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    . . 77- ' 7n.fT- . .'-iL v v;- -v-. -t
4 1813.
- w Mia v .'!lr.;:..:' ri J:'K:iiKrm
. ; '''' - - ' ' '':m'. . "' ''"V. .. I
:'- , :v ' ' - -I" ' . ' ' ' ' . : '
RALKfOil, (N. C.) 7 7
yr of tubKriytion : Th.yc dulUn per'yeavont half to oe
paid in advance. No paper lobe continued I inf er than three
nw th a ter a vear'i uticription becomes iiae, and notice
thereof ahall have buen given. ' ' .
fdsfrtitrni'ntt, not exceeding ! lin, 'Sre inserted thiice fcr
one d.Uar, and for twenty-five centi each f ubeqWnt inier
tioo ? an l in like proportion where there is a greater number
! ,ol l ne than fouiteen. g.
American Intelligence.
v v MOKTREAL, OCT. 30.
esterday sixly-tv?9 American prisoners ar-
frovsace auti at aiUeaujuay.. ...
We see by the Quebec Gazette of the 3ist
tist. that the embargo on all articles of erairi
f militia, twice wounded severely, but not M?er-
uiij captain ruyer, unateftueuay utai-
f ears , iliarhtly.
Ofl Friday and Saturday were escorted I
detaehtneut of taior Bell's davalry,' from t
quarters, atBeauporte, to the,newjaol, twii-
ty-three American officers; and, ou tte'Iat
day were also taken frdm the prison ships, a
escorted, by a detachment of the 103d reitne
to uiesame prison, a like number of non-Co
missioocd omcers, making in all ft, 'conform
able, to the Ueneral llrtlet of the 27th inst.
The Tuleraph announces 2 frigates, 19
4er thi grade of a field officer, merlhai.arc
Qeeessarr oy our own law.
Since our last., the Steam
thre"e arrivals at this place
iteam-Boat has made jT' 1
ce, on Saturday
Thft Adjutant -Oeneral conceives it to be his
bonden doty to 'remonstrate against that dispo
sition too prevalent 'among the military in mak
1A5 more officers than are necessary to constitute
their command. , " ,
When war clists, these evils wiU. arise;
firstj that the pay of the army will bo etfcf eas
ed' unnecessarily and secondly, if tbe . events
ofwaf' should be unfortunate witljt Us, the ex
chauge of prisoners will operate a disadvantage
An nnr nart A nnin. whtut the militia ftp an v
I 7 V- " 7 j
Wart of theru, are railed into the actual
Service of the .United States, they will not re-
teive- pav from ..he general goVeminent unless
viey are organized agreeaniy 10 me roies pre-
eu at the war. department, which a.,?,
a comaany.f shall consist of one hundred
and provision, which had been continaed tiM niti'g, Wednesday, and. this m3rniag-froJa 3iYZWX
0tb ofXbe present month, jsTexilal-(witb tl Uhieh bare be,;, andeda eoMerMlramher
... .rrj i ., . .. .ZT'.-t -.a.;:i-: ..-.1 t-..i - itonant of out thousand meni exelnsiYe of oln
vi nayujs auhi ,uu4 mrs jim use u uiil-i n itviiict;,-
-'txL':' :'- . 1 1 n. 1 cers. p v . -
fx -eotion of siiniilies taftesarr far the fisheriM
tn the eoast oKLabraddr? and the settlements
n Hie Anticosti) till the 10th of December, v"
We had a report here yesterday, brought
from Kingston, of an American boat, -with an
oiHeer and nine men,, baying lately been drivel
ashore ner'1,hat place in a crale, when they
-im4r...!.'u-.'---Y"-..'--.T r- ' i . , . -
jurrav4crL, lucinsoives in iiousrn 01 war- inese
jnen say, vye understand 'that they, farm parf
Four Companies' of '-Marines left here yes
terday aud about 300 this morning, for Pi'cs-1
Copy of a letter from Sir George Prevoat ta
,1 Com. Sir Jittnes L. Yco.
rfead-Qaarieu, Kingjto-, .
