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rient must only wcwcew an aesiioy m biuuui
' . .What France, Frt-f ;Erspe, what so many
bn-Maed and decMiria nations, earnestly c
fiie triumphant raie-r a a law. oi "i prcstu tb
e. toa j&f idA eanhbt fail to rddueaiwLIin 4ha monflr
thrrft't;J 'rhmi,w - offliA t.nm. :.: inV t n'ti rthini'atei)er- fvcmptr last such portion of the militia ArkfcZ
loLi.: -. t.T. . i .f iMr - i - ..j.- -a . . . . J;...; fottfcwiln. at each of those vulni-h!p .
ej eierK, ana noo i w iiiiams-assmanu-- ty animosities, ana jrn lusr our Bitfini'j' j" : tr"- ah
0A the Uommoii,TBU MUIer.'JSfwa re-p tobnr country's cause, compel them to ao jus-- a;: jTV-t u j r UDJUh
iioa aud it wa alUwed to hope,tKa ao'anjlMekhart assistant. Meesrs. covingtoiv aud tlemtn, whojn bar tellow-citikens have seiecica
'flreat artd united wati?e would prevail: ( bverf?rd ere ro-elcetediiSrassiif-rrka-.. for your wisdom and prudence, to detiad
"Tfliearabitiou of an ioajyidaal., J ht " 1 wu,,u, 'mn, lM auopisucn measurea a may vc rr;"':
lJ .t,4f!ef Tl!-r r!PhofthQa-te- ; - " t8, and to whom tbey loot for exkruples of
; !l i82ot. to hwapote. (. AMr n an; e8trfy A mew WM reCavccl from (he nu,5naftilflitr Iet Rje iuJ the m09t earnest man'
iew. fruitleat rlA m Gorerpo, commKhiealingti letter of Maj.Oetf-'-ner ur the propriety, nay, the imlispcnsahla
e f every t.fp, "ted .uffi- er&J Pikliey, relfttiTC ?0 the deft-nco of our bf eicrfficiak at Ihiimportant. perM
ftltnt motives for te attempt to proc
terorrder'of tliiuw t bafidene and eouaeij
; sion, -when -treami of blood haJ LitUerto pro
duced nothing but misery and df iriciii---nor
a . If" Si M.MMa Aa.M4 ft L W t l.A'lltljS llftHA f
dacied to attempt it; 5 ;,
. Tiie year lslO was aot ycc cioseu, ir.e war
' tilJ rngC'l hi' Spain, the ptople of Gt'rmany had
r .oti -In on avif hour, theVnupcrbr Naimleon re-
Jwln& to" unite , a coiisideraW'J portion of the
: Jfortli of Geriaany with Uie mass oi counrieu
"agid to rob the ancieut free commercial citiet of
HamlMirsh, Bremen, aud Lubeckf, first their po-
-liticai, and shortly after their commercial ex
lltfcnce and with that, of iheir mean of sab-
slstehce. This violent step flas auoptea, wiin-
' $ut any eVenlaU9ble'-preJ.eiiions, in coutceit
- dilaration, brcoinmunicatioji with any oth.;r
. , 5abliiet, under the arbitrary a:id futile -pretext,
diat the war with ;iglud Tcjuired it.
"' MVrii'el'i'y'ttemj'wUili was intended to
". &trby- be couunerce of the vvorl 1, at the ex
ai of the iiidcpeadertea, the prosperity, the
right anil dignity, and in utter ruin of the pub.
iic and private property of all the Continental
r Irowej"1 3 pual Willi uareieunus -cth ,
intu.e'Vatu exweeiauon oi micmg a. ici"
8ubugatiQ.i of Eagland yhieh had it not fortu
oatalv nrored unattainable, would have pluae-
bd Etirojie f-ra 10:15 tim-i to come into a state
opoverty, impotence and barbarity.
