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- from the Alexandria Gazette. r
In the Houseof Representatives of the Ajc S
on T uesday last, while the bill roakingrappropria.
"" tioi: for defraying the expenses of the Russian
Mission was under discussion, Mr. Grundy, in the
course of some observations oJv that subject, , took;
w-casionJpW a statement which he held, in bis
Sand, whlcffhe said was in Jhe hand; writing cf
th.SecWi.rf of State, in reference to the , lime
wnen and manner the mediation was ouered by
- le Russian minister, nd accepted by this govern-
kaia Hirt this to correct erroneous
meow - ., , . .
.,. .,.m(tft heretofore made, both in and out ot
the House. He said he had jbeforei .made, this
statement to the House at aume wmw uc ua.c
not name, but he thought proper to oo u again
in this public manner. A he loiiowmg is me sua
.r of the statement made by . "r- G.
nn ih; - 2 fiih of February last, Mr, DaschkofT
wrotta note to the Secretary of State requesting
i.jni .. without ataune: us oo cci. uu mc
first day of March the intei view took place, at
Vhich time he informed the becretary he was
authorised O Oner uicausjyj2l ' 7
iv. .rntahe to l&is eovernmem. .
kir.t runcii was called in five or six days at
'ter that time when the proposition was laid before
them, and it was determind to accept ttw propo
sal, and he was ..given to understand wai n wouw
- he acceptable. On.the 8thof March he made
. Mnn nnA nn t 11th OIIP trtWfm.
HI) VtllCI 111 O
mcnt accepted U in writing. v
In reply to this statement, Mr.jroldsborough
aaid, it was not bis intention to engage t in the de
bute on the; subject immediately underxthe con
sidcrjtion of the committee. ' He rose Only for
the purpose of noticing whut had been said by ht
gintlejmah from Teunessee (Mr. Grundy) on the
subiect of the Russian mediation. It-was obvi-
dusAlr.G- said, that a history of the time when
and -manner in which the Kussian minister had
tendered to our government the good offices of
his impel ial master, as a mediator between the
trifed Stale and Great Britain. ' had nothing to
do with the question now before the committee
whtch was, what sum should be appropriated, to
defray the expences of the mission to which that
mediation had given rise-Yet the gentleman
from Tennessee had thought proper to produce
to the committee a paper which, as he said, wa9
furnished by and in the hand writing of the Sccre
tar of State himself, and from it to make a
statement, the direct and evident object of which
wss to djsprove the truth of a statement made a
Yew day ago respecting the Russian . mediation
ty his friend and colleague (Mr. Hanson) and
thy to impeach the veracity of that gentleman,
who 'happened at this time to be absent fiom the
House. Mr. TG: said, that he had the most en
tire confidence in the veracity ar.d general integii
ty ol his coUeague, nnd as he was not here to
viiKiicaie himself, he (Mr. G ) deemed it his duty
to repel the attack thus made upon the correct ,
cess of his friend. This, Mr. G- said, it was
V cry easy to do, as recollection of what had beeh
$ta:ed some days ago on this subject by his col
league, and an attention to the statement now
given to the committee, urder :t.e authority of
.v . o . f wniilr at once shew that
and that 'of the SecretafV f Stale "Sov, whicft
fww obvibusi he would jnovtespas? any further on
their time.
? jFroM the Frederickiurgh?rTcraldt t
. Capt. Haiicock. Lee, of Fauquier County, vi
sited Hamnton iust before - the British, 'actuated
only by the feelings of a parent, in the anticipated
satisfaction of seeing his son, a soldier in a vol
unie'er company stationedat that place.--When
the action commenced, he look his stand at or
r.ear the lower battery, and with mtiaket fought
and opposed the enemy till they entered the camp ;
. V - .. ' . . !.j i..4
ano was men iaKen prisoner ana carncu uu uuaiu
of Admiral Cockburn's ship, (the Marlborough a
74 gun ship.) During his stay on board the ship,
m a conversation with Admiral Cockburn, the
admiral informed him that they had killed two
hundred and odd of the Americans in the action ;
to which Mr, Lee replied, if he had, killed that
number, he had left but very few to run away.