- , iP.h Srpt. 1813.
1 r?tR.i ke erntre division ot tne Uooer Ca
ora large military ioree whieh had left Us-weep' :, . ,. 1 ... .. rr r
fnr S:,'a ,! ivn, fhn .;' army is placed n a stnatiou very criti-
1 Vi! 1 , r"- , cal and one novel the systet i of war, that of
lense of the gale they apprehended lis loss of I;,,..,,,- - ,, J -M
. . 1J .1- i iinvestmea foree vastly superior m numbers,
jst of the boats, conveying this reinforce-w:th:tl fr,iniv JLaJui t, 1
lJl Tourers, oh Chateauguay $ivert
October 27 th. 1313.
adopted and ha3 been maintained from a confi
ident expectation, that, with the co-operation of
khe sqiiadron under S our command a combined
rattack, ere this, could have been eftected on ihs
In the Wccall on the military to defend our
maritime (rentier, many inconveniences arose
in niakjngiliis organization conformable to the
rules adopied by the general government. Ma
ny officers yere janavoirdably discharged from
service, aiid the soldiery attached to companies
with whom tncy were unacquainted.
John Haywood, esq. was re-eWed trejasnrefi
and Samuel Ghtod win, esq, comptroller of Ihl V
treasnry, without opposition, r , .
Mr. Jenoir presented a-bill io establish ik
superior conrt of law alnd equity in die count'
of Haywood ,t p
A bill Was received from the 8epate to r?Pdl ,
so much, of an net passed m the year 1813, iu
exempts free negrwes and inalattues from mns
terjng. ' - . ''1
. .. - FrtiaytiM. 2Jr
Mr. Cameron presented a bin concerning the
sit'Ond or Haw held regiment of militia, in Qi
range county. ,
" Mr. . Cherry presented the petition of tbe
heirs jfJotin Balhird praying a warrant, for
lands to wliichTtbeir ancestor was entitled as a
soldier in the revolutionary war Referred to
the committee on military land warrants. -
Mr, Beek presented a bill to establish a ie
minary of learning, in the county of JJupln,
by the5 'name of Greene Academy $ Mr.jKoore'i'T-"
a bill to amend art act declurine certain water v
sKiris irom u:c town 01 omimviue, in the coun
ty of Brunswick and Mr. Wm. WJones aj
bill to direot the manner in, which naval stores
and provisions "shall ' in future be inspected.
Read the first time. '
Mri Davmiport; from the cewnmittae on tno
public property, presented a bill for the bettelt
To remedy fii
ral recommend. 1
regiments UVt Wace ; that where two Or more in this state, was rejected by yeas and nays, 1
resrimeius cx.v m any one county in misstate, 10 in.
is in future, the djutant Gene- acoommodation of the governors of this statef
, that a new organization of the ; The bill to regulate . praetiflners of physic '
exiHn any one county in this state, to 111.
that some be aMished undtiihers augmented
to that number of irivatcs wtiicJ: the legislature
r. : ' . v .1 .'.I .. ' ' i- '
r vWmv.n I . ,,...11 1 1-
k j- j 1 ' j. . i enemy at i ort Ucorate with every, prospect of
ernor iu chiei and commander of the force has' rt 'L -t.k,. 1. JJ..
received from Maj. Gen. Dtf.Vatteyille thi
may prescribe famt that this organization be regulate the annuafjettions in Hyde cod
Saturday, JVoy. 27.
Mr. Spencer presented a bill to alter, and.
mauc as near n that 01 the united &utes as
may be convenient. 'T'.,
port 0; the
vauueu posi
Tuesday morning, between the American ar
my .under Alaj. Gen, Hamplon, and the ad
vaacii pickets of the British thrown out for
the pnrpou of covering voi kiug parties, under
ur. uuvvtiuii vi juicui. voi. oaiisuerry , me
judicious position chosen by that officer, and
tlie excellent disposition of hU little band, Com
posed of the liguV company of Canadian FenT
eibks, and two oorapanies of Canadian Volti-
jpurs, repulsed with loss the ad vanse of the
tnamy's principal column, commanded by Gen.
