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No: 9io;
' , hmhntrrl in thp bill Mufl hltn ntn.
ri m Naturalization Lpaa' v
Mr, Chainhao, the bill as wntto u lrom the
n.t authoriMd the naturalization of ail alien
eute w.ho had declared their iatttntioai to be-
,,,V . .. ; J -I .1
ud the amcndrocni proposeu ujr gtrnucman
oni Pennsylvapu wr. uoocrttj-uoi oni con
.bltc the nattulition of every descrfpibn
Fa tha i Wilienencroirt, -by their QomMjriiig wuh th rc.
Du 1 uialtes t th a oi Mmgress passea an laavD
'C nM wBr " o
itpirt the UtoitADd under the jurisdiction of Hr,
ited St lftt l "ii6f tj.toctwt Lwceirtne t-".:
nf iiine.0793 and the tuuriecniU Uar
nril. 1802, immfcdtatelr aJ without a co!rpl
ire whh the first provisiou of ihj first seciibn of
bat act, which requircu a ikclaraUon of theii in-
eo ion to become auzeus ttoree years before
ry Wcre Jkdmi tcu.
peace, because it could not, be :tK(eriiQod from Inst ; inesrimable, wbish cot ' n'o value, called
f th termiof the proposition tftk Src"mewj lores , jiatiou'arlebt Dey have gi veto ait U ioljare
I irau oureivc3 betore tnat period ana not,cVi:u great deal mow iAoiey dan he want to buy all
nave oyv oi mure as yare or sq Qghteen
gainst anaaa, una now uey are resoive tomake
de standeen army inarch. Parbltu J Be next
postcrue vvuibe atiias into comubioiv hen'he
behoie oese Rraiavt:Borti, worry of de sublime
genius of Napoleon le grand J .
Mais you aay d bntft-crabnet, what'you
calif tlont tgi wd iiimJf, bud dtrefbi-e
Aiih respcci'oourcitirena.
But ir is apprehended that a kindred policy
would beyidatedby th billlfunHndedJct gen
tlemeu move it section that none should be naur
idiz.d except thsy have rtiided five year within
the UiiUeJ States, and hat will reheve them from
U their diOicuiiy on "ihat score.
Then, sir, rf .-thrre is nv substantial reason a
gainst the biti with tne prtputed amendment, let
us examine if there is none hi favor of it- In
the present Htuarion of tile United Sujies, invQl-vtdiii-warji;h
a paAcitvtiemy, wesUnd n
red of at; the phfsicai forcr;. of the .couoiry
- ' iil. r.wi. & dtUj,i. voirtT
; no; ir& the enffiriucut of them, and perhaps
!ry -p''Vp-rly m In; reuiar army ot tile U-
ni'vij orates icqa.nng onty ot ttiem an oatnot
fidcli.;yljut what encouragement do ve hold
put ty ihem to' enter our aimy and to fijjhi the
yoo got right to t ht htm. Foutre otnaillc,
is ai3 .argument toir your Xa-M(ofM. Gallaiin
ana . a. moos. Mudisoa and Mons. Uileb's
Si oate, a ittp s?t i Hills vr.d do-$ -for ftm- to
make fH tl wQ uf ci.u.iieo tKt9e
to Keen 6n:u gT ditiReiSable. is
da( i'a"-a for jll rfr hjn-viteur. tn f.i:it o Kr.fu, -1
lauR-h like a lackvass. and force out iinils 1
sir, I am it) fd vur of the proposed amendment.
