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    f UTTMl TTfS 77 77. Ti JTI O
JVo. 6.
Yeas 26: Navs 10.;
Tbe remainder of the amendment
was then also rejected.
On motion of Mr. Lowrie, the fol
lowing provision, being the last in
the bill, and amongst the penalties
for defrauding the, was strick
en cat) viz.
"And by standing' io a pillory not
more than three times, in open day,
if some public place, during one
hour at a time, which standing in a
pillory, when inflicted more than
ooce, shall be on different days."
The bill was then ordered to be en
grossed, at amended) and read a
third time
Mr Johnson, of Louisiana, from
a select committee. reDorled a bill
'. n:ulimf ntatx to the several acts for
ii it v r ' w m r sr .
-.:.... IiAorwITherS-'aJiustin2i3i8 cuims to Ian J and esta
uiibuiiii: l.anu winces iu in
east of the island of Npw-Orlcarts 5
tmi of Subtcrtptton . Three dolkrs per
one half to be paid in advance. No
ffirto be continued longer than thre
"T. Vr a vear's subscription be-
nTceVreof Lllhave
iK&w eWi;4,14 lines, arc
d tr 'cc for one dollar ; tor twenty-
' ...,.-.,. c.Wmwnt insertion 1 and
in like proportion where there is a reater,
r" mber of line, than fourteen. Tbe cash ,
Ut Hccom;ny from those persons un
known to the editor.
rtNo subscription can In any case be re
ceived without payment of at least gl
50 in alvairt:and no dUcon: .nuance with
out ji.yment of arrears, uules at the op
tion r ri'll'ir.
TI0naflyi ecr. is.
Tbe resolution ofllrcd by Mr. Ro:
hn-ti, declaring the admission of the
jtaie of Missonri into the Union,
yfM read a serond lime.
The report of the committee, ad
vcrja to the reduction of the coinpen
lition of Members of Congress, w ith
.1.. ...T.,.mlmint. croins? to alter the
'tenor or that report, wa next ou the
orders of the day
Mr. Barbour, moved to lay the
resolution on the table. .
Ve-ts 17 ; Nays 19. . ... -
So the Senate refused to lay the
report on the table, and proceededta
ocn'cr it. .
Subsf quently, on motion sr Mr.
Sarl"ur, -upjrrteti by an argument
in the merits of the proposition, the
report was postponed (o Thursday
next, 22 vote to 13.
The Senate resumed the conaidera
tinn ni" the bill to amend the charter
of tbe Bunk of the United Slates
tie j!ietion still being on lltu follnw
j5 amendment proposed by Mr. Uj-
3 .Mi he ii further enacted.
Thnttlie bills'or nates of the Oftices
'of I.Uceu-t and Depositc of the aid
... . i a T
iiaiik, esccptiug those. (i me umeo
' in the District of. Columbia, origin
ally math: payable, or, which shall
lav litceuia nnvable ru demand.
.'jilb- receivable- in aU payments
to the United States, tnly id the
.talcs aod territories in which they
arc uuoc payable, and in the states
um'I territories in which no Oliice of
Discount and Opposite .shall be es
ta!tl:sie J, any thing in tho fourteenth
auction of tbe act incorporate the
subscribers to the Bank of the' Uni
te I Sttes,to tbe coutrary notwith
sliiading: Provided, Tbut alUote-s
of the diMinminalioo of five dollars.
issued either by the Bank or any of
Us i'l;ices of Discount aod Deposite,
mad ' p'jyable on demand, shall be
receivable at the Bank or any of its
OHici's : .ini provided further, That
it shall not be lawful for the direc
tors cf tho said Bank to establish
mora than one Office of .Discount aud
'DenositH ia anv state .without the
consent of tbe legislattiTo thereof,!
iirm nati and nhtaineu.
was, at the motion of , Mr. Eaton,
seconded by Mr. Van Dyke and Mr.
Southard, postponed to and made
tne oruer ot toe day tor to-morrow.
m ... . - . ' - --
Air. lalbot anil Mr. Johnson ni Kv.
at first opposed the postponement J
I A. . -
out, wnen time was mskcu by mem
hers in order to examine move fully
the resolution, they ceased their opposition.
