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'allies fcf ft mirpwrjif fotertjepfing ; taetriy Z?afwi waui 'w
communication with Pragoe, had armed ow the
20tfrat Peters vval dp, and on the 80th were ,ur
rounded and attacked bv eeirs. Tollv and
Kleisti . Gen. Vandamme. willi five other rene
rals and id,000 men, were made prisoners, and
ffo piece's of artillery were4 taken. i On the 2d
l- Sept. Bonaparte left Dresden again for Silesia,
the disasters of ins 'army there unaer Mionaia,
irqttirwg"liis-prieuei d-on-the 6th, -the
srarid artnV whidh had retired within 'the bor-
-i ders ofllohemia, again movea rorwarn towaras
Yc have eyf'pietjthe:- following from the fast
Z'Jfseiigr, tQufaiuing the best historical
Vtiow oi the 'operations of the renew od War
'Jl the North of, JKu rope that we hare seen.
" '.WiK. .1.. ... . " :A..f :i
: ' , rcct idea of the' relative fore and' positions
bf the arfujies.-B'ston
I . '
The arrivals at this port sinceoar last paper, tDresden into Saxony, trom this army 50,000
,.pewa from Kurope ; o-bout a j men were despatched to
have broasht u
"BioDth later than we had before received : com
.rising; -a -Vie fy important period of , history.
The armistice .between thebellicerents in Get-
rwaoy cjptrpu.on iii.ioin oi au. me nix uays
lotice required by the terms of it having been
siven oa the 10th by the allies. D urine: the pe
riod of its continuance, viz. from the 4th of
June to Lfie commespement of hostilities, both
parties were vigorously engaged in preparing
for the rene wal of the con test. The allies re
ceived a great accession to their strength from
tho Emperor of Austria, who deelartd war a
gniiist 1 ranee in due form on the 10th Atignst.
It will be re-memiieredt that in the becrmutus;
co-perat$ witli Bin-
After Bonfebarte had left the eastern fron
tier for Dresden on the 23d of Aug. M'Donald
took a strong position in the neighbourhood ol
Jauer, about 80 miles Mest of Breslau. - There
on the 2ftth he was tit lacked by lllucher, and
driven from his position, leaving on the rronnd
30 nieces of artillery, and Bustainins a loss of
10,ir'iJ men taken prisoners. On (he two fol
lowing days Blucher pursued the retreating
enemy, aud took 50 more-cannon, ana oo
' . i
..t in if Tnwofihitrff.
IxGoeHltx, 83 hiiles W. from Brcslau, and a
bout JfO' E. frohi Dresden Jv 1
iKxHintiii Out Crown Prince despatches:
? nnhttistliiK. about 40 mile 8. W of Berlin,
20 from Juttei;buct, W. by NV , ; -
Mslau, 60 miles 8, oruerim, ontne jiioo,
near uessan. -..-m
Xpsic,:7J milMby toOerUni oijhe
Pliese, a branch of the Baale.
ot May last, the allies possessed all that part were met on the 4th ot 'sept,
of Germany north' of kis' Austrian majesty's i who had proceeded by rapid
fcingdotn of Bohemia, which Iis in the north Dresden to- their aid. Here
tasteily side of the river Elbe. Soon after
' hostilities commenced iii-the spring, Bonaparte
drove the allies across the Elbe, and before the
"date of the armistice,' penetrated easterly 20o
jnues lo iuc vauK.s oi uie tjuer, near jdtpsiuii, in
t Silesia, and oceunied a trac of territory about
100 miles in breadth, from north to fouth. This
tract (bounded northerly by a line funning near
h thctowns of Brandenburg, Potidam Dei iiii, &
Frankfort on the, Oder, . northeasterly by the
Oder as Breslau, and southerly by a line
, yanningnSarCantl Siriegaii, Bolkenhayn and
JRudelstadt to the border " of ' Bohemia, and
thenjie along the northern border of Bohemia)
remained in the possession of the French until
'ihe teriniriation of the afmtsttee. L ,
r "When ..hostilities" recommenced on the 7th
z l Augthe foree of tlie allies was -disposed of in
I four distinct armies, besides the Russian re
i ' jserva of SO.000, which was advancing through
Ptflakd,1 under gen. Benningsen.
