North Carolina Newspapers

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P U ilU S 11 ED-( wa iklt) BY LUCA& vSJIJ-A fj . ii OVL NV
BAir'Ct WMeQ iU At) v AMU
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FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 1813;
No. 81)3,
f ii ' .. " to crush the
nil i:ks ni ((N,'.uEvi
spirit of opposition, to stjfie investi- the charge of foreign influence against the FlfotS had highly commended.-Bat Mr. Hichards cone
plion cWanre the nature ot truth, or shut our
its lightfroih thi people. V'airi "expectation 1
Y U mv barup ybtir doors, nail down yonr win
tdo, block up the chimneys, stop every crevice
in ihifspaciou hall, cork even he k?y hole, still
j will tyhe-raysof rtsistless'truth, piercu these so
I lid wJlsartU sheithiir s4i upon the land.
. )i.t l l.
Zdt MV '11. -
K V.f lt 4f pj ea 19 unf re:erence ot Mr. H. said, in reU.ion to government, the
V. ,, rm't i.r. i.iL It a vlUt? atWiiiluic w neu. iMFh and mmiinui's. and mib m
(cWt 4 llie Srakrf himulf to deci le on. I Uur:, he c-v f astrd he tn ec; d -sohm; oi l
ikr o! f rkof the Osewcu TWe fa4hiuned rt'U-'hcan options 'Vil grottir en
l,xmf tiaiit r.enign?liri isbii to ukc . creiy into 'disuse,' ivhich he eouid no: shke o!Tor
jt Aa." tlx Tbt 4MkA of them vii a!'chapge. Lr tn new. franjj'f .1 notion of mod
Setf Hulftli. mtl the tpetkrr mKi ei eri liine! Unrtd not remind the house, thajl
Vail 1 ;-r he thoi!ltt pnpsr. It 1 as y.ttno privifcgtd 9ide- vva known to tlie wrif,
14 tm tfc .ferf Uiclfc -jntv-iti3j Jfi'e-ciiry. 'Ttkty'.ito friimcrs
Ui Vt t tktfcongfMe spcaier wouU est!ttce,-fts the diilinguit :cttarct,ifeucrJ1'aMirc's
iiit.-VcUri(;te muc which In vfaU .!g exacted, arid rule and Teg u1 aw on s
4 lum ut tttU k ihr p;t.tiMier. Mr. A;ht ' made io its virtue iot for the particular cKtlul
I4pril wii o i uccanofi utnlt- iw convenience of a favored class of the com-
f ew r wrfjr.i me papci muftjty, whoss paMious and flomjneeriDg
rt a.ieijn o to :tfl.. Ut.ttons rc tb be nratifid ut the cost of other
4ta iJ.crt e ptKtkecfjH, a lights. Cleuted not iem?rd trie house, that as
I -Kt J ?tcb iH6 cnir.Mf , were . pet no wntun or known law existed, todry upths
t . i t i,'tf f It wi Uy( n-Mia. , fountain of inteiasnce, or co lfi-ia the use ".'.iheir
1 mf ? i fj tJ on the Uce of th paper., whioni? waters to the kinjj, his" -household and
f t J u leu r f iXitt tythe P ince:tlie tumultuous retinue 'at his heels 'who keep the
f t ki 4cWcl t4t tfceseihe wtfre In th- reqiiit'e supply of service and eye service
tik if ; tt , r:rtnup!ican was c- which the wrnj-a pay to power " He we.e.d
i-.ttocacr J'licy - fcd -'not - ttnt tti!thechair, hat the press in 'this'" fre': coun
j. ta kbStttitff o tiOtAjaiast Porcu try.a ye, bad n . prefect set over it by-, law, and
t.f .: .h'. i .u! birffe bid b.rn he cherish I a devout hope that the hbuit, consti
t pifin ibu country, tu rd e?en as it H4S. would think none
;h1 Ui Ui m a mst one of ;hcw, vho' the ano'ntad should sie'h fir th
V AfH-a i" be hd Item inform, of hcinjr placed at the head of the prefecture. '
4mnI A ir.TUttd IU Mt speaker. I rtcol - Mr- Hanson said, when rhf crfehratrJ Rrtma
HAf. KrPitnrfrAkt. irKacp ralnmnv An rnmiiUtt lu Bit hin I h I . i ..f i lu .! '
... i . - j , v .-....j uH-.t nvi hi lute, lorfc
