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tnd who now UiyWHak they are infjrmea, end believe It to
ory'eeiisive journey and ageneie j will
1 1 (redaee tne rate ai npepv q ne
s'Vr 000 WiHglVe loi ihe SJate,Vnb her Tte of
, t' v. "TAXatiOtt inanjiereioiorp impoaeu, wc imr"
Tftonrece iVe bnt WhVusaml twe4iundred and
Hfi r, and in piaemg the Bank upon aa equal
t ' oatiog so oou as tbe audit lonal capital k hall
V-be subscribed, will give dnd preserve a balance
' f per, ; eUher , wake the institution!
i friend by making Vkenequaisj or bymakjng
their respective; counteraction more enefuve
; 1 ' ' '.render their hostility liarmle, and leave their
1 T I , f Ability and inclination free! to attend to the only
legitimate object of their charter ; the good of
I r Hhe- State, and the interest of the Stockhbld-
i. - i.Av...ri:i f; .vl w" v Fvov5. -7iJ5 io ine miuua laws.
Cape-Fear Bank ha never vet been taken t and '
that: the Leeislature of 18 1 I brovidins for1 -the
accomodation of the public whenahe Bank of
r 5' 1 1 i ' i- tm-j-i. ."! .. 1 4 ..s- -
uape-rear aim newiiurn buuuu cipnc, rciju.ii"
ed in the apt before referred to, ihat the 'book
of the State- Bank should be then opened for
the subsenptioh of the-; whole of the remaining
message whicare.
Mnanv for-the urpose of renderiPff nayi-f H;Wtnri..ntl Kill . . -J
ornr. - -
appoint eotnmissioRer
of tlployrri i of JLumbertonj I
row setter reeuiauon oi ine roam ia -ftmniii nn hr:jratahim hk i,;k: .v .
on Wraliy real thjfiMi "nt ci Read and ien
the i k :.;--'rt':-u-'':'zi.;-;r'l'-MrrBMiii';nrMentea a hill f i?T''
MrVmeeleJ 'from -,the committee on so moch;-imM 0f -erti5n nmon ia On.lw p... . ?
earefuUV avoid any controversy with the loeal
Banki.!TiMj,hii;h respaet for yonr lion irable
body wohM forbid oh a course. Its Optra
tions in ivery resiect have been condircted with
a view io lOinr ics enamm wim me leeiS"
sion of the militja laws reported a bill to amend
the muitia laws of this state, which was
the 'first time and sent to' Uie senate."
The hof asreeably to the order of' the
.rnend Mr Hill pfwented a biU to authorise tl
!Tea5I , eommiBsioners of the town of Louisbure to
-" i ii. i .01 . . 0 lcr
day resonied th
the select com
i.. a 1 - . 1 , r . . charter and
y ..w ",-,y-Vl ruuc . bern and Cane1
M: tt t..e paper carrency. u is hound,! . c .s
c consi
f in
deration of the report of
reiaiivc 10 cxienuin iue
s the capitals of Ncw-
lessr. illiams, Car
ed the motion for in-
it lTAlH .T J -.(1114
4 oiiestion was taken hv
uestion of postponement
. i Voiir Memorialists cherish the idea, that the
... Jmt: . 1 1- J. ti.... -i
tavant cmzws, Bey kud Ioseas fi'J nays CO
hn derWtMirrOrtitlieir institution, me iiopar-ioner wiin conicrapw-1 ir wwicci hi reiusinzt ' r
, tiality and liberality wltWwhicH it acepmmo- .i obi Mr Hoean prertnted a bill te.tablis'hand
' datioas bavc,beeo..extciU.iavery.airecuonne-nope oi Prevenv.uc buuk ,rom. ,,nSt ,ay 6ff a4Wimthe.andJi-of SNbaliiGardiieri
ttnl i!f nn rnrrn inrreetnens of their nroceea-i 11110 operation : ine oiaie uanit cuaner com- . . r..i.ii.
r ----- - - . . 1 11 ii f . 1 , .. mine eouniv 01 naiiuoiim.