t j ' The 1st or northern army, under his royal
;A hiehiie'ss thecrowu prince of Sweden, including
40)00 Swedes, 33 000 Russians under Winzin
gerode ant 40,000 Prussians under Bulow,
'as stationed on the northern boundary between
. jiui; ami uic you, as iicsiciiucu 111 UU1
per of the 13th Inst. ,The d or eastern army,
. undir the renowned Prussian gen. Blucher, on
ino-eastern hoiinrtary in Silesia, near liieslau,
. i . .
prisoners. The French retreated across the
Bobr, the Quiesse and Niesse, still closely pur
sued by the indefatigable Blucbcr, until they
by ' uonaparte,
man' lies from
according to the
French account, Blucher again in bis turn,
retreated across the Niesse and the Quiesse,
and the emperor again returned on the Sth and
rth jo Dresden leaving the Frenclrat Goerlitz,
distant about 60 miles, Gen. Benningscn had ar
rived on theBobr in the rear of Blucher on the J
6th with a reinforcement of 80,000 Russians
and Prussians. 1
During these important operations, the nor
tfiern army was advancing- under Barnadotte.
After the battle vi' tirosden, Ney had been dis
patched by Bonaparte to reinforce & command
llie- French forces in this quarter. On the 6th
Sept. a great battle was. fought at Donnevitz,;
JVittenburgi 43 mile 8. by W. f Berlin o:
lift V.IKP. - ; '
Zalina, 6 miles from ""Wittenburg, towards
Berlin. '
Jtttterbuck, 37 miles 8. by W. of Berlin, be-
J)aham or J)ama. 12 miles If.E by N. o
.luueruuc. - j
Luckawt 10 miles E. of Dama, and 40 N. of
Berlin. . '
'Soy eirentz, 15 miles N; of Jutterbnclc.
Hersburg, 18 miles N. by E. ofdo-both on
the Ester a branch of the Elbe. . .
Torgau, on the Elbe, 23 miles from Witten
burg, 8. E. and 30 8. of Juttcrbuck. . 1
Mrurdeburs'. 75 miles W. by 8. of Berlin.
ItouerswerfUr. about 30 miles 8. by E. of Berf
i j 1 1 u 1? nf Tn
the same direction, auout 7 .
Settembnrs-n in
mile's N. of lloyerswerder.
jsisitriceraen, o. uy ju. v un.v. v,
miles. - . .
Grassen Hamu 50 miles irom JutterbucK t5.
hv K aiid 20 From Dresden, N., by. W.
Positions of the part of the Crown Prince's ar
. nitf opposed to DavouM on the side of Uam
Schueerin, 70 miles E. of Hamburg.
fVismar, on the Baltic 13 miles N. of 8ehw-
rin. ' .- . . , .
Crevitz, 13 miles Er by north of Schweria
IFeimar. 20 miles in the same airecnon.
Gadebutch; 16 miles W. by N. ofBchweria
Rennefi, 25 miles W by ss. of oenwenn.
F.GONET3,;,Jqessof :.o
"pccifully )nlbtmhi public, that ,e hu citiblS
.iime. is ftaleigband purpoe$ devoifnj hit limechy J
wardi the uutruct k-n u yoon Udiei po the PJAIJO f Om
Ui terms wiJI be as follow V ' 'v.
TOiriON, per JuarterlMM..t..MM,.a,...,.,,rx)j ij 1
4 1 "' i . ?f u"",,"?"',m, if 4s '.
'-. . - yMri,'",""wn.,4, jQ
lar are waited ort at their renctie Bktuei.' The leacktt a
iwvft keep ; their Pianos in ptj& order, Tree of expense,
has," however, invented a simple " instrument whereby ,u
young ladles attention and tolerably good ear, can ews
keep,; themselves, their instruments in good tore. Tlut I
conceives to be a great advantage offered to those who reshJ,
whers it is ftfflcult to fiod masters capabts of tuning,
newest music, good strings, &c. arill be coostantW ker C
sale, whereby sh lart can without difficulty be supplied, i.
the end of each quai ter a Concert will be given, in which vV,
Jari will give a public exhibition of tbetr progress. Havin
taught some yeail at Newbern and Washington, in this it
and ieehng a confiJtnce in hi knowledge cf the science, rj
readier doubts not of giving satislactida ? to bit employers ni
of being louiid deserving of a portion ol public pat.onage.
r. S.' -Young gentlemen will be taught, on the foiegoic
ermv, any of the variety of instruments chiefly used inpri m
Nov 5 la.rjf.
! or etnurrt
near Juterboeh. 70 miles north-westerly from! Grefsmnhlen 15 miles W. of A ismar.