The Decree by which ""a" new French domi-'
,nbi was established on the German coasti un
der the title of the thirty.-aeaoDd military divi
eioni waa in -itself Ui!ifienlJy -calculated to
raise, the suspicion of the adjoining states, ana
it' was the more alarminc to ihem as the fore-
runuei- of future and greater dangers. By this
di"ree it became evident that tho system'which
had been in France although prcvioiu
Jy tran&srressed, yei still proclaimed tb he in c
iteu(5e) the system of the pretended uatural ji
wnit cf thf French efflpw wa, without, any
" iArtherj3tification or explanation, overthrown,
and even the emperor'- arbitrary acts were iu
tber tha Priuees of the Uheaish confederacy uor
the kingdom of "Westphalia, 110 territory, great
coast . The. letter informs that the eerieral od, all nartv feelincs. animosities, jhreiuuiees
tion of a contemplated expedition' against the and of giving j oar prompt :and-iif:ife support to
southern ports, during the ensuing w inter-sea every measure Iiieh may sctm calculated to
sou ; and General Pincknpy's intention in con--: strengthen aud invigorate the arm of the nation
sequence to ereet a new battery for the defence as the surest means of bringing the war to aa
of Wilmington. The geueral, also, requests honorable ccncJpion-.
Governorllawkin-, if he may deem it expedient, Ilavinar ever entertained the epipionth'at there
iu uiucr Bumumtionu ucwciiiiitiiu oj wmin. were no erounusjor ineDrrsuiHiujun uiai ujib nf.,wKrf w.fM;U.f..f..: ..,V..'V-
5tc. It is General PinckncvV puruose, if nrac- state would be exemut .from the ineursionu pi 1';i4wl i ;.:.! T-
llinhla: tn vicil Nimlli Taivilm." at llio kIima nf ? t ia J I. K oPfru- Iho tt nlnn dp. .1 t : . n 1 t "
. U.. ' . . , - . .. ' 7 . .e T. .1 f I. il
me prestni or variy in me ensuing nionin. ) strnctmn o!
After several ballotiniff , Mr. WiHiam M. I in the event
u mic viii eiceiru me cnim eiiffrossincierK. ; nartiea or armaments irom ir.eiruisnsquauroii o,i.rfi re at Vkiiirnn. . t
. w . , a r -v - - -.a . -..... . v 7 m i
ocvtrai eianuing cooiniuecs nave ueen ap-j on tue coast upon either oi or.r mwns, a sum
.'jtu iuiiKicoa, uii uic mornin? oi Hie 19rS 1 im
tniacity foNewbcrn, preceded by Majur-GeneJ
C. Jonos, with e detachmeatlroni this city, vho taj
rnarchetj the,e!?y bcifore, ami accomwuiiad h a, t
tent-Otnerar W illisms, CoIPaDi.VMe cf rny lijv
de cflnip, and the VYake.drsgpoas, unber tbe coin,
maml of Major Tbomss Hendersc. On m- rri,
val in that town,, fwts' infbrmea tit the emmyV
squrdron bad aaikd from Occracock, tiu-ugh tij
courso it had stered had not b. en ascertained.
ry. xrtron.ha(i been imiAe for ti.e befnc of New,
befri, oy Maj. Gen. Croom k BrigftitrGtn7li
y Smith, ied by ths Cbmmittof S-itty, wholid
prtjcurbd a handsome supply uf puwutr ant lad.'l2
few dy tt nay -nival, a ptrt of th srnnnj
wiici) udb uvvu mcvNiiffrci oy my. Ciftjcuorf; -
y, and helicving, after the wanton de, mei d 0f Lku'i Col blmvn Bruv,n of t 2-.2
some small towns to the north,, that met.4.; a-'tnc -t'Tins1 were recivc, and itWHijjT
entof au attnok, either by predatory pected thct Wr-jor Gei frhl BibW, wtcst liZ
pointed, and other initial business transacted,
of which an account shall bo given in our next.