Head and sent to
a ings, give this their representation aft honora.,peuea me nanK 10 reueem us notes wnn 8P'cie- tne 8enate - i '
'tj-i T.WeeWai to the favorable consideration the .SPuh on8tilHa wav greatly at variance nie biM to alter and regulate the elections
, , 'Legislature.; Nor will .the supenor wisdom of with a system ot policy calculated only t. enrich . le count asse(1 itst1,lrd reading.
the legislature fail duly to estimate the ad- Uie htockhol. erS; No wonder the Nowbern R ,R fJitntQ(l a bill to conIfrm Bnd
& : Vantages Wheh the propositions of your Memo- Bank should divide twenty per cent, as safely makeva,i(l certaiii conveyances for lands in
'! ri'ltt.' ree.t to their acceptance, uor to m ,ght the issues have made hve times twenty, tfti . gtate male Ivy husbands and their wives
'I'U' weiirh the iniuries which inmeihS from their I lie people at large, had no altemative but a c;., mj un
rejeetionr and "the dissolution of the present Newbdrn or Cape-iearnote, or the ragged pa
charter oft be Bank of Newbern
' la behalf of the MemonalistR,
i WovembeY, 1313c J
per currency, both without credit abroad, and
received only from necessity at home. It is. a
fact too notorious . to be denied, that these Banks
had collected nearly all the specie in the State,
and there was no' possibility of reaching a sin
gle dollar without their consent, except by' de
priving them' of the paper jnoTiev. Placed in
-. . . . . . . . . .
T the Honorable the General Astemhly othis situation, it maybe asked, what had they
tfifwr-- 'pxWorfhCarolina. to fear fr$rm a return of their notes ? And
; The Stockholders of the State Bank of what was there to hinder them from issuing
' JforthlCarrilifca, at this time attendinsr their with perfect safety as ninny millions aw they
'knnnat ncting, btjng inor med U'.at.the Agents pleased ? If the va ilts of a Bnk can by the
f the IHoks of Newbeni and Cap-Fear have oticy or the directors be torever
petitioned vonr lionorablevBod? to extend their of no consequence to the holder
eitaners vaml increase-f their caiutals : and wneiner tney contain snocic or not. in vain
lia'vtagreftr.nte6Teopi8)i f .SBwdiirion "' he"may call 5 he will be tnformed. as once was
irQnlated atiarge wh"rejy the yo'oy of the the case with the local Banks, that "It is the
''acts.of 1810 and 181 i$ devising a oiode for re- pleasure of the Bank to redeem in paper mo
de aming the paper-money is condemned and the nev."
tdlidil'j of tlie'laUsesf both acts pledging the f he Stockholders of the State Bank beg
faitfi of the State to grant no olher Charter du- leave further to represent to yoiir honorable
jring the contiuoauce lof tha State Bank question.' body, that by the charter granted to the local
' i .;aiid lr.ep.reeatiP5 te ' the : Leictatare .'the Banks, it will be perceived that the capital of
licnefits te ba1 derived by the State from such a both Banks-was contemplated 'to' be in specie.
faeaiorerrfeel themselve&lalkdiipott respect- The
,folly to represeHt to your honorable body. .be. paid in gold and .silver eoin, whence it is
That liaving been 1 incorporated- by Hie Act of , fairly inferablo that the bills were to be redcem
4310, books of suliBcriptiou wer openedpdjed ouUf the stock subscribed : that one prinri
after many faciiltli? throwa i their waV by pal object expected to be obtained by thfrpu1-
lHe7MilISarTl)r;Uie -Iewoe,rR anil Vape-rcar.i'c n pajier 01 vencr ctcuii iunn uir einissions
' were enabled .to lot this Mate. How far. such was in theeoii-
Senale. - -
Mr. Campbell presented a bill concerning a
part of the militiaof Umnberlan.l countv and
Mr. Benton a bill further to provide for the
widows or persons dying intestate.
The bill concerning divorce and alimony
was rejected 67 to 50.
Tuesday, Dee. 14.
Mr. Kilpatriok presented a bill to incorpo
rate a military- and literary oeiety in Lenoir
county ; Mr. Drew, a bill further to regulate
the fisheries on Roanoke river ; and Mr. An-
flarcnn hill In a it mir? nn not liiatf inn Knmr
A ' ' I f ' 1 a " 1 null Mill fcW Ullll U f . L l.Vtlll'B NU w
irectorsbe torever locked, it is i lia .,i;,i K. th m,i,.n f;-
0 e bins . sjia jn fntre nroeeed to recover damages.
Banks to discount notes, they
procure the -subscription and 'payment of suf
ficient stock to commenes their operations.
That their difficulties at t his period were more
pressing from the entire want of specie in the
band pf (he'pedleVand their inability to ex--traet
itrrom the Van'ts of the Banks That
teiitplaiion of the grantees, piay probably be
ascertained by the course 'they have pi:rti:ed ;
but it is qnite evident the c ircnlahug inedium of
the State wn not bettered in credit.