Mr. Wright said, fie had stated that the pa- out of four of the reporters elrcaJy on the floor,
per appeared to have tid Editors J that Cobbett for hut one of them it understood ?wiitcs sUort
had told the Priivce Recent that its putative Etfi-! hand; and as completely within thesiriof ihe
tors were in Dritistf pay. He had ottd that hs (rule as any of them. Xh object is ti rnort
had been infnrmte'-.tbe " AtforHfian'' had char
.feed them witl belnj; undr'Tlritish , , influence ,
that they had instiled stiit guinst. the Editors
yf thrt paper, but had irscytitinued it. The
irentleman ( Mr. Hanson) cjnild tell whether the
information s fiue or ncP 'He had thought it
hi4 doty iostaTe it .It heId wounded the feel
in;rs ot any PjeDtlem., he knew wbere to stt-k
remedy Tiie spt'akrr called - to . orderrjiision granted to iKose er, nee
Ftf fial noj snid whether he brlievcd the charge
butJie; woujflju:. t .tell -rhe gt-nicman thai he did
brlie ve t he Editti-of-tfttr J f tieral -RepubUdb
were wndtr Ur'nisb lu.iluence ; tlvatthe paper wa
rorrnptly pilui3lief : aniLjvhat he conscientiously
iK lrcved, tie wag prepared to seal with -'his blooil.
: com- , vtr. tianson iflj;inro in tnc toiiowing man
disposi' Uner :
in hi bcau'ikjl little poem, entitled Itetfoa
fuenon, Cumberland some where say'i
k I 've' heard, an silently sat by the whilst.
Doginz'ie igmtaiee) when proudly baok'd
ay a;, imposmr. avity ot race,
An l copious flow of enatorial wig;,
Past off fr ai U Tient, and "steri withal .
Thej sytofltiant, who in i his heart despis'd
ftu ridictil'd the hor.sense, smile assent.'
Now, sir, once for all, I wjsh it io be distinctly
t . . zL .
v fWMB4aisBiw nive teen,sarpcr had passed the Rubicon, and was Hacking
4'i LtHrt was ooi;nt after; bis. way to the capital, to possess himself of the
iteri R '4ivi. If bntAaui Mr. lUcturds I tribune of t!u neoole. who a!!eh-r! ih:u th.. nrlr
nsmraxcxi- tit'im'nnui rtin : ifii.. v r- a , vr.m .i it-n t ......
. .... -v, HH4 crc 3.t:iji sucn an outrage. " l na-tavft I the
V c&tonarittt Ftd rai U.pabcn had rr com. jwt," fcaid Cx,x - armt and aw do not
"M iwtar.? ., tlM.kitti bad bcenojned flourish together. If you are not phased with
tlrit Amfi:sa fcect r.r els at Annanobs hat I am ujout. vou havermiv m w;tiwK..w
. J-l .! . -
worrccHjr me ueDaies oHne tioitsf, and it cnnot
be material whether that object tu: effected by ai
abridgment of .eacfcwocd, cr by an abridgment of
the sentences ofthe Speaker. Did the tilustiiou
ir.. joiuson, report Mi ittpates of the Criii
patliaravnt with less ability ot less cj
necaiise ne aw not wate irvfeft hand? Wi
we. rrluse to fliCT, it now onf applicant, tb
in ths boxvi,
) kw!wp ttiefef eud.nt for it. He alio read
part f a uxitXt hrb apjv ard In ths 1 cde
1 2 4f.W-'t'f larnirn:, in relation tojh
vt llywrf,tiJ rtbateJ it in vtron
I lb)' oabo vovkl appUrd . the decisTon
i tW tkt m ttrbdtng this stenographer
o.'ea war wm not bear much liberty of s jeechT
sou aau ailwnom 1 have lound exciing a spirit
of faction agahm me, are at m disposal." Mad
Ousifbeen McteKiii, ,aid Mr II hw would you
bav acted i Had 1 b n Mrtsllus, t wuuiu iave
told the usurper, J am nit fileaed with wiat you
areabou!. bull will nit mutthMm-,., t ...:h i
t r- 's" wmwiBwy w w.cpcopje, inu maintain
'8w 5 nvejiy ot an? imerierence .country
,iiniwt his brcalh.