: On v1edn-8day Hi.sExcelieney the Gover-
Iar fate Mould await thun, I deemed it my du
ty to remflJ the General Goven.iuentot their
defenceless and unprotected situatiou: And for
thr.t purnoso I made a communication to the 8e-
iior, tiaiinntted to both houses, by JMr. Sneed, ! crctary for (he Department of Var, earh in the
month of May last. In the same month I re
ceived an answer from him, wherein h& staled
his secretary, the following At
GeuiUmen, r" "" v
1 shouldTuo injustice to my ft'cllirsrs; were
k he . trunsportctl Trom that plat soon as tractl.
cab!e. 'Ttiosv tnca. scf dehrnc, btrcngihtr.fd'ojl
the iocs! vmil;ti , wr:o .were r tie in rt.-ch tsi t
march at a moment's, placer4 us in a una,
rlon to ci'nf;dnit- tbe ttH.roy,irui.e eVtrtofinaN
rta..k, rsurptiMiii my cxpwtauons. I f at! die pptJ
rnrs-. to lUaiii, that i:e greatest cuvir? I 1 Ucn rits
pyeo by the militia, in tnarchine to thetltiet-rs d
that sonc general measures for the deft uee oi the ctnn points ; Mt s?l oF-tJta, a iarf w sui ply of LnV
sea-board would in aiew days be submitted to the munition, than wa l xp-.ded, had been obtaiiml'ty
Natinnai Lcprisumvc, and 1 in tsus arrintgt '''me" mea-is -or, nnr. -
th'."most vulnerab'e jxints of Nort'.-Csnoiii.a wauh) After it y.tcrtaifitd that the t nemy's sqa tjrou
I to .forbear expressing the high gratification 1 ! oor.ii-Jered' Supposing it mobauic that 6c lore had iett bur coast, a!! ;ht: troops wore (its. ).a;;c4
feel in beholding the General Assembly of this j Congress vouJd have gone tit rough 'the dincutuwt except six cmpanies; f-.urof which tnuan
d adopted this general pjn 01 defeuctt, the m.-ed -t pep-V;aier Points
'apprehe:)(icd might be Committed by the eric- lajor John A. Co nitron
luiucr t'.e corr r.. i j rf
of 1 e 4in -rtiririi;t an.
State, convened at a period so important a9 thefof, an
prescat. when,eii:a1r'3d as we are in war, the si- juries
tuaUon of our country renders it necessary that ' my ; a ?d moreover, knowing that the United States attiacry ompaiiyiinuer Uie romrt aiui 0i Cartidn
so many various measures, cqnuected with iu un-boats out of commission in our wa.tts, and Afj,:rr Pasteut, was stationed i: F rt II i.pton
security, prosperity and high-slaiiuing, should tnsn at tht ir command in thisstftc sumdti.t for the .wr-tca ha J been evacuated by a compary. I United
recoive their mature and deliberate attention. : occasion, 1 thought proper to address a iettiri InLntrj', viio actud in obediciic to G.itrt
ompuny ot Infantry in Behubn. i vc of
se ompamcs which were station, d Deea.
Water Point have since been discharpr-d and a tan
tcfcnr)eSS situation uf bur sca-port towns, request-, pany, of artiiiery has been ordered to Currituck Mil
frg theni to ascertain fn;nr tre' Picsidcnt wbetner. . v .
some measures wciild out firoxfifty be edoptetfior4ft-.p,r'9c,ou o . ll,e indisprnsibib neccssitf
their prbu-ciion. (ie cf t'.sc gctf.lenion jiiiorft-ed w,4,i"- fcJtlsteo tl-at an adequate dcftu.e .of I
me thai- ih Krnr ti Maw bed nroiuiscd to mit! peanent nature sr-outd be -emended -to tirw
five pun-hn-t. in r.n.i' tn cm coast inim di.bojr b, fare l icit it r-vwted ail tu- iiOct
recoive their mature and deliberate attention. : occasion, I thought proper to address a ietur t..t
That t'hs measures adopted bv you rill be Com-: wour Senators in Coi;gtess joititiy, wl iU , ioge-'and
inrcasurate with the exigencies of our situation, ther wkb the papers octompat.)iog it, pi esent- t
a suregu?jraatee is to be found 111 the circum- d to them a view, almost m detail, qL ti-e Wat
stance of your haviig been selected as Uepre-;
sentativ js, by our enlightened it,ilo',v-citi-ens,
at a time when they erc fully awarrs of the im
portance of the trast about to be delegated.
