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11 wp:
oitrtpji sra ssiHvari on the stumps
rVftrfejnHst and tosprU; t'he weatlicY'; half
Vi yoMorward.-In lli.a 1ge ;.o getting the, ship
b-! "v 'he -wind, ouf helrt; beim; perfect.;
eK :i t :--!orrunatcY preveS 1 ineltccuial.ltnjrsw
in 4i,au falling over (he su'erfforfl'the heavy
.;!vt; nf tW ship,' which nearly covered the
a. ! r I.- nl An".. riikhn'irf1 fyiins tXTl. e-ilf' liilfa
i1,f a'ttat'k ol ih.j chtjiny, he now.atftndinif towawj-
. ' ?f j for -tint pyrpose'; on his.coming nearly 'within
.,r-itW pi us, arid upmJiM rnaiictuve perceiving he
j. 'i'utrrjded a position-?j ?dd, where he. could rake
tV v" without iv. possibiliiy if ptir returning a . shot ;
'' . -i then consulted the officer, who agreed vmh
. . .. oivsHftUat out havinc? a creat nart ofour crpw
killed and wounded,' our bowsprit and three masts
y cone, several guns useless, we could not be
? justified in'the Uvs of more of those re
draining, who I hops their loru'ships and the
.,- conntiy Urill think"1 have bravely defended his
NJhajesty -j shipi; tinder these circumstances, how
ever rthictantly, at fifty minutes pas"t five, our
Jftplors were lowered from -tee stuanp of the mizen
. fialv and wc were taken possession offc little f.
Icr art. by th'c American frigate Constitution,
commanded by commodore B linhridge, 'whofm.
ftediatcly after ascertaining the sa!e of the-ship,
resdlyed cnburning her, which we had the" satis
Faction t)F teeirg done as soon as the wounded
fdea Mere- removed. Vnn?xed I sem! you are.
IS' turnjbf the ; VfiledLitfid wounded, and it is with
lai6 I ptrceive it-SQ numet'ou; also a . state
ffleni of the comparative force of the wo ship,-
h:n I liope their lordships will not thnk yie
British ftig taioiihed, although .success has not
attended us It would ber presumptuous in me to
. -spenk of capt Lambert's fnerits, who though
s ill in danger frooiiiis wound, we still entertain
Ae greatest hopes" of his being restored to the
er vice and his country.
It is most gratifying to my ft elings Jo nptice
the gallantry iof every, ofHcer, seamen, and ma
rine on boa"rd ; n "ustir.e to the officers, I beg
ieave to mention them individually. IAcan never
HP??ik too highly of :he able exerilons ofLts.
HivriiV'ham and-Buchanan, and also Mr. Robin
r 9nt Master, who was severely wouwiea, and L.s.
4-nchot. with toyal yards acrosstAand apparently
rtMy fr sea. .The. flritislt colort ' were: then
li Ttion board h; ShannoCtl and she -hove to;
fiir lan J ; ai 9 !- the enemy's frigate
44 o'iSii ved to her sails, nd fire a gun.
At half paut 12 she. weighed anchor, and stood out
rtf hv harbor, wbehe- Shannon filled; and' under
easy sail, edged otf (he laadl fil?owed the Chesa-'
ptake at4 shoneiied saU p;ijKdvetbt"itb
the topsails back (or G;ar tli ehemy would not
bring hr triciion before Jark-; in 20 minuiesi
afxer, the Chesapeake cheered within musket shot
of the Shannon, still strnvdiKg towards "her. in such
wty as left our Uuu-in uficerta-'tity which side
or their .ship. she. intended to encase m half
past 5, however, shelufTid up on the Shnnoa's
weiither 4-iarter. and on her fore-mast coming in
a- line i;h the. Shannon's rnizen, the latteY fired
the after gan, slid herothers,- successively,' until
tne enemy came nearly d.cuy abreast, when the
Chesipcake fired her whole-broadside, which the
hagnon immidiAtely returned ; and here, broad
tide to broadside, the action commenced ; in5
minutes the Chesapeake fell alongside the Shan.
non, and was boarded in .her topvas we'l as on her
uecKs, by our gallant countryman ; .and, in 1 1
inchot. with coyal yards across, and-appvlKf-; LOHgteSS Of Jflc uniiea ouiwi
-r'S- . .. IN SENATE.