The admiral then said that he was, well informed
that we had full fifteen hundred met. '
his &oop! ir. dermariy in faVokr of "the common
cause, shall riot take eftect ( until after Norway
siwa nave oeen acquirea Dy oweaen, euner by bt
the cession'f the ki ng 7of Denmark or id tonse
quence ot military operations, -his majesty the
King of Sweden engages to transport his army in
to Germany, according to plan 6f campaign o
to be agreed cpn, as soon as. the above object
snau nave Deen auamey. ,
. His Britannic majesty to be v invited;by. both
powers to accede and to guarantee the stipulations
contained in said treaty
By a subsequent convention, signed at Abo, the
JOlh. Of August, 18 12, the Russian auxiliary force
was to be carried to 35,000 men.
An account of bills of exchange drawn on the
lords commissioners of his majesty's treasury, and
of monies issued under their lordship's warrants
lor the service of the Swedish government, in vir
tue of the treaty of the 3d March, 1813.
Here follow a list of the bills drawn in favour
of the Swedish government which amount to
7324,992, 5, 2 1-4 slerling.
fC7 1 bis Treaty excited a very lively debate
in both Houses of Parliament : but was finally a
Mr. Lee was carried on board on Friday eve- jrree ) to iy a slout ministerial majority
ninkr, and returne wto Hampton the bunday ioi
lowing about 10 -o'clock, landed at Blackbeard s
pout, and walked into Hampton. He saw out
very few persons during his walk" to Hampton ;
among the number not more than two .cr three
women, but from their, appearance he judged
them not to be of the genteel class. After his
arrival at Hampton, he met with Doctor Coul.
ton, and associated with him for upwards of three
hours ; and accompanied him to the hospital, re
turned with him, dunk tea with himself and his
mother, and was very generally engaged on the
various ciicumstances rehiring to the acuon, &c
All this time the Doctor never expressed a
syllable concerning any violence committed on
Female '
On Mouday, Mr. Lee associated with Mr.
Jennings, a respectable old gentleman with .whom
hc was previously acquainted, and wun mm ne
also conversed upon a!lihe topics of the engage
ment i hut he neither intimated nor stated any
thing about any violence offered to femaUs ; but
in his remarks Observed to Mr, Lee, that he was
extremely sot ry that his wife and himself had left
the town during the action, but that when he saw
Mrs Jennings in the act of going he was obliged
to accompany her. '
Mr. Lee was also at a Mt. Hohert, who lives
at a place called LK Je England, where he :d'ned
on Sunday, spent the n5cht, and bakfasted i here
on Monday morning. Will this gentleman he
also conversed, and principally about tlie battle,
but not a word did he bear from Mr. Rob-.r s
concerning any outrage on the, Icmales. With
this M, Roberis, Mr. Lee boarded tri m 1ms 6ib'.
arrival in Hampton.
His reason for taking his stand at the battery;
was his inability to reh eat with the same speech
whh the rest of the amiy ,
Mr. Lee is now, and always has been, a tru.
Republican in principle ; and at this moment is
a firm advocate and a friend to the present wac'
He was at Hampton on a visit to his son- - 1rl
was seen vith his musket, and in the act of hV
ing at the enemy at the moment of then cnur rv
Hie camp. This can be proved by respectable
the latter was not inconsistent with andiJidTiottpersoiiages who-werein the engagement and'
FORVU3:.I5HING rf Y SU beftlP riON, '
entreated him to rt'.reat with 'hem.
Mr. Lee's notive in visiting Hampton wa
parental. His former statement, as noticed in
the Herald, emanated from a pure love and re.
iteration of truth and virtue, and a desire to
wash out, as far as strong circumstantial evl
dencc could do, the- stain which current report
had stamped indiscriminately upon feminine
chastity. '
SVuIiJlbii i'HEATY'.
