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Cant': iAMkn I.AWF.!CrK.1ifiM 'imtWIv
jk glorious deathyha spread such a deep and
- universal gloom over, the e&mniunityi was born
. In the city of Burlington, J. At the ptriocVof
riE3 fate, he, hadjreachtd his32d year. He receiv-
ed a t-t-eraKediirHtiun inbneofThe b?t semina-
l&r s ef hs --n fveUrffc j
; ea tne stuay oi vw, unuer tot guidance oi ms
brother, who was .at that time a respectable
member of the profession. The ardent and en.
tfcrDr:2.intr mind of oiir Vount? hiero coa?d not "Initr
, ' i o n - -. o
broofcithe seclusion and confinement, incident to
fhiisty books 'land black .letter Tesearch.. .He had
,from infancy fastened his afeclions upon the pe
rils and -tlvj honor, of. the '" occnin. Amidst the
siumes io wnicn ne was reiuetantiv aevoiec, tie
Thora?.s SterUng, dov Ccekbsin search ofo Wifir I
mister; reter jorm. seaman ; James -A. JLewis, iniqur equal payments, at ine expiration oiinree uimw jimorypi vj-eew, vois
quarter master ; Jehu Smith,7-3eamRrii Joseph rnonths from each; preceding pay inehti'. Dos;-., if ditto" -bf the World, 4 tol$.
WVyland, 'or'y seaman ; Francis Sytnonds, 5e' 8. - That a these Resolutions' are -adopted for Lerripreife's Universal Biorap!jjrf
man, since dead j i Vbea Dela, quaUer .gunner, the purpose of commencing said; Factorr,! they Ditto ' : Clasatcal-QjcUonar ,
since dead ; John " Bricei or'y eaman ; Eliphalet are therefore temporary, and may be so altered CaVallo's EMctricit '
fdqttly ighfcJ to be enjVgec! in bt!d tind J,:iard
ous advntutesf: to which the enjammhv nl
mintt, anl the 'vigour of his constitution- na
twiany a(ucii duu uirccvcu ram.,, H vvas not
ifhout manv. structrles thM be fcfts 'en'iWeffr
imbosoih his favorite desires to a few friemij . '-tfiscom, or'y
' Tfceir opinions' ctincided with his, ardent 'wisbesffl .s seaman1
In conlormity to ib:ir'pug(;etion$ fend 'to bis ovn
jood sense and rtfirciion, h dcttrmiaeH, as pit.
Iforyf to his eohtur-ptattti 1 ptirsuit, to dtve
Wniitlf tq'tbe btudf of Ithe .tlemtniff of uavigatiGri,
H.s na'ive ta!ewt4 and "application, ..stimulated
v "aihiiic of fame, soon ac'cjprnpiisfieri ttipf'e een
Ihan hi Uiend had" teon to expect.' In the
" 'ghtcenth yeV cf his ae, he applied to Uie-gsfr:
' emmtnt for a station In the navy j and such wtic
' ihf recommendations w hich acconipained the nb
pjfewon, thaj the mail which carried it returned
m,, a. roiusmproan - it may- i it flman, pri ;ate : James Brown, do.