The Kto.cklialdcrs ask leave further to shew
to you r Jio narajj e body , that fee I i :i g the m s e I ves
. . 1 . 1 t a' - it. . ill!.. A Xfri'n-liAM t llAlinH Kv 1 1 1 . 1. tkntma n.mant i t I. Trio ilafit
. 7. - ... 1 A I . I t ft - I
ami sausueu iney were cmpiDypa in a niiainess
both politic and 'lonorablc, because sanctioned
and Cape-Fear were so" depreciated in this
State as to become a- Rtibject ot general com
plaint : and in the neighboring states passed at
adisebunt of from if; to 12 perVccnt. In this
JtfLoXllM-BSlijOeamc iwpossibjehatthe
State Bank couil make HTjeral discounts; be
CftUse; being-established lipon a spVcieeapital,
and required by law to1 redeem its notes in spe
cie, they obtained Credit abroad, and when is
sued, were either bought on a premium for re
mittance to an ther state,' or iu a short circu
lation found their way into the Newbern or
Cape-Fear Banks Thatlhese; Banks at that
time were pressing their debtors with, a heavy
fcandyojfbring some mitigation 'for payments
In pc,hihlwi.oitsJfied .''by MoteV: of 'the
State Bank. The notes issued from the? State
Bunk w ere necessarily sought for by the mer
chant for remittance, and the debtor to these
The hardships of the people, and the
Embarrassed condition of thetatcBank sprang
from the same cause. The paper currency in
'the vaults of the Banks of N ewlem and Cape
Fear, by which they'sfiieWedrthtrr specif ren
dered it" impossible for the Slate Bank to he
useful to the people at large or profitable to
the Stockholders. -The Legislature of 18H
saw it in the, sam; light; abd a committee
fro,n their b4y was- -eoofar wilh
the AgMiU of the State Bank to remedy the
oviU It was then evident that the community
want obliged to bear the evils Ihey.wep then
oppressed with, until the charters ofJbee pri
vafe Banks expired, unless some plan was de
ris;'d byhieh they should be deprived of tlie
Mer currency . Tiat money belonging to the
I it, hail long been a reproach, to her ;
Sfe emitted it in a time of ditliculty .These
Ba'iks had acquired it, not in payment for
toitk ; tney were required by their charter, to
revive nothing haigtM knd silter. "They- ac
. quired it not in the ordinary course of receiv
ing, but by eirchangesryi-.- -;" .
Upoa a eonfeieiice between a eommittee of
the .Legislature, afid the Age tits of the State
Ba nk?, a com part wa formeil. It was solemnly
agreed by both .parties, that the Stnta Bank
bhould take up on or bfore the 17th day of
Ijeeembec, 1817, the whole of the paper money:
at which tiiue it ceased to he a tender, ecept to
the State Bank. The State Bank also conce
-rdod to the State foil dividend npt.ii 2.j()0
wlcn the State had paid for. about Ton
fc'uYres. The .State, as an equivalent, on her
part Kfjreftl t allow ttie Mule i3an - to regain
ii - i.fli..p i.rrits from dividend, four ner cent
jj.Uri;ira til Xar nttyzM fur $ to oatoidj
by -the approbation of the sovereignty of tjie
State; they witb good faith' embarked ii; their
undertaking, and have forced the vaults of the
local Banks rtaken- from them th-paper mo
ney given credit to their bill by compelling
them to redeem with specie, and, relieved the
citizens of the country from the heavy loss they
sustained by the depreciated .condition of their
Bank bills. -Thus have the Stockholders pro
ceeded iu their undertaking with the State, and
intended, if permitted, in true faith to finish
the whole.
The Stockholders have been led to make
this detailed statement, from no other view
tha as fitrnjjshing it reason for the dissatisfac
tion and dipplcasureof'the local Banks, and
their manifest anxiety to destroy the State
Bank and throw again into circulation the pa
per monev, without which, the v say, "nop
fits" can he made by banking.
1 he Stockholders forbear to remark any
thin? to your honorable body, upon the adequa
cy of the consideration which the State receiv
ed for pledging her faith to grant no?other
charter. IUs confidently hopi'd that yoar hon
orable body, to whom the power cf making such
grant U wisely ewnhdi'd, stand upon ground too
elevated to be; teinpted even to listen to a -better
bargain :' And the Stockholders, beg leave, to
assure you, that their; conduct in this respect
has not arisen from any distrust in your honor
able body, or any suspicion that you will re
cede from the plighted faith of the Legislature ;
but solely with a view of laying before you a
brief history of t he local and State Banks, aud
placing en proper grounds the pretension of the
former. On the contra'Vi they are fully im
pressed with the high standing of the Lcgisla
turej anuWibnceiv it would be unbecoming, e
yen to doubt your readiness to perform your
engagements, and therefore forbear to say a.ny
thing upon the obligation of the, contract enter
ed into bet wen the Legislature and the State
Bank, lliey tcct satisnea that that body, w hie h
is a compound of the collected w isdbm of the
State, and deservedly placed above tie 'fair, on
account of their wisdom and integrity, will at
all times be found a safe depositary will iu
every instance act according to jthe trae spirit
of its promises and would reproach vrith high
censure those w ho would presume to supplicate
a favsr inconsistent with its honor and dignity.
