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trcnt csnecinsr the ftosn'in mediation,
wmcn nas yeeo repeai-fi oy nim, upw-u . uy
CoK 1onroe's statement in r w riling, t ,.a vme
jvht n severe indisposition kept1 Mr. Hanson 'from
the house,' Her wis handsomely answered-on
that bcca&ion in an appropriate "and dignified
rcpiy froiuMr. GbldaboroughMr Hanson' c)
Jsauue. . Li :.;-- T -.-
Wiv-n Mr. Griihdv took his seat, Mr. Has
- tow '1rtyepTr;ai3Tre' couldliot commit o
v. -a more honorable tribunal tnan yte house, tne
' i (decision upon the true motive which ' influenced
; th ..meVuberfrom Tennessee, :n declining a. con.
troversyWhh nim (Mr. H.) I hat he "was. not
educated in the same sch-xd with the member, up'i it was impossible tor him to regret, be.
1 cause he might have had instilled into him some
of bis bad principles, and , caoght a Utile of his
Vulgarity of language and "manner;.'''
Mi. H. proceeded , lo v: rep fat his statement
7 which, ls contended, in Ue o-ture of things,
as' uacohtrV5-nhle and defied ajl sophistry, pre
yaricatiou aitd c wtradicMonScc.
. The .debate continued ibr several hours after
Mr. Haoion clode-J his remarks. About two
h'Hirs alter he took his seat, violent pain corn
1 him to leave the house.' i Sometime
to ttuke i the command1 of Qtti:' Worm, Mt delacned to
attacR fKem employed Jhe other ttf suppov- the
communication between -.the body of r the atmy'
under; his command (whicn was upon tne noyai
Ro3d from Miranda ld Vitoria)and Ihe troops
detached to said heichtst The enemy soon dis
covered their importance, and ' feihforced his
tmons so larctl, that Gen. Hilt saw himself
compelled to detach alsa to the same point, the
try from Gen. Walker's brigade, under thexoro
mand of Lt. Col. Cadoen. and other troops in
succession f And the allies 'not only obtained
iwsses3ion of the "said important heights, but
maintained themselves in lios session, in spite of
wnuic ui
th,CtheyTonly took ay. one caution and one ? -Eng 22 V, 475 92
all the eflforts of the enemy during the
She transaction.' - - v
The 'action was without doubt very warmly
contested, and ihe toss'we sustained considera
ble. -'Gen. Morillo was wounded," but did1" not
quit the cldv tm gcievtd to relate "that .t.
Col. ' Cadogan has" died of his wound in him
the army has lost alvotBcer of zeal and approved
valour,' possessed of the affections of all thse of
his profession, arid from whom, had his Iile been
spared,' his counuy might have anticipated the
mist brilliant services.
ProtecLeiS by th'-se heights, Sir Rowland pass
-fvp A his seat, and noiwithstantliiiir'ffennent op- ed repeatedly the Zadorra, by the vilhge follow
I .oriun'Ui,s had before-offered without btfi;.g em- .'ing th diifile 'which that river fo'.ms with it, and
brct'd, M:. NcUorosc in reply attacked Sujaha de' front of the ene-
In he course of soine rcnurks made by Mr." mieslmr, "hich the enemy fruitlesbty Attempted
NjtLiffN, he said : One hon. gentleman had afterwards to pses.
