North Carolina Newspapers

    I A ' i. r.-'w lirvinm Direct Taxi on thelof nrotectien or defence,' an r had vri
Act Ninpffsine a general Embargo ,v and on thetmqit of those that Were found upon our.coaat
J. nn tlm Law lavinsr a Direet Taxi on the,
ACl Wnp"i",5 a gcaii-'9- ii ;
appointment of Mr. Gallatin, we consider m
principle as down right iiihmission to' the eue-
JltSQlvea, 4i uni me cuiiuucihc tun c
the first movant 'of. dancer.' Tlie gun
which were in commission at Wilminztohl when
the war, was declared, had been laid 'up iri.ordi
nary j a company of regular, soldiers that gar-
eislaturebc withdrawn from the' said David J risoned fort Hampton had been withdrt.Wn and
..-.i i jf all nmrriitiJ-!if !firtm hf it nuhlin ' stent, bevond the state. . Hisexeellency the 06-
nrfrn it thii sfidirfetence itf cneieastd by the consideration. "and Great Bril a W.' This .Lard C iWiintxl net '. IT-'-
ai rw thousand dollars would have been mfficient to place SQTjag ICt lie IV, Inat ad nil raj Warren Wasf ul S J
t-'aroIioaiD a slate onareiy against precatory weir- i viMsc;f.o neguirai avku , llie .American,;
ortSor the eat toy Oui oi the inany Villions heitofure vut- : governments .-It WU8L. .repotted, at ' Washington Jt"
.i -i I ' ' . 1 1 - - J-. . r '"" . ' J. --.V,. i th.t ' Jn !.,.. 1 .1 , K a 1
.m! i:'L it . . . r.i. i ' irili ' ' "fcfl Lilt that tno In t tor liail )uun nnlnrtl.. I -
in univiu nir lor me of env ui iim line : igg i ucunti snrei - wi ni wvu iiutniiuiin iik v".
nature from this General Assembly ,'to him, b
interuicuu. . '
s itemveitf x nat mese nesoiuiions we puu
vernor atfted protnntly and decisively : , He call
ed into service such, portion . of the inilitia as
was deemed adequate to the emereenev ; he
use.lhe lai ruave cl ea.ut't remonitrance. It u from
of (iisattectiun, but lrom ajust knsr t-four lighli, that '
a.iopf.'d tli'u ianjuac. f-'ur the proof of this dccUratiot we
appeal to. the generous confidence which we hae" xieqdcd to
the gciicraj govemroeut : a tonfi.ience which perij and diffii
c j liits have not imojired : a coi:fidence that has continued un-
-y the Governor be requested to transmit a co- .oar terri.ory,'he examined ourea-coast and re-. sri&erit vrui it seenuto have produced in opiu'iun, tlut the
'fW thpreof to each of otfr UenresehtativCB lrom porteu ui.e ruit or litis exajmnauon vo ute
lUbed iathe Ualeigh-ItegUter, ihe'.Star ahtf iKe' procured neh jnunitions of war as were within
National Intellizeneer ; and that his Excellen-! his:rach-Hiiid the .eneut having abandoned
of the limw, 'llie dangers to wbicfc we aie eapbied, the rights ing, ordered f;on a speeial mission -to' tondOB'; :i
i.i1': i .rVuI 'lj' j 4 Thrift-rpnM-ta -arc not bp! JprrrL ' :. ' : '
of thh itaie. aa Vm?uiber of the troiirVderacy, and the Iridifltr.
eiicc with which her vFjris to enioicejier claim to protection
have been heitofore treaierf, impel Us, upon this occasion, to!
General" 1Vilkinson and Haninton are said
iohave tormed a function.- Hn has Gen. Uar. ?
we haVej born Wltn Alr qran Jiodwm .' -h
Senator I iartinentof war of the United States. II is ex
in the Senate of the Unite States." ; ! eejleney pressed the claims of this state u
claims of North-Carolina to protection may be overlooked by
, the eeiicTal Kovcmmont. and net a murmui be heaid. As yet.