xii i v it U i a r; mi dcbiky a
m v..-. iuiwh, itc -wnuia i at inv nivxxa . and ahsii htr.i
Iow T;ke t!e language of the present day. j
' the tame
the .laws of mv
moment I . would h'vt
r tutr Wc tetc4 Io ibe oecmily of
. iiff ttiktUtnyinj a treacherous
-m.;iirlitt wtb f'wltniett bore the " heat
: J -ba coon r 1och a course would
fut Ii t 4 sjr.t if ttfutvtbu.g more than
; U.y. K j-? a cw:s fined by peculuir
'..mmmat the Utrm- flt hi .r. self
; a4 tcfir tb (rote against In act, in bis
..v-sabd t;b.tiary sud oppressive, partial and
i pna a rtla ed to be vtry rcspecta
a gtr. kn.aS"f cu'Mi't;; fr relief andpar ial as
lb iwnervy and bige; body of pro
. t a co&it!-rH ftrt.iun of country( xccs
-e la l fjf iiif rma j .u esclusively ihrwgh
tfcat, ci aao a'Htiiiy attempted bt t. ik
J t; Ta tiit ci-cuitfba cftbe journal in
watiatw be bIki exweded ibatof any other
ifetlA. ' ....
f lit il. ttea f ateJ th circumvanccl cf the
Utt tiaissii of Mi. Richards last yeari
-.4 the artaajfemtnt which now esduded him,
fef the oifwtmkjB of Sttnographers to three
Laa rats oimIom tWetititt, who was only a re-
kf, iemi.ary giving araugb sketch of the pro-
t4g out f ivteniing to write out debates.
m t.i ua wucn tbePafKrnbe Alexandria
eooutftf.I, and the respectability of
etia it fl.TitteJ, but It was a ifieie nicck-
;-ftajf tlae tp..krt had civn the . minority'&t wbdv ib tTvasury Xerxh hadArr ie-
tM!insoii referred tbVir.use to the Jour-4-cfTh
1st action tf lbe;7:hCcngrss, when
f n vf a litirti ij; SJtnograpbers was first
Y u !I. stated that ease at lejig-li, which
Is .t-'teu J Ut 'the .want ofroomV f ' n
j ikti ktd, aftir this clsUj ivhen li
kt 2! mi.mU.ts r'W ia Congress" on the other
Me if tV were sztinsrVivinVanv dis.
ffii.,r. ttar Speaker.' fas aire nt for lhe-1
?" 1 1 u ajjix w'.tno.rriplie:, and, shall As
s . I lrvs on tfcs d or," and .having'., to
J ft r,H-aUd atterrpts to modify the rule,
1 jCv J;Clttlon to thd SneakfP. in
i --. -f
ii. . nuaibcr r ;s ytnj who they shQuld
frr tins, atu when so 'imch Ms been of-
1.0 4! aiout th- federal rein of tenor, is it
rt utrniedjlo exclude .the jtenographeis of
t t p ry, it to k-cp tnlormatinn uiora the people.
.Vn ;r fp!rrs inieh bt hanisbed to, th j- callery .
tmi otmoiious to side, the houie Ec this side
I the h-.isc,en'it!,d to enuil i iehts,m'urh be but to i
c junt.o .tire, bat the h$hTor trutn could not be
utou' fpm the people.. It mig lit as' well' be
i'temp ed to supercede by a visionary human codt
rt nii law ol nature, lo chance the
7 rH,'n lniwk down the daring usurper. AII who are
lo firhid any found exciting a spirit of faction against mc, arc
!p, he would lit my diioaal, and shall b? treated accordingly I .
spint of fiOhnJi spirit of faction against nsurpation
.yuiiny, oprcsbirn ana lawless violence. ' They
whoare not for me are against me, and shall be
trcatod accordingly ..;. .'.',.'
. They who continue to exercise the freedom of
lpcccbt to asstrt and maintain the liberty of the
Press, to support the constitution in its pristine un
sunnea punty they who constitutionally oppose
the worst acts of a bad administration, are to have
their voices stifkd by thecOrd of justice. For
one, I shall defend my Tights at every hazard.
