The Charlotte Observer. j PT7BI-ISEED dt jones a Mclaughlin. Office, Bryce's . Building, Trade Street. , SATES Q ST7BSCSIFTI02T. :One year,, in advance...,. ............. $6 00 gix months, in advance,. Three Months, in advance,.. 3 00 50 One nionth, in advance,.... The Observes will toe delivered in any par of the City at Fifteen Cents per week. POBTKY. MEASURING THEBABY. We measured the riotous "baby Against the cottage wall A lily grew up at the threshold, And the baby was just as tall ' A royal-tiger lily, With spots of purple and gold, And heart like a jeweled chalice The fragrant dew to hold. Without, the blue-bird whistled f-' High up in the old rbof-trees, And toand fro at the window . The rose rocked her bees; ' And the wee pink fists of the baby Were never a moment still, Snatching at shine and shadow. That danced on the lattice-sill. . Ills eyes were as wide as blue bells His mouth like a flower unblown Two little bare feet -like funny white mice Peeped out from his snowy gown ; And we thought, with a thrill of rapture That yet had a touch of pain, When June rolls round with her roses, We'll measure the boy again. Ah me ! In a darkened chamber, With the sunshine shut away, Through tears that fell like bitter rain, We measured the boy to-day, And the little bare feetthatwere dimpled And sweet as a budding rose, Lay side by side together, In the "hush of long repose. Upon the dainty pillow, White as the risen dawn, The fair little face lay smiling, With the light of Heaven thereon And the dear little hands like rose leaves Dropped from a rose lay still, Never to snatch at the sunshine That crept to the shrouded sill. We measured the sleeping baby, With ribbons white as snow, For the shiniug rosewood casket That waited bim below; And out of the darkened chamber We went with a childless moan To the light of the sinless angels , Our little one ha4 flown. The Speak of War Toward the Sun rise. Those of our readers, says the Springfield Republican, who were impressively flogged over their geo graphies in their school-days, mav possibly call to mind the existence of a red, green or blue blotch, as the case may have been, on the map of Asia, labeled Independent Tartary. Why anybody should not be "inde pendent" away off there might be a pertiment question, which events are now answering. That indepen dent country lies high and neutral between the Russian civilization on the west and north, the Anglo-Indian on the south and the Chinese on the east. Its independence is no longer re spected, but is being enroachedupon ly the Czar. A few weeks ago the intelligence of hia "surveying ex peditions" reached western Europe, and attracted universal attention. winch was allaved bv ronorts frnni St. Petersburg of the "withdrawal" of the enterprise. Now, however, the tidings of a new raid into Khiva or Kheeva are received, and the British ambassador to Russia hai notified Orortschakoffthat if Russian troops penetrate Khiva and Afghani scan, England will maintain Afghan muepeiiuence Tr i Jvniva is a square province from ow to UO miles on each side, bound ed on the west by the Caspian sea, on u'v u1luv. lUB sea Ol An arirt stretching away on the south toward maia. ihe river Amoo ; flowine ui hi w am into ine sea ot Aral is ita cniei stream. , The country is large ly desert, inhabited by an orient yjic, ityii-- in cameis, goats and Bteeas.uina skilled in the manufac ture oi-siiks, cashmeres and cotton The city of Khiva, has several thou sana 01 innabitants, housed in sub stantiai Homes of clay, protected by a wail, and who are m general dis posed to be humane, self-asserthre and real, however mythical they may seem to us, far.distant and careless of thm. The country lies directly mine pain toward India. ; Its com mumcation with the world is through liussian traders. theYankees of East- eri Europe, who are exploringr al Asiand carrying with them the arts, and when possible, the arms o Russia. lhre is thus a chance of war. The spectacle of England and Russia ngnting over a sand bank thousands oi miles from the capital of either naj;ioa would not be edifying, but of course it is the circumferences of natjons that touch each other, the cogs upon their perimeters that clash, not their axles. iDii:s'..ris.