"On Wednesday tiiePresidenriWaSenate
laid before that body a remonstrance of the officers
nf thrarmv under maior pen' Uarrisort, represen.
! lirtg that in the appointments and promotions re
tentlymafle in the army, injustice nau weenijoiie
td'iheouieeiTiow iti servicer and praying. the a.t.
tentiort of the Senate to certain cases in which they
feej the usages of armies and their, ..individual
rights to have been violated ; and the Hfemoill
vvaa. reud. "
On the same dir. Mr. King presented the me.
morhl of the Common Council of New York, re
tpecting the defence of that city ; which was ie
ferred to ihe Committee on Military Affairs ; and
the memorial of Sir James Jay, prayi.jg corhpen.
Saiion' for Revohitionarv services, which was read
and referred to Messrs. iCing, Dana&nd Leii.
Oh Friday, the Senate, on motion of Mri Da.
na, came to the following resolution:
Resolved, lhat a Committee be appointed to
enquire what leiislative'rovi'.ion is necessary" to
in .
prevent t!v muluphcity of sut's or procwes
wh; re a single suit or process might 6iiflTce, for
tninuie$ li)m the corhmertcetucnt of the action,! the administration of justice, in any cae to which
her three ensigns wete hauled down, and soon af- 'he United States may be a party, or before any
ter rep aced wish the English W over them. Her coun of the U. States ; and that the' Committee
decks cleared of the-dead, the wounded taken be- have leave to report by bill or .'otherwise
ov,.a great proportion of ike prison stt. re mdved f ; Messrs. Dana, Rullnck, Hunter Stent VM-Bted
out ofhtr-itind, accoinpnid by the Shanhbn, was
steered tor this port.
On board the Shannon, Mr. Watt," the first
L'uutenant ; Mr. r.ldham, tha purser, Mr. D inn,
Captain's Clerk, an I 23 seimeri, w5re killed.
Were appointed a committte sfecoriingty.
Satuboat, June j. :
TheJHouse proceeded, immrdiately on its meet-
Um Z
vuuiicrtntcw.wi UiSc os re alive I. J
decree of the ;28th of ApAl, laii, ' Lta
toshow at what timely whom, an
r uie saiu qecree was brst made knJ
government or to any of it, represcnta"
gents. . .) ; ;. " VMWllu
And the question heiiiriaken"f?,..'
deride a, 11. . " -""
For the resolve
: AgfnsTlpFT'"" " "
t,The 5th resolutidn was then read
lowing words : t
Resolved, That the President be
case Ihe&ctbe, that the first infarrnau,!
its ministers or agents, was that communis !'
May 1812, by the duke cfUassano, to J 11
low, and by Him to his government, as mtl
in his letter to rhc.Sscrcla. y uf Stale, of jj
1812, and the accompanying papesto iuf'
House whether the government of the U.S.
ever received from that of Franr.a
linnn(ltia nV,nn. nf 11. , ". J "f'l
...... . fcawiiijv j.uav,uccree oemg coat
from this govci rimeht and its minister irV'
a time after its date ; and, if su;h'txphn JF
uwfcn naicn ujr iiu jjgvcniment, and has L
i K'vn ny mat ct trance, whethCf
goveVnm'cnt has ma.!e any rem-insirancc 0r
pressed ary dissfitisficiion to Hie". govru'm
Fran.-e, such;, concealment. ' '
And the gucstion thereto vaslericy ,
lows t :-S, ' ' ' !
On board the Chesap-ake, Mr. Ballard, fourth
Lieutenant ; Jir. llroom, Lieutenant of Marine- ;
Mr. White the Mister ; several petty ofli ers, and
abaut 70 nen were killed. Cai)t Lawrence. since
ded) Ludlow, the first Lieutenint, severe-
ly ; Lieut. Dadd, second Lieut, do. ; Lieutenant
Co:, 3 J Lie-ifenan( slightly ; Milshipmen Wea'.
ver, Abbott i and Jlicolls, severely, ad Berry,
Mercer and Davis, of the Rovat Marines, the lat v ..- .n jic, .. vnapiain, severely,
. r Z i : i - i j : ana near juo seaneri wounded.
