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onerer "glrei of the onititati. vMrv8.i W
r J from the " Federalist," ;..;,., j. v-V. J feedience pf.his. instructions is
"It is a ! misfortune i neident to republican thai in fact the yoes-'of senators," directly
rovi'mme-im ihvuk11 a uv&,,'v m -u w-i iuiiuuh vvt mo iiistruciidiis 01 legislatures.
thsr ivermauts that those wh6 admioisterit, are valid andnpeUive to every purpose, and
senator fnJiso-. rpeily icitialhod br ovt'ttrtthnii.MtVUs ' ind twtrictfoni.
wtV. I ll vtc. ire imrnwerr oll tne Urate Ot t fit Un ted Sim - X(.. k,l
people t.tlwjr ar alifcf rWfictedo itWartiun preieriW
h th fVnr4 a-lJa A.-iItu' .a.Ili- .j a ' .'
.:Trv1 nf lli ii in t Ills 1 1 iniiini-Unt i(lnlif UniiiiI a........ ... !! i .. j . I . . i'B'", nc
eoioi iiujj.o uun.. iv ..v... ...vj.vr. y. , .... vw.,r,lllViUUa.i jmhtuis ui p vijni, ii couirary 10 1 men of Nurtli, Carolii lak v ffe
triidu jntitu pnini 01 svmukj 01 a bc-i ipu uciiuiis du mo ieisiuiure orafiutc. 19 too
iuf rd ever: Mvklbecn L advaneedlArrS,
saiJ'he would rpneat. the leisri slat urn of.iliM
state ithe eenafors of jhe iTniM States are
whole matterw hut a atrusrsrle by one set of-re
cood branch of thi JeffUiatiTVassemblt di i
liiiel from,' and dividing the power wknas first.
Ciuit be in all .ease .a salutArj check on the
govt rmeit. .; It doubles the security to the
pfMj!c, h) requiring the concurrence of twodis
ti ift bodi3 in schemes of usurpation or perfidy,
wbi're the'n:ibition or corruption of one would
o ftr? rwf s !TbcsiT!fi i rieii t .lliin C7 p r eca u t ioii
bandv"! n such clear principles, and now so
w'H und'irjitooJih the United States, that "it
would u ttiare than superfluous to eulanja on,
it. I vvi!l barely rein-trkT that, as thc'iuirio-
Daiiiny oi sirnsier caaoiiiaiins win oein pro
portion to the diVsiniiiruijy in tie genius of the
two bodies, it must be politic to' distinguish
tiiein troai eacn ouieiuy every eircumsiaci! siorations or expediency. A senator when
ti hicb. will consist with a due harffiuny in all elected becomes a senator of the United States;
proH3r measures,' and with the genuine princi- fh6 is not the representative of t he single state
pies of republican government. I which elected him j liijiVQtes aSToct the whole
" The uecessily of a senate is not less indi- and it becomes his dutv; with the f-aale eve of
'ateu by tbe propensity ot all single and nume- a statesman, to view the bearing of every mea-J
fttfli3'lOUrkli(.i.v 111 U.uld Ia lIlU I .lllllllcil ilT Alllta linnn ll...Hl.. . 4. i . 1 , 1 t 1. . : .
i nuniwin ij iy j '.V l lT i"jiy .-iiu-, on i c, iipuu luu lUlCI US 18 III IUK ffV IIOKt 011(1 TO ftCt
d' (Hid violent passions, and to be seduced by for; tha good of a!K Settle it as the" sound cou
fttctiMS leaders into intemperate & pernicious si ruction of the Constitution, 4haithe Senator
Ic'o ;Iari ns. v ! is the mere tool of a hiiiln stiif: UnunA tn
' v. . .. 7 v
finftsly reserved to theimelvri
" a rSgbi tAMtembtf fccgei I'.er to cdnsult for tfbtirTomigM",'
to inafniTStirfepieieTOT
for rtdmiW grtevWti," "Thi's is ihr'anlv' "provision which
ic uu -.ABiKuwrs ui ine-unuea states are in u A,ta ej. .u . . ' . -, -
but the representative, of people, and t!SS hpr '..tuti bn
iherein, may be fo'uly construed ;o ext?nd lurthcr. than to ihf
fSSri- rw.thiiia-vitwfegy tht
(h fV'tbRe..b)W mWp.W a,,po4,r;
orthodox and souud republican doctrine, thai,! m"f Ji W?Ke
iU MtirA.Ama:vA I.-- .l : 10 ,!,c!tt? siTtbaJI preiemly Ihow. the numberi of the con.