-The new holiday vice are maae ok velvet, either black, green blue or plum color, and lined with bright or pale tinted silks. Thesa areA very, elegant.;. Bows made to r.u?eiiearenow also in the ,i Cravoflight colored crapes are lined with satin of a contrwting co- 10r as maizft rrano :v o-i green with flesh color and go-on. Wide black velvet ribbons attach- thp ?wedai?u0n are wom around timK The ribbons are some i imes embroidered witb m n thSdif 8ilver' and sometimes tnreaded with npori. : rA BUCK WHEAT FLOUR. BUCK WHEAT. buck i Wheat flour; JfT1' now call and buy and BdttStS2.fBK ?S our elegant Ohen fmokLg hot Tt Cak6S When theV " Co. JOHN F BUTT'S. dec 0 Market. VoLvm. y it. saw1 - - rJ yi Prospectus for 1873.Sixtli Year. T HE A L D INE, An Illustrated Monthly Journal, universally uumutea m oe me Jianasomest Periodi cal in the World. A Representative and Champion of American Taste. NOT FOR SALE IN BOOK STORES. THE ALDINE, which is issued with all the regularity, has none of the temporary or timely interest characteristic of ordinary periodicals. It is an elegant miscellany of pure, light, and graceful literature ; and a caiiecuon 01 pictures, the rarest specimens of artistic skill in black and wliite. Al though each succeeding number affords a fresh pleasure to its friends, the real value and beauty of THE ALDINE will be most appreciated after it has been bound tip at the close of the j'ear. While other publications may claim supe rior cheapness, as compared with 1 rivals of a similar class, THE ALDINE is a unique and original conception alone and unap proached absolutely without competition alone and unapproached absolutely without competition in price or character. The possessor of a complete volume can not duplicate the quantity of fine paper and engravings in any other shape or number of volumes for ten times its cost r and then, there are the chromos, besides! ART DEPARTMENT. Nolwitlistanding the increase in the price ot subscription last Fall, when THE ALDINE assumed its proportions and rep resentative charcter, the edition more than doubled during the past year ; proving that the American public appreciate, and will support, a sincere effort in the cause of Art. The publishers, anxious to justify the ready confidence thus demonstrated, have exerted themselves to the utmost to devel ope and improve the work ; and the plans for the coming year, as unfolded by the monthly issues, will astonish and delight even the. most sanguine friends of THE ALDINE. The publishers are authorized to an nounce designs from many of the most eminent artists of America. in addition, THE ALDINE will repro- duee examples of the best foreign masters, selected with a view to the highest artistic success, and greatest general interest avoiding such as have become familiar, through photographs, or copies of any kind. The quarterly tinted plates, for 1873, will reproduce four of John S. Davis' inimita ble child-sketches, appropriate to the four seasons. . These plates,- appearing in the issues for January, April, July and Octo ber, would be alone worth the price of a year's subscription. 