North Carolina Newspapers

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postpoW. j , -rtPC I? Thursday December V 4s pfynV laving theriglil to tender it ' v'4
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. raleigh, (N.t,.r
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jiaid iti idvam e. Ko paper Ubc6nlinue4 looker than thrte
north a V' yaf-' subscription becomes duernd notice
tkeref have brer given".
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lA'gldaturc of North-Carol'tiiti
' ' .',.''"' 'fliursdap J)(c 2.
. Irlr. Martin presented a bill authorising the
county eourt of Wilkes U Iaya tax for th'e pur
le of hisil iinaf . a .jail ia said county. Read
and st'rit to (he Seniiter ,1
Mr. Iredell presented a bill fo amend, an act
to prevent domestic, insiirrectioji, antl for othtr
b'ttr4,i4e; l alid .bent tf tfjfeeaate. y-
The home toot up th$ resofatiohj'rdm the se
nate for the appointment of a select joint torn-:,
mittee to en juire into the political conduct of
the llonorable Havid Stoiie, as a Senator from
4t tat?'iB ihe Cingrass of the United States.
Ji wii stated iii the .Minerva of Mst. week, a
snmion of Mr. Cameron for an indefinite post
jiinemcnt, waa-losf, 68 to 6 3. ,
TThe question on.; the passage of the resoln
4jfin was then taken hy yeas and'naysa'rid'car
;ried,' veas 8, nays 0. , ' - " ,
T r trt IM resoiui ion. iiessrs. Anavrson, iva
i I.
?lftineioted that it Ac indefinitely .postpone
ixot agreeaio o voimg ir ujponiHcu"
and 60 fteAutt it. : . .
This bill occasioned a yery animated
sionjifc which' Messrs. Steel, otany
DrewPhifer; &cinffaRed. y
On m&tiou of Mr.' Stanly ihe hill, y
red to a select eoinmil tee. ',lf;-V---';4
The; bill for' the better accommodation of the
covcrnorsi' oftis state, was read the third time,
and passed. Yeas'ST, nays 22. "
: v--s -' - Mmday, Dec. 6.
Mr.' Koherts presented aVto prevent all
Branch pjfGts ffom'iftetiag missioners ot
navigation in the eyerJ sMds and
rivers oflliis ftte a anf ireW; a bill to al-
ter and amend the 4?d I -if an act passed
in the
in eacl
! Amessage was reeeived from his elJfllsncy
the governor iransmitting a letter frc-i ,'thi?
euauditte of safetyf yewbern,- and a petition
from the committee'. of saTeh-iof ' W'itaiinsrl.O'P-
pravin. that th.-ir expendif tires for the detVnce
of the Hate, during the late invasion, should bt;
refunded. Referred to the first t committee, ou
the governor's message.
,:. The bill for eretiiig' the- Ash regiment of in
fantry into a rule r egiment was read the third
time and passed. "
The bill to amend an act empowering the se
veral county courts to order Ute laying out of
jxililic roads, to establish ferries, ami to ap
point where bridges are to be built," was on mo-
iioa oOIrRuifin .amende by striking out the
;' Mr.. Cameron presented the memorial of the
friockboMars of the gfate BankdJ JN. Carolina,
on the subject of the Newhern and Cape Fear
petitions.- "' .'' '." ' "' 1 ' ' '.f '
mr. omnia oi rcwDern, :pwK . wpwnwu
. .iiV1...r..iji--y .t.j.i4i:
to mis memorial ana m support ui inc jrctiiuna
of the- Banks of Newbtr arfd Cnwe-Fean, , He
wa rV)lied to bv Mr. Lews'ftHIiftfcjff bf Snrfj.