Substa'icr qf the engagement between the courts of
Sti-Petersburgh and Siockholnitiigned'ar-Sr.
retenburgh the 24th oj March 1812, to Jar
,,t as the same are referred loin the treaty between
4 .A.'g m ijetity the king of Sweden, signed at Stock
holm, withe 2d AfrcA, 1813.
, The ouject of the emperor of Russia and kiog
ot bweucn, in tormmgan allunce, is stated to be
orThe purpose)f sefiurmgi-retiurocally thei.
Slates and possessions .aganstlhe common ene.
my. . , . ; -
' Ttie French government, hayir.g bjr the becu
nation of Swedish Pqnierania committed an act
Only fighting-for their just ngnts, which ,they of bostiliiy against the Swedish govefnmeut,nd
were determined to have, and that they did not by the movement fits; annies having menaced
want the interference of any oTher power., Tais,fthe tranquility of the empire of Russia, the Con
as Mr.0- recollected, was the substance of whajiuacting I'anies engage to inake a diversion a-
hp former. The statement Irom th
Ot cretaiy of State, now cqmmunici ed thiough
the genileman from Tennessee, is, s'uid Air. (J.
ipMibstance.i .Here follows the statement as
given above ) . ;
Now this statement,. Mr. G. said, might all be
trut, andit certainly ws not bis intemjon to
'vuntroveit its truth, for he knew nothing aboui
jhe factsVindyet whai had been said in relation
tp the same subject by his colleague remained
IhoL'v uncontradicted, That gentleman had not
attempted tp give a history ot what had passed
ttetweeh --the Secretary of State and the. Russian
'nmister relative to the mediation of the emperor.
Thtlneiial point in the statement of his col
Jeague was,' that some considerable time (be be.
litved six weeks were mentioned; oel'oie Uie ad,
- ?rt.irnmes,t of the last session ol congress, che
Ruibian minister haf made a tendettutiiej,rej
n? i h. United btates lumstii, not to me ,
i cretary of slate, of the mediation of the Ein
bcrtx of Russia; thai; the President did not ap:
. pcur eli pleased with this proffered interposiiibn,
Mip of the World, 30 Massachusetts,
Chart of do.
Sweden, Denmark and
a.-.j-.. j-. rertpfi nv nis colleague., diiu . il was uauiav i,w. vi (imvii mm a
Obvious ifiat it was in no degfei , contradicted by lce of 25, or 30,00o .Swedes and . of 15 orao,
u- made ihioV the eontleman irom Uiossians, utwn sucn point or we, coast ot uet
n ..... t.., Kii-refarv of . 2:ate." Indeed it J nv'as- may oe juageu most convenient' tor that
J r,wm w.v- 4 - "71 - . ,
;.aHnt,v snrin at allon the, statement which
"it : was brought forward to, retute, it seemed to
Mm rather confirmatory otthetiuth than
Otherwise-- For if the proffered fuendahip- and
good offices if the Emperor of Russia, lemJered
by Ii'rS minister to the President of Uie t?mted
wv-i thus unirr&ciuusly reiected, it ! was
natural to' fcuppose ' that some coniderable time
woujd elapse, before'he could be brought again to
" renew his friendly off r-and thus the deLy in
their official commuticatioii is cajruraHy account,
wl for; Mr; ti. said that he wodlXmake no re
1i..rks on the papor fuuushcd by the becretary
of -Siiite io-tW;-: Tienoesiee, iur.
Vhe'r'ih'a'ii tat-tr'C,Tthai the i statement ft cori-
tvii -ei v.-as altoeilur athrmative : that t denied
. -As the .King f Sweden cannot make his diver
ion iu lavor of the common i "cause cutisiaieuily
with the security of his i dominwus, sd long as he
can regard the kingdom ot' Noi wjy as an enemy,
His majesty the emperor oi Russia,; engages ei
ther by negotiation or by military co.optration to
onus the kingdom ot Worwayto weden. He en.
gages moreover to guarantee the peacable posses
sion of it to llis Swedish Majjcsiy, --'-O ,-..
