North Carolina Newspapers

1 m. e v'
r. 1 :
lyynade choice, of) 1 Trhieli-fl:?re. theTTr,fpt. vawarap,'auer.'wnjcn
t Hi a rivrJ twi rptrmt -ii i j order f o draw thein on.'.T. In IhisJ
r in,t: ' r.m '.uiot: nltrH.n wrr.?irtl "nlft tiirnel .on them, and
jjjn wMefr Uha4treviaas
Uh 'f li'c v.w
n.l a detaenment yt wi?
t. nnrl jftyth r
rvrve, extending aerow 1b?irbad jfiitj
vod occupying & space of W'ffl'd
, rearsotj, nil l, jwutisicr a bajcr.rccAvjjig mc u j -
r!lf;A::-ihikin'iri(lv.adt1ikt'tliAre tfvia to saitManttlts-: anil the'
;arfiw -.under Lt: Anders, lequrea em
a trtk. Tbe action cfrimenced. about i cfptjj;
; ilie afternoon, andlin alf an hour became
. ihc encmv attemij ine to turn thts left
!4m retreated n iUiQutJods, ancUwe Tuvtfd it
ia-bain ffood timei ?xo - v ...7 : , r
J the miUtiad;ayafry werct warTaly eiigaKed;
With the;balance' of pur foreevuich they had
nearl'iiorrounded.'-Llaiih'alf part'of ihe feeld
trounded And hc frjcfldly Iudiansi 3 "killed
imJ ao woundedivThe eneniy'a' Jos supposed
S)i Genera lovd is grounded jn; the knee.
eonfidetie iiv the bravcty and attachtoent of the
friendljulndiatts. "Wo haye"this by officer df-
;eeivMvann qeheved,bere;
jjf tiie lit ittsn, am were reygiayn, VJi) l"
8jth reffimentSiivhieb aived,t.,firib by
the lirina: ;was fota short time tfemend6Haddthe Seja'ajte.
rfta.t-number ere. luUed. hut Some broke
through' the -line .fcud madevfheir escape. We
had then joined tlie brigade ojf.yotuiiteers of
rearand a.11 eomjuenced,lte purs$ti whieh was
wi,i aod platoons. 1 he enemy haying failed
Hiiu allempH -united lucir utmost effort in
.n attack on tne n
Wees of artillery
r ... ' t .aJ iL. ii. ...Io'iIh.aJ
itvin; moved npin ecbellon and forrued in Imefl which . is.he.End). On lokin.oyer the held
.l"bv tho 9th reirt. was not -and countihe the-kilkand whundell, oar loss
laving charged upon the right, and threateued J since dead. Of the India! fi're found
ber was wounded. - Our muskets' were loaded
with shot and ball, and we eertainly wownded
, . ,
vontAil firp of the artillery under 'captain Jack
tan, that they were instantly repulsed, arid by
(.p ranid buriuTt-of captain BarnsTparty a six.
paudder was captured from the.enerayv:, whose
Attention was now solely direeted to. cover the
retreat of his. beaten forces, in this last he, was
f iiel by judicious movenieni of the corps un
der.Lt. col. Pearson, who continued to pursue
the enemj in his flight. r . .
It is with deep regrei.., mat eoi.-.juorrison
rvrismits a list of casualties, eontaininsr the loss
tf several brave soldiers-rrbut .when the- ime.-
ual contest, and the quadruple loss or the enc-
nvi-aud the "importance of Ibis splendid victo-
rv are consiuereu, mc cuMiiiaraiivc ji ivii iu
. . :' : At.-.. J .... a-a LI.. I
wrtlf appear less iniia, 1915m rcuuuuwi;. uc
f inceted. r ' , r. ': ' .
a roil rrr t 1 . T .
mturn oj.ittae.', noinaea ana iiissmg.
Total i: Captain, " Drummers-, and t$ raiik
snd.file kUM'vl.Vafa',.Suhalterna,6Se.r-
ant, and I3t rjLnkand We wounded j 12 run
We learn that an nffleer arrive 4 in to'wn froip
fronch Mills, who left there, on Friday last,
reports that hfi 1 advanced guard of Uen, Vil
kinsn's anntf 'undef brig. gi'iK Brown were
ioupld.elfsuccessfLinxtheir attaiiltijipon a
Inly st, QO of the enemy, 13 wiles beJoy Wil-lumsburg-a
the bridgeorbridses having been
stroyed.over a sqial riy nlet ty the lower.side
if which this forcq. was stationed, .brig. gen.