'- 5t ,'ed, 'hat this meas,uitivas foujfided ' in; hostile 'nie.W-ivenessi-of the ground d-Jayed more
-ity tu thc commerqe of theNoi-th.that- it jftftftitha') ;I; rxpecie3, thetommuoicition of the dif--XtcomWcnclod
by the president for the purpose ferent columns marcbirrg to the attack from the
Of siiu'.t'nt op the poTtsta tne, jNorin, oecuse poiiuon iney occupiea osine nver : uyac, aim
th -iifivW-ilctt wa uJckadkijf the parts of the ' it was oa this account that I nnlkamtln the
' t3buih--Mii N. Jaid chat such an idea had never evening, that the columns composed-of the 3d
entered into his head. He did not wish, to t a an(LI.h diyisbn under Lord Dalhousi, lwd ar
iaUatc.npon the-North the; mmici1 which the rived at theh appbiated station., V
lU'itis.h had indicted on theSouch That hedicif The 4th light division passed immediately the
' Hot beliCvo such a motive actuateduy brauch 1 Z.idorr9 at the moment Sir Rowland Hill was
jruvernmeiit, aud the charge which the en--taking possession bf Sub jana de Alara; the let
tkman had made against thg president he tfw- by the bridge of Nanclares, and the other by
dai ted 10 give aoY rrflli ; - v the bridge of Three Bridges. And as soon
' Mr Ga.RNuH, in replytcg to Mr." Nelson, almost as they had passed, the column under
stMti, ho Mr- N. had seen fit to answer a remark Dalhousi arrived at Mendozi, and the 3d division
Vnade by an hon. friend of his (Mr.Hanson) who; under Lt. Gen. Sir Thus. Picn, passed the ri
ihad bcert fbtced by indisposition to quit the house, ver by a bridge higher up ; followed by the Ttb
;in atone some wha. louy.j-ivir. saia u wouia aivision, unaer. ivjiw uainoust. -YiAVti
boea more candid, and more to his credit, Those four divisions which formed the centre
If be hadrmade ..those remarks., before his hon. of the army were defined to attack the heights
frittid had left the house In that cae perhaps, occupied by the rigbt of the enemy's centre,
. ke hon. e-eatleman's dhdain micht have remain. : while Sir Rowland af. the same tim should ad
' A a spcret' io his own breast. . But Mr. G. said, vance from Subiana de Alava to atuci his left,
"even as it was, the honv gentleman's disdain lite enem'y line being weakened by the detach
should in no wav answer bis purpose, or vindi. ment which he kept oh the.w heiahts-lmraedi
ih. nresident from the odium , of the charere atelv on seeinc our dispositioui fo,attack, he
iflfede against him by his hon. friend. The abandoned, tUf potiiii he had in the valley, and
icharce was Iiteidlv true. There was not a doubt,' began his relrea towards Vittoria, in good or-
"?Sr Grosvenor said, that the princiiral induce- der Oor men pursued ihem in the best order,
j infni tu the nies3aee of the nre-Jidest then before notwuhstaading the difficulties of the? ground.
; the. house was. to tmwlizi; the evils of the war Lieut. Gen. Sr Th's Gr aham who command.
; to sTiut the po-s u( ih'.- Ho thbecagj the ene- ed the left of the army composed of the 1st and
S my Wo-kades the ports" at the South, Mr. G 5th divisionsrformed of;he brigades of infantry
k:;A asiied. if Mr. N recollected the mrssngi, of the of Gfn. Pck and Sradford and those of cavalry
pr.sictnt at the close of the last sjsion calling under Gen. Ilock and Anson marched on the
'x r. .:!... r n ;.t l!U 9.1th ,n IVfurfrnvi. whli-li nuitttl itv lh
th:t which th rt evident now d-manded. In high road of Biiboa to Vittoria,. accompanied by
;iha' message, iU said, tfea picsiUent avow.' the divisio.i of Col. Louga and of Gen'tfal Ciron,
in. expisss turns, Ihe viry tnclivc itnd. the w;,; which had been previously detached to Iht Iett
fVa.'for the meabiire.ithbdtd now-teeniof the army, But was called on the 20th to Or
3 ascribed tu him by hisfriettd (Mr. Hanson-VMr. jduna, which they left that morning-for the field
The armyjinder the cdmmand of Kittg Joseph
was composed of the. armies .)f, Medtodta ,wd
Ceniro, offour divisions of infiintry, allthccaval.
ry of the army of Portugal, ; and -some trbops
from the army of the North , " , .
tugal, was inlhe neighborhood of BHboa. ,ien.
Claure! wfto commanJ4! the army ..of the north,
ufac n-no I.rfrnno "with a division of -the army
of Portugal commanded by Gen.. Turpin, ahdl
the division of the north under the command of
Gen: Bandermafien. - -'; .' r:
The sixth division of the allied army under the
honorable Field Marshal Edward Pakenham
was absent, being detained three -days at "Medf
nn rl Pnmar. fm- thtf DUrDOSe of COVerfrig the
march pf our stores and baggage.
fHere was inserted a particular nonce ot me
J. - . . ! . l.j it 1
oruigucse, i r 143 1
: Spanish, it-, 85 '-t'o
' ' WOUNDED. .