By rfcr of ttie Meeting,
r. J. UAKKu,'
feet the titles of the owner of lots in sMrlu.
Read and sent to the house of commons.
; A . x ' Wednesday, Dec. i5, :;':
. Mr. Branch front the committee appointel
to enquire into the couduct of Mr. Stone hand,
ed in the following report : , -
The committee appointed to enquire into thr
political conduct of David Stone, esq. u So.
nator from this state in the Congress of th
17. States, respectfully report.
That it was to have been expected that ant
man who valued the.hoiior.ov the safety of his
country would iiol have: withheld that iJV
Avhichr was indispensible to tlie preservation of I
both, much less was it fb . be anticipated thai
one who to the duties of a citizen hatf superadd
ded the strongest professions of his apprsli u
tion of the measures of t!e eneral goverrrapnl
in entering into the war, wbo impliedly il naj
expressly avowed himself among the foreiii4
of its supporters, wouUFEave t-dopted a cuars
of conduct directly opposite to that expM.i f
hy his constituents, aud hostile 'to the lioona
and the i.'iierest of his country.
This has been done by the honorable Dav! : "
Stone. The sentimcnis of the people of thl
State and ofthe Legislature, at its last session, .
were unequivocally in faybr! of ,a: proecutioa f "
the war in wfcich the U. S. was engaged vjtk
Great Britain. Their opinions We: e known by ,
Mr. Stone. And those professed by him" were
inuniso'i with (hem. ? Uoder these ptofejsiOBf""
he was 'chosta : iehatoY. - No cireumstanet ,
has ever occurred to alter the- opinion of the
people ofthis state, or of that body by 'whH
he was chosen No circumstance could ocettt -which
would authorises ehange of those opin
iona, so long as we value: our natioBal charac
ter and desire that the peace which we so ar.
deutlywisb for mav be obtained without (hV
grace. Yet we fin that for reasons which hi
thought proper to iihhold from the people of
this state, thejcomlnct ofMr. Stone has beet
directly in opposition to bis professions. And
w e are forced to believe that he avowed prim
ciples w hich he did not possess or that he has
without cause vhaiigrd tlitrtourse of his politic
cal conduct,' whereby he has. as fkr as hi
voice or his exarape could extend, jeopardized
the safety and the interest of his countrj.
Justice demands that thoe who ar fightine
our battles should receive the support, confide
ing in which they enlisted under our banner.
IIon r forbids the adoption of aay measure by
which our national character may be tarnish-,
ed, and policy dictates a vigorous prosecutio
.of the war, by w hich we may obtain an early
1 1.1. f. ' f
ana nonoraoie cermmarion our.
Resolved, therefore, that the said David
talidnsaud incurred the disapprobation of t!ii
iieneral Assembly. - - -
Mr. Murphey jnoved tliat this report be re
committed. ;Lost43 to .17: !
The tame gentleman then nioved an indefi4
Inite postponement which was likewise nsja
llVell 41 lu IV.'.' ." ....
The ones tion on adontinsr the renort and ra'4
The bill for the division of (he regiment of isolation was then taken and carriedYeas 4
uavsl8. "' i;'- . -- : 5
YEAS Messrs.- Atkihsoh, Arpold, Allen
Read the first time and sent to the Senate.
A bill to pro vide for t he pay meni of witnes
ses in New-Hanover ; a bill for the better gov
ernment of the city of Raleigh ; aud abill res
pecting elections in the county of Warren, se
verally passed their third readings.
Re'ceived from. the senate a bill to alter the
time of the meetings of the Legislature of this
state; a bill to establish an uniform mode of
taking toll within this state ; a bill making
further provision-for the owners of strays ;
and a bill to raise a poor tax in the county of
Mecklenburg. Read the firstgtime and return
ed. A joint resolution that no bill of a privato
nature shall be received after Friday next, was
concurred in.