me repreeniauyejuas no powers uut tbose ex- -y jf ft . r7r" r:-. ."
pressly granted by the Constitution. Neither 8!" ",?h?fUnne? S''.-T.ere wa. aongren h exiitence.
the Federal nor State Conitifntwn eive ua anv thmgh loi instituted at at present, at ihe time
right to control the Senate of the United States: ' Wi o "gi,wa, a?dPted, Sknd thepe ha
the present alterant therefore is an art of ianr. .rwc-wd thefower to iwtrtiit,' wnliour.-ipy manner of. r k.
pation. Mr. S. sard, ifire was .no ' eonititu-i in,en1 f'PPjyj" alLpfrsoos acting in
tinnitl rrnii,,A nf "k: " I f 'Pr-Tltau"i'e-characterV eiilier dirertl nr i1',r-ii,-
datei. and maid iliotr oI;a... . i... l :' . .
".i " ; " ict .wnen a.ilbne, iheir
powerrid relanon to ewuit in theonca:abi ,ui n. ...
by the!mi!tW to.brinittlwm nin t '. . ' .
m both ca5Mbe tnere.oans of appointment w tneplop'e
The lenator though cWciedbv ihe ,i,:i.:.K.,.-.-.
ed to represent tbe wate at Urge wiiboot regard to ,ecllo,
dn v.c.t, in tl,e lame manner a the i'resiJent represent ih
... ..j .uica ui men in aca tUi
grpuud of objection to this urohct. it an.
. : i a. i i . . . ' r
pcarcj to mm nigniy exceptionable opon eon
c Ml tiiatneed be rpmarked is, that a body its wishes And consult its iotorests alone, you
wlsicli it to correct this infirmity, oughtjtselflp' fetter his integrity cramp liis understaiid'in"'
Iwfrae Jiomjt aud all that is valualHe' in the conStittl '
I;8 Dumerous. it ougnt moreovvr to possess j tion ot the Senate? its liberality, its indi-pen-
tni uim.iiu, mm Mmoquuciiuj uiitfin m jiuiu uchcb, anil IIS Wisdom . I Oil tak from thi
its authority by. a tenure of considerable dura- people of the United States', their excellent re-
4oo. ' r nubliean eoiistifiition. And IpMrl lllPUl intn lint
I . .IV. 1 .1. ... V- .. ""
ioapeopMasmue uiinuea y prepidice, or slate which tyrants have found most favorable
ftorriipted by Hat:ery,as those whom 1 address.
I baii 11 at scruple to add, that such an Institu-
twa may be sometimes uecessary, as a defence
to in? people ngainsf tueir own tempvrary er
r j-i and delusions As the cool and deliberate
8K:itf ofthe comtnnnitV ought, in all govern-
;. ... i i. .11. -ii i- v .
ni;:ns, u.:;u aciuany win, in iree governnients,
ul imalelv prevail over the views of its rulers ;
( there are particular momenta iu public af-
lairs, wir'ii me peque, siimuiatea ly
to their schemes of trppression, "the form
nut . ..
tiiiiuul me Bfju ti, oi n ij'ue gfv."rriineni.
These, Mr. .Sfanly said, were some of the
reasons w hich governed his mind in the opinion,
that it was neither constitutionaj nor expedient
to. adopt die resolutions offered bvv the- gentle
man from, Halifax. Althoiieh. said Mr. R. I
have purposely avoided saying any Jhingof the
m?nis oi inecnarges aWeged agamst lr. Stone,
as irrelevant uuon tho nrpspnt npafiim v V...
, - - - , . I r i i in.