The, two contracting parties engage to considei
the. acquisition of Norway as a prchminary rniiita-
ry operation to the i.ivciaion on the coast of tier
many, and ' empefor of 'Russia 'promises vto
place lor this object at the disposal, and under
the lramediaie orders ot thepnnce royal of bwe-
1 1 ' & .: . - I. It l .Lm a. i . '--!.- . t u' rAa ! j item n t a f. !m..I
m.hlng J.', that ItlUd no reuience, Cjiwici cjjic4i- jucinwit wn (iji "' uws uiuiaicu.
ly or mipliv dlyrio any' thing that migTTt have ,-TheJiw6 contractuig pariies being unwilliiig, ii
pftssed7 between the Russian minister and. the jit can (be aVoided, to nuke ah enemy of the king
President on iu? suujeci inc jncwuuii j ana w wtuiiiajiw, nu r'ww n ouiticigu 10
;Hat it was not by express averment,1 but. pnly by
IiaVllClilIU.l, n-yt ua. wv n'vi m v.uw.v. iuuu
ijecessary .:nieicHvcyii
the Secretary himseit, at Uie time' ne received
he mintster'sTewage requestingan interview
4 rvaa entii ely, ignorant of the. object ; it-onljf iays,
ihut the ao' Ssage did not state' the object . ,
Mr. G.VcbnciuiVd by s'ing, that us hjs only
fiUct in rtsifig wdi'.lu Cull " the attention of toe
committee, pariicumnj 10 ie . uiui, uw.-ihhc
cede to this ili'ance, and will offer to his Danish
nwjesty to procure lor him a couiplete iirhnity
lor Norjivay by a Umury more corjtiguvus toi his
German dominions, provided his Danish majesty
will accede foi ever his right, joh the kingdom ol
Norway to the kjngol Svuj;n.i .- TT : , ,; ''
In case hii Uaiith majesty shali.refuvie this of
fer, ana shall have deckled to remain in alliance
vvitfri'iance', ;the twocoutructin;!: parlies enaatre to
cunsiaer .ucr.main. us u.Lir ciieiny.
Xt no inebnsittency or confradiciion between Uiep 'As it has-been expressly siipLlated that the en
riittiMit tniife bv iiii collemrue a few davs ago. ratemtntoi his. SwciAh raaieatv to ofteratft n-Uh
31 Rhode-hland,
32 Conneclicnt,
33 New-York,
34 New-Jersey,-
35 Pennsylvania,
36 Delaware,
37 Maryland,
33 Virgnia,
39 N'nh Carolina,
40 SoutaJCarohnu,
41 Georgia,
42 Kentucky,
43 Tennessee,
44 Mississippi ter.1
45 Slate of Ohio,
4& North Western
Michigao, Illi
nois, and India
na Territories,
47 State of New-
48 Louisiana,
49 Carraccas,
50 Peru,
51 Chili,
52 South America
53 West Indies,
54 ' Countries round
the Nri th Pole,
55 Captain took a
55 Seven Ranges
of Townships,
laid out by Con.
57 French Port of
St; Domingo.
1. The Meps shall be handsomely printed on
..uperfine paper, and neatly coloured.
2- The wurk shall be bound in one large Folio,
oiume, with red backs, ' .
-.ricesjibscrLbers, twelve dollars, payable
ou delivery . -To non subscribers, fifteen dollars .
4. lhoss who procure nine , subscribers, and
guarantee the payment, shall be intitledto a tenth
copy gratis.
5. The subscription will be closed on the 15th
of October, and the work be delivered early in No.
vember neyt. i
N. B. Such Maps of the General'AHas, lately
published by M. Carey, as do not requiroyliera
tion, will be introduced into the above work, re
touched. .Such of ihem as describeXountries thui
have unHergone considerable alterations will be
delineated and engraved anew, via.' Massachusetts,
Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia North Carolma,
Georgia, &c. &c. besides the above, there will be
various valuable additions, viz
Slate of Ohio, North Western Territory, Mis- j
sissippi, Louisiana, State of New Orleans, Carac
casi Peru, Chili, &c. tec.