Hampton ia person, and the Ameiicau light
rtgade under Colonel M?Carthy was in alike
toiinner ehecked in its progress on the south
Ide of the river, by the gallant and spirited
oi'tba flunk 'etNnpapy 3d battalW m
Vi'J c l militia, luidor Capt. Daley, supported
-bvvapt. 3ruversr co npauy of Sedentry militia.
C).tain. Daley and Bruyem beiiig beta woimd
di, and their eompaniona bavine sustained!
lonw loss, their position. was immediately ta-
The nijar generals are required by law to re-
ui'ucj. j. u uie louai uistLuvaiunfTPii 01 in" no- view 111c srcrai rrrrimenis nntier tneir com
e re-' ;i-..' .1 . t " l ' v. ... 4;!..' ? ' -
siiiuiis uccuuicu uj u'u arniy, nuvc Hntiuppiiy ) uiunus i c!riuiyi-iy ioee 111 every two years
". . . , , . , anions occupieu oy our army, nave annanp
unair which toak place at the ad- u n j i- j 1 ,
. v ;; , , , " been added disease and desertion to a der
aion of his post, at 11 o'clock on L 11: - j- 1 j r ?
.1. v v calling for immediate remedy. ' You are thei
(irr. Ills. npfX'PIT inn. Atnurmnn ui' o .
ee.lThi is in most, if not in every case, eppres-
there-fsive upon Ibis class of officers. The immcdi-
fore reqi!ired to proceed with the diipt under ! ate attention of oieers in thatgrade to discipline
your oommanil, wun the least passive delay, to and the rudiments ot an army, w n?t so much
the head of the lake, affording a suflicient con-1 required as considerations of another sort. It
voy to the small vessels containing those stores is sobmitlcd to the legislatuie to extend this
aac supples of whieh the army is in the mast term to four years or such other greater length
pressing want, " Upon your arrival noar the of time as . tliey may devise. It is submitted to
head-quarters of thecntre division, you will the Legislature the proj.'iety of altering the
consult with 3laj. uen. JJe ititlenbnrg, who
will 11 nil in his person the civil and - military
command in Upper Canada, upc.i my with
withdrawinz from the province, upon the eli
gibility of a combined attack for the purpose of
dislodging the enemy from the position of Fort
uearge, by a rapid, forward 11m vera en t of the
army, bringing up in battery at thy same time,
the heavy ordua,ice, mortars and howitzers now
This attack must be supported by the conn-
nn Kir n fl inl- n i-i mr C(1, C.
:Cr"V!' "f"uu pear toyou to be attended with too crea haz
. i, . . -J " . ... . . ' lard to thft s.'iii:i(Irrin. nniitip llifl rnaJ.
- - :T J ' " 7 I 'i'f V. 1 1 V U 111 -
stance of the enemy appearing on the lake, you
peatedly re.t!ir.nci! to the attack, which tormina
te l only tfi the day in his compieie disgrace
defeat, being foiled by a f men
.not amouqtiag to the twentieth part of the force
I'PQseu 10 uiem, out wich nevertheless by
tlieir determired bravery maintained their po
sition, "and 'effectually prutecttd the working
parties who continued v their labors nn
nujlested' Litfiit. Col. Dc Salisberry reports
having experienced thLmost able support frrni
Capt. Fegup ia command of the light com-
pariy C4Jiad!aaienCil)l!s, jaud also from Capt.
Jaau Babtist tiazh
nutn'icr attached to the divisions and brigades
diSlwcnt froia tliat now established.
The piccos of artillery belonging to this
state are lying in a ruinous situation in dif
ferent sections of North-Carolina. A9 to maga
zines and military stores, we have none.
It may be thought necessary by some .to
make alterations in '.our militia laws. -In the
military department it is not to be 'expected
that fie Legiftlatnreis to paiut out every duty.