Fiwa forded the river .about tAvo, miles above, 11 po 11 thej r reart attacked with h i artil le
r and musketry auJ almost literally ent tbean
to pjecesr-jsxcept about 2Q0 made prisoners.
Ii is Vaid Very .few of their whole force made
toeirescaefrs-. ?JC'f'. ' . :
V learni that Gen. Wilkinson, was sick in
lis camp near French Mills, bjit was not co.
lidered danzerouslv ill. .. I'be report of ; hi
s Jibjiaur yesteidaf "a ppr we presuose i
iremature. ,. , y-fy . ' '
WiiUamswj ' me village wnere5wn. uoyu i
tis niraeed wiin ine rear.1 euara oj veu.
Wilkinson's army. Qix , -;
' - 1 ' ' " - f r v ,
Mijor-Gen. Lewis, Brig. Generals '-Boyd
a great number in proportion to the killed 4 so
4hat their losf cannot be called less then 000
Oftrttefday. mornipg he battle was iought,
and W the next day wecommeaeed outmarch
back, (Iianng startert .wUh only one 1 nay s ra
tioMis) Jast night we reached our camp, wore
down with hunger "and fatigue. -
' ; KKOSlVILLR, NOV. 29.
Messrs. Carrick and Dean, f the Quarter-'
master's Department for the East Tennessee
troops, and Moses White of this place, arriv
ed here late last night. "Fjom them we, learn
the followine hiffhlv eiatifvinc intelligence:
On the 15th instant, G;neral White was de
tached from from fort Arjntrong on. the Coosa,
with about 1100 mounted men (including up
wards of "300 Cherokee Indians) for the purpose
of altaekingthe llillee lqwu.i, on the west side
of the Tallepoosa river.
On the 17th, about one o'clock at .night, the
detachment marched within 8 miles Of -the"" up
per town received information from one of
their spies, a half breed and ssn of a Mr. Gray
son, wit had considerable property, and resid
ed at that place, that his family and property
would be sacrificed Uy the Indians on the morn
ing of the next day, if general White did. not
relieve, mm.
Congress 'of-, the United, , f$.-r-ThiB wo
f . . IV -JL r?. i -Atll 'ill.' ' tJL-..z. tv"i-l J
houses met
On. Monjaytheth instaht"nl
1 anpointeithe Hn; 'BJVrnm
their president pro ''Utitr A confidential; mes
sage from the President has been: under, eon-1
siueraiina in ecrei session. , uiyccw i
aap')osed to be, a projeeted- embargo nn ' all un
armed vessels within ourwaters. XPhe 'oiual
committees have been appointed) ei
From the, northward- the navigation of the
lakes arid St. Lawreftee. Is ,undoabtedliat. an
euu.ior mis season ; as tne river is irozen, anu
has been crossed on the ipe. at .Albanv.':;,.:Cb)n
mod ore Chauneey is in vinter quarters of
' 1 ' .1 f . At . - .. V5 tl. . ."
course, aiiu nomine new iromiue miiues uus
jl . ' 1 . . : . . It ' f. n ' . ;
oeen '.-i,-'- . -,
. - -
the Uni'Mtriity ?f 6rv4it,. Tb bilitie of MM" 2" S.
tt.cotlfgvtU,toitiei dwintalm Ast aa iH tlfcVJ?
-frrKotKion coawyiyyr -tonnri:,''r ,rr-:.,mrvtsmr" '.r?y:
' "i il. , i Ti j j ji ')...- '.'j. .p r, I W i'ii -J f f-T- 1 1 i-jii 11 mi - 3'." " 1
he- Oxtbi-avaijf ;
ivC fpBsleei fbf 'tllXy&iffl
lningluye e?tijcrownei ;wiuf m An ltguii't wJ" I
Dlei:aiMl will t ; di': b'iy 'hiJ'tJkdJ
asJmitM,iiwtf wiUi ihe duiies of hi pioicisidn, hir Wiwirtd 'it ?tP i
iAonrXtland Sound bat been declared1 by oH
tder of irJf. B. Warren in a at&t Ht ; Jigoas
oiocKuue .
Timely Caution. The following Stamp Du
iies on all promissory notes to be discounted at
(be Bank, aud 011 bills , of exchange, are to be
paid .11st iris t. - ....