1. ! effic:cm rueasuri'S of defence have out been adopted, since the
Ordered tobe printed and to lie on the table i tne genenu govcrmneni lor auequaic proieciton : A,driliM o( war.. A ,e,arA tohe rharter anA tn ,h J
:ni:i.. . , . mcHn ofd.'fcnce. Your fommil-i. ;.. . ... . . . .r. ! ana are ne.aiscnarsre na s
uuiuiuuuuui uvawv .... - -;. . i ituefest otue state lorb d us any lom-er to remain in this ur.cer- m l . s. ..- ..
nri . it... . r 4 ..v v ....I i, ionni.n.i t ' iiiiiiic. Willi luiujc cuiHi'sui ui'niacrap.v UII IIIMir.
. nn v m. i I -f uMi-iiifmiii in?- M i 1 1 iti . i f i i 1 1 1 -i i ill iriiun. . . .. . . . i - j -. - ,t- ----- - - .1 . - - .
. , . "'y',:-' "-T-r -1...,. V.. 1. .'....irir. i u..i..!tain7 an mth.stnsecur.ty.,. bat, now ome when tmls. Ucurdiur thrS: LouWrl. u-ilh V'?
Mf Knas n9nnriii 11 mil loriii:4 ramnvai ni icci iiuiiiiuait-a at uic iijvuuvi nice uuu m titu . . ... . ,. .. - ....... : ' a ---o- , ..-,
..... .wo..v...... ........ " 1 I vourmtm Claims must oiiuncuy unaeruana, wnetner aegen. Miih nffonf inn at ihA r lut.mT Uf.r J.,..,,.. '
a scDaintc.jelection i Brunswick, and br, with whicJrthose rt-nresentations i his excel- ' , . . V . i. v - . iiwenateni!oii ti&triMjonxsczaewrv-.,'z
a sfurfiiutcsiivuiii i,'mi.j, wi. 1 eral irtvernnient will affjrd to ihemthe reauisite oroiecti.m. 1 t,. l,..... 4I...0 1 i..r .--,-'
3t!ier punioses." - : i Jcney have (jeen treutcU. if tiiey iiavcnot i?cn . r L- t - - . ' . .nAry.F?u-5C'"5 Wi uusiiw
jvir. jjtirnuirer prcseutcu a diu 10 amenti an wertu it i-en iu mm wu.pi mruv iv . , , , . . 1 r - -7 . 7 ., " z o '
act passed in!8i-requirr.i3 notice of their! they were direclcd, they h
' j i.- . .-- r . 1 - - ' - " 7 1 - t 1 . ivtxau-aM 11111 iiriiiiui 1 inn. 111 1 iitiMi- wi" iimtaktii an rrt u i-n
V w uwa w v m wmwv " - - j- - I
appointment to be tri
fivers and creeks.
' Mr. IVrtsJi presented a hill to pr ide more
ffectuailv for the adminiitratiou of justice
lathe court of .pleas, jfind .quarter sessions of
tirereouuty ot iNew-rfauover.
' IIr.,llare presented a bill to incorporate the
trustees of the1 Wiliiamsbo'rouh academy,
' Mr. Jordan presented. af bill to authorise
Aiison Albertson of Pasquotank to make a
road and cut di.ches on each side- ofibe same.
TriMr.- Kyl presort te a bill JtotistaUiisIi ltt o
her scperate elections in the county "of Buu
Wii'lje and for other purposes.
; M r. Crump presented a bill to reduce the
price of vacant land, entered after the first day
i' Jniiuary next.
fYaneis Kilpatriekwas elected first major
jf the Cavalry attached tol the 12th brigade.
Heceived from the senate a bill to authorise
the county courts to establish, alter or remove
places of holding separate elections.
Likewisej' tt bill granting to the superior
eoitrts of the counties of Richmond, Anon and
-Montgomery, original and exclusive jurisdic
tion in all cases where the interventio n of a ju
... jy is necessary. . : '.X,.
Mr, Wm. W. Jones presented the annual re
port of Adjutaut'General ttobert "AVilliams on
the state of the nitlttia of N. Carolina, which
was read and referred to the joint committee on
Jtliat part of the goverhoVs message relative to
the revistal of the militia laws.