The resolution instructing the u-
uiciary comoimeo to urmg in a re
a it . I n l
guished body from which it bad
emanated. i-(
Mr. Smith, of Marvland. from the
committee of Ways' and Means re
ported the following bill :
Ifr. it enacted. Sre. That from aod
' j .
tfter tbe passags of this act, no clerk
id any departmeut, or other person
holding an office under the govern
mnt of the United States, shall, di
rectly or indirectly, bimseu, or oy
any other person in trust for him or
for his use or benebt, or 'on bis ac-
was taken up, and thn Mr. Wil
VUIUUIIIIVU m waiiig an IV'jIUI uiW uic Ml ucucuiy v& uu ui s w
solutinn extondhig the laws of tbe count, .undertake, execute, hold, or
I t I - . 1YTM ! a fVasB) in
uoutract or ajreeioent hereafter to
liams of Tennessee, tlo mover f bo made or cmercd into with any of-
: .1 :. i : :....!.. .i i. Jficer of the United States, on their
11, pu ui.uuilicu 11 ii3 nmuiuuo nun '... .t
.1 o T..i . 1 Ihphalf. on with anv oerson autbori-
me lemiory 01 jp ior?3L? i u'iu tiien , ' , ' ; .1 .
tl.on..l..tlon-wr strain ordered toKi? me eontracts on th art .f
and the bill was read.
The engrossed bitl (0 establish an
uniform' system of Bankruptcy, was
read the third time, (which reading
consumed nearly two hours,) and
The hill was ordered to be sent to
the House of Representatives for
concurrence ; and
ThS Senate then went into the con
sideration of Executive business,
'with' closed doors, of course,) and
so continaed.JunliL. o'clock ; when
The Senate adjourned.
Tuesday, Feb. 20.
The President laid before the
Senate a letter from the Secretary
of State, with a transcript of all
the lists of passengers taken on
board of ships and vessels in foreign
nortg and nlaccH. which arrived 111
the U. States from the 1st cf Octo-
ber. 1819. to the 30tli of Septeni
bei 1820; inclusive ; and the letter
and transcript were read
v.. On motion i;fMr. Noble, tbe com
mittee on the Post Office arid Ii3f
Roads were instructed to enquire
into the expediency ol establishing
a post route from, Richmond, in the
County ol Vaync, via Salisbury,
nr.ntervillc. to tho seat of covtm-
mentjfor the S(iTo of Indiatma, and
also ol establishing a post route
from Brooksville, in the county ol
Franklin, to tho seat of government
for the State of Indianna.
lie on the table.
Soon after which, the Senate ad
"JVednesday, Febuary 21.
the United States t and if anv lerk
, - rf
or person holding an office uuder the
ffovernment of the United States, dl-
o '
reelly or indirectly, himself or by any
liner, person in trust lor Dim, or 101
Mr. Thomas, from the committee his use or benefit, or on his aecount,
on tbe Public Lands, reported a bill
enter into, accept of, or agree for, On-1.,
Y " WUtlV . .... .1... .V..J. w. .J. vw . v.. ,
giving the right of preemption todertake, or execute, any sueh con-
I7 : 1 1. a. vr.. Ui.. 1 1 .1 1 . . . ,i.i.
tt i( nit ill uum vx nunii-utuuiuc , auuiiraci or og' cciucui, uu incwuuic
t . . i .1. r ' I- . . l -it ai
also a bill to authorise the Cnminis
sioner of the General Land Office to
lots in Shawneetown in Illinois;
which bills were read.
