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W ''
f&overnor, Captain, General, j(nd Commander in
Cbivf, in und over the State of Vermont,
must esH)ltf that. yu , hare Vo, authority
to order us out of thai ervice It wc arc il
legally ordered intatl the scrviw our contin-
nance in ii,is, iiuer voluntary , or compuiso
ry. If Voluntary, it gie no one a right to re
nioDstratc or complain ; if compulsory, we can
appeal to the laws of our coautry for redress
agAiHst4JehoJlleaUyJte8titaii us of our
7rirt-ea's; iuppear8i that the third brigade of liberty.. In either case, we cannot perceive
the thiixl division of the militia of this- State, U ncjUt your Excellency has ' to interfere in
jiia-heen orderediro'wlB t frontiers , forthe de, thc.busincss. Vi
fence of a neighbouring Stat And,whereas we conceive it oui
ewinj; the subject in thu light)
it further apnears, to me extreme reerei 07 uie
Captain General, that u part of the militia afj
said brigade have been placed under the com
tttaad, aud at the disposal, of an officer of the
United States,' out of the jurisdiction or control
of the Executive of this State, and have been
actually inarched to the 'defence " of a sister
State, fully competent to all the purposes of
self defence whereby an extensive section of
our own irooijer is leit, in -a -measure, unpro
tected, and the peaceable, good citizens there
of are putin great jeopardy, -and exposd to the
retaliatory incursions and ravages of an exas
operated" enemy ' And, whereas, disturban
ces of a very serious nature, are believed, to
exist in t'oiisequenee of a portion of the militia
Airing been tfius ordered out or the btate : which were intended to be . accomplished by
Therefore li the mtA, that these great tvils$uch an extraordinary proclamation. We shall
may be provided against, and, as far us aiay be, j taa tne jiiJety to state to . your . excellency
prevented for the future : i plainly, our sentiments on this subject.
,Be it known--that suehpt'tion of the Mi litiaj "We consider your proclamation as a gross
2aaid Third Brigade, in said Third Division;in8U Jt to the officers and soldiers in service, in
as may b.-new doing duty, in the State of New- asmuch as it implies that they are so , ignorant
rai-K,or eiseiv.neret ueyonu me lunin. 01 tnis r0f their rights, as to believe you have authori
our duty to declare unequivocal
Ivta.'vour excellencv. that we shall not obey
ypur exceljencyis order for returning ; but shall
continue in the service 'of our , country until we
are legally and honorably, discharged. An in
vitation or order to desert the standard of our
couutry, will never be eteyed by us, although
it proceeds from the Governor and Captain
General ot Vermont. . ,
Perhaps it is proper, that we shpuld content
ourselves with merely giving your excellency
the reasons-vmich prevailed upon us to disre
gard your proclamation j but we are impressed
With the belief, that ourdutyto ourselves, to
the soldiers under our oo'iiinrand, & to the pub
lic; require that we should expose to the world,
the motives which produced, ana the objects
Secretary Sonei, or icith any irpartment cr ofji
person in it behalf ) t!intfoiiiof m pM'cJrea.
sum I have never, in tht course of mirlifeyre.
ceived any moneift'to the amount of one farthing,
except the ordinary compensation of a Member
of the House of uepresenianvw ,- r
tiltHOUfAHt) TO itfi KSOtVit, COLOR OR A POLO-
" J have'heenhus-distinct, hecans? the facts
warrant the above declaration, and because the
malignity, whicVcouId invent so nnwarranted
a palumnv. must he fullv competent 10 uie incti
ness of suggesting some subterfuge, should the
terms of my denial be limited tQ tne tenor w ns
first inventions. 7
Of the base men, who could fabricate such a
falsehood,'or knowing Us nature could circulate
it, I cannot condescend to ask the contradiction
of it. But I have a right to expect from my
political friends an extensive circulation of this
denial. And I cannot but believe, that even
political opponents who have been unwittingly
mstru inental in spreading such a calumny,
will not be so absorbed by party passions, as to
be unmindiulofwhatthey owe to truUi and to
justice. ,
I am, Sir, very respectfully, yours, occ.