, Phiiadeiihic, July 20, 1813.
Subscriptions leceived at the Cook Store of;
wunam Jioyian, Kaieigh.
1 prize of -;2o;)f) 1.
v "20
20 .
' 80
JTV V.T I try
.-Z . z
; ' 20 tickets elth, V . 86 ,
, oo
20 dolls.
- "I:
5 Russia.
6 Scotland,
7 England and Walea
8 Irtldnd,
9 United Provinces,
10 Nelheriaods,
11 Germany,
12 France, divided into de.
13 Hungary, and Turkey
; in Eu rope
1 4 Spain and Portogal,
15 Italy,
16 Switzerland,
17 Poland,
18 Asia,
1$ China, . '
20 Hindoatan,
2 1 Islands and Channels be.
tween New China and
New Holland,
' 2 Ntw South Wales, with
NorfoHc Island, Lord
'!oweS Island, Port
Jackson, ice. -n
24 North America,
is Uritish Settlements in
25 United btate9,
27 Vermont,
28New Hampshire,
29 Province of Maine
1072 prizes, T Not two blanks
2028 blank, J to a prize.
uc at 5 dollars each, is g , j 5oo
...v vMU unxes suoject toadedir.i. .
percent. r Vl hlm J
Slationaru Ptirra 1 -tr.. Vl
lirst 500 drawn Blaok4 eolhie;- -
first draun Ticket, 200
Duton 4th, 6th, 8th, and " '
iwui uays, v
Ditto, on the 12th,M4thrt 6thand
v 18th days,
Ditto, on each day from the 20th
iu uie win inclusive, excepting
the Tickets conitiluung p112e 20 tick,t
The said 20 prizes toxonsiui
rom 101 , to 500, inclusive ea,h .Jt
400 t0 be .one methe .first-20, or
)er lor tneutu day, and reirularlv
the9th.- ' v w"V-gi!
First drawn on the JOth day, t Dolls.
Ditto. . . 42d day, Dolls, loo
Ditto. .. . . 45th day, . ol ! Z
UUto. .. . 48th da; V" 2
Ditto. . . ,50thflaV vr-
-The Managers present the ore
to the public, ,n the confidence thdi not ly J
, ; i i , utryr but thecal .
ducements held out to adveniutrs, will cIlS(lrtl
speedy sale-of the Tickets. The' proporti i
prizes has seldom been exceeded, and U.ey ucvi
a, ranged w that the purchaser of a single m,Z
by having the prospect of drawing tauy oir.ta
11 I IK k.J.
uu7 01 viuucr sext, and De hmshed withcut dtlay,.
. WJLLI6 LEWIS, 1.1,
n.sT5 ai a aoiurs each, tor s le at tire m
March 26, 1813. 85 till 0;U
Navigation of RoanoIe '
INconfo.miiy tdan Act of the W Cenef,il
Assembly, entitled" An act for .mprovimMiu
w-vigation of Roaooke River, from tne touLf
...v uuwmguca, vomn)i:4itw.
three of the best prizes, for the trifling
-The drawing ' will corffmence -j,
v.,Cu iu me saia aci lor the dly of Kale.
.-.w Tv.uv. a uuuii ur auoscriptions tor Shjiv
in the Capita Stock for accbmpWiiig tke saiJm,
ucrunuiig, warcn win continue open till the Uti
jawiuc uooKNorts ot J. iiilCJi and l
The proposed Capital Stock is limi'xd to 100
030 dollars, to be divided into shares of 10a dot
iars each. A general meeting of the suoscribei
is to bs held at Halifax on the 4th Monday in
vuuci iicai. ; ana ii uu snares- be noL suliscriWi
oeiore, or a said mectinK, all subsbriptiorw mad?
to be void. But it a sufficieuf number oMicif
oe then subscribed, a Company is to be orgij
cd, under the tiUe of The Rounolce MuSaiiM
Comjiany," and subscribers must then pay itniv
lar on every share subscribed, and the renum
der when called uiwn, except lhat more thaiiij,
1-3 doUars on a share not be called for in any or.j
year. - H. CiEAWELL,
jpril 10, :f J. GALES.