Itat jly cojttturd, that our young hero felt t-mo- Tv. i & do. George Uphamrdo. John C.ippin. t'o
tipns of delight, -and iqdulged in ,-ftuiicipations. cf.n- Dixon,, corpf.rul, Mute dead; Samutl Jack
rap.ure, in pressing this, to hun, darling decu. I so.r, private ; John JhKo, do John VVriuht
inc.. uo n sDo om, rfum the moment ol bis !6. Miles Morris, d .. Matthew U'oolbuiy, oo
, i 7 ... "r1 U"U1' ,,c lLU a,,u ac" vv m- narws,- seiiesnt ; Warren Fork, private :
kt,owledired that his services and his lif, belong-j Thcmaa Juhnso. do, (Je- i-ge t!!yne, do lo-ph
.e to h.s helod country. How strong and true j Crane, do. Wu. L4is,d John Livu, do. Jchr,
this conviction was, let hia Unfortunate and unti J Brady, do 9 8 - '
Itiely fate bear witness ! i ; . " . )
Shortly ater bis euterioe the seTvice, his zeal
fiiid ability attracted 'he notice of the government.' I
ihh period the United States were enjred '
u war wiui oarr;ary power. L-awrence, who)
n. : 1 nomas " 1 anapanr. o. John
1 lodgmari,. samii, since detd : Francis Frank
rr Ifenfy Hvder"do.TAleX3r;def
Grant, do Fnoch; Hacket, dp-, Andrew '"Mercer,
.seaman John Pallman,. do; James Parke, do
E()nezar Daw orr eamen i Giles Crfni. do
since dead j ; A ndrew Vandeman, seaman ; Sint
ucl llu'tson, ssilir g master's mate ; Darby Lee,
seaman; since dead; John Hunt, or'y seaman
do; Ri-ia Peters, seaman : Robert Mny, do
Thomas finn3tr&n. c veoman: Joscnli Vamhi
or'y stapjan ; J'bn Dcvo, seaman", jmce, dea.d ;
woai jje?rborn, seaman; J. K,Uihs, do. Charles
aargcant, . do. vVuIiara Metc&lf, do ; Charlc!
Thoinpson, do. Abrahani Hichardson, or'y sea
man Jatnes Durfee, seaman; Thomas Smith
2d, quarter gunner; Jorn Veazy, do. Lewis
seaman, since dead j Wm. Hu
ou s, seaman ; Jonn unts, Quarter iruniur.
Benjamin' Summer, seamart ; Wim .M'Ciiffer y
00. lhomn Kouse, quamp-gunner ; Marcus
Manstj, seaman, since dead John Dezink, sea
njdn; John Peterswing, do. Wim. Peterson, do.
W m . Se wart, o. .u New half, do. Alexander
Brown, do. Matthias. Douglas, or'y eeamanj
John M'Nenl seaman, since" dead ;' John Crutch-
ell, seaumi ; ThomES Jones, 2d, do - John -tJard' .
vrll, do, ym. Gardner, do Thomas Jackson,
2d miner master: John" Keiaiv. sHmsn
- ' L O ' ' - W . . .
MAHINES John Tw'ns, seijeant jj .Richard
TTcffman, private"; Jamts Brown, do.Joseh
bv the Stockholders, at their first General Meet. I Malthua On Population
inp,--as to them may seem fit and proper. V" 'uCdldsrnith'a History of England, &
y. i nai in me election or officers anaransac-i "oinerana, omoMctanto, iTvtii
ini(;iiic uujiiictswi me association .in uenerai . wuci vsuu a v-iiancj jin,4Vt
vieung, Kuies and Keguiatiotis - jjiuo v; acotuoq; 3 vols
iionusuuacircui A lip VOICS ICJ wniCu Ca .U 5lOCltj . ' ( Ula, I TOI
holder shall be' entitled shall be according to' the) Plowden's History of Ireland, $ vart,
number of .shares he ?hall hold, in the proportions' Gibbon's Rome, 12 vols
two shares, one vote : for everv tvvo shares above GenrPike's Expeditions lath r,...
- - , - - . 1 , . . ' -Ot Cto
IWd. ami nnt fvrwrtnrr r ckarB-i . r,j' t 8ic:mni inrt (ImvmiI, .1. TfF
. " -'- oiiona, Ullfc IUIC , IUI .imimuujjll HIV T CSlCTIl I'im
. . . f . . . .I." i . ' , . ' . a . 1 ' 1
ocij mm- narts aDove ten, and not exceeding;
miciy, one vole ; lor every six shares above thir-;
iy, nnu noi txeeeamer sixtv, oue vote : lor ever
eight shares above sixty and not exceeding one
nunurco, one vote ; and tor every ten sh;vcs a
bove one hundred, one vo':e. But no nerson or
... i
copartnership shall be entitled to a greater , num.
ter man ininy votes. '
joiik i atlor J r. bee.