' On any promissory note or bill g
i exchaiige not exceeding glOO 4:
Above 100 and not.exccedinar 200 : ...f
. T
' 000 -:;
4 1000
i 500. -2000
ipOO.:,.; ..
in ffm nmi ui . .n h. .... .... . k t , .
v . vuaveuitnt to iaemta&n.y.
.-Till. AjUmw. AL . .!i 't r . " t t.:.
. ..vTOv,..v miMin mi wwipw eminence njl very1
convenient to tne uf the best JprmgJ. perbaiw, in the world.
:The Trustees Uejhe"mlclvw .ffoin the high, kr and A
healihy situdtion ci ihi Acadmhe'cfteapness of bord, and
me nign aop emma!ing Character ot the gentleman Selected
W'superiaend it, that parent and guardiam jvill find it a Very
eligible tliuaticnln which to place their childrerv and wa.ili.
Thc Trustees plerrge themselves to pay strict attention to thf
no a!i of the students and their depoVtment in every respect.
WILLIAM M. SNEED, secretary.
' ' ' 3tiiljF.'
1 00
1 50
2 00
2 50
3 50
4 00
5 00
After the 81st of Dee. next no promissory
no(c will be discounted at any of the Banks un
less the note be written on stamped paper.
General White with alacrity dismounted
'of his troop with part of .the I
tltmnM M'iMyorl a hie T t 1 am.-11 h i
t -.i:... ...i 4V ! crossing ,the blbe near Torgau.
. . . u in ti iwu ji' r- 1 4 1 hit SkiruKaMV uiiii iva'v 1 1
At the last date the French grand army was
posted in line, extending from 8," E. to N. W.
rom Wesstcg, to the vicinity of Orienbaum,
fore dav lisrht.
Having large creeks to wade,..
aud the van having to tarry some tune lor Hie
rear, which had fallen behind . some distance,
the town was not reached until sunrise 011 the
18th'wh?n (he town vus completely-surrounded
and the savage enemy received our (irst fire
without the least uolice of our approaeh.
They fired several guns, but our men charg
ed home upon them -with loaded muskets a.n.l
e barge of bayonet ; and indO or 13 minute,
they held up a flag, and the firing ceased. "In
this rencontre, we have killed 65 and lakon 2M
prisoners, without having lost a man or a single
one upoHndfd.
Colonel Morgan and his Cherokees acted
with promptitude and bravery ; and every man
left, wh, had his II. Q. near Torgau. The
centre, uider Murat, near Dresden The whole
of courai, under the supervision of Napoleon.
Of twelie corps dL armee. only four .were on
P'irter and Parker, have passed through-town. of the detachment was ardent 011 the march,
uTmgheoursef theast andiresiitweek
to visit their families.UtMaj. Gen. Wilkinson While has since arrived at Fort Armstrong
is removed to Madrid, and is in a good way to
l?ciin his health. VBrigGen..Izard is con lined
W his room in riattsburg,;Dy sieKness.' .es
obusidered to be dangerously, ill. -4 ..
- . NEW-YORK, ;DECk 8. .
Frigate, Pmidenf at sec-Bv the 'sloop Au
lora, capt,Davi, ?vho ftrriyed'bert yesterday,
from Newport, It. I. we learn that the U; 8.
A-igate President, Com Rogers, sailed from that
jK-rt on Saturday night, with a good breeze from
N. N. V The Commodore, laid an embargo to
ill vessels in Newport, , a ,day previous to his
putting to sea. vfy ; -
with all his force and prisoners.
ants were in the engagement.
Our inform-
yniDAY,' DECEMSEH 17', 1813
In the house of commons .yesterday, this im
portant subject was again' taken up. Messrs.
Steele, Cameron, and Brown, spoke against the
petitions of tlie Banks of Neubern and Cane
Fear, and Mr. Stanly replied, to. them. The
question on concurring iii the report of the com
mittee was taken by yeas and nays, and LOST
ayes S3 noes 6,fl So the prayer of the peti
tioners is rejected, ,
YEAS-essfe-Ada msrJoh ndaras, R.
Attract from o letter from coloiiei William Car- Barnesf -'CVrBryari, W; Bryan, Bateman,
.TmII to his brother in Nashville, brought by the Blackmanf Bryan, Cox, Campbell, Callaway
the rightof the Elbe.