Mr. Roberts, from the" committee
of claims, made a report unfavourable
Shawmburg j which wes retd.
yesterday by Mr. Barbour, was taken
llesolved, I bat a be ap
u ...
in nnrt.pvprv sup.h ftlarlc fir nffieffr so
- . --
oQending shall, for every like9oce,
remit the instalments due on certain upon conviction (hereof before any
court of the Unitad States, or of the
territories thereof, having cognizanee
at suen ouence, oe auiucgea guilty oi
a uisuemeanor, anu snail oe nneu one
to the petition of Bartholomew thousand dollars, and also be deemed
incapable of holdiog any appoint-
"'""""'tj J TU.,.. " ' ' -- '"""I'""'" -J, J -J l-"-""
The following resolution, submitted aient or offiea under the government
of the Unied States : and overv such
contract or agreement as aforesjid,
shall moreover be absolutely void anu
pointed to join sucb romnnlfce as inajf of do effect : FroVidedf nevertheless
S . 11. . S . II 'I 1 . 1. a. : ..II ...I A m
be appointed by tho House f Repre
that, in alt cases where any sum or
a a l 1
f J " ----w- . y - , ' 'I " " J
scntaiives to wait oa the Pfe8(ijeuuaii of money shall have been ail-
of the United States, and to notify
him of his re-eTi-ctioii to the ollicu of
President of the United Statys
. The resolution was agreed to, and
Messer9. Barbour and A of New
York were appointed the csmmittet
in nursuanco tlierevof. "
t he following resolutirin, also sub
mitted yesterday by Mr. Barbotir,
. a a .
was ennsidereu ana ngre&u to :
Resolved, That ths president be
requested to cause to- bu transmitteO
vanned on tbe nart of the United
. . . . .
Mates, in consideration ot any e ucn
onu&et or agreement, the same shall
be forthwith repaiJ ; and, in ease of
delay or refusal to pay the same,
wiien uemanueu ny tne proper oiueer
I. i - a t
it the uepartment unuer wtiose au
thority sueh contract or agreement
shall have been made or entered into,
everv such nerson so delsvins or re-
' r . . . I -.1.1. jt?Z. M
lUSlllg, losjeiiicr wiin surcij i
sureties, shall be lortbwiin proseeui
to Daniel D. I ompktns Esquire, of ed at law for the recovery of, By
New York, Vice President of the Uni- iuch sum or sums of money advanced
. .;.... Pi.:.. ... .r,...uM ' 'a
ted States, a notification of bis re
election to that office. "
The engrossed bilt" further to etab-
Hec. 4 vfni6e U further enacted, bouse for concurrence.
r tne oiuic oi uiuiaimu. . .
r, . ... . . . .i r hah He comneusation ot tho oflicers
1 U Dill to exirnu. inc Limiuia ui, . , .
, ..; n- .., r,lempluved in the collection of tbe cus
certain Banks m tho District ol Co-. v - -
lumbia, was postponed to,-ami madet;, thjn, limo ' . aud geul
.1.. ... n. r.t l.n dnu l.n I Inll'Cll'IV I ... ..'
uiciutt ui.iui. u; - v itathoolber House
The bill" further to establish the
compensation of the officers employ
ed in the collection of duties on im
ports and tonnage, and for other
purposes," as' amended was taken
up; and the bill uavmg wen iur-
t her amended, was ordered to De
engrossed for a third reading.
The hill to amend tho act" to in
corporate the eubenibers to the
Bank of the U. States,-" was reau a
tliird time, passed, and sent to the
That so r.iueli of tbe second and four
teenth fundamental articles the
constituiion of said Bank, contained
in the eleventh sectiou of lha act in
ciirpurating the subscribers thereto,
as provides that no director of the
Hid B -iik. or of its OlVsees of DisN.
count and Dcnosite, shall hold his
Mr. Barbour submitted for con-
sideration two resolutions, prescrib
ing tho mannrr of informing the
President and V ice President ol the
V. States'respccttveiy, of their re
rlprtinn ta the fiaid ollircs.
The resolution of Mr. Roberts,
waa taken un. and was modified by
, ,
?s io nows. : more than three years Out of ;oa3 ( ,.ea,j
ur in snecrstinn. be. and tho same. . . . ,
.is hereby repealed. I ,V Z ;7
lor coucourreuce.
A-roeablv to tbe order of the dav,
me cnalB resume", na in coiimiuih-i;
of tho whole, Mr ' Kingiot Alabama.)
in the ebair,tbe consideration of the
following resolution, oflered by Mr.