1 ne-popular 'features of a copiously illus trated "Christmas" number will be con tinued. JLo possess such a valuable enitome of t the art -world, at a cost so trifling, will command the subscriptions of thousands in every, section of the country but, as the usefulness ; and attraction, of THE ALDINE ' can be enhanced, in proportion to the numerical increase of its suporters, the publishers propose to make "assurance double sure," by the fol lowing unparalleled offer of - t PREMIUM CHROMOS FOR 1873. j ;'U-;.;;,:'V:';i? p--' '".' Every subscribe to THE ALDINE, who pays in advance for the year 1873, will re1 ceive, without additional charge, a pahr of beautiful ,piI chromosrr after i J. Hill, the eminent TEnglish painter.; s,The pictures, entitled "The (Village Belle,'' andr,'Cross ing the Moor,; are 14x20 inches--are, prin ted from 25 different, plates, requiring 25 impressions arid tints to perfect each pic ture. The same .ehromo3 are sold for $30 per pair, in the art Stores- As it is the de termination of its conductors to keep THE ALDINE out of the reach of competition in every department, the chromos will be found correspondingly ahead of any that can be offered by other periodicals. Every, subscriber will - receive a certificate, over the signature of the publishers, yuatantee ing that the chromos delivered shall : be equal to the samples furnished the agent, or the money will be refunded, .The dis tribution of pictures of this grade, free to the subscribers to a five dollar periodical, will mark an epoch in the history of Art v and. considering the unprecendented cheapness of the price for THE ALDINE itself, the marvel falls little short of a mir acle, even. to. those best acquainted with the achievements of .inventive, genius and improved 'mechanical appliances. (For illustrations of these chromos, see November issue of THE ALDINE.) . , THE LITERARX '.DEPARTMENT will continue Wider the care of Mr; RICH ARD HENRYS STODDARD; assisted by the best writers and poets of the daVi who will strive to have the literatnre Of.THE ALDINE always in keepingwtjb, . its artis- $5 per annom, in advance, , with Oil i :: v.i.:f ; ; Chromos free. V; THE ALDINE will,1 hereafter, ' be ob tainable only by subscription:; There will be no reduced or cluo rates r casn lor sut- 8criptions must be- sent to the publishers direct, or handed to the local agent, with out responsibility to the publishers, except in cases where thecertificate isr given, bearing the facsimile signature of James Suttojj & . . AGENTS WANTED. Any person, wishing to act permanently as a loeal agent, will receive iuu. ana prompt information by applying to Publishers, dee 5 58 Maiden Lane, New York; illii CHARLOTTE, N. C, FRIDAY, JANUARY 3. 1873 rrr , n r 1 i : i ' l-. SIM0NT0H HOUSE. STATESYittE, H. C. yj- . WHE'.froyfaior of the abve named X Hotel respectfully invite the people of au uie puouc generally to call on him when they visit Statesville. He will spare neither pains nor money to l4 iOKTON HOUSE a first class """H wortny oi public patronage. T. A. PRICE, nov 25-tf . Proprietor. SCARE, CM B 0Q CHARLOTTE .rresenpuons prepared at all hours of the Day and night. Choice Green and Black Tea, Selected especially for Family and Inval- 1U? at SCARE'S June 29 Drug Store. FRESH SPICES, T i ' i . . jufcc received a. lot of select Spices for x levies, l-reserves, &c, at F. SCARR'S Junc -J ' Drugstore. Pure Salad Oil. Finest article in Market, . at F. SCARR'S June 29 Drug store. General Grocery, Provision, AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, Trade St'., 3rd door from Market, CHAE LOTT E3 DT. O. asr bpecial attention given to Buying and Selling Wheat, Corn, Flour and all Kinos oi country produce. apr 6 FOB, SALE. T W. WADS WORTH has at t) . and Sale Stable, opposite his Livery nosite the Citv Clock, HORSES and MULES for sale and kept constanly on hand. nov30 IIIAUT, KRAUT, do you love Kraut -LV. Elegant white Kraut for all who love J. F. BUTT. dec 6 yarge lot oct 16 of Country