North Carolina Newspapers

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JF.11DAV,.IULV C, IB13. f
The Suyreme Uiurt wjli c.irvmeoce U sitting m thii cuy ji
A. tWf Kiw ;TifW(i iii a letter from a Tfcmldr'C?5ngft,"
jrS-h Males that thtf several Tax B.ILs have ni yt pai.ed he
i re 'ins ; m it is bclicvert fncy wil: c ru nly became law.
t in- p r:i 'iioi wass cuituy ;jruj tenet , ur aiifct-tas,
7,2'.mi d and inn is exclusive ot the ux on Hil$, sail,
l-u:np pner, wrujei, jtorcs licenses to retail sjptric. bank,
. &c. ...
I DI0, on the 50th n!t. Mr. Eoirm Holdiko, ten. ff Vake
loamy, lie was in the Mill year ol hi age
Wd the ship Hannibal, cleared
Jjih ult. lot UMcnburglk,
The Prcidenf the United State has-been
)rsom days Seriously indisposed . His Thysi
ians have, how ever,' pronounced him out of dan,
' ''"' '
The V."Su loop f war Argus aaUed from . New
fork on the 1 8th June, She c n tes out the honT,
Vlr. Crantord, our new minister to the tourt of
rrsnc. '.- ' " 1 - .'-..,
i : ' , ' ' . ' .
I D. R. tVtilinm. esa. of-H-i-dba hn
W HriKwlier General in the army of th tip&tzA-
States! .- ,:.,.v,,. -
ThH eiprg w wa -ie R7 Cot" Howard to ar bfricer
"Ct"-!1511! jVegjimsfnj, ordsiing tm toreji;r to
the H?lf.vay Houst: twiweeo Hampton nd TCdtjt,
as lUmytot, hs i oetn taken possfsjfSn 6f by tfie
In hast c, I am. &g7- 8cr..
in uxceiienty (uov. ubouu
from the Enquirer Extra.
.1 "
is llimjjtfyt, m i oetn taken if)ssesjfSfi 6f hylfie
jiuniyr'jV!) oi-'JeV, ,my sycKimcnt ut inimedi.
itely, .Ue' gratp,)erikiajei
i4ns!urt!he)al itce at York. t "? , ' ' ;
!ay pastT fi is cooMfctured the
cruisingoflf Block Wand.. : ,r . ,
ine or . thhiHiaad two frigates, fiavft jut,t art
peared. 1 , ': ' s:-r-- v
'"'''' Li i - - " 1 "
n C-rrAi00 "tnKirr joined tifeMtiad".'
ron, v 1 hey form line, a and ,W. 7 miles fm
the - centre of this place. , ;,
c rhc rcWem.ofthe U Jitatea, through the
.ivMMy.ui war, nas apprnnatn i! the probeed
mil tVio n!r.; . t. . i . . .To
ctuu vcrv ilinrTnnlplv mm:
The express Is an iniellitreDt man. and state: Kil.n, hlm vPn promptitude Mid enerA
the attack commeoced yesterday at 4 in the mom , w!5."- fpubittd on Che emereencr ,
msf, oy waterconteve mckets led the way,! "l7 nas orutred rt Cris
which set fire to H amnion. The memv hart etA io btf Pu " complete repair.
fected'a lantlincr t Uatnnton -hev wer,-mt n-i. tefday thts American Ehsifft was hoisted
... . - ... -.T-o K I.-" i-.l; . . . -J
a; anri.ilaiurttaweriL,(?Hh;ri.r:,w" ",Ksn, on DoarU the Hamil es UnA
j - - ----- 7 1rU.M . . T"
killed n-l capv. Kobert An-! 'M 'c ine anttivmary tl the dszLarattoix of
E?C!i,W ,Kwttim.oder. of ihe tort ji? i
. r ' - , : ,"i -' v n.ePre8,annoilncine that it 4trrmit
. TJi (tentlrfTn hai etaharkea pr.! lantly hy Our militia
leared uut I'roia Ncw.Vwa, -on tde of York cotimy, is
. !H 01 V"iiiumsliuiR, either killed or taken
prisoner; they re both brave men. '
' trjnge to tell, the Biiiish are said to have about
2Q troopers.