(Subscription Books are also opened at Elei,
ton, Plymouth, Windsor, Halifax, Warrefltcm.Ov
lord, Rocksborough,. Caswell C. Hocse,7 West-
worta and uermanton, under the direciionoftliice
Commissioners at each place.'
Louisburer Fall
, . .. a .
A' V0, ''"-"va Veunes4ay the 22nd
W ' of September next, and xoniii.ue three
1st day. The Jocky. Club Purse for4he whole
amount of the subscription, say two hundred and
eighiy dollars, tnteemile heais, free for any thing;
entrance to subscribers, twenty dollars, non eut
scribers thirty dollars ' , V
, 21 day. The Proprietor's' Purse of g 125 two
mile heats, free for any thing except the winner
ol the fiist day entrance filietn dollars. " "f
3dlJay7 The Ladies Purse of S,l 00, one mile
heats, the best thre'e ouof &ve,' vyi.h ninety qn
each, excepfthree year olds, arid them a" feather ;
entrance fifteen dollars, free for anv thine excent
the winners of the two first days.. '.; ; - V
. The following' Weights to govern seven "year
oias ana upwards, ueius. on each ; sij( ear olds,
12.5 j 'five year olds, 1 loibs. four year olds lQDlbs.
and thres year 61ds, 861bs. three pounds alio Wed
mares aud geldings. V;'-;. '-" X::y ' r-
l. Stables and litter furnished race horses gratis. -
r-';: .-; JOH.NSON 2c P.JTTEU,-, .
. ; ..: - vi 'rVrofiruturi,:"
BAtts will be furnished every evening dur.
ing iheaces by the poprtstor?.; . J. St P
August 6, IS 13. - - ; df . '
. Land for Sale.
rip .iE subscriUr offer! fo:vsale a valuable trsrt
A .. ol' LAND, comaiuing 320 acres, si tuatt
in the county ot Orangt, within four miles of the
towrt of Hillsborough ; this land is well watcwit
a river or creek runningjquhe through it, and t Ik
soil equal tonsiny in-the neighbourhood. It"'
presumed no person will purchase withou; fif't
viewing the land , therefore a further desciiptita
is deemed unnecessary. Any person wishing Vi
purchase is invited to view the land, and the teiu ,
will be made known by the subscriber, living 0
the premises, or in hisbsehce Mr. Le vT VVhuttty
whose land adjoins the aforesaid tract. "
June 15, 1813.
A PERSON of decent manners aJ un
peaeucu iuori3, capaoic or leacirng
lish Language in all its branches giaroiraticabv,
and the LatuLLahgua'ge in its earlier stages, al
so Writing and Arithmetic, is wanted in tbi "A
cademy, p commence his duties on the first dj
of the ensuing November, and to continue until tiie .
first hday of the subsequent August. A-Umj
are requested to hand in their prjosdswi.or w
fore' the first day of Septemev next, to ;
;t- - JAMES VV:. WALKER. SiVy. '
; ?July 22 903.tsprui
Twenty Dblte Reward.
f AN A WAY from ihe Sub,ibero WedtieUy, the
JLViune, a nvgio nun named MED, about 23 yiirs ot
few 84CTriucTierti2h.W Sai4flegrw wa bjughr f Mr. iJ
uel Hill of Rockinzharu CvMiniyN. C. bur broubi r
ihc taiteni Shurei ot Maryland j ii is stijjposc fce vAi 5nr
tng about Salisbury, )J. ai hi, wilt wa sol Ho J 1"'
ol thai place. VhjVr will ajioreh :uJ said nc$r ai ,"-t 'ff
him in aiiv jail that 1 may get mm again, ; shaii HC?ivi; fMA
buve reward,' and all rcatia&le choiuci paul,
. Curiam, S.C.onsJiJ 13, JLfB,:
V 4 " 1 . .- . . .-. liw " . -r--" - f. -" "

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