Committee on so much of the Governors
r.Jfissage ai relates to the late'invrtsisny pacing
VlciCftl militia, Otc. Messrs. Johnson, V in-
No mea.-ures of tie fence hare yet been adopt
ed save -only that the five-gun-boats, .which
had been laid up in ordinary at Wilmington,
have been put into commission. No forts have
ben erected, no vessels of war have beetr sta
tioned iii our waters, no regular troops havp
been found upon our sea-coast except one com
pany of .artillery, stationed at Fort Johpson.
The detached militiaalled into the service of
the United States have been much neglected.
They have been furnished with but few tents
to protect them from the inclemencies ot the
weather: niauy of them have perished from
want. of medical and' hospital stores to resist
the disasesf a sickly climate, and the survi
vors of them have been required to.perforui or
dinary garrison duty. Notwithstanding these
privations rtnd sufferings, the nulitrti, thus call
The Conscripts, lately, ordered oil! by , Cor.
Tompkins, and who;,hta joined Qik. Jlampf oil "
in Chateaogay have returned Ja. Plattsbnrglv.
They w ere sent hack by the General in onstt-,
quenee of their refusing to -eras the lines w lien
the Army marched into Canada- About S3 of
them volunteered i the rest availing themselves
of their eoustitutional privileges declined goi)g,
us whetuecmcasure will be imir.e .Kteiy takenfjr our pt.tec- j geuulne Democrats ; men who 0ted, for; the
ii. m. We make this cnqiiry thus early after having assembled war, but who never Understood the' privattpn
ogether, that rejnay be able, during our lessjon, to give to N. ' and sufferings which ' occasioned,' until 1heir ,
Carolina an atti ude suited to her population and the extent of1 present toor 6f service taught them by.WOeful
her resource, and to extend to our sea coast trie requisite pio-, experience - They will therefore return hom
action, shouTd it be longei withheld by the general govern-1 heartily sick of it.' ;Thoseiwho dTd volunteer,
nen. We invite your attention to the communications of his ' were immediajelyMput under the command of re;
aceHency the governor of this state with the department ol war,' gnl&r officers, aild.Jnrehed off W Hh the armj -i
the United State, and earnestly entieat yOn to give imme- into Canada. If they acted from patriotic Ino-
diatetflcct to the mode of protection and delence therein point-! lives the are entitled fto Credit. And thosflk
who choose to stav at home have a right so to "
do as a man may become a regular soldier of .t'
not at liia pleasure in this free country. C t -
FUUt$burgpip&r. ; '
Committee of Fmanrti Messrs. M'FarlanfV Davidson.
Mu'pliey,' Slade, Ga rjti, Rob'. Williams, Jones, Johnston,
Caison, fhi'cf, D. L. Barringer, J. Barnes, Iredel, Stanly, Gil-
'is jiic, Se'aircll, Davenporl, King, Daniel, Collin, Relle, Slo- Putter Jfonopoly at NeW-Tork?li ha btett
cumb, w-ight, Ncwby. . , iliscovered, that certain persons have monopo-
ComUtepfJwmt. Messrs Waugh, Th. Wright, M. Wil- i lized the . Winter butter of the New-York
ed out have exhibited a patience and const aiu M liam'i -B'andl Fuy'er,-M', Dickson, Lor,gmo, market, to me amount oi xu,uuu nrKins,iior
which your committee cannot forbear to notieef, D.