Military duties and operations are to be r-
tenauce of your gqaadron, and the fire of snch gnlated not only by events, but from ancient
vessels as ari' armedr with a description of ord- "'"go and nractrce. Eminent jurists have
aanee favorable to it. Should this attemnt an- '.laid down tin maxim, that martial law is built
upon no selSleu principles, but is entirely arbi
trary its decisions; and in truth and reality
it is no law, bi;t sometbicg indulged, rather than
ika Bautist D.ueh?sna' and fl:iit. JiiWrpii
Duciiesnay, of the two companies of Volti-
K5rs; from Capt. .Lamoote and adiatants!
HebJcriund C- ylliv.tu, and from every officer. nt
difie8TWore"ions'uu. ,f V . regaining the naval superiority,
will in that ease distiucllv slate vour sentiments
toJajorGelreramerltoTfnburg, who w ill im
mediutely, upon ascertaining your inability to
assist him, take measures for evacuating the
pnsitioq he now occupies. In the cxecntion of
whith m6yeiue;:t, you will give his army every
support and assistance, consistent with the safe
ty of your vessels : and having perfjnned this
service, yon wiil parsue uch measures asshaiJ
appear most probable to ensure the speedy ac
quisition ol the n.iAjal ascccdency.
Von- are already acquainted with the decid
ed lineof epndnct which I wish to be observed
m Lake Erie by capt. Barclay, and yon will
Jau to impress on that olhcer the absolute
tl. ; Pvony An ,il4j to. preserve uninterrupted the inlerconrse
K; f.vhri..r4k ." '1 1 " between Amherstbnfgh and Loni; I'oint, in or-
the rapplieslud store, fn depot' at thi
Hum p 4.::.i . . ? . - .r ,iauer piacw and at the head orthe lake mav be
.MJi.'incii Tvitnefiiins ia ifni'iiipt ttt Tno 'i. .. ....... -
trooDs on hi 1:11 . r i ransporieu m Baiety to the right divis on. '
SK t r f rS-,t ,lfV . 'The flotilla of transports on Lake Ontario
Vfriflg duty to render them tlint nraise which .-. 4. , , """,IU iustlv J..'r-4 ftr n.w.-. 10 Kepiempioycaiong as tLe season
ti He hrtU uA if 4 41 ,v 1 I Wl" anmJt, tn the conveyance of the provisions
lib codte & ? r Kl,J,i,1,,e,0.a8 J m?r' '".v, and they are to receive from your foree
H i ;-,dcVdwplayed the che.ce f position the necesStirj protion. -
til m'n ef f- Ki'itfrCP J CQr! 1 have lhc to be, sir, your obedient
D1SI1 CnCflTP Willi I ho ivnnmn l.o. .... rmul I ' ' C
'"". numiiifi Bjrva nr.
Mcwiowiettgaftents of his fxcellency a;re ue, for
tlir gallantry and steadiness, amlHo all the
, troop at the station the Highest pra4 belongs,
for tjieir teai, steaduncss and iecipline, and
- ." Pinent endurance of .hardshipand pn-niimi-
wjhlah thcV-havc evinced; ' j'A.dtterhtfrr
cd perseverance m this honorable conduroan.
ot tail crowning the bravo and loyal Canafli-
with victor, and hurling disgrace and con-
lurran on theihead of the enemy that would pol
te their happy soil. - '' . '...'.,'
. the rejmii of pilo?ier8,th enety?g f,ref
w ftate'd at .,300 infantrr, Vetnsalvary and ten
pieces". The British advanced force aeja-
humble servant,
Commander of the Forces.
C'7?t. Sir J. L. JVo.
-7" ' . 1" ..
engaged did not exceed 300. The enenrv
'icred Sererelir fr'nm ni.rPr'. m tt i'rnm
.., rf ... . , .... . .
-ir-Own; omfc defacbsJ corps haring fired
"Pl each othr bv mistake in th? Is, -
t-r "ai'',i" '?Ht conipany had 3 rank and Sle
---A (Sergeant, 5 raak and file wounded,
tjv s, rank and file wounded. ,t.