C7 Subscription Books will be lodged in the
oi inc. louowinc: u
isiana, to the sources of tl.p .
La Plate and Pie. re Jaun Rivrr ti
through the Intet for Part of Nc ft
ingthe years 1805, 6 8e,r.
and charts. .
The British Cicero, a selection of th ,ir. .
Aed Sneeches. bv Tlim Tir .,.,.. .
x .7 Female Biography, or Memoir a it. J
1. Women of all ari h f 11.. . "f
Bali's Life of J?bSotVi ' '
1 Ditto TourloihHelnidt
Melmoth's Cicero, 3 voli
ftadf perhaps-, never inhaled the breath of the Eliiab
tjriny ocean,vWHS selected for the command, of one
of fhose perilous gun-boats which our oldtst sea-
Vsterans -would have -hesitated 'to' conduct across
the Ath. ntie I H e cheerfull w
- " 1 "."'"'"'VM uv h J'
( ' )oinfrntnv ; end by hisjsltiil . and prudence, arriv.
. -. ed Safely, in 'thp ftXf .
- ( " ........ w. , WllM,,' .
' ts "j""!0" w,n the.- present commodore
Decatur, and his lamented broiherho fell on the
shores-of Tripoli, andcapt. Steart rut.. Law-
ence hed a lustre on the American name in this
ut "vigorous' war. ' Af(er-that period, be
. had the command of the Vixen j and subseqaent
ly thi- f.f the Wasp, in whkh be carried out mes.
- .tngers -nd dispatches to France ahd England.
1 , In the year 1808, he was married to an aroia-
We and accomplished Jady, the daughter of a res
ifectable mer;hant of New York ILs death has
.berevc)htr and two sweet infants of an affedion
.Me nusbtidi and father.
' tt ,L ' w:i ..
State of North Carolina, '
Court effdea crd qua' trt session, May term 1813
M Kelly, adii?
John Nt wnan
IT appeaingtothe satislaction of the court that
Original attach
men',, levied, Sc.-.
r .t T . . . . 7
lutuumumu, juim ncwn.m, is not in inhahiiant lY.n , V. .
- r - . , , aiuiai t firOJOP'f
Qi vinis state : it is ordered bv.tJie conn iint
r. - h, ' u. " r ' i"'""1 01 U'vmitv, 3 vols
Ucation be mare f . thiee weeks-success.vtly in
the !l..leigh Minerva, that the dtferdant Jo.m
iNewnan appear at our court of pleas and quarter
session to bt UM for the,' county of Rown, at
the court house .in Salisbury, on the eco.,o Mon
day in August next, and enter his dIm m t,.,.i-
suiti or judgment will be entered tn
7 - . J Cciy om the Minutes,
y 1 TEST,
Chatham : Samuel Ah. Ti,nr . rorler a I ravels in R
Sam'l Ashe of New Hanover ; Alex. Murphey, i XV,tlI,l3r' ditt0 to Tutkry arvj AU M r
Esq. C vswell; Colonel R. Atkinson, Person ;fDn Military Libra; y, Dktiwry, 4 4 f
J-.s-.-nh Gals r,f i.irh r '1" j - 'Book for Infant . .
Webster's Elements of tscful Kl 8
1 o ' ittumy I'tefttf
j ,.enB?? Unircritl, SptHioj; lUi,,-
Tyro's Dictionary
Ferguson'a Rome, vcl
Blink Books '
DiUo rukd for Music
Little k Smith's Music Bks
India Rubber, rtd and Mick V4ftn. t 1
mLK sealing wax, reJaiid LWk la
vrnice 1 ape
County aiuj Superior Court Blanks.
