North Carolina Newspapers

    . ' ; w. v 4"" v . ' ' l. .1 ! 'a-J .
it .
" ; . c "pi. ( ' ,
, y:Tue.rt ;h. you' i f , Common ' lie as., -a
cause was tried, K.f eo against the fctltbiatcd Ma
ry "ihi" Clrke for Witi; arc to ?.h? em-jant of
1 30l. The pica of marriage was, -set up as a de
y fence. .Tne ori!y v ixnessio prove the roarrijtre
carrying Mdla rj the U:i'ed States oH the
r. un'tlthe $tk
5i fcry'SaWftlaV at 6' i a. and arrive,- Salem the Fifteen minutes s1.alf be allowefl r
inexi i uisuay oy iuo - 1
.. ! . . r, n ,1 . i i . T.).-l. ..... Km. I
.u. . I at Salishnt'v
95 Prm Petersburg, bv BilluD's. Parham's I Salisbury every Wednesday at noon,. and arrive
and she was niarjitd by the name of Faro
'J he examination stood thus, when one of ti.eJn
ry said, that if he was not a Juror, he could speak
to the fact- He had himstif ?eti Clarke, th
Husbnid" whhin the list ten days ; he employ.
I Um as stone mason. ' On tbis sinmilar inter
ry -
icrence a er.tict was Cfwen lor the defendant
, . ' i V 1 .i ...
n ttiuviw wuiusib wnu Mtp n &mau mi in at
and d?mg the, mail; at all offices whtSH
.... y
ieif one. dollar i arte if th ' XTT daor
the departure of any depending maiU&
mads destined for uchrdeptndinK ma ft
I'laet Ham, iu Essex,' has bteoi cheatt-d by, a pie-
Uflded sailor, who offered io sell-her lw,o very
rich shawls, which he said were worth 801. but
as. he wanted monev. he would take 71. : Jiki
j ' ----- . - x j
a then a Jew, who pretended to buj left off cloths,
.oiled in, and ottered to give the sailor 71. lor ihe
J .tshawls ; but the sailor whispered to thenveman,
tt I nmst not sell them to Mm ; he will inform
ficaii:sr trie ?' 'I lew then u din. rt-A
o - - - ww.. .. .. . uri
" lij thew lor 71. and I mlLgiv, you?l. for
m. t- a. & s at i "
mem , ana ne waiKea genuy to the door, wan
ing till tht tailor had received thejiioney, when
ioih decamped. The shawlaa.enot worth 1 5s.
each. . "C'r '
Two instance of.extraor&iaty elevation from
- ob-curlty to reat wtalthrbe occurred to per.
omfin he neighborhood of Samford within this
trvonth. One is tire case ot a man servant to J.
ii m i'i.wv n iiAitii rtr HP!.fii0CMFfi. i .r.nn m k . i inn. a mri-Miifrja rvi rt-..,k.i i.
' xor-carryuie the matlnertn -'it c-
unless it shall Hp . .. c "'Cm
J J" Tv.Var W4t. th.
was occasioned hv unavmrlnM. . IC
case.the amount of, pay for the trm J.
cases, be forfeited and retained. r "
4. Persons makine
llAVrnm A;hpvillf o Hjuun.iit r. h. onr.e ! in ! state their nrira hv th t-l. airtll
. .w -i -j - rf . "v -' . x nose wfm
two weeks.'. i ' " tract will receive" ih.',. ...... . UJ
97 Fr.lm Wji . omfnn Ku T alr-nnor'a anrt Tun'.! T.PaVP Aetl.vitl ovOfir nthsi. . t-i t nt1a W Jit' f i mnnlllS nf Plirtmptr. 1.fnu A.. . .
: u . --t - .. H - .. j tr. t. " i - i t t . I .u-.r.-..V. - : "
idu'k, io uaicitrn everw uav. auu arrive ai n&vwooa c. n. dv-4 tict ucavc
and arrive at Awieville
Petersburg on Mftndif nnd 1 hursday by 7 fi m.