Rekjamin Russel, Esq-.
V:: r-rTr?
THE parties, have agreed that the sale t
. iheinieicst uf Benson Card, to' the woui4 Wn,.rein
now reidej,o;hcr improvements pn ki'Nw. 38,
wheel wopjn, gear vrflom 'hmtet. hettit iiu
Minerya, ilulhate place 00 SATURDAY, ,e hyu
; " ?BEVaiPANlE.L.T,L
Dec. 3, 18-3. ,'
f; Stat6 Bank rifN. Carolina
V RALEIGH, NOV. 20. oi
AT meeting "of the President and Director
of the State Bank of North-Carolina, a UlVlD n .
Twa amp oii HAbr pis. Cent, on eacn and every ha
tbe Capital Stock of the State Bankiws declared and m'r
pjyable to the Stockholders, or their Rcpreiemaiivei on !,
after. the first Monday in Decimber ncx:.
2 . ' ;
Ross Cooke,
YFFER their services to the Public
XJT AUCTIONEERS during the St s.on of As
fhey will seil Dry Goods, &c. fom ' 2 io" 2 o'clock tac;
Sugar was originally brought from fu'dia bythe
Sltate, both UUicers and Mep, are hereby order- ty to co-nuiaud them in their present situation,' introduction ot the plant &achprf.m Ujjicinurum.
-eJ and iliioctad, by the Captain General and40r so aliandoned as to follow your insidious ad- I shall here give some acoounTof this useful ar
Coiuniaeder in hief of the Militia of (he State j vice. AVe cannot regard vour nroclarnation in tide, and its various removals from its native
afiyeruionU forthwith to return to the re'spee
live places of their usual residence, within tha
territorial limits of said Brigade, and there to
hold themselves in constant readiness to act, in
obedience to the Orders rif Brigadier General
JacoIj Davis, who is appointed by the Legisla
ture of this State, to the comwaud of said Brigade.-
; And the said Brigadier General UaviiMs
I; t re by ordered and directed, forthwith ; to see,
tat the JJiiili ia of his said Brigade be coir
pjetely armed and equipped, as the Law di
rects, an j holtjen in constant readinesl to march
0.11 the shortest notice, to the defence of the
ffdnliers ; aud in case of actual flivasioo,
without further Orders, to march with his
vour n
.V .1 a II .lMA..u4-.Ij1aMM.mKn l -w a a-Y urn l V y-v r w r A nmn a-
any nifter ligni tnan as an unwarrantable pmce miw iurojir, miciuu nu wiuc o.s,
stretch of executive aitthoritv, issued from the cultivated with great success. Arabia," says
worst of motives, to effect the basest nurnoses. Pliny, " nroduees Succaron, but the best is in
It is. in ourouinion. a renewed instance of that, India. Jt is a honey collected Iroai reeds, a
spirit of disorganization and anarchy which is: sort oi wane gum oritue oeiween ine ieeuir me
carried on by a faction, to overwhelm our eoun- largest pieces do not exceed the size of a nuf,
try with ruin and disgrace. We; cannot per- and is used only in medicine."
fceive- what other object your excellency could The cane was an article of commerce in very
have in view than to embarrass the operations early times. The prophet Isaiah, (xiv. 21) and
of the army, to excite mutiny and seditioH a-Jeremiah, (vi.u) make mention of it. "Tboti
ong the soldiers, and, to induce them to de- hast bought me no sweet cane with the money
rt, that they mitrht forfeit the wages, to which says the first, and the second," To what pur-
thev are entitled for their patriotic services. pose cometh there to me tbji s eet cane irom
AVe have, however,- the satisfaction to in- a far country f" Brought for the luxury of the
fornj your excellency, that although your proe-juice, either extracted by suction, or by some
tarnations have been distributed among the se t- other means. In the notes on the elegant poem.