Juntas, 1813. -ftjtf
W. BOYLAN has ius: rt:.'Kiv.rl fm, di,:i..
i i 1 11 1 ' " M tuiduci
Vl' Van; flt,ni0rt, a 8UPP,V of B QKS Sc STA.
w..u, among which are the following :
D1VIXITY. .'i Family Bible, 4 volumes
Family Biolc ia 1 volume, dlffr
, Hucna.ian a siatic Research-
H-'atlie's Evidences of Christianity
Pidey's ditto
0 .1. . ... ' : ' "
auicKiiouic s History of the "Bible, 6 vols, S-urin's, D,na, T.MVhorter'a,
Smith's Iimiiii.. tS 1 1 t . I
......... , Jlia.i o aim uouanage s Sermons ;
s, ana Methodist Psalms' and
Buck's .Miscellany, 2 vols
MewivjuU Works, 9 vols
Doddridtre' F.milv r.nnifm. t
Jpsrpnus' V01ks. 6 vnli
Sjmpson's Beauties of the Bible, 1 vol
.union s wot &s. sr
T Mlir
Roberta oiuFrauduIcnt Cbnvefanc
ligeft of Chancery Reports
prife of
c uic preBeni; war, ne aaued m the Hornet, j r I HK subscriber take. :is method to inform
jii 1 1 inn inv wirn rnmmnf.Mtii' in..,u.. .1 1 t . - . . .
7, r-jr " wu...,wu,t iuuiogc, in me me pupnc inai lie removed to Hillsbo 1 . 3 "',,fcfc,7 fu
Jonsutution ; the ircumsta nets oftvhose cruize rough, and taken the house formerly occuptd L howPvr Equity Pleadiug
Wfi. -too recent and, glorious to renuire recaii.u!'a William Bwd. and latelv l.v it-nr-. ti,L,J ,v'.,',n,)rn " Contracts .
tion in this brief article. It is, however, no' -im-1 atvt Co. where he ha i-i.t elnd on GintracW
pro: er to observe! hat. in the opinion of rii navid.!'genefal assortmeni nf l.h .t'.llei's Ni.i Prius
1. . .....1 ': '..J' ,.'. '. Tt - ' . I f V. t- .
-; liKV-iiunus AND GROCERIES ; Powell on Contracts
anA -n- I . . -m H?...,. A.' "V
,u"" ciui arc casn or country product 1 4-i vrown uw
vno crenii; ne is determined to sell at very re
A ?.
uutc'i puces,
June 25, I813. 99 3t
(BT. AUTHORITY Of TUK irifC Am . . ..'"
' SD
,1 do
3 do
6 do
20 do
20 do
40 do -
80 do
100 do
eoo do
t V
j f
4 a
4cjiittciers,lhe capture and destruction cfthe Pa.
1 rf'i'it 1 Ku- ant- t ... ... ' 1m ..... 1
,-' - ; I. vj ei,c.ii cs.eemett an instance
, superior sMlt m nau'icai manftuvring and piac
,.ti'c?i gunnery Is was an achiwment ivlrich will
fpr .ever enibjazon the qaval pillar of America.
t cofnoiandeXcApVl Lawrence was a strict
tfsciplinaiiah, j but hisisciplioe 'wasof-. th? im-
-pQsir-g character .n-hicb, while itooir.maridej obt.
dieiict extorted afftcfion and respect. He was
of ccur c generally, beloved ; by '. bis officers and
-erew' ln his dispositon r there vvas1 a peculiar
placidity, which added grace to -hiV 'sterner vir-
-.t ues. His course partook not of the impt ruosity
Clhe rsgmg cataract, but rather resembled the
Mrong and steady flowing of a fnajesticyriverrin
private lifefce was endeared to-all who knew him.
uyu5, lo t win memory trace his Virtues'; and
Ihe tear' of rect llection moisten his' name ! '
State of North Carolina,
Itltuni of killed and wouwled.
f funuinym ine action wt(i the Britith frigate
.tyannoTiy on the It of June, 18U, J j
K.lf,i.F.n- : -
- -Edward X Bdlaid, acting liut. William A.,l
W hite, sailing master J Pollard II6newelL mid I
$prrnti, John Fyans, ditto, Courtldnd Livingston
P,,tc i' Abraham Cox, oi'y seaman7; George Cray-!