Received from the senate, a bill to amend
the several-acts regulating the inspection of
(lour in tlrfs state, which was read the first time
and returned. ... . '
. The bill fur the removal of certain uits in
Lhe$ y per i 0 r ico u rls o f Law amf Lquity was
read the third time and passed
The bill more eiTee.tuallv to mitigate the e-
verity of executions was postponed indefinite
ly 8 Mo 30.
Wednesday, Dec. 15.
Messrs. John Armistead, Bryan Whitfield,
Gideon Alston, Thomas Ke 11 a n. Robert "B urlon
and Benjamin Robinson were chosen council
lors of state for the ensuing year.
Wavne passed its first reading.
Mr. Loft in presented a bill to alter the times
of holding the superior courts of law & equity 1 Bower, Bell, Ballard, Branch, Brulon, Doddieg
for the countv of Lenoir : Mr. P. Barrinaer a ! i'toM pi,.,v; vn-..iJ-'i.., , v,.rrr-
bill to amend the act for the better observation iFaiconer, Gillespie, Gurrot Hampton, Holme,
and keeping of the Lords day, and for the : Hoskins, W. S. Hiiiton, Hawkins, Hill, Jones,
more effectual suppression of vice aud iramor- Longmire, M'Farland, Moore, Nance, Ovens
tality. Read the first time and , sent to-the Philips, Rabburne, Reddick, B. Sanderson, Ti
Sanderson, Shufford, Wingate, N. Williamt-
jwcll, Fuller, Foy, J. Hinton, Johnson, Mr
phev, M Kinnic, Parker, R. Smith, peigni
Slade, Stewart, J. Smith, J. Wright, J. nil
liams, R. Williams 18. Jr
of militia in Orange passed its third reading, t NAYS Mess"; Bender, Bodenhamer, Cald'
iur. urew prescnieu ine iououing resolu
tion: .'..-:. '.'' -:
jtesolved, by this General Assembly, that it
is highly impolitic and manifestly cntrar to
the sound policy of this state, and,. the due and
impartial administration of justice that7 any of
the judges of this state shall be a director of the
Slate Bank of North-Carolina or of any other
Bank. Made the ordarof the day for Thurs
day. '. 1 - "
A bill to divide Buncombe county was in-
definitely postponed 6 to 51.
A bill to suspend execution for a time there
in mentioned was received from the, senate.
Mr. .Pickins moved that it be indefinitely
American Intelligence.
From the Montreal Gazette, of November IP
H.Q.Ln Chine, Uth Nov. 1813.
His, Excellency the Governor General n
Commander bf the forces, has received from
Lieut. Col. Morrison, 89th" regt. the official i r
xur . 4mCiw." .....vcu i..u uc icuc,y port of the lion whi6h tQok ,ace oa the utn
postponed Not agreed to, W voting for and lflst Crysller. Farm, 20 miles above Cora-.
67 gainst the postponement. The bill then Lval, bet4 th(, co of ob8ervation, coi!;tr
passed its first . reading. - ; . - . .... . ' thr-M. ami - detach
ment from the garrison of PrescAtt, iindf r LU
Col. Pearson, the whole amounting to alout, 800
cipal division ol the enemy
an vu.
ecedinsf thai action, an aflair too
placenn consequence of the corps' of nf,'r?r
tion pressing on the enemvw!iicii ai,cr . ' " .. ,
conOint terminated in his dofeat, the British -'.
vision oeeupying that night the ground on wkicll
the affair, had t:ikcu place.
On the l lib Lt. Col. Morrison continued hit
pursuit, when the enemy concent rated his forCCi
made a grand effort to "relieve himself fromJi
troublesome an opponent, alid advanced '..
his h?avy column of infantry supported I bv ar
tilier)lnsfrout eovered by anumeroiii bodj '.
cavalry and rilWh, Lt. Col. Morrison rca
back iradaaii,, Ml leek u,p a judicious poiH
'.- ' . IN SENATE,
Thursday, December 2.
Thef eommittea bf propositions and grievan- men, and the princ
ces, to whom had been referred the petition of army, commanded by Maj. Gen
a number of tlie inhabitant of rayetteyille, Mhe daypT
prajing 1 in? rciuuTH,! wi certain onsiriiciions in
a street of said city, reported unfavoraMyto
the prayer of the petitioner. - .
Mrt Gillespie presented & bill to alter the
place of holding a separate election in the
cunty of Duplin. r-" ' ' V
. Friday, December? B.
On motion of Mr. Murphey, -Resolved, that
the committee to whom wa referred th'e report
of the Secretary of "State be instructed to en
quire into the atate of the bid public reeords,
and what measure should betaken for the bt
tr keeping aud preeming the iame

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