Air. n. saia, ne Knew the power of tho chair,
and was not ignorant of the source from which U
was derivedfrom the same originally pure and
healthful fountain, frm which: also' flowed his
rights as a member of the house,. 8e the rights cf the
hcmbltst ino'ivif ual out of it. To rules and rcgu.
lations, constitutionally adopted for the Rovtrn
ment of thtf house, and impirually and constitu
tionallyenforced he woqld pay at all time's," a scm
palous andTrmpHcit obedience-, but he wotild resist
oppression, he would part with his mortal
power of respiration, with his last breath, short as
raignioe tne r.umDer ot his mortal days, before
he wotild? submit to the' slightest encroachment
from authority-he 3vould meet opposition in the
tic v
to be distended and.coDapsed as capiice or eap
u,c,,t-y nignvjugrcesi, io;.sneitee one Slje of tjle
nouse from the rays or authority, whi'e tbe th
because he was not a $tertDjprapJur ?
Mr.Ci. hoped, that tfe session would coni
raence witha.. act .f MeriUTy on the nart nf-ii.-A-
JtnsjoiUy. hMv Montt JBOt-but believw- would ' .bpiuous e.ctn the ruWro bceedinrr
of the boose. Majorities re frerpenriy lerrpf;"
ed to ettrcise their power wiib a high hand.
Miiionuca always suspect thenfofa tfispcsiiiaii
to oppress. Atealousv on thia hart wifl- ..:..
often an unfounded jealousy.; J Let it be removed '
early uy a course of conciliation, and' diff rejic
sentrmenH3 inspired. Forbearance on ue
will inspire courtesy on the othery'aad altho'iftil
fcrences and imnortant ittrpne , ,
majnyyet a spirit of cenerous contesi will f.i,l '
all unnecessary altercation or wanton opposition!
On Ins feelings he wa. certain such an irt.nn.,.b
on would be made and he could not but belie '
it would a'sobf made on ,ihos of th or ,T,-; .
. : .... wiimwm -
w ith whom he was accustomed to act. ,
, Mr. W&3STK& was Klad that the sneaker
treated this subject on the ground of incetive.
mence onlv. The reasons which he had given'
for the exclusion of the petitioner, were -audi a v
he should have ejcpeeltfd froprff person : filling ihb
chair ol this house.- He thoDf bt thst
----- - mf-vft
understood, that nothing which can fall from that
quarter, (pointing to Mr." Wright)' nothing which
that member can think, u.ter or do, can noisiblv
disturb my breast, or make the slightest impress,
ion upon my feelings.- This is, the first oud last
time I can bestow upon him any notice whatever.
The charge of foreign influence I again - pro
nunce groundless and. false, the ravings and
wild fffj3ions of Cobbett, I have ne vtr read, nor
regard more than the raving3 of the member
still less should I think of travcllioir to EneUnd.
r. n. ,. . . ... " . . y r
or naiumore in pursuit ot justice ; although it is ted.
proper to siy, uc sun against theT American has
never been discorrtiuurd witlrthe knowledge cr
. . . a
i....yoi na uuuors. in uostcn a specific house accustomed to l watch
v lurru uion was maae oy two m
was left bare headed and exposed to'theacorrhinn.
beams of roal indignaiion, to'thc peltings- of . the
piiilessatorm; , .
He said. If the actof which 4ho minority, pos
sessing equal rights with tho majority, complain,
cd so, jujtlyi watXlone under a rule ofihe-lwusrj
and iti " ride TTad been abused, it ivas in the pow
er of the house, for the furtherance of iustire. tn
dispense with, enlarge or abolish it, so as to ex
tend the reise! prayed for- He sunnospd ih r...
of a new prderf things, . compelling the Speaker i
iu way to a successor ' or different pnlirj-ar
persuasion, and asked how ths ientle men on iTi
other side of the house , would feel, would act, if no
Other stenographers were admi ted in the house,
but , those; agreeable to the majority f The couh-try-would
ring with-their Co mplaintt he clamor
woum restwfnd through the union. And yet, such
was the case w Uh the present minority., excen.
ting a nsminal treporter.. How : thert ought they
tofeeUbow act. when thus trammed on. hv an o
yerbearing majority, disposed to put their heels
uriorrrnir. adversaries1 oeckv whilst protected in
princi-' UffU .,,.&Hls " ' '
,ir n crarit?uon. and cause iaad-lo'laSeend 'ir Mr H.Anpti.' . -
4ks to fl downwards.. It might as. welljW" whatdieweiraji IlhwnTEr, n wt.;v, Vu- t" shift the bed of the Chesabeake. oil asrsrons "cfv thp.