: reeling, as tae i,api? ueneraf aoes tne j a knowledge of jourxccllt
.wetglit of responsibility, pHh rests upon him, duces us to believe, that tl
with regard to the Constitutional duties of the 1 0f the proclamation, to whit
niilitia, ahd flie sacred rights of our citizens tovjjjagpt vour signature, is
the CapS
$li.l Brigade, to act, either, in co-operation diers. bv vonr asent deleeated for .tat purpose, the Sugar Cane, Doctor Grainger informs us,
. . a1 tf HiL. TT. 'l.J -l - .!. I p 9 . . . , ' . , , , W , ,, I . 1. .
vuh we i roops, oi ine vnucjj oau-s, er se- they have failed to produce the intended el- mat arnrsi uie raw puce was inaue use oi, tney
and although it may appear incredible auervvaras noucaii into a syrup ana in process
rour excellency, even "soldiers have discern- ot time, an inebriating spirit was prepared there-
ment siilviCient to perceive, that the proclama-from by fermentation.
tion of a governor when issued out of the line Sugar was first made from the reed, in Egypt
of his duty, is a harmless, inoffensive and nu- from thence the plant was carried into Sicily,
gatory document. They regard it with min-! which in the twelfth century, sujiplicd many
gled emotions of pity ami contempt for its au- parts of Europe with that commodity ; ar d from
thor, and as a striking monument of his foiiy. thence, a period unknown, it was probably
Before we conclude, we feel ourselves, in, brought into Spain by the Moors. From Spain
iiistii-e tovourexcellencv, bound to declare, thatf the reed was planted in the Canary Isles, and
General does the ! irnowlcdse of our -excellence V character in- i in the Madeira by the Portugnescr-Tlmaimen-
lie lolly and inlamy eu aoout tne year 1300. mine same year i-er-
ch vour excellency j dinand the Catholic, ordered tlie -cane to be car
at Domingo. rrOm
parately, as circumstaneei may require, in re- 'feei.
ueiiiitg the enemy from our territory, and inifvr,,
protecting ine goou ctuzeus oi mis cnue ironi
their ravages or hostile iuenrsions. "
And in case, of an event, so seriously to be de
precated, it is hoped and expected, that every
citizen, vithbutdistincti.i of party w ill fly at
once to the nearest post of danger, and that the
o.iy rallying word will ilie OUR COUX-
- prote'etion from this great class of the communi
, tysb efisentjaily .necessary in all free countries ;
at a. 'nidmcnt too", when they are so imminently
exposed to the dangers of hostile incursions, and
domestic difficulties he cannot conscientiously
discharge the trust reposed in him by the voice
of his fellow citizens, and by the constitution of
-iti andjhe United States, without an unequi-
vtjcu hi eolsraiicart h a t-t edui s-opi n mit 1 1 1 a mi
tar-'rtkaiidtesburttos of thirStatc must
be reserved for its own defence and protection,
rcZwiwijr--exeaptiiig in .cases provided" for,
put vour signature, is not wholly to be
ascribed to your excellency, but chiefly to the
evil advisers, with whom e believe your ex
cellency is unhappily encompassed.
We are with due resptct your excellency's
obedient servants
Luther Dixson, lieut. col. Elijah Doc, jr.
major.- Josiah C; out, major. Charles Bon
net, cajitain. Jesse Post, captain rElijah W.
Wodfaptain. Elijah Birgi!, captai:K Mar
tin !). Follet, captain. Amasa Mansfield,
' Kjtctliency' command)
l'ei. Swift, scc'.''; 1 -
' V Cantonment XFteitsbnrgK) Nov; Of, 1S19:
, ... M:TIT1N CBlTTEJVDKJf, Eftq.
Ovwrvor, Captain General and Covitrtandcr in
Ckirfi, inaiii oyer the State' of Vermont.
Sta- A most novel and. cxtraorojinarylro
i ciamation from your . Excellency ' ; ordering
aiv-1 directing such portionoflhe militia of the
; qfVormont, now doing duty ii the state, of
iVew-T:"ork;' both' oHice-m ihi BienJorthwun tQ
return to the respectiyeTplaces of their rcsi
dftca," has iust beciCcomrounicated t the uiji
designed otficers of said brigade. 'A-measuo j
so ti ne tampK'd,' requiresy w,e . shonia s.taw . to
yoir exccllcney, the '-reasons which indued us.
a'soititafy and posit iveJy; to refuse obelienoor to ,
the order'eonta.iucd' i:i j-o)ir.IixuelJcncy'a Vro
clam ition: With due ijefer.cnce to your Excel
K'Hfy's opinion, we htimbly conceive, that when j
we are ordered, into the serviee q?. the United ;
Stale-., it leeomes our duty,.when Hrequired, to
Tnferch to tl4i of aiiv section of tlie
Union We are not of that class who believe
thaTby ; r"duTiesasiT izens or sold lers a re cir
camscribed. viithin the narrow limits nf the town
or slate iu which wo reside ; but, that we are
captain. T. II. Campbell, Ii ut. O. O. Dix-
cnn. lienf KVn.niia 'nrtlvnv. li'p.llt. .losliiia
Dy the Cousiitui ion m lite unucn;aiates ; and j Brush, lieut.--Uaniel JJodge, ensign. han-
tt'eu, under" orders derived oniv troin tne com- ftrd Oadcomh. captain James tullm
. . . r a - JT J '
manier in chiei.. .
tliyen under my hand at Montpelicr, this
10th mj. Af eyeni ;bc r, inj.he'year of our Lord
i),n4 Thousand E'ght Huiilred and Thirteen,
and of the irfidi-'pcndcnce of the U. states, the
ai i 1 1 : , - - - .' V ,
nartflr master Shenard Beal.&SlfWrtAi
i'asset, surgeon.-Seth Clark, jr.' gg niate:
Thomas Waterman, captain. Benjamin Fol-
lt, lient. Iiira liill, surgeon s mate.
ried from the Canaries to
those islands the art of making sugar was intro
duced into the island of Ilispaniola, and in about
the year 1623 into the firazils, the reed itself
growing spontaneously tn both those countries.
Till that timo sugar was a most extensive luxu
ry, and used -only as Mr. Anderson observes,
in feasts and physical necessities.
J shal l here anticipate ,tJ a n ccount of the state
ofugar in Spain, where iu Lnrope it first be
"'vt .(,... i ucii aiurc i large ana Cpm.i odi
and a zojd firtwill be keDt. Anvwrnmk;. '.
G.wd. &c. lold ia this way,fwilj pleane to send thtrntoibtifc
Store with invoices.
Raleifch, 1 8th Nov. 18 !3.
0 tf
Wm. V. Mason,
SADDLER, at the Sonth-East corner, near?
theMa.ket, Raleigh, keept congtanily on ha,,,
vmivr. suf;)y'pt Saddles, Harness, &c. made up in the mo
durable manner, and in a style of elegance inferU to nue
the state. -
P. S. A large assort mpr.t of Leather always for a as fc '
hwa j and Couniry Saddlcu supplied with materials in thd
! ne 20 4. Nov. 12, 181J.
We further conceive that whH-we are in ac
tual service, a -id diiring.lhe period for which
we were orsred into - service, your Excel
lency's power over-us, as Qovernor of the
8tat;?.of Vermont, is suspended.
Jt it js rrC as your-Excellency states, that
: ; we me out of thejurisdictionjir control of the
jexeciitive of Vermont,-we r wow'M askrfrojnjpqrfngror xttiiWiiyJiiLjJidiiv other mat. ner
.L - 1?.. '-11....... .J..!:L ' 1 .1 , . M . . . ' . ' .
ftihencttyour Excellency derives the right, or
pras;imes to exercise ilipower of ordering us
to 'return JProm jfhe ssrvieo infvliieh ve are now
eugigeJ ? If we tirelcgallj ordered i:ito the
eeivic of the CBited Stated yetjr "Excellency
SIR i . litincy 2iL No i 1 8 1 3.
IN the " Boston Pairing" of the 6ti- ofOcto
ber last, was published aseries of observalion,
purporting to have originated in " te Yan
kee," and " commencing with the following
statement :
" Tho morality religion and patriotism of
Mr. Quikoy may well he appreciated by the
public" when they are informed, that he is now
and has a contract at this moment, with Air.
Secretary Jones, for furnishing the government
with -mi. huvdreu thousand pound ot nails to
annihilate the enemy : and very- probabletbe
jVery bails that ues-royed. the enemy on laKe
Efie were manufactured at his fouiwery." ,
The succeeding remarks tend to impress the
public vrith-this idea, that notwithstanding,, in
my public capacity, I had opposed the war, in
t -t i i . ' '"' 1
my private, i nau consented to aenve an advan
tage trom it. An inconsistency the writer con
cludes, on!y to be reconciled on the score of
avarice. . . - .
To this caltimny, it was. my intention to op
poseiio other shie Kl, than Uiat,' which conscious
integrity spreads over its possessor. Nor should
Inowdeviitle from my original purpose, had
not letters from friends in other'States, assured
me thatlhe story w as .gaining: credit at a dis
tance : the boldnes&of the assertion, having had
honorable minds to eonceivelhat so nnqnlified
effect of evidence. It beiug difficult for
uuder a parauio'int obligation to our common honorable minds to conceive that
eijnTvy7ilhe greatcourederaevoftates.nTillegatio
was soineiniiig, in iiic iiuiureui niyjcngago
ment3, to give it cottntCuance, or at least, pre
tence. - ' '
" Under these circanastancesl feel myself call
ed upon to 6tate, that l am not, and never was
concerned, or had any interest, 'remote or con
tingent, direct , or,' indirect, as a principal or
chatsocver, in or tcith any fouiulery for casting
rannon, or any other foundery, or manujactory
whatever that I have not, -and nlver hrve had
my contract, r interest or share in any con
tractf made- bfjngsetff or any fit me tcith
came stat ionary, borrowing it from the flth vo
hi me of my outlines of the globe. It was till
Iai; years cultivated to great advantage in the
Kingdom of Granada, and great quantities of(
sugar made in the "inga.nlos mills. In the year
g-iiXhe.idlyof.2l!garili, were eight hundred
rkmilies Their - priiKiaf -omaierce. wastTiT
sugar and syrups' niado in four sugar works,
from the plantations oi canes winca reacnea 3;00 txkets at 5-o'Iars ch. is Ri5 500
lrom tlie SOUtli Sitie (lOWll TO ine sea side? OUt The cash prizes tubjcci to a deduction rf fifteen per cent,"
these and the other sugar works are greatly I Statiuna h) atjelbxr
decayed, by t son of the excessive duties. First 5Q0din Blanks entitled to '' 6dollJ.eadi
This with the increased uemand lot
Lands for Stile.
TO be sold at vendue, at the house of Alett
aivier Tcrrtns, in Iredell Count; on MONDAY ih(
24th day of January next, the reraairing Real Estate, betonguj
tothe heirs ot Aiiiasdes WorKe, deceased, to wit
iMnds in Iredell County
J 105 acres ot land on the wat .s oi Davidson's Creek, nftf
Centre Meeting House, in Iredell County, on which ?s jne;
sait dwelling hose, with all necessary out houses, late fa ;
stdence of C. Worke.
, 157 acres of land, on Davidson's Cretk, neai the aforesaii
34 acres of land, on Davidson's Creek, called White's plic$
5 3 acres of land near the same.
l&nds in -Mecklenburg County.
223 acre of land, formerly the property of Andrew Alexaf
der. '" . - -
400 acres of land, lying on Second Broad River, in the couiisf
tf Ru h- r ord.
C3 A. sale wiH positively be made of the shares of all those
wno do mnrlissent bef ire the 24th day of January neiu A It
beral credit wiil be given, and bonds with approved security r
luired. Any further information neceasary will be give.
Med.tyot sale. . ' ( M. STOKEK
Attorney for the Heirs o( Col. Work
Novr8fJ3ta. . 22 oi.
1 prie of g2000 ft
do 10C0
do 500
do 200
do ,00 , .",
do So tickets eaoh,
do - 50
do gO
b 15
do , 10
do 6
, ,6
. 8000 '
'" J200
lOOt) 4809
1 072 prrafi, ) Not two blanks to
52038 blank, J a prise.
3;00 5'o'lars fach, is
i! 5,5.0
sugar, on , FirU drawn Ticket
the prevailing use oi chocolate in the kingdom, iittc7;n the 4tb) 6tbf 8lh; wd
which requires double the quantity ofthaHar . ioth days'
tide, has occasioned a drain of a million of dol-, Dmo on lhe l6lh
lars out ol the conntry, in i);iymcnt for sugar, i ,
i',?... ..e. m,? . ' 18thdayt ...
prcstl VtS ill" "Liicr finiirci iuuui icsi inn in
very extraordinary, considering that Spain is ;
possessed of-some of . the tinesi tigar islands,
heiles4hpiiaeiLof manufacturing it within its
home dominions.
Ditto on e'ach day from the 20th to
the 30th inclusive, excepting the
Tickets constituting Prises,
200 dolls.
JO dolls. (ck
SO tickets wefc
JThejiaid(fkes-tocontst4)f-theNUmber3 from 101
500; inclusive. each 20 of the said 400 to be one nre.
A Bank Check, : .
BRAWN by the Cashier of the Norfolk
3ranci ot the Fatmeni' Bank of Virginia on the Petets
bu'ijj iJianchoi' (fee ami Bank, in htvornf William Kirkpa tick,
or order, 10r' 25 JO d, liars, dated 10th Srpt. ifttS ndo;sed
payable to J. B. Blount,, orbrder, Casliierol the Branch of the
Siate4Bank of toitii Carolina af Eden ton,- Btc. The above
Check is supposed to have been delayed or miscarried at one oi
ihe Post Ollicca between this and Edentori. Notice thereof has
been given io the Petersburg Branch aforesaid and pa mem
stopped accordingly. ' RICHARD BRADLEY,
Cannier of the Bank of Cape rear.
Wilmington, N.C. 25th ov. is 13. 22 ?w. .
The printers of the .Norfolk JLtdgerand Petersburg In
.elligencer are requested to insert the above for one week in
each ot their paper. R? 3.
Eor Saler4- v
F IGHT "hundred thirty-three and a third
a rn nf ImH in Oranville couruv. .on the waters O
Grassy and Island Qeekst f a good quality, such as the "far
mers in that county" use in rajsinj tobaccg, com, wheat, &c
Negroe Will be taken in payment if most convenient lor the
pu'chasa. The land may be seen on application to Edmdnd
rAYLpR, esq. of Granvitl and terms nude known by appli
cation to the subscriber in Raleigh.
.."'. '' 22 tf.
November 28, 1813.
,or sale, ,
ryiHE liandsoine little FARM, of' otie hHn-
dred acres.abaut 4 rr.tlcsto the East'i Ralctgn Apply
, niwrci. nu
Aijcifih, Nth Nty. m?i
lint 20, or !owf st Number Tor the 20th day, and soregu'T
I ascending to thggtlif s .- ' ' , " . '
First drawn on the 40th day, , Poll -
Ditto. . , 42d day DoH. l0fl
Ditto. - . . 45th day, Dolls- 3(
Diiro. ' . ' . 30th day, Doll:. ' M
Last drawn Ticket, ' - I Doll.
The public will perceive that in the foregoing schemfi "
alteratroM has been marie by converting the K'OO dollars
fl jafinir ori6. and the 2000 dollars a stationary premium
This change has been resortedtoTor the sole purprse iJ hui:
ing the. drawing, by placing in the power of tbe managed
commence under the sale of a Smaller part of the Tickets.'
They aie aware, thalin limes like tbe present, of gonersl pt1
-ure, individuals do not wi'lingly let their money remain
it is inactive. ' It is therefore their" wish and their expecta"
L l- -i.i-j t..-: .t- a m iWa- .Winme at drshonf
Those who WL,.
aiteFtlieva?ltii nimihirorthe" legislature
rrhnsrd lieketsl and do not apiove 0l
r . . ...
will be at liberty to return their num-
going alteration,
or before the first day o January nct, but roi aliwarc
1 r TH .- B. LITTLEjOHK,
. Manage
Ticket, at5 dollars eadi, for srJeat the Minerva 0ce. ;
... on if
. VT.... Ill " AM
XHUV, 17.
A few Tickets
tn the Baltimore: Trinity Church totter,
Ja SALS AT A7.WSA 9 wrr

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