' What was tht extent of the loss on our side,
cannot be ascertained ; it is believedf:hat ntmt of
our troops ete reining to the Malt' Way House,
wmcn was u ue a rendezvous lor the su
General Dearborn has resigned his commanH
ft the army bf the U. States. ' His sticcessor is
fiwt jet flominated. . " ; ;
York, Jane 2!T.-Nooti.
Cqmaiunicated toMr. Cook, k
- v. tub
rrounding i "y C oRec- H"ust b n OlHcer who left Fort
I George on l uesday, Jine M(h. and Ruffrt.i.
The express arrived at I o'clock this morninp I ' - , .
and the Con. we're, immediately convened j V-Wwr .in jjdod healrhl.4n1 - spirits
c nromptly, and arr in a min ! Pi, mo'iiittng to aliottf 4000 ; Gen Boyd
tfn.. ' 'lJemiUtU' New Ktjit andt4 mmai?" General nearbdnT coi,tihini te
Measures were
ofrapirt exrcu
vhirtft City have' bem called out by tUi eect-' ."'GeneralLewis gtfing to take- the
tive, and the militia ofT'faesterfield and.' llanovert1 SateVWifbqur.f .'The -British", r
nave nt-en orUcveil -Wie fir t to,'.nii f 1 ftwuii were .at I Wcntv M l. r.r w.
Broad Rocka6d the Iftst.atthe WpinffTree. Two " Thc 'h hail lauded at Lowes and rri
troops of .cavalry, viz iVo Powhatan arwl G.ioch f,a'llhc and provisions at that placed and
land, have also l.een t j!l .d .xn by the "i'-liEP 1 to Oswecro. Two Tetter riu.A
main bodv
Important Ijtcyft. from Norfolk4. ";
; ;-V fNoR.i.K, June 22, '
About day-break ,the 'nrnV "'was "discovered
Wth their bat gv, pulling tojshortv about two and
i. " -- its uuujc t,,c unner nomr ri
,r!rnyj5.iqr Buom yu ertecttU their -landing
Vilhmu any. opposiiiqn or loss," there beincr no
bice to oppose them, apd being ovt nf reach of
ie artdlerv on Crarrvlslar rl i,i,r
tent which pnlled directly for. .Cranvls!an4.; ,
Uh a different reception:. 'Ilie 'batteries were
lanned ith the troops .stationed on th ioi A
"d a ' detach mentpf seanuo'conimandedy the
uw3 u iioiiseuaiian, who opened a - heavy
; thnt compelled the , enemy . to retreat w?h
featloss, rhree.pareei were sunkoh ;
kken with 1 8, men ori bard, btloopin tn r.r
jjgn 'regiment Oftoers. soldiers.
fad marines exhibited the utmost coolness and en.
foiled in thmpt on Cra'nVTsiantf,
iv hus landed j.he whole bfter.
Ivw S mile above thasUndVhere he mi
v wncn mis article was writings v
pnsonen swe mat the exoeditwn
The militia oi Varwkk. York. Ja.-Wr.-.n, onrt n Amany,' confirm the above, witl,
LJtZabeth'Litv.' hav-alxn hf-n r-.ii.,T..t i. 1 n,1t
. - .www.. VUM.M wu 1 V lllll
1 I ' I .
colonels commandant
, U'ASHtNCTOK ClTV. June 25.
Cciy ' q a le-ttcrjrom&mmvhrs Johm Caxsix to
t the Scc'ry-tfthe Aavy .
Navy Yard, Gospnrt, June 2 1 , 1813.