: ter of whom also was severely wounded. Io'
; (i)t?.io John Marshall, R.N. who was ap.3scn-j Captain Broke, we understand, nobly led the
ger; I am part.icula-ly obliged for his exertions brawlers" from the rjuarter dr.k, and was, we aro
, an'd a.lvi -e throughont the action. To Lieutenanj ' sorrv to sule severely wounded, in the moment of
AipinHWh'r-waa- on" thV main deck, and Lt.jv:ctory a s-bre, on- the head, while exerting
aiiilders, .who. commanded on the f.irecistle, J) himself to save two Americans from the fury of
aMo rstum my thanks. I cannot but notice the I1".1 rntrL 5 he liH however, we rejoice to learn, in a
gjjod conduct of the .mates and m'ubhipmcn, ma-
Captain. Broke, a Midshipman and 5 seamen m t0,-lhe wnderation of Mr. Webaier'a reso-
luu'Mis ,aua ine wnoie uay was occupied - in me
discussion. The House adjourned without taking
aily question thereon.
Monday, June 2 V.
Thcnrdcr of the day on Mr. Wctfjter's re$o.
lutions having been called Up,
Mr. Itibb stated the intention of the commit
tee of Ways and Means to press the Considera.
lion of the revenue bills as soon as nossible.
Th'e' time already occupied in this debate had not
For the resolve
Agriinst it
'IJ,fl tlu.l,l.lliAn.. kn'k.... . 1
greeu io ; , . r ..
A committee was appointed to present tht
solutions to the President of the. United Sl
tWmoion ot Miy RAca, -ovcThat
the , president of the
States be requested to transmit to this if,..
pies ot a declaration and Ordr in Council c'
onusn government, ojt the, J 1st or April,'',
and a copy of a rttite, from lord Castlereagh :
Russtl, being th same alluded to in ihru
Mr. Rusiel to the Scc. etarv of State' nfii-i
T T 1
been thrown avay, as the committee of Ways and On motion of Mr. A'elson, the House re$
Means were not prepared for the discussion of; itself into a committee of ih wholf, Mr
the tax bills. Now they were ready, however, he in the chair, on the hill to'reward the othcmJ
ruse, in me aujciju-c ui inc cnairmajj ui ine com- ticw ui inc udkcii omtes' snip nornrt.
mittce (.uf. L,")pes; to give notice that those bills
would be called up to-morrow j and, every gentle-
mi) now having fair notice, he honed ihediscus
sio'i ot these resolutions would tenvVnate to-day.
' ny or whom erre R,uled, and the greater -part
bounded." Ta Mr. T. 0-, surgeon, and lui
assistants, every prai- is due tor thejr unw'ea-.
Vied assiduity itvAhe ore of the wounded. LV.'Ce'n"'.
tfisl p,, Major 'Walker and C:pt. Ww, of liis
rit, ttie iane ct wnom was - wounti, were
.falici'.ious to assist an4 remaiil on
Bleu. . J 'ui
,1 canmt conclude this' letter without express
ing tny- grateful .ajcVnoffledgements, thus pub
Uckly for the- generous treatment Capt. Lamberi
and lusolocers h?ve expeitended from our. gal
,nt enemj," Com. Cambridge and his officers.
. j have t ha' honor to be, 8te.
; Ht.D, CHAD3.
p. Th' Constiturion has also wlTered tc
fercly her riggmg and nv:n, haying ei !
foj:and mizen masts, m nn top mnst, both main
.Iftpsail yArs, spSKkef boom, gaff and try-ail
iftm mtsi itoLihe7 g-eatcr part of ih
'rnUfig ri Jgjug ver much damaged," with ten
vv iviu.ii iu 111,11 j'a lyii, which II". Ill it. I Wltil
flla killed, the Commander, fifth Lt and 46 men
pund.d, f
s much benefit to his country, atid such imper
ishable honor to himself. '
-fteut. Vattwis killed .after boarding the
ChtsipVike he wai an 'jteflent tofficer.
O i Cs?t. Broke beini wounded, the comm ind
the quarter' the ,nn''n devolved or-the second lieutenant,
VVallis.son of Mr. Walllsofthe Nav- Yard,
wio cotvducteu riimstllin a ery brave nianoCr.