111 r I . 'It Ik'IQlilAn t X a rx . w 1 1 . n t . I ..1- A 1 A . I 1 ..II I . . . ' .
fiii, wi ii? iiucji auvuHiagr, ur, s.iu iie couia not Din notice one exiiressioii.
misled by ihe artful misrepresentations of in- that " Mr Stone bad disappointedThe exjieeta
terested men, may call for measures which they j tions of those who ebcted him." This expres
themseh'cg will afterftards be the most ready t'o ' sio.i be wished explained. Did the. frieu is of
Jatncnt and eoud imn. Iu these critical mr-! Mr. Stone in the last Oeneral Asembly who
mts, ho v . salutary will be thejnterference of elected him,' did theu know that. James Madi-
rji.i- ic.mio.tic- unu rt-speciajiie wouy oi cm-; sou woiii.i nominate Uallatin minister to it tw
in order to cheek the
mis:;iiuit!4l career.
j .... a i
;9ia, .mat an vvoulcl recommenfr itnmhnrrr .m
a;i l tonttspeud tne blow moditaf. d by the peo- directlaxts ; and did they extort his promise to
pletu-ist themselves, until reason, justice, stipport these measures f or did they, in the (rue
iwid lruUu-can-4-egaiu their authoriiy over the spirit of party, expect lu's coneurrence in all
puulic miad ? . .What bitter a.Ti?tii It wnnlrl nnt InrInoia ni'ihn Pwt i
m .- vsr r t mi, a . in ur niiiui nun i i
.p-jo-plsspf Athens have oi'len avoided, if
tueir government;-had couiaiaed so provident ;;ia ri j , ag iin st tiie tyra n uy o ft he i r o wn
fsi'jn ? , popular liiierLy might then hare
eit'.HpPu tjip lmlilible reproach, of decreeing to
tli,1, same ciiizous, the hemlock oa one day, apd
ratuj.s ou !ii2 next."
Mr,SL fitikl he was supported by this authori
ty in saying tiie 8?mte of the United States -was
rcateti as an anchor to secure ihe eonslitu-
tiwi agiibst temporary popular "fiuctuations and
trnus, from which no , opl.i are exempt. That
it 'vasiii fa,;t tne balance-.vheei of the machine.
o rove rn iii;; ni, l regulate its motions without
which adaiini vti atiqi mig'it become the mere in-
liKHljjilpip ularJdu3tun,4!ud4hjn5inef
Ifj sir, every oticr branch of the eovernment.
if file legislature of a stuie, be permitted to di'
r?ct or to icontrol the seriate, tne valuable ob-
jeets of Ihexreation of that body are desjroyed,
i' in.iepeHdonce is gai5, and instead ot answer
in? the D'maS!! of "si lifilc'aii(r.i' bn.fsinnr' tn
i3 other branches of goveiiiinent, it becomes
'.servient to them aud must be driven , at the
i' ey of every ;4ti!ta:jpirof the popular will,
jiat it is said the. General Assembly appoints
fie ssriaidr ; ihiy tire therefore his constituents.
I tt'l'J tile COiliil itll.nt 'Una i ri.flif fa innmt i,.
cial or, ruinous ? Jf surh was hiri promise, he is
afioauntahle for its brpiu-b in t hr
was mad;: Very few f those are here ; she
majority aro at home, belter employed than we
now are. Let them assemble and censure him.
If this 'expectation' is .founded on the ground of
party obligation, let ihe be permitted to guv,
pre-entaiife-charactefr either direetly W irdiircilv'under
mn.r auinomy. correct; it must therj.,rVi!(.w, ihat
the peopje could qot dndjid not .reserve to th.-mieivei thB txVW J
7 ,u ''"ul, ona nan'ier ,t to itte state leBisIaiuiat the afne
iinie TK' t section of the state c r5titutitn declares " that
ib legiaiiwauthoVity ihlt be veed Jn two dirtjnet brancb
e, both depeittontr.e pe-p!; (io wit.) .aienafe and home
cemmoni. ' Sec. The'serii'e. and house'of ;coran)yn?
ustmWed for ihrurpoe ol Ifginlation .shalj'be' ricnominaied
the General A-sembty,'" The fint,of these sections shows these iwo b-ancht-s when Convened are not toe regarded
at trie ixopie. ncy jo-m a drsthict body in the. state, '?.
pennant on the peoj le," and acc un able to .Jam -tt canno
b: in'eired from the Other (4th) iccsiyn, that awemfeiinff ufo,
..r r" r irgisuuoir- necesariiy invests the two housei
.!h awerto mstruri senators. inle.enc must be
presumed, in opposition to the expre-s terrr.s of Uie, 18tb se
iofi-oHhe oill f r,g!,ts, or no such pr.we, can be cjnstitution
ally exercised by the legHature.