"'- ? "alltthott flank conVpany-i capt. Wonnd-
2 runk and file kiile.l, 0 wounded & 4 miss-
jpSatatigtiay Chasseurs, l captain wounded.
l'tttH?-j and file kiIe'V 8 ciotains,
I servant, i'j ranked illJwoHndedTahd 4
taushg. - . ; ' -. . ... .
: v 02iexs woundad Capt. Daley, 3d cnhodid
' 4 Wednesday, Nov. 24u
Ta thf Ifonoi ahLe the General ds$embty of Y.
."' Carolina. ,
AcreeaWy to the direetransof iirifnfTU
Legislature, the Adjutant General respectfully
makes the foUou ing Repiirtlo the General As-
seinrriv oi ionn-uaroliua: -
Th-i, 4he total harnfaer of militialn this state
1 HJl ilU t ll A "in fa r fr! ma ..-I " l ... . '
...-.1 1. 'lk iv ,
Miiiiwuu r.t o,.un. iuiii nuiuarv otneers, in
( h e d i s eh ai g ; of their d ill leTaTsu 1 chVmlist take
special care that they perform those acts only
which have been sanctioned by the usage and
praeJiee of our ancestors : for if I he rude hand,
under military banners, should invade the sanc
tuary of the law, the judges who are the repo
sitories of our rights and liberties, will punish
the intruder wilh more than usual set erity
It is presumed that military gentlemen accept
ing an odice, understand the duties attached
thereto. lf,however, in some instances they
do not, that information is not to be derived
from acts passed by the legislature. Our mi
litary laws are as extensive as any in the
union and in several cases the Legislature
have made regulations in part, which perhaps,
oughifo Lave been left to construction;
The hooks containing letters to and from
this otlire, also opinions given, regulations
nvide, and orders issued, by and through the
ojlice of the Adjutaul-lieneraJ, are herewith
submitted to the consideration of your honorable
Raleigh, Nov. 2,J1.'D. 1813.
Thursday, Nov. 23.
Mr. Jones of Pernuimmons. nrespnfpl
bill to cut a road and make a caual "to drain
the same; Mr. J. Barnes a hill, to authorise
the county court of Halifax to transcribe their
register books 1 Mr. Fennel, a bill to nrnvidp.
lor tne payment or witnesses m the county of
XT..... II : . . .
ii;w-ixaHur ; ana Mr. u. Bawyer, a bill to
ineluuuig the infantry, eavalrv.rtillprv. i;..i.
infaDtry, grenadiers and riflemen, amoii-n0
I S - . "x - . " V
I' iK 1 1
any-one ino-.uaud two hundred and niuety eieht
oflieers and soldiers j as will more fully appear
by haying reference to the abstract anJl iiu..i
aa u
return herewith submuted. That this number
of mihtia is divided into eighty six regim.,
The act passed 1803 requires sevewtv-seven
persons to ake a company, and seven hun
dred and seventy seven to conKtitMle a reei
ment ; from which it will appear tlnft wc
within the state sixty field officers and five hun
dred and ninety eae eomniissioned offiMrs un-
assembly, entitled an act to nrevent jinv nmnii
i'mm nlKrilpiinv i tin num r. uf Ck :i
-. (.iiaaujc ui nan - up Arra
nuseor Saw Mill Creeks in Camden county.
Severeally read the first time. v v
Mr. lioylap presented a bill for the better
eoxergment jjLtheLCitvofRaleiirh 1 Mr.- Far
mer a bill for the relief of securities 19 eertam
cases j Mr. Fierce, a bill to alnend an act pass
ed last session irtcornoratfne the WaahitiB-tnn
toll bridge company 5 Mr. Newby, a bill to pre
vent uuiciiers irom staoghtering beef, cattle,
sneep ana nogs on the sabbath day. Severally
Mr. Callaway, from the select, committee,
made a report accompanied with a bill to form
the regiment of infantry of Ash county into a
- Mr Wm.W, Jones handed in the annual
port of the directors, on the part oflhe state,of
me udk 01 vane rear, statins tht th TlnV
k'a1a,,0 time fiinec their preceding report is
sued a greater number of notes than is pres
cribed by th several aeu"ia rtlatioa U said
bank. -
andMr.Mtfore a bill to authorise Nat bam
Potter, late sheriff of Brunswick county, , to
elect tne arrearages or taxes lor the year 4811,
Both ; id the first time and sent to the seuate,
Mr. Bagge, presented a petition, and a bill
in conformity thereto, to alter the place of
hojding a separate election in the county 6f
Stokes. . .