It would have afforded ic the hirlicst satis
faction to ha"ve had it in my power, at the open
liig 01 the present scssriu,
you up'ou tne restorafion of peace. As wenve4'e-
compelled by a long series of unexampled a$tea
sions to resort toaijms, it return mtmt.Ue Imlicd
with heart-feit sat tsf act in by e v e ry Invti 1 can ,
il obtained unoii terms camnatible uth thebon-
- a
1 . 1 1 1
P, " . ..a ... . : A ' I t
. . .it'. - . -i 1 ir nniLn viucn vf.fiRf i nt nv niimtifr. ni-cn. itsthi
to contrfxtda wtc ' -WIUW t-?crcuiy at war uimx prom -wru ; v T vr
10 cat.5.LWaiw. . :.A. . ,Amn.,i,8 t-i pbec u in my pawn- fit:m arm: obstw
,,t ii " -i unu ictuuuiitiiu 10 me eerie rai uw
i' in'. in 3.1111c; 111,111 in.- iiitir inriif-rririn tinn rifiinr
BiltisV seemea. tb e rapidly approaemng
fk,r.n f Ppnsitatf fortrrfsesUlt occuiueu on
tb ) Oiler, and so littli:rJia4hitf'aet"of usurpa
, : tia (however powerfully it'affocted all rights
' a'ld yos8fc8ion,''all gaogrbphieal, political arid
, ' iui!&ry lines of dcaiarkitiouearry -jvith it a
t chiriteftr.of Utfer6iuate aBd complete Hcces
sir; t af territory; thatit wa impossible (o view
it ix any otherjlght than as a forerunner ofsTill
- gTeater HHi'rpitiQn' hy.which half of Ger-
idpiny wa9 tonecoine a-f rcncivi roim;; vui m
Miiitta : and that yi;i t):c leprtscntation
U'C in-bi!ity or the state to (urnis'r ?inmunujoii, Jkc. lie
m'S that it should fce fumisncd by the Ur States.
While Iw.isi-i the daily csputsuori of ieceiv-
our, welfars and security ol our cowmy. hen 'b' mmuueat on iror. mog,,,, kwuC,
it is reflected that our Government,., from a "f ?Wsert i' Sle W" 'V 'T
firm tt,-hww.r lft rtr'....iot l,'at evet:t retched me on the .17th of July by the
1 ' I 1 ai
11 Lii aitmiurr finrn iUX. tv.? m 14 Tl ItTfl C iTl -
- or small, was spured in .qie-ncconipusBrr.nrvi , ,iB ja.uu a,Wa, mu-dcatiens received from the Committee of
' thidreadfiiliisurpation. The boundary. urawu .s- yrvawmtam in .icr unjust auaarrugaai ty oft:, t - GrvvrA Cl.oojn and Cc) l
' by biiarJ caprice, .without either rule .r plan, pretensions, dv an appeal 4o arm4, the slr-ngest , risfJ . . . , Jiltu-vX:t haa uken st
' without any consideration of ancient or more gro.mus are anorued lur he pi esumpt ion, 1 nat,;. jnd p..rBinouth, l a-J .Undtri a!
recent poutieai reiauons, vx --"o -- r'M;"iB, V'7'w nitched tents for sevt:, l undrcd men : thct
oouutrias, cutoff ihe middle and sout heni states mrwam ? ith anjious soUcilud? to that happy cor,,ised 0f one vcMv-four, six s,
of Gai-maay froni aU -counaction with tae Uer penou w.xen tuo war may he termmatet with priv.v,ee... t.vo6chca, a.mmocrof ether nu
vm sea, passcd'the Elbe; separated Denmaik nosr ana saluty. II tiits.prestfniptive eviatuee ve9so rnd from cJxlv ,() Sf;vn,y barges,, with
irorn jnrina,iau w . . . . o ftisDosa ve stii'.ft ,i ?rn t iousar.a nve r.unoreti inian
rv and marines, 1! under t-e command ofAmiral
coueiiis;ve prooT of the i.!i.puiliori of ourgov-
cMuuciJi in relation to tuai .oujeci. it is juine- Xockbum that they had captured the shippir.gin
cessdry to enumerate them, ttuthce it to meu-1 harbour among which were two private aimed
tion the Russian mcdiaiwn. The promptitude vessels;' that itvn-. thr-u-htThe circumsu mtcof tbe.f
with wmch it was accepted and acted upon iy ivtviiifr landed ancrpiiclitfl trni foy 'so lavge a irnx:--i
tM.Presiicat, w,ol' iUclf,jou.trovertihJe eyiy0 men, inrficcted ' an ."intention '1 icni..inng
Uenee of die wi?h oi our govarument that au .there. some time ; and tht ar. atu.'ck vior. Ncvvbtrn
aceommouattonebouM take place.- As, tlicin-iprftyprtp Rs aVgpynuttnty imU
tne people and the government are in favor of ,,jaoC That, pface was represented as bemg
peace, the continuanco of the war must depend without canno, powder, aim baits, and in si-.on
Upon the disposition of th. British cabinet. If nearly every article and implement of win essential.