Before ft exivrence of the Constituti. n of the U.iiied Sfatc ,
a compact was entered imp by the state legislatures, commonly
MlledthearPclesoronfederation, Tris com' thf
basis ol that Union hlCh b iund the states together as a confo
deracv, and had no other sanction for its existence or lor iu
continuation thi ihe'ant of the sevrr3 .af
rrom w.nch it em m od. By Jhit.cumpact the state legi,a.
m e, reserved 'o ihtmsch-es the power to direct the manner o
apomtl. g the delegates, to fix their cmpeniion. torerall ,h.
'whole oianrofihem at pleam.e, ,arW. to thers in the r
tead.Posse.sing ihrsr powers, it resulted, as a necessary
consequencf, that thodclaies fom the state were as dend
m upon the will of the Ctl?ia urt a, ;f pov,.er to in;(lUtt
had bet n'ex; rSy granted by the people. Under the anicles
ofcenfederationapowerin the n,!e leeislatuw to in.m.r, m.
de"eais m,y t,eimr.e not fr- m thepowei of appointment.
a i" comemirtfin the p c.eni case, but irwn the power to recal I
Ihf m, a:!d jui.d thri, cnmpeiisatio" at pie-sure. -A mw, I
.i i. j . .. . .
c-nvw "tsicm a ly r,.-en'.fioo he oreiension n. .i
V' ,ha' ,he P"" t'.-loi.(! :nheiemly t the legislative Fjy.
"rent poer is incorcpattble with the unquestionable
ngSt of ihe people, as r.wvrd by the 18th section of the bill of
nHiy' wi,i1' h" I already, tiotiwd-.: II, ihafi, it, i. appa
rem that i!ie pe..;.le, by the 9i,i:e constitution, have made no
uc! grant ty the teg i vht.ire in rrnrfw mnirrm if ttdo nol
'n;.n,ently ap,.eruiu laihnt br'y in virtue of iiwr of legis
lation, the ft m mint either be found among the pnweri delc
& .-d td the' siate legislature, .by the federal constitution, or it
If .tVlttltf aiTlnnA ll.,, u . . T . I . .
,,(,,.. r.uuary which were reierved bv
called electoral assemblies"
What uld ikugHvrtK. ileViori nf
ihe Union; if jwclve months after bavin fiiVen thein...
a Resident, 'they womd, Rrropiion.,d uV.fcnrrv.
ty. to convene, again with the avowed purport U instruct b
1?t0HllJr .sm conduct'
.te eniimems of cote-Ft and indfgna ion evcy wher.,
it .would, indeed, highly reurehensiole j bMf ot more ,i
m ihe, c.nduct of this LgUlatu-e, if i ecJd be so lost to
enseof us own dignity to adept ihe resolutlm,, Bn
consideration. Ji ka, Icon urged, thatas the Lcgusa,ure "rie
ates" r,r appoints .fte ScJ4rir fhr power to instruct remits aa
- ,wVc. ,. a.n tne one grows out of, or is inci.Ient
to the hcr.. Tbi. reao.Wrg .s plausible' axd captivating hut
when ana)id, it wiJ! be feind terest iipnr, the imaginary ,,ld
faliou uppcs.tioi, tfe Ihe merobeti:6T the Legislature aro
V$ff. " The: SenatoriLaie h ,irt. .l.