O. - Off Vs. ' Infy. Cayr
- English, 167 2640 .68 1
P6rtuguese5i W6 -lB47 o
.- Spaoish 1 1435 jf
- MISSING. - "
unguan cayairy,, 24, -
-lu y.' Ca
. rj-iz
a OfTrs
XEngllsh, 139
Portug'e, 59
' Spanish, 15
263 4647 195
esked if ibis w:ji?t essple grtKd for the ot battle v to be in readiness to upte?t U neces
. -r . - ' ' ?'-- ' ' " " ' . . - , .
common qecncv jo oivert tne-ra, 01 fu uisnam ihcvu-hij a ui.uiui.
r ; fr0n1 the kth;.oP the 'charge and fix, thtm on sometavalry, on the high toad to llilboa his
Ms friesid -the cretdeiit. f v . leftsuiirtftd by .t,he strong heigh' above the
-.; ;Mi7G'lilw 'oid'' iea.lrC'r. .an d the vtjtageof Gomarra Mayor, which as' well as
n;V- 'rnt W sst'tlrVhe, qustic j In iheif own wav. Ayechuch-o were" possessed by considerable force
. i t- 2",,,'. 1 . '"'' ' !'-.;.'iij.j-jj r "i1 11 a as defences of the bridges on the Zidorra. Bri
J . --t- jji'Oli KICirjN, '- gaditr Pack with his Portuguese brigade and
' ' - .. ' - 1 Col. Longa with his Spanish division supported
jr,. 7v GKEAT VICTORY J ' !bythe brigade of Gen. Anson and the $th divi.
;-;,. -t ATESxrEo;i THja'PEKiJisttiA- jsion of infantry, under Td Murlial Osibald. ap
. ..TheVbsp L.;vnaV Gle, tmm . z, has been pointed to the command bf all these troops to
CSKurcd ott jMontWtlg 'rwnt ana sent into tt. , ,ai-ri,iind and take the lie fhts. . "
J8n jailer .UttVrf'attd p'&seiigtrs'bafe reached Lt. Gen. Sir Thomas Graliam accj'uaints me
, France Invaded from Stain
Jund 25, Lord VVellinirton's o
. . -in. I .i:..!..:.L..I lmculuac 1 WriV 111 t 'ilnilin 1 U... 1 "
principal orncers wno uisiiguisiicu?,us.iowi.w.j . ... ....f ueyona j
u.. ninuH tnt thp o-fii. . tered France with t !,.; mm,,,... i ,. .
Mk'wWrnmmjtiJltid the diffe re hi bri erade kept ; convoy is taken. The 5th division ,:J
tne iroops uiiucr ineir icai'v.n uumuiii""- ; t-v.v-.a. tfuiv f, tne jtiifj..
ineinianuy rcauy iu siimiwuunMi . -7 - - .
felted the most extraordinary activity in pursu- btnLord VVellingtons' H. Q. would K.
ing the enemy as soon as 'hey weTe repuUed 'hre-.
from Vittoria. I sehd you this detail ot the bat.,
tie bv cantain H. Crokenbourg, and l rtqu-stv
... .... i "
that your,Exctl!ency wtU permit me to recom
mend him to your protection ; he will have the
honor 6f4nforminir vour excellency .that"; the
stanaaru oicne4iu Dauauiuu tic "-ft1
M JIA nn.l )h trlinr iron'ol ' till. jour.
dan. marshall Df Trance, were taken by tbd' Bri-T'. It "siththe deepest regret that I annQMc
tUh'tPtriWuf No. ft7. J you the capture ol the U. .S;ates Gun Rn,;
.. - .. ... -v..
God preserve your excellency many years. At .- ,ucr my command, oy me boats of U
a nnn t i i.r'iiM ni 1 i i i in eii.A.i . . nr
i l 1 . ' Sl
yuyiuivuj IXUl JJUai l0. 121
On buard H. M. sloop, ? I .rtm, ofFRfj,.
.siaoa, Augmt 6, 1813.
SIR, - -'
Salvatiera,June 22, 1 8 13.
WELLING TONj .numuer nre,t which mounted 12 pCUn.
- . a ,-FW,-'4 1 1 I Ml.
J -Tii-.f1i (iiiiflirl nrinirn. iwiaycs auu taiiuiitr iu , ail S'J in-n i.
P. S. A list of the killed and wounded accom. ' for5 me?idian " tbe Tth ofJalJi
nanies this to vour excellencyGeneral Morillo ' ceived orders from you to form a line ahad
is wounded. I am not it.for med as ye. of the j 0 lV? fin "1C nr,bu! h'c?r rmselfdrj
name of any other Af the officers of his division
biit I 6hall transmit them on anv other occasion
His Excellency Don J lan 0. Deno.
