void. Put U a' suffidebt number cf ihcr
be then subscribed, a Cbmpany is io be cranial :
ed, underthe title of" v The Koalauiii -Comiany,"
and subsenbers'liftust fhen pay tt n dttf
fars on' ievcry 'sh'are subscribed i'5 ImdfJe rtrasiidPs
icr wnw caueu upon, except mar more than 33i
1-3 dollars on a ahare, not bcAllecFrar joraiyA W
year.-';:- ' ' ' ' , M -r ITXWri iwhk?-
i April ia.
7, .
L & Siibscriptlon Books are afsxyo'vefed at Edelf '
ton,i Plymouth, Windsor, Ii'aJifAXj.WarrentoisOx
ford, Rocksborough, Caswell ousei- Werife
worth andGermantoa, underjlwdirciionbtfe
Commissioners at each pliccr :s 1 s
-.v.... 10C0
-', - too- '
10 tickets eacf
li i
! - '. V rl.
1 prit of
i do
6-W" ;
20 doi ,
20 do
40 do
- 80 do
,,joo do
:800 do
-5C0t A
ipor t
8'K U
S 15.300,
50 dolls, eacb
30 dolt5. eacL
prites,! Not two hlanki'
blank, f to a prize. '
3100 tickets at 5 dollars each, Is- g 15.50D
The casli prizes subject to a dedticiionof f4Aet
percent.; "; 1
- Stationary Pi tzct esfctlcfas t -Ftrst-50Odrawft4anks
entitled to S do'lsvelc
First dran Ticket, . 200 dolls.
Ditto, on the 4th, 6th, 8th, and
10th days,
Ditto, on the 12th, 14th, 16th and
18th days,
Ditto, on. each day from the 20th
to the 30th inclusive, excepting1
the Tickets constituting Pi ires, 20 rickets ca&ffiJ
The said 20'prTxes to consist of the NuaibeS
from lol-to $00, 'fnclusire,reach'20 of the sij
400 to be one prixe, the first 20, of lnv?st Nun
ber for the 20th day, and so regularly ascending to
the 39th. .. . ' C r -
First drawn on the 49th day.
Ditto. . ... 42d day,
Ditto. . . 45th day,
Dittd. . 48th day,
Ditto. . . iOth day,
The Managers present the foregoing Scheme
to the public, in the confidence that not only tlifl
laudable object of the Lottery, hut the great in
ducements held out to advtn'.urersy-will ensnce
speedy sale of the .Tickets. The prorortioa c
prizes has seldom been exceeded," and they are s
arranged as that the purchaser of single numocf,,.
by having the prospect of drawing twenty others,,
may Calculate on his chance bf obtaining two or,
thtee of the best prizes, for the trifling sum cf g$ v
The drawing will 'commence on the Irs.:
day of October next, and be finished without delay c
WlLLts LEWIS. f "
Tickets at 5 dollars each, for sale at the
nerva Office. - , ' . - - ' v
March 26, 1813. 1 1 t,,y 8 till Od !
jyi- '"" 1 .',
2 State of Worth Carolina i f
Dolls. t0
Dolls- 100
Dolls. 50
Doits. iooa,
Dciis. m
PITT coriwTy.
Ontrt of Meat and Quarter Setsionn
. . FKIRUART TKKA, 1813. Y
Simon Barney
; "I ; Original Mtathmcnl
V Levied on a nrcro cirl naflt".
Jonnthan Fellowes. J T ed Penny. . .
IT appearing, to the satisfaction of the court,
that the defendant in this cause" is. not an inhabi
tant of this state, ordered, that publication be made'.
in the Minerva three months, that the deT.'
appear at the next or succeeding erm of thiC
courts to be held for the county a foressd. at the,
court-house in Greenesville, on the. first ,
in May and first Monday in August, replevy tni
plead, otherwise judgment will be entereu ag-j;
. .v
The Baltimore Hofpital Lottery.
Is commenced drawing, and continues lot tit
present ftnee a week. . '
, jrr- prize of 30.000 dollars,
2 prisor20,0()0 dollars, : , 'K' .
. do. of 10,000 rlr.llafs, Scci 3ttV -
In thcBaltimore Hospital Lottery, now dra-
tog, may be had at the Minerva Orlicc. lVe
price, SU. 'j .
Highes pri2e-S30,000. :
Letters, post paid, and enclosing the cash.
be attended to! ' ' -. April. 2?.
k'c For sale, auhis office .
. A TZtf-CQPlKS 6F tilt
-;;' , 275 Ixjifa A -
. .' . " ' ' " -"... ''&

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