pitiicction : and 1 was requtsteo
jssinf-manner to 'furnish them that
situation rJcinaiideu. l naa reason
!! cur towns on the ramplico
inrfI.ifc!nthe iboaf scrionsalarUK Tha lat- restored.' -. But until they aeree to relinquish". and Albemarle Sounds, and those to tne south,
;tcr;furrouV3od on all sides, ho longer capable what they assumed as :'a right before the decla- e're nearly in the same eituMion. "As,. the
uffrea afltioii, eirivel of every means ot oh-1 ration oi vvar, the priKikga oi, commuting the. state was dtfrtrtiiteFmuuiuxiiiAM.war, ana nau put-
;.atious on traces ipon iiio-ascaniy supniyoi musKets nuayisc3,-iii
jar eilizens, we shall be er part.ot Which had been m c'ls'tributodiTot .riavmg
under the indispensabU n&ceUtj oi prosecuting bf. placer! in thc.hsr.ds cf the detached militia m
the-War. By prosecuting the ; war.- vith hnu- m'sny insticTs) as to render it very questior.ybKt
trsaty ofixiUit;' iuto a I'rjnch.- military .post, uess, unanimity ana vigor, our. otyueui; wjii ne wnetier u usriui puruqn or teem cun ,
Ifpv ,.u'iif-n;hf MwtaHi lsvCCam)ilishs-L.' li'h-a iuial&ralihi huJ iukdicisi.'-be' crDected atinv iriven tKint. I felt myr.eif not a Iitut
' emfteror Xaooleon tuoafcabl&te ruler OT tne con- J tf oy wik guacantee reparation lor past injuries, 0 its safety an.i
' tiDeat;'' :-. 'iV-''V''' v' ati-1 respect lor our rights a-yjaoveret.gii and hr the most pn
- To 'tflisia and Prussia th3 unnatural ex-.iMuepeuujjutiKiiion in zuture, urn oniccis or tne aid- which their
4n,lftn Af'tha French territory -eould not fail'" ar will ba aceompliihedr and peace will be to believe that 8
i kLXQ points are - OcrucorkQli - Toul, tti
Jiogic inlets, tb the north of Cal'tar ; uOjpW.
ir.ieis'at tne m utri oi Cape-Fear, to wit, Ma ntai
AVw Intra. At Ucrucock, on Beacon Island, thero is
a jejigide and commanding sdte form fort. Vessel
saiiii.g 1710 the soufrd, mutt approach this scitcal
m sc in a direct line for more than a mile, and mit
pass wtt'iin a tew hundred-yards of it. If a stronaT
Jortficauoii was rrected on it, and n adequi-te fores
Stationed in it, nci omy tr.e entrance ot iny nuiubai .
ol vessels into the sound, could be eflttluailypre
veiitcd, buf the shipping at "aric'hor te'the harbnuf .'
