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. cir AuWst that this Minister raVrW lew Be-
Jrfaraliott; by which" the, dirficultiea with respect
.v fb forms Wereby HO' WeanSremOyddnoMheBC-
' 'jict'v After a' usclesj etchkngioi' notesuporr
. .'-arrived. ,The f russian and Russian' fiftgoeia
x tors cduld not exceed this term r the Congress
nl lliTA MAnllftIillit)ll(ip Austria
.Xadl to forin w as" previously dteWitiedby the
ft; -
V taction of thejmpossibiltt
jhngr'daubtfol point 'of view in which flisMa.
-.'Testy examined the great question in dk;"te
; the principle and intentions; of iXcjAlllt,
wherem the Kai
U tV 4aiiahl Mat J iejt Sided
ebuntfy, lt ', - x'f ( v 1
Thd Uriti?h soldier" wilt; view; this outjfac,
which, is an-abandonment of all priflcjplc, and
aa agfffavation ofxh6 atroeioqijnitilli and ery
el barbarities daily and malic jeuilv practised on
many of hii unhappy comrades, have fallen
into the hands o toA enemy, a ahadrtional
ijicitcment-to" coafiria- his-Jftolat?onreverto
yield Iwt with hi lify hi. liberty , tj an ene
my who i a stringer .to evey principle of
Mor off aatice and of tlie! laws or war. : . ;
.; 'Adi.' Oca.- British North America,
feefor rccoroised lim own-ndrxjffraC of a lewr trvm Major ixtntrni - frit
" vjiicii leir no-room or nnseoncepiion. -
- ;t Is'ot'wrthoot sincere aBietiony and alooe con
oled'fe -the ertaloty that every hieans to a
. told, the war had beeu exhaaitcdj doea theEni
' -pefof now;Cnd hiiaself eouipellcd to action.--
"or three jeara ha M Majesty laboured"ith
-.lnieeaa:in peweven.e to effect, by luiW ajad
?jtonfeiIiatry)enF?uci iral and darablc peace
lOT.ivu8iria uuu tor Europe. Ati m cuuvm ui
jhare faijled herblla nowao rtmedy no recou we
to bliad but ta araM. The vatperor takes
thmiip .wiUouta1j peMOtial-aniajoaityf from
wa panfuljoeeesiiy;, froni an irreuUtaVle duty,
4pon gfouKtU whieif aay faithful iti.ea of- hi
, Alm, whiehthe world, which the ktuperor
4oleoH hioiaelf in a moment if tranquility and
' Tfasonl will acknowledge aad justify. The ue-
,iaessitv of tufe waxifa enstfavea in the heart of
averyXuftrian, of every Kuropean,under hose
;ioeyer . dominion he may tUcK in 'each legible
afcaractera, that no art is necessary to distin
f cuish them Tlie nation aid the army will do
, StJieir daty. An union estibliRhed by. eoinmon
Bccessityy , and by , theantual interest of every
j ' if i' ' . f .. !i .. . .1 3 ' '.III
t power Uiai is m aruif Jir jis liiuepmniuacv:, win
t ,give due weight to or excrUons, ami the result,
, 'wjih Ue asitaaep of Heaven, will be such as
' iitiist fulfil the lust expectations of ecry friend
iif Order aud or Peace.. ' - '
iiiiliiil "'"V ;
I yesjerday evening had 'the honor to re
ccive yVuf letter of (he irtli past, and shall int
mediutely transmit : a copy.of it to theExeCfftive
Of tlie United Btute. ; V" " ' ' '
I forbear to an toad vert on the acts of our sn
pe'riors 'whafeyef may be thtir "tendency ; but
you niiist pardon me, for taking exception to an
havfehce'nlroiieht We; ,Ia'th nuniha?
there Is a snffieiWybat slight ryMoJni
' ' I have U regret, that fiveoiv brave feit-w?
have hefrt killed: and about 80 wounded t some
badlvi lint none I hone: moHallvV Bh offieerd
and men behaved'with the inmost bravery and
-'Captains Smith and Bradley,, and Winston,
are w ounded, all slight v.--Nr officer is killed.