Lard and Bacon, U. JN . SMITH. CIODA, Lemon, and Water Crackers and kJ Gmger Cakes. Wholesale and retail, sept 19 A. R. N. & BRO. Fresh Arrivals. "IT agnum Bonum Apples, at il B. N. SMITH'S, oct 16 FINE SALT. . inn Sacks Factory filled SALT on hand luv and for sale bv STENHOUSE, MACAULAY & CO. nov 27 . PREPARED MUSTARD PLASTER, a uniorate rotasn, Troches, Tacto Phos. ume and iepsm. BURWELL &CO. . : nov 24 GENUINE Brown Winsor Soap, gates Glycerine and Honey Soap. Col- BURWELL & CO. nov 24 E have opened to-day w f JT U?K Medical niv n np I -r-,. Brandy and Whiskey, purposes. BURWELL r J2jUU Ot KAJ. nov 24 It. Von Meyerhoff. T)ROPOSES to form, instruet, and con 1. duct, in , Charlotte, N. C, a Musical Socieiy t and tb give musical festivals The income from which, is to be applied to . thes; purchasing j of Maps, Globes and Scientific Apparatus for the Charlotte In stitute. AIso., to furnish for the Institute Orchestral -Instruments and Music, such as are, found 4n. Seminaries of the largest Cities South, and "North, r These Tnstru mentsi &c., will be placed in the hands of the Trustees," for the use of. and to con tinue s to be .the property of the Charlotte (N. C.) Institute for Young Ladies. .Terms of admission , ?a. , - . $5.00 Instructions per month, " . , 2.00 ) Ladies arfd gentlemen desiring to become members pf the Society will please leave their names at the bookvstore of Messrs. Tiddyr&B.ti, , " r ... V ; :dec7-6m . ' . : :- COFFEE, ( Sugari Molasses. Cheese and VRice, just received at. - j v h r;$;iseptJW:K.;:i4.R.OT fTTEASi . Spiccs.J Pickles. Oysters, Jellies. X Lemon Syrup and Canned Fruits, now receivuigat ' ;. . . . . sept ia '' : ' ' ' . A. R. N. & BRO. .. Canvassed Hams & Lard SPECIAL-'attentiorr of families are called to a Superior Lot of Canvassed Hams. Also to Extra Leaf and Pure Leaf Lard, in Welsh Tubs. Wholesale and retail by sept 20 A. R.N. & BRO. t, ' ' , -i--,.. ..... .A ' 'New Advertisements. SPORTS' ELS&gfS. jan 3-iw MONEY Easily made with our Stencil and kevcherfc outfit. Circulars Free. Mrnflvi MT g Co., 66 Fulton Street, N. Y. jan 34 w WANTED ivnr. month tn sell the IM PROVED AMERICAN FAMILY KNIT TING MACHINE. The stormiest and W in the world. Address AMERICAN KNIT TING MACHINE Co.. 345V Washing Street, Boston, Mass. jan 3-4w 500 Agents wanted ! Just out ! A splendid new Christ ; "OHRTST BLESSING LITTLE CHILDREN." Im mense sales I 500 agents wanted for our large Map of the "United States" with im mense "World" Map on reverse side. Our Maps and Charts go like wild-fire. & LUBRECTH. Emnire Man and Chart Establishment, 107 Liberty Street, cr "York.. jan 3-4w made Dec. 3d bv one Acrpnt spiling HORACE GREELEY & FAMILY; fine- engraving. 22x28. inches, sent br mail for $1.00. We also mail Button-Hole and Sewing Machine Thread Cutters, and Needle Threading Thimble, mice 25 cents each. Circulars of various other Novel ti mailed frequently to all old and new agents, address AMERICAN NOVELTY Co., jan 3-4w 302 Broadway, N. Y. LOOK ! FREE TO ALL ! A week to e113. Male or Female. )0J To all who will write for an Acen- cy we will send a copv of that " Wonder of Wonders" the Illustrated Horn of Plentv. It contains over fifty beautiful illustrations, & will be sent FREE to all who may write. Address I GARSIDE. Paterson. N. J. jan 5-4 w FREE TO Book Agents GHFT a complete outfit of the PICTORIAL HOME BIBLE it is the onlv Bible in which a complete Historv. Encvclonedia. AnalySis-of the Scriptures, and Improved Classified "Bible Dictionary is given; its unequaled beauty and merits make it the cheapest and fastest selling Bible pub lished. WM. FLINT fc CO. . jan 3-4 w Atlanta, Ga. DON'T Be deceived, but for coughs colds, sore throat, hoarseness and bronchial diflitail- ties, use only WELL'S CARBOLIC TABLETS. Worthless Imitations