Dresden, in which the Freiu-h verc compelled ScfionburgiZO miles W. of Wisinar, 10 miles
to retreat : nreeinitatelv. with a las of 6000 kil- V.. nf I.iilu'plf. "
led, 10,000 prisoners, 80 camiony and 400 am Lnbeck, 40 miles 8. E. of Hamburg, on the
munition wnggous. The advanced corps of Stickneta, which is a branch of the Elbe, eont-
Bernadotte were on the loth oi Sept. the latest meneinsr at Lauenburg, and emptying into the
lae from tnia auaHer, at Hefrenberg and Baltic. .
. i rk 1 1L!. n . I . J. - 'I AST P A 3 milii.
4 reci it
I . abou t 100,000 strong. This army consisted of
RussiatiS-'and Prussians, & the srenerals Yorck,
CJ..--1 .... r t.ii i . r.
piifM:j unu. ijaugiTon neui commanos in ii.
"' The 3d or grand army was in Bohemia,
,)i -
Unthland, within 30 miles of Dresden, and his
left flank was in communication with the ad
vancing army of Blucher. Bonaparte is thus
surrounded, except on the left' of the Elbe to
wards Torgau, by the three vict9rious and ad
vancing armies of the allies.
miles from the Elbe
Ratsbarg, 33 miles W. of Schwerin 13 miles
40 miles from Trieste, but of this there is uo
official information.
t. I ft. r. - -1- i '9 i i in 1 1 ' ji . ii o i x .
- inu ikj i uana oi me Xitue, ana seuin oi uresaen.
V This army Consisted of Austrians under the
prince of Schwartenbiirg, Russians under gen.
Jkieist estimated in all at 200,000 men. With
this arimyVe re likewise the emperors of Ans
, - tria, ahd Ilu4Mta and the King tf Prussia, and
tha French gen. Morcau, who find just joined
the allied army, after an exile of some years in
this country. The 4lh was an Austrian army,
under cen.'iiillier, to act in the south of Ger-
t many against the-Viceroy,Vho had assembled From the Boston Daily Advertiser.
' Dresden was the centre of Bonaparte's opera- Tlie reu ditfienlty in this country of com-
tio'os. Davoust, who was near Hamburgh with prehending even the ollicial accounts from ar
r his corpsj and the nliole Danish army, Oudinot mien on an extensive field of operation, chiefly
who was stationed with the three corps of the results frntn a want of correct map3 upon a
French army, at Dahnie, about-30 miles south of large scale.
ltdrliiiV'werc destined to ot against the hor- The following account of the positions occu
thenallied army. Five choice corps under nied at various times, hv the several armies (by
JTey,' Lanristoa, lacdonald, Jfarmont, and the recent advices) in 8:iony, Prussia, Silesia
m ouia-.'!3K.
NT. f T.uheck. and 37 E. of Hamburg.
Domitzy on the Elbe, S3 miles N. ot Schwer-
in 63 miles S. E. of Hamburg.
ltoitzenburgs 40 a iles E: of do on the Elbe.
An examination of the man compared, with
st after taking Lauenbtirg, advanced I)espatchf s will shew that the grand array of
the Baltic as far as Schwerin, and Bohemia, according to their present positions,
. . . . . fc.t . a ii . . . r
divtsionotgen. Loisonattactietl to niscorps arc in advance ot the limits ot me armistice,
aneed as far as Wismar, a distance of 60 notwithstanding the pretended defeat at Dres
es from the Elbe. But on the 2iiofbept. .den. about 50 miles. 1 he battle betore lires-
they commenced their retreat, and at the date den, was only pertial, and was entirely defen
of the last accounts had recrossed the Sfctkiiitz Vive on the part of the French. -A movement
into Holstcin, towards Hamburgh. Generals tof Xapojeon to turn the right of the allies and
Vegesaek and Walmoden, who are under Ber-( take possession of the passes into Bohemia
nAifnifa .immuw!. mireiifri tlifm i the former i iiiHnPofl fripin to make a march upon their
near the Baltic, and the latter in the neighbour-: right to intercept his troop and the total de
hood of the Elbe. ; struct:on of the French General Vuudarame was
The southern Austrian army, it Maid has the happy eansequence of this mucevre.
defeated the viceroy at Lavbach, Austria,! The army under Gen. Blucher has advanced
. . -i I .L I l .1. .1 nrnilnil h iff h
lo nines wuiiia ibc mmw u w- uum .....i...