ton, boy j Sterling Claik, Seaman7: Deniel Burnum i
Quarter master; Alexander Marino,oi-y swamanj
t Phomas Evns. do JQhn Miller seamen ; Dtuiel
,JiArtm, rfo. Robmllavca.4lA-apTts: Woodharyr
master , William Russisl. seamen; Harris
Ball, or'y seaman ; .Andrew Williams, seaman j
Jo-ph imonds, do. John W. Uuggin, ory sea
trpavid Bias, seaman ; Henry IMunro do,
,Jih Shatfield, doJohn Philips, do. Benjamin
JMiCuel Kelly, quarter gunner : Samutl Mullin
.or'yreujnm-rchael Sawefrdo. James-Betton
tfi...i.n ; Johiv Canter, boatswain's . mate i John
: Crib, teanutr.j S,amucl M, Perkins, or'y seaman ;
Juiv nil Judith, scanipn Ulm tn,u. .1 fk:..
" " - m H 'llll tfU Ml J, lllli L jlllIK IL.
Court of Uleat and quant rteitsiorii, May tcrttu 1813
jamts arAay and others,
'.' C Petition fjr d'hbu
ine auministrators OJjT live iutte
John M'K..y, dec, S
1 1" having been made jpneai to the Mtifif unn
oiniis court mac jonn rij0j cue of the dtfoiri
.Buva m nils i cuMon, is a resident oi tins state o
South Carolira ; it is therefore ordc run that mS
licaflon be made for four week surrriw'iv ii. ih
RideighJMinei va that unless ;he said John M'Ctdi
appear at the next term of ibis n:rtri tn '. t,. !.!
th,4th Monday of August next, and plead, a,u KlE
swer or ,demur,xthe petition shall be n.k,n pr nS
confess aka nst Wbn. anH h uA rt munipwn i ncmistry
oa - i I i" ki uracKen-i aniery
- ' - . , J. MQthbN. dc. Complete uiao
. m . 1 1 i ii- It t . "I.--- '
H:ii" u'" r i L.ina on insea3cs in Hot CI malaj
jv.kuiiu vuuiiany i tiariy on tyscincry
Unison's Chancers
Jake's F-vidcnce, SAiftldiu'c?'
Chiiiy on I'lejdings
American Precedents
-ielwviVs Nisi lri
Massachusetts Rtportt, 4 vols
liennin c Munford' Virginia ditto, 4 voli
Day's Connecticut ditto. 5 iIm
Harris St M lienry s '.MaryUitd dittd
vairK:" Kcw York ui f., J vols
uuia Pcniisylvaaia i uu. 3 gW
Johnson's Ncv York cirio
Caiiie's and Tidd's Practice
Azum's Maritime Law
n: i1. . .
uicncra. us t'livsioiuirr ,
iJlu.-nenbacfi'i tiro
Hiwiiat' ditto
Cjxc' American Uitptnsa'ory
' A
JTX. of th? coun y of Orange and town of Hills-
. ft.' - l . ... a v J: . '
wiuugn, ne louji nouse, jtQ l tliip$ogh, on
be 98th day bfMay, 1813,'in Tuifcuarice t,f nnh
lie notice, for the purpose of cstabfishintr a COT.
30L FACTORY, in the town of
phec. Hgustrti!jo.MARlNKSfWi..prwJm;
" 1st l.ut marines-, Thomu.s Wheatcn, private j
Ditto' Tracts
Cu!!t.V Materia Medics
Medical Museum. 7 vols
Ameiican Xledical Lexicon
Hell on Ulcers. Dirta Suwr
De&man and Hamilton on .ltt!;r-?
Foidyce and Bed Joes ooV&tti
Abernathy's Surgery '
Kingtakeonthc Gut -
Munroe'a Anatomy, 3 vols
Ueddocs on Consumntiob
Davidson on ditto
Reed on ditto
Willich'a Lecttfres
ujv.iiiu ly.arruon, uo, John Mullgan, do. John, do lohn Huntress;' do. James tracer,
, do Jacob Preston, do ; Philip Bryans, dv. Red
-Si-Bar.rT- do. Robert biandley.v do. Dclany
Wrd, do 48.