could bt piotf oud. Such a work, the exj-v-i.c of
wuic'i wcusd be nothing when . compart u iUi its
tmmitnse uiitity, aided by a few un-boas or rthei
armed vessels' stationed at firaier fiamt in ths
Sounds, wtu'ri afford great protection and seruiitf
to almost the whole of the tiorthern s-fdon of tbs
State. Should the war bef lon'dumion we wf
reasonably .suppose; that the enemy wiiJ, if.ttd in
lit is miprotcrt'ted, briogiuto tur-Soundsa pumbef
of sntulj Ly.essr.ds, witu a'view to harsa cur tpwvs, (t
arrest tre trade now coirying on through thene
i jsvi j ui.u UIUI c bSiCClilllJ,
cf p!ui.derinj Irom their
the neccss-iry supplies
port, of their fleet sutior.ed
ior the urpow
aouiidaul snoieif
for the sup
on the ioasU -
!0 tVVl -"i- V-. , v ? J : " . - - j -r i
to iU dissolution. Russia, already in fe?.r for ingots aur. liberties 01 ou
hervestera frontier, hy the j,onversion ot te j
city of D.oUic,J declared a: fiw city hyphe
if ofa" great irt nf 'Ww'tiitri'r: F?welr
proviaao, could,, not hut see, in the advanec of
tha French dominion ajoB.th3 sea coast, and
bi thb n'ivv' chaius pripred , for Prussia,, the
iijaiinent danger of her Gorman ic P!ish pos
S3ssians. , Frosi I li moment, " therefore,' the
rupture between J?rauea ,aiid ' Uussiavwaji as
..good as decider!. 4 v -;;.r.; 'i'V'--.
Hot. iwithbui Ijep and just anxiety did Aua
tria observe' th; storm which was gathering.
Th.);sc3e of vhVstjjiities would in evr-ryx case
he couiigaoui la hrf ;praviiicea, which owing
to the'fahitaji'.ia.lsystent wh;ch had eraTnped the
resjtoroiia'.i Vf hue .military, means, wore, in a
- , .
Ola pretensions of!, (ire at-Uritain oiU;t hally at a -8 to asreitiim t!at course oestto rx pursufo
yield to her necessities.- Jmi neatly de'MUidant l"dr existir-g circumstances The enemy's iorce
as the minuaeturiug aud coiiiiuerciaf HJlerests;inlT so murr' larger than was necessary to take
af that nation have been oa tha trad, with the poswssior. cf Ocra-cock and Portsmouth, and l-.avi.-
rT:i"l ii!.i.,.,.'(i.;.. j. ,.., i : Sroupht urith. lhfrn snrii a Inifft number ol Sliull
that trado has been cut off. and. indeedthe fa. v?9els calculated to navigate the Pampticb and Al
tal r-ffWf f ih,. r i;UA.t: - emarte sounds, seemed to favour the presumption
ry thiue'eobuecjedjy
pentvalerreuin b"U
viilketf Mted And nWptrseverance, will' 'i10?6
evaufually eoriipel jiefhauirhty miaisUv , tb re- n.tal " numbcr Jf( vessel,s 8uffi
Hour their arroeaut preteusions; and to ; : - , ; ,
t he-part of other powers and with the same
. I h a r. a hi mt. ... Tn&lff V . l I 1' A MA a a a noa .
quently was a '.hojiiless as all. former
strugs'los of Ihb sarve naturb.- tlis majesty, the
empero madv svery 'dTort iu his .power by
-friendly- merU:itib with Wth parties to" avert
' the .'impin Jin.:. stsrw ',;JNa hsraan! judgmei4
could at J lat true toreiee th at the pe. j.;l was
soaWfat hiWiUwh
y attempt should proV?mori injurious to the.
enijtsrtr 'Napoleon thuii ib Li) opponenU.-
... w......,.vvu. yii uu i. . -,.:t.i , , l4 tU.
eomdudc peate upon lair ud Jioaorabie, .terms. watc? IC" TTL
Jn a htghei; poiut of. Buti Lwe weaken our-eves by cherishmg .utor- At ajv Unt m -ttr-mnttn knbUhrm whbott74W
and with a. Scanty supply of suit
admitting t!:ose other articles cculct
to saVout of extremffe madness :
r . : . ' ... . : .. . .