-fcwc tho course of old Potoraack,:a3 attewpud AVrlghth bevhe had ro totSttfon in y.roncuticirrg;-
t - , - . .
mi journals, anu qniCKiy etter tue impetration
of a writ on an action of slaoc'cr, the allegation
was retracted and a full opotuey publicly made
The names of the Editors were jor.g ngo- in pos-
sessran ot tne member, and could at all times uu
obtained when, asked for.-wMr. H. toeing CJtlaus
ted took his se3"." " "
Mr- CtAY (Speaker) observing that, in
his opioion, an importance bad been given to this
petition which did .not well comport with the dig
nity of the house, stated the cround on which
the decision had been made by him of which the
petitioner complained ; which was sirgply this t
that inconsequence of the recent alterations in
the house, seats bad been arranged for but four
sienngmpriers and to those places he had assign
me applicants according to seniority
i;u Having trn or longer standing
e uaa oy ;us arrangement
it tne house should deem it proner to admit o
thers than those now; on the floor, he hoped they
would designate the Stations they thould occupy,
Wr. Oastow said, he was one of those who
had voted for a rcfetence of Mr. Richards "s
petition. to a committee 'of the whole.He 'dsem-
td - the subject deserving of every attention, be.
t' n was intimaiejy , connected with the first
principles of a republican government, freedom
oi Oission and publicity of proceedings. He
had also been, desirous to afford the Speaker an
opportunity of explaining the motives which had
governed his decision. He had not believed that
these motives wwfe of the kind which had been
confe"deniIyanticipated by a political friend Lof
tionpr mlo-lit h o1mWi.i .,.:t...... s-.-...' "
" v"hbh ?niiwm inconvenience'! ibL
nd as he had not been charged with anfairly
reporting the proceedings of the house, as !
ported with ability, he hoped he would be admit- -
aiic irue ground to put Ihe question upoj
was its practicability. If the reporter abused tbo r.:
indulgence shown him, there wre chough in tll4V:
house accustomed to watch with a raarded '. !
l-ce, the proceedings on this side the houstf, not
io iet sup an opportunity to urge tfiir . -(Mr.
Webster epoke wiA energy; and -dignity) -Mr.
Calhouw denied ihe position.' that, thero - '
wbi room sufficicn, and he did r.ot;see how tju
speaker could r act : othcrt?ise.i. (Ie,? thought if ' - "
would be -highly improper to a-Ign him fceat on .j
thejW , this would be maUoa ;rrtvic(I :''
stenographer, and giving him advantages whicJk V
none of the others possessed. He wouldVhana
an opportunity, of .overhearing the : private con-
versation of members, aahetwould have to h.l
Placed in a situation where gentlemen resorted to
to express their opinions,of pendintr measures, and 1
then he would be able to penetrate all their men.
sures, lie though Uo.RaUapropJr -place
; tie had . a?wpi-fie debates te uld be as well hea in the gatlery
enloruy ; all ofasany where, wd - wrttingba0-thtqua "' if I
dmgtha Mr j velocfty. The particular qualMea of ability, 'anrf t lj '
Deent exduded. impartialUy hadejl uW at4lponi,edet''., I
ier to admit o.lni4 k.w i-tT i',.-- - r . .. r v
SunnreSSlon Cf an tohnninna ranpf. . I?i rintf
, . ' . v A . VliIV
tdto- find tljit his .opinion in, this rsspect was
wtH 'founTied- , .