SirtOn Saturday at iTp. M.Capt. Tarbell
i"wcci wuo, me notina tinder his command consist ing
ot 15 gun botts, in two division, licut- John
M. Gardner 1st division, and Iftut. Wo)eit Hen
ley the 2d, manned from he irigarr and 50 rniR.
kereers gen. Taylor onlered from Uraney Island,"
and proceeded:daivn,4he-riv-j but -jcivtrsc winds
and squalls prevented his approaching the enemy
until Sunday mor Wng at 4 1 M- when the flotilla
comrnencea a neavy galling fire on
1 1 hat all ihe public stores had been' taken off by
three of our vessels Sent ffomSackett's Harbour
ior inai purpose, - , v
i ''Th,'t.!lHlIftf til. L.J .... . .' .
I. ' ' . : " " ,M 1 seni a Pr2e into
..(1IUVJU1 . VJlUril HI VIJ.rHl'l .Akll..nn I . I.
uau iicuicuam ana mon oh board."
'Many Gazette Extra Sur.e if. :
& Events of the War,
OiKiur Western Soulier, in a feiterlrom a r,u.' feT.....
gunce ail' I
Iltj ut trit;
uI.scrvat,o, , the county oi Oula i Jf ,b ,JC pin.
Albany Oatnte, dated
i . , ... JkooMMiLD. June 15-!
r M!"gj!!1 tl'egXaH,!1ejgaruF-em
T.-muor, h ctcieTSnrinwruu and authentic tourcei. and
' - " v wircv 4 - - -
II will b rcmeinbcrcul thu the American lore.
f r-j'iwavy iv
l'K..ioil of att.ckiutr th2
I!r?rT eA Vincmt. the v
break on the otU Inst. on.the iAni.ricJ..
which tras completely created aod disperse?
Wive omcers, ,wb of whoni 14 '
five p.eces of cannon Cre takeanJ the iZ il
uvea were pyrsd ingry direttion l,V a' riu n.
rmji body of ndian rfd,r the Chi ,
XheenrmV force-! ated nf nrt
v lhis idulHgertce wa coinmur.kated it vA-iL
ed wHhhisftcet oh thr3di,s,. to cooberJ
ed with remforcemenrs on board to sujXrt tfc-e w
general's further stuck Upon the ene.-il f v
ther reimorcemenis under il,.ir i)e, "
ln.e Untish loshas ocen very alight. Th fl;
cvl account is hourly expectid.
; CEMvRal order,, ' ,
r'. AWutnf Gt',rl Office, 7th 4-l(r H$
Iht elltnqMh4i comntandvjr of (he fj
has great, satistuctUm iarderino- th t..,;:
General Orderuedy Maj. en;
of the yudgmemnd lan dispbS,
the occasion byJMajor TayJorhe 100th ttX
mem, and the offictrs-artd men employed in
fttwe k on the enemy's armed vessels.
By his Excellency' Command. - .
OJf cAe AJju-w $encrr rfiartrRent; A&L. ;
rral, 4'A;Vtr- Jais -
;-rs-"-"ii tujuuiancing h3y rectivcl ,
crosntot 6 or 7U0l nun.
uurier oerie at Deartom. !b!. unJ
aootu tnret queers ol a mile distance, l,inff well : hi 'Z!!':F!&
At iwlf pas Cnir a breeae sprung up ,m EE- .,Ve "h4 e.ucd j
which enabled the two fngatCi t0 get under way rre,tJ'1c'- 1 hc iiik i.i dcitroye ,1 or rrmm all ihe pub.