and has
rouiato"wski:;yc)'drst'ati6ned oii the ' eastern and Bohemia may be fonud useful to those who
line, and the rcmaina,cfof the French army read official despatches with a common map.
under SUCvr Bonnet. -'&el-rarna'ined to defend Jit ml! b( rrrilhttfl;l ffpr the battle of
JJreuen airu the' other post in the neighbor- , Bautzen the French army pushed forward into
- - ' --. - -.-.. . i ciicsio, uuu hi uif same 'line, uuciiuiru jli;uch
with a larsre force. fter Anstria had joined
'Oa the -15th VAiRrust.' Bonaparte with his
nards left Drestlen ToTtliKjWistern.' frftn'tien the allies and the armistice wasdenoiunced, the
of the
eras; to have been a( this time uninformed Russians joined the Austrians in Bohemia, and
General Jilucher
rown Prince of
covered Berlin
. T.l , 1 J ,...,n.iwl
inerrencn naa irert"ti ucri. ,
arrived within sight of Dresden- - -
Th French Gen. Davoust, "Prince of Eck-
mahl has retreated 80 miles without a battle,
and gen. Loison has made a retrogade move
ment of about 43 miles.
The Crown Prince has advanced his main
body 40 miles : and sent detachments from 60
to TO miles in advance of Berlin towards Dres
den. Thms the Allies are surrounding the French
in Dresden, and the communication of the
French army with its rear must he interrupt
ed. NaDoleoii must either risk a battle er re
fiireat ; and a retreat - wit Jiinttiriorcayalry
must be hazardous in the extreme. The longer
he delays too, the more critical .will his situa
d tion become, as Gen. Benninsrson, witha rem
forcement of 80,()0b Russians, had arrived at
State Bank of Korth-Carolina,
... HAtElOlt, MOV. 2, 19t,
AGREEABLY to the ad section of Ihe
iicoiparatmg fhe ite Maxtor iVoit-Carol ns, auBec"
non oi 19 Directors of the P incipal Bank shall ake place, uj
nually on the itu Monday in December
The Stockholders of the laid Bank, arelheiefore called
mi to h'ld said Election, and to attcne .0 such b?i buaioesti
relation to the One al Inteiests of the Iiutituiion, as may (
judged necessary, en Mon ay the 6th day of December ae
ar nhw o'clock in the morning, t: the Academy buildings, rif
the City of Raleigh. f
" , Wm. H. HAYWOOD.
& Sack Stockholders s do not attend the Election of UN
rect jis personally, witi autho rise pioxies in the form heretofore
VJrTTLL commence drawing on Friday weci
TT Oc:. Is! ttG fini-h drawing in Dec r. Those h
w.tli to knowr the fata oi their tickets in a shor' time after pur
chasing, cannot purchase in a better lottery. Tickeis 8 dwltat
and 30 cenu ; Halves, 25 ; Quarters. 2 12 ; Eighths, 1 f,
Orders from the country, inclosing the cash, will be punctiulls
9Add to St the respective lottery offices of
G. $. R. Waite,
Corner of Sr. Paul s lane and Market-itreet, Baltimois
No. W, Cli-ni-street, Philadilphia 6 and 38, Mai.
den--lanr, NtwYoRk, and So. 28,$te-stre Aibas
i ticker, tumincd gratis, and cah given for all li
York prizes sold at Waites.
Sepiember 20.
V T the last court of pleas and quarter-srii
Ljk,.ion4 held lor the coumy of Fianklin, AUminikraootS
iiraiiied tthe subscriber on the estate ot ROBERT HlCH.def
c-Mi 'f, 'ate ol saidcountv. All nersons indebted to laid est
ae are requested to make immediate payment -Thoie was
luv- claim, will present them," legally aurhemicated, witaiS
h lime prescribed by law, otherwise this notice will be pletf
n bar of iheir recovery . ' J. KNIGHT, adm'r.