Of the Artillery, Ammunition anc? Ammunttion
Wigons, taken from tha enemy in the ac
.r tion of . 21st June, 1813.
Bronze C.i unon.
28 12 poundtrs,
Total 151
do. -. '. ,.. "
lb. howitzers,
do. do,
8c 2 5 IS do.
II). mcrtars,
jimnuvtion Wagonst belonging to
56 12 pounders,
do. v
do. for HftivCrcs
do. doi
2 5 do!
4 15 149 for small ammunition.
Cur' ridges for
Cinnoo-1935 )2 pounders. .
5424 8 pdrs.
V ; 3131 4 pdr.
Hoit5ser 97 for 8 pojnd howiibert
33 8 for 3-ptlw, ....
f usket ball cartridges
"Pounds of Powder 40,658
Covered wsggons for provisions'"" : 56
Waggons with furnaces . 44
(Signed) R. D MENEGALL,
" Commissary of Artillery.
Vitoria, 23d June
Way from the squ'edron by the wind dvin-.
Undatrong ebb tide, I remained sweep.;,
t . M W A klMl.t i.-V ..-.. ' . I
;"; 4mc luniyiwu jjouuucr. me same my ehot did not reach, I placed all
to the . sweeps to endeavor to gain theisijua!
At 20 min. pasr'T3,:I pert eived the enemy',
.) M.lrin.. P.v. nn. - ...- I. . 1 J
K iiomiij iui iiic , nicy uutu yui 01 guns1
I still endeavored to sweep up to the saua
At 20 min, before I P. M. rtSommenced firitj
thelenemy's bbats and swetpi'ig st the
time ; but findtng I could gain noihu'i?,! and
ed to receive them as American Ufs ha e
accustomed to; The enemy then getting ;
in grape reach, I commenced it, but unhnu
ly the pintle ot the large gun gave way thtfc
round f rXjatni charged and got. her to
which discharge did considerable damage,
tearing my gun carnage all to pieces, 1
with the hope of ge'ting her to bear auain,
found it utterly impos-ible ; the enemy oaww
on board, discharging vollies of shot front t!.
carronades and muskets,'! called the boards J
rmall arms men away to repel the eneaiv ;U
now surrounded us, poured in a heavy fire M
we returned witH as much promptness as J
leeme uumbers would admit ; several of my
having now fell, our ensign halyards shot a?
and seeing the superiority of the euemv'sW
urine ci oi uoaraingius ia eert auanrr.
! . ri -k .' i - - '
ocgan -,m ore urisuy, ana I tound u necessary
me persevauon ot those ieyt valusble lives
to Surrender to seven times our-mifhlvr.
enemy bparding, loaded our decks with men,
were all driven below, an'dil was with the o;n
unutuiiy mat me orncers couja stay the revesB
Most bxceltent Sir,
No. 2.
ni lflr1 C '.ItVI T n iuHa c a a -m m r -!- .- . r . Li
www. ..viM ovwiuu 9 mini wr da
k t
and plunder, the last of which they had. bv rj
biog Us of every thing ; we had none killed, iifl
Seven wouhdedi fiVe slightly. The enemy's IcJ
by us was t killed and 12 wounded, 4 of wbil
have since died. They have conquered mt, W
; they have paid deaHy for it, and trust, sir, ws!
4--i--Tt"-'r'-A f..'r- ' t-V that in the execution of this service the Ponu.
!, -A filend in Portland has lawred me hdifttf ot ; Kue3e and Spaniards behaved to admiration.
the ;.l'ederaTGaaette . witha . Cadiz papef"cpnjXb 4th and 8th battalions of Chasseurs, emi
laiii.'g the followinif inttresttng ; accounts, the I nemlv dislintjuished' themsclveslCol. Lontra
aub.uoce ef which we redw ved horn our valu- j on tji5 kft took the villatre of Gomarra Mcnor
: ed.v xorrestJondents in New.Ybik, and issued ! Assoon as we nos&essed the -heiehts Gonarro
r JSSmr of subscribers jresterdaymorni,n in an j Mayor was.,J attacked and parried tty the -brigade
of the 5th division under Brig, Gen. Itobinson.
who under cover of 2 cannons advanced in bat'wl
ions wUhoUl firing a shot under a terrible fire of
artillery and musketry- The enemy suffered
severely and lost three Cannons. .
i The Lt. Gen. then Advanced to the attack pi
Ayechueo, with the fust) division forming against
it a stiovig battery i ibrtned bythe , brieade 6T
Artillery "under Cob f)u vandi ert "and of . therConi "
pany ot Ramsey under jcovtrW its re Col.