one a raiee or very heavy ship, and the ' o'h-r i 'ZT7 T, P lhc w,',ie e ,Z
frigate, to come neirerinrft , tL n , IKt c1 sm" l'"y fl.ur fl itaour (kid,,wJ
" noma, under cjI,
ami. the enemy's armed vessels Growler and vT
gle, from Lake Champlain.J.aTing. eaCf,
gunswith 4 officers and is men on
whicheduTtFe"-; capturtT of both vesselilll"
ter a well contested acttoaikf 3 hours and a h3r
Mair Taylor speaks inlnVh iem. ' :
lafitry of all tht officers and soldiers emnlo
j - - .war
consequence of their approach hauled ofT, -though lh'm" CUrk, rhe ame night
t . -' J a' r
mminaea Or admiral Cockbitm Th i.a .k.i.: .... -T'-':
Jrt ir the Jnnon revive 9 shot in herkT I ir: 1 0,rec' ftre? (h?
i . . uii((i auiij, nuicn travf: h Kcvfi-ii
I. . ...... - , - ; "'-vsHC, .ujjjjnseci to be the Junon, troo;
n be enemy tbrtvr many rockets, but without
I I K .......
to lier wi'h
who had alt
ol..tT h,P?.a.?d ha4 her .upon a tUfep careinf inV -"hi? sWurd.
i , ,. . . ',"-
tL i. j . . t rruve raiien iuo nor hnrta k. .n .i ...
ana nwaniry anu Jiflemen hare jior ...... j...:' .-. -v,. ucsuoyeu. ane
. . . - - . v . jiivu i uhi nnvr n nr ra .n2.. .
jare ottne action, as the en-n u .L ' "T -'Sf 'o as to drop
Inanclled bv the a'niTle-v. tnt xt . 'r
J'rttn the reach of smsll im'iA :.. jw
. . , ouatu is ex
ited to night, but the islafid Will iie rf,.f.n,lt
ast extremity. - '
The number of frooni incltidino. m r.
nding are said to be about 300oLthose already
nded from lefta. to 12O0.;:; This we give :H n.
' ';--' ,-ii'i'!''-: t fe 26. '
The enemy made no movement flfii.-i
f.;.i taic.uty iiionung. About live o'clock the.
ntisti made an attack by land -and water U!on
ampton.; One party landed about fiH m;i '
"feve that place, while' ohother proceeded direc'lv
j water. Onrinfmnt;nn: r 7
. 13 mci iveu.irom. a per.
who $aw what passed from rh. if i
n Hoad. He 3tates ihat th fiHni'k... t. ' .
-.--w .. saje- WAD IWCLIL
for an hour 8c foity-nve minutw, when it teas.'
and he dislinetlvsaw th. Kar-U
-r 3 , . ZL " iuw into me
eet and land at flammon. Th fir:.. r .L
t ceased with that of the-musketry. We can
t sta-e what lcame of the. troons fitationM
.ere. but It IS tO he hr,rvr1 tKa.. k.. .
fc' 0$ !Te between six and
n. iI.mi.. .i' ii... a . . i . ' . :',
razee and rr k v 7 "reci sa win Ieark for SackeiV
, ..iu.i, .i ii iin.iviliwjtl, III piJluft uJCe.
. r e" A fi "O wth 00f American
... -.sttir.ijr u Hioiea nan 'he v.1 wneieir iraa
t4im conunuej one halt hour th.r
now asceiaincd the Biiiish harf
IMg He must I V . "r i." ,V,7, .ri ' T'e,,, -Fr-lay IBorrin,
I Hh . . "'" -'" .-wnicncan uwp, uiel at tfiXKl
- ineii, uurcr cumniau l (J gen. Cha .dlcr. ma.r
... . . .. i - - w - r - - - .i- i ii nrit
tbeotbeffritfate. The ; " " iwen
one hUr arifl a ' half wWK k 0
r . iwi ItlC III Tl Kill
to her, for she, was siienrl . .b-cyhi. vn .he niorniflK- rf'.lh; g,,
. a-- aovanceti guar,,, vm.oie(l emiit-lv t.r .,). ZUa .
opened: her fire, when she mm sitin.,f ab a..ii n,, ' 'VLl ""'" ?
fl... 1 " ' - . A .
vt n very tDmff.Mr
a llttli Mm. in.iU -. i . r .
a iivniocr oi ooits and
rouuu ner.
was done
until the ra2ee
menceci again.