, oooh as Meneral Vofiee maiceania repoi : i
shall enclose it. " ; - '" J'-; '.
If liifl iiffiipWf infmlv of nrovistoM, we
shouJJ in a short time accomplish the objeefof
th eipedHibn; 'y: -v -; '-
I have the honor to be &e.' , - -'
. S. Seventeen Cherokees under the com-
jnand of Col. Brown', acted w ith bravery in tlie
'.'lid Jim Fife, of th
shed themselves.
Mr. Roberts presented a billjfor theTat
dtcnt otithe JnrorsattevdinKithe cniin."!
. cnAm-Tnif Vnurta' lfl J Via vnmiitf'ot P.i V ' .
for otfcir purposes. 1 ' i - 1 '
Mr. v.v . .Jones presented a bill fur u
better rcsulatioa of the WilnTTagtotf aeadew
. Mr. Phifer presented the- petilign nf vl'l
Baker of Rowan, prayinjjhatthe dividinff
the county of Cabarrus.';
. Mr W, W. Jones prpsented a bill to aithori
in the coinmiasioiiers of pilotage for the n0I!
of Wihiiingtaa tQ supply vacancies oeeasiontf
by death or resignation. . 1, : '
Mr. Beawejl (Moore) presented a bill al
qualwe the land fax and to amend the mew
laws of this 'stated : '? ' ' 5
Mr. E. Harris presented a bill to estaMi
one' other separate'' cleetioh in -th oiint r
Meeklenburg;.X j ... .r; 1 '.
Jlr. Cailawavpresented the petition 0f a..
j Two ofChena'bbyT sons, it
Natchez tribe,' al.?o dislingui
One Of the CreekTrophcls is killed. A; J. V
Fire e are sorry to state; that on Fri-
expression in your letter, i ne-government orjuay nignt last tne draw r.onse, poiongmg to
9 " L KKIIJSU," the VYaIwutan Undge, together with aliout
tw o hundred feet 'of he lrifltre was consumed
the Unitod States rantiot b
by -any consideration of Life, - orDealh,of- De
predation, or Lonnairr-tion, from tneraunlui by .lire, -.ihia yvill occasion a
ducharse ofita dotv to the Ameriean Aation.Terruption to the travellers
ouieers oi muiua oi asu -.eouuiy, praviurthu
referred to a seee joint conrmittee.
( m( ' a
it be constituted a rifle regiment.
Bit rrtn. 27. Harrison. Major GeneTal in
Mr.4 Crow presenterf the petition of the
-l.v - U r,..i i'-'.T ..-I!.-
support of the poor of said couuty.
.Mr.He.lfe, presentetl a petition and bi'J ta
authorises the. Trustees if Nhonton aeaer,,.
to sen crriam uuuse ana ion, aua lorr otiit
very serious in
and -w aeons, of
which there are vast numt'-rs -dailv nussniff purposes.
Uorth and south. The bridire wo houe and I : J as. Iredell, esq', wns elected solicitor of rt..
expect will be 'speedily refitted ; as it has,-firaj judreial district in the room of Mr. Sladt
.l?nuy of the U. States, and- commanding the' since the war, inadra hoi.(!somo interest to the'; deceased.
American Intelligence.
aaAKSLAtioy irnoM the origih.l ix frkncb.
; IEa-Quarttrjf-Md)itrealy 27tfi Oct. 1813.
ilis Exeell ency, the Governor General and
, - LRouimander of (he forces, having transmittejl to
t jlU Majesty ;a government a letter from Major
CJjuertif Dearborn, announcing that the Ameri-
.v. can Commissary of Prisoners, resident at Lon
don, had informed his government that twenty
three aolitiera of the Istf fltK and lth Regc
, tuen.ts U. S. Iufiintry, taken prisoners, liad been
' sent to England, and were detained in rjgorous
S'.iid AI.1 uir fliirriil nnrtmrn. ti A J rer.pivpd in-
j. . . , -, ' 7" "
atmetions from his irovernment to place in elose
i;apt as hostages for the satety and exchange of
uo aioreaiu u. 9. soldiers sent to lingiauu j
'wtd that, fin obedience to lii said instructions,
ne.nau eaaeou iwcniy lureejunusu soiuiers 10
1 J,be '5ne(f and kept as hostages : nd
- Hie persons mentioned in the letter oi Major
: . , Cfaeral Dearborn beitig soldiers serving in the
.American arrnj aaude prisoners at Queenstown,
-th'(?Tdeclared that they were bom "'British sub.