are nn ti marl-of but the only scientific preparation of Car bolic Acid for Lung disease is when chem cally combined with other well known remedies, as in these tablets, and all par ties are cautioned against using any other. In all cases ni irritation of the mucous menbrane these tablets should be freely used, their cleansing and healing niorjer- ties are astonishing. Be warned,never neglect a cold,it is easily cured in its incipient, when it becomes chronic the cure is exceedingly difficult, use Wells' Carbolic Tablets as a specific. Price 25c. per Box. John Q. Kellogg, 18 Piatt St., N. Y., Sole Agent for the United States. Send for Circular, jan 3-iw rAiiJbu. Act at once There is a PILE of money in it. The people everywhere are Eager to buy the AUlHJSiNTTU JilSTOKY OF LIVINGSTON'S Wondrous Discoveries and Thrilling Ad ventures during 28 years in Africa, witli account of the Stanley Expedition. Over 600 pages, only $1.50, is selling beyond parallel. Only Complete and Reliable work. Send for. circulars, and see Proof and great success agents are having. HUBBARD BROS., jan 3-4w Publishers, Boston, Mass. T0 Agents want ibsolutely the best sell 1J in books ? Send for circulars of Vent's Unabridg id Illus. Family Bible Over 1100 pages iu dv rz in., pages Bible Aids, &c. Arabesque $3.25 Gilt Kidge, 1 clasp, $8.25. Fall Gilt, 2 clasps. 11.00. ''Belden : the White Chief," For Winter Evenings, 3Gth 1090 readv. The Standard, 46th 1000 ready, Epiiootlc Treat ments. C. V. lt Vent. New York and Cincinnati, Vent & Goodrich, Chicago. jan o-4W $75TO$250P'RM'H W Everywhere, male and Female, to in- wuuuw; , vjcii Uiiie xill U1U VCU VXm- . . . . ... h- mon oense family Sewing Machine. Z This macJline win stich. hem. fell. tnr-L- nnilh ni-rl KinI K.oW . in a mosi superior manner. 1 rice $15- Fully licensed and warranted , for five years. We will pay $1,000 for 7-r uy luucxuiiG mas wiu sew a stronger, 1 " A 1. i V V , i than ours. It makes tlie "Elastic ' Lock Stitch." Every second stitch can be cut, and still the cloth cannot 1 be pulled apart without tearing it. j We pay agenrs from $15 to $250 per j montn and expenses, or a commission i from which twice that amount can be made. Address SECOMB fe P.O.. Boston, Mass.; Pittsburgh, Pa., Khicago, xu., or t. IjOuis, mo. jan 3-4w . ,. Cheap Farms I Free Homes ! ! On the h'ne of the Union-Paciflc Railroad. 12,000,000 acres of the best FArmine & mineral Lands inf America. . . ' 3,000,000 Acres in Nebraska, in the Platte Valley, now for sale. - 'w .'VTT.Tl,irT.Tiifw "Bmi-ru snrt- - - for Grain, growing and Stock Raising un surpassed by any m the United States. Cheaper m Jrrice, more .favorable terms given, and more convenient to market than can be found elsewhere. . i FEES HOUESTEADS FOB ACTUAL EETTLXB8. The best location for colonies Soldiers entitled to a Homestead of 150 acres. ' Send for the new Descriptive Pamnhlet. with new maps, published in English. German," Swedish and Danish, mailed free everywhere. Address,- - O.F.DAVTS. Land Com'r U. F. R-R Co. Omaha? Neb. jan S-4w No. 1223 A GREAT! OFFER ! HORACE "WATERS. 481 Brbadwav. N Y., will dispose of IOO PIANOS, MELO DEONS, and ORGANS, of six Jirst-dass makers, including Waters, at 1 Wy low prices for cash" orpartcashl and balmier, in xmnll motithly initalmentf-Nm-l-ociave first-class j-a.iT yo, jnuuern vnprpvement jor 275 cash. Nov) ready d CONCER TV FARLO R UKUA.JS, the most beautiful style' and perfect tone ever made. IUustrated Catalogues mail- ea. anea music ana Music Merchandise. jan. 3-4 w J ', , . is unequaled by ay known remedy, It will endicate, extnpate and thoroughly de stroy all poisonous substantanoes in the Blood and will effectually dispel all predis- puBiuun a Duiious aerangement. "Is there want of action in your Liver & Spleen? Unless