,:. Great' merit fs du to Capt. Broke,on thif oc
cision, not only for the pefserverance with which
h-j hw s long sought a rontest with an America
frigir-, but-for the promptituae ami skill with
which he hasecidrd the question of surierio. ty ,
and put an end to all th i vapoting with JWhich the
American papers have lately been filled In point"
if si a -i and tumher of guru, the two ships were as
nearly cq isl as could be wished : Vhatever ad
vantage there was, wa in favor of the Chesapeake,
toth as to size and number of me'n
. The respect due to a brave enemv was rester.
,4 ,. ' - I
l,4ay Shewn to Uipt. Lawrence. I he ronsc was
iur 'of whon) are since dead. -v
;: " ipf tflhe 'Shifts.
.lA'V . lonftj eighteen . pounders 1 6 cr
JfepaiiesJ. 33 p underS .2 long 9 pounder?. 46
rfbn? Weight nf metal, 1034 lb Sbjp's com
fiiiy and upernumerartes, Vf.-SJ'-ZL-
' C STiT0TI0N--5a long 2 i pounders !
ca rmadea, S2 pounders--1 carron nde, r 8
ppundcri Weight of Aet'l, 1 4001b;
-Crew, 480. ' :- .
v ti-re follow the lists of the killed and wound.
2 killed, 102" woundel.J t
Sf. Saivjdor, Braid, Jan 3, 18 X
"A am sjarry , to find the Americans did not be
herewith the same liberality-towards the crew
that the officer experienced ; on the contrary
they were pillaged of almost every thing and
tpt in iiors. . " S - ' S- ... .:'
' . " ' ...I ii -i . i ii.
, The Chesapeake and ShatVnbn. ; ''
- , "liosToN, June 19.
Yesterd y tiie Spanish a loop J u a a, a r r i vgd . here
from idViif . in 7 days, bringing the papers of
that city to.:he'9i'h,' .vnich cwtain the.loihwing
account of th UteJsangaihafyt conflict between
the. Chesapeake and bhannod -No leti
tershave been received ; nor, any' other remarks
than the following off the melancholy event.
; ; HAur.xJumr 9; 1013. V
On Sundayarrived here .his Miijesiy's ship
Shannon, from Boston Bty, -with the American
'frig.Jte Chtsaptaker late "cap's-Kant'ence, het-'
- priz-. . .. - ,.-;" - -
ii w'.thplsaiurc we cong' atnlate our readers
on tin: c;n;!i(n: ! '.he American In gate chesa-IS-.-jU':,
eomniAn'd by capt,. Lawrence '-:- by his
Maj.-'Kty& hip ( Shannon, 'capt. 'Hroke,' after an
r.ction .ot U ivmutcs.'
' '-'The following piticnlars of thleaslng eyelu,
ite h.ic collected from conersations 'with.. some
.f tii'.. office of the Shannon, rind have reason to
sive of hia wih to curtail this debate, so anxious
was he to Come to the discussion of the Ways and
Means ; with which view he sbouH rtfrain from
tnaK'mg those rerfiarksxm this occasion which hp
had intended, and should, if the motion for indefi
nite postponement was withdrawn, 'also withdraw
the motion which he had made to amend tfie!
Mr h'arravj then withdrew his motion for in
definite postpone merit, in order to save limfcf al
though he remained decidedly opposed to the
resolutions ; to which, looking at their object- and
expediency, nothing could reconcile him.
Mr. Calhoun then withdrew his motion for
mendment. ' .
Mr. Roberts assigned at length the reasons
why, although, he btlieverl these resolutions whol
ly unnecesinry, he should nevertheless be induced
to vote for thm.
The question was then taken on agreeing .to
the urst resolution, in the followmg wpfds :
i duiuuui. ui i.uuijjensanon wa?fcon m
61 Mr. Mlson, fixed at 25,000 dollarsj the
as was allowed to the olficers and crew of
Wasp for the capture of the Frolic.
i her bill-war thenTeyiofTeolb the Ifrusd
landed frojn the Chevipeake under a discharge of , StVea Wreo tested to inform this House. unla
such communication, when, by whom, -and in
nimite gins, and at two o'clock reached
Mng's wnari the American ensign wag spread
as a pall over the coffin, on which was placed the
siord or the deceased sis captains of the navy
officiated as pall bearers s'x companies df lhe
6V.h regiment, commanded by Sir J ihn Wardbw,
preceded the corpse the officers of the Chesa
peake followed it as mourners the officers of the
navy generally attended Sir Thomas Siumaret,
the stt.JF, and c-kers of (he gaj-i isony. and th- pro.
cession was' closed by a tmmber of respectable in.
habitants. The funeral service was performed by
the Rev. Rector of St." Paul's and three vollies
discharged by the trbsps over the grave.