BtiJi w'il! eri iejvof' to Rive Ue committee ihe rea
which h ve ir fl iticed me no forming thai
TV .. c . ' . I
timerit. In' snuaiion oi uneu tDtmit'ii musu
- . . ... , , .
is disngreeame, inconvenient anq vimarrassmg to
the;n beyorld measure. CBy the dcclaratidn of war
L -jrhlz-h we ire encrasred. thev are deprived of all
their civil richisV'they cannot insvi;ute a suit for
I the recovery of ibeir just demands, nor can they
fn ivnair 'heinselves in damaffci fui anr mal
l" -r' . - , -r-.u , :n .
treatment they may receive m ttuir persons ori'VC3 "iuu uiuincn icium wmmu iri
Setpose de Senates conijjltuinltke we have en
France, sen J message to S. A. Je Preside ut, to
say, Monsieur.' we can't not aDDoint Mons. fisl.
battles of our country when ire refuse to natural.! latin or Njons Russell to betToi.gress Amoassa
ize tht m I Scarcely one Should they be na I dears 'at Prague, part Q ie dev is not boae neur
turahaeil by the htate go'ernments, as is conttn-f Merryktcns ; and seepose S. A. de . JPwsidem
Y . a tm f. ! i .
;ea ur oy some, yei mc govern neni onne unit- snould 93y to his maitre d'holej, don't Jet dese
ed States, imh ss they, acknowledge the state au-j fall ascime into my house, kick dem out of
ihoriiy in that respect, could not wi h propriety j door,-dev hurt mv constitution, far lam rfc-
ctim them a citizens, and screen .them Jromjand shall ee dem to morrow wid de greatekj authorising the 5'residrtu whenever the xitimuai - -punishment
for treason towards theirsovereign injpleshair. Eh bicn, seepose after dey come oof tMbtic affairs shoulj'tn hi ofiittiott render fi ex' T
cass of capture ; but should some of them from-seehim to.morrow, de president should write fiedieht to sell all or any of the ships and vessel , "
patriotic motives, notwithstanding these disadvan long letter to prove dat he should nevair speak Ib'lotiging the navy, except" thirteea friRatei
" ' . t in Mia iiiciimc, oecube cvecy time aey ucaigiiairo oy imiue , tui jw jooatv, iul
during theval war with Vrancfe. It was then :
unnecessary U was sqapdeiin public mo-jr 4 '
to force a hot bed navy au4 lAe fcdsralrti tftenfl ; '
kvf acknomtdged thcirXerritr 6f ur&inji the-''
public talc 'fu urtij thi4 vtry nyfafijr? they
went out of offieff If the' iepubitaii' had been' -
so very bc&Ulao' a navy, why did wdi thtf-aeU
the remnant oi'the navy which the federal adrnm- - v
istration hHided over to them at th:i exration of . 1
i's term of service t.No thtJy cherished what
they received from' their predtccs&m as.'he Ita
vcn,o a navy, o befci eated when the public ex
igency should require it. ;Tbat tire hasacmcl I r ,
aod in 'sinwL,v: ytari new it I us btcoutf rieces- ,
wy, -vaijgil Lxcft ne by th'?ruWtciu ad
ministration to bu Id wp yivf- done
in" twelve years ijrtfte ikdy' ivittft- lafm ajT,
pa lev right io in iHitan aiisiiriwm. -
This paragraph comSiiu a h'ikhovr. ''which x
had Ikqaent-Qccasiorio refiiicr Wc will re
from being published hi p pnperr issued -under H I
the eyes oi the Ptesidentand blvSepreiaries. ,
v. Did, then, the federaUst order the public sale
f a part of the navy, before they went out.ot of
fice t JLet fcts give tlr.e renly h ru lhat - ?
on the 3d March, l80Lthc dar before Jeffersoni . :;,
me I
property, i ney are suajeci ana iiaDie,ccoramg
lo a power vested in the President by an act pas.
ed in 1 798 to be- exiled from their homes, their
families and property; to any disi ant place desig
nated by mm withtn tne. limits oi the united
Stales, or at hi pleasure may be ordered entire
l out of the country. .-:&'
Aiid even if they are norrooveJ in the man.