. Tne allied armies are thus opposed to this
!tie--lts right and flank by the grand army in
Bohenuu -its centre by Blueher ami BiisiiMg
sen, and Jts left by prince Bernadotte.
! - - '
A very soe e gale wai experienced at Halifax, on the l?th
November it which ai.uost all.ihe vessels in the hutbor sustain
d inju y. Many were entirely lost, and among ' thos driven
jn aiioie wat the La itugue iine ol battle ship.
. Af rjland E'titim. This bdy weton the ICVi tnstani,
P .TJsentleaa has f .rtWo yeslau V.
titiiende4lhe Nitbiih,MineMj Sptinj Acadetny jhibasV
ta'bt ineral Serrts kbcelWayl '
:biclilV'.ialusid.bp..''rii; iitlUniMi mil&Hi'&l IXLtk-l.'V'i i'tW.
'tHiec. 1st, 113.
.y Notice. ;
BY reason of losing my eye -sight! hare ap-"
pointed my 1iend, LLI 2. Wd IT AKt R, my attorney
to sign my name to all coitracts, &c; by tne made, by powef
f atiorney bearing date the 1 8th day of November, III 3, re- !s f
cvirded in the Halifax County Court, November Session 18 IS. A 1
WaXUx county, Dec. 1813. , ;
vhen woolthe members ol th h.use of repieicnti ivei fr m
Ulejhtny Cmmy, apared, a?id after were adin'nted :o
ttvir scat?.- -Ttte iena c it ts asserted, on th;s account will re
i'u e t.) go into joint ballot for governor; and the democratic party
talk lou(tly ub-ut a dissolution of the state government and the
calling bl a ronvtaiioci. There h good' ground to believe h( w
ever, that aijiihi-i bravado wd noiie Will end in nothing j ard
that the senate "wilf hit take upon itself the' responsibility of
forcing the pepl t ne model their constitution.
' William Bojlan
HAS jast received from Philadelphia an ad
ditional supply ot Books, inung which a; ideiullo-
. You have no dnnbt beard of our battle, fought
nihe mornina: of the 9th-r-in a few- words I
an say that 300 Indians were killed. 1 Our loss
43 killed and -85 wounded. . The hardest ot
, the. battle was sustained by fon, compvimes un
der my commana that &rougiu.on.uiexawucK ,
Wcfousht lSiinutes hefore the" balance were
engaged. 1 had'onlywOtinded, and my horse
hot down by an arrow. laarKin uraaiorajyas
.killed. : v --,vV:'"'r ;,'U V:
"M&rul of a Utter from Mr. Johti P. Frwin to
Ctithbertsonv Crump, Crow, Collins, Craig,
Cook, ' Dif'kson, Daniel, l)rew,JEtheridge,
Flower's, Fennel, Gfryton, Graves, Huckabec,
Hare,- Jlasell, Hpgan, Jlill, Hawkins, Jones
(Hertford,) Jordati, Lanier, Mebane, Macleod,
Newby, Piukh'am, Pope, Parrish, Powell,
Pearce; Pickett; Roberts, .Relfe, Rusf,' Sea
well, Sheppard, Smithy Slocumb, Stanly, Ty
son, 1 alialerro, V ail, alton, atle 08.
NAYS -Anderson P. Barruriier, , Benton,
BarnesyBoort, D. Barringer, Bdylan, Browne,
Black,. Bagge, . Uollins, (La1,011 Joseph
PI.., 'Iib,ii. I . .ann . 1 I .1 1 a llttv.n.
ins j rietid iff vv usnvuie , aaiei iun tn .inmuucn) isvi au, ,mj j , .. vn
bn Cwm river. wVWmrVr,13. :-p- C Hport,DougIastBickins, Forster,Felton, Goo4r
If'taiimv tun Unrt r Kefnf e dav! lifftit. and an win. GiUespie.Gibsoa, llollidav. Hamlin, Hoke,
xpresT)eirig about to; ata'rt 'yery early to Nash-' C..arris; Hotye, HilUard, J. Harris, Hardi
ville. l fl.i vo VouaH'ort account of our proceed- gon, . Joyner, Jones (PeruiiimonsO ' Jredell,
ina sine- T 'u rotP List. Oil Suudav evening aJohoston, Kile, Kilpatrick, King, Lightfobt,
Iadian.imA in fold us that there wa an Loften, Lenoir, Loneino, Miller, Maey, Mar-
nny of Creeks, not more than 10 niiles down 'tin, M'Culloh,Mattbi, Owen, Phiferf Pugh,
the river, laying siege to a fort possessed by Pearson, : R. Riddiek',; W. Riddiek, RutSn,
tome of the peace party. General JaeksonlSimtoh Saiwyer, Simmons, Skinner, Dempsy
wide immediate arratienients for marching to Sawyer Spencer, ; Daniel SaWyir, Steele,
aitt:iiL- iKum n th-.if niffKi at 12 o'clock Thompson, Writrht, A illiams,-6.