- - ... Mum lJlc oiaie ana
ought to rep.esr n; it The State consitttof the body of f,e
men whoimit the L II of North-Carojina, who1 ekct an,'
I.?!'!1!!???! ?L'b L'gislture,:rwiih powers to act in
certain sphere, and i here only. The membert of this Legist
tu e should be careful not to trespass on forbidden ground j their"
powers are Sufficiently am;?)e without' those which
ft-ere never deltgalfd by the Constitution, and whjch frem ih
vant of correct information they are Incompetent to nerciie.. f
But, nr, were it even admitted that (his power might b
ronstitutionally exercised by the Legislature, it cedienio N
do so on the present occasion ?
Ihat. universal as it may be to IVel .eti! far our j f,?,e - i the paint m arhdm : thersiateTe"jfitu
pru, (ami zeal in a good canst is comtnen.laf " no inherent p,.wer in relation to senators in ihe
Die; yet the present i an oeeitsiou - on which ;C0"SreM.0' ",e Ul1 cd Slates- Their rinwers, whatever they
zeal for the Constitution-mil be most valuable I he' ,re d ivctl ll0m thc ProPlc 'hr u-h ;h mediumof .he
anu nqnoraule. -
Mr. 8. aid he heard with pleasure (lie ntto-
taiions oi tne tren Icm.'iii r VJri ilru- i'. was an act oi t in t...v ;-. ii,.;, - j .
fmf.-, c . " v v "j i"c . . -j ...v., .v.cirSu4iia uniiinted capa
i i M'nu ' ' ii,s reK-.retice lo the Jav. y p '' a"'Sr' iicpeiuieti: . f Pguiative 'auction or mtr0
oiJohn, king of KngmndTThe Scriptures' Mr. a'!d th P--- g-imed by it to" the state legislatures arc to be
T he Senate ol (he U ui: ed S tales is s small body of men. in.
trusted with rriost important duties. T. to per-
form these dutiVs with dienitv t., ihemiv. 'i ..i.
the nation, they must be independent. The interest! and nafsw
y of the Ame.Tan people are deeply concerned in securing to
he Senate a just sense of iu own independence. Thetimeseaf
come, perhaps tliat time is not remote, when we may be com,
pelled to look to the virtuous firmness .of this bodv, for the re
tdra ion of blessing, which are now banished from our county 7
for the preservation of all that is preciou. toYrcemcn in society,
The members of thi Senatt. hold their apr vintments by a dura
ble tenure. The duties and powerconfided to there requito
that they' should -be placed bey-nd the influence of pasiiona ta
which in theirnature suetemp.Jrary and fiieitive. EveiV friehd
to the cnstitfition should guard their privileges against en
croaehraents, with a vigilance proportioned io the magnitude of '
the trmt, and the interest whxh we feel that it should bo
fai.hfuUy perf.rtiied. The Sevfe is the higbett judicial tribu
nal in the United State. It p?,Me,sei the sole power to try
impcachmt-nts. The P.wident, , the Judges and alt other civil '
' fficr und'r the goyetrrVf cf tfce TJnitt1 Sta,e ie iul-t)Ct
Fo the juri3d.t;tion of ihi , at, and yet it is eonteAded ihif " '
ihe members compdtinj inaifct?d by, 'and owe r-T'
bedienccf to us. It cannot be . The iriea is too absurd and
ridiculous to hew a moment's examination. The constitution ' '
jjicniiea Ma et u not pethaps lauldess. Whether theor
con,- uiion of e Unirer! Stares, and from Uiat source only.
Atjhe a(!optk.n utthat constitution a new. sent commenccd:-ft
was an ac ol tl.e neop'e i.? thei, sov ereign and unlimited caoa.
ganiaationof the Senate be'its best pan or not, it t a necessarf
part, and the members of this house are rxuhd bv the most u '
lemn. obligation to support it. We cannot luppoit it, ifwetoC
an example to other state kgilmres, which being followed ay
them mun in time destioy it independence d usefulness,
It was oiijinanyrTnienW form- w
those gieat j iilars which support the, cot.itftkn'ioo. tm
IhiliilavqjJivnyHmiHHinj,. itrern the whoJo"
S. reverenced as a rich treasury of 8ubli,, -nstru'din.hamemanne,,
thoughts, Of truth and of wisdom: th know- "-Pent, or to any other departmom' of" the Z ZiZyTT''
powe'j not rJeec-3led hv th . .
ouenicn thn i,', have thpecp'e by the constitution vested this
to cmsnra his renresentative. Hir.