A St
oi.uww. iiitfsier s mate on board No 139 was kill
d carl; i the action hy an. I pound ba'l, which
r'r , - n,m &m lfKlKecl in tl' niast. No
U had sltot between Wing and water No 67
had her t-rankiin shot away, and several of them
had some of tleir swp3 as VeIl their stantions
shot away, but two men slightly injured by the
splinter? from the sweepsr ; on the flood tide sev
k " 0 vthc apjvwrh of the Ameilran amy, uner Gnc,al Vin
):tlcr, the K.m!i kit .hc.r. yCat at th'Fo.iy M,je Crek aud re
"HMI llfCJ llljC
3!i-s j u!ce anvan itryoiuj the 40 mtfereek 1 1
. : i. . . -vu ... 1-viiuT.H vinccnt.
ne Anwiean errcantpmct. Thu wat .T, r,..i ..,),
jobtjynct ourjaiuniersign j .t h; been cjirfeeiuied ,f,L. ii..
tion oi 8omc or the Hrlubiiams, .wi,0 ha.t Johftd ti.e Amc-ricaa
wuhn. l-4tk pf a mile, oi the nui.Uo.r, emyeuioS
tbe1en.meU4urpr.sed and taken (irises, and no aU.h, give
' t e' fu?t 7 ,he' War-whonp. Wun th c,y
Ihey rushed imothe -American camp and took, raueiaipn of a
number o( Ca.M.on, wliici. tl.ey fatallv-turned agamour troopt
tral shine rFti I.n. .. r..- '. r
.Wk.,lt ollu ulj,aiC8 cameinio
udus ana we oid expect an. attack lasf
Ihere arc now in the Roads. II nina .
and frigates, one brig and ?everartendei s.
litrht. ;
iie coiiiusion biitamo reneral y tv;n ... . l-.i. 1.
stalling a bidy oi tl.e enemy who m.w H;r.i ,1.. i....-
Two houses were set on fire by the yockets,
t our informant thinka th fir- . . '
I - '. RlCBMONTt. T.tna n
destruction of flamntrinr..l'.Pfl, -rl:
Corbm, &c. (V f
We have just received the distressing ?n,.u:
tnee that Hampton is" in ashes, and that th
Jorbin, with a great part, (if not the whni i -r
H small patriotic band under his commib, have
",cr ucvouon 10 meir country, by dying ai
or post, Our Hampton correkboudent. 0I Aro
r. , wa3u.oiig uiem l?e killed or Uiken ;
e hope he hw doney bis ditty, f 'Tin if noime
. p ivaie guei.. iwetshim who basTeejine, fed
rhis country. -. - B'
Tlje enemy wa yesterday at Hamnton frt aL
P my be at Richmond. ' As hannehrf wh .J-
..v.aivjipeo 114 nerc, during the rcvbludonary
ar, trie mxi express my Say to us The Bri
ih cavalry are closfe behind methey wdl soon
: here and they were so. Those who hnrl
leansAo escape sa w from Shocks, their pursuers
b Church .Hdl. Let us prepare to meet them
ere, tr elsewher.. Thr .... .1..11 .
. 9naii aowu nave to
vvi unm lomcwncre, is very evident.
, r s " "'"X een?my wno wwe directing tht cjnnon
-w:i.n aiso captures arter havm.r in ,r.
1.: s 1 ... .-. . .... ,v jiiui .unner
arc now in the Roads. 13 shinier ltl jiwu mgntiy wounded. Mafji-Vandevenrer ii a.