Mr. Hoke presented the petition of a number .
of inhabitants of Lincoln, respecting the pa,
sage of fishiip Buffuloe creek. Refered tt
the committee of propositions and grieyances,
Mr. P. Barringer, (Cabarrus) presented the)
petition of the heirs of Caleb Grainger, dec
who was a major in the" revolutionary war
praying a warrant for such lands as the saidl
Grainger W as entitled to for his services. Re
ferred to the committee on military land wax?
rants. . . '.. ,. .. ' ":" . .
Mr. Huckahse presented the petition of Phf .
lemon Hodges of Cumberland county, claiming;
as administrator the: arrears of pay dudMi-lt
chad Delaney and others, soldiers in the latex
war. Also referred to he CCT.mittee on miU
tary land warrants.- .
Mr. Pinkham, from the committee appoint.
ed to conduct the ballottingfor a public printer '
reported, that on counting the votes, it appeaiv
ed Thomas Henderson was duly elected. -. , . , '
Mr. Baniel presented a bill to amend thfj .
law s relative to the duties of sherifiV ia tho
sale of lands for taxej ; and Mr. Martin aill
foMl7e7remWaIfcrtaiM suits in the Superior-
Courts of Law in this state. Both read 'the
fir' lime and sent to the senate.
The Speaker laid before the house the fo
twiner report jrom the treasurer ' - ,
' REPORT. , .
To the IlonorabU the General Assembly of thjfc
State of North-Curoling;. ' . ,
Gentlemen, .. ' .' '. A"-:' . . -
It is my duty to inform you, that the
receipts at the Treasury of North-Carolina, for
the year-commencing witbthe. first of Novemr
be r, 1813, and ending with the thirty-firs.t. of
October, '1813, embracing the public, taxes of
every description, the dividends declared by
the three seveTal Banks on the stock or share
held 111 those establishments by the State, and.
the cash received as the purchase money for
lapds entered, amoant to thirty nine thousand
four hundred and seventy' eight pounds, sixteoa
shillings and one penny, (39,478 10 1.;
This sum, when added to the balance re
maining in t he Tfeasary.on the first day of No
vember, 1812, and thereafter to be accounted
for, say to twenty '.nine thoasand and ninety
pounds, eight shillings and seven pence, as re
ported to the last General Assembly, makes am
aggregate or total amount of sixty eight tho
sand, five hundred and sixty nine pounds, fooj
shillings and eight pence, (68,069 4 8.)
( From this aggregate or sum total, disburse'
ments have bceu made, within the period first
above mentioned, to amount of forty thousand
and six pounds, fifteen shillings and four
peiiee. (1 40,000, 15 4) 1 the vouchers for which
are in the hands of the Comptroller and in
readiness for the inspection of the Committee
f Finance. .
These disbursements or this expenditure
beinsr taken from the total amount above stated.
leave a balauce of twetlty eight thousand five
hundreTanVTisixty twb pounds nine shillings-
and four pence, (128,562 0 4) remaining in the
Treasury of the State on the first day of lSovem-
ber in the present year, say eri the first day of
November 1813, yet to be accounted for.
A part of this balance informed by bills of
the emissions of 1783 and 1785, which are no
worn as to be wholly upfit for further circula-
tion. These hills it 11 supposd thLegisla
tare will cause to be burned, and they shall
therefore be selected arid prepared-according-
y the sum estimated at about hve hundred
pouiidt. - .: .-.', . . .' -'
On the first Monday in December last, tho ,'
Stale Bank declared a dividend of tw o and a.
half per cent, on its Capita Stock: from this,
howver the fcUts e JSorih-Caroliea teo
s -

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