( The Speaker .has. explicitly informed us, that
uis ucici'iuHuiuon wis inuuenccu solely oy- a re
gard for the ctjrivenieuce.of.the house. The mo -
;Uve was auredlyjcorreCtfc and if .the opinion in
which i led varied lron that; of the committee,
aTeasfon on Ueir part favourable tolNtr, Rich;
ardi, ,be viewed as overruling or implicating the
decision of the chair.? -'ChargodVjtb the respob.
srbilityjof superinteridMig thecoinnience of tha was natural for the Speaker to lean, he
ought to lean, to the side of this
in lucmemoers tnemseivcr it -would evince,an
oyerWeeniqg s'elfi shness('neithcr liberaY '"nor dig
nified An objection 'hid been intimated by the
gentleman from SCarolibat- (Mr. Calhounl flio'
it had not, been firesiei,' that the applicant m the
technical Se'nsef the-wordiwaa not "ariieitcFra.
fiher. tot. O understood" that Mr. Richardsdia
not write", short hand; :Vte Wide brief notVs'of
ltl MM...' itL.l'.-J'1 .JV-t. ... 1 f ', . ' .
"V 'v ' ,V KCI,ien,cnf -wmcn enaoieo mm
aferwards' ,by the ' asctstance' ,of Jiis memory' to;;
writ ;ouMheif speeches .itlre. In this he had
shewtMtfl Cicurary whsbit fwlccm 0 Mtjpc5ibJeTcf?t fy wrongs da to temev
impartiality hadjen imucb. dwelunponhe de
nfA imth - tk. j.ui.. :- .;urrL i . . r
.... . 4 Mt utiBin in Ami paper paa ueen
coned.toone knnwh th
gentlemen did poti write short hand, but iwaf " '
merely a note taker, fee. ' He did not ma yse
of this as an jargomcnt agalnit the admission oTT
Mr. Richards, but as his ' friends had grounded
his claim upon superior;Ulerits and impartiality, '
he could not do lees than bring the trge Itate of
the affair before the house. ; . v
'-y1' Twday, uim' t. '. -
The casa of George JtieMnU was again b&ugh "
P 't ' .". - ' . f
r-Mr. BiDB's amendment was put and' lost TO a ,' i
r s."'., ',-',; f.;:U . , ,.- j . .. '-K i
Mr. ST,ocKTOJof(N. 1.) moved to strike out f I
additional stenographer? and insert ' additional .
accommodation be made ia the gallery for steno. -
rapher. ." . .''. -
hrl I3tt8moved to strike out the whole of the- r
resolution from the word resolved and insert - lj
th u the prayer of the petiUonar ought oot to
granted. ?...-. . . .;
;.'?Mr. Calhoun spoke. with scme warmth against (
me petuiop, urging juat rtbe speaker, was not o-v
be reduced to fhe level of the petitioner -that hej
claimed '.; seatv.os ,'a;. marter.c?right--vheiice
theseAhigh pretensions JiehadJaeeneWibyL
an amngement of the speaker, a3 if he h, m
light fobeadmitted, he denied, the-qualiflcaticri?
of Mr; Richards as a stenographer, upon the score
of ability and impartiality. .. -
; .Mr. Gaston said he rose with reluctance, to
claim th , attention of the house. He w vn-
- i
e whose accotn lsiblc that the discussion had -been
modalidn. it -was tius to consult. Dut til it became; fuguinrr. He wsVnCviliinUd' "
when a direct' application imade.,.4A the mem to be accessaryin bringing down open tiie hocsel
bers themselves", ' a scrupplous? apprehensiQa ,of a repetition of lih'e - sent tnce7 which astfcreottd
possible inconvenience. cannot .Qpcr4te;::i.ithe Censor had pronounced ag5lnsTihem jt having
chair, it is a propecabd , becoming seniimemii. f losra-dari : Efirt be wan Rsnrit Vi,.-
iposeii jo examn
the trim, of arguments hich JhadWn uiursucdl
by the hon. gentlemen from $fcy'h Carina, m iijk "
an ingenuity, and a ph usability wicHen lertd it -deserving
of nptce,.w Kerhadlkteiied td.'rdie gen.
tlemen with Uttentioh with ii'eed'ohlrao. biW-
ojmv srio"y.,,HpTijt laiiacypetraarti-:
.ihtwhole of hj's irgjiment t as t beVoundj
M'eyery of hij firemises antfoecpsarily led . t
eritjr in his rnnrlimon.
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