R ibvrts :
Much di.'batfltook nlatro on the
merits of the resolution, as well as on
the exDediencv.of now actins on it, in
tho co irsa of- which, Mr. Barbour
moved to strike oat the proviso but
mili.pnuentlv withdrew the motion.
The resolution was advocated by
Messrs. Roberts, L,uwrie, ana xar
bour, anil was opposed by MesSrs
Smith aid nnlJyke.
Jlutidav. Feb. 19...
Tho Sneaker laid before the Ifousi
a letter from tha Secretary of the
Trpusurv. transmitting a statemeut
of th? specie amount of tho special
deposiles, to the credit of the Trea
sury of lha. United Stairs; which i
referred to in bis supplementary re
port of the 2SUi ult. as not neing
as aforesaid. L
1 he bill was twice read and torn
muted. " -
On motion of Mr. CuUreth the
house resolved itself into a Commit-
Inu nf till- wtiolA nn t)i'fite of I be
Union, Mr. Fuller in tl:e; ebaiT,- to
kt into fformideration the bill' for. a
general reduction of the salaries of
ibo oflicers ef the government.
I he. bill Laving beenread
Mr. Lulbreth stated,. tbai i be com- . , (jf (hefirsr Conjp,
mitteo bad been innuencea oy oiuer- n f ., r-oncirv nn an to
ent considerations in agreeing to .helper of thc V? 9?t ri"'' Is
.7 .... 1 I; v lita Amtmncfttinn I QC It HDw IS
report : but that, for himselt, be uaq v -
been influenced by the single consi- fixed) at 5C0 dollars per annum.
deration, whether the salaries iu tho
several case embraced bv the bill,
. . . .
iare or are not at present lawo ma
suflieient. Where ho thought them
documents, in relation to the loans
of -rnnnowder nml nihn
- "f " - villVI UIUUIIIUUCV
of war, from the public magaaines,
10 pnvuio inuFviauais j wnicn were
ordered to He on the table. 4
V Mr. Fuller, fr$m the committee
on Naval Aflaics,, reported tfib bill
i' i 1 n . a- . .
irom me Dcnate' lor the relief ot
Samuel Tucker, late a Captain in
the Navy of the U. 8tates. with an
amendment. i
Mr. Metcalf movd in refer tha
bill to a committee of the whole.
Mr, Cobb moved hat the bill be
postponed indefinitely: which mo
tion was negatived, by Yeas aud
EiiJS 7 10 Oo.
lhe star iKlment to the bill hav
ing been agreed to, the qutstlou
was taken on ordering the bill to
h third reading, as amended, and
decided in the negative, by a major
ity of one vote. So tbe bill was
lhe bill entitled' An act to 0 lis
atid equalize' Uie, pay of the oQIcers
of the "affoyitf the United States
was read the third time, and passed,
by a vote of 106 to 59 by Yeas and
Nays. ; And the bill was sent to the
Senate for concurrent. .
. . . r .
lhe committee of the whole house.
. . ' Jt . ' a . . ..
on tho htain nt l be. llninn was nisr-
chartred from thc farther considera
tion of tho bill.tq reduce the sala
ries, ; and fix the maximum of the
compensation of certain officers and
other persops employed in the civil
department ol the government.; -The
course then proceeded to con-1
sider the said bilt, and the remaind
er of the day was speot in the dis
cussion ol the many amendments,
proposed to "th& bill, among Wbicli
were too following ; , .
Mr. Silsbce moved to amend tho
bill by adding 500 dollars to the
salary of the Commissioners of tho
Navy Board, so as to leave- them,
as they land at present, at 5500
dollars each. This motion was nei
SativedV .v;, 4.."- .' . vr. f
Mr. Wood moved to erase wiiat
relate to- the CommisnioWr f - tho
Public Buildings, so us to leave himr
in tVif CPtirral rlq. wllOSPt Salaries
... ... a-JVI.. .f y r
are only proposed to be reduced 20
per cent. This motion was ngrceu
IVfr. Robertson moved to amend the
bill so as to fix the salaries of the
Secretary of the Senate and Clerk
of the House of Representatives at
SOCO dollars each (tho same as at
present.) This motion was nega
Mr. Cocke moved to add 500 dol-
This mo-ion was negatived.