- jcctsi having been.sent in confinement to Eug
. . land to-be Jried acewdiuK to law : His Excel-
' 1 leiicy the commander of the forees,r has receiv-
v,JiegattKrougL the;Omee of Uie Riglit Hon.
Eighth Military District.
An armistice havieg been concluded between
the United Slates and the ti ihes of Indians caTT
cd Miamics, Palawatainies, Eel River Mia
itiies, Weas, O'ttoways, Chippeways and Wyan
dots, to eontinue until thej pleasure of the gov
enimentofthe former shall be known 1 do
hereby make known the siime to all whom it
may eoncera,This Armistice is preparatory to
a general eonncil to be held with these different
tribes tand uutll its teraiinatian they havebeca
permitted to retire to tluM hunting crounils,and
there to remain unmolested, if thev' behave
themselves peaceably; They have surrendered
into onr hands homages from each tribe, and
have- agreed immediately to restore all our
stockholders besides creatiiiR a larse surplus: Mr. Iloke presented a bill' to establish' arl
fund, which the directors have prudently bus-incorporate an ! academy in the Iqwu of Lincoln,
band3dfor'exireneics. Iton.
. J Mr. Collirts presented a bill to regulate prae
pATTsnCRtt, kov 10. .jiinoncrs 01 pnysic in mis siaie.
-tJeneral Hampton arrived at this plaee from1 Mr. Taliaferro presented the petition of
(Jhateangay last might,, and it is said, and 1 r reaenc Aioens siaung mat ne wa an entigi
believe with-trtitlitliathts armv rr-on"its in the revolutionary w ar and pray iug thrN
march lor Odlelown, with intention to pene- rearazes. of pay due him for said service
trate into Canada b the Lacade Road, to coT ! A bill was receivcdfrom the Senate to amenj
op'erateJvithAViikiusottV army, wbih-isjd-ihe acts now in fOrce relative -to- appeals from
seendmg the Kiver m. Lawrence, and haa tne couHty to me superior eouns.
passed Prescott and Oedeusburs. Since the, , Tuesday, wAor. 23.
rajiis, the weather has been lne. Yesterday : Mr. Hamlin presented a bill to regulate eleo
was as brilliant and almost as warm as a sum. tions in the county ot llalitax.
user's day. Ever since Gen. HuMir-ton went to . Mr. Steele presented a petition, and a bill
prisoners in their possession, and to unite with 1 Canada by Chateaujray; Plattsbure has been in conformity thereto, to incorporate the The
us in the chastisement of any Indians, who may threatened with invasion from Odielnwn; but pian Society of the town of Salisbury, and for
commit any accession noon onr frontiers. I believe we Bl.all no.vy throw hack the invasion other purposes.
Under thesicireumstanees, I exhort all citi- i upon onr British neighbors between this and Mr. Stewart presented the petition of Eliza
7.ens living upon the Jroutiers to respect tho'Jst. John s. The celebrated Col. Clark will heth M Kinnie of Iredel, pravme to hate secur
terms of Said armistice, and neither to engage (have a very handsome command of Riflemen, ,ed to her certain property against the claimof
id nor countenance any expedition aeainst their ! when the army moves aain into Canada.
with whom the constitution has left
X01 d BalburstrSacrelaryof State, to announce
- without delay to Mr.jor General Dearborn that
-hi.htf trauiawiHtd- to hit government acopyof -g aqairi in march for th
tliftt ktterr und thatin-coniiequencehe had re
u Jir'.l l'fctriir.liina. fi i.!rk.avi)1nit n4io tit
, (Major Gch. Dearborn, that his ExeUency had
' ',b"en comiuandedbyhis Royal Highness; the
' I'Mtrmln rfpMtniln hivthuHh a I no a I t a mnfu An anrl
t Tjjjtain 'fortyali American o5eeirs and non-eom-,
missioned oSieera as hostages for the safety of
thtftwenty threoBritish soldierTwho have been
fc ioaclylonSjrder of the American '.gov-
; - ' qritjjieQri , Ahe4iam
, directed to giy nolicey thai he i anthoir ized in
- -wse any of the said British raldters Uonld suf-
- fur death viid?r the preteit, that the soldiers
it to pur
sue such course with respect to the Indians as
thvy may think uir,t compatible with sound po
licy and the best interests' of the conntry.