oer I bate mentioned, yet they are continually
barrassidwltb the tnarsha,ir adyerttsemenis or
derli)g them to register themselves or be subject
to severe and heavy penaltie. loose ot thtm in
the state that 1 in part represent, who reside in
forty miles of tide water and who are m pursu-t
of mercantile business and have supported their
families by that means? are deprived ot tnepnvi
lege and ordered to desist from the same ; in
deed in the town where I resided there ts diver
lity of opinion whether the tide ebbs and ftp wa with
in turty miles ot it or not ; tnis uncruinty com
treh those unfortunate person's to cringe to the
tflVeTn rtFoimtd o ipcrintend jiio business, iu
brier to know their opinion thtreon, which state
of humiliation is graving; nd repugnant to the
leftrtnsxxf-AJrcemjBiai-d from which I hum
lly conceive hey bught to be relieved. 7
--Sir, I should be glad to know what substantial
Kxsoncan be given why alien enemie should be
tau severely treated and why they should n jt be
pi jrlifced t There is no law or compact with
b my knowledge which will either in its letter
or spirit be violated by their naturalization accord
inrto the principles of this bill amended as pro
posed Vfhe law of last session .regulating the
visit to see his health d.ey not only hurt his cort-
thtm as alien enemies and deprive (hem of all j sgtulion, but de constitution ofde Nitestate aUs
their civil rights during ihe continuance of the jsi. Well, woud you have bisnees to giggle your
war, notwithstanding how long it might last ? I f side i Non ; you must set you down and cry,
-caiy, nope not v orueen to Shakspear. - Pauvre Mons. Giles
fhis bard usage would nave 'he effect to sour I am sorrv when t remembair dat he nrnir hnll
, , . , ' ' -
tnemndsoi inose persons ma; omerwise ware j be de next president! He querelle wid 8.
well affected towards our coumry and the cause Mors. : Madison now about de ifar, not beaause
m wmcn we are enagea. nounu poncy inevehe hate de Hreteeah less, but because he hate
ry view l ean uke. of the. subject, seems tore.'Moju. OallaUn mart s Gen. Brutus say in
quire of us toadoivt ihcm a citucns-nj hu j Oratigto Cicenm. Dey win be good friend
uunifty inoperiogsly dmandj of. -4 to protect the agh when dere shall be ho office" to fight about,
men we encourage to fight our bf.tles. jpeutcire j diir amitie deo shell put me to mind
Sir, there is a fatality that seenHto attend this' de ule pioveib. So dogs will snarl about a
bill. Formerly it passed both Houses ot C jan-'bone, aod play togeddur when, dey got buttins
gressand was rejected bv the President, fcjafrt tlseto dd
session it waspostrmed fromiim.- to uraeur Yo. s c, M ms, Prentair.I am always serieux.
various pretences, until u was tot late to act upon1 Sin :e mv m.i .lUr tred into it .nri... I
it i and at this session it hasben committed, laid ,Vhv.7s h .to to nee you toree in good humeur,'
over, and at last reportrd tu th.s , mutilated 'fchs,. j.-s .ley is my cus orwiir, and den tibbyshore,
Permit me here to ibsetve,aht.t I have u.ider. ' . iL s,,r . n.-.r. n. L ,i
stoadfrom good auViority, though .wt from the o werp, !v . a-, .-, Uusrh as Voltaire "a.l
,,w i viiiuTai v..6u,is.a iu hcm ntiltinir sh 11 tvaradu Ure(f-&h rnna in rfifmin
,: : j .u.. u .. i - , .
uaiwaiiuv,uii, aim nas ho oojrcuons to i.air o SCO e and b atri-ar 1 ke de iahb ! I ...
..... .' m.- i . . " oo- . uv u
improper that J should mention -Inacircotnsiance junammite to querelle wid oriaannudderj to call
m me ws, auu 9 mwc ...yaciy .."! lue .UKisome imme harder as flint : tdalje rn
orraauoa is aitogetner unnecessary, as 1 presume hum who don't saVS. A; Mon: Ma,ti aa
Mrtf cr.-nilftm n ha ihr iriit'rwnftetir in art aiiH.. .... , t.f r-- u r . .... P .