G a-nilk, Oc 14, !fif3 I6,6t.
amount ot metorce wincn tne allies ban that arrhv is the srrand armv :
mlled ia attack"' him from Bohemia, on the ' continued in Silesia and the C
fm'vk of the Elbe. , He arrived on ihc 2ist Sweden on the side: of Prussia,
the Bohr, and was to join the Allies,
trpori'tne Bobr, a river about 100 miles east of and Potzdamj 'while detachments from his right
Dresden; "'.running nbrlh'- into the ' Oder, upon ,' observed Davoust who covered Hamburg. The
WhrciTihe eastern allied ' army had advanced.' recent accounts relate chiefly to the
uiere, ancrmncn nghting, in which treat losses of these three armies, viz : the army ot
vrere susiamea on ooui siues, t ne allies were -i Worth or Uermanv. under the t;rown r
compelled to retire 20 or 3o miles uoon Jauer. the army under General Blucher in Silesia ;
ope rati
Oa in 3 23d Bonaparte left apart of bis army in 'the Grand Army, under the Kin? of Prussia in
il 1 1 - . ''A . . . . V,
wus quarter ,uu?r tne commana or M'JonaW, TJiohemia. r-
and with' the remainder including the old and j "Vfc shall hegin hy the positions oeenpiedby
t yoong ssnam, rna corps oriMev,.larmonf; and ! the grand army m Uohemia, from their advance
I""1"' luviiiiuierjanu cavairy, rcinriieu'ioj io liresuen, unimne capture ana sjvennrow oi
VULndarame on the frontiers of Bohemia.
i tifhe the allied grahd afmy ad
Bolieiuia, ajivi after havint hea-
' tJrcsdf!. Tliifl'march of more than loo milca,
.ah the mean
en St. Cyr and Bonnet, on the 53th thejheads
-af-aH-4 he-emiv weretchimrihe heights
whjeh surroajid Dresden on theIeft hamkof the
Elbe, On t!)V morrjiug pftheSwlh Bonaparte
entered Dref -ij, and 0,4 the afternoon of lhe
me daycomtttRcctl lhs battle of Bresdei, in
which the alifed arjny, whfch wajs endeavour
ing io-aesi)--a it retreat, to Bohemia, -Retained
great ..lasses..- I Jii the day fidlowiog the light
im? continued,' anl gxi, farean was. mortally
wounded. The French official account, states
I ' the loss of ih3 al!i.V on thwa two days at 60090
. men. '-: The firat French corps 1 under cen. Van-
damme, watch had been from the, 35th advauc
tag between the JSlbe and the right win
W4 think it jToper here to remark, that the
French, whils rating the loss of :the allies at
ai),oojnoh,'makj their owu . to amount to :to
-morethan t-, Itym m very improbable, ai
:he aisailtHif p .trty-The- allied: comirfahdars.
jwUh mare.trutii an I can doiysfate their loss at
a'out ftjOoo, and,-froi the nature ofjh - cn
gtfgLMaent.'prcsu'm? the Iiim-i o"thc enemy must
jia ve been greater. Edit; Vas. Gaz
Jungfurn Tigmtx. 25 uriles N. West from
Prague. ''-..-Petsrsxraldey
1 8 miles S. by E. of Dresden, 10
mues in . ov w. 01 loputz
. i 1 ri" m A
- s n 1
1J 1
em M tiiA
"Jtttenberg. on the road fi omToplitz to Dres
den;' it) miles from the former and i5 from the
latter place , VJT "
; Marienberg, 38 jjiiles S. W. of Dresden. '
: TipLitz w Boliemia, 23 mjles 8. of Dresden,
and' 40 N", X. E. of Pra gue. fc
Commotm, 50 miles X. V. of Prague.
2Sibtitz'.iJf'miU$N. by V. of Commotau,30
S..W, of Dresden. "
Jlit Sieda. 15 miles S. of Dresden. -
fiippotdswtlde, about 10 miles . by W. of
Urcsuen. ', :-,i:r:' '-.-V
Pluiien) near the walls of Dresden. '
. Halle ndorf. on the road, from Dresden" to Pe-
terwalde, about 3 miles in adrance'of the lat-J
ter. -. : - '.- : r , ' "'.
: Zinitfalde, on the frontiers of Bohemia, 20
mile S. of Dresden, in advance of Toplitz. '
-C.Katrn-or Culm, about 5 miles 8by E.sf To
plitz.- -: -: --, .: '-: '',! - r
PasU'iani of the 'STlesim army, Milder General
tnwmhujrg, on the Bobr, 50 miles W, from
Breslaa. . ' : . .. '
Jbifer, 30 miles f..hj 15. it BresXliS
'-, . ' Ner Store.
rt ROMMEUN "& 8AYRE, thankful for the
iiieral encoutagement rcccivelince commencing busi
ness in this place, inform tlietr lrii.nds and the public mat they
ave just received, from New-Yoik and Philadelphia, a hand
some ass -tt-ment of WOOLLEN and FANCY GOODS, well
adapted to the present season and laid in f r cash, which
enable them to sell as cheap as anjr in this place.