-J v'fu y antps Ot the I nei moii-i he niiumiin ,,i ,i,;.. .W .- " .a
r.ii-.-A.ri uU.i :;;; ' uu "
cannot say too much for . rs and crew1"'"1. 90ort th whij, eorclAWffjS,,
ftrceroured in-great d.rlor under'cijmrHa.tcl' of cot. Burn of
the drowns, leaving ihoir dead oa thi field In theirWit
Ihev We e uinpd hv Ik: rn:-, -. r-.. . ... ... JefrC?V
i ' " milieu ieri jMewara on
r ,,;,'uu' u? c.-mnuno oi &en. Chandler. v The inewl
rfihu disaster reached Newark by iprM, ., Sunday S,gZ
rtV, . .. ' '""""u our retiring lorcet, and ii tied
ttiem oi the; ame day. -: . . . i T- r .
tueidy morning at an early hour the Briihh fleet Jiisd
their appearanee off trW rly M,fe Creek, where the 'American
this occasiod, particularyf lieutenant Low of
Humphiiia,and acting qiianeraster piikinrv'r
ofthenoothregtment.-wiib their m Z I ?
pr the mat,mlassi.a,nce jwhicb "cVriS
fcfim captain Gdrdon of ilieToval fn ll?
tenant WlBamhtrtifinieiil,-.!, tft 'S ;
The garrison bad three tnen woun!td i th
enemy one man killcdfaii;i eight Jtiverv WOIJy
The ntajoV. general toinmanduig.j t
much'satkfattioii ui reportiiig to- bis er.h 1
the comnrandcr of the &this
l aylpr, and to the tonduCtidbravervra!i
Cernetf. JJy Command,
; Houst of Representatives U. Stated I
M3.bion , tor every man annenrrt fr.
o uo their duty, resolved to conquer, f had a
better opportunity of discovering their acUons than
any one else, being in my boat the whole bf the
I have the honor to be, Sec.
:Trt-tVT V ec'iT
The Hon. WtttiAM Jon" "tt001-
Sec'ry of the Navy, Washington.
Pntmjf Wmo it was VesolviH,
that the committee on the .naval esblUhmcnt
directed fnqmrei Yhether .tany, and 'if anju
what further provision by lwH8 bece:wiT ftu
compKt.og and seeming gaiost storms and ene.-'
mie J or forgiving full effcctlo the? naval 1
of the United States on the Ubnr La'W , !tl
by establishing a dock-yard, selecting, ard if n.V
eessarynnproving a convenienE amd safe wintc
haibor.r by any.othersasiire, and to repojcA
thereon fo this r house: 7 ' r - - .dw -
A bill from the senate for thp - relief f tu i
firmvisabledand suuerannuated a,i i.
' " a uim
diera of the Ute atrd present army or the Unittd
States, was twice rerd and referred., to the com:
jj msciiujiuutary Aimr
lo expect the worst, and instantly prertr tTteiLmad of the addili
r!5i,dQm;anoPpo.itecourii squadron befort ti
. - ;"' New V0BK jg, ;
Zri'MWidton of W Undon reinfirceft-
We learn from a gentleman who (eft Saybrook
yesferday mornwe that -thli,.m J.l.
Pundcriraicb were rancTg
N. London lt weck Arrived it Lyme sSda,
torenoon. and that teams
ploy to transport tbem to their place of desUnt
ll0i)r Lfmeis only 16 miles from NT. t Aa
so that it U mn- K. t. r""V"'M
., , FriJoaDie tney are at t'hla
moment' mounted in one of the An. tSt
pUe.-JU3t before our informant left Saybrook
stated the force theo anchored off the light con
ated of two 74's. one r,,. -e.s. l',l-Con,
thr Hrt -x 'e . i "igaies and
- - w-jui niiitn was
.CXDretS an-iv
m v -
was disrintefciif
Genrit -r-on to-
'Tiy then iard.anddetnanrlpH ti . A. ;i. :i..4:... .
ft - . . : w7 -.!,. iiunfcuwi; .ur.CTiacr.
Geaerat Lewureeeiwcd and iea.ed this demand with rrcaf in.