and applaud. During this lime many hundreds ! J f,;,rri' Ander-oi, La ner, Jones .(l'etquimmons) Holliday,
ftf rfiliir tronnci liavi Iirpi vnlnnf nrilv pnlistnd ! Wruht, tSiack. --'
in this state, and instead of sending thuse troops, I otwnnda- Messn. Hampton, Philips, Hm: polizers snceeed, they, mil gain -at least Jone
or a part thereof, to the of our sea-; tcm H-k,", -,'i,ck Bfn wingae, Stewart, Kyle. f hundred .thvusa dollars! -Notice has been
coast and to t! e relief of our militia in service ' Hi,y' p Bamnei, Mcbane, Ruffin, Parmer, Cheiry, ; given Jo the manufacturers of butter in i'ew
thegeaeral gover:r,nent has sent (hem elsewhere, i ' H y- V jersey anu rennsyivania, wno wave laearuci
Ai llm ninnifit -wbViri flip Si'ercfurv of Stnte for.! s'acK,-"
" - O I J -
Sawyer, Pinkham, Panrh, p weJi, HuKe.i the purpose of speculation, and compelling rthe
citizens to pay a double price fur that necessa
ryarticle. , It is calculated thatjf the mono
!fiior e an t Afimnny. Messr.
liolmes, 1. Wrifcbi, B. Sanderson
Inway, Colim, S. Hill, Ptarion, Giaves, Chambeu, J. Barnes, I ttll
the United States was uppri-ing Gen. Pinkuev
of the 6ailiiig of t!ie ciie;n3 urinawMit from
Halifax and riiat its pro'-mb'fc desliniiliHii was
to the southern states, the regular troops which Bemon, p..j;h, Jordan, Roberts, Lot in, Thompson, flowers,
1. 11 A 'f' . .1 ! IfV.i-L . L l,
v.u,nui-isnn, v-anijincn.
, o-rt:itt' on Mihliry Land JViitrtntif. Messrs. Crow,
Sttelo, Carpro:', Owriry, Sninner, Sheppaid, Gillespie, Tyson,
IHllj-Sladej-Murphey and flower. i
rnn niitrf rf Priiices and Elertvmt in lK commons. Mfss,
J. Siewart, Douglass, Uogan. Dickens, Hi lli
Sawyef, Jones, (Hertford,) H. Bryan, Cook,
vson. Hatt us
rut, jVIurphcv, Brutou, fctanlv, Cameron, Hoi-.: It is with deep concern that your committee
liljjy,' VT. Jne,of Ueitfurd, Iredell, Newby.'j mention the fact, that aHhotiglt North-Caroli-1 Rmzrkthnt. Amnng the resignatfons were those or Zebu-On-
Jl;nenihvnt f militia jaws. Messrsaa liasYumbhed to the Unitcjl States its many 'ion rarkinton, asCoiodd of Cavalry of the I3:h brigade.
Siade, Holmes, Phillips, Chambers, Pearson, I regular troops as almost any state in the Union, John M'Eiroy-. fi it major of ihe'Sd Buncombe regiment. John
IBitrriajer, D. LBarrintrer; Carson, 0eu.i none of those troops have been employed in Reinhart, Colonel of Caval y, lOih bnstado. William Scott,
2d mij r o'the 2d Suny iiment. Michael King, 1 st major
of the Washington regiment of i"ilitia. Willtain Baliew. firt
major st Suike reimrnt. J.icob Kline, 2d rejiiuent lUth
b"SJle, .
Pclit'intpr Dkore. John l)i r, of Duplin-, fom his wife
E!iahti h Thumas Benton, of Stokes, irom Polly, htjwite;
nau neen m eantoiitueul ut alisii'.!rv were tin
de-r" marching orders, and have since marched
beyond the limits of thiit (.tt. Thus, whilst
dancer annroaehes. the inen.iin of securitv have-
fate, Branch. W. W. Joues,' Joyner, Roberts, been withdrarn from us: our physical strength
fuiilh, Puch, Mebane. Ihas heen weakened, ami tlioso men who' should i Miller. 'F.ter.
ujij?ajtnziJ-jasjCt'afgs to the protection of' n,ave tleleutled o?rsea-co.w-t, have been scatter- I ard, am m, i).
r &eoc6a$t, v. ' Mess"; .'Rob't iHauis of; cd. Trom bavanoah to t he, front i erorNe York. ' Rui, Beck, T
On thpnrocvi-dinx relative to rauninz the ', her delVnce. It is time to. use the plain Jah
Vine icitfi Jfa:itk Carolina... Messrs, Hampton guage of earnest remonstrance, or to yield' our
Steele apd.'Cauninghani Harris. . 1 claims to respect in the confederacy. The pre-
Qn the nan.nt of 'the D:rect iar. Messrs. iscrit is a moment of dancer: thenemv tire off
. Vhirke, 'M'Bryde, Atkinaa, . Drew, Ilarc,
-Graj-, .iuiif,lPaarce, ;a!ilyv . - .