- ' i
We have received. Irom an American sourcct
the following ; additional particulars!
Capt, Lawrence received two wounds bv the'first
broadside 'of. the Slfinntfn j afterwards a third.
what Manner the fu st inwdfigencc was given ' to
this government of the decree of the government
of France, bearing date on the 26th of Api il 1 8 1 1,
and purporting to be a definitive repeal of the de
crees of Berlin and Milan. ' '
And it was agreed to Yeas-1 Nays 26.
Th? second resolution having been read in the
following words $
Mf Butler, in a speech of some length, as
signed' the reasons why he could not vt-:e for
thsse resolves. .,v
The question was then taken by Yeas and Nays',
on the second resolutibnv in the following words .-
Resolved, That the President of the United
States be requested to inform the House, whe.
ther- Mr Russel, late charge d'afiairs of the Uni
ted States at the court of France, hath ever ad-
.,. ...... . ,
mitteu or qenieu to. his government the conect-
On u vllvf$Uyt Ins MaiwS.y's ship Tenedoi,
vrbich had, for nearly three mouths, been cruising
Jn Uosion Bay, with the Shinnoo, separated from
hi r, 'and' wpt. PSrker was instructed by captain
.'iliMi "'"Iwt to rj in nim uotil abost the Uth
-Jtiiy Fhjs v,dontf i th. lop and expecta
"ti- 'i n 't the t hf iajeakc frigate, -finding the
Sl.tu was ''.cruitihg ; alone offf Bdston,7vould
c m5'Ji andgivj; htn atiit-nor , were ourTtars
tr m.mi in. ted. Karlv in tu; vormnr; ot the Is secend shof
icanonsiOTd ,ic to-Bojt LiehtAVtr1 diipaisenstif Uef tajd aboutmj explosion
Capt.. Thurston, who has arrived at Barnatahle
from Halifax, says, he heard". nothing there abotit
finy explosion and though on board" the Chesa.
peake, did not see that any thing had happened td
ner.i;uaner aeca. -.. . .
Further Part;culaita.. Utter from Barnstable
mentions the arrival at that place of a vessej from
Halifax, with papers to (rhe loth last, from which,
we nave th following particulars, ' The Chesa
peake was taken in U minutes by the misf mune
of having his topsail tie and fbresheet cut away
when' endeavoring to thwart the bowsjolthit Shan
non, for the purpqsjiboarding ; from this" cir.
cumstance the Chesapeake came into, the wind,
and give the enemy the bust favorable oduoHu.
" . l . .S-S-:.- r : - Retjlot, Thll the
p.i- iwas first wounded in -the lec," and the
Not a
to JMr. Barlow, the late minister ot the United
States at that court, as stated 4n Mr.;Barlov's lew
tr of the 12th May, 1312, to Hie Secretary of
State ' that the said:decret; of April 29th, 18 i,
en communicatud io hia ( Mr. Barlow's) Dre.
decessor there ;' and to lav before this Housl a-
- 'i t Bwiwji js u intra, t j , . ... . , .
when helell, and was carried below. He died the I lSt-.the. ec,arat,on of the Due of B.ssano
Jjmumay alter the balUe, and was buried with all
the honors of war. V v ; .: 1
Commodore, Broke was severely wounded by
sabre, cut in boarding,. and.receiyed other : severe
rounds; He was reported to be deMrious. ,
Lt. Ludlow received three wipunds, s,nd had his
month cut to pieces' :
'IWShannon received fivel&hot under water,
j6 ijuun nc-j topper, ana iaa ner rigging ana
mtsmuch cut up: The "Chesapeake's masts
were . badly wounded. ' '
The; first lieiit. of the jhanhon was shrit by his
own .crew, while hoisting the .colours -ha vine
I . ...!. . ' .
miitie .misiane in nuisungtne"Amencan over the
litigUsb colours, x - ' ' -' . .
ny correspondence with Mr- Uusel relative to
that subject which, , it may not be improper
ctvnmanicate ; and also- anv ecfrrrsoondence
between 'Myr'Barlow and Mr. Russel otU hat siib-
ject, which may bein possession of the Depirt.
ment of-State.' '; jJ--. ..-'
And the question was decided in the affirmatiret !