, o--' u mover
one month aiLer tbe rvMniinn r
5. No Other than a free h!tP .!a
be employed to convey the mail.
6. AVhere the proposer' intends to conv..
i mairin the bodv of a M,r;, . '
vu iu oiaic II 111 proposals
7 The Postmaster Central reservpe .L.
.. -Hu. ui uc.iaiuig any contract at n
torh-i Wicea wfee kv
Leae iuffulk every Monday and Friday iy 7
. CJtTnentson, Etq-of Tixover; who,' by -a1 decree' ..."every,. Tuesday and Saturday aj. 4 am.
i JV IMiiirirervr" hus' berntne ht-i in nintM and SuflT.illr h R h
. " -ww - - - - ww ... w - - . , . .v j,. Jt J I O' j . . . w ..V . 1 . a. W J J W lit, (.
llVcuniinc to about -00,0001 1 the other is ithat ' .101'From Edenton, by Lee's Mills and Pit.
of one RradshaW. game keeper to S. 0Brian, muth, to Washington, once a week.
vq. of Glastor, who by the eath of brother, ' Leave Edenton every Toeiwiay ai 8 a m. anc
some ytr resident in India, lias (with another "Irve at Washington on Wr- inebday by 11a m
to Ualcich everv dav.
Leave Warrentrn every day at 4- a m. and Hajiwood c. h. at 6 ft m.
arnvt at Raleigh by noon. Leave Raleigh eve.-the next day by 6 fi m.
rv day at noon, and arrive at Warrtnton bv 11; 115. From Favel'eville Moore c. h.
Am ) Waddel's Ferry, to Tyson's btore, omitting -Wad-
rrom i.aiugn, oy AverasDorough, to ray-iotis rerryon me return,
etievjlle, every day. ' ' i Leave Fayetteville every Thursday 'at 2 Ji tn.
Leave lialeigh every day at 1 fi m. and ar' and arrive at Tyson's Store on Saturday, by nopn.
rive at Fayetteville the frext day by 3 a nt.. Leave Tyson's Store every Wednesday at G am.
Lcava Fayetteville every dav at 9 htii. and ar"" and arrive at Favetteville on Thursdav bv 10 a m.
rive at Kalwlirh the next dav'liv 1 1 a m. 116 From Favetteville. hv Reetl a Kfnre. Haw 8. The r-imraci. ... . u. : " .
OQ ir.A. 17...iiu..;ilu i,., I v. KT I uinrlclv' Di.i.k ts i" I JT: .t ...ij.L.f, . X on J
.win i ,i,wn.v ji', u, iwuiuuti iviij i'u j "w"- au'iiu , . iiuji'iu, .iuvi vjaiiicu auu L.111U ; hi i uay 01 January next, and continue u i'i I
land's and Bartield's, to Port's Terrv. S, C. everv-ley 's-Iq Hiilsboio'. once a week". ;dmittint?Lihdlev'a cember-31. ifltfi - M
, - ' - ' : i ' 1 :" ' i
i-cave l ayeaevine every uny i m. ana ar i-eave .cayeueviue every 1 hursday at 2 fi m 1 Ueneral-Post Oitice, Postmaster
rive at Port's Prrv hir lOi iti. 'I a;o Pin's and arrive nl HillcKni-rt' U a w, ... ! ' wus rt. . "trf'l
1'errv everv'tfaw ai fl a m. and arrive t. lvnc.'.,: Lfiave i1lshr.l, t-VHt-v Sifurdou ot'J )-- -i ,
ville by ? fijn. . " j arrive at Fayetteville the next Thursday by 10 -BV autu0w11ty oy the Statu of NoaTHxTrrl
100 'fifm t5t.ff.ilk. A'a.Jiv Catpai-. h. iv. -V..a m .- v 3- "'1
117 from lavetteville. bv M'rarland&vili.