; ' ": WOUNDED. .
- JatnM Lawrence, ,Esq. captajn, since dead ;
Augustus C,' Ludlow, lieutenant, since dead,
W,rge Sudd, lieutenant William Co, attingdo.
..Mmuel x Liyeimore, acting jchaplain ; Francis
J4i. t'ols, midshipman j Walter Abbott, do. Wm.
' , vrr, doWmund, My Russell,' do. n,-
'! ' VCir Pelt-r 4rl4ma P.. wliuin .:i-''A-.4 'I
prou',.ory seamarrt-Syivesttr biacc
UlHsooiouEh, or its vionutv i Doctor Jnow . riu
stead was c , Hed to the Chair, and Joum Tatlor,
j on. appoin ted Secretary. Whereupon the foN
lowing Resolutions were adopted : .
, i' that the Association be known and distin.
guished.byiMnarrie i of The Hillsborough "Manu
tacturing Company ' u ' .
. 2. That the Capital Stock of said Company be
divided irttn &har rF l.r.i C. ll .
3. That whenever four hundred shares shall he Chesseldeh's AntomV
subscribed, the Secretary . of this
4 O ' I r
ton vie ne ine stockholders at the Court House in
Hillsborough, hrst giving one month's previous
uouce mereoi in tne puunc prints. .
- 4. That the business of said Comnanvtiali h
tranaacted by . a President and five, directors, anri
buch other officers as the Stockholders at Aheir
tirt general meeting shall determine. 1
5. That each of such officers shall be StocJt
hohiers in said Company
6. 1 hat in order to 'constitute said General
Meeting, a majority of Stockholders shall be pre
ient, by themselves or nroxv. , v " r
r7f -That each Stockholder shall pay to such per.
ou rr-persons as-ine uneral -Meetintr shall a
1072 pritttJ SiA tmi UuXt
202i blank. J
3100 tkUr at t ikjlUn tirh. U
The cah di hub Lh'rt tu .. .t... .
... . .
-: ttitrt 4.s i
First SCO drw Bi.rJLvtai W
rirstdravn 1 kLi. . .
uto. on thv 4J). iJi. m s
i van cut ft. :. . m
DiM. tn tacit dy frcm jfa '
tMhe 4ttt MH--fuc, . tp
th Tictc ai itfctw lw, 51
..ic mm raizes l tit .f .r '
Ttp lot to ico. .uUiui, j
40 l b
tur lar th 2oib da , &4 s u-r, .
4tb(,4f, 1
. . ... ta ia tw;S w f 4
!ia!t (ict.( liK La:rt u
tKei..,ts JstLUtt. t ! vrf, k ,
jPfvti nl li. Yt, .'.
jD'tai-i &at ttUnw btn -Btf m -ri4
ll!Wi the pr.5nr t , .
Iby fcAtitj th 4Mw. .f 4mm
iitrtt w iu It rrt, i, t! ; .y g ,
V yL1 'Hfc
U-aOctw!irt u U h Cf. .
Tlt It. UTKt ' s
'. tViiXli. tent;; i
;i4f uaihm IRtkJr..
1 r-..
' "
Home on Ulcers
Cox on Insanity
Douglas on ihe Muscle
iiuxton nn Coughs
t ox's Medical Oictionary ,
Walli on Disease
Sut(6n on Foul Air -Gopch's
Surgery -
1 isfier Ames'Woikt
-TicitTt at i AJUrvt t t
f am . r 1 1
i ivak n... 3i-v
, IP 'frM-- v p tm mt V r
t ,
Lee a jleraoirs of th t U artmhe s.tQ y .41 U tm -
JqHt a ini.i'-al y "ii W- . - , M " HciMm,a.ine general -jvieeting shall ap
t ' Sy' d?- J?5Pe5jjP0int; five djs on e' ahjj ejery b
Think.l myttlT

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