liwv ' ..I t' ninrill irnf(l 1 - r '- '"-
thip Coose (here 1- mile wide) on our march.
We went that day within 6 miles of the forf,
and having starttl before day next morning,
arrived in sight afthemt 7 clock'. . The
rmy was formed wilb our company, and two" some distance in front of the whole;
'yVeat the distance of 100 yards were hailed,
nd received two heavy fires from the main force
f the efiemy without Wing man.' We then
aivaacwd en llum. and eommsneed a ra pid hrc,
VVimdlal's, Junius Chateaubriand's travels , in Greece, Palaj
tine, Eijypt and Barbary Anicle ol war rClaik's novels in
Gieece, Egypt andihe Huly Land -Walter Scott's Woika, via.
; Marniun, Rcktby, and Layof-thc lat Minstrel Jolstby, a
burle que on Rokiby Guthrie's Geography, btc edition
ti ook's Gazetteer, late eduion - Morsr'g do Liuje & Smi'h't
Mu?ic BooKs Intercepted letters, or the Two-penny Posi-buy
Rejected addresses Horace in I ondoa-Rose am Emilyja
late novel Jctferson's Manuel Hamilton's Works, 3 vols,
including the fei.'e aliit, and his rep ntsosi public, credit, mak
nufactures, 4tc The miscellaneous' works', of 4. Burke
Pope's Works, including the IH4d & Oayssey 4iife pf Coofi,;
the ActorWOuane'a Ivlantry Hand Book du. Rifle do-Ad'
vice to Oenyhl Officers Hints ftw non-comrhijsioned Officers
j--A.dvice to Officers of, the A'tny HoHinjshead'a Company
ext rctses-a-lginal sett. it A Sir John l-alstsff Davie 'I Cavar
y tatties Ie Mem ns of the" war irt the Southern states-
Thinks I T Bays, Says I Wirt's Speeches British Spy
Mm Mitt" rd narrative Poemi John Hull arid B other Jona
;han- Acad' tliy for grown Hoi semena History of Virginia,' JL
vol. late wo k Cavalio's Philo Ojhy-Maps of Canada and the
ea of Wa'r-isiapsif Nohh-Carpliiia-ThonlaS'if' Practice ot
V iy iic A Cure lor Melancholy, a collection 6TAcct!tes
V.bitef', D;iw Tth's, FenningV, Murray's "rd Pisrce's Spe
mg Bo.k", by 'the doieii--Musicooks Music Piper Pock
Bv)ks l-.kstands Red. and black Ink-powder Red and
bl'ck Wafers Senng Wai Lead Pencils Slates aad Pen
Chs Pa.-e- 1y the. ream and qui re Almanacks.
Decirober'7. '. ' '".!', ('
Twenty IolIaMJReward.s .
RAN-AAY oni ilie- aubseriber, ahout
be 15th Kove.mber.'. jfeRRY, a negw roan. sect It
inches high and about 5() yearsVhf Queues hi) hair," which is
ihree or lour inches' hnf, and has'two plaits yf nearly the Sam
length hanging dowrt Irom ihe fote part of his head, and ha
lost, I believe, one of hit ore Mtia, 'Ht. was bora' in Jo'hn uoa
county, and wai 'spW by a Mr J.Anston ia a tfZFitk, who
sold hina jto Philembnll dges,of jCuoiberland,,'lrom whom X
pu chased h,fnu jTbe i above reward wjh be given fordeliverinf
him to me, or Tstf briars lor lectins huniany faol to that
i get mm.-;-; ..: ,r'. : , : , ' ,.; A:,-.' ,v ;WM. POLK.
RalaigbrT)eCj4'T ' y;' ,f.
k-u-. . "-- '' ty; - I i ' I ir i ' ' . '
State of Nofth-Carolinaf. .
". ... " V
Court ofrleai and Ouarter-Sesaiomt.