Anattacic wai then hiade upon the American Loan
ii ... , . -r... I., .iiiiciivjn mjan
an of v-h..c! escaped eaceptingni.KS, containing baggage oft),
officers, & C the renc of which wai prevented by the UtaL
laiidnie a-force toTKotect them. 7 J
Un motion of ?Wr;HcifittETS, it was resolve
ed, that the committee on public lands be insif5 i
ttd to enquire whether any, It iTanv: whiit lC
4 . Afierfthe renconue the idu
reached Fort Goo te oil Thur div la.i. ' Vt' ' .lr '
i.iuioi iiiiorm.
a man of wari
w a ii ivrn in r Pti
which was cUsomZi V" "" yC"rday'
' -...v. num.. icw-tiOti(li-in
ruSft( h Ezfire to the Executive, this morn
.. , . me at l t'cLnriri -, . - v.-r.
S.R lIr. Scott has this moment arrived from'!
'i Kr 11 I T lf W rWi HnT& 1. - - "l
u(iU1J an express had amy. thenu
The following is from the W t
recelvedjlys'moVning "
tw end(jFi, y 19 Since, our laT ik.
Ramdies and Orpheushave not jSVkC
ai . 4i r i r" rn nm , i-. . . 1 . t . . i. i v t ia iiuni i i iPrK.... .. - .. k
v-, .. wi, "iuiaayvenin.' DrcjatMrtiiria . ......
t'ri lrap' N'lf,ionid 'WJthe east binkof
the river. Col Praetor and tUrcc had joined cen. Vincent and
were on , Friday, iitt auU wi.lM L of ort CiSl
pnsion is necessary to be made to enable Jthe c'Utrtf.
ants ot ianus, witbm the congressional resfrvn
tion, and to which the Indian Title has not te.
extinguished within the limits of the state p?
Tennessee, to remark the -tines - and perpetulf
tesimonies as to the boundaries of the KsnTli.?
tracts, and that titey-report by' Bill ox otherwi"
1 1 : TaV -nrr r o . .
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The house in committee of thWhole. r.,v
the unfinished business of yesterdayiMr . Ktl.
son irnhe chair. - ; V
Jf cojhmiueeweregagcd, thiaday prinql- i
pally in discussing the ratio of compensation id A
collectors of the tax : and adiourned at n... ..a..i 4
hour. : . ; ' , ';
KJdt reel II tn SarfcM:' 11. .1. ,. . ..- . i
frieaie'- - v-;' iiiw ouirti oi tilt
f- J'-'H 'V" waV to hive Wt'wark
Sunday the. iStb, U Albany, f . ' :
the attack (mjatmynrio'-'nuietrietf and
Extract of a letter ..from, a gentktran In Ogdens
r burgh, to the printers or the Albany Gazette,
two hand-
,7,T 1 tkett,J ''berty. ofenelosine you
ours, which I eot bv aflat thi't
J r ra,,atui s interesting. The
publicwillbe gratifietTby an early knowledge of
ive affair, althougk highly, unpleasanu . 1 hone
; State of Nofth Cgrolinar
ROWAN COUXTY. -, " , '
Court of ilea and quarter emoru, May term IfiJ,
Eliiabeih iI Kelly, adm'x.y'V. , '
O.' - w.-- L "S'nal attach.
' John Newnan . , J mtnr ,critd fcc
fT appearing to thesatisfacnen nf thl iw..
thrdtfendant, John Newnao, is not an inpabiiA
of this state ; it is ordered by ihe court thut puu.
lication- be made for weeks successrvely ir
the Raleigh aiinerva; that the defejadant John
Newnan appear at our court of pleas and' quarter
sesbioo to be heU for the county of Rowan, at.
the court house in Salisbury, on the second iv. '
day in August nexr, and enter his pjea jo the
suitr-or judgment will be entered accgrJmg Z
pUiniiff's demand., ' '
tf Copy from tht Mtirntteap -
W V.. v aal tccbunc ""willot be itvi
Ow (lenJrrc m,y be exf

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