. Oit tixm ti.-mts. Messrs Miirphey, Camr
, .eouand.Btanly'. . . . " '
0. thf pubje.Qt of. Corigresshwl elections.,
- llyrs. Jiawkias,AVR. JoiLiisou, Hare."
our coast, and we know not where nor when
they may land and lay our towns and country,
on the .sea-lroard, under contribution. It is time
for US distinctly to understand whether the gen- ' Jacob PVrrv, 1 duota ;k : John D. Ma k, RichmVndhNartcv
era! government will, without further delay, ' Perry, Currituck ; Wm. Guntham, Bancombe; F.edenck
afford to US the requisite protection ; or whether J Ward, Lincoln; Rebecca Bonds, W.lmington Ann Moiton,
we. are si! ill to be left to depend "upon .oar own ; B.WswickA n Bwn, Rowan; Nancy Bailance Currituck
resources. Your committee- are, therefore of t Susannah Bass. Randolph Thomas Uoberti and Phcebe Rob
Opinion tint aa address, from both- houses' of ' ert. o Camden. - ; r
this ' eeneral assemoi. , tr.T.usmitted 1 1 - ' '
immediately to. the President of the U. States, j. v JIALE1GH:
for sale, thatcood butter is now selling at three
. Raybourn, Moore, Farrarj shillings a pound, and -good!, firkin at 2s. 6d, W
, Tn. Sanderson, Daney; Cji, ' quick. ffhe monopolists are jten in fttimber, . j
d are well distributed -through the Gutter M
eountfy, :onlv iwo oeing jniiieciiy ji e fr
York, as agents for the disposal of the butter ,
The names of the individuals are in the posses
tioH of the editor of the N. York Bveuiue SPost
whohas eiven therathreedays grace. ,'The, '
ea nor in reraarKs on me uujeci snya, a ui
is the first mischief we experience from th f
flood of country banks. ;, About 20,000 ' dollars
is supposed to havr been vested m thisoBopo
ly." . Fred. Uerhld '
In May last, the boats of the British frigate
Bacchante, captured the town of Harlabayu fin s,
the oastr of Dalmatia,-in-theVAdriatie--de8--w
troyd a battery of 8 guns, put the garrison (ab
out 400 men) to flight, and brought off the: gov
ernor and his suit, prisoners.. : A couvoy of 70
sail (the object of Iha expedition,) beings at nn
chor at Nosi Graile, escaped daring the attack
on the town, ; Oh the. 13th June jbl convoy -'of 29
sail, was Attacked under the . town of. Guibia ;
Xova, 14 of them brought off, and the rest Ks. V
troyed. I'he British had in these affairs, 0 lul
led and 6 wounded. '-. l- '
', ' , . '. -IN SENATE. .
Mr. Bruton,from the committee 011 the pro
tection , of; jlje sea-coa, madj a report:
?h. after debate. was4oid on the table until lunou Hie suiiect matters of this rcDort. entreat-
T Minesdtvj,. ' 'cV.-i. i. , - .i.i'fgjiim to afirl to us the protection and means !
. TVj r7mmm,.t Al -v n4 itaTfrnnn ti liillt n 11 ! Citnat lAn yt -Hi rit a wm 1
, ... . ; ' f..w:'J'.,'t:r . , ' , .i...m.u, V4" Y , 'j On Saturday last the two bouse proceeded to :he ejection of
. -." ? ""5 UP : i 1 lH 1 ...av..iM.'. Y ""! .aOuvernor for themuine year: when his Excellency William
ti f jldtl l,v If r ft nil t .krt TikUi 4 a yrt i liP 17 TI 10 CP II i iC 11 Ilia rt 'nf Ihw lb
i t.A t rM .-r-- i i ,i f i - i I a i i Hauknis, was re- chosen without cppo&iticn
j recommend to the two houses to adopt the fol
lowinir resolutions :
The following report, as amended, was hand-,' . Itesolvetf, That the memorial and remons-
M in, read and laid on the table.