: I-Or the resolve . . M
Against it
e The third molduorrhaving been read;, intbe
following words S' ' - 1 .
Retotved, That the President or the United
Stateibe reofuested to infdrm this House whether
the minister of France, near the U. States cvrx
informd this government of tlw existenceof the
said decree of the .2 8th of Anril. 131 1. and to la
before the House any correspondence that may
have taken place with the ssid minister relative
thereto, which the President may nbt think -im.
proper to be communicated.
This question also was decided in the affirna-
tm:- . : ,;;- - ... -';"
For the 3d resolve , r -134 . v
Against it f - ' SO
-The4tli resolutioi: was then read, ia the fol-T
lowing words":--. ." '. -
President oF th United
States be'.req'led,tocominunicate to-thls House
ny oher infonn uion whidh rrtay be in his pos
es.sbn and rhichj e'y ttbi Cetera it injuriitisjw
t v.v.ivu iu uc cii(;iiisku tor m mira reaainr,
mjTm . r'.-FA... - if ..
(iuu-7ic ouerea tor coiWKjtrr.icn i
Following resolution ;
Resolved, That a remittee be appointed
enquire whether any, and, if any, what prw
ough to he ina-lntor the more effectual and t
nornical protection of the North western fw
ag unst the' incursiottsof savages and odi.rt
mtes, by exanting "donations of laud to actu..!;
tiers on land a joining the "North-western k
dary of the state of Ohio, and the territan?
of Iridiana and iriinoia.
Mr. moved to amend i he resolve so
refer the subject Ip the military-comrqhtec ;b
it being late
A motion wii made to adioarruandcarriei
ro 4P. ' ' .
, ' Tuesday. June 22.
-' John M. Bowers, of New York, i
peared aiui took his seat ; and to day W. M-Ki.
ardson, ot Alassachuselts.. ' ..
Mfi Trou.ft, -from Ihez committee on militi
atTairs, reported a bill to continue in force anM
for raising certain corps of mounted rangers,!
the defence of the North Western frontier, i
making an appropriation therefor ; which v
twice-read and committed.
The House agreed to ihe resolution ye3tera
moved by Mr. Kilhourn.
motion of Mr. Bibb, the Home resolved
self into a committee of the whole, Mr. NtBn
the chair, 01 the several bills 'for laying and n
aessmg mreiDt and internal taxes.
On the suggestion of Mr. Bibb, the WJor c
tesstng and laying a direct tar Was first taken
s"? Mr. lljibb expliined the provisions of ths f
and expressed his regret at the necessity wtr
hhd devolved this duty on him, viz. the iridic
lion ottle chairman (Mr; Eppes.)
Considerable discussion" arose on uraendraerj
proposed toihcletailsof the bill, respecting &
arrangements of the districts, Sec. .
Wednesday r June 23.
Mr- Troup, from the committee on tniW
affairs, reported an act supplementary jo the i
in addition to the act, entitled an act to nisei
additional military force and for ' other puvp
which was twice read and referred to a court'
tee of the whole house' for Monday next.
The committee were ensaeed this dai '
pointing out the mode of assessing and collt
ing the faxeV. " Considerable opposition tnan
icu risen to the mode ot apportioning ttie w
raong the several counties 4nd districts.
committee rose, renorted nroureSi anu4
leave to sit sagain. . .
! ; v Thursday ) June 24.
The house resumed the consideration of c
unfinished business of veslerdav, and took'
the bill" for laying a Direct Tax, whith'ocrtJf'l
their attention, to the hour of ad 'burn inviit
rrfr Fridays June 'J!5.
The. Ifrttuft imin rmerAvmA ii'f in!ff) a
. " : f Wi'Mrv y l----
mutee of the wljiile, Mr. PiiKin " 'he chairij
the Several tax'-hilU.
discussion to.dav nranrinWIIv invnt.rd til C'K t
of the mode f annordoniMr the oir ct
whether, as proposed by the bill, the nnioant
direct tax t& be Daid- bv earh emint slionl 1
1 - J " - M '
arbitrarily fixed, or h hither. ihe Dtration oi 1
system should'be dtllyed by a new ra!uatin 1
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feature of the bill was propose, -uscu!-o ,J
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