nn iha nihiin iiani m fnairft nn nnrwTtiitifir. nut
... Bntain presuming up?? ov.r weakuc, thusto thcm to entcr and jet in cmr towns
produced, , will not .only be more : -oust, mat., but 1 tbeir bmtai iery to perpetrate eVery spociei
encouraged to indulge bev ambitioa W- fof horrible , outrage Upon the persons and' pro-
vie", ui; strniie wuieu awaiturj-ussia anM uai uivrsiuiia , -n c iuuji Tiurseives to. me . M . . ,
'i a ....'jt:-,..'... . ..f.... j .i-K.;. ..... dery lead and Jiiziti
pcare.'i ij.u. more uuumiur aii uuiu'aenceii,tcHiuj oi a umiu m, ui uunim- pai " aoi arnis eveh
Mm nilh Hi.. iAni U'RTit nf' injinr-ilian nn I &h(tll Tiliirf? I hat fihi.'.M at'iLl llit.ilii. rnini n. ! . . ' . ''. . .
iiuin .wium iiuu. . .. y a vm i -j . . - - i snfi
gj.icfr. a uictc- au iiurauve reenrueu, wnerr port-A of their inhabitants, ,WOU Id be tO fax an iljJ
BriHsh' rapacity ha yieid.d to the iBppiiqa-'.ldelible stagma upon thb character" of tb State
tion of the a.t-VeeaiHiot.elpeet .that that ! Under 'such circumstances: I resolved, although
nation, whose goverameut is so hostile to ours,! th last General Assembly ; had refused an ap-will-ever
grantii'poaetf jij kooil. Every Appropriation "for a T lupply : of munitions of war. to
merieaoicuVlherefbre, who as anxibiis; tVM uurbhasc all the iwwtler, lend, .afldfulnts fap'sale in
it should be restored, will deem it his Impera jthis arid in the nei
tire . duty W;iv his supgprt re $g vlgotsugi
A lew &iu.l! armed vessels, jiermaitfMiy sCi.ionel
in those Sounds, would be adcquic L r th se. ,ur
poses Stioutd the probability of a visit oi this nw
lure be deemed s being very rerocu , it isio bs
presuiiKl a principle of economy alvrte, wouli
diaate jlrc: propriety : of . defending tlis .oif tr
ttrefeby,jiiet!eccs3ity.JDf calii'ng puttroopsl-..wiafil
must be attended with considerdbie int cr vt i tnc
and expense, tj defend Newbenj,,an4
ah th. otjvcr toyros on the navigab'e watt i scf thou
Sou.ida, wiser ever the. enemy may appear ff th?$
iulet and tbieeten ah attack, would be
ati4, TJiat sra sderjupte au$ureV vh'-U'd-gJ
tsY-.medialtly adopted for dtfem; 'it tu.t prut
ronccive tr be imp.-rUnt' 'in every fiob't oj v'ev .
At Old Tufimil Tnlet Fort: Hamilton situaf;
, for the ''defence-' of the Town and hrrbt
dBea.ufort, and '"on ,'an- eligible cite to. com-
mand the . entrance up the ship channel.
f-ortj-iottevery-ianorhuirr more thaft
compobeofshells and lime badly cemen.t1 cacl1 .
eod of wnicK is connected with the barratksi in thd
r ar by a wall about two feet thick; Then arc on
fy six Jong eigtdcens mounted on a 'platform at the
pvfapfrt, to fire en-barbtte Those guns TeTtmoujJ
cd otL' .verv low carruii.'.' and in order ti at they ;
might fire over the parapet,, the platform, had been
rained within two feet of. its top ; confj-squcmiy
iiien wnen '"managing them wre exposed from
bout their kriees up. : Tbeir situaUrTi would hare
been much more, dangerous in an action than if they
Ivad been m an' ojien, phb, as much destmcti
tnighf have been produced by the .shells "hicb m
cfierny's fite might scale' from the Vp of the para
petTCbhceiving'. that ho time , should .be- lo a '
making tbb necessary alterations, 1 instructed Cap
tain Pasteur to have the carriages of thegui.s rai
cd find tlie platform lowered, in such - maimer, as that
but few of the men in an engagement should be exj,
jHjserl. .'" TlSs . pl(, -with an ir.cbnsiderble W
ctan'percd with- that already expended PpJJ
itj might be made a fong .forweef 42 v
diacy tend to Ac rlleTabIe, pointy ejn
"... vl . .. ''

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