Done at Detroit, this 1 Oct. t8is.
Extract of letter jrm the irnuf.
"General Wilkinson pased the hriiish fort
at Prescott, on the night of th-flth inst. and
without other loss than two privates killed and
three wounded.
" Ho was' at Hainhlcton on the 8th, where ;thc
cavalry, &c. was crossed. No raokstation had
been civen by the Canadians. They rejired
from the waterside, scarcely any venturing to
look at i)ir parsing armament. . They do not,
as on Ue ChitfiaiigaJayjvasleJhe countryLin
our front.
" This (Gen. Hampton's') division of the ar
e St. Lawrence.
her husband.
I Oii motion of Mr. Roberts, Resolved, That
A letter irom Jonn blephens
JiCgialahirD of North Carolina.
Thu rsda 7, Aor, 1 8.
on the subject
of steam-boats, was laid before the house by the
Speaker, read and retcrrVd.
Mr. Spencer presented the petition "'of the Pre
sident and Directors of the Rose Bay .Turnpike
Company j and a bill, in eonlonmty the.revith,;bei- ofJii.inhal)itant8 of the town bf 'fatffs"
to amend the act establi. Uirfg a turnpike from ville Dravins to have certain obatruetions rea
(the west end of Mittamuskcct to Rose Bay, taj moved from a street of said town.
,vilc' j Mr. Stanly presented the petition of tim
jamin I). Rounsaville J of Raleigh, stating that
to two tracts ot land lo'.tha
and amend the wreck laws of this state, with.
Dower to rCnort bv bill, v
! Mr.. Uutnhertson presented a bill conccrnuij
divorce and alimony.
Mr. Jordan presented a bill to anthorisw
! Anson Albertson to cut a caial and inke a
road thereon.
Mr. New by presented the petition of aflunK
the prlvilcffes of eitizenshhn R6ad and refer
Mr. Black presented tho. petition of John
A few days will settle the question whether we
pass our Christmas before Quebec. or not.
" The plan of campaign (now it is fully de
ve4oped) is iha subject of universal praise in the
army, it is deep, exact and comprehensive.-
Without same act of God, w e shall execute it
worthily .. .
'' .". ' Mount Vernon j-Sept. 56.--SIR
Agreeably to your order of the 2ist
inst. we procejedeu to Minims Fort to collect
1 f hp Itnnfw nf nnr ennntrvinon ttinl fpll in flin
. ow prisoners in iigiandand whom not only jiate attack on that placo, aud to bury their re
, tlie law of Greatjritamlmt of every itidepend-1 mainSj (helast human office that we could pcr-
ox state, placed under the sairfe circumstances , form to iho ,Se(M,ieg of our fellow citi:eiii, mid
ttojld coadeiuny najeJnJounJLSjit;Lan(Li ; . ., . .
iCDUsequeuc been execute,' f t(r select from a-j collected and consigned to the earth
mopg the Amerieaa plhitr and nou-commis- 'fVO HUNDRED AND FORTY SEVEN.
prisoners uoaoie tne ( inclddiug MEN, WOMEN &; CHILDREN.
jumwr oi Mruispaoiaiers.w.hO snail ive been The a.iiacent woodi.w(.r Mt'Iv-Kearr..l,pd
countrymen, -.and in that pursuit we
ala lightered
Friday, Jcr. 19.