relieved'sthe blood becomes impure by deleterious secretions, produc ing scrofulous or skin diseases, Blotches lelons, Pustules, Canker, Pimples, &c Have you a Dyspeptic Stomach ? Un less digestion is promptly aided the system is debilitated with poverty of the Blood. Dropsical tendency, general Weakness and liieina. Have you weakness of the Intestines? You are in danger of Chronic Diarrhoseor mnamation of the Bowels TT 1 r ,, V. xiaye ju weasuess oi tne taurine or Lnnary Organs? Ydu! are exposed to suflenng m its most aggravated form. a Are you dejected, drowsy, dull, sluggish or depressed in spirits. w;th headache. coated tongue and bad fasting mouth ? For a certain remedy for all of these dis eases, weaknesses and troubles : for clean sing and purifying the; vitiated blood and imparting vigor to all the vital forces ; for building up and restoring the weakened constitution USE ; . ; -; J U H IT B E B A which is pronounced by t:he leading medi cal uuuionues oi London, xmd: JPaais "the most powerful tonic and. alterative known to the medical world." This is no new ana untried discovery has been; long used by tbe leading physicians of other coun tries jyith wonderful remedial results. Don t weaken and impair the digestive organs uy catnartics and physics they give only temporary relief Indigestion, 'flatu lency and dyspepsia with piles and kind red diseases are sure to follow their use. I JOHN Q, KELLOGG, . 18 Piatt St.s JSew York, Sole Agent for ine uniceu estates. , . Price One Dollar per Bottle. Send for Circular. jan 34w C3-TJ25T.S-. SINGLE GUNS. At $2 00, $3 00, $4 50, $5 00, $G 00, $10 00, $12 00 to $20 00. Double Guns. . $3 00, At $G 00, $7 50, $10 00, $12 00, $15 00, $20 00, $2500, $3000, $4000, $5000 to $75 00, . Breech-Loading. Rouble Guns. At $40 00, $45 00, $50 6o $60 00, $75 00, $90 00, $110 00, $12000 to $30000. PISTQLS. Smith & Wesson, Colt's, ;' Allen's Witney ana otner Kinas, at manutacturers' prices! ! Ammunition & implements For Breech-Loading Guns, at a small ad vance on Cost of Hnportation. METALIC AMMUNITION FOR RIFLES . AND PISTOLS ATLOWEST MAR KET PRICES. A complete assortment of all Sporting wuuus ; rnees ana description sent on ap plication. ,s Goods shipped by Express, C. O. T POULTNEY, TfelMBLE & CO. Importers, No. 200 Wv Baltimore St., isaiumore. i , Ricnard's, Dougal's, Gteene's, Scott's, A -2.1 1 1 i -1 ' " otner ceieDratea niaKeojvguns on hand and imported to order. I sept 'JO 1872-eod ly ' CHAEI0TTE KALE ACADEMY. rilMis Academy will be re-opened the first X day of J atJUary i873; tirider the eond rirt. ot tne undersiffiied. v,Asa'HOliMitWi." Mathematical" and "Commercial School " it snau be, second to none. While the Discipline, shall be riaid. at the same time j udicious. Pupils will be received at any ume, ana cnargecl orlllv from the time or meir enirance. ua. nrst-ciass assistant. win De secured tne j,st : oi February, if nec essary. 'or (Jirculars, apply to W. 13EAUMONT CLARKSOX, O 4s principal. Tteference to Gen, J. A. ,Youne. Col. W. R. Myers, T W. Dewey. Col. John Y. Bryce, J II. Wilson. Esq.. and natrons generally. . . .? : t - Mrs. Clarkson. will re6neh her School Jan. 6, at the School House, lately oocupied by Col. Clarkson, and resectfally solicits the patronage of Charlotte. A competent Teacner. will assist liesj kl 4. dec29-St PARLOR, Eirrg Toss. The Tickler: fun i. Of the funniest. Old" tmrinsitv slinn Game of Natural Historyf Game of Sei huett comicalities. Game of f popular Characters from Dickens. The f lower Game, - Blind - Alphabet ?ahd the monks a ne game and old -puzzlesilb Magic or Romone pf life sport, f Ademuss and Dividem wide awake game The Social Oracle. The . frame, of f IrithmetiGi im. proved. Puzzle map of orth America; Alphabet and obfects Tableta Holidav Anthmetic, a simple and fascinating game. What Is it '; or bow to4 make money. Henry's Pennv Puzzle. Mv Mother Ptik-; zle, Nursery: Rhymes' Pusode. ;Onr Petn Puzzle. The Model Shin Puzzle. ITttr-lf Raphael's Puzzle Chromos. 