'1 ..M .. . ' " . A . . . '
ii! Air, btsinJv. I iftt hi tliat.all nower ia-dcri-
?ei from the. p&pig' A tliey are the;. legitimate,
W3 omy sovereign : The p tople ar(e' the- con
It ill oa h j they, in vy ad vse ,or censdre a s they
flciwe; and tiie representativcjvt!! respect their
bvr.7,i .s;a.'n& is not sovereign it is but the
'the.sbvereign, ch'oseii for the purposes
J-s!ar?l f t bu cjasiitutiori, and entrusted ao
irt)i;,iv In thy' eleciina of senator the Uencral
ei;lJiTV acts, not from a riirht Inherent tn it ftit
,i. . ' ... :. . .
liUtiir?:, litit as lla instrument of tire pep-
Wueli'alstt is the govejuor who can ap
Pta' senator in' case of vacancy happeni i?
us irom Iheir errors, yet he Could not see the
force either of holy writ or of the hisfnrv f
if- j b fu"m""b lH- ""i.tantton oi tue ,ck wi.h .p wer to instinct senaturt? If the constitution
United States, any support llich the reso-1 any provision Un which an affirmative answer can be
OttOTIS Ol rjgeijtlemail derived from their I rundcd.,he ad?Ve, of ihe resolutions are entreated to point
high anthontuts. He felt himself bound to vnt i it out. The.. .i'e ,.. I...... . M
fnp K ;.iAfi..: ...... VZr - . . j..-. r"" " ",v " these words
...... iiiMtuiim; J'ltnipfMll'IIR'Hl
Siai 'e Bank, ,-A meeting of the Stockholders
' The ..enate r,f th,. n,,;,, .u- "u& 7 JHonoay last; Un that evenr
Mr,Drw. spoke in reply to llitanly, and Wsa eaihu-iie, chosen by ZZZZ elf lZihe ?etoM were rechosen, ex.
satd that the extracts he read from the Yder- .ixye,,ad Joseph H. Bryan, who declined.
n nave one vcte. Ihunxi... : . . i
n e. 1 here are other pruvisMns in the coniitution wh;ch are ; " . V - '
itended to orgk-.izc the senate as a distinct branch of ii.e genc-
aiist were t be nrni lit-imtt nf AIrv 'irnm:t.. -had wanted to introduce a provision for
making tlte senate hcrerfitnrv.' ' 'lTr a w, I tl,nil
ntleman had wished to introduce a ce o U Xejtoi . Tidings.. The journal of
onlJes into the eo-,ntry Hike it wa, in Emr. 'adieUa d ' ,ecu. " ,nd .th one hand, wd , proeeedwgstorthV week,, which is in type. i
laadi where they we,-e every tl, hur end the I ! -f ? ' P"b ic n ,he rther' omittedxf?r,.rant ofVobm, until .,r tixU Thl
peoe nothingi but here.thank God! the vtc-C 2? I T L 5 important subj which ha. been unde
plefjgefjLihi. antl pni.Hi. nni.T, 4Trc , ' , yw q''hcatiou. of u, 0Wb constderatioalihp
Itetrseryants,.,- He protested against doc - 'E.chhou,,, may determine th.'mles of it, proceeding Dun
trine llLit the neon r xvprr t h..i r ,,.t. -..x. , . . , "'proceemn.pun.
., , " " " c" ; " m.-moert lo; di-.0'de- y befcav bur. a d with th mu-n.
mie. , alid said that the man who first broach. of two thirds ex.ei .1 ' I Vh,tMw'
eu it naaueea permuted to' retire to obscurity ;
Mr. STEi.I.E sa d As it is alwa.. orUh ,b.'A.. ..-. t
hirds expel a mtinber.
M Eac h house shall keep a journal of it. proceedingH, 3rc."