Mr. .Nelson' of Va. moved an a
mciidment. the obiect of which was
to testrict the operation of the pro-
00 more than sufficient, J10 bad voted, p09(.(j general reduction of. 20 per
IgaiQSi llieir reiiucii'iii, hum ii -flU. 10 IIIOSC I'TlirCIS WII"Hl. sauu itu
reductioMJwbere ho thought them o- a . excectt 80o dollars per an
lu.iv,.sc. .. -af , , num.
The committee tuen proceeueu(
with the consideration of the details
Mr. Warfield moved to amend
of the bill.
I this amendment.- by 'striking out
r.eU-: rTd'.. If lleondiitcta of the U. State of
ti .i i . : .t i ' ' jhnerica in Congress (isSi idolca, 1 nai
1 at the Uirtc'.iirs ot llie mud corpti-.aiucrttu nt xjuhi . ,
. . .. . .. . . .1 tf ni Miuuifiii nfr. ll be. nnd
ration eba cattso a listot tbe stocK-"' o1" - - 11 ",'S V ,i n,r
.. . . .. ... .. , .... ,in. n,i ni-iiF thn T 7. i u vnilnhln iiunn? tho current year
uoiacrs of t-'saal liintc, tngeicer is iiyicj u"",-u i . , i I. i .v il. i'!f.
wil!. their places of residence, to be-tatcs.of America, and is admitted! which was ordered to ho oo the ta.,le;
fccplin the banking houaa aLPhrtu- 'into the Union on an equal footnig'and to bo printed.
ddphia, open to the inspection of any; with tho original states in all respects m. "ho Smmie of
nmi every jtiocKnomer oi me saiU: whatever rroviueu. iIC11"- . . u :...rr.,.l t .imfliro into
B,nk whoay nWf Ibwing betaken as lundamcal con- f . "lTO".;
ditisns ami terms upon wiiiciir tne s rciuliriiem(.t to the
1 a . . .!'. !i ,!:.. n. flu I nirtn. V . tA
said state t:. pumuuin-v. iu, v.. , paatcr8' ivink ot Iew-urieaus
l . l!.... tlir. f.uil'tll rlilUSfi 01 -. .V - ,..1, !., .1 in
llliiuiiij' . "x - ccriulll IVivaucis uiuo j
e:., , ... ,.:ii. --,;,n r.f I ho f Ii trtl . .
ry e,ec ion lor ..nreciors oi. ?ai.i, - . congtltuttorlj submit- Ir. : cla, from ,h-e commit
r.""1' " '"'" v '7. :"Mi(Vi hv ihn Tmonlfi of Missouh to til.
.. . '. I ' .L I'
n' n,;nn r Vtr. K-;. aftor a " 800" aUu inserting in tteu inereoi
Wnsiderable debate on the merits of 1 200"; which motion was nega
tho Patent Office, its duties, &c. tlat jtived.
part of the bill which proposes to re- Mr. Nelson then modified Ins mi
luce tho salary of the Cterkf the iion, so as to provide that no salary
L'alent Ultice to sou uouars per au- now iixiu-hi juw nuiioia -i'i -ium,
was btricken out. , reduced, and that no salary ohovo
On motion of Mr. Lii'erni9re, the son dollars should he reduced below
pmt of tho bill which proposes to re-Ujiat rae.
nn ' ui'.tj f J -iw a Him'
wJtljin the hours of business, for at
leas ninety days previously to every
annual election uf directors, and no
poriou wJio may be entitled to a vote :
liiim ho sril.irv of "tho Superinlend-
lantof the Patent Ofiiee to 1000 dol-
tars, was nlo stricken nut.
A motion by Mr. Serireaht was un-
'iler consideration, for excluding tbe
Librarian's compensation trom the
proposed reduction; hen,
On motion, tho committee rose and
'reported progress. .