;- - VTmiskUd for tH Federal QtzstteA
: - - ?- . . . . .
:-"' ".':. ' -'.i .'. f . i CADIZ, jvir 2".
The Muiaterof. .itiihw rViv;d-by,. express
f thE-fo5)uitig repvrt fiom W
''''Dike d-iCiudad Hodrlgo : . ; '
' ;'i Sin-The "ei'eoiy, :h theijight of thei'h
. Jniie, took a position in frbnt.f Yitoria-his left
Aa pro eCttd by ins heights mat terminate in
; " IT r t t . 1 - .. 1 1-
- uon rten ngea o.oenoourg cepar.ure ot- , come tQ yiew the disadnUges lhat j
mebeen delayed to afford us time to make the ' Jinj k,.,; , V . .J
; u-ii...... :, ). ..!.. .. ,i .i... ..ii i.
the village of Arganion, extending htmselt trom s wniiuv ouai.wi j uic b.ib. ou-i car-,
them, through th valley 'de au'briairlfront of i ried h-and; tbe! battalion of Jiht. troops having
thi village. 1e Atme occupying with the right j come up to hecharge they took. on. the bridge
of hi centre, a heieht which commands tl "said t cannons hnlTT ltowitt?r. This :. attack was
... - j i
Villey of Zi-iorra. V'fhv; right of the enemy's or-. suirted by the brigade of Pottuguese .Infantry
irty -wu situated nti.r Vii.iia; in 6i dp r; to defend under Geh bradlvra. .
ite nasaeVin th rieig'ibbrhoodC by 'wbirh;hei l)uting the attack of Avechuco the enemy
' WlpT,r'
!3isJ targi.a,dVhe4ad-a were gallant Iy -h pulse
if Gomechti. The natu'e of theuntry thVAutrh o tht 5th division und marshal Osibald, The
v1ich tlve army b?d xvahea-fcinte'.'':itartrval !'e,nM-.hJvii. twodinsifhs on the heights, on
jit the Ebro, had necessaijly x tended our co
hirnus ant., Uy unite tltiu we: h .Ited bh the
20 h ; the" -left advancing to Murglia,. where,
' jiccorci..g to upeur'anct), i6 wUrbe:"most use.
ful.-' Th -b'sme d;jy, I rcHnehribd the enemy,
in o-cler to a;tack tb?m tfie flext mjiniii)., f
lti.r still remained. i! cfttct, ancl according to
-ttjt'di5po! nj-id', w attacked the enemy
'.yesterday,'-: &.ad V tl-.i.t:eivtt to kitvjt J'our. Ex
ceb'tney, that the Jlftd atmy Mn J.i: my com
jnaiid has gvi?5i d a co ptisjf J icltr , driving tht
5 Fttnt h. Ia-in-rll their ..' i4-tionu,-kihg their
baggage, cmnon,jimn;un( i ws grn provisions,
flocks, vrtVipre,"eiu with a QO&idunbtc number
i -
li ii
S ip;)5..(S5l S hl'nii'
brt h tl.ey lu I
It ul tlie -heiirliis
r.i u)fa left rested,
Ouitd with fliuch
; -larft.-. A bngatfvt .the . SjuSb- dMalot,- untlti"
the left ot the Sad ora, it w. s impossible to pass
the bridge, until the troops destined to 'attack the
ceMre ot thie .tnemy sleftshould oblige them to
retire to.-Vitoria-- hich baiog-effected, the
Whole arnjyxio operated in the attainment of thfcir
pursuit till dark. ' '-. ' t
I The moiibii of the" troops under Sir Thos;
Graham and the possession which tbey took of
Gbmaita atid AvechUco, prevented, the enemy's
rtl'ningby Jtlvr high road j to Prance apil thev
wert obliged by this ciicomstance to, take the
roau oi j-ampeiona, uui u was impossioie lor
Hie.n to mainiin any p face long enough to v en
able them to withdraw their baggage and . artille-
frS-l .... i..r .-b. vf ..!'' .-..