Sec. 6;h. 'The senator and retescntatiwt shait t- a
ccii; y ihftMMne or attempt to aitract the! a -ft i.iion ol thefition for .iheVr ryjeerte asceriained fT law and
'W rthe United Stite"iK AVhen th6 special
?5r'tl?legafid them" is pcrlormed tfieirjolSee
" spirit! r and tl) iiiWmbfV f inpmMv'titnr? senatoh in the same relation which the
i,f?tnr doesf to the President : ' And who amonar
7 uM not scorn as a fail the elector who
S'10!U1 attenifit tn asrt th iriuriit In 'instr'Uet &
Jfontrol thp conduct of tlte JPsideniyvter"
" rihtbf the elector is hist as weirfoundad
Vthat which we are now invited ta usurp
It.. L ' . . . . - . . ' '
fln yioiMe.liiD spirit ot the consl nation., ,
fliU'usarnatiou of power violates not omy
i-" wtbut the letter of the Constitution
r ilTPli-. II 1 1 .iwifffino Mniimw. tiaruin vfantAil
3 0iuiv ywrcf si m
2 vested m a congress of Ibe Uniteu
y hapbeni i" ! :,0"7'.K mu ml te cltd ,,,al ' hav at .this late
r'a? tiie recess of the assemble t and meh r ,uro "e,uy J'""7 '"a.kSo Mr. stoeor hiicha-
ileetofs oprcsidenand; Vice-Presirl' 'f r' "" ' "d politic"., btfJie and since his eiecibn
" !" ,nK Jc.iaie oi me v men MaieV 'I leave to other
who pface.' him in that syuatio , : " I cannot;' however, consent
tf)j,ui) in a i-gblati?e hue and'cry6aiiat him, 'or a-iv other
inrJivi, ual.lbr the pu -pose o( abaiing ..he grfcls-and disappoint,
menus of'tboMt who but a few munths pr-j w"re hi 'most seal.
Oili Wends. In ray vkw,: 'person. cjhside! at ions, are so en
lireiy abstracted frora theiqueiiiair, that toiild n6t have men-
'UU's, tyhifh, shall consist, of-a senate and
"'W of ripresfuttttive),." Therp6er' can
'Hfetirrthe senate if the senar votes not
.rl,,r? tojlus own judgment, but in pnedtence
rn.c t ions? Trom the'Ue'neral Assembly : ihe
''dative vow 'r U then transferred froiutlie
'nteto ifc3 V. m .rar AWmbly anl I tiie Coa-'t'KioajrLilAlr-.i.
!i't t?n nriniT)!e eontend-
M for be tosled in another wav. The risht f
jv o turoi ttie ireai uryot the United State. .They shall in all:
rases, except treason, lelony, and breach nf the peace, be pri
vileged fiom irvrt-stduiing hefr attendance at the session of
their rrfpective houses, and in gLing to and returning ironi
same, and for any Vew-4 or rre in either house," they fhall
nii oe qucs'ionefl in any other place.".- "
The.epi4-6l rht constitution have been noticed for the pur-
pose of showing; thai those' wlw tirr-pared the consiituibn
yarded the independence of ihe senate with the same anxious
olicuude a tliey did that ofthe house of
TM rv lanl -k y i . .'. All
''"i1".1 ei,atJrna-ne but fo, tbe purpose of having it d. 'l,h Pyiwns to thia end apply equally to both i theV a'eVu
rW; ,w"?,ne. . oHl.t L. .Ki-a. "Paid in the same manner; they-are alike -privileged from ar
.'"IV,1 -,an?.!'b? cotiViHcredl neither ois idvt'e not hts accu.; 'e. '"" y; WMer Wf, , shall
a .t!ce 1 ' "K'M'tty.and justice f presume he will Mi itttimed in my'eth pare.';"'.No, sir, they cannot be
Cape Feat & Newbern fdran extension of their
charters and an enerease of their capitals, and
the adverse memorial of the State Bankl Sir.