CothS, -
Ca si meres,
Coatings, '
B cking 8aire,
India Mtrslrnsjp'
Cambric do.
Linens) -
Cotton Shirtingtr;
LongLaqui," "
Calicoes, - -
Dimities, ,
White and colored Lustrings,
Levantine Silks,
Silk Hose, , .
Clotton and wotsted do. ,
' Long and short Silk Gloves,
Kid , do.'
-Men'f Setvef ;
Silk Cord, '
Sarsenet ti, (
Pasteboard and Wire,
-Bonnets, " ' '
Shoes, &c. &.
Cotton and Silk Bandanoes,- .
vriru A VARIETT Of otheH AkTien.ES-.
iUleig!., Niv. 11, 4813 V. V . - 19 $u
Adj utant-General's Office,
lALElOH, KOV.H, 1813.
IT is required of all Officers, called into ser
vice since the 16th day of July last, to foitrard to this Of
fice immediate ly a Muster ftoll of the Officers and Soldiers Un
der their Command respectively, desigmtirg thetimeof ser
vice of each person. - . '.-; ' - ' ' '
i is requested v of all Officers and other persons," who have
fuiatshed any of the Trcog of this Si ate called into lerv'fci
ince jhe 16 h of July last, with any kind of provisions orothei
supplies to forward to this office immediately an account thereof
luly authenticated. - ' :.:.
ROBERT WILLIAMS, Adjurant-Gencra-W-J;
' bl (he Militia of K.Carolinji,
otice is hereby given,
THAT the subscriber has ' LOST, tw
XnOf ES, given tu hiru or to D. it S. Jackson ; one's
them lor aboui thirty-five dwllats, and the other lof thicy.Svsi
dollars and eight cents, and both tiated on a- about the 13ts
ay of September, 1813, signed or executed by Benjamin Join
er and John Che y. This is therefore to furfoid the said Joiaetf
ad Cherry paying the said note to any other person than niy
seizor older; and alu to lorwafn every other person fruls)
purchasing or trading far said notes, as I have taken the fleets
sary steps to prevent tl cir bon.g paid until ihey arc returned sa
merArry-personrh3Vr.ig-iaid -notesy is- reqtteteetedeli
them to the subscriber, as they can be of no use to "arv othtf
peison. ' t -. DAVID JACKSON,
Greensville, (Pitt) Oct. 23, 1813. 17,3i.
, For sale, '
THE handsome little FARM, of one hutit
dred acres,4bout 4 miles te the tastv.f Raieig . ?$f,
to ' "DANIfiLDU IRk,
Raleigh, 12th Nov. 1813. . 19 it.
State oi North-Carolina,
Court of Pleas and (luarter-SessiottQ
August Term, 1813.
William Adams versus Alexander Nelson.
Levied on a otece n land suDooitd 10 detain ore hun'red
twi nty acres, 1 adjoining the land of G.ies Nelsonj Ecwai
Lajneng,:Mj SarnWr-TutennITT-Adam
TT appearing to the satisfaction of the cowl
A that the defendant mi the above case 1 is hot an inhabitant d
this state, ordeied, that publication be made in the Minerva he
three months that unless the defendant appear at .the next tf
succeiding term of this Court, to be held for this county at ths
Court-house in Greensville, on the first Monday in Novembsf
and Febi pary next, replevy and plead, judgnent will be cntetf
ed against hira.
U,ew3ip. Test, ALEXANDER EVANS, elerfc.
Baleigli and Newbern Stages.
SCOTT & HELM propose starting, withia
sSort time, a new Line of Staees. to run weekly from R
eigh to Washington's Store; where it will meet Mr. Jw. Bell's
bine fjom Newbcin.The Stages willleave Raleigh 4c NewhtrSJ
every Monday at II A. M. meet at Washington's Store everf
Tuesday ari9 A: M. and return to bot" places on Wednesdaf
41 8 A.,M. FARE to Washinrton'i Store, 6 4liars, fre
lencc lo Newbern, 6 dollars, and in proportion for intermedin
itt d:siances.. , ' - .,'"- .. ' '-' '
P. S. CASH will he given for five 01 siigood StsgeHf?
application to WILLIAM SCOTrRa'tb'

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