An election was likewise hetfl tor a jage of the Superior
: Courts of Law and Equity, to supply the vacancy eccasiobed by
Henry Sea well, esq. was t lected
r -REPORT, a
,Thtr Committee to vTionf was referred so moch
r of the message of hi-Exeelh?iif y the Gover
nor, as relates tt the'erection of fori ifications,
"Ttronrine'ntanitions of wot. nrovidinsaffainst
. in oitaeki or llie inaAiiB- opon uic tro:tier aforesaid, and to inform the President of the
cmtte.n ; .And also so mnch ot the said mes- TTnited fctates thai fh said a will rmn;
. sage airelates to the eoimniarotiino-W for hs -ftn3wfcr tp lhe
"."u""'1'.' iMui ucuciiiHuirc i ai i gaia memorial ana remogstranfeey jvill ;t.nfc-pf
. ;' the United States, on the subj of the un- charge thereof and present it to his excellency
;prtected and defeneelesi condition of the f0P the purpose of being laid before-this Gene-
Ma-hoafdi and oa other subjects mentioned rai Assembly. All of which is respectfully
i Su the said communications, report in part : submitted. -. . ' - , '
luy vv.iiuun o ,be death a judSe Hams
tins General Assembly to the President of the
United States lierevvitlij'eportetl, be signed by I Col. Binj. Hawkins, Indian A-ent, has published in article
the Speakers of hothr houses and transmitted to j in refutation of tile charge made against him by gov. Claiborne
the President ol the U nited States. .-. j0t having failed to give caily notice of tbe hostile intention of
Mesoivea, 1 hat his excellency the Governor !ti,eUuhern savages,
ne requested to employ an agent for the purpose
, That itls the first prineipleof the social com- Accompanying the report was tha following
pact, that every community shall -extend pro- ' : ft -
t tecjflou to its' members, so long as -they remain ; : MLMORIAj :
"obedient to its'laws, and faithfully: discharte To Jame3fddison, Esq. President of tfre Unit-
Cominonsoif the General Assembly of. Norm Carolina, -
THAT upjn the dcclaTatkin of war by the Oriited States a-
tVdUi'ies of their alleciarice. i The cOiistitu- - ; cd States.
tijti of thelTHitcd, States having thcrefo'reJ'eati i The memo'ial and remonstrance" ol the -Senate and Hotise of
v- 4 in: the general go'fernm'ent the r.ght to de
clare Wor, fjair imposed it as a solemn duty up
. "on tht.t enteruMent to provido fot the ireneral
' uelcUc'rof the Uuion. If during a long period j gain t Gi Bn.aiu, yotrr memcrfialis: hbped and espeaed
apCSflJrhy aud peace, preparations lb? , de- that would have been takenwithoJt delay by the ge-
,: iact nave hut Fctiu madeihe qeiaration ot rncrai govemoicnt tb defend the sevcbait of thimtaie. Inthi
wnr reiidcriMl. if the duty of the general govern
aivnt U'iiivreujift ils atfivity, and without delay
to extend to each stale io thesunl7iu exposed- to
dajgyrf yth .priteetiort und means of defence
.; a4 w'e;Wi'tluit'it puvVerK .No.rth-CaToliaa be-
neial govemoicnt tb defend the sea-coast of thi state
hope and ia this ejpecuiioif we have hieo disappointed ; and
Utr the lapse of-se- entecn monthi from toe 'declaration of the
war, and mcr than lour months atcr an actual 'Invasion uf the
state by tlie enemy, e fr,i oursca c a t id a great degree un-
; pr ti-ctert and uwejnded. HiVexcetlency the governor of thi
By the Balttr, arrived at Bo.-ton, account to the 1st inst
have been received. , J --
Abou. 1500 American prisoner remained at Halifax , and
weie vei y ircA'y.- From 4 to 6 died ul a day. -' ' -
. ... . .-j -.. . -
y"S ' ViJzr,:;ni iucuimci km v.v.i..wt, f state naS. uuibct-r lis tin cwrhmunica ions wiih the depart
with, ervait niesdotiui? bid fesv-v.a ! n arable "fmr ef ..r.i"i. ni,iA -i-..u.i.. - ...