Mr. Livermnre movcu touisouargB
t!iB Aon.mittee of the whole from the
rtber consideration of the bill, and
fhimfle I ana ivir. iicn. ut - ,14 , (, . int ,ha
,1f unti i. h.m i.oiiaai a..n..rlnnre',in 'ivn Mj a . , . Ill) lliv ll UK nw'uva'4
. Z r : : u V; consideration of Coreress, sbaH, as York) appointed to:w,t on t!.e-4'e- ue-ative(, 68 to 48. '
gaba;" as tho provisions said xon- sidetit of ,hjn..ed sja;.- witaJ TUe uu adjourned.
jerany pret,n.e whatsoever, and no stitution will a mit, bo so mod, ..1 resc u ,o, de clann Tuesday, Feb. 20.
letter of proxy aha:-! be. of any force that it s .a I -noi uean f S()-lh America, report Mr. SmVth, of Maryland, from
or.ff-et luneer than vears, or'ny description of persons who may P"V". .,. .... 'j: , .., P 1V-Q ,Q TTPan,.
... s-t.. - ' -.7. i ii ... ii I liar i nt? ruiiitiiiiLi.u nxi ".- i lit; i.iiiiiiiii i vv v s.i ti ain nn
'im.lit shul! have heon revoked. ;.nv ho' or liereallcr stia.i o..,,. - -. .cd (ho reftal;ifroa t,
aec. C. Mi b it further enacted, citizi!J19 0f any stale m tin Union ; "JJ thal ,h3 President as
I i'at whenever the said curnoratt n .,,! ilnf. until in modified, no law, - ... :...!.. ,..,.mr.r.
. , tii.u i'i i ii SUretlll.3 ruRliDincc i.i-i in n" "'I
- 1 ,. , ,. UMim .. v -...- j . .1 WIlllUlB IIUU-O "l '. iiui.iii.i""i
u-'l p.iiriirv usjiiiti ... Inn Sonrn. . - . i I ..!. n ,r r iti vpii ... . . '
t;0"r.v.::::: .:::v- beconsirueu to ..u.-..j v7r Uo felt a great 10ieresi.iri;;rrl
J. .- . . J ."cl'""": " f cither state m tlitsuniun irym 0f t;tCl provinces ofrjpanisli -America
h' !n,S' aro struggling to establish)
' u. ai wreo anu eueisi, uu- - jrtmilnit:M tu whicli SUCH .i..,:- freedom and inde
i oinerwis9
The question baiag .t?k
t seciion, of this ame
is-rtjirtieh- j
n on the cifizens ii entitled undor tho con:sti- that ho wmil'
ndment-, It'tution of the-U. States. . to delibenu,-
--U After mma'debate, thK rcsotuttor m ast - j-'risct
icpiiited a bill further .to amend thc acts relative to tho Treasu-
- r . s
ry. War, anil iavy uepanmems ,
which was twice read and commtttcil.
iiia hill bronoses to abolish tho
.agency of the Treasurer for the
pendenee; anil 'J r-y; - --j
1 take tho resolution io- lr. rorwsrprcscmcii; a letter a-i-
r conside.ra.Jon, with ,the dressed to hun by I.teut. Lol. ueorge
reJtit for -tho distin-1, Uom!oru,v accotiipaDteu itii sunnry
Thus modified, the amendment of
Mr. Nelson was agreed to.
Mr. Campbell then moved to auu
new nrovisions to the bill, the: ob
ject of which was to fix the daily
pay ol the Senators anu lteprrsen
tiilives in- Congress t six dollars,
instead, of eiglit, and tho allowance
for tiavf lling -.expenses , al six (in
stead o eight) dollars. for-'every
twnnl v miles.
Before acting on this amenuiv.cnr,
The House adjourned.
Wednesday, February 21.
-Mr.Bo'wu of Kv. ftibmi ted fo?
consideration the following resolu
tion : -
Resolved. That the committee iri
the Judiciary bo directed to enquire
into tho expediency ot repealing
the 8th section ot the aci oi uon-
i. o. ii in. nvM Alorrli ri. 1.1 'll.
jjl aili 1 .. " - r
.-.. lln.l i A n art in antlifirir lllA
Pcnple of tho Missouri territory to
form a constitution and stato- go
vnrnment. and far the admiS-doD of
such state into tha UilPn on an

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