Stanly yesterday delivered an eloquent speeck
hi favor of the petitionsranas very, ably rt
plied to hlt, l4ewi Williams (of Surry.) r
. Foreiiu--Trhe news from the armies i t
the 8pth 8eptemberat which time Bonaparts?
remained at Dresdcn.' Xo battle of eonsequenc
fcfid .been recentlf foucht. Thielm an. a Sains
Generaf, had gone iver to the allies, with a con
'.:iAvr Lj. .' . t .
0iMjkuic uuuj oa iroopa. . -. ,
ultimately h.ive. ntil at i'..n . ,. .:. L... r ... .
' -- :,uusci 'r e nave no
power over him, but Irom the public, the only'tribunat before
"JTitn l a'l'tlis'ilfity tifj bH'-'dieiie are rela
' Henns :-if Mi s leei latarc h'ave-,a right i-
ftructt Cite seaalor is Icasii te iterf- and -'
which hi onduct it properly CriteblcfTniyyiiaT Uich frftora re.i
4 Tt.JU ' V " c,,n lhc a,d t'DDe and truth to lorm
is drciMons; and to that tribunal the subject maiter o these
ciargeijh,juU'hej:eferred.J; t- ''.'.' ";....'. -V
It is a' ve j com moh error the s.uirfe of many of our evils
thai the membcti of our legislature, when c evened in thei'
r-Speciiveh ujes, identify Jtfiemselves with the people, and j
i.ig nc .mar, in tneir represemanve charac-er, they areTiutho-.
zen io no wnatcvejmiego-jd people ol the slate might, or pr.w
ablv would do. in iheir iJ!via ..t'ji" "'
ijuesiione even' in ifiis house.
On what foundation ihef) does the power to instruct our sena "
lably would do, in their colicctiyfl or afgrfaiec.Wrty. - N,
hina; caa be mere lalucwufhe p. opte "are uni.miited in
'.iir powers: if Iheychooie loexe.cisc t!iem they may arhcnfi
rvn.:Mseit coniiutbns j ie their rewntatiwt
b,rd ' -ct acco-ding o ilie airict. Jujea'. cif ..dlev,a:ed au.
uonty.ihemtmbeii ot ifta legUUtuie are a nwau and
in vain co we search lor it tn the cunitinit ion : that
instrument is silent and convey o cbporerlbdftMr
uie. If it had ben the intention of the wnnl tAiivtiKm
Kjve ct this right, it is not to be preutned that they woald
have left. it to inletence or implicaiknThey would have tial
cd it among he powert expressly granted by lh cop nitutLo j
diey would hayo. dM more l iWewM' have detailed the
manner ia which juttLmsti uct bp boul4 be psepared, and .be
.ntequence ofxtisobedienceV. When ifTrcensi jet ed howdcfd
aendent the delegates in congres ande'rthc articles of cynfede
atin were uptm theiarelegisia'ur-s; (he abMbctToTaili those
tovisionifrom the federal -e wistitutioa by which that deptnd".
?nce was induced, most lead the mind of every re1 ecting qiar
thi cosdusioo't That evils had resulted from it, which' ih-
This youoe Kcnlleraan. who was one of ihoti
massaeredThy thelmliani at Forflfinm. on tb
Tensaw,. was anativo of Norih.Caiolina, antt
had been educated at the University: WJiilst
at Csllege he gave the highest proofs'of genius,
and a finely cultivated Belles Lettres taste!-
His eompositio', v&f rose And poetry, indierej
a mind that raisrht have acquired distinction in
the.walksjof literature. Afte r he left the Uni
versity, he devoted himself to the profession of
medicine, and had Mae to the Mississiimi fop
the purpose of commencing the practice of phy-
x iic nuiauB ureaxioir out la ivai eouno
e was chosen a Lieutenant in a Volunteer
Corps, the most of whom perished in gallaatlf
eteningTheir Fort. AUhopgh his dath mus
a tcoaveniioa who foiiac th svmstitatien inteudid to gund a
l. . ii. .1 I. .. l; iy' .
uc recicucu uy ui9 iricnuti, yoi tuey wni uod St
cpnsidrable aIIevition of their grief, in the
brave manner in which he died. It is to be la
mented that so herole-a spirit could not have
been longer preserved to his swa fusse, aria tiV
glory of hia ssuatry.
.-r 'E "

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