Mr. Brown presented anetition from aiium- 'hc is entitled
her of inhabitants of Robeson, graying that a j county of Rowan, the title to which lands Uh
certain Duncan Campbell may be restored to the state, and praying that the casa may ba
enquired into
so unjiKtly put todeath, 'and to, immediately
execute ine aaiu oiiicet;stana.nonommissioneJ discovcrrd
Andjbi3 Excejfeneis' hirt
. ; make known toi Major Gcjn. Dearborn that tho
oouita'auderi iif the armicV au'3 qf, the "Beets of
-mg-umjcju-y bu int!yx4nerieuacoasjsr iiayereeev
The ailjac
1 (for our
at least one hundred
They were covered with rail, brush,
, , td erdera to prosecute Jhovar, with uninf ermit'
. . liug rigor against all the 'fowri'leitier, or villa-
. ge beiowiug to the United States, and. against
the inhabitants thereof if after the due comma
niealian of these preseutff to Maj." Gen. Dear
borr arid the grant of a reasonable timo for
, traukmitting thein to the American Govemmcnt,
iliatgoremmeht'8huJ(' ttphappilyV'rfHBQola
han Jjii it a ileaigii of:iaking-away the liveaof a-iiy-of
tha soldJeri who are at presentj or who may
hereafter bo'kept as holtars, for the canscs
( metitiwiu'd ia.'the letter of Moj. General Dear-
. bam. ' v..- ..a:v - -. - ;
&c. . We could 'not be mistaken -as to their
being Indians, as they, were interred with their
wardress and implements and although they
naTernassarred a number ot our
Hi excellency theommadcr 'of ilic forces I ;
ahnounci nr to the: troops thVOrderi of his'roy t "
hichiteaa the Prince Rejrout. flatters himself
tbai lhsy will be sonsiblviof the paternal solici
tuda which his royat highness Nas' shewn for
th protection tit the, person aiid honor of the
helpless wo
men and childrenVit is beyond uaubt, to thonri'',
a daar bo tg'it victory. The adjacent country
wehave strictly examiued, and no sight of In
dians coHld be ifiscoyered.
t The object of our command being completed,
we have returned ta this post."
''AVIiavehlf hbuo'r,'td'''be,'" with great rea
pect, vonr ob'tscrvantf ,
(Siguud) J. P. KENNEDY,
; CapUand Brig. Mfljorr'Comiiianding
- , - '.'.J.. Me Detachments . V
F. L. Claiborne, - -
Brig. lien. Com mand mg JTouut
f VeriiMn andii De.pendencest--t
LntHh soliwr, wbicb,'in cofttempt of jHtice,
of hu inanity, and the lay of na'tiona, : have been
si'Iyitragad.ia Ike porsorii 'ofttrcaty th'reT
- sviMirs now doTy oolllSied ashostag for an
e, jflal nuiuWr 9f traitors:-ivho have beon g'lilty
w the iufaumus a il iiooatural-erittte of 'ri4ing
; thi;r. parricidal arnjsaga.Just the cnunlry'whiaj
jav tiwa biitb, and who wifthrujtried aeord-
y: '. Camp' at Ten Islands, Jav Mhj 1813.
Gov. Bloujt r't ... ,. , '.' "'.
" r Sir, We have i-etaliated for the de
struction of Fort Mims. " On thedl detaehed
GanCotlee with a part of hisbrigade of caval
ry .and mounted rulemen, to destroy: Tallus
hatehes, where a considerable force of tho hos
tile Creeks .were concentrated.' ' The General
exeauted this in stile. ,T!A hundred and eighty
six ,of the jencmy were found dead on the fialf
aad aboiit erghtj lakes prisoners ; iO d' whom
Hawthorn of Robeson, stating that a certain Ja
cob Rhodes of that county, had embraced in a
grant for SOOOcres of land the further quant i
ty of 18,000 acres, and praying' that he might
be compelled to surrender said surplusage
Read and referred.
Mr. Phlfir presented the petition of Jame.s
Oxr and others of Mecklenbursr. claiminir a war
rant for 3)0 acres of land, as heirs of -Charles I
Orr, a corporal m the late w ar. Read aud re
Mr. Loftin presented a bill to-amend an act
e.stdhlMiing an academy iathe town ol'KinS.ton.