4 Atrtfcahot Blocks Toy books and a laasre-fniimh. f otherpretty arid interesting things for the children at Christmas. A acall is isolicited by. TIPDY & BRO. dec 18 I ; RATI2S OF ADVERTISING. One Square one timew ...$i 00 lwoaaJ8 - KA - 2 00 . 2 50 . 3 00 . S 50 M iour aays.. -t five days... " " three wceksur.:...! one month 5 00 6 50 .,8 00 Contract Advertisicments taken at proportionatdy low ratesj Five Sauares estimated jat a mxarter-eol-nmn, and ten squares as a halfrolanm. CHARLOTTE FAIR I T. BUTLER'S ! ! GOODS. Watehcs, Clocks, Jewel ry, Diamonds, Silver and Hated Ware, Spectacles, &c MUSIC BOXES AND MANY TOO KUMER0US to 3&n5rrxo-x. AT J. T. BUTLERS OPPOSITE TttE HOUSE. October 22 A BOOK. FOR THE SfUXIOll I many n tk phytic Wria I rayitric uid raTtlaOoaaol 1 'v -- .k latest diMOTeriea ia prodoelof and DtiTuUii Aorta, how to prewnre the eomplexion, o. Thiali an iaterating work of taw koDdradaaditxtr paces, wltb nameroua ograTingf, and eentaiaa Talaabla isfonBatloa for those who are murld,or contemplate but. riage. SUUUiea book hate.SbtM ibT kepT aarteok ad key, and not laid oareltuly abeat the hoair II contain Cne ezperienee and advtM e f a pkyiMM whoas repuutlon it world-wide, and should be i the prt Tate drawer of erery male and female throaghont tbeeaUre globe. It embraces everything on the subject of the ge. entire system that la worth knowing, and mack thai at not pnblshed In any other work. Sent to any one (free of postage) ftrFifW Cents. 'BUWU, mS. ln-Jo. ia V.Kighihatree XTotiee to the Afflicted and Vafbrtotxta. Before applying to the notorious quacks who adTertiee ia pnblie papers, or asing any quack reaediM perase Dr. Betu work no matter wbatytmr disease is, or how dopier- able tow ooadttion. Dr. Butu oosnpies a double house ef tweati-eeei reonu;laindorsed by some of the meet eelebrated modi, ea 1 professors o f this country and Snrope, and eas be we ! personally or by mail, on thediseases meatiesed i " vmmmmutto. Iiwem, as. . ; nf t 2-d & w ly - A. R. lfisbet& Brother HAVING completed an improrement in their Commodious Seore Room on Trade Street, one door west of Smith A Hammond's Drug Store, Charlotte, N. C, are now receiving a well selected 5tock of Groceries, Musical Instruments, Toys, Ci gam, Ac., which has been bought by one of the firm, at a time when the market was most favorable. TlJey therefore feel satis fied that they can sell all goods h their hne as low as any firm in Charlotte, fur cash or to punctual customers. They invite Merchants to give them a call, (as they had a special eye Uf their wholesale trade,) and feel warranted in"' saying that they can sell so as to make it a saving to them in their purchases. They return their thanks to their friends and the generous public for past favors, and solicit a continuance of the same. A. R. insBET & BRO. MAGIC. QOMETHING new and wonderful in the KJ Magic line. Call and see it, at dec 15 TIDDY'S. FOR, SALE. Al Lot of fine HORSES and MULES. m splendid order. At j DAVIDSON'S LIVERY STABLES. Horses and. Moles for sale are kept on hand constantly. nov . FOR'SALE. t The fine yoxtftg;Lighlfirar 9 ness and Family; - r.Ir--.'. "CLARA," owned by Drsf 1 Green A Lindley. ; CLARA' 4 is a beautiful dark bay, hands ' high, will be five years old next spring, is well ' broke and kind disposition. v' Tot particu-V , ars can on . ; , , i- w ' GREEN A LINDIEY, t Over. Wilson A Black's Drug Store. .'. dee 21-tf , . . s: JUST RECEIVED. FIFTY; Bushels Wheat R-an't oat 19" R, M. MILXEB & SeKrf. THE iii pi i if i m

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