-r r ; November Term, 1813.' (
John and Melus Nisbet tr. John" Martin.
" ' - ' ' . - I-T T-
, OatOtNAL ATTAtHMlNT, i ' ' i
- Levifd on negroes Febby and L'-wu.horjes fce, .
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the, eonrtV
that the defendant il not au tnlubitanl ol tins state, inert
lore it is ordered thai publication be made in the Raleigh Mi-
flervafiJr-three-weeksi that unless he aj-pears at the next se siort
ol this court, (o be held at the court hVuie in Sutetvitle, -on tt
third Monday of l'ebrua y nest, replevy an4 pWadk-judgmen
wiil be ente ad against hint. . . , '"
2, -,t-.:. -r JOHN KISBET, c. a
- v . Court of Pleas and' (arter'Ses$iofy
..... November Tr, 1813, -Siii'reShearmlnJ'
asg. i'. HowMl Rose.
' MAMED Sq'tllKF, &C &C. .
IT is ,rdered,lhat publifeatlon hereof be mado
in thi.- Mineiva for three weeks, in succession, fur the iie
leiidnt t come forward, replevy the property," and plead to
itiueor jtt':jtaeiM(wUl be'.. catered aigtceable'tb law, and tho
propsrty levied on be subjected to the payment of the plairtiT
debt.' '. '", Witness,',. ' ' '., ''"
. 24 1 p ' '""' "; .. S. SVEED. clerk.
' State of .lVorth-C'aroUna,
ottAKae couwtt.
Extract tif a Utter from C6l.Jienjamin jHaw
kinsy to hM Excellency the governor of JV.
Carolina, dated f ' ''''. ''
-'.'' : ;4,-CRtEK ACENCY4 DEO. 6.
"A detachment bf'igur-army, Commanded by
Gerteral Floyd in person, -aided! by some friend -
iy lpaiaos, iiuu au ciiiijaiiieui svn tne cwcjuy
at Auttossee, hve miles below lot
en the )th nit.
We had 11 killed and H
Sale Postponed.
ON account of an improjjpr seizure of some
of the property, hcreV lore adve tised as belonging t
ienson Card, tia tale thereof is Amber postpoistd until Tues-
lj the S8.aiot .anto On that day will b$ offered at public sal
ue rtht Ot 4d Card to the house in which he now resides,
.'ihet improveinetut on the lot kaowa in the plan oi the city ot
Uteiglrby(.38, who a wagon, gear and lour hwrses.
rr ' . - ' - i. " BEVERLY DAKIEJL, Tius ee.
RaleiintOtevlI. r . 394
Court of Pleas and Qmrter-Sessiont.
J 1 l . 'f -lata
Jacob Boon vs. John Powell,
.aiOIMAt A-TTACHM.SItr,;-.
IT appearing, to the satisfaction of Ihe eonrt,
, now tittiag, tht John Powtll, the defendant in this luiv,
m not sti inhabitant of this state on raorkm, it is ordeied, ih:;
publicaitottbe marteinthe Rajeibh Minerva for three weekly
that unless the said John Powell appear at the next court, to he .
held for laid county in Ihe fiurth Monday in February, 1814;
and plead,' judgment will be entered up against him.
3tp. Tesr, ' jlAr ..Ult, C c.
; Sttte of North-Carolina, " , t
. . " PITT COUNTY. ; , ' v
Court vf Pleas and Quartet '-Sessions
: ;; ... .iJlugusLTermjASiZ, '
"Wright Tucker versus Alexander Nelson,
Levied on a piece of land, suppoted to contain one hundred anfl
twenty acres, adjoining the land of Gilei Nelson, EjJwarfT
r UaiighenghoBst, Samuel Tuten and t vui Ada mi. . ;
XT appearing to the iatisfaptiort of the eon r.
jk-jfwk the defendant in the above Cat is not ii inliabita' t'
this staU! oidercdt that?publicati'irj be made In the'tltfineiI.'r
ihree ir'ontht that unless the ' defync'ant appear at the nrxr-i -Hicceeding
term of this court, to be he'd for this county n
court house iri'G'eViiville, on the Monday in Nfcvrmlijt
tod February nest, rtpltvy and plead, judgment wtHhe entn
v agahut him. ' ..' . .- y""r '- ' '
14,eow3sip. ' Test, ALBXAWPER EYAS'S, ' ,

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