V IC r " ;M.cuy uiacKcyc uis will ingmcn r Admiral
whh iui units, iu lliirk hat in tirru. cpiHp r - .uaNK;At.k. .1:
,w wv. viiw irvi iVI IllVJ LV Ul
J 1 1
liw i;iuvntmi
The persons intended lobe relieved by the recklee ! Oh. I hntw nfm .1 aw,;.,;i
bill generally, were banished from their native eat one touseen wattymillion. and catch d.
land by the oppression and tyranny of their cov fevernairnr at K nt ilnd. Vt re -u i
cnoployront of seamen on board of Americaqes j etiioient they fled to this as the only assylume yallofievre shall seize him before he shall tret
tela, is not all in any respect affected by it. :'Tfoipersecu.d humanity, and almost at the mo-j to ftaltlmoi-e 1 -'....-Av
fl t section of that act only prohibits the employ mtnt, when they conceived; the mselves safely
mart after pece of any seaman,' except he is
citixen of the United States, 01 a man of color, a
sheltered from th; monstrous s ,-rm that had
bu-ste,d upon their unfortunate heads, and when!
natiyc of the United States. i from which every ?y were consi.lfng thtmselves with ih? pleas
person will perceive that there, is nothing irt this ing idea, that their difficulnes were surmounted,
section that even oints at a restraint upon our j and the remainder ol their lives would be spent in
rililtooaturalize end after they are naturalized, i peace, comfdri and hanpi ess, war broke out in
every one "must know they have become ci:izeus ; their adopted country ; they w re again threa
and can be employed in the oianner.t:ofiteinp)ated I tencilwith exile and baoishmeht, and there ap
by the act, "The: only restriction contained in 1 pears be1 no resting place for them on the face
this secilc . . .
alLns until they are oaturalised, and even this res St, those aliens in the part of the country
traint is .ot imposed upon us until after peace. iaj "here, and for whom 1 feel so much soli
testored to the country. - icitude, are eentrally Irish or, birth : they 'are
The 12th section of the act is the only one
it that has any ibtng like a bearing utxn the
qucsdani' and a alight examination f it will plain,
y shew that' the bill under discussion with the
proposed .amendment will not in the least interfere
wiui toe provisions oi iu acuiiuu was jr-
iicularly . intended, according to my undeistand
Ihg of it, as a basis upot idch anegociating for
Dejce should be predicated. And what does this
section contain ? -Nothivg more than to restrain
os after the termination of the wan from natural
lz:n any lien who has, not itsided ive years
' runiti we uniua oituca muwui icviug- u m
Siine ; the true construction of which that we
an naturalize until peace is restored to the coun
try, in thej same manner tlvat wewoulvkd
fore ibe act of last session was passed ; and after
teace, we can only naturalize those who have re
sided five years 'within the hmits of the United
Slates, without leaving the same j and even this
restriction is not to be imposed upon us in respect
o Uti ish s'nbjects; unless that nation adopts, a
siuutar Arrangement in relation to our ciuzeus.
I thiDk every gentleman ought now to be sa.
ti'hcd that the letter of that act will not be miring.
d norj 1 pretume it u equally clear, that the po
licy or spirit of it is; also untarnished for in what
iiativ-r ine; we to et at the policy of a law, but
bf the ii itself ? and by that H seems we did not
tncdi to ciinnm ourulyts tartner tnan toeeciare
.thfirwef :iv. 'wtdrtiot nit uraliie any alien after the
;triiii.aiMn i.f Ue wr wh had not resided fif
ytats ."Uhin the United; 5atea without leavirm
. Mais, - poor scrip -now I have convince you.
i joos want to ax to you nudder tin? before I tro
You know, when Jean Henri sell his bag of wind
to us, toprove what every boddee know already,
same as de wheh ladee in de hot climate of Lap.