Read 'and 'referred. '
MrTBoylao.(Wake) presented the following
resolutton. hfsoived, That a select joint com
mittee ofhoth houses be appointed t take into
consideration the situation of the public build
ings ami property in and adjacent to the city of
Ralei gh-an d th trptftp r ietyo rhuildTng suitaT
ble houses for the acrmnmodation of tho execu
tive of this state. Agreed to. ' ,
Mr. Carson presented the petition of Jona
than Hampton,. attorney for Joseph Milligan,
praying that he he authorised to receive a
warrantlssned at the last 'session of the Gene
ral Assembly in favor of Said Milligan.
- The several subjects contained in his Excel
lency the, Governor's message, were jointly re
ferred to select committees. ' -"
i1 r - -. ' Sft fi rrfff Anfr307"
Mr. Martin presented a1 bill to alter the
place of holding.a separate election in the
county of Wilkes. ..
. Mr. Newby presented a bill to incorporate
the "Orphan Assylum Rociety" of Favette-
ville. Read and referred. - f
. On motion of Mr. Drew, Bfsotved, That the
committee appointed to take into consideration
so much of tne Governor's message as relates
to the propriety of the State's obtafning by loan,
and paying into the Treasury of the U. States,
its quota of the direct tax imposed by the act
of Congress at their late session, be instructed
to enquire from corporate bodies or others, up
on wliat ierms and upon what conditions and
usance money canTic borrowed for the purpose
aforesaid. ''-,::'.'..:.;'
: Mr. Stanly presented a bill to incorporate a
company to he called the Club-feot and Har
lem's Creek eanal company ; ' and a bill re
specting the Episcopal Chnrch of Newbem,
and the property thereto belonsrme.
-Mr. Cameron presented the memorial of V if-
of the pnblic lahd adjoining his lot. Reajd and
referred to tb contrail tee on tka pablia pro-
Vr. Stone. .
uh introducing the resolutions; inserted dm
low, Mr. Drew, of Halifax, remarked, that ha
had never with greater pride submitted to il
house any proposition. This was a govern
ment founded on public opinion and it lvasaa
inherent right of the people to. censure such of
their representatives as might have aberrated
from the path of public duty. However thu
principle should be controverted by some, and
however others entertained opinions of the ia
expediency of arraigning before' the public tiv
bunal the conduct, of person entrusted with
high and honorable offices, no "consideration
should deter him from bestowing censure Vners.
he thought it nressary. With this "aV he
had prepared' thej resolutions he held in
hand, expressing a disapprobation ot the cod
duct of Mr. DavidStone, of Bertie, and there
fore asked leave to introduce them:
e especially those of the republican torm
;re all political power is wisely vested in ths
pie, it is the iuhercnt right of the eonitito.
to call in question, to consider, aud finally
In all free and Well organized government
more especially those of the republican form,
pirt to call in nnestion,
if pecessary, to reprehend the moral nttP".
tiAal cowluct of their represenlatives: An!
whereas, in the present jnst and necessary vtx
which the United States are '.waging aSa.T
Britain, it is the absolute duty of every-eittf
try, to guard ,the republic from external m
well internal fo'esand to promote the interest!
the aecprity and welfare of the great common
wealth Of the United States of America: Ana
whereas, David Stone, of Bertie, Esquirer
Senator of this State in the Congress of the t.
States, did, for reasons best known to fl,f e1''
but in opposition to thertrne and obvious l.nwr.
e. and policy of the United States, "akcontrJ
ry to the wishes ami expectations of the g
people of this State, vote again the law inj
posing a direct tax on the people of the Lm
States, in order to support the war j ag ainsi
act laying an embargo to restrain and proni
the illicit intercourse and correspondence
up in tima of (war by the British tones of our
country, with the cruel and savage enemy m
erin on Oai sea-coast, and feeding. them l roj
our jiarbor and shores ; against tho apP' .
tnent by thePresident of the hbnorabhyi w
Gallatin, as ambassador to the court of ttj
When v'e therefore consider tholtnowji pr "
men jr. oiuuc
pies on w
Lim publicly avowed and declared preuj"
hia election to the bigb honor and ru
which he now holds, aad which he ha V
faitly abasd, aad wkich, wkecaatrastcd

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