Kockinfrliam, Sneedsboro'. XVadcsboro'.
town, Hm-lerson, Salisbury and M'Aulays Store,"
to Fayeteville, once a v-ejk- "
Leave "Fayetteville .-wVery Sunday at 6 a m. ar
rive at Snce lsboro' on Monday 6fi m. and arrive
a' S.ilisbtiryon Welne'sday .-"by' 10 a m. Leave
Salisbury every Wednesday at 2fi m. and ar'rive
at .Fayetteville on Saturday H5fi"'m.
I la r rom .1 ayelteville, . by L airel Mill. Win-
Cam den, to
prize of v 2000 is
irlboro c. h. 1
every Tuesday,
and arrive at 1
everv Wed i
Monday at Sam. and anive !
n m, Leave Co umbia ever I
. 20
1 T.
r - ion
20 tickets each)
V" . 1 . r - - - 1-
was, passing near; the delendant s house i.nri
that one of the defendant's sons, who was stated
' to be' insane, enlmerl intrw un tlfun-'.iir.n ..
him, and knocked him downed that the nog Elizabeth, Camden c. h. India.noivn. Currituck ari'ie at Marlboro' c. h. by 9 fi m. Leave Marl-
immeliatelv UttarltpH and hit him inner u.,UM,tw c. h. Tiiil'a ffi-flr. M W r n:,i tr . ' hncn' r h ....... Tt,,...J.. ts... 1 1 .
j r . .... ...... ...Vw. awffi-ivijr.
w'f-uiiiiH w?sof hpedto have a Burgeon u.r three
t . .
ws 10 prove mat it was Known to the tie
fendant that the deg was in the habit of biting,
1Q7- prizes, Not two blanks.
2028 blank." C to a nrir.t.
3100 tickets at 5 dollars each, la
The cash prize subject to a deduction of fifieeJ
oer c.i-nt. i "l
I WW...,
...j 500
... 1()0
48C0 . 15 500
St 1 trm
.w..v... v.. ..luuuay uy o 7 m. ieave : "",u,"ui'' "7 Leave oiumoi, everv 1
u-.j.u.. . e ncry 1 ues ay ai .0 r nu and arrive at , UC5oay 1 ninsuay ani Saturday at ' 11 a m. ar. ; ' Stationary Ptir .
103 From Kdenfon hv H,vi. . 7?nesd. KrSd v 7 ' ! UUU.J eoUUed to 6 dolls, each
h. -C amden r.. h. tn,V, ",".." arrive at UrU, . . k k o ... r " . . ! .V. uraM n 1 ICKet, . . 200 dolls.
c. h. lull's Crf-ek. N. W. R. DriU. Ar i boso r. h. iv.tu- Thnrcao i.1i..w.i r
- i j ..r ... ui auu w-w. . ..v..-...,, umuiuay mm j ues-
Cireat Bridge,, to Noi folk, once a week. day at 3 a m and arrive at Fayetteviile bv 7 j i
Leave Edenton tverv.Tutsdav at A n .-.f. anJ1 H9 Fnm Wjrrentonrbv Rinwm'Q hri... .
. .... M..w , "... w 1 K 1 rii
Iiri'i-f(- n MorrnlL- ,r. Tl..,. 1,.. u. . . . r . rinw. A't o.;t c. TI...I ... . ...
several per-ons were called who bad either been orfl,,k ev'ey Friday at Sam. and arrive at! i.Nash c. h. Silh's Store anj Ransoms Bridge, to
mw. tun , ii v s uiu. i. ..vvii vu uui,ua T u v J . - I f f Ui IVII -Wilt W ft' K
" To' rebut this proof se veral witnesseBr were 104 From Elizabeth City to New Lebanon,
4 -uyv p V" 9v- v v I ai WiiiJCaSCVr Were warn,
r called, and etbngst others the son of defendant once a week. , .
--id the son's wilr, who swore that the dog was 77 Leave Eliz-'beth City
, a quiet as a sheep, except when it was interrup lnd arrive at New-Leba
i. r' " .......wj.
1 tedder when ii was set on, which they, allowed
.ad been several times dune by the sons of 'de
fendatit Rut oa the whole it clearly appeared
that -the dog wfs tn .he constant habit of biting ,11
Leave VVarrentOn everv SiUirrlav nf ; , r.A
arrive at larboro' on Sunday hv fi h t .-au
very Saturday at 4 a i. 1 ai"boro every Fnday at 6 a m. and arrive at
anon same Hav hV in , ' Varrenton on Fridav hv
wcavq icw-jue .anon ai nooii, antl arrive at Eiiza i rroin VVashington, by Bath, Woodcock
uiu 'vny oy o n m. ana Vw-rmar-ton. to I.tC(.
f J M ' 1 - 1 'f
105 From Warrenton, by WilliamsboroM kee, once a week.
mi . . .. ... . '! . -..
Landinjr on Mattamus-
I Mcrln. ,?!!.. '-i a 9 ; .... ! I f t:.i' ' .. '
I f. us."c"- "uin .. i irzaii. KOjtonrtj --jc aMiington every .Monday at 6 am, ttntl
TTFfTwTinwiTrcnjc upon Licaaim grcun-i WMJ --"-uurtj, wHi . a ienoncas'.ie, Jiockihani , -i k uamting oi l uevl.r by 6 fi t.
.-- pet sent to whom Anyone of dr.fendarifa c h Mount Pleasant, Rocky Spring and Oirman. ! Leve Lak Landing onWednesday at 6 arm, and
family poititedand any pmon wljb had any at. i?n to Sa'em, once a wetk. j arrive U VVarhingion on Thursday by 6 fi m.
terca'ion wit!-, any of the f..mily; Ic was also Lave Warrenton every Saturday at 4 a 121 From -Raieigh to Nash c house once a
. J tir:lhfit.tafr-'';7nMable; had appH.ed.to4efend' a,ve,iat"! Meriitsvill. by-lz r. leave at 2 fi-mr week---; . '
lint oh .severiif complaint having betti made, of anfl rive at Salem the next Tuesday by 10 Leave Raleigh every Saturday at 4 a m. and ar
. ,f deferidaot9,ad ihatdefendant said the dog Leave Salem every -.Tuesday at , 27 to ;,nd' rive at Nash c h. by 6" fi m. Leave j Nash 1 c K.
. Sfes of nicre value to him tan a maop and 'lie ,'rive ttt Warrenton the next Friday" by 8 fi to. evt:ry Thursday at 4 a to, and arrive at Raleigh by
ttulrFketp Mm j but, however,' in consequence '96 From .Raleigh, by Southerlaod' Store, 6 m- v
. of tbeComtf'A8 iUtuationi'he, did occasionally Lemay'a X Road,.,Merritavil!eand Stagsvilie, to 122 From Ilaiifax, by Scotland Neok, Hamil
.srittiztle tbe'doPr.?--' 'y . -7 i' Hillsborough once week.-. i ton,. WiHiamsion, Plvmn.,ts anA
1 . 1 1 ii . T ... . . !..!::, i - ----r 7
Ditto, on the 4tt; 6th, ffth, and
nrw-Ji?... ... 50doII3.each.l
-.UIU.-011 me itn, 14th, 16th and
. i.thdays , 80doUs.eadji
eacn aay irom the 20th
to the 36th inclusive, exr.entinc
the Tickets cuns'ituting Piizes, 20 tickets ead
ine said 20 orizea tn mn;. r k. m
nom iui to 500, inclusive; tach 20 of the ssij
w; D,c ,9ne Pf'e, the first 30, or lowest Mum
7. - ; " ua' auu ao reguiariy asQendineto
. urawn on me 4Utn day, Dolls. 200
. . 4-a day, Dolls. 100
. 451 tv-ri a rvTT rr.
----- j k . . .jvy
'"The ' iiirv "afteir snm .rnnniderntlftn. fnnnit a
v - . ........ . ... uiwl M
veroicc lor.tne riMnmmjjamages, .1001.