land sell a bottk full of breezes, you know, or
ought lo know; je ciis, he say he entertain de
same. hatred of our republican eovernment as
rautratois. JJis was to intorm de worie and Ap
empereur dat he was ready to be scoundrel any
time if dt y wfuld pay hirfi hiair for it. Eh bien,
where is Jean Henri now i Aynt he notin
Montreal ? .Begar, he is k-en falla ; neanmoins,
i .". a. jicrv iviaoison snail give to me nine
.gentlemanly in their deportment, well disposed j lousecn dollar, i shall undertake to shave him !
towar$' the goverr-menrot the U. States, some
of them have intermarried in the country, itnd
have children, the sure pledges for thir fidelity ;
many ot them are my companions when at home
and 1 am confident, they would defend the right
ot ine nation as soon as hernaiivjjons.
There was a time, Mr. 'Chairman, when the patriot of America adonied and cher
ished an Irishman as his fellow sufferer and fee
low citizen, and why do such sentiments'not now
exist i Are they less cenerous, brave, or en
lerprtzing, or have e ody changed situauons
V' '
Frvin the Alexandria Gazette.
MOWS Ph EN T AIR, '., ;
, Shall all my exortation to yoo be toss away
in vain I Have you not leesteen to de profound
rcpublicain raison which. I have- advance Lor
have you stuff whole crop of cotton in your yare,
same as Alona Ulysse, Captaine de vasseau,
when ne sail troo de isthmus of Darien, to avoid
de bubble hole of Scylla t I can't not comDre
hend dis businees of you to be more siub'xrner
as a race horse. Shall you continue' to publish
for everlssteen your raskeely nonsense cohtre
our wise and pure adminiairatioi. ? Ay n't dey
n de ose clevair" jertirnen , which was ever
rule any nation since de creatioa of Moses ?
What have dey evair dot which was not four
miUion of league ttdder said of wrong-? Dey
have, pass beafitifool short leetle law for pay all
Ide faxes. Dey have 4oanj sixty million eicrht
tipon thispropo4tion, no complaiht could be just- iundre,d touseen seven hundred Jinety six dnl-l
FTiS rf.m rai,ynli,n-Jt4r' ts n j1.! . f ,rtif l-jin Knlf rjmt ' Cr A
Appropos, 1 like to forget. I wish you would
make one srlall address to de Eiecteurs of Mer
ryland. Tell to dem dis proposition : La voila :
Jentimen, my good boys, ityou will all get half
shave belore you go to de pole, and vole for eter
nal war, I shall Implore S. E. de secretaire lor
loreignairs tojntke a decree which shall say, de
law of de Congress was a beefstake, and dat it
ought to be enacted in dis mannair, so as your
tax shall not cost much t On the county of
rrmce ueorge' seven touseen six hundred nine-
the purpose of disposing of those vessels which
were hastily commissioned to retaliate, rrencn
spoliations. These vessels were principally rner
chant ships, purchased for a temporary, purposev
and were not considered'wortlf retainmg as, parts
of a permanent navy. ttut wht did theae same
federahsta do besides f Instead of " acknowledg
ing their errour". in building '.a navy, -'a law war
passed on the same day'in whi?h the sale of 'hesc
insufficient vessels was authorised. afiftrofirittfng
Jivc hundred thouiavd dallpr towirdV jELrivsiiinT
before ordered .to be built, inj? for ccmplHinjj
navy -yards, docks and Whaives. Did thfs shop ?
a disposition to reduce the Kavy ? What wbh h
fruit of the first law ? As soon- as Jefferson as '
cended the throne, he sold ell the ve'isds'woicrs.
he was authorised to dispose of, and laid up the ' -
othe .a in dry docks. What did he do under thdi J
second?, where are the,6i; seventy fours order !