jpoiafc, Xui thrjS5 oapalllfi of aliug placsd at liU j cW of ce't sea-board, Vepreieuud dtc'poiut, nws. liikli w
Admiial Warren witn his fliR ship the, St. Domingo 74, re.
mained in port, as als the Vittiiious 74 La Hogue 74,v Poic
tiers 74, Marlborough 74, Tenedos 38, Eridymiosi 40, (lately
arrived from England) Chesapeake (nearly ready for sea) Maid-
no:ie 36, atid several biigs of war.' 'V v- :
Statira, Belvidera and Morgiana, sailed a few day s before on
a cruise. ' - . 1 - '
The Puicters 74, was to sail for England with' a eonvoy . in a-
bout 10 days,' ' 1 Jl ;'
The National TnteJI'geneer states that the President hat or
dered foity-six of i he pr incipal Bi itisi officers in our possession
to be placed n close confinement. -----,. . '
We regret to iof rm out readers of theloiS of the Chippeway,
her crew and baggage in t late gale on Lake Erie; The Chip-
peway was a schojner carrying 3 guns and taken by the al-
ta-.t Perry li,ihe British She was lailjng fiora Put-in-Bay
to 'Detroit, having oh b.iaid 6U Souls, amnng tbem 3 lieuii. the
haggageof .9 regiments and a tgtge sum of moiiej for ttie 24tfr
egimeut, all drowned and lost by the staving of -the yesscL
Thb' misfortune happened about 3 week siuce. Onto tter.ti
An intclTieenttrentletaan ' in Washinetbn
writes to his friend in N. CarslirfU., thjt Jjlr.
In Martin' county, on the 18th tost. Mr. Wl
M: Clark, of PlimouthV to;the amiable an
beautiful Miss Martha B-WiixiAMS, young
est daughter of Gen. Wm. Williams. ' ?
On Friday Morning, the 19th Inst, in the.
Town of - Rockingham, Richmond - County;
Jofm Crawford, Clerk of the Connty Coart 0f
pleas and quarter sessions ; V3
ICT A meeting: of the - Subscribers to thfe
Neuse River Navigation will he held at the A
cademy Buildings in4 Raleigh-"on Monday iiext
the SBth instant; for the purpose of electing a
President and Director of the, company ) for
reading the. .Report of the committee ap
pointed to makea survey of the River, and fof
other business. JJov. 25, 1818. ,
27th instant.
The Subscriber offers for sale,
HIS LAND?, In the County of Wake, juuated atu
eight mitbt souths ot Raleigh lst of the Fayettevillfi
oad, boidering Yor a considerable distance on the water ol
Swift Cfcek. . Thei are two Tracts, one oi hve nunarea, ine
ither of eight hunzted and Lrty three .Acre flying aeaHf
ppostte each other on each tide of said Creek. He believes
he Will.not be deemed cxtrayaeant by a judge of Land, wbn
he ranks it 'witi ithc '.Srst rate i'rr thUpait of the coumiy. & -has
the advan'tageof a good range for stock of all kinds f tb
oil is ittonr and pruductive f-on Tone pieM there i a largo
bly okiwgrpund L and tjj'e other j unusuallyleVel lor Land J
injhj part'of the.state, nd very f ee Jfrom rock. They are
both favored with good, water, and on one' piece there ate con-
jiderableimrxoyemettta.., Any penon wt.aing a mui
actory discription ofthem, will do wcU to inquire of Maj,
Daniil Barr-nger or SimorLTurner, who, in the sencrof thfl r.
fiopnetor tan Jmak them acquainted . witU the term. Pay,- -
meat will besoade easy
T.y. 25, 1813.
W. W. HrLLy

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