;'frrorif tutet,Jrm a genk.7Mh in the army,
... ,.' s; (t his Jrhirf in Cliitkoihe. dated '
v amp si Liowt-r Seneca, Aug. 11813. ;
11: . ' W- ie making great prepurations t6 defend
tFi post. T 'T))e'cai)ip which contains ; about eight
. acrs, U situated on the -tighf bahk of Sandusky
,' w-ir- -.lie. wr,astwoiks thrown up around? it,
arei six feet high,' nd will io some . pans, prove
.:r invulnerable' to rJillery. is Jdr '.' ,'
v The day before1 .yesterday ol- tJallV-qusidron
ordeted to Lower Sandusky the 'vobj.ctiLoF
itsjnovement thither was partially, to destroy of
chpt rse such maraifdin?, partFcsoflhs enemy as
Tv"it my fait-in with? 'Wlieh withiir short ells-'
Uuic-vof Fort fctephnson.rthevan"puard, ,ccn-
' ':.i!..i,f .:.ii....r.' f . ; . .
: spmii vi.sBi iirann was nrtu on py about is
..tcwnbwieiTrOnejlft:; side of the .road.
- upr r. be)iirig;he firnigl the main body 1 of the
- gqu.dn.n, u ho.Av.eVe'l'iidden'' ficm the view of the
t .. .i! .1 . .1 i .i - . - r . . ' .-'
j:"j:.-u- uy. . a sn.n. niii," w?re ccmiriftntied Dy vM.
I II II t T ... .!:. i '
i-cave niusooro every Wet nes av at 2 A , i vainnrron c u to Scnnimnn. . ,.,i.
and arrive at Raleitih on FriH.iv hv lo . . V Leave Halifax everv SiTnrlnv ma
. ......wvij j, . dnu arrive - r4-""'"!; l"c next i u.stiay oy 6 fi tn.
- -v u M.lUiua; hi i . (icpari a , " "'"''K-''"",H cvcry v --an.suay v at 6 a to,
iir, and arrive at Hillsborough by-Sa.turday at'and npive-a. Halifax oti Friday by 6 fi m.
noon.? .-, i.,' . I i 123 From Raleiyh. bv Sinithfi. M. w..'Mi;i'-
107 From Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, I Snowhilland Kinston to Newbern, once a
Mason's Hall, Haw River, AJlemance Greens-fweck' to -return from Kinsian, by Pat. kk's Mills,
trough,,. Ia.rtinvine'and D6b,oh'8,'to .Salem, to : 10 Wavnesboro. , (
return from Satem-by- Jamestown, Greensboro?, K eave Rligh every Saturday at 4 a to, and ar
nuciiiduwc, c. once a ween. uvc lewnern oy ivionaay at noon, Leave New
IlLeave Raleich everv Saturdar -. arri. hern every Monday at 3 ti uni i!i n.i
at Hillsborough by 4i to depart at 4 -2 fi m. and 8" on 1 hursday by lOn to. ;"
arrive Sal.- r Ik. nuu, 1-..,.J ..l l ,v . 12A l'..,..i..:n.. I c
Leave Salem every Tuesday at 2 i to. and arrive P,in c-h' aucl South-Washington, to Wilminetoii,
.w . ....... ..W4.1&1IUUY uy u. 1TZ. . -- w .'w....
i lus from b-lemby Bethania, Panther Creek, f f eave i'-yettville. every Sunday at 8 a wand
Huntsvilfe, -Harnptonvillej,., Houston-. ille, States arr'veat Wilmington on Wednesday by lOo !',
yille, Irfnd Foi,vMorgavUon and Mackeysville, ' LeaTe W-Imington every 'Wednesday at 2 fi ni.
to Asheville," orice'a week,';."!. ' i and.9r.rive at Fayettville on .Satnrdv h a '
' Leave Salem every Tuesday at 2 h m anrl r
rive at Ashe ville' ihernext Friday lw
u ...i, . - . . . ' J ' ----. ; cveryjsaiuroay ate. uvu and arrive' at
Sukm lhe next Tuesday by io a tn. '-.'-
iuJ' i-rpm tluntsville, by Uockford, W Ikes
lirdlo fArrvff.'lhe'fits't'lndiari-lell beiieith J borough'. A
4kii--Am.u-. .i i in- inw-Ki.wT-iiriifl.rt, every purougnri once a week. j ..