ed to be built, and which. With the thirteen JrU '-,
gates saved from his grasps by prudence ;..ia (k 'J
rieral Congress, Uiiir ttiber bad been kept O-i
0mwu!I bwi'iSiaN'frlti.;' V
val heroes, to have coned 9flxa&fullr with an
force which Great.Britain has had on our coastal
at any one time, during this disastrous war 't1
l heir keelsnnrue, wereiawnncderaHmwa-1
end are still lyine in our navy varda as the ft
deralists left them, but now rotting from exposuro -the
sad memento to omt navvl officers at th
htistility of Jefferson and Madison' to nary. Io -stead
of buildir.g these seventy rours. Jefferson
as it were to humble the pride t)f our naval rift
cers, and to cast contempt upon our navy, devo '
twl all his energies to raising an inuncrtse brood
of Gun-Boats, which, tho' useful in thej? place, l
are not to be depended on lor. the 'defence !' wit
commerce and our jci ;
fnends of a navy, federalists or democrat
the latter truIyThey ' did iotrdnfoi? i, MnVtl
public opinion, excited to the highest pitch by thik--1
glories achieved by Hull. Decatur. Jones'. Hnin
bridge, and La wrericer compelled them tn -
something to meet the pubtic demand and savta
their own popularly. If the administ ration, were
the friends oTa navy, why did Mr. fiallatin hn
of its leading members remark, that the'best use
lawmen t uuon s torpe does could be applied, wa "
to fix them to the keels of our fricates and bin. ,
thefti into the airV" ' 5 ; . .
Let the public 'once more-judge!, from, these
'acts, whether what the Intelligencer calli iU.
commou party slang of democratic hostility to
navy" he well or ill founded, j; -
The policy in eood old Federal timea wa.W
fieace iretare for wor,M but our wis6admin1str- ,
tion seem to think, that war should first be dc-
clared, and preparations made for It &b
This has been their course in relation to our pre
sent war ; and it is justified by the1 Ihtelligencer, '
when he boasts jfiat the republicans JHJ nn
sell off the remnant of the navy which the fedef-
ty cent; on do county of Calvert, two touseen laladministratfdnandedijver tc them, but cher
four hundred - ten cents ; on de countv of St. i ished it (how as the feaveri of ti h
Mary, tree' touseen nine, hundred fifty cents : created when. the exigency' should rrouir it w
on de county of Charles, six touseen seven That "is, they kept : this remnant," without ad
hundred;forty xents," kc. etsetfa. Ah, cairil .ding toil, but iufferingit to be diminished. -un'
nuiinwtor waranuno taxes t v lve ! son du " uiey oeciarea war atramstthe nMiect naMl
".. ' . . m 7 . '.- il,
:; , From the Louisiana Gazctn$
Ma- PaxNTBR, r' T;--;: iK
Th newspapers of this city notice the arrival H
and departure of troops, but anir other auhiertftp"
import, that relates to the army in this quarter,
is studiously kept1 from the oublie' eve.- At a ';
moment like the present, when everv nr rr,K
Union near the ocean is liable to an airarW
In, m M P , .
...v uii;, iJic.BKuauon oi military anairs in
New-Orleans f is not even mentioned. All .
bustle; last fall and - winter ,; forts were erecting
s'r uiiwraoie point, oarrarxs building Tor
...w .vUIIUvvwiyu vi i an once e
cannon t
1 have de honeur to be Sair,
ir - , Wid; de highest consideration,
r r--"' : " 1 - v , ilAIRDRSSSBR. V,
Fromjhe fAT.rT.j ComMeiiial Advcriiter.
; NAVY. :w , -
The National Intelfierencer, received vester.
day, contains an article in relation to the efforts
npw making by' the general government to in.
ctease our navy," concluding with the follwing
paratrraph-:-- " - 1 ' ; ' ,
With regard to Ihe common party slane of;
oemocraiicnostuuy to a,navy, we will just bb-
serre, that the Jiostility of the republic-n partreryaluntrwjs paralized : the Htih. lhn
w nafy. in me reign ot teruor, arose trom the sironw, secretary of war, thought YvprttoJ&oieji

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