Tyconsequenily thel whole qf tKeljr Artilletxllrurzun, 24th June, 1813. W
. 1 Ik . . H L . 7. . "
TTe ppcvations t lbs begin by Si.r Row, was c ipt red. which had net been taken already
by the trpips.i L.the successi ve pos Vticns which
the enemy bd taken in thetr retreat froni.vthe
Ifi4s which thy occui-.itd ; aLArints, ahdTn the
1;U baikof Zdotia, ahing - VUft thei 'ammuni
statements, I must inlorm you that weiuve con
tiiiuedj pursuing the enemy,- whose rear guard has
t 'lis day entered lmpelona. We have-done
him a3 much harm as w could considering the
bad Weather and very bad siate-of the roads .
this day ih? vanguard, 'cmpbsed of the cavalry
brigade under the command of the camp 'ma?,
shall Victor, Al'en, oftheSrst and third battal
ions of the 95tii legiment, and of- capf. Ross's
company of hrse artillery, have taker, from the
enemy the only piece of cannon they had remain
ing ; 60 that they entered Pampelohaj with only
one howitzer- '
General Clausel who, commands part ofth
aVmy of the North and a division of that of Por
tugal, which were riot at the battle of the 21st,
approached Vitona on the Tia wiiere he heard
of the action of the preceding day t and finding
'hat the-Bixth division which had just arrived
commanded by. the-honorable camp Marshall
Edwardo de Pakenham, was' thare, he withdrew
towards Gusrdia,andr;haa since-marched in the
direction" of Tudela . de Ebro. . It is probable
the-nemy is, continuing nisi Jretfeat4wds
m ' . . r- .. i . .'
I have dispatched general Girqnvvith the army
of Galicia in bursuit of the convoy, which istart
f. iim Victoria on the ' miorhinir "of the 5
" - V'
hope that it will meet it before it gets to Uf
onne. ''"'J '
T U. Vi Vinnnf nf inrtiirt I nc rnh OlflG
statement general Copons gives me of
liant .action which took place-in Catalonyer'
formed by a brigade of Spanish . twQfrP'
manded by col., Lladu, on the 7lh fY'
have received from another sourceifnouR
rot official, but which mentions ;that frc 7i
of said lay, Gen. Copons Irtd beaty enemv
in the position of ConcalneaV AbitV -May
God preserve yoa many ,
WELLINGTON; duke6fC Kot.nB
Most excellent sirDon Juan Q,JJU
eo unaer, navina oeen but seven dav . n bmii
of my boat, and scarcely time to station fliymeii
.1 p . .. .- - . .
anci me misioriuncoi entirely disabling ray
anu ine supenouiy 01 numoers to oppose me;
you win oe convinced tnat the llairi had !heb
nor to wear has not lost any of that iwiia
character which has ever been attached toi'.
V 1 - -. L 1 ..'l ..
i navc ine nDnorio oc, witn the greatest re
pect, sir, your ntfgft obedient servant, . . -
Lieut. Saml.. mcvf Commandiner
U,S, Ela, Delaware.
Sf . Lcuts, July fft
Of the killed,' wounded, a
lied Army under the- comr
iudod Rodrigo in the Hic flelr
it 4 1st of KxucfUfoJg
We stf d m our lyt, that eleven Rangenme.
about aual numberof Winebagoes near Fort
Mason the 4th instant, when a severe conflict
took pej since which time more full informa
lion tnis attair has been received ; it is new
satisjPtorily ascertained that the enemy received
mf &rcaicr jmury man was at first be ieved.two
ns were found dead on the ?nind. and evN
eof (bebeiftadly-wounded --not more
six or seven of the Rancers pot un in time
partake in contest before the Ifidians flsd : the
tvlhat were in. the action fought d&DerateIv i
20th ahc PVty of Rangers "and Indians fought within
mc spaoe 01 not mor? than 24 feet square. On
the ith instant this jparty on returning to camp
were 6red on again, 25 Tniles below, where they
fought the day before, one- man was killed, and
another wounded slightly ; itv is said that W
Indians were-killed, the Rangers were greatly
v 7T 11 rv K.k J m-mj 1 , ,
v On the 8th instant, Fort Madison was attacked
the enemy commenced by firine on a party coin(f
out to cut wood, ojje. soldier was killed auother
raonauy wounded, since dead a brisk fire in
stantly took place from the earrison. which sc
cured the safe retreat of theTremainder of the
party ; the firing was kept up by the enemy on
the garrison about an. hour when '. theytn ed.
They fired under cover of the ravine that lead
f l thf rivr aknut r.r, i- .. . i - . (-... '
. . . . uuui an uuiiuicu piibe ironi uic jih
Aboutone hunmied Indians were seen, nodoubtT
I Inn a on isnnn'ritii. .r .l .. if-i. . .,..
ngof the Al-
iche Ducde

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