hitiW was killed that the squadroriVcould'-is- Leave Huntsvlrile-everw ' vVerlnd -Vl v -.'
y ."i .v V1.- w arnvcat.Jonesborough.the next SundayHiy 4
125 From Favettville. h Kl
T-lj. ..... ' ...iw nu
-jcivoeie, to vviimington, once a week.
c Leave Fayettville every Friday at 6 a to, -and
:,ea,v itmtngton on Sunday by noon. Leave
.........iciviiiiH. lucsiiav ax o a nl. anr . .1.
i vciaviiic on i nnrsn.-nr hrnnnni.
r -...- y " J ..V.V.I1.
a r. -w i
u,"' 50th day, Dolls. 100
, 1 he Managers present the foregoing Schen.c
o the public, in the confidence that not only the
.-.--y w me --ouery, but the great a
ducements held
. f ---.w.i-,-i nl viHUlV I
speedy sah. ot the Tickets. The Droiwtion of
IVivu. I I I . - '
r un -ciuuia oeen exceeded. nrf ih.
w " . ... V T wlw
arranged as that the purchaser of a single numbtr.
w7 ..w.,., lUF Fropeci oi arawmg twenty others,
may calculate on his clianr r Kt::-..l
- -..m..wv v, vivvauiuilf iwu t
thr f tU 1... i ... .
X., - u?at pnzs, ior me trilling sum of gS
am arawmg . hiII commence on the first
u-y oi ucto&er next, and be finished without delay
. Tickets at "5 dollars earh.i fni. . ,u m
i -. v mi. w,
nerva Office.
March 26, 1813. , , SStill Oct.
Louisburff Fall Rapes
ILL commence on Wednesday' the 22ntl
of September next, and contir.ue three
26-Ffonn Eiizabethtown to WnitesvIH...
week . . '. . . , . ....
'?" 181 day The Jocky Club : Purse for the whole
amount of ihe subsr.rmtinn j
eighty dollars, tbiee mile k
entranceto subscribers twentw im- t. .,1 ' f
. . . . - Z uwiiuid. 14WII'.UI-
crtilrslhrnln J-.ll ,
.."1,11111111 UUliarSl " ! 71
2 Jd.y. The Proorietor'a Pun. r o? toe
i . ' . i - - -w wi r, t v.v
I a. iu. r. . r .... . ' T
..-.ic-!,, ,ree ,or any thing except the winnef
v. . moi uay . entrance nil em Hnllc
fl ?d day. The Ladje s Purse, nf i nn ; i
-Xieyt," Hedge? one, it ; fnedff"Indiaos went
c'ov. i- esi'erfa'y motning to discover the, nurrber
kailet,'.; the) slate, thai of tht Tndi-n$, iwo of the
w anded aiult ne untut Hvd, who " were fiitf -in
the gias, wete-'tf-ced by moccason tracksfor, a
ro-'!e7if-is.therefoe rfobahle that- they will7 rkf
tnrr t: tbxr iillie-i to ti ll ihe" hews ' About 12 of
the. un. vt" r it is si; f josed,7 vs ere killed.. " 1
We Mav,:had alarms every night' but last
nigjti- y.-JQkfor nn aUatkeveryihour, Re
inX'XCCM.'u'ts are ' ti'vuh waniedwitLu)Ut more
ifleu, iill 'i e''f an 3o nuit beloti he defensive.
CoJ. v'. til tegimtW is, exprv'tcd here to day-.
- ajii-.'wr bi)j Uiat .the. 'mounted voluhieers and
a m, and arrive at Htintsvillelhe next FHday 'bv
tlO From rH;ilsboroui?hTby Mount Tr-,U. PP.
on e h.' Williamsville, the Red Hou5e, and Ir
vine s, to, Halifax c h.: Va. once in, two week
' Leave llillslibroiieh everv nfner Runfl.w t a
o m. ahd arrive. at: Halifax c lwin Monday by j6
tfl Leave Haii'fW'e. ' K
r - v" vi vi T uiuci i i rwiMv nr r
a mi and irrivijaC Hillsborough on Wednesday by
6 fim. --':;-?' ::4::-,-. ;p, ;v: :
IU F rom Sjlem, by Lexintrtoti.- Sall.Knrvl
Locke's, Cnncord,' Mulgrdye, har!oite,v White,
hall and Hill's Iron Work., to York. ch. S. :"C
c.unnne amr roaa to Charlotte, thence by AI-
livf.-r"T he'torca l.ere i. uflicieiit to re-fist the
etiiiik of at '-least tbiee i !K'U.aid.''--.-'ni nan.
. . : j '-' :' : ' - .p-
Ti -';" . 1 ' ":.-'- ,. .'
Ir is ashertd -ll-at-rC w-ral .Hart tsoh.-ftd order,
Ii,' ed Major Cio;bajj l to rt i'fe . from the Fort at
y ljoii I--icuNkjrf'TjcXori3 tle aUBck otj thai 4uce';
, - , - -, -..M .iviuin iuv nam. ijvmi iu -sua! tone, inence oy Al-
ng!.a .UiiiiUht-V 2d diMM.)iv. will conie; to ouHexandriana; Mount Morpe, FalHtown, - State.ville,'
-rbeTry.tSaiisburyV&:iUxi.ngteay to Salem, once
Leave-SatenTevery Tuesday at 2 1 i, arrive atj
-wisonrv on, VYianesa-v tv 9 d to. arrive at ctir
fTitte on Thiirhday noon, and at rive at York crtn
ne iickl? naay by 6 L Cay York c. h- ev-
Leave ElizabethtOiVn ever SatnrtfaV at'in
and arrive at Whitesville hv- r i, r
WhitesyilJe at 8 fim, and arrive atllizabethtowh
the next day by 3 fi'm. . - If -
-'127 From Newbern, J?y $wanfcoro & Wil"
raington, to Smith ville, once a wejp;.
l-eave Newbern every Mondayt 2 fi tn, and
ai'rive at Smithville the iext Thtrsday by 6 ti nt
w.v. w..uiui(iu every rnaay o o TO,, and ar.
rive a. Newbern the nexnVoay by 10 a nt. ,
: nom .Ncwoern to. ueajaort, onct in two
weeKs. j ; .
Leave Newbern iiverv nth Mnndav at o '"
and an ive ir Beaufort on fuesday bv - A
Leave Beaufort every bthepunday at 6 a w, and
arrive a; xsewbern on Mory by 10 a m.
mails and alter the ti motor artival and dtpar.
ture, at any time darioheontinuane of the
contrac'ti he previously' tipulathig .n adequate
compensation For anv f n. pri-firikm mn
. , ,'j .. - f. -..w... .W. lltUJ lC
n ....... fl ... ..' i. . . .
w-, . - r ..w. w. , vu-t- uuc iiitie
neits.the best three out
eachxcepnhree year olds, and them a fe .ther ?
entrance fifteen dollars, free fn- or... tu:n
. , 1 -. w . w . nunc .Aruj
me wmners of the two first days. f
The following weiehts tn onvem .
olds and upwardsJ26lb: on each ; six y en r olds,
120 five year oldsr 1 lOlbs. four veir nM. innm.
and three year olds,' 86Ibs. three pounds allowed
mares and eeldintrs."
Stables and litter furnished racehorses gratis.
if. '"' '? ;!'f Profirietovs. -
Balls will be furnished: everv .vn;nn. ri,
ing the races by the proprietors. , J. k p-
August .,1813. y ;, stf - ;
i . For Sale. i - '
IN the city of Raleigh, two LOTS well improv
ed, convenient to a fine sDrimr. anrl mn
cellent neighbourhood, and well
convenience of pirivate families ; one of them in
cluding two. acres, a most elegant seat, the othr
uo. as mucn ground aitach- d to it. Apply
'L stf.ri .rvr . VAwrpf; '
uv-.aiuueu4 mereoyi i -
Raleigh; July 27, ldt3. -.f

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