Tpyiieato uy jyir. itwamsoi-caro
TLc 'memorial whs referred to thesrilcct com
mittee to whom the petitions of -the jBanka of
Newbcrn and Uate-Fear hart been fefer red,
Mr. Farmejr presented a bill ' 'authorise
the county courof EdgeeomW to lay a tat Jo
dtffray, the cxpenee of building a DuWiji jairiri
8 county. ' t i ' l
The bill eonfirmiug tti? boumlnr hetween
this ate and the stair of Houth-Curplhiaand
year iSV., citabK openoj co nu , . hm (i knA an ftc re .. 6l;c6 t,ftlelr
- . - A .L 1 L ., 4 U tk -IT knod I tin r '
rivers tu
a shield to. tht specie of the hanki ihiW t t 7.
the $anin iinio'answered "every purpose of dos
mestievse ofoney.Ouarantcd hy the faitli .-ti I
bf the tatej and tteevred as it '"werr hy a'1lit-f"jvi
upon the-wholcf propcrty-ln ther state, ' nUth- '
w as aubject tuT taxation for its redenmon: and -r ,
a lenucr n m paymenis, me paper currency. t
wa a muQa wncy as a large proportion of the
not? tssaed hy the banks, the exeeaa of tyLii-li -V
above the specio" in the, banki, revrekentfl uot
i V
mop hut thtfeirifes of the debtors of theliank.
upon whose bon&a , the, notes have issued j iar
.which particular, m ell ecured,bank-iiole
may be as good, eeftainly not hetter than ha
. , Ihi withdrawal of this cor..".'
TJarnes, 'Benton, Boon; Bateinan, Brown, Calla
wav. Jo. Chambers. Cherry, Cnusr, B. Cbam-f whole thereof excent the words A bill?' and
tfers, Daniel, DreSv Davenport, Douglass,' E- inserting one which he. handed in i and it then,
tlieriiige,. u oter, ;jp lowers, reiiou, woonin, as amendctl, passed its third reading.
Gtpfoiu Graves; Hamlin, Hare. C. Harris, Hil- Mr. DieJcina nresented-.a bill oncernin
liard, tI.iseM, Jona'. Harris, ':IIogan,;Hardison, 'stray., Ueadaiid seut to the senate.
Tuesday, Dacemhtr 7.
hill lar Ine re-
Ikes ; Mr. Car-
pauer currency
rencv' from circulation hv .the state bank, and
the prohibition uoon that bank to re-issae
it under its stipuJatioij with the state, has hid
tlie efieet of e'xposingthe specie lathe bank To
ealk friini il hojldert of this hank notes, and -
litva j&b!fcH3 them W curtail their hsincs sf
diseoinji'l.'The observation aud 'experience of
f i - . if j i1 r . 1 - i - t- - tit
yur memonajitis since tn commencement or ? v ? '?
me uiKTuuuns oi inr siaie oanK, nave convin 1.
m, tjiat unaided by the paper currencf! i - t
, . , . - T . m vr.u ... a.wv.. .a. uni UI c .1111 'a
'Pit.anta.n iii .Innwas r-riiiitv. . . . . . ,.. . . ?
w V .11 ii . ' j ' ana course of the commercial intercourse of thi;'
Mr.Mwoy pre8e,4cjU hill to amend an act. wiih -ilt tt..tu ,irftfi.. r J:, "
entijlodan act to prevent the e,rela
small promissory notes or due bills. This bill ,n,u M . ,7 . . ' T"
goes 10 punmi aacu.., ......'.; heretofore. The bahks i
to circulate nue mus.j
IJie hul lor Hie ineo
it in 11 nf!f fki'ftuli.-iliurv
, j luai -specie on nana: anu mai collision oetwei
inc. t: , i.a;ni,f.r:n,. I.,,,,!-, ' tf.mC-.i'.i .
Mr. Pitk-etL , from Ahe select committee, ascibe not to desJ hut are 'williag to beiiev
handed in the ollowing report. results of course and ofneeessity from the proxi
The joint select committee to whom was, re-,' . nr ...pi, p-inKuiKmPfit.' hut irf,;.!. 'mJiUi.
to oversears of roitds,
J creeks, passed their flurd rpadinga.
V ' i Tfl'J.. Than JA -
Mr. Vhifer, in conformity.. wJIUi s a .petition
handed ia, presented a. bill to establish a se-
nn.-jjlp ivp.m in. tlitliAr ril4. , . . . . ..
Air. C Bryan "presented a bill to, repeal an'
. - t &. until a revolution. is cifected in the nature and
are now compelled1 to,
-''. ' n, 'reduce the amount of loans and to pre portion. ?
orporation of the Thes- their igs,ie of note8 , degree4io . . f
r, passed itft thu d read-, tual-pecie on haad . ana4 that collision between. ' J I
Xlili; Itawkin; Wmi Jones, (Hcrtlord) Jordan
Kyle, 1Cilpatjikfianit;r,'
ginn,D. MiIler,'Mebane, 7
.1 " . Tkt M I ln.nT.nn.. aiM.aillail ( It.
Longino,. D. Miller, Mebane,Maey, Mar-' ,: "V ""'". w:
.(. t . l K- ..!:' TJ nf.iji. tir. net ui tuc vnuuiy train i ui tiiv
tifi, .xe'.vav, ruri.iu, x I'gn, v. ivitiviu iv, 11 in.
in. ii i IS m v ij a li ' c? f
I Ml . 1 ( ... At
b it r -c w6 aJ.. cr .sona oiii to amena me aci incorporating me
itsife. Rumn, a. Sawyer, himmons, , . T . , . 1.
4N, ". & ' ..: 6-lr--i-'A-TrrT3-.ir4-urma-JiiverasViiuon company : jvir. nare
riciiiner, u. sawyer, ap?iicer,. Anuiei rH.w-er, . , ... . , ., - . , .,: ,. - ,
m xv ''i W iii! irr.t i,( w-i a bill to amend the act establishing an acaiie-
Tanalerro, Worsley, AValton, Wright, Wil-, - tt, , , ,r. 8 r . ,
r . : ,. . ' 7 my on the lands ol Thomas a, Littlefohu,
t r ne "' t a a i Granville ; Mr. Powell a bill to repeal an act
. MavnatJthe resolution. Messrs. Jesse Adams, i,. , ' .. . , . T 1 , .
-f i t i n n i n .i w n : to make compensation to Jurors summoned to
Johii Adams, P. Ban fnger, Butler, VVm. Bry-, . A .. . .
t t ' w ' S V ni ij r serve' as -Talesmen in the counties ot (-arteret
su D. L. Barriner, Boylan, Blackmail, C. , . . A . , ... i ,
. . m " i '.a. . H.IIII 4k.l-.IIJIIIIIIII. Mil IILI 11 II'niK'1.13 ' II. If, II lllll all I
aad-Mr. iiobcrts a bill to enable iNan-
rry of Carteret to hold ucli property as
she. may hereafter acquire. Be veraily read
and sent to the benate. -- v -
, The bill from the senate for the division-
rectors ol I lie Ji an Ks or cape-rear oc ixewoein
beg leave. to report : , '.
That they have taken the same into .eonsi-
j deration, und viewing th benefits the commu-
Inilv have filerived frpui those institutions, the
Ermri. i;i;irlr. Utcru t'nt. I nmfkhpll. if. I;nl.'
j (LuX" JL?' ' n-;.iif' r'.A..; i county;
mxlBy iilll IHI ISalll, '-ailll UI4, VIUIIIM, VIUIIi .11. -f
i'...,. n:Ac.w n,..)! n:ir
v."J4iin,viF Jivu, vtM ?uu. iiv n.nuii, Aiit4i;j, i ' j -
of Rowan county, was read the first time and
-Ins,- Ffiritier, Fcrinell, GillesV ie,GibsoBrHuck--
abee, Hukc, H'lyle', Jones, (Perqiiimmons') Ire
" dill, W. Vy. Jon8, King, Lighifoot, Moore,
Mf iilloch, M Lcod, fVIatthis, (iwen1, Pinkhum,
Phif?r, Jpe,TWell, Pearce,1 Pearson, Pickdt,
lioberfs, Itinsl Stevvart,iSe;iVL;ir, Shepard,
tVHUlUI WIM Mlllie , WaPLaMflf WlfVll "Will imIfl a iY i a 4 . II jl
m, v -i .V - ' - ishenifof Martin, to collect the
:'ThVrcsluUon Vai'lfiin' r'c'ferreito a 8electHaxr,,"ert,,, 'e8tale'of said Iecead
ji; ,. .'i.,: . '.''i:.'-A n' . -land sent'io tne senate.
I'll 11 niuiiiiji ici , cutnismi ui iTicasi s. 1, ,11119,1 . r -,.. . . . . . ... .
tj-K i- in u' ? '4fi -Mr. (jlle"pie presented a hill to
.Branch and rijwktn on the part of the senate :!,. . 4 ,-, , , ,
T, ,i :t.::. ... i..: i. ,..,.. a Vr. i..n?- 'r-ttheounty court of Bladen . to Jay
iirftii uii mill wi iiic hi . iicaii o. 1111 iiiii, u.
"Williams, Hare, Craig, Johnsoaand Ililliard.
' jZ'T'"jr ""; Tr Friday, Dec. 3.
Mr. jr. fT. Jones introduced a bill to make
.tjie jprotrist of a notary public evidence i! cer
iain eas;s, and to direct Uie manner; in which
aertaiju actions may he brought. Head the first
Mr. Jfl iJViJone&afoo presentedllie petition
dividends and 'revenue-that -the State lias re
ceived fro m the s amri and w 1 ch may be en
hanced by an extensiou of their charters, and
also considering that this sonree of i-evemie
will be lost to the. Stafo by suffering the char
ters of said bawks Jj.tpirc, they are of opi
nion that it will be expedient Tor the legislature
to grant the prayer of the niaiorialists, and re
eotnineud the bill accompanying this report to
be pasftc d into a law.
Accompanying the report was a bill con-
cernwg the". Bank ol Cape-Feur and Newbern
winch being read
fiaof llilltiboroi!
t was moved Uy AJr Kui
ii that it be indefinitely post-
!' Mr. Cherry presented abill grantjng further f0ld- Pyxbh debate, ensued, and the
Htime to the aiministratoni'of Smiti.wkli, late rucd without jcoming to a decsoon.
authorise) j
and col
lect a tax foHhc licnclit of the poor of the saVJ
county. Head, &c. .
Mr, Pearson, from the committee of divo re'
and alimony, reported against the petiu.oii-:
pf Stephen1 Gilmore, Rebecca Bond, Naicv
Ballaird, Catherine - Alexairdjr, M. Grant ham.
Jacob Prry, Jno. l). Mask.
Sarah Bell, and Thomas U
imIs. all
f. ray i tig
rdavnrfra. r. I'ojiriitiii nln nrfpiil i I 'i Kill t.
V Jolin CkvniierAnd Samuel R.Joeelyii,, pray-' Alex. Crossland, of Warren, from his
mnS in: rcmissiua ui xnmxvyn cfimiv 'K" AVif6 L'atliCnne, which wa read the 1j rst time.
fei is. loaned .bv the. state, to cnaole tnem to e
' . - . j . .
: .feci 'certain -salt .woj?ks. Referred- to the com
- (a . '',''--'.' i ' '
HGiuae oj : proposi i rocs ana .grievances
. , . . Wed n escay, Dec. j?', 1813..
Mr. Johnson presented a bill to provide for
. - . . n.n.t .... ' ,i 4 : i a : : : . . ai.. .
'..ilrA5iattrprcsentcd a bill to grant to the' V1C wu iuv utu5 na-uuus, ui-uiexaunr
lj:k. of tli?, VupremQ court the eopy right of the ty of Warron, and to repeal the 1j ws now in
teiMrtsrcases ara-aeti-aHd determined in said regoluTlng the same, Mr. O.nnip a bill
f Otirt ' - '"".-C1'r"-.';.rt" .-'--v ' v " -l regulate the town of Henderson - in Moufgo-
bill to" extemlj.he time ' mery county, provide for repairing the
or 3ec;iri.a: li'i.u
Mr. lleife, a bii( to
to .aiter the .place ol
til - i:,0-ie f elect io;i'in futme, in the. county of l, ji'8 i,lu('e
i,M4oiaar.' Air. lwson from the, coning tee . "'jS m$? of
Mr. Daniel 'Sawyer a bill
holding a -separate "dec
Tyrrtl. Severally read
JKTitrr JjT7rbT2i.!!jitv ,fi dm her htVsbanlcroeTK
-tif .4 ' aS..'.-4.A ! '- ..'I
:M rrV t f Jon f.s -prcTCn t c l"iTh i irio
the tinges, of, holding the suiicrior cour
the' fifth cireint. Read aull referred to a
rtti in
U,.;ctt. .vUy read; the first time.
. . i r f!-'t;ii.u i.wipn(t..l i Fie. jiniinn I rpnnrt ironi
,Ukct-THi: hchai f :f -tbeV,Vau., of the .mee co'iwisl.inspf meinuera .ftomthe counties
ewbern': B a.ik, tiir,g that the ..institution '"'S fa,1 cnit "' .
tad twtiss.fid withi.V.he year a greater amou. ft Mr. AValton, trom the . comnultee to whom
'."..iii.itKin il.w iitl;ri'; HiH "no.t Hi' j,',. luitj been ivleiTed the petition of many of. the
W Hi,vO nTl 4 i. j A i i. ' W ' V " i. -m I. .... . v
fcoiporaVion..; and ".jbat the account of wish ...injlnftaJlta,
'TO THE HOKOnvriLE'THIS oesrhal asse1hbi.y
T!ie Memorial of the Stockholders - of the
Bn:;k of 'Xcwiicrn, Respectfully heicetht That
v an act of the Legislature of l)ecember,.180 4,
al- U I . ... ' I 4.. 4 1. !--.! . 1 Ik'- I ' '
iic o li u ,oii i s iTi-inc unTiK ui ewiicrn were .4 ..-i , ... . . t-Lf-- n j
i i f.ii,(' e 7 ii tits oi banks in this state must be small and u
incorporated for the term ol sixteen years awl . ' i i ,. ,. .. , Al - . . ,
... , i. , ,P iiiiijciiru nuu luittiuuai uucuiiai i-OillBluil utf
soon alter eomineiiectl their dmeniintn. rii i--,. ... -. . .... H ...r. .
siilt.of .this experiment, the first at bankinz o
perations iu this State, was of the most salutary
lef witluh appearance of vanl of amity, hat
in faK all the effects' of direct hostility. With
a capital of $223,Q0Q, the bank of xewbem haV ,J
been TaluuS'e to the state and useful to tlciti'' . ,'f'
zens. In a ;,nipetitipn of doing good, it will'1
not shrink froma.comparison with any institu 1
tionf thesome eapiial $ hut it cannot contend .
in arms against the staie hank, with its capiul
exceeding one million' ohiollaf-a .It's businei ;
must be cramped and its acetf.mmodations spa 4 r.
ringly afforded, while they acf Jjnder theasui ' ,
ranee that every note' it issues, initead of circu
latingin .thetransactioW.of th conlv is laid
aside in the state bank ta hepresented for pay
merit.' Hitherto,' since the "establishment ;,f f tho
state hankj the sOspcniied taCe of edinmeree- . "
and,' the consequent .
forjiremittane'e ''froWthe -'itate4lit''wjant of
opportunities of seading off specie hyt!water
conveyances, with (he interruption by the, war
of that enormous drain of silver, the Ea9tlndi
trkde, and the rc'sjVtte afl'orded by the device of
issuing at one hank, ntes payable at a distant
biirik have prevented a display of tho full effect
oi!the coNscuenee's of Hie want of paper eur
rcney, and of the collision between' the hank's f.
btit experience has saiiicienlly shewn, that de
urived of the aid of pancr ciirrencv. even with-
m. x a . t - j -
out any urtili' embarasments,the future pro-
l!4'J. 1 ' il' 4'- L t-i.'-t.'l'- 11 .1
twecu the banks, will be made still less. J
To the disadvantages to which' the hank of
1 ! ivri.,iw. u ..k:....i ai
4 n i ... a . jicnwrui is buu ccicu imni una ainiB ui iiiii ifb
a luiiii oi capital, previousiv tor-i -i . " ,, , 9
... . . . ... h mi 1. 1' mi in iin wit i ii 1 1 v in ipibpii ira thiha in
tThe estimation afthe stbckholden, is to be ad-"
counts, tine people were accommodated with
loan ,t an .amount greater than twice the capi
tal, titlvahcedx every public institution and un
dertaking of public utility, received the assis
tance it asked ; the imnK:diate necessities of the
country were relieved; punctuality inpayments
improved ; business was inspired with nevTlife"'
and increased activity imparted to enlerprize.
Approving the integrity and prudence shewn in
the management of the institution, the Legisla
ture in. 1807, directed a Subscription to the stock
of the Bank, of twenty-fire thousand dollars,
y $s25,0)0) ia tlie present paynicnt of two-thirds
of which, the State was indulged with a credit
at an interest of four per cent.- per annum.-
I.' ,i . . n .i .
fee vaatti was foniflto be fair and aorrcct.
ashinglon county prayiiii! th
remoral of the court house and other public
.buildings 'from Lee's Mills to the -town of
' M i. ySltiu.ti" t;L-'Aurid..v:' iirc4pnliil' t hp lif titioii :
and oiempriar.of.tlii) Bank of Cape Fear, aiid'n"""! sported a hill for carrying into ef
also th'i memorial ad petition of the agents Iwt.l Pyr of the petitioners, which was
Pti he Bank of NRvbcrk with hills; to carry! M lin, aml ut l 1 H ate.
the same into effcct;ipMylfcXtension of their ' f- Canicron from the committee, to whom
charters ami author ity to defease their Capital iMbenreferd,tlife bill vesting in the supe
Jtock resnectivelv. Referred to a committae Courts, tlie power of granting divorces,
tqasistingof Mesnj i. Pickett
' fovnet aad xarmci.' on the
Mr. Cameron pri 'sentcfi
Aefof last ; sv?sr,iui incorporating
1iver Navigation C 'onipany. ,
Saturday. UecAt.
m,;!.. renortcu a new oiii as an .amendment, which
,e part of the 1-nuse. -was read tie. first time, aud aent to the Senate,
r' Mi a " i .t. Mr.' Callaway presented' the following re
la bill to amend the,!,,.;. - . r ,
the Neuse
Mr. ir?M9 presen ted the petition of a number
f the inhabitants i f Brunswick county pray
ing that the courts of said county beheld here
4ifter ut Lockwoo I 's folly.
iIr.M'Cnlloch. presented a hill to Establish
ilnirs inthe town i'.fSalisbi:y ; and Mr. Vail a
oi'.l td rrgulate tij c inspection tifraayal stores,
lifa.d the: first tin e. - . r ' v
A messagcwai received from his excellency
1 In1 governor invi liiig tbc attention of the hoe
a'o tii suWect of -obtaining proper scites for
I iirht-lvrise8 and lj"rtilication.'' Referred to one
rfhTcommittee on the governor's message. ,
The bill . venting in the superior court the
g; iircraf'aatim;; direr wastakoa up. Mr.
1 Whereas there is ho Existing law to compel
Quakers, Dunkards, Moravians and meuonists,
to muster and be an arms,'.t)thVrWise than in
case of invasion and insurrection, and as we
are involved in war, and as it'isrjust' that ho
part of the community .that is known by our
laws, should be exempt. ! .
Resolved, That a joit committee be ap
pointed by both houses to take infoj con
sideration ihe expediency of passing a' law t
compel them td bear arms" or to pav a fonr
fold tax, so as to take some part in the p'reTvuT'
contest, and. that' they report by bill r othci
ivise. '' ":. '.' ' '--r ."i v;:,,-
Mr. Cameron moved that the reflation bo
postputieil indefinitely aud the (jncstiou beiu
taki'ii by yeas and nays' was arrid.- . . j- "
leas ,4ays 81
r rum the commencement of , the institution to
ceived a divideiid never less than ten p
per annum j and the Stats, since its subscrip
tion, has reeeiyje'd in dividends aud tajt, thu sum
of twenty-two Ithorsand eight hundred dollars
ar.dfijfty ceuts, (52,800 : so) at JLhe the rate
Qffojji,tijpusand, seven. hundred and fiftyilol
lars aiinually, m ithout any diminution or charge
upon ihe su-iu subscribed, which still remaius at
fthe disposal of-the lesislatitre. .On reoeated
occasions, the necehisities of the State have been
relieved by loans to the public treasury, and the
views of the general government advanced by
a 'loan at six . per .rent of twenty-five thousand
dollars (825,000)' (one ninth of the capital of
the institution) the. M bole of which stock the
bank yetTetaius. -; During the period of five
years, the state has had three directors at the
board, from whpSe observation aud report, the
legislature are assured of the Upright und laith
fat discharge by the bank of all its duties.' So
fart' he view of the. institution and of its opera
tions, presents only matter for exultation the
justification of past confidence, and the sanction
ol future pronuse and hope. But your memori
alists heg leave to represent, tbat from tlie es
tablishment of the utate bank in the ysar 1810,
vud .the occurrence of fireumstancei flowing
from that estaljlishment, their "prospects are
Changed, and thrly are now compelled to euter
iain .le.Vs favfirable views of the future activity
a in i usefulness of the institution upon its present
tajfafioti.Mbiclrviews tley feel -bouud to
a u bin u '.to the consideration of the legislature.
? The paper! money of this slate not beinecur-
Iraai beyouu. th Ituiiti of the state, was ia the
led, the" annual tax of one per- cent, per annum,
from .vhich the state hank is exempt. In deli
berating on the state and prospects of the insti
tution merely ai stockholders, calculating only
thepromdtion of their individual interests, your
memorialists do not hesitate' to determine that
under existing circumstances, their funds. .vest
ed in bank stock can be otherwise more profita
bly 'employed;., that the charter of the bank of
New hern is not, worth retaining,' & ought there
fore to be surrendered to your honorable body
from 'whom, it was received. But as citizens
interested in the prosperity- of the state, the
-ciHNrt-ove rloK4 be i nju r y-v h e fr-the-s tate-wi
sustain by theloss f the revenue it annually
, - - aa . . 1 1 1 .1 1 a , .
present period, the Stockholders have refWf tne nanK j frxo oeappre--,
ad a dividend never less than ten bercend?1111'51 li50mmUl"t ould the credit and
iiiuney oprrutiojw i tue wiiuic siaic ue at in
V-. a . ' '1 . il t ' . O ' I . 4
coniroui or me mercy oi a single institution
y. ot a
whose rcGourses may not be adequate or whoso
direetiou (indifferent to the public opinion from
the want of a competitor, a rival candidate for
publie favor-may not be disposed to relievo .
the wants either of the state or its citizens.
. Remembering that the Legislature of 1811
have i promised to grant a Charter to no net
bank during the continuance of the State Bank S
bi?lieyiijg it tobeinthe power of the Legisla
ture,evenif disposed to respect the inanely
promised by the Legislature of 1811, to pre
serve the profits-resulting from, the" B a.nk of . "
Newbern to the State to renovate the prosperi
ty and extend the utility of the institutiouto
the citizens, and without enereasiig the tax to
enlarge the revenue derived from this objeet of
taxation; they think all these advantage
worth attaining, and in their conception, they
perform a duly in submitting to yor honorable
body, the following propositions, at the means Z
of preserving the usefulness of the said Bank,
i. That the charter of the Bank of !Vewbelri
be extended to the same duration as that of tho
State Bank. -. . " : '
2 That it he permitted to enlarge Its . enpr-
tal to an amount equal to that of the State -
Bank. ;V 1
3. That it be at liberty to establish branches- ,
wherever they 'shall, be -thought necessary. -
The adoplion of these measores, by enlare-
tngthe banking capitKl of the State will affwd
tho otaio the roady auaus sf